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2017-04-29 17:19:34 UTC


2017-04-29 17:19:44 UTC

Europa gets it

2017-04-29 17:19:49 UTC

Europe doesnt get it

2017-04-29 17:19:58 UTC

Hence why europe is in a shit show

2017-04-29 17:20:24 UTC

Because of socialism?

Socialism is redistribution of wealth. Free health care is only socialist in nature if you are FORCED to pay into it, and do not accept/use it. Tax aside.

Thus, in America, our *free healthcare* is inherently socialist

If you are taxed on something by the hand of the govt and you do not agree to purchase, it is socialist in nature

2017-04-29 17:21:21 UTC

Well if you make money in Europe you have to pay taxes so...

You don't make an extra payment for your healthcare on top of the tax, do you?

Is it a monthly bill?

2017-04-29 17:22:14 UTC


It's monthly, tax-wise

You don't sign a bill out of pocket for it where you're from

So if you're going to continue parading your autism, find another server full of likeminded autists to do it

D&C kikery will not be tolerated

im fine for shitskin slaves to pay for white social welfare

2017-04-29 17:25:21 UTC

But I dont use the public healtcare because its shitty

2017-04-29 17:25:40 UTC

so I pay for something that I dont use

I kinda made that clear already, twice

Free healthcare =/= socialism

2017-04-29 17:26:49 UTC

@Messerschmitt bf 109 im not ancap either, ive seen too many niggers to want ancap

2017-04-29 17:27:09 UTC

but i spect ancap over most things

It's like saying all beans are baked beans

>All spics mow lawns
>whilst some spics wash my car

2017-04-29 17:28:21 UTC

kek favors whites

2017-04-29 17:28:24 UTC

I prefer the spics that wash my lawn and mow my car

2017-04-29 17:28:37 UTC

thats what kids are 4

2017-04-29 17:28:43 UTC

and cooking is for your wife


2017-04-29 17:28:49 UTC

work is what u r 4

i think shitskins should live in subterreinian tiered cities and only white people should be able to live on earths surface

Shitskins should be moved and segregated. It's what they want anyway.

2017-04-29 17:29:40 UTC


Annex canada and move all the non-whites there

2017-04-29 17:29:53 UTC

Segregated yes, but we always need a slave class.

That turned out awfully the first time

Honest jobs and production

Cuz Canada is a commie hellhole m8

2017-04-29 17:31:07 UTC

Non-whites would be better in Mexico. If we annex Canada we'd make it burgerland 2

True. Canada could prosper once again.

2017-04-29 17:31:38 UTC

Or just move Trudeau with the rest of the nonwhites

2017-04-29 17:32:01 UTC

So youd have to take over america AND canada

Too bad the canucklefucks are tainted with the chunky cum of Maoism in their school systems

2017-04-29 17:32:16 UTC

And then gather all the shit skins and send them back across america to mexico?

It's all in their hair!

2017-04-29 17:32:19 UTC


2017-04-29 17:32:39 UTC

Kek youd need an invasion force

2017-04-29 17:32:57 UTC

I quess im going to trigger you even more with this "D&C tactic"...Kekistan would be the bigest mistake ever

Not triggering, but why's that?

2017-04-29 17:33:41 UTC

some burgers are so fat

2017-04-29 17:33:47 UTC

go to wallmart in small town mn

Burgers needta get /fit/ tbh fam

Mandatory /fit/ classes

2017-04-29 17:34:23 UTC

i tried to put jewnose on this meme and here it is


Mandatory /k/ classes

2017-04-29 17:34:31 UTC

Haha mandatory change in food more like it. All of our food is fattening for us.

2017-04-29 17:34:48 UTC

Hence why foreign exchange people here get fat faster here

2017-04-29 17:34:50 UTC

we need to eat more oats

Mandatory horticultural classes

2017-04-29 17:34:51 UTC

Oh my God I remember going to the Walmart at like 10 at night, sitting in the parking lot and eating taco Bell as I watched the hordes of disgusting sub humans come in and out

2017-04-29 17:35:08 UTC

Once everybody notices what kinda policies Kekistan has """they""" and """other countries""" would either bomb Kekistan or kill it with economic warfare

2017-04-29 17:35:18 UTC

i took lots of horticultre classes in college

I love Wal-Mart tbh. It's Jew infested for certain, but the dregs that hangout there....

2017-04-29 17:35:31 UTC

Killing all the white nationalist

2017-04-29 17:35:32 UTC

>eating taco bell in a Walmart parkinglot at night for fun
>hordes of sub humans

2017-04-29 17:35:36 UTC

but i got into stats and genetics to get job

@Messerschmitt bf 109 not if we have something they want

2017-04-29 17:35:46 UTC

and computation

2017-04-29 17:35:58 UTC

what would we have?

2017-04-29 17:36:06 UTC

I'm a degenerate but trust me. These were subhumans

2017-04-29 17:36:16 UTC


2017-04-29 17:36:22 UTC

Killin me

2017-04-29 17:36:29 UTC

americans need to eat beans, meat is jew not wheat

2017-04-29 17:36:38 UTC

eat some meat but not soooo much

2017-04-29 17:36:48 UTC

everyone i know all they eat is meat

But the xenoestrogens

2017-04-29 17:36:57 UTC

Meat is jew?

2017-04-29 17:36:59 UTC


Grow yer owm food ladies n frogs

Or hit the farmer's markets

2017-04-29 17:37:47 UTC

Kek in America thatll be illegal sooner or later

2017-04-29 17:38:00 UTC

Or grow your own farmers to farm for you

Be sure to ask whether it's sprayed w roundup or not

2017-04-29 17:38:03 UTC

I have taken plant biochemistry classes the phyto estrogens in beans/soy actaully block the receptors estrogen bind to and are much weaker causing one to be more manly actually

2017-04-29 17:38:04 UTC

Just like gathering rain water. Or living off grid in some states.

2017-04-29 17:38:27 UTC

beans and soy actaully make estrogen less effective

2017-04-29 17:38:43 UTC

@卐╰༼ ο½₯ ͜ Κ– ο½₯ ༽╯卐 well if we had enough powerfull military it wouldnt be worth the resources to fight against

2017-04-29 17:38:48 UTC

Welp that's why all our women are turning into "lesbians"

2017-04-29 17:39:04 UTC

(Kidding... Maybe)

Yeah but bombs bro @Messerschmitt bf 109 kekistan will be bombed to shit

Btw that moab was cool as hell

2017-04-29 17:39:34 UTC

bunkers and anti air is a thing

2017-04-29 17:39:35 UTC

We the oppressed kekistani

2017-04-29 17:39:41 UTC

Yea kekistan wouldnt last for shit

Sign peace treaty with non-jew states

Rise of German army v.4?

2017-04-29 17:40:26 UTC

And then the jews will be like "why arent jews allowed in your country?? We are the oppressed!!" and id respond with "why would we want jews here"

2017-04-29 17:40:38 UTC

if kept under the radar so nigers wouldnt know about our country we wouldnt need to have genetic policies

2017-04-29 17:41:01 UTC

Niggers wouldnt come to a country of white nationalists

They can know, they just can't enter


2017-04-29 17:41:32 UTC

But they will cry about it in their countries

2017-04-29 17:41:32 UTC

And genetic policies need to be in place anyway?

2017-04-29 17:41:42 UTC

Cant have a sneaky jew here

So? Fuck their countries

Well, we're all at least like a 1/24th Jewish. Not the religion.

There needs to be a cutoff tho

2017-04-29 17:42:34 UTC

hello kids, i am like you fellow keks. i am "white" with a hint of FULL jew


2017-04-29 17:43:16 UTC

I quess we could say to jews"sorry but we flip a coin for every refugee. You werent lucky enough"

2017-04-29 17:43:33 UTC

Or tell them to their kike faces why they arent allowed

2017-04-29 17:43:47 UTC

And say theyve destroyed our countries and families and we are sick of the shit

2017-04-29 17:43:59 UTC

Then pull out every source and war and reason

2017-04-29 17:44:00 UTC

Did you guys even listen what I said a minute ago

2017-04-29 17:44:07 UTC

We dont want war

2017-04-29 17:44:19 UTC

Put it in writing and then tell them to kill themselves

2017-04-29 17:44:28 UTC

?? We dont want war?

2017-04-29 17:44:34 UTC

Who doesnt want war?

He is saying kekistan as an established state would not want war

2017-04-29 17:45:01 UTC

"Once everybody notices what kinda policies Kekistan has """they""" and """other countries""" would either bomb Kekistan or kill it with economic warfare" -Messersmicht

2017-04-29 17:45:42 UTC

and that would kill the nationalist movement

2017-04-29 17:45:56 UTC



2017-04-29 17:46:57 UTC

Dont make the same mistake as Hitler and go to war against almost the whole world

2017-04-29 17:47:05 UTC

You cant win that

2017-04-29 17:47:26 UTC

We must make war against the jewish hordes. Not against the world. Hitler lost because of his small mistakes and his allies being bullshit

2017-04-29 17:47:31 UTC

We must crush the juden

2017-04-29 17:47:39 UTC

Am I the only realist here?

2017-04-29 17:47:40 UTC

And sell their children as slaves

2017-04-29 17:47:44 UTC


2017-04-29 17:47:45 UTC


He would've won if the elites didn't align with the Jews and didn't stop funding his factories

Ford and J&J, for instance

They were offered a deal by the kikes

2017-04-29 17:48:25 UTC

Are you guys just a bunch of shitposter normies?

2017-04-29 17:48:41 UTC


2017-04-29 17:48:49 UTC

@Messerschmitt bf 109 you seem pretty jewish now. Now you are even protecting them from the inevitable war that we must wage to save our countries. Get out of here you fucking jew

I'm from le 9gig XDDD

2017-04-29 17:49:13 UTC


Called out twice now for being a Jew

2017-04-29 17:49:34 UTC

Kick em

2017-04-29 17:49:41 UTC

shitpost me daddy OwO

2017-04-29 17:49:53 UTC

@Europa "everybody who doesnt believe in my fantasies is a jew"

Kicked, but idh permission to ban

2017-04-29 17:50:29 UTC

@Messerschmitt bf 109 fantasies? Like the fantasy that we will ever have our countries without a war with the jews?

2017-04-29 17:50:43 UTC


2017-04-29 17:50:49 UTC

Then you are just stupid

2017-04-29 17:50:58 UTC

And that you would win that war

2017-04-29 17:51:09 UTC

We literally have to you stupid kike

2017-04-29 17:51:16 UTC

If we dont we lose AND we die

2017-04-29 17:51:34 UTC

nigger wtf you dont like hitler

2017-04-29 17:52:12 UTC

How? Havent you noticed the countries with government filled with sjws that would side with jews?

2017-04-29 17:52:15 UTC


Haha i can only change roles

2017-04-29 17:52:33 UTC

We would literally kill the sjws if they side with the jews in the war

2017-04-29 17:52:41 UTC

This is for the people

2017-04-29 17:52:46 UTC

lol do the sjw's guns tho

2017-04-29 17:52:48 UTC

And the furthering of the people

(Not condoning violence fbi)

2017-04-29 17:52:58 UTC

Not condoning it

We're a peaceful people

2017-04-29 17:53:02 UTC

But if it happens

2017-04-29 17:53:04 UTC

It happens

2017-04-29 17:53:12 UTC

Because that's war

2017-04-29 17:53:19 UTC

The SJWs are cowards. We've seen it with antifa

2017-04-29 17:53:31 UTC

You would be militias against literal armies. How do you think you could win that?

2017-04-29 17:53:57 UTC


Someone ban this faggot

2017-04-29 17:54:34 UTC

@Messerschmitt bf 109#1439 the army supports trump

2017-04-29 17:54:37 UTC

wut now

2017-04-29 17:54:58 UTC

Sorrrry i kicked that kike

2017-04-29 17:55:02 UTC



Oldest D&C in the book

2017-04-29 17:55:10 UTC

kek shieeeeeet

2017-04-29 17:55:11 UTC

He was way to much of a kike

2017-04-29 17:55:12 UTC

πŸ†™ | **Europa leveled up!**


2017-04-29 17:55:15 UTC


2017-04-29 17:55:17 UTC

oh shit

2017-04-29 17:55:20 UTC

kek agrees

2017-04-29 17:55:25 UTC


2017-04-29 17:55:29 UTC

assclowns asked to make sure doesnt get kicked lol

2017-04-29 17:55:37 UTC


2017-04-29 17:55:39 UTC

i tried

2017-04-29 17:55:43 UTC

Who?? Him???

2017-04-29 17:55:45 UTC


2017-04-29 17:55:46 UTC


2017-04-29 17:55:47 UTC


2017-04-29 17:56:03 UTC

He was too kikish. Sorry assclowns

2017-04-29 17:56:12 UTC

Praise kek, the normie kike is defeated

I'm sure assclown will understand

2017-04-29 17:56:37 UTC

the only assclowns will forgive you is if you watch his video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXWgJSpvbic

Oh yeah! I have to shill his vid on twatter later.

2017-04-29 17:56:51 UTC

Ive watched all of his shit hahaha

2017-04-29 17:56:57 UTC


2017-04-29 17:57:43 UTC

honestly why are we doing twitter raids, we should be doing 4chan raids

2017-04-29 17:58:26 UTC

Truuueee. Twitter just fucks us hard over

2017-04-29 18:04:02 UTC


2017-04-29 18:07:05 UTC

over 42,000 followers and suspended again


2017-04-29 18:07:12 UTC


2017-04-29 18:07:15 UTC

Fuckin hell

2017-04-29 18:07:21 UTC

twitter is shit

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