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2018-08-09 18:39:13 UTC

2018-08-10 08:14:53 UTC

2018-08-10 08:45:26 UTC

2018-08-10 08:45:47 UTC

2018-08-10 08:45:49 UTC

2018-08-10 08:48:21 UTC

What are we pushing back against?

2018-08-10 08:48:38 UTC

So how long do you give before this is screengrabbed on twitter?

2018-08-10 08:49:52 UTC


2018-08-10 08:50:55 UTC

Am I allowed to say "trilkop" on the server?

2018-08-10 08:51:39 UTC

I suspect a lot of SJW's would join your link from twitter just to report back on the evilness

2018-08-10 08:52:08 UTC

I give it a month πŸ˜‰

2018-08-10 08:52:32 UTC

Perhaps it should be invite only, then.

2018-08-10 08:52:35 UTC

fukkem. So what if they screen grab stuff and villify people, it would just be more of the same.

2018-08-10 08:53:12 UTC

I thought that was the experiment

2018-08-10 08:53:17 UTC

Personally I don't mind SJW's trolling servers like these, they make it exciting

2018-08-10 08:53:53 UTC

For the record, I don't think invite only is the way to go, probably just end up with an echo chamber

2018-08-10 08:54:13 UTC

^^^ prezactly

2018-08-10 08:54:15 UTC

2018-08-10 08:54:52 UTC

2018-08-10 08:56:42 UTC

Over time, admin roles will be assigned to those who can be trusted the most. @AcidOverride is the kingpin here.

2018-08-10 08:57:27 UTC

Please use the link from Twitter and feel free to invite more people.

2018-08-10 09:00:03 UTC

well can we get right to chatting or is there already a topic planned ?

2018-08-10 09:00:41 UTC

The topic is the decriminilization of cannabis in Z

2018-08-10 09:00:43 UTC


2018-08-10 09:00:53 UTC

Chat about whatever you want. The tagline of this room gives some theme ideas. It's all yours.

2018-08-10 09:01:06 UTC

I'll begin with something.

2018-08-10 09:01:20 UTC

@Klipkop (Clip-Cop) dont let Helen hear you say that πŸ˜„

2018-08-10 09:01:48 UTC

Is Helen anti decrminilization? If that is the case I am anti Helen!

2018-08-10 09:01:50 UTC

I would like opinions on whether SA has a center (seems we have far left and far right), who would you say represents the center either as a party or public figure

2018-08-10 09:02:04 UTC


2018-08-10 09:03:12 UTC

@Jerm I hae always felt that IRR has an agenda (one that works in wipet-pooh's favour), but they do seem biased.

2018-08-10 09:03:15 UTC

@Klipkop (Clip-Cop) well i wouldn't say anti but @Rendier had mos a debate/live chat with her and the last topic was that and she was against it...because she is right in a way that weed kills motivation.....but my argument is parkie gras kills motivation and not indoor/greenhouse

2018-08-10 09:04:14 UTC

@Robzombie I stopped folowing his stuff, it is all just ainstream rhetoric.

2018-08-10 09:05:31 UTC

@Klipkop (Clip-Cop) i feel you...same as Willem PLezter....it is starting to feel like they are just doing these live streams to get publicity

2018-08-10 09:05:47 UTC

@Robzombie You made me queue this tune 🀘 https://youtu.be/7SSDZHZHYvM

2018-08-10 09:06:01 UTC


2018-08-10 09:07:12 UTC

2018-08-10 09:07:31 UTC

@Jerm they definitely have influence, the question is whether it is unhealthy. There seem to be a handful of organisations publishing fact based "thought leadership" pieces. One would imagine it is wise to let these pieces influence policy or not.

Maybe political parties don't do a good enough job of publishing the thinking that goes into their policy making... too much time selling the policy

2018-08-10 09:07:55 UTC

*scratch the or not*

2018-08-10 09:08:51 UTC

I think the IRR is a very important organisation, only wanting the best. They focus on data primarily.

2018-08-10 09:09:06 UTC

can we really trust IRR? hell can we really trust anything that is politically connected in SA?

2018-08-10 09:09:48 UTC

@Robzombie I trust no-one, but at least they present facts that can be checked

2018-08-10 09:10:06 UTC

I like them, but they definitely have a bias

2018-08-10 09:11:22 UTC

@Robzombie yes you can trust them. I trust them. I know them personally too.

2018-08-10 09:11:42 UTC

IRR is not political. They're completely independent.

2018-08-10 09:12:09 UTC

I have come to learn that we cannot trust AgriSA or Die Broederbond, I am weary of everyone these days.

2018-08-10 09:12:12 UTC

@Tom_Servo I am with you, i don't trust any Org in SA anymore, as they all lack transparency....but i can say one thing though, i bought Frans Cronje's second book, and it is quite amazing and actually gives a nice perspective of whats going on in the country and funny enough, its not biased at all

2018-08-10 09:13:49 UTC

time travellers guide ?

2018-08-10 09:13:57 UTC

@Tom_Servo yeah that one

2018-08-10 09:14:33 UTC

I think the IRR are transparent though

2018-08-10 09:14:37 UTC

@AcidOverride Will you enable attachments (jpeg's) in messages please.

2018-08-10 09:14:39 UTC

just have an agenda it seems

2018-08-10 09:14:59 UTC

I don't think Shelley Garland helped with that perception (although I loved it)

2018-08-10 09:15:00 UTC

@Klipkop (Clip-Cop) why not trust AgriSA and BB?

2018-08-10 09:15:16 UTC
2018-08-10 09:15:50 UTC

AgriSA is pushing HARD for expropriation without compensation, their land audit is also super biased in favour of the left.

2018-08-10 09:16:03 UTC

have some of you seen the conspiracies behind BB since inception?

2018-08-10 09:16:25 UTC

Yea, some people see the BB as ZA's illuminati

2018-08-10 09:16:42 UTC


2018-08-10 09:22:43 UTC

so its all good and well that we are all talking about these issues and creating awareness i guess, but what are we going to do about it...talk is cheap in my world

2018-08-10 09:23:53 UTC


2018-08-10 09:30:20 UTC

@AcidOverride i wish everybody would do that, and farmers not to plant in the next two months until we have an official statement from the ANC on what their plans are...yeah they are going to amend the constitution....but to what??? why all this secrecy around this issue? what is the actual agenda? I am willing to take a bet some of these 139 farms (if there are any) will have raw minerals

2018-08-10 09:31:35 UTC

IRR are currently overhauling their funder base. They've been pushing for it in recent weeks. They're moving away from corporate funding, towards independent funding like AfriForum. You should join the IRR. It's dirt cheap and they are very important.

2018-08-10 09:32:46 UTC

note the last three words


2018-08-10 09:33:37 UTC

But before you join the IRR, become a Jerm patron. It's about 50 bucks and I already have 35 patrons, and they're helping me draw cartoons that no editor or cartoonists wants to go near. I'm going to be touching on race and IQ; identity politics; leftism; etc. Then you can join the Patreon channel too (closed to the public). πŸ˜‹

2018-08-10 09:35:01 UTC

@Jerm have you been deplatformed completely or just have a lot of cartoons declined?

2018-08-10 09:35:11 UTC

haha IQ? yoh...you really do want to piss them of πŸ˜„

2018-08-10 09:36:51 UTC

context was added later - that was a quote from one of the people at the land hearings

2018-08-10 09:36:55 UTC

not ANC position

2018-08-10 09:37:52 UTC

ohhhh WOW!!! ANC like to play games huh...thanks for that!

2018-08-10 09:39:14 UTC

@Tom_Servo I'm not deplatformed. I have a lot of work, thankfully. (I'm the busiest I've ever been.) But there is still a bunch of satire that can only be published with the help of patrons. And I'm trying really hard to get satire back to its roots.

2018-08-10 09:39:48 UTC

yeah, I think the race IQ thing would be a quick way to get deplatformed :-p

2018-08-10 09:40:10 UTC

@Jerm Would you say there is a "class action" against cartoonists like yourself?

2018-08-10 09:40:39 UTC

Here's my first race-IQ cartoon I've done, funded by patrons and collaborated with the patron alongside my signature.


2018-08-10 09:40:55 UTC

2018-08-10 09:41:32 UTC

@AK -47

2018-08-10 09:42:12 UTC

@Jerm absolutely brilliant!

2018-08-10 09:43:05 UTC

Did you see this one Yesterday?


2018-08-10 09:43:34 UTC

@Klipkop (Clip-Cop) No, I don't think so. But I do think radical leftism is fashionable and its adherents tend to be very vocal.

2018-08-10 09:44:46 UTC

This cartoon was also funded by patrons, and rejected from every publication. Still went viral on social media though.


2018-08-10 09:45:46 UTC

@Jerm ^^^ I really enjoyed that one.

You can add it to your "Best of Jerm" book one day when you retire.

2018-08-10 09:49:23 UTC

@AK EFF wants to do away with favouritism by favouring women.

2018-08-10 09:49:55 UTC

2018-08-10 09:50:19 UTC

Friends, please invite others and help grow this group. The link is pinned to the top.

2018-08-10 09:50:58 UTC

Welcome @Scribbly_G

Scribbly is, in my opinion, one of the funniest cartoonists in SA. You must follow his work.

2018-08-10 09:51:14 UTC


2018-08-10 09:52:41 UTC

It seems that we are not allowed to celebrate women of a certian demographic...


2018-08-10 09:54:12 UTC

2018-08-10 09:54:31 UTC

Is this chat supposed to wipe or is it something to do with my settings?

2018-08-10 09:55:27 UTC

@Scribbly_G love your twitter cover!

2018-08-10 09:57:34 UTC

2018-08-10 09:58:52 UTC

2018-08-10 10:02:35 UTC

@AK Wipe? As in, it gets cleared? Are you on web or app?

2018-08-10 10:08:18 UTC

2018-08-10 10:09:49 UTC

2018-08-10 10:10:50 UTC

2018-08-10 10:14:52 UTC

2018-08-10 10:15:45 UTC

2018-08-10 10:26:03 UTC

2018-08-10 10:39:05 UTC

2018-08-10 10:40:01 UTC

hallo pielkoppe

2018-08-10 10:40:13 UTC

jaaa ou dirk

2018-08-10 10:40:29 UTC

wdf is hierdie chatroom?

2018-08-10 10:40:58 UTC

ag is maar n plek vir ons om oor die land se kak te praat i guess

2018-08-10 10:44:53 UTC

klink na 'n kak gedagte, ek gaan nou fokof en bier drrink iewers in die winterson

2018-08-10 10:45:17 UTC

nee mar mooi, geniet hom!

2018-08-10 10:46:46 UTC

hierdie is nogal 'n cool app, ek het my eie server begin Jagse slette van Suid Afrika https://discord.gg/g3HrnS

2018-08-10 10:47:07 UTC

HAHAHA yaasss

2018-08-10 10:56:48 UTC

@dirkdonkerbal Jis, jou ou trul vel.

2018-08-10 11:00:03 UTC

@dirkdonkerbal Ek dink nie jou server gaan so lekker werk nie, 95% van Discord gebruikers is dudes.

As jy wil p* optel stel ek die kerk voor, hulle chick:dude ratio is REG, en daai kinders wil hΓͺ!

Jy kan my later bedank πŸ‘Œ

2018-08-10 11:01:45 UTC

I can’t see sheet

2018-08-10 11:02:17 UTC

~ @Klipkop (Clip-Cop) switches the light on

2018-08-10 11:02:46 UTC

Hello at Skiddy ... I can't see anything either. I get the message but when I come to the thread, its blank?

2018-08-10 11:03:22 UTC

hmmm thats weird

2018-08-10 11:03:35 UTC
2018-08-10 11:03:43 UTC
2018-08-10 11:04:06 UTC

Think it might be working now

2018-08-10 11:04:21 UTC

Yes, now I can see the chat history.

2018-08-10 11:04:56 UTC

I am told that @AcidOverride is the Admin for the server. I have no problems, running on PC.

2018-08-10 11:05:21 UTC

I made history available πŸ˜ƒ

2018-08-10 11:05:43 UTC

@AcidOverride Thank you.

2018-08-10 11:47:27 UTC

2018-08-10 11:59:10 UTC

@Jerm whats the story behind the beef with you and zapiro?

2018-08-10 12:56:25 UTC

2018-08-10 13:08:20 UTC



2018-08-10 13:09:43 UTC

Liberals don’t like to debate...

2018-08-10 13:12:49 UTC

wow huh....he feels strongly about this....why though, scared much?

2018-08-10 13:13:10 UTC

Social Anxiety...

2018-08-10 13:13:40 UTC

I’d rather have him saw his drawing arm off that looks at his ridiculous left cartoons

2018-08-10 13:14:05 UTC

Arm off would be an improvement

2018-08-10 13:15:26 UTC

Liberals don’t like debating because it allows their follows to hear another point of view...

2018-08-10 13:15:51 UTC

You have to make a Cartoon about the arm cutting @Jerm !!! Ill even throw in a few extra patreon moola to see that one!!!! LOL

2018-08-10 13:16:23 UTC

@MikeyMike I second that

2018-08-10 13:17:22 UTC

Thanks @MikeyMike . No need to up your Patreon game. You're doing more than enough! I'll give it some thought.

Tell you what, if I get another patron today, then I'll draw it: https://www.patreon.com/mynameisjerm

2018-08-10 13:18:01 UTC

2018-08-10 13:19:45 UTC

maybe i am misinterpreting his cartoons, but he doesn't seem left....what makes him left?

2018-08-10 13:19:45 UTC

@Jerm I saw that today, I was wondering where it all started. You origin story if you will.

2018-08-10 13:23:57 UTC

@Tom_Servo We have a long and colourful history. He's seen as the cleancut popular kid of cartooning, while I'm seen as the punk-anarchist kid (true story - I was labelled that a few months ago).I'm going to make a video about it soon. I'll post it first to my Patreon page.

2018-08-10 13:24:40 UTC

It's well established that Zapiro has multiple prestigious art degrees. I failed art at UCT.

2018-08-10 13:25:14 UTC

Anyway, I'm on a deadline (for Rapport). Will pop in again later.

2018-08-10 13:29:20 UTC

@Robzombie Zapiro is left by his own admission. In fact, he has said publicly that he is "progressive".

2018-08-10 13:39:17 UTC

hmm interesting...most of his cartoons he makes, he criticizes the ANC and EFF....however i have to agree that your cartoons are much more "lambastic" if that makes sense....but the last thing we need is sugar coating the truth

2018-08-10 13:42:39 UTC

that new black owned digital bank won't work; people won't trust it after the VBS debacle

2018-08-10 13:48:58 UTC

2018-08-10 13:50:09 UTC

**AwΓͺh** @Bellville Piet

Wys vir my jou duime, dan weet ek jy is oraait.

2018-08-10 13:51:31 UTC

halle belville piet jou lekker p**s

2018-08-10 13:51:59 UTC

ek dink Jerm gaan my nou nou hier afp**s

2018-08-10 13:52:05 UTC

Aweh massekinners wat gat hie aan!

2018-08-10 13:52:16 UTC


2018-08-10 13:52:50 UTC

Dis Vrydag! Ek gaan netou my 2de rooiprop drink.

2018-08-10 13:53:02 UTC

πŸ‘ Klipkop πŸ˜ƒ

2018-08-10 13:53:22 UTC

Ek is al klaar besig met my eerste Black Label ook

2018-08-10 13:53:55 UTC

Mooi dag vandag, ek sit met my sloffies op die stoep.

2018-08-10 13:54:14 UTC

Ek gooi 'n soortgelyke move

2018-08-10 13:54:20 UTC

ek suip 'n whiskey nadat ek fokken kfc moes eet

2018-08-10 13:54:39 UTC

hahhaa ja jy sal dit nodig he ommie smaak uit te kry

2018-08-10 13:55:23 UTC

KFC issie meer soos Kentucky Fried Chicken vanni eou dae nie

2018-08-10 13:56:06 UTC

Op my ouderdom kan ek nie meer KFC trust nie.

Daar is so baie olie in, die kos glip sommer onder weer uit!

2018-08-10 13:56:22 UTC

Hahhaa ja

2018-08-10 13:56:27 UTC

hierdie discord is 'n lekker plek, dit is waar Mxit, Slack, Twitter en Whatsapp mekaar ontmoet

2018-08-10 13:56:36 UTC

Klip ek dink ons is dieselle ouderdom

2018-08-10 13:56:40 UTC

en 'n klomp fokken jagse zefs

2018-08-10 13:56:48 UTC


2018-08-10 13:58:10 UTC

Ek moet 'n mic he erens maar my k*k is so deurmekaar na ek getrek het nie lus om deur die bokse te grawe nie

2018-08-10 13:58:18 UTC

Gat maar een koop

2018-08-10 13:58:38 UTC

praat julle actually met mekaar (soos in oor 'n mikrofoon)?

2018-08-10 13:59:03 UTC

Aye hulle doen

2018-08-10 13:59:10 UTC

jy kan op discord ja

2018-08-10 13:59:29 UTC

Nee maar ek kan jou hoor πŸ˜‰

2018-08-10 13:59:41 UTC

Aweh dit is ja

2018-08-10 13:59:51 UTC

haha einste

2018-08-10 14:00:44 UTC

as julle n mic het kan jy klick op pushback aan die linker kant....dit is as jy die desktop app het ek neem aan, weet nie hoe werk die foon app nie

2018-08-10 14:01:06 UTC

Hqaha ek kan jou hoor tik

2018-08-10 14:01:09 UTC

en poep

2018-08-10 14:01:11 UTC


2018-08-10 14:01:17 UTC


2018-08-10 14:04:51 UTC


2018-08-10 14:05:11 UTC

Bellville ja πŸ˜‰

2018-08-10 14:05:17 UTC


2018-08-10 14:05:39 UTC

true true

2018-08-10 14:06:18 UTC

haha ek gatti emeer uit nie ek kom net innie kak

2018-08-10 14:06:38 UTC

hehe leeeker!

2018-08-10 14:07:30 UTC

Ek was vir jarre weg van Bellvile uit, baie jare in Durban en 2 jaar in Observatory, nou daai is 'n kwaai en weird plek

2018-08-10 14:08:00 UTC

Ja ons Kapenaars is die original Colonisers lol

2018-08-10 14:09:10 UTC

Jong ja dis moeilik, ek het verlede naweek klomp ouens van Afriforum ontmoet en ek gat join, hulle het ook planne van aksie

2018-08-10 14:10:38 UTC

if you guys have some free time here is something interesting to watch:


2018-08-10 14:11:20 UTC

Ja wat dis min, my Pa behoort ook aan hulle. Ek oorweeg dalk om Suidlanders ook te join, maar ek sal eers kyk wat Afriforum doen. Ek dink Afriforum is meer gefokus op areas waar ons bly, waar Suidlanders se plan is om te vlug.

2018-08-10 14:12:06 UTC

Maar ek gaan defo gaan vir wapens training binnekort, lisensies probeer kry as ek kan.

2018-08-10 14:12:14 UTC

En self defense

2018-08-10 14:12:28 UTC

Ja is so

2018-08-10 14:13:20 UTC

Ja ek dink ons sal maar moet begin beplan virri ergste jong

2018-08-10 14:13:25 UTC

ja Discord is baie cool

2018-08-10 14:13:33 UTC

Ek moet net 'n blerrie mic kry

2018-08-10 14:14:02 UTC

ja ek wonner van daai 139 plase en wat hulle plan is

2018-08-10 14:14:15 UTC

ek dink ons amal doen

2018-08-10 14:14:36 UTC

ek hoor by 'n groot boer dit is van die plase wat die ouens te veel geld voor gevra het

2018-08-10 14:14:44 UTC

wonner self dalk is dit plase wat leeg staan, maar dit maak nie sin nie

2018-08-10 14:15:13 UTC

Ja einste

2018-08-10 14:15:18 UTC

dalk kleinhoewes

2018-08-10 14:15:57 UTC

Ja my pa se vrou se Pa het so plekkie innie Cederberge, hulle worry nogal

2018-08-10 14:16:23 UTC


2018-08-10 14:16:38 UTC

Daar is gelukkig baie wyn plase

2018-08-10 14:16:45 UTC

vir nou

2018-08-10 14:16:53 UTC

aaah ek spek

2018-08-10 14:18:24 UTC

Lekker Klip check jou

2018-08-10 14:20:10 UTC

Ek het afgekom oppe phone earplug en mic

2018-08-10 14:20:23 UTC

ek try gou kyk of dit werk

2018-08-10 14:22:49 UTC

Chaps, there's a new channel for random banter. πŸ‘Œ

2018-08-10 14:23:33 UTC

thanks @Jerm

2018-08-10 14:24:15 UTC

Thanks Jeremy

2018-08-10 14:32:39 UTC

2018-08-10 14:33:18 UTC


2018-08-10 14:33:56 UTC

Predictions for election 2019. Go.

2018-08-10 14:36:43 UTC

Haa!! the caracal has arrived

2018-08-10 14:37:44 UTC

@Jerm EFF will gain (10%) , DA will lose alot (15%) ANC will remain about the same, smaller parties will gain from old DA vote.

2018-08-10 14:37:46 UTC

The green is Muslim-majority countries.

The red is the horribly oppressive Israel.


2018-08-10 14:37:49 UTC

@Jerm ANC 50/53% DA 18/22% EFF 10/13%

2018-08-10 14:38:52 UTC

yeah i agree that the DA will lose a lot. but i also think that the % of people not voting will increase by 5 - 10%

2018-08-10 14:49:43 UTC

2018-08-10 15:16:54 UTC

I think it will stay pretty much as it has, DA loose a bit and EFF gain a little. Either way it will be same shit different day.

2018-08-10 15:20:00 UTC

I said earlier that if I get another patron today, I will draw a cartoon about Zapiro declining my debate invitation.

I got another patron today.

Which means that I will start working on my promised cartoon.

2018-08-10 15:20:43 UTC

EPIC!!! Can not wait!!

2018-08-10 15:24:50 UTC

Quick roll-call:

Who here is a patron? I want to add you to the Patreon chat room. (It's a private room.)

2018-08-10 15:25:23 UTC

I am. Dusty Malone.

2018-08-10 15:26:59 UTC


2018-08-10 15:27:59 UTC


2018-08-10 15:33:40 UTC


2018-08-10 15:37:19 UTC

2018-08-10 15:50:53 UTC


2018-08-10 15:51:10 UTC

@Jerm @AcidOverride You can link the Patreon page directly to Discord, and automatically assign a Patreon role to anyone with an active pledge

2018-08-10 15:53:13 UTC

2018-08-10 15:54:52 UTC

@jerm I'm a patron

2018-08-10 16:35:46 UTC

2018-08-10 16:42:24 UTC

2018-08-10 16:44:11 UTC

Is most stuff going to be happening in the patrons chat room?

2018-08-10 16:46:19 UTC

I am a Patron

2018-08-10 17:56:11 UTC

2018-08-10 18:08:34 UTC

Those who are patrons, please can you follow this step:

"You can also head over to your account settings page and click on the Connect to Discord button to connect your Discord and Patreon accounts."

2018-08-10 18:08:57 UTC

While on my Patreon page.

2018-08-10 18:09:48 UTC

My apologies for the back and forth. I colour in pictures for a living; not this kind of stuff.

2018-08-10 18:16:51 UTC



2018-08-10 18:20:56 UTC

2018-08-10 18:55:55 UTC

2018-08-10 20:32:46 UTC

2018-08-10 20:58:38 UTC

@AcidOverride I must be missing something ... I can't seem to sync my Patreon account to discord. Gone into Patreon settings and connected .... am I missing something? Help please (I'm a bit useless at this kind of stuff πŸ˜‚) Thanks, Dusty

2018-08-11 00:28:25 UTC

2018-08-11 07:22:22 UTC

@Dusty I'll have a look at it. Please forgive me. This stuff isn't my thing.

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