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2017-04-11 21:25:42 UTC

tfw you're playing with ur dinner

2017-04-11 21:25:49 UTC

she looks pretty good for being 33

2017-04-11 21:25:57 UTC

Some people call their children Gaye, so it could be worse.

2017-04-11 21:25:59 UTC

all that plastic

2017-04-11 21:26:03 UTC

what if it's hot outside

2017-04-11 21:26:13 UTC

Gayelord focker

2017-04-11 21:26:19 UTC


2017-04-11 21:26:22 UTC

Yeah she looks πŸ‘Œ for how old she is

2017-04-11 21:26:24 UTC

I'm going to name my Son Gaylord

2017-04-11 21:26:27 UTC


2017-04-11 21:26:29 UTC


2017-04-11 21:26:57 UTC


2017-04-11 21:27:00 UTC

Koreans have weird eyes sometimes. Japanese much better. Sometimes even Viets.

2017-04-11 21:27:23 UTC

I like their eyes :^)

2017-04-11 21:28:11 UTC

koreans are despicable race and culture traitors

2017-04-11 21:28:15 UTC

i like their assholes

2017-04-11 21:28:18 UTC

What about downy eyes? 😍

2017-04-11 21:28:18 UTC


2017-04-11 21:28:26 UTC

Don't like brown eyes though

2017-04-11 21:28:31 UTC

i have brown in mine

2017-04-11 21:28:39 UTC

i'm part shitskin maybe

2017-04-11 21:28:42 UTC

Green eyed master race reporting in

2017-04-11 21:28:45 UTC

i might have to rob people

2017-04-11 21:28:49 UTC

it's my nature

2017-04-11 21:28:57 UTC


2017-04-11 21:28:58 UTC

as a hazel eyed person

2017-04-11 21:29:00 UTC


2017-04-11 21:29:11 UTC

Don't gas me yet guys

2017-04-11 21:29:19 UTC

>tfw shitskin eyed with bits of green

2017-04-11 21:29:19 UTC

i can shoot niggers

2017-04-11 21:29:32 UTC

Same with me rose

2017-04-11 21:29:55 UTC


2017-04-11 21:30:03 UTC

what do we do about rich gas station muclims

2017-04-11 21:30:04 UTC


2017-04-11 21:30:08 UTC

100% Bavarian Phenotype reporting in <:cherrytrumpkek:299785458580455425>

2017-04-11 21:30:18 UTC

tfw when 5'7" curly hair brown eyes WMAF

2017-04-11 21:30:18 UTC

Ew McMansion

2017-04-11 21:30:35 UTC

@Knatz tru

2017-04-11 21:30:40 UTC

I had curly hair when i was younger, was utterly haram

2017-04-11 21:30:43 UTC


2017-04-11 21:30:45 UTC

i'm shaved now though

2017-04-11 21:30:47 UTC

He only makes $100K monthly

2017-04-11 21:30:48 UTC

much better

2017-04-11 21:30:48 UTC

we need to spread #saveDinaAli as fast as we can

2017-04-11 21:30:55 UTC

@NeroHills We smoke pork right next door to them. That or create a pig farm.

2017-04-11 21:30:58 UTC

Also had curly blonde hair as a kid

2017-04-11 21:31:13 UTC

curly brown

2017-04-11 21:31:18 UTC

brown is a terrible colour

2017-04-11 21:31:19 UTC


2017-04-11 21:31:29 UTC


2017-04-11 21:31:30 UTC

no free bleeding pics?

2017-04-11 21:31:30 UTC

I'm like part polish, norweigian, and native american. I'm basically a mongoloid already 😒

2017-04-11 21:31:36 UTC

Straight dark-blond hair and green eyes. Could be much worse.

2017-04-11 21:31:47 UTC

Fuck off ^

2017-04-11 21:31:48 UTC

Blue eyes master race.

2017-04-11 21:31:57 UTC


2017-04-11 21:32:01 UTC

i got really dark green eyes

2017-04-11 21:32:09 UTC

Swede here, ama

2017-04-11 21:32:19 UTC

Heh swedecuck

2017-04-11 21:32:28 UTC

fak off

2017-04-11 21:32:29 UTC

hows the situation over there?

2017-04-11 21:32:36 UTC

Nationalists rising?

2017-04-11 21:32:37 UTC


2017-04-11 21:32:50 UTC

@Knatz how does it feel to know muhammeds are taking turns on your potential wife right now?

2017-04-11 21:33:01 UTC


2017-04-11 21:33:04 UTC

Near any muslim zones?

2017-04-11 21:33:05 UTC

@Knatz Do you need any supplies? I'm not seeing any burnt-down mosques yet.

2017-04-11 21:33:11 UTC

Mby mohameds are taking turns on him too

2017-04-11 21:33:28 UTC

@erifogvjeroi Nationalists are rising yes

2017-04-11 21:33:42 UTC

good stuff

2017-04-11 21:33:47 UTC

@Keksson don't even have a wife yet

2017-04-11 21:33:55 UTC


2017-04-11 21:34:11 UTC

@Mr. Red Im too much of a cuck to do that its ok

2017-04-11 21:34:37 UTC

Better go find a wife and hide her before mohammed infects her

2017-04-11 21:34:48 UTC

>searches ticket prices for a flight to Sweden

2017-04-11 21:34:49 UTC

@erifogvjeroi Sverigedemokraterna, the only anti-immigration party is looking to be one of the largest parties by 2018 election

2017-04-11 21:35:06 UTC

nice, this triggers the feminist

2017-04-11 21:35:25 UTC

The feminist party just elected a black leader, she's said some pretty stupid shit

2017-04-11 21:35:25 UTC

@Knatz There is no going back Sven. THEY ARE THE NEW SWEDES

2017-04-11 21:35:44 UTC

Your next elections aren't until 2018? Europe isn't going to last that long

2017-04-11 21:36:14 UTC

If we're lucky there might be one sooner than that, if the cuckservatives team up with SD

2017-04-11 21:36:18 UTC

The EU won't, but Europe will survive.

2017-04-11 21:36:28 UTC

The nations will become great again.

2017-04-11 21:36:32 UTC

EU facist superstate wen

2017-04-11 21:36:39 UTC


2017-04-11 21:37:02 UTC

Atleast we're a big dick..

2017-04-11 21:37:08 UTC

well germany is fucked either way. Just glad that Austria is not changing much demographically speaking

2017-04-11 21:37:10 UTC

Do you think merkel will keep it called the EU when west europe leaves? or change it?

2017-04-11 21:37:13 UTC


2017-04-11 21:37:14 UTC

EU would be better if Putin took over tbh

2017-04-11 21:37:15 UTC

stob it

2017-04-11 21:37:32 UTC

All of our leaders are cucks atm

2017-04-11 21:37:38 UTC

Dutchman here. Ama.

2017-04-11 21:37:56 UTC

why didn't everyone vote for Geert

2017-04-11 21:37:56 UTC

US is kind of in a contradicting shithole right now

2017-04-11 21:38:07 UTC

we need ww3 to reforge the outdated borders that only disadvantage western civilization rn

2017-04-11 21:38:11 UTC

yeah what happened with Geert. His party gained, right?

2017-04-11 21:38:23 UTC

he gained seats but still

2017-04-11 21:38:35 UTC

@Sigurd88 Because 1: the old left holds a lot of power. 2: A lot of right wingers are stuck with their head in the neo-liberal VVD.

2017-04-11 21:38:49 UTC

A gain of 5 seats is very good in the Netherlands.

2017-04-11 21:38:53 UTC

yeah same in UK

2017-04-11 21:38:55 UTC

The biggest party has 31.

2017-04-11 21:39:04 UTC

at least we have Brexit

2017-04-11 21:39:22 UTC


2017-04-11 21:39:29 UTC

parliamentary democracy is a cucked form of government, you did this to urselfs

2017-04-11 21:39:34 UTC

i want RWDS in Europe

2017-04-11 21:39:50 UTC

Trump's lost some core support on foreign policy, but he's still kicking ass on domestic.

2017-04-11 21:39:59 UTC

Parlimentary democracy works in times of peace, but we can't really use it in times of crisis.

2017-04-11 21:40:07 UTC

im still upset we didn't listen to Hitler

2017-04-11 21:40:25 UTC

@Colossal Cactus then what use is it lol?

2017-04-11 21:40:29 UTC

whatever support he lost on foreign democracy he will regain with the decisions made today as presented by general mattis

2017-04-11 21:40:49 UTC

austrian here. My country wont change within the next 100 years. Feelsgood

2017-04-11 21:41:19 UTC

The only bad thing trump has done is attack syria

2017-04-11 21:41:29 UTC

i thought Austria is full of Turks

2017-04-11 21:41:37 UTC


2017-04-11 21:41:46 UTC

Only cities

2017-04-11 21:41:46 UTC

not even bad, a slap on the wrist for questionable military strategies

2017-04-11 21:41:52 UTC

and even that kinda gives me a freedom boner although pissing off russia isn't very helpful

2017-04-11 21:41:58 UTC

@Keksson Keeps the silent majority from pumping out morons. It's far from ideal, but it works I guess.

2017-04-11 21:42:02 UTC

we need to remove kebab

2017-04-11 21:42:07 UTC

and for the countries land containing chemical weapons, whether held my the syrian military or the rebels

2017-04-11 21:42:12 UTC

And the turks who are here dont want immigrants either

2017-04-11 21:42:29 UTC

@Sigurd88 Im learning remove kebab on accordion

2017-04-11 21:42:38 UTC

Then im going to stand in town and play it

2017-04-11 21:42:41 UTC

FYI: I live in Rotterdam.

2017-04-11 21:42:43 UTC

next to roma beggars

2017-04-11 21:43:07 UTC

the us should just nuke israel

2017-04-11 21:43:09 UTC

I know all about fucking Turks lol.

2017-04-11 21:43:15 UTC

@Knatz play us a tune then

2017-04-11 21:43:25 UTC

How do turks make you feel?

2017-04-11 21:43:54 UTC

i hate all muslims so Turks can all just die

2017-04-11 21:44:07 UTC

A large part of their community is very poorly intergrated. We've seen the results of that with the pro-Erdogan protests.

2017-04-11 21:44:29 UTC

@Sigurd88 another day, neighbours will kill me lol its midnight

2017-04-11 21:44:43 UTC

cool m8

2017-04-11 21:45:12 UTC

Im one hour behind u in the UK

2017-04-11 21:46:39 UTC

post what you're doing right now, I'm monitoring 8992 for a skykangz thread


2017-04-11 21:47:32 UTC

Chatting on Discord.

2017-04-11 21:47:53 UTC

I'm reading


2017-04-11 21:47:54 UTC


2017-04-11 21:48:20 UTC


2017-04-11 21:48:30 UTC

sure thing boss

2017-04-11 21:48:51 UTC

whats with all the Ayn Rand interest

2017-04-11 21:49:13 UTC

we just need NatSoc again

2017-04-11 21:50:13 UTC

Would love me some ancapistan, but I'm having trouble seeing that helping Sweden right now

2017-04-11 21:50:38 UTC

screw natsoc, we need another western empire

2017-04-11 21:50:39 UTC

With ancap you would have never let in the problem causers

2017-04-11 21:51:05 UTC

and even if you did you wouldn't give them free shit so they would just leave

2017-04-11 21:51:08 UTC

better to exploit the dumb nations of sub-races by controlling the trade

2017-04-11 21:51:11 UTC

Western Empire doesn't sound that bad.

2017-04-11 21:51:39 UTC

@scrub agreed, but right now we need to use force to kick the invaders out before they're too many

2017-04-11 21:51:54 UTC

will vote for natsoc party Nordfront

2017-04-11 21:52:13 UTC

Anything would be better than what we have now esp with the EU and lefty cucks

2017-04-11 21:52:14 UTC

too bad you european cucks don't believe in having guns :^)

2017-04-11 21:52:28 UTC

Many swedes to, fortunately. Many hunters

2017-04-11 21:52:32 UTC


2017-04-11 21:52:33 UTC

Not everybody here is retarded you shit.

2017-04-11 21:52:45 UTC

Jk, but guns would be nice.

2017-04-11 21:52:54 UTC

Have to pray to the government everytime there is a problem

2017-04-11 21:53:07 UTC

i would like guns too but very strict here

2017-04-11 21:53:15 UTC

does the west seriously stand a chance at reversing the cultural decline? I think it won't happen

2017-04-11 21:53:30 UTC

i'm afraid we are too late

2017-04-11 21:53:48 UTC

"Reserved for race traitors"


2017-04-11 21:53:48 UTC

and too many lefties want our race to die

2017-04-11 21:53:51 UTC

Maybe if the next generation stops being degenerates, goes back to family values, and actually raises kids

2017-04-11 21:54:03 UTC

Otherwise we will just be outbred by the muslims

2017-04-11 21:54:07 UTC

You can get them here, but there's a lot of paperwork and screening involved. Though I'm all for that (some people just shouldn't have guns, the same way you don't give a blind guy a drivers license), this stuff doesn't help anyone at this point.

2017-04-11 21:54:21 UTC

@Knatz kek

2017-04-11 21:54:56 UTC

You should be able to get your hands on a gun if you need one without a 6 month wait.

2017-04-11 21:54:58 UTC

when the race war comes, i'll be ready with my butter knife

2017-04-11 21:55:00 UTC

come at me

2017-04-11 21:55:01 UTC


2017-04-11 21:55:43 UTC

I don't want the government involved in the process at all

2017-04-11 21:55:56 UTC

Where did everything go so RaHoWa?


2017-04-11 21:56:36 UTC

If i can't walk to walmart, pick up an ar-15, and enough ammo to kill a swarm of mexicans i don't want to live

2017-04-11 21:56:56 UTC

i think WW1 when the jews started employing freudian psychological tricks and promoting socialism

2017-04-11 21:57:32 UTC

I don't care as much about race to be honest. Culture and values are what I find important and worth protecting. It just so happens that a crapload of non-whites seem to be a threat to that these days.

2017-04-11 21:58:05 UTC


2017-04-11 21:58:20 UTC

we will become minorities in our own lands

2017-04-11 21:58:42 UTC

then through democracy they will dominate us

2017-04-11 21:58:56 UTC

poison all fried chicken, watermelons, tacos, and kebabs

2017-04-11 21:59:02 UTC


2017-04-11 21:59:04 UTC

exactly its not even the sandniggers and niggers that are the heart of the problem, its that there are so few good people left

2017-04-11 21:59:24 UTC

I love fried chicken though. Can we get an non-poisonned black market supply?

2017-04-11 21:59:28 UTC

western civilization is coming to a end

2017-04-11 21:59:30 UTC


2017-04-11 21:59:45 UTC

poison grape drank

2017-04-11 21:59:49 UTC

If we go the way of the Roman Republic, we must rise as the Roman Empire.

2017-04-11 22:00:49 UTC

hopefully thats what happening.. it must all burn s we can arise anew

2017-04-11 22:01:04 UTC

We must have scared off most of the shills. Not many visitors are willing to cough up Hitlers and Pepes rn.

2017-04-11 22:01:58 UTC

ive still got a load more to dump I should have more time tomorrow i have finished my course

2017-04-11 22:03:41 UTC

Well, we have seperate channels for almost everything.

2017-04-11 22:03:44 UTC

@gbol check MAT right now, it's fucking funny

2017-04-11 22:03:52 UTC

on Reddit?

2017-04-11 22:04:36 UTC

I only post on pol nowdays

2017-04-11 22:04:45 UTC

cba with a username bollocks or downvote

2017-04-11 22:04:48 UTC

or shadowbanning

2017-04-11 22:04:49 UTC


2017-04-11 22:05:09 UTC

I just visit Reddit these days

2017-04-11 22:05:36 UTC

Reddit has a couple of golden nuggets between all the diarrea.

2017-04-11 22:05:39 UTC

Prefer to post on Voat and /pol/

2017-04-11 22:06:04 UTC

everytime i see a /r/esist post or /r/MarchAgainstTrump post on the frontpage i rage

2017-04-11 22:06:06 UTC

im addicted to twitter

2017-04-11 22:06:18 UTC

i can't do twitter

2017-04-11 22:06:27 UTC

and im blocked on faceberg

2017-04-11 22:06:28 UTC

i can't make an argument in under 140 chars

2017-04-11 22:06:31 UTC

I tried to discuss politics with a guy on /r/socialism. Never. Again.

2017-04-11 22:06:35 UTC

Done with Twitter. Moved to Gab.

2017-04-11 22:06:36 UTC


2017-04-11 22:06:49 UTC

reddit is so controlled

2017-04-11 22:06:51 UTC

Then I got timed out because I used the word bitch. Fucking done with that shithole.

2017-04-11 22:06:52 UTC

on gab aswell

2017-04-11 22:07:01 UTC

did your comments even see the light?

2017-04-11 22:07:12 UTC

or was it insta downvote because i disagree

2017-04-11 22:07:19 UTC

First ones did. After that it went downhill.

2017-04-11 22:07:31 UTC


2017-04-11 22:07:37 UTC


2017-04-11 22:07:38 UTC


2017-04-11 22:07:40 UTC


2017-04-11 22:07:43 UTC

scores of them

2017-04-11 22:07:58 UTC

i liked faceberg early on

2017-04-11 22:08:01 UTC

they had city boards

2017-04-11 22:08:04 UTC

Just because one retarded mod didn't like where it was going. Classic.

2017-04-11 22:08:31 UTC

yeah, that's what i like about pol, the mods either don't care, or they are onboard and just let things be

2017-04-11 22:09:51 UTC

I browse some game subreddits sometimes, but everything else is pretty cancer

2017-04-11 22:09:56 UTC


2017-04-11 22:10:26 UTC

websites that tend to enforce censorship tend to be left wing, and just plain shit

2017-04-11 22:11:35 UTC

Its that communist ideology of if you don't agree with me than you should head to the gulags

2017-04-11 22:11:49 UTC

/r/KotakuInAction is precious though. Really like that place.

2017-04-11 22:12:12 UTC

i cant believe they banned /r/FatPeopleHate

2017-04-11 22:12:13 UTC

they end up all the same, when you let your power level slip, and challenge something you see them post, even on a trivial thing like wage gap, or sexism in gaming industry, they are outrage. You can hit them with all the facts to counter their points, and they don't know how to deal with it, because they are used to banning and censoring, never debating

2017-04-11 22:12:19 UTC

haha, did they?

2017-04-11 22:12:24 UTC

years ago

2017-04-11 22:12:38 UTC

Kinda ironic that many non-political subreddits instaban you when you post on /r/KotakuInAction. Fucking /r/NaturalHair.

2017-04-11 22:12:39 UTC

didn't they ban a sub called save the whales

2017-04-11 22:12:47 UTC

and they thought it was a dig at fat people

2017-04-11 22:13:27 UTC

These people are growing up with government education that tells them they are the specialist snowflakes and gives them safe spaces

2017-04-11 22:13:39 UTC

What's kotaku in action like? I never heard of kotaku prior to gamergate, after i went to the site to see what the fuss was about, and it came across as very snarky, numale stuff

2017-04-11 22:13:51 UTC

Its really no wonder that they can't handle criticism

2017-04-11 22:14:26 UTC

They are turning against white women though

2017-04-11 22:14:27 UTC

πŸ†™ | **erifogvjeroi leveled up!**


2017-04-11 22:14:33 UTC

good stuff

2017-04-11 22:14:38 UTC

Mostly a lot of anti-SJW stuff and people who try to act on it. Here's the link: https://www.reddit.com/r/KotakuInAction/

2017-04-11 22:14:50 UTC

nice cheers

2017-04-11 22:14:56 UTC

Yeah they turn against eachother over and over alienateing more people

2017-04-11 22:15:01 UTC

tis why they are losing power

2017-04-11 22:15:08 UTC

and the right is growing

2017-04-11 22:15:26 UTC


2017-04-11 22:15:31 UTC

didnt we lose gamergate though

2017-04-11 22:15:39 UTC

na, the message was sent

2017-04-11 22:15:53 UTC

we wil never win the msm over

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