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2017-05-23 18:36:39 UTC

You mentioned how mexicans are mayan (you forgot aztec) mixed with spanish. But south americans are literally the same thing. But, just either incan or half of one of the smaller native south american groups.

2017-05-23 18:37:39 UTC

i am lazy haha, i knwo there are more than just aztec and mayan too.

2017-05-23 18:37:44 UTC


2017-05-23 18:37:45 UTC

sure are



2017-05-23 18:37:54 UTC

Dutch islands

2017-05-23 18:37:56 UTC


2017-05-23 18:38:30 UTC

@Europa sorry gotta be more specific, i act like i know you or something

2017-05-23 18:38:34 UTC

or know me

2017-05-23 18:38:50 UTC


2017-05-23 18:39:10 UTC

"You mentioned how mexicans are mayan (you forgot aztec) mixed with spanish. But south americans are literally the same thing." I was aware, i should of been more specific

2017-05-23 18:39:12 UTC

all i was saying

2017-05-23 18:40:03 UTC

Fuck Mayans. Lazy spics couldn't even count past 2012

2017-05-23 18:40:17 UTC


2017-05-23 18:40:30 UTC

^ too far too far

2017-05-23 18:40:37 UTC

Kek waaay to far

2017-05-23 18:40:51 UTC

He needs to wipe ISIS out before us before saying that shit

2017-05-23 18:41:00 UTC

Kek we are funding isis

2017-05-23 18:41:14 UTC

thanks obama sheeeeit

2017-05-23 18:41:28 UTC

Remove kebab, then merchant.

2017-05-23 18:41:35 UTC
2017-05-23 18:41:52 UTC

@I_RUN_DEBAIN_STRETCH if you get rid of the jews you have control over your countries again?

2017-05-23 18:42:01 UTC

Then you can do whatever you want to the muslims?

2017-05-23 18:42:05 UTC

Islam is a real problem.

2017-05-23 18:42:12 UTC

trojan horse

2017-05-23 18:42:17 UTC

@I_RUN_DEBAIN_STRETCH then you are very shallow minded

2017-05-23 18:42:27 UTC

Gotta think 4d chess

2017-05-23 18:42:31 UTC


2017-05-23 18:42:53 UTC

@I_RUN_DEBAIN_STRETCH islam doesnt control the war that is responsible for the mass immigration

2017-05-23 18:43:02 UTC

@Europa who is the real threat? the jews? or above?

2017-05-23 18:43:05 UTC

Along with that they dont have control in the UN or EU

2017-05-23 18:43:12 UTC

The jews control both

2017-05-23 18:43:15 UTC

Putting the biggest threat on the back burner isn't good. The Muslims are a weapon of the Jew. Disarm them, then go in for the kill.

2017-05-23 18:43:25 UTC

Do you even 9000D chess?

2017-05-23 18:43:28 UTC

then jews will find new shit

2017-05-23 18:43:30 UTC

The war. The over seeing governments and our industries to break away from them

2017-05-23 18:43:35 UTC

Muslims are just stupid

2017-05-23 18:43:38 UTC


even without the jews

the elite remain

thats why its so hard to bring them down

its all little groups working together

2017-05-23 18:44:03 UTC

A majority of the elites are Jews.

2017-05-23 18:44:04 UTC

Elite, are they even human?

you got the guys on the top

then you got the lesser ones

its one big fucking hierachy

2017-05-23 18:44:17 UTC

@♠ℜomeo♠ ᛟϟϟLandStormϟϟᛟ who? People like trump? If we actually take back shit we would just kill the rest of the globalists

2017-05-23 18:44:19 UTC

I dont think they humans

2017-05-23 18:44:26 UTC

tin foil hat blah blah blah

@Europa and you think thats SO easy

2017-05-23 18:44:38 UTC

I literally hate all HR people.

2017-05-23 18:44:40 UTC

Niggers are a subspecies.

2017-05-23 18:44:41 UTC

@♠ℜomeo♠ ᛟϟϟLandStormϟϟᛟ and you think casting out muslims is?

2017-05-23 18:44:42 UTC

All of them.

2017-05-23 18:44:56 UTC

I see what Europa means.

2017-05-23 18:44:58 UTC

🆙 | **JarJarBinx leveled up!**


true true

2017-05-23 18:45:02 UTC


its hard

very hard situation

2017-05-23 18:45:15 UTC

There are more muslims then jews in our countries

2017-05-23 18:45:16 UTC

If it were easy, niggers could do it.

we need big groups too handling them all

2017-05-23 18:45:24 UTC

The elite is a VERY small percentage

take em out in 1 blow

2017-05-23 18:45:29 UTC

And if we get rid of them

the elite is 1% indeed

but 98% of people dont care

2017-05-23 18:45:44 UTC

Then we can start sending troops to the streets to destroy the invaders

2017-05-23 18:45:45 UTC

Arent they just living on islands circle jerking? where the fuck are they?

2017-05-23 18:45:49 UTC

Just nuke Mecca and try not to think so hard.

2017-05-23 18:45:55 UTC


2017-05-23 18:45:58 UTC


@JarJarBinx i wonder that too

I know rothschild is in scotland at times

2017-05-23 18:46:14 UTC

Vaporize and irradiate kebab.

2017-05-23 18:46:14 UTC

@♠ℜomeo♠ ᛟϟϟLandStormϟϟᛟ I hear NZ has elites flooding in

smart of them

2017-05-23 18:46:29 UTC

Rothschilds, = Ruths Child

thing is those motherfuckers have kids

2017-05-23 18:46:52 UTC

And they mkultra the kids

lots too

2017-05-23 18:46:53 UTC

Yea nuking mecca wouldnt have any consequences on our earth

2017-05-23 18:47:04 UTC

make them traumatixed and desesitized

2017-05-23 18:47:07 UTC

Who has kids? And why can't we just kill the kids too?

2017-05-23 18:47:09 UTC


2017-05-23 18:47:15 UTC

Yea we would kill the kids

2017-05-23 18:47:16 UTC

I'm on 4chan and the CIA is derailing us

2017-05-23 18:47:21 UTC

yeah they are

2017-05-23 18:47:22 UTC

They legit tried to dox one of the anons

just get the entirety of delta force USA to raid the nuclear cache of israel rig it to blow

2017-05-23 18:47:23 UTC

Why would we ever keep those shits around

wtf @mAri whats going on

2017-05-23 18:47:49 UTC

I think we all need to die everyone. restart

Theres big things happening behind the scene guys

SEth rich being exposed

2017-05-23 18:48:03 UTC

Kidding btw

they are panicking

2017-05-23 18:48:14 UTC

We're getting closer to breaking open the SR case that's wht

2017-05-23 18:48:18 UTC

@♠ℜomeo♠ ᛟϟϟLandStormϟϟᛟ Yes and the CNN is freaking otu distracting today

2017-05-23 18:48:19 UTC

Just open the task manager and quit the simulation.

2017-05-23 18:48:22 UTC

i am forced to watch at work

Yes my media is distracting too

2017-05-23 18:48:27 UTC

You can have all of our info if you become a meme warrior


they keep saying it

2017-05-23 18:48:40 UTC

truck of peace

not talking about anything else

yet i have to see footage

and actual people being arrested

2017-05-23 18:49:01 UTC

I work for MSFT. they force feed us CNN all day.

2017-05-23 18:49:08 UTC

fucking redic. i wish this company would die

2017-05-23 18:49:24 UTC

and bill gates

good thing about pol is

we got people everywhere

2017-05-23 18:49:38 UTC

I hate my coworkers.

insiders everywhere

2017-05-23 18:49:51 UTC

i work with hypnotized people

2017-05-23 18:50:06 UTC

Its actually starting to happen tho

2017-05-23 18:50:08 UTC

im happy

2017-05-23 18:50:11 UTC

Jeff eats all my fucking food.

2017-05-23 18:50:13 UTC

I hate HR people.

2017-05-23 18:50:19 UTC

Fuck Jeff!

2017-05-23 18:50:21 UTC

The office memes are real.

2017-05-23 18:50:59 UTC

I introduce myself as a mechanical engineer to these people and all they hear is mechanic.

2017-05-23 18:51:17 UTC


2017-05-23 18:51:18 UTC


2017-05-23 18:51:20 UTC

I'm a software engineer.

2017-05-23 18:51:27 UTC

That's what I should have gone to school for.

2017-05-23 18:51:28 UTC


2017-05-23 18:51:48 UTC

I am a geographer working for MSFT, idk wtf im doing.

2017-05-23 18:52:07 UTC

should not went to school, brainwash central

2017-05-23 18:52:10 UTC

No, I have to teach idiots how to use GCC throught the command line. Everyone at my job is an inane fuckhead.

2017-05-23 18:52:16 UTC

i was a bernie bro, then took LSD and then wont look back

2017-05-23 18:52:26 UTC

Im a freelance artist that moves around too often to make friends kek

2017-05-23 18:52:33 UTC

hell yeah

2017-05-23 18:52:36 UTC

I was pre-brainwashed before going into uni.

2017-05-23 18:52:39 UTC


2017-05-23 18:52:48 UTC

LSD freed me

2017-05-23 18:52:51 UTC

no lie

2017-05-23 18:52:58 UTC

I grew up around niggers so I was pre-redpilled.

2017-05-23 18:53:02 UTC


2017-05-23 18:53:04 UTC


2017-05-23 18:53:25 UTC

Lol in the beginning i used to watch hitler videos and speeches while on lsd tabs

2017-05-23 18:53:32 UTC

Luckily I had very few brainwashing classes.

2017-05-23 18:53:37 UTC

dammmn Europa

2017-05-23 18:53:47 UTC

Marxism is trash

2017-05-23 18:53:49 UTC

Just the 1-2 required ones for a "liberal arts education"

2017-05-23 18:53:50 UTC


2017-05-23 18:53:52 UTC

About a year ago I realized that Hitler was right.

2017-05-23 18:53:54 UTC

UNT is where i went

2017-05-23 18:53:56 UTC


2017-05-23 18:53:59 UTC

libtard central

2017-05-23 18:54:01 UTC

Then i started really researching and then i went from brain washed to just a fucking 900000288e83991488d chess player against the jews

2017-05-23 18:54:23 UTC

That's a lot of dimensions.

2017-05-23 18:54:27 UTC

Sure is

i actually started getting redpilled when i started wathcing hitlers speeches for jokes

2017-05-23 18:54:29 UTC


2017-05-23 18:54:31 UTC


2017-05-23 18:54:33 UTC


then my stages began

they were jsut following orders

2017-05-23 18:54:50 UTC

SNL turning full retard redpilled me too

2017-05-23 18:54:52 UTC

used to like it

2017-05-23 18:54:56 UTC

then it went retard

2017-05-23 18:54:57 UTC

I loved hitler speeches. He was a beautiful speaker

they were defending their country agaisnjt the soviets

2017-05-23 18:55:06 UTC

Hitler wasnt bad at all

the jews undermined their society

2017-05-23 18:55:07 UTC


2017-05-23 18:55:09 UTC


2017-05-23 18:55:13 UTC


2017-05-23 18:55:18 UTC


2017-05-23 18:55:27 UTC


2017-05-23 18:55:28 UTC


2017-05-23 18:55:29 UTC


2017-05-23 18:55:30 UTC

I grew up with my dad watching hitler speeches and ww2 documentaries almost every day since i was a kid

2017-05-23 18:55:30 UTC


2017-05-23 18:55:33 UTC

6 Gorillian

2017-05-23 18:55:34 UTC


my dad was a skinhead

2017-05-23 18:55:55 UTC

In my family you werent allowed to date blacks nor were you allowed to be a faggot

so was my grandpa

2017-05-23 18:56:03 UTC

same with mine

2017-05-23 18:56:05 UTC

no niggers

my grandma wanted me to date an asian for the sushi lmao

2017-05-23 18:56:22 UTC


2017-05-23 18:56:53 UTC

My aunt dated a nigger. He bought her a frying pan for her birthday and then went to prison for murder. That's all I remember of that.

2017-05-23 18:56:54 UTC

Kek did you?

2017-05-23 18:56:55 UTC

I used to not care about blacks/whites dating, but after redpill, i fucking cant stand looking at them

@JarJarBinx my blood boils

2017-05-23 18:57:18 UTC

It sounded like a good plan. Sushi is the shit and if it's nothing serious fuck it. Asians are pretty hot

its always blonde women too

2017-05-23 18:57:26 UTC

mixed kids are so pre 2010

2017-05-23 18:57:33 UTC

Yea i hate blacks with whites

2017-05-23 18:57:37 UTC


i saw a blonde women with 2 black kids today

threw a stick at them

2017-05-23 18:57:42 UTC

Because you see the imprint they have on our women

2017-05-23 18:57:47 UTC

whats worse? black man with white girl?

2017-05-23 18:57:48 UTC

The women turn into niggers too

2017-05-23 18:57:49 UTC

You mean a blond single mother.

2017-05-23 18:57:51 UTC


2017-05-23 18:57:53 UTC
2017-05-23 18:57:55 UTC

they do!

2017-05-23 18:57:57 UTC


thing is when you blend with niggers the kids never come out white always black

2017-05-23 18:58:05 UTC

Single mothers = bad kids

2017-05-23 18:58:05 UTC

Black with white girl is the worst. Our women turn into niggers

their genes somehow overtake ours

2017-05-23 18:58:08 UTC

All race mixing is bad.

2017-05-23 18:58:24 UTC

agreed, pure bred or nothing

2017-05-23 18:58:27 UTC

liek dogs

2017-05-23 18:58:51 UTC

There's a reason why the mixed ones cost $20 to adopt

2017-05-23 18:59:26 UTC

so you can afford to toss a few to the sharks?

2017-05-23 18:59:54 UTC

Because they're unpredicitible and ugly. But yes, that too.

2017-05-23 19:00:00 UTC

oh oh oka

2017-05-23 19:00:01 UTC

Not all race mixing is bad. Back in the day an anglo going with a saxon was wrong. And honestly we have to get rid of those ideas at the least and focus on the white race surviving as a whole

anglo saxon different race ?


am i missing something

2017-05-23 19:00:32 UTC

I'm mostly Anglo-Saxon.

2017-05-23 19:00:33 UTC

i thought they wuz whites

2017-05-23 19:00:34 UTC

@♠ℜomeo♠ ᛟϟϟLandStormϟϟᛟ lol benjamin franklin himself thought of them as different

2017-05-23 19:00:57 UTC

what dna test is trustworthy?

2017-05-23 19:00:58 UTC

I'm abut as white as you can get. I have blonde hair and blue eyes.

2017-05-23 19:01:00 UTC

i wanna try

2017-05-23 19:01:03 UTC

He made papers on how anglos should be the surpreme race while the other whites arent as pure


2017-05-23 19:01:31 UTC


2017-05-23 19:01:43 UTC

I always thought DNA tests, mainstream ones, were a globalist tool to make you feel as one with everyone, scam

2017-05-23 19:01:45 UTC



2017-05-23 19:01:55 UTC


we cant trust science anymore

2017-05-23 19:01:59 UTC

I love td sometimes

2017-05-23 19:02:27 UTC

td is my entertainment, i like it. but i am past that shit

2017-05-23 19:02:29 UTC

I don't need a DNA test. I have photographs of my ancestors going beck to about 1890

2017-05-23 19:02:30 UTC

used to be on it.

2017-05-23 19:02:41 UTC

hell yeah!

2017-05-23 19:02:49 UTC

@I_RUN_DEBAIN_STRETCH same. ill just go by that too

2017-05-23 19:03:05 UTC

They dont smile either, they dont fuck around back then

2017-05-23 19:03:18 UTC

i wonder when the smile became something

2017-05-23 19:03:38 UTC

I got rocks thrown at me by some amish one time for taking a pic. Is what we have magic? phones and shit

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