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2017-04-10 22:26:33 UTC

I think it comes from the pineal gland in the braib

2017-04-10 22:26:35 UTC


2017-04-10 22:26:53 UTC

@Europa does an empath have to focus on the target at the exact moment of influence or can the desired feeling be sealed in a message and affect the target when they encounter it

2017-04-10 22:26:56 UTC

Nope, others can use the vision stuff too. Just not as many which is surprising

2017-04-10 22:27:57 UTC

Mmmmm i cant use it other then when i focus on using it. But, that doesnt mean others cant. So, people may be able to use it like messaging

2017-04-10 22:28:12 UTC

The penal gland is a potential source, but idk for sure. Never bothered to look into it.

2017-04-10 22:28:21 UTC

do dogs go to Heaven?

2017-04-10 22:28:21 UTC

Because memes + empath = world in flames

2017-04-10 22:28:35 UTC

All dogs go to the great big farm in the sky

2017-04-10 22:29:47 UTC

@Europa Where's some good info on the visions/multiverse?

2017-04-10 22:31:13 UTC

Mmm you can look up some theories online and what not. I looked them up a lot and if you want to do it consciously you can practice on trying to do "lucid dreaming"

2017-04-10 22:32:14 UTC

I made the theory about the multiverse/ visions connection off of my own research through my own use of energy. It's hard to do but, doable

2017-04-10 22:32:42 UTC

I know about lucid dreaming. Not much about the multiverse.

2017-04-10 22:32:42 UTC

@Europa I find it hard to start lucid dreams, any pointers?

2017-04-10 22:33:20 UTC

spin a top

2017-04-10 22:34:24 UTC

Sleeping on you back helps.

2017-04-10 22:35:07 UTC

Also, keep a journal nearby and write what you dream about down.

2017-04-10 22:35:21 UTC

Mmmmm they have a bunch of ways you can lucid dream online. I do it a different way. But, also be careful to not get stuck in sleep paralysis. I get sleep paralysis now and then because ive fucked up to many times

2017-04-10 22:36:00 UTC

Had that once when I fucked up with my medicine dosis. Not a very fun time I can tell you.

2017-04-10 22:36:12 UTC

No it is not

2017-04-10 22:36:17 UTC

It's horrific actually

2017-04-10 22:36:42 UTC

Never again. That's all I have to say about that shit.

2017-04-10 22:36:46 UTC

So many people see similar things which leads me to believe you get stuck between seperate universes with it

2017-04-10 22:37:04 UTC

It's truly horrifying

2017-04-10 22:37:29 UTC

I don't experience that, but my dreams do feel like they go on for a long time.

2017-04-10 22:37:43 UTC

Have you ever had sleep paralysis?

2017-04-10 22:38:10 UTC

No. Just long dreams.

2017-04-10 22:38:23 UTC

Also ive had dreams that ive stayed in it for years and then id wake up like normal. Fucks me up

2017-04-10 22:38:45 UTC

Especially since i feel pain in my dreams now and days. And dying in dreams isnt always fun

2017-04-10 22:39:42 UTC

The really strong ones knock me for a loop. I feel everything going on: wind, smells, physical contact, ect.

2017-04-10 22:41:06 UTC

I have had dreams that id wake up a few years ago like when i was 12 or 13 and that i could change shit and live in that time for days, months, or years. It was great till i told people in the dream that i was from the future because i normally wake up after

2017-04-10 22:41:08 UTC

I've died many times in dreams

2017-04-10 22:41:57 UTC

Yea, dying in dreams is NOT fun. But, having sleep paralysis is waaaaay worse then just a nightmare. You can literally feel the thing choke you and shit

2017-04-10 22:42:17 UTC

I get naked often in mine. Not to have sex, but because I feel like doing so.

2017-04-10 22:42:18 UTC

It's actually super scary and that's coming from someone that keeps a ppk under his pillow

2017-04-10 22:47:19 UTC

I had to shake myself out of one dream. Might have been a nightmare, but I still remember popping up and shaking it off as if I was covered in something.

2017-04-10 22:48:37 UTC

Nightmares are the worst. Sleep paralysis is being awake while being paralyzed and seeing, hearing, and feeling things that arent actually there/ are some what part of a dream. It's like being schizophrenic for a little

2017-04-10 22:48:50 UTC

The dreams I hate are the ones that have multiple events happening at different speeds.

2017-04-10 22:48:58 UTC

But, im not sure if schizos can feel what they see honestly

2017-04-10 22:49:06 UTC

I get that

2017-04-10 22:49:27 UTC

Dreams are so weird. I think they are more then just imagination sometimes

2017-04-10 22:50:16 UTC

I know mine aren't real, but the visions? That's a different story.

2017-04-10 22:51:08 UTC

Haha i understand that. But, have you ever thought that some of your dreams could be real but, messed up to you because you arent use to that universe? Not everything obeys the laws of time the same as we do haha

2017-04-10 22:51:41 UTC

I have in the past.

2017-04-10 22:52:43 UTC

But I've started looking at shit twice in my dreams. If I see a change, then I know it's not an alternate reality.

2017-04-10 22:55:37 UTC

Haha an alternate reality can always have changes though? That's why it is an **alternate** reality

2017-04-10 22:56:38 UTC

Alternates are consistent. But you can slip out of one and into another at any time.

2017-04-10 22:58:30 UTC

Mmmm i dont believe alternates are consistent. Otherwise they wouldnt alternate in any way shape or form. I believe alternate realities stay consistent a little bit but, things in it force it to change in shape, time, and other shit to form what we view as the new alternate reality

2017-04-10 22:58:47 UTC

The difference is one change vs multiple changes.

2017-04-10 22:59:03 UTC

One change can affect A LOT haha

2017-04-10 22:59:17 UTC

does anyone play Dark Souls III?

2017-04-10 22:59:20 UTC

Like the time on a clock or the color of a dress.

2017-04-10 22:59:54 UTC

Or how many atoms make up the average being. Or maybe how time flows.

2017-04-10 23:00:51 UTC

Honestly in my opinion 1 small change whether it is the color of a dress or the flow of time can drastically change the reality that you are a part of due to it being irregular in our reality

2017-04-10 23:01:11 UTC

Hence forcing the new reality to be your reality till you wake up, or die

2017-04-10 23:02:28 UTC

For me, the alternates are seperated by clusters of changes: population demos, furniture layouts, architecture, ect.

2017-04-10 23:02:35 UTC

In our reality it wouldnt work or be possible but in a reality that literally has survived and formed off of the irregularities it may form something we cant figure out/ something new.

2017-04-10 23:04:33 UTC

I get you though. But, even simple changes like that could exist due to the 1 change that changed everything else. Whether that would be history, time, energy, etc

2017-04-10 23:05:41 UTC

I see where you're coming from. I just don't consider one change enough for a vision to be labled as an alternate.

2017-04-10 23:06:37 UTC

Mmmm but you have to think of the butterfly effect

2017-04-10 23:07:00 UTC

@here hey who has that Redpanels comic where that black woman is like "yeah i'm tired of white people appropriating black advancements we should leave the system"

2017-04-10 23:07:11 UTC

and in the next frame she's alone in a hut with peanut butter

2017-04-10 23:07:28 UTC


2017-04-10 23:07:29 UTC
2017-04-10 23:08:08 UTC


2017-04-10 23:09:20 UTC

But again, this is all just a bunch of theories to something we dont understand fully yet

2017-04-10 23:10:23 UTC

@Europa One incident causing a massive shift.

2017-04-10 23:10:49 UTC


2017-04-10 23:10:59 UTC

Creating an alternate reality

2017-04-10 23:11:07 UTC

That's a whole other rabbit hole.

2017-04-10 23:11:31 UTC

That occurs each time you make a choice.

2017-04-10 23:11:56 UTC

Haha exactly

2017-04-10 23:12:14 UTC

I believe the multiverse is ever expanding along with the alternate realities

2017-04-10 23:12:30 UTC

Big bangs every second.

2017-04-10 23:12:35 UTC

And through all of it i think energy can be the one common factor

2017-04-10 23:12:39 UTC

"Toshi (εΉ΄) - Today at 2:35 PM
Are you right winger?
Just curious
guess not

2017-04-10 23:12:41 UTC

what did he mean by this?

2017-04-10 23:12:43 UTC

he left the server too

2017-04-10 23:12:54 UTC


2017-04-10 23:12:55 UTC

Which can also be why God sees all and knows all even though there is free will

2017-04-10 23:13:13 UTC

could he have been a mole or something

2017-04-10 23:13:20 UTC

that was kind of bizarre

2017-04-10 23:13:44 UTC

Might have left after we made the new general.

2017-04-10 23:13:47 UTC

God damn jews know we are catching on about alternate realities

2017-04-10 23:13:51 UTC

no he posted in this general

2017-04-10 23:13:54 UTC

hold on let me find it

2017-04-10 23:14:12 UTC

**the secret is out**

2017-04-10 23:14:35 UTC

"Toshi (εΉ΄) - Today at 2:47 PM
> jewish
> alt right
pick one

2017-04-10 23:14:37 UTC

"The goyim knows. We've got to stop them!"

2017-04-10 23:15:04 UTC

Is that what he said?

2017-04-10 23:15:08 UTC

This was after I asked if "even ashkenazis that are alt right sympathizers are (((them)))"

2017-04-10 23:15:28 UTC

and then he asked me if I was right wing in a DM and left

2017-04-10 23:15:31 UTC

Yes they are (((them))) too

2017-04-10 23:15:57 UTC

All jews are (((them))) and can not be alt right

2017-04-10 23:15:57 UTC

aw man I really like Fritz Haber though

2017-04-10 23:16:57 UTC

Nope. Having a jew in the movement is no different then having a black in the movement. They can be proud of themselves and they can be allies. But, they must know their place in the end. Whether that is in their own countries or for jews **dead**

2017-04-10 23:17:12 UTC

wait what about a chink in the movement

2017-04-10 23:17:32 UTC

should I self-remove

2017-04-10 23:17:33 UTC

Nope. Every race has their own Alt Right movement.

2017-04-10 23:18:06 UTC


2017-04-10 23:18:13 UTC

The Chinese have Tibetans, for example.

2017-04-10 23:18:14 UTC

No you are an ally and should be around just like anyone else who believes Europeans deserve their own lands but also you should push to better yourself and your country

2017-04-10 23:18:26 UTC

yeah idk about china man

2017-04-10 23:18:29 UTC

its uh

2017-04-10 23:18:31 UTC

pretty corrupt

2017-04-10 23:18:33 UTC


2017-04-10 23:18:37 UTC

HK was better under the brits

2017-04-10 23:18:40 UTC

Yea same with America

2017-04-10 23:18:45 UTC

even my dad who lived his early years as a second class citizen

2017-04-10 23:18:46 UTC

Same with a lot of countries.

2017-04-10 23:18:49 UTC

acknowledges this

2017-04-10 23:18:53 UTC

no America is better off right now

2017-04-10 23:19:00 UTC

look how cucked britain is

2017-04-10 23:19:05 UTC


2017-04-10 23:19:10 UTC

No it is not.

2017-04-10 23:19:23 UTC

at least in America you can have guns and knives

2017-04-10 23:19:32 UTC

in Britain they couldn't even cut the fucking HWNDU flag down

2017-04-10 23:19:42 UTC

I live here and believe me. It is actually the worst. Yea, it isnt as forward as britain but if they were then america would be pushed into a race war extremely fast

2017-04-10 23:19:44 UTC

because they're law abiding hooligans

sooo what happened to the whole lets not EU US schism right away plan?

2017-04-10 23:19:56 UTC

It almost happened because of hillary

2017-04-10 23:20:16 UTC

We can handle a race war.

2017-04-10 23:20:26 UTC

it's just like moonman said:

2017-04-10 23:20:32 UTC

We'll grab our rope and we'll grab our AKs

2017-04-10 23:20:35 UTC

if the race war comes

2017-04-10 23:20:37 UTC

Yea we can handle a race war. The people can. But, the jews dont want a race war

2017-04-10 23:20:39 UTC

we'll end it all in the matter of a single day

2017-04-10 23:20:46 UTC

So they made a civic nationalist president

2017-04-10 23:20:54 UTC

And then continued the jew agenda

2017-04-10 23:20:55 UTC

The Chinks and the Gooks are next to go. Why's that?

2017-04-10 23:20:58 UTC

It's because Moonman said so

2017-04-10 23:21:08 UTC

I'll nuke San Francisco 100 thousand times

2017-04-10 23:21:10 UTC

Most Jews and non-White are in the metro areas. Easy to cut them off.

2017-04-10 23:21:13 UTC

using nothing but these sick ass lunar rhymes

2017-04-10 23:21:15 UTC

And even put someone in education who hates public education which is needed in a society where the poor exist

2017-04-10 23:21:57 UTC

Whites control most of the good farmland still.

2017-04-10 23:22:04 UTC

@Europa it's a good thing though because public agenda is already being used for the globalist agenda

2017-04-10 23:22:12 UTC

DeVos wants to make school choice more of a thing

2017-04-10 23:22:22 UTC

We'd starve them into submission within weeks.

2017-04-10 23:22:37 UTC

Yea, but having a country which a bunch of stupid fucks doesnt help either and forces them to be like the niggers and rely on bullshit

2017-04-10 23:22:51 UTC

the problem is most whites managing that land are people who just want to live simple lives

2017-04-10 23:23:16 UTC

Trust me. I went to public school and as long as you have half a brain mixed with the internet even if they force education that is left leaning that doesnt mean you will end up left leaning

2017-04-10 23:23:17 UTC

πŸ†™ | **Europa leveled up!**


2017-04-10 23:23:20 UTC

True, but I'm talking about the big commercial farms.

2017-04-10 23:23:40 UTC

commercial farms = corporate owned

2017-04-10 23:23:41 UTC

Big commercial farms are owned by jews pretty much

2017-04-10 23:23:52 UTC

corporations = globalists the vast majority of them it seems

2017-04-10 23:23:59 UTC

They dont exist without the jew money being poured into them

2017-04-10 23:24:02 UTC


2017-04-10 23:24:04 UTC

Not helpful

2017-04-10 23:24:23 UTC

Corporations always skew left in the aggregate

2017-04-10 23:24:37 UTC

because most of them want to abuse the fact that the little guys cant take the same regulatory hit as they can

2017-04-10 23:24:48 UTC

thereby eliminating competition by creating barriers to entry

2017-04-10 23:24:55 UTC

Of course because if everyone wanted to wipe out the jews then where would hollywood, the lugenpresse, and the government be?

2017-04-10 23:25:26 UTC

how does Tulsi Gabbard and Justice Democrats fit into this? Are they jewed?

2017-04-10 23:25:27 UTC

They have to keep slowly pushing people left or they will catch on too fast.

2017-04-10 23:25:59 UTC

Justice Dems are another movement that's yet to win any seats.

2017-04-10 23:26:08 UTC


2017-04-10 23:26:21 UTC

guess the jews wont let em

2017-04-10 23:26:27 UTC

And you have to look at who sponsers them the most. What corporations give the most money, who owns the mother and father companies. So on and so forth

2017-04-10 23:26:36 UTC

America is almost completely jewed

2017-04-10 23:26:52 UTC

@Europa the scary thing is a lot of tech companies like ATT are the parent companies for shit like CNN

2017-04-10 23:26:59 UTC


2017-04-10 23:27:04 UTC

It's a pipe dream still imo, but if they're willing to reject the jewery they might succeed.

2017-04-10 23:27:06 UTC

and we rely on these companies to talk to each other like we are right now

2017-04-10 23:27:28 UTC

And they also put tracking devices and recording devices in your technology for the CIA to be able to spy on yoy

2017-04-10 23:27:48 UTC

WHICH WE ALL KNOW the dems and CNN and such are friends with the CIA

2017-04-10 23:27:51 UTC

So it makes sense

2017-04-10 23:28:04 UTC

Encryption and decentralization are part of the solution.

2017-04-10 23:28:26 UTC

Eh, kind of but would only really help you if you are past a basic level hacker

2017-04-10 23:28:31 UTC

who makes the encryption?

2017-04-10 23:28:32 UTC


2017-04-10 23:28:40 UTC

CIA isnt some python kid type of hacking shit man

2017-04-10 23:29:00 UTC

CIA literally can hear you from your tv now and days

2017-04-10 23:29:30 UTC

Thanks to mics in SmartTV remotes.

2017-04-10 23:29:39 UTC


2017-04-10 23:29:53 UTC

"Would love to have been a Samsung on that wall!"

2017-04-10 23:30:27 UTC

We have to sever those connections physically. No mics=no audio recording.

2017-04-10 23:31:56 UTC

Dude america may seem "free" and better of then britain but they are actually just playing it safe here because we are pretty fuckin dangerous. If the government loses control and hell breaks loose this country will probably have to deal with the UN's forces if not just our own. But, that's only if our country spirals into civil war and other countries dont follow which they may

2017-04-10 23:32:24 UTC

However, to drop off the grid, you'd have to become a nomadic cyclist at this point.

2017-04-10 23:32:47 UTC

We have to move to a society together and start populating/ start being cut off from the world. But that would take to long to change anything then if you dont rely on technology

2017-04-10 23:33:28 UTC

That's the issue. We need technology to move forward as a mass movement but our technology is all tapped.

2017-04-10 23:33:43 UTC

So, we just have to be ballsy and deal with the problems that come head on

2017-04-10 23:34:36 UTC

what are you even saying faggot

2017-04-10 23:34:37 UTC

Im pretty out there on a normal basis and i have no fucks to give if i get doxxed as long as im not hacked. People normally know im a right wing natsoc

2017-04-10 23:34:40 UTC

cars are safe below like 2007

2017-04-10 23:34:41 UTC

you sound like a jew

2017-04-10 23:34:55 UTC

Not exactly. One idea is that we stop using services that require us to identify ourselves. While using devices without cameras or mics.

2017-04-10 23:35:22 UTC

i do auto electrical as my job and have degree in such and theyre literally isnt shit you can do to them without accessing obd2 data port inside car

2017-04-10 23:35:44 UTC

Build PCs instead of buying them, for example.

2017-04-10 23:35:54 UTC

but if someone's plugged into that lol

2017-04-10 23:35:59 UTC

you can literally do anything

2017-04-10 23:36:08 UTC

building PCs literally does nothing @Mr. Red

2017-04-10 23:36:12 UTC

i have a 4600$ car scanner and the shit i can do is scary

2017-04-10 23:36:15 UTC

your tech illiteracy is showing

2017-04-10 23:36:30 UTC

Intel jew shit is literally embedded into the motherboard

2017-04-10 23:36:35 UTC

@killer kowalski that's bad ass

2017-04-10 23:37:05 UTC

It can only transmit data so far and through so many ways.

2017-04-10 23:37:10 UTC


2017-04-10 23:37:37 UTC

Besides, it doesn't need to be connected to the net at all times.

2017-04-10 23:38:12 UTC

theres this one av researcher i forget his name that saw malware propagating across close air gaps in intel ME procs

2017-04-10 23:38:44 UTC

Still, you have to within a certain range.

2017-04-10 23:38:53 UTC

also the intel ME engineering positions req sec. clearance

2017-04-10 23:39:33 UTC

also microantennae have been pointed out on current dies apparently

2017-04-10 23:39:45 UTC

that's secondhand so take it as you will

2017-04-10 23:39:55 UTC

i mean is there any real way to be sure

2017-04-10 23:40:12 UTC

that it's still not doing something

2017-04-10 23:40:28 UTC

who knows if there's some fuckin rom in there

2017-04-10 23:41:10 UTC


2017-04-10 23:43:12 UTC

lil yachty

2017-04-10 23:43:25 UTC

cold like minnesota is stuck in my head

2017-04-10 23:43:46 UTC

i thought i fixed this dudes 2015 chrysler 200 today

2017-04-10 23:43:50 UTC

We're not going to able to avoid the state level surveillance entirely, I'll admit that. But we can cut off the connections to the corporate level and below.

2017-04-10 23:43:53 UTC

abd it stalled in the middle of a 3 lane road

2017-04-10 23:44:20 UTC

That sucks my friend

2017-04-10 23:44:22 UTC

cops came and let us wait 10 mins till it cooled down and it magically droce fine with no codes

2017-04-10 23:44:24 UTC

go figure

2017-04-10 23:44:30 UTC

And state is what we need to worry about.

2017-04-10 23:44:49 UTC

just dropped customer off and went home

2017-04-10 23:44:57 UTC

figure it out tomorrow

2017-04-10 23:45:08 UTC

All you can do is wait on that

2017-04-10 23:45:11 UTC

Give it time. We'll win in the end. Kek willing.

2017-04-10 23:45:15 UTC

See how it goes tomorrow

2017-04-10 23:45:21 UTC

And of course we will win in time

2017-04-10 23:45:27 UTC


2017-04-10 23:45:29 UTC

The jews never win

2017-04-10 23:45:36 UTC

i think it's a wiring harness issue idk

2017-04-10 23:45:36 UTC

Literally ever.

2017-04-10 23:45:40 UTC


2017-04-10 23:45:48 UTC

i wasnt getting anything at any of the 4 coils

2017-04-10 23:45:54 UTC

They always fail at some point.

2017-04-10 23:46:06 UTC


2017-04-10 23:46:28 UTC

They get cocky and then we force their hand. They realise once the money burns, they burn too.

2017-04-10 23:46:42 UTC


2017-04-10 23:46:48 UTC

Europa, what are your two cents on paganism

2017-04-10 23:49:18 UTC

Well, I'm gonna go make some tacos. brb.

2017-04-10 23:50:03 UTC

I dont think paganism is really around now and days but i do know some old folk who are close to being true pagans. I think now and days kids wanna be "pagan" cause it's edgy or coooOoOool like how being muslim is cool for women in america for some reason. I dont think we should have infighting on the grounds of religion ever because if someone in my opinion chooses to go to hell that is their choice through free will

2017-04-10 23:50:12 UTC

pepe dump?

2017-04-10 23:51:19 UTC

Isnt Kek a Pagan deitie?

2017-04-10 23:51:28 UTC

Ok, I don't think Paganism has a place on Kekism or altright. I mean people can do what they want, but it seems too edgy.

2017-04-10 23:51:36 UTC

But, i also wont say people will go to hell based on their religion because im not god and i dont have the right to say who goes where

2017-04-10 23:51:38 UTC

is egyptian mythology pagan?

2017-04-10 23:51:42 UTC

good question

2017-04-10 23:51:49 UTC

Kek is an Egyptian god

2017-04-10 23:51:50 UTC


2017-04-10 23:52:02 UTC

Egyptians were pagans

2017-04-10 23:52:17 UTC

am i going to hell for smonk this wheat

2017-04-10 23:52:33 UTC


2017-04-10 23:53:05 UTC

Kowalksi, are you a gasser now? I'm on mobile

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