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2017-08-13 21:49:25 UTC

It's not IE related

2017-08-13 21:50:04 UTC

@Greg88 where did you find it

2017-08-13 21:50:12 UTC

>rally is called "Unite the Right"

2017-08-13 21:50:21 UTC


2017-08-13 21:50:24 UTC

>White nationalists, even the black guys

2017-08-13 21:59:26 UTC

2017-08-13 22:05:17 UTC

mods/admins, can someone vet me? I want to get these unpleasantries done with. I'd heavily prefer it over text though

2017-08-13 22:05:47 UTC

Can't do text and they aren't getting today

2017-08-13 22:05:52 UTC


2017-08-13 22:06:45 UTC

oh do you organize vetting events or something?

2017-08-13 22:10:40 UTC

Maybe the car was remotely hacked.

2017-08-13 22:11:37 UTC

@Noogai13 it's because vetting is down for now for some sort of policy change and due to events

2017-08-13 22:12:10 UTC

well that sucks

2017-08-13 22:15:38 UTC

@Void can 2010 cars be hacked?

2017-08-13 22:22:13 UTC


2017-08-13 22:22:16 UTC

not that I know of

2017-08-13 22:29:04 UTC


2017-08-13 22:29:13 UTC

well maybe

2017-08-13 22:29:16 UTC

What's 'vetting'? I need to be checked or something?

2017-08-13 22:29:22 UTC

100% doubt it though

2017-08-13 22:29:42 UTC

Yeah bend over and we'll do a cavity search @KILL ALL PHILISTINES

2017-08-13 22:30:03 UTC

oh, he gets the fun part and I don't? :^)

2017-08-13 22:30:06 UTC

@Void That's a bit gay. Is that you, Sigmund Freud?

2017-08-13 22:30:06 UTC


2017-08-13 22:37:08 UTC

so what events caused them to shut vetting down until tomorrow?

2017-08-13 22:37:25 UTC

going to trigger some seizures

2017-08-13 22:40:25 UTC

Could I get vetted tomorrow, same time?

2017-08-13 22:43:18 UTC

The management has come to an agreement to up the requirements to join and retain membership of Anticom, of which the details will be discussed and implemented soon enough.

2017-08-13 22:44:07 UTC

With Charlottesville behind us it can be easily seen that the proverbial gloves have come off, so we deem this a nessecity.

2017-08-13 22:50:21 UTC

have there been problems in the past?

2017-08-13 22:51:11 UTC

In regards to vetting? Yes. Though that's not the reason we are changing things up currently.

2017-08-13 22:51:30 UTC

i mean problems like infiltration/raids

2017-08-13 22:51:45 UTC

No, not exactly.

2017-08-13 22:52:01 UTC

We have had infils in the past, but most of those have been...... dealt with.

2017-08-13 22:52:28 UTC

Guessing it'll be harder to get infils vetted then

2017-08-13 22:52:35 UTC

Would it take longer then?

2017-08-13 22:52:55 UTC


2017-08-13 22:53:04 UTC

A webcam or IRL meetup will be required too.

2017-08-13 22:53:05 UTC

I am not one to do interrogations, but the time it took for me was about 3-6 minutes.

2017-08-13 22:53:20 UTC

Did templar start enforcing webcam vetting?

2017-08-13 22:53:34 UTC

Alright, if there's vetting up tomorrow then I'd like to go by around the same time

2017-08-13 22:53:41 UTC


2017-08-13 22:53:51 UTC

You vet with webcams?

2017-08-13 22:53:57 UTC

I don't do webcam shit

2017-08-13 22:54:00 UTC

This is the plan.

2017-08-13 22:54:06 UTC

Ok so was the driver part of Vanguard or not?

2017-08-13 22:54:14 UTC
2017-08-13 22:54:25 UTC

I thought it would just be a voice call

2017-08-13 22:54:29 UTC

@Verm Are webcam vettings now mandatory?

2017-08-13 22:54:30 UTC

you can ask me anything but you're not getting my last name and face

2017-08-13 22:54:43 UTC

Not yet, but as the consensus currently stands they soon will be.

2017-08-13 22:54:45 UTC

webcam vetting seriously? why?

2017-08-13 22:55:01 UTC

@Solzo And what would that be?

2017-08-13 22:55:03 UTC

What's the point of webcam vetting?

2017-08-13 22:55:12 UTC

^also this

2017-08-13 22:55:13 UTC

better not have some creepy thirsty prick trying to get with the girls in the group i hate those cucks

2017-08-13 22:55:34 UTC

I mean, I think I'm fine with it and all, but something tells me it would backfire

2017-08-13 22:55:40 UTC

The moderation is...... not like that to say the least.

2017-08-13 22:55:45 UTC

Stay put for now. The terms and processes are yet to be discussed.

2017-08-13 22:56:08 UTC

Hm, alright

2017-08-13 22:56:28 UTC

one thing i hate is joining groups only to find out one of the admins is a creep or stalker trying to get girls to send him pics

2017-08-13 22:56:34 UTC

if you could only see all the happy merchant memes I have I'd get instantly modded :^)

2017-08-13 22:56:43 UTC

so when i hear webcam vetting i worry

2017-08-13 22:56:54 UTC

@Solzo And how can I trust you?

2017-08-13 22:57:10 UTC

better not have pervs for admins

2017-08-13 22:57:12 UTC

@Noogai13 *psssst* send 'em over

2017-08-13 22:57:26 UTC

@Solzo Oh hello, FBI.

2017-08-13 22:57:36 UTC

i am a guy but it happens to much on the internet

2017-08-13 22:57:46 UTC

@MarsDraco Most of our staff are decent, I do not believe that any of them would do any of that.

2017-08-13 22:57:53 UTC

And why do you harp on this for long?

2017-08-13 22:57:57 UTC

we will see

2017-08-13 22:58:17 UTC

>ever putting your face out there for people you don't know

2017-08-13 22:58:21 UTC

>genius of the modern world


2017-08-13 22:58:37 UTC

been on kekistan facebook groups where the admins did that and it caused unwanted drama

2017-08-13 22:58:40 UTC

@Anony6498 This. It's like they're not even cyberpunk

2017-08-13 22:58:55 UTC

@MarsDraco >Kekistan facebook groups
That is the issue.

2017-08-13 22:59:02 UTC


2017-08-13 22:59:09 UTC

They are fucking faggots who pretend to be right wing to be edgy and cool.

2017-08-13 22:59:22 UTC

kekistan groups are full of cucks

2017-08-13 22:59:28 UTC

just saying

2017-08-13 22:59:41 UTC

kekistanis are just sargonians

2017-08-13 22:59:49 UTC

some of them argue like libtards

2017-08-13 22:59:49 UTC

@Dangerlurking not even that

2017-08-13 22:59:51 UTC

and sargon is a preachy cuck

2017-08-13 22:59:58 UTC

They're in it for the memes

2017-08-13 23:00:06 UTC

This group is far from that, I am not saying that we do not have sin here, but we are far from what *THEY* do in keksitan.

2017-08-13 23:00:10 UTC

sargon does do good research on every video though got to give him that

2017-08-13 23:00:18 UTC

ya kek has good memes

2017-08-13 23:00:25 UTC

It does

2017-08-13 23:00:36 UTC

Memes are memes.

2017-08-13 23:00:39 UTC

I like the idea of Kek, not the Alt-Lite

2017-08-13 23:00:51 UTC

I remember what a fag I used to be

2017-08-13 23:00:53 UTC


2017-08-13 23:00:56 UTC

ya kek is a funny meme but that is all it is

2017-08-13 23:01:02 UTC

Calling myself a centrist

2017-08-13 23:01:33 UTC


2017-08-13 23:01:35 UTC


2017-08-13 23:01:36 UTC


2017-08-13 23:02:07 UTC

@Verm Do we have tools to track the IP of that?

2017-08-13 23:02:08 UTC

I'm having a hard time believing that driver wasn't from Vanguard

2017-08-13 23:02:19 UTC

The two guys look exactly the same

2017-08-13 23:02:31 UTC

@Dangerlurking no, it's just through discord's servers so we have no direct interaction with their ip

2017-08-13 23:02:38 UTC

What was his idea?

2017-08-13 23:03:03 UTC


2017-08-13 23:03:04 UTC

@Salami Open jew, so no. Vanguard does not allow jews in.

2017-08-13 23:03:48 UTC

I'm in favor of webcam/irl vetting

2017-08-13 23:03:54 UTC

@Noogai13 I fucking hate horseshoe theory.

2017-08-13 23:04:11 UTC

i will webcam if i get to see your face as well

2017-08-13 23:04:17 UTC

no one way

2017-08-13 23:04:39 UTC

i still do not understand why the webcam vetting though, please explain reasons

2017-08-13 23:04:47 UTC

Nigger, watch the podcast

2017-08-13 23:04:52 UTC

@MarsDraco Most of our administraitors have been in real life events and have been filmed, I don't see why they would have a problem with it.

2017-08-13 23:04:54 UTC

I generally hate the left vs right dichotomy

2017-08-13 23:05:05 UTC


2017-08-13 23:05:18 UTC


2017-08-13 23:05:21 UTC

wait there is a podcast?

2017-08-13 23:05:26 UTC


2017-08-13 23:05:26 UTC

why because it makes you pick a side @Noogai13 ?

2017-08-13 23:05:27 UTC
2017-08-13 23:05:30 UTC

I mean in in the sense that it doesn't cover everything

2017-08-13 23:05:32 UTC

The idea is that if you're with anticom, you must be willing to show up in real life. If you have a problem with showing your face, then you're likely not to show up in the first place.

2017-08-13 23:05:33 UTC
2017-08-13 23:05:48 UTC

please link

2017-08-13 23:05:51 UTC

@Verm Well there is *OTHER* stuff, but we don't talk about that here.

2017-08-13 23:05:53 UTC

Redguard, we need to be done with anyone under 18

2017-08-13 23:06:07 UTC

In ideals i'm a traditionalist/tribalist but in the current society i'm 1488

2017-08-13 23:06:10 UTC

ya no kids please

2017-08-13 23:06:12 UTC

Youth Anticom is a shit idea

2017-08-13 23:06:25 UTC

This topic is on the table for tonight's staff meeting.

2017-08-13 23:06:44 UTC

I'm requesting to be there

2017-08-13 23:07:09 UTC

dibs on joining the meeting (^:

2017-08-13 23:07:14 UTC

also about the face thing. i'm an europoor so there's almost no chance that we'll ever meet up IRL

2017-08-13 23:07:17 UTC

@Verm You guys are probably not going to listen to this, but I am going to request again that you guys remove the requirement that members need to have a microphone in order to become an administraitor.

2017-08-13 23:07:41 UTC

@Dangerlurking nice meme bro

2017-08-13 23:07:51 UTC

and it's a completely different thing to put your face online

2017-08-13 23:08:03 UTC

i would like to know why the webcam vetting though? is it to make sure people are of age?

2017-08-13 23:08:18 UTC

Scroll up. I just answered the question.

2017-08-13 23:08:22 UTC

to make sure people show up to irl events

2017-08-13 23:08:22 UTC



2017-08-13 23:08:38 UTC

my first day here and i'm already famous, oh boy

2017-08-13 23:08:42 UTC

@MarsDraco That, and to make sure if they are not a morbidly obese person who spends his day masturbating to anime while eating cheeto's.

2017-08-13 23:08:44 UTC

oh to make sure ppl show up in real life

2017-08-13 23:08:44 UTC

lol anti racist action

2017-08-13 23:08:46 UTC

fucking lol

2017-08-13 23:08:51 UTC

>inversion of anti-racist action

2017-08-13 23:08:58 UTC

Ok just talked to Pepe

2017-08-13 23:09:26 UTC

And I have a sterling case against <18yo

2017-08-13 23:09:33 UTC

@Verm Seems reasonable

2017-08-13 23:09:34 UTC

hey anime girls can be hot ahem, i didnt say that

2017-08-13 23:09:46 UTC

@MarsDraco GET OUT NOW.

2017-08-13 23:09:49 UTC


2017-08-13 23:09:50 UTC

Brownshirts didn't hide their faces

2017-08-13 23:09:56 UTC

Why should we on a webcam?

2017-08-13 23:10:02 UTC

because it's online

2017-08-13 23:10:16 UTC

Your face would be leaked either way my dide

2017-08-13 23:10:27 UTC


2017-08-13 23:11:04 UTC

how so?

2017-08-13 23:11:15 UTC

You saw what happened in Cville

2017-08-13 23:11:16 UTC

@Verm Ban this degenerate before he causes another iamawesom incident.

2017-08-13 23:11:37 UTC

Their faces got out for showing up

2017-08-13 23:11:47 UTC

but i'm not gonna show up. i'm an europoor

2017-08-13 23:12:02 UTC

That does not mean you cannot do things in europe.

2017-08-13 23:12:03 UTC

i'm mainly here to keep myself informed of current political happenings

2017-08-13 23:12:04 UTC

show up where? i think i lost track of conversation

2017-08-13 23:12:06 UTC

@Dangerlurking Hold up, while I grab my awoo waifu to protect me from your bullying.

2017-08-13 23:12:10 UTC

Oh, hm, take it with the ones running things

2017-08-13 23:12:18 UTC

Not sure what to do in your case

2017-08-13 23:12:30 UTC

I don't live for politics, it's just a part of being a functioning human being in my case

2017-08-13 23:12:34 UTC

im from cuckanada so i wont be showing up anywhere

2017-08-13 23:13:03 UTC

then there isn't much point for you being here @MarsDraco

2017-08-13 23:13:15 UTC

the whole point of the server is to be an activist

2017-08-13 23:13:16 UTC

ah fuck

2017-08-13 23:13:24 UTC

I want to organize where I'm ar

2017-08-13 23:13:29 UTC


2017-08-13 23:13:36 UTC

But there's no social threat as of yet

2017-08-13 23:13:41 UTC

We are branching out outside of the US.

2017-08-13 23:13:44 UTC

so this is not for political discussion?

2017-08-13 23:13:50 UTC

Not particularly

2017-08-13 23:13:54 UTC

Not primarily, no.

2017-08-13 23:14:10 UTC

Although discussion happens it's primarily to organize activism

2017-08-13 23:14:15 UTC

But I'm looking to get as many NatSocs and Fashies together as possible

2017-08-13 23:14:17 UTC

so it is only for orginizing events?

2017-08-13 23:14:29 UTC

@MarsDraco @MerchantHunter there's quite a few other servers that can provide political discussion

2017-08-13 23:14:41 UTC

all the ones i've been to were pure cancer

2017-08-13 23:14:50 UTC

and organization of those interests

2017-08-13 23:15:04 UTC

There's plenty of political discussion that happens in here, however that's secondary to our purpose.

2017-08-13 23:15:13 UTC

Still interested here

2017-08-13 23:15:27 UTC

ok but if i do get removed from this server save all the political conversations for the other servers i do not want to miss out on anything

2017-08-13 23:15:49 UTC

Besides, I'm likely going back to the US

2017-08-13 23:16:06 UTC

im thinking of moving to the US canada is fucking aweful

2017-08-13 23:16:17 UTC

Do it

2017-08-13 23:16:33 UTC

Better there than Canada

2017-08-13 23:17:28 UTC

@MarsDraco FUCK OFF

2017-08-13 23:17:39 UTC

so Politigram is the only political server i am in btw

2017-08-13 23:17:45 UTC

wtf is his problem?

2017-08-13 23:18:14 UTC

We are full, we don't need you canadacucks coming over here.

2017-08-13 23:18:18 UTC

Anticom leafs are okay

2017-08-13 23:18:26 UTC

what america is full?

2017-08-13 23:18:31 UTC

"Fuck off we're full"
what are you, aussies?

2017-08-13 23:18:44 UTC

ok fine have fun with your liberals and do not let any allies into your country great idea

2017-08-13 23:19:05 UTC

Pls remember he is a @betaneetcuck

2017-08-13 23:19:08 UTC

why bring in reinforcements? when you can let libtards fuck you over instead?

2017-08-13 23:19:38 UTC


2017-08-13 23:19:50 UTC

top kek

2017-08-13 23:19:58 UTC

Obvious shilly dilly.

2017-08-13 23:20:08 UTC

that, or pure autism

2017-08-13 23:20:17 UTC

Redguard, I'll be attending the staff meeting

2017-08-13 23:20:20 UTC

I'd rather a Canacuck than another Spic in the US

2017-08-13 23:20:26 UTC

maybe ill stay in canada and get thrown in jail for using the wrong fucking pronouns

2017-08-13 23:20:41 UTC

@Skrrt You got permission from Pepe?

2017-08-13 23:20:49 UTC

draco, you're getting a bit triggered there

2017-08-13 23:20:53 UTC

calm down lad

2017-08-13 23:21:05 UTC

nah he is the triggered one talking in all caps

2017-08-13 23:21:12 UTC

Just use the Chinese pronunciation for xi and tell them you're transgook

2017-08-13 23:21:18 UTC

Yeah, I text pepe

2017-08-13 23:21:31 UTC


2017-08-13 23:21:55 UTC

I still remember when we were having our first meeting and it was a big deal.

2017-08-13 23:22:14 UTC

And you still haven't contributed?

2017-08-13 23:22:24 UTC

Go post fliers you fucking nigger

2017-08-13 23:22:36 UTC

dangerlurking has been here since I have tbf

2017-08-13 23:22:47 UTC


2017-08-13 23:22:59 UTC

just go post some fliers

2017-08-13 23:23:04 UTC

What hasn't he done to get that role removed?

2017-08-13 23:23:16 UTC

Attend a meeting, post propaganda

2017-08-13 23:23:26 UTC

I vaguely remember him posting stickers

2017-08-13 23:23:40 UTC

He ought to have taken pictures, then

2017-08-13 23:23:46 UTC

You what?

2017-08-13 23:23:51 UTC

that was before we did the whole "beta neet cuck" role

2017-08-13 23:23:53 UTC

I will send you stickers, Danger

2017-08-13 23:24:04 UTC

Gabe I think your memory is failing you.

2017-08-13 23:24:18 UTC

you haven't then?

2017-08-13 23:24:21 UTC

oh yeah what is that role anyways?

2017-08-13 23:24:23 UTC


2017-08-13 23:24:30 UTC

why not brother?

2017-08-13 23:24:35 UTC

It's for people who haven't done anything for Anticom yet

2017-08-13 23:24:41 UTC


2017-08-13 23:24:41 UTC

@Noogai13 Basicially you cannot access a meme channel, and that is about it.

2017-08-13 23:25:11 UTC

The <@&335624557023068160> role is there to keep track of people who do or don't do activism for anticom.

2017-08-13 23:25:33 UTC


2017-08-13 23:25:33 UTC


2017-08-13 23:25:35 UTC

oh, sounds perfect for me :^)
>doesn't do activism
>shitposts a lot

2017-08-13 23:26:01 UTC

You sound like just the kind of person we don't need more of in here.

2017-08-13 23:26:10 UTC

glad we got that out of the way

2017-08-13 23:26:20 UTC

Muds criticizing expansion?????

2017-08-13 23:26:21 UTC

purge when? :^)

2017-08-13 23:26:21 UTC

Fuck kebab

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