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2017-07-24 13:30:26 UTC

Ik haha

2017-07-24 13:30:52 UTC

@everyone I've got a question for everybody. How in the fuck can a person afford a sex change? The cost has got to be similar to a house mortgage. And most transfags are prostitutes and commit suicide. So this particular demographic is naturally poor. Do they threaten to sue the hospitals for discrimination if they refuse to operate? Is it Obamacare that pays for this? Are transfags making us pay for their surgery? Are they walking away from their hospital bills? Are they bankrupting hospitals through lawsuits and unpaid bills? Are these fags responsible for rising insurance costs?

2017-07-24 13:31:31 UTC

@Manimalia leeching off of the kike government

2017-07-24 13:31:37 UTC

its the grand scheme

2017-07-24 13:32:08 UTC

They are leeches

2017-07-24 13:32:36 UTC

Two sides of the shekel

2017-07-24 13:32:42 UTC

no way to halt it

2017-07-24 13:33:17 UTC

its amazing what a jew can get away with...

2017-07-24 13:33:38 UTC

I read a case of an inmate getting a sex change and trying to get the state gov't to pay for it. I think it was in Mass or Conn. It was a huge deal for a week or something

2017-07-24 13:33:56 UTC

@Dilly tag the <@&278459485687644161> to get vetted

2017-07-24 13:34:01 UTC

He was in for murder I think

2017-07-24 13:35:30 UTC

Capitalists are just as bad as Communists

2017-07-24 13:36:38 UTC

Wow how woke

2017-07-24 13:36:52 UTC


2017-07-24 13:36:59 UTC

If you're going to be that woke here I think we might all die from overexposure

2017-07-24 13:37:21 UTC

Also read the rules:

5) Do not openly hate on other right wing ideologies, you may disagree on some points but dont start saying things like "fuck [right wing ideology]"

2017-07-24 13:37:49 UTC

stop quoting that you fag

2017-07-24 13:37:53 UTC

I know how to read

2017-07-24 13:38:02 UTC

Inmates could do massive damage to the system if they were allowed to get an expensive, unnecesary surgery that they cant possibly pay for themselves.

2017-07-24 13:38:06 UTC

Don't call me a fag you cunt

2017-07-24 13:38:08 UTC


2017-07-24 13:38:11 UTC

Read the rules and follow them or fuck off

2017-07-24 13:38:13 UTC

Shitting on capitalism isn't punching right tho

2017-07-24 13:38:16 UTC


2017-07-24 13:38:23 UTC

Unless you are by chance, a kike

2017-07-24 13:38:31 UTC

5) Do not openly hate on other right wing ideologies, you may disagree on some points but dont start saying things like "fuck [right wing ideology]"

2017-07-24 13:38:31 UTC


2017-07-24 13:38:39 UTC

Is capitalism right wing?

2017-07-24 13:38:40 UTC

lmao this faggot

2017-07-24 13:38:49 UTC

lmao this <@&284498674887688192> <@&277856240418160640>

2017-07-24 13:38:55 UTC

good goyim

2017-07-24 13:39:10 UTC

Anmoanach is right.

2017-07-24 13:39:18 UTC

>he thinks irl stands for israel

2017-07-24 13:39:25 UTC

>le maymay greentext

2017-07-24 13:39:29 UTC

nice one

2017-07-24 13:39:36 UTC

you sure SHOWED ME

2017-07-24 13:39:48 UTC

Christ you're obnoxious

2017-07-24 13:39:57 UTC

pray to yahweh boyo

2017-07-24 13:40:04 UTC

We're really scraping the bottom of the barrel for new recruits aren't we

2017-07-24 13:40:06 UTC


2017-07-24 13:40:12 UTC


2017-07-24 13:41:19 UTC

You must be new if you're still here since you're not following the rules

2017-07-24 13:41:23 UTC

yeah goy I joined last week

2017-07-24 13:41:28 UTC


2017-07-24 13:41:28 UTC

That's new

2017-07-24 13:41:32 UTC

It's sarcasm

2017-07-24 13:41:37 UTC


2017-07-24 13:41:45 UTC

We can't all be under British control fam. Tbh leaving it was a bad idea. Maybe learn from our mistakes.

2017-07-24 13:41:59 UTC

Isn't there a rule against promoting faggotry

2017-07-24 13:42:06 UTC


2017-07-24 13:42:07 UTC

So why can we be pro capitalism

2017-07-24 13:42:12 UTC

@Runes How old are you? We have a youth discord?

2017-07-24 13:42:22 UTC

@Manimalia I'm 23 dad

2017-07-24 13:42:26 UTC

please dont beat me

2017-07-24 13:42:39 UTC

@Manimalia how old are YOU ass licker

2017-07-24 13:43:26 UTC

We've reached peak anticom

2017-07-24 13:43:48 UTC

Old enough to be your dad.

2017-07-24 13:44:39 UTC

>no age posted

2017-07-24 13:44:48 UTC

>I'm just old enough to be your dad

2017-07-24 13:44:51 UTC


2017-07-24 13:45:07 UTC

I thought le maymay greentext was for faggots

2017-07-24 13:45:11 UTC

it's a joke

2017-07-24 13:45:13 UTC

not a dick

2017-07-24 13:45:19 UTC

don't take it so hard

2017-07-24 13:46:50 UTC

go past go and collect your goy shekels!

2017-07-24 13:50:59 UTC


2017-07-24 13:51:08 UTC


2017-07-24 14:07:19 UTC

I don't know how to respond

2017-07-24 14:08:48 UTC

I think I just gained extra chromosomes just by seeing that

2017-07-24 14:27:30 UTC

@Runes we can argue in debate voice chat about economics and the effects of economical policies from all the ideologies of the spectrum.
***Will be a pleasure***

2017-07-24 14:29:33 UTC

Is Total War:Warhammer II out already?

2017-07-24 14:45:35 UTC

Irish need not apply

2017-07-24 15:34:12 UTC

good book

2017-07-24 16:27:42 UTC

@Grim - CA his insta is deplorableaaron

2017-07-24 16:29:16 UTC

Ya thats who I thought you were talking about, I saw the 4chan thread

2017-07-24 16:29:21 UTC

Dudes a fag btw

2017-07-24 16:29:30 UTC

Like literally homo

2017-07-24 16:30:35 UTC
2017-07-24 17:37:52 UTC

anyone want to join my graverobbing gang i wanna dig up karl marx and sell his remains on the internet britbongs only

2017-07-24 17:43:01 UTC

Me and @Ulstèr-Scotch c 2074


2017-07-24 18:33:57 UTC
2017-07-24 19:50:41 UTC

***s l a v e***

2017-07-24 19:50:55 UTC

***w a v e***

2017-07-24 20:44:19 UTC

That title

2017-07-24 20:44:20 UTC


2017-07-24 20:51:10 UTC

"God damn, I would eat twinkies out of your as-". "MURDOCH!"

2017-07-24 21:20:44 UTC

Y aren't any rich ni🅱️🅱️as investing in Jamaica

2017-07-24 21:20:57 UTC

It's the Cuba of weed

2017-07-24 21:21:11 UTC

Has hdi of 0.7 something

2017-07-24 21:21:21 UTC

And a populace hungry for jobs

2017-07-24 21:21:35 UTC


2017-07-24 21:22:06 UTC


Done fucking ping me


<:hyperREE:328311888314368011> <:hyperREE:328311888314368011> <:hyperREE:328311888314368011> <:hyperREE:328311888314368011> <:hyperREE:328311888314368011> <:hyperREE:328311888314368011> <:hyperREE:328311888314368011> <:hyperREE:328311888314368011> <:hyperREE:328311888314368011>

2017-07-24 21:23:05 UTC

What a garbage post

2017-07-24 21:23:08 UTC

@Thunderwave are the yardies as bad as American ni🅱️🅱️as or nah

2017-07-24 21:23:22 UTC

In bongistan

No not really

2017-07-24 21:24:00 UTC

Somalis replaced the yardis from what I heard


2017-07-24 21:26:56 UTC


2017-07-24 21:27:04 UTC


2017-07-24 22:15:55 UTC

@Inquisitor of this Flavortown they werent when they 1st came here they were god fearin hard working and loved the empire and the queen etc then they got jewed into becoming more like american niggers

2017-07-24 22:59:21 UTC

Hi I believe I need to be vetted?

2017-07-24 23:00:16 UTC


2017-07-24 23:15:01 UTC

Also I won't have a mic until at least tomorrow will that be a problem?

2017-07-24 23:27:16 UTC

Youll need a mic, m8

2017-07-24 23:28:21 UTC

Just wanted to know if the delay will be a problem

2017-07-24 23:29:15 UTC

It wont be, but get vetted when you can

2017-07-24 23:36:59 UTC

OK thanks, I know @Fox Tx and @Thunderwave from other servers and places

2017-07-24 23:37:24 UTC


2017-07-24 23:37:41 UTC

You need mic annoy

2017-07-24 23:37:52 UTC

I know

2017-07-24 23:37:57 UTC

I'll have one tomorrow

2017-07-24 23:50:12 UTC

@everyone If you need to be vetted (And have a working mic), hop in the get vetted chat and I or another <@&278459485687644161>
will be with you shortly

2017-07-24 23:52:06 UTC

i said the Get vetted chat

2017-07-25 00:08:14 UTC


2017-07-25 01:18:51 UTC

What do you think. Is this bullshit

2017-07-25 01:18:56 UTC

nationalism is political patriotism

2017-07-25 01:19:05 UTC

Both should exist

2017-07-25 01:19:22 UTC

Everyone needs to be patriotic but not everyone needs to be a nationalist

2017-07-25 01:19:44 UTC

You can have too much nationalism, but never too much patriotism

2017-07-25 01:45:33 UTC

@BigPhil what about the Jamaican division of the EDL

2017-07-25 02:39:48 UTC

>falling for the french communist meme of "nationalist is not patriotism!!"

2017-07-25 02:52:52 UTC

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hUOUNZrbBg looks at the comments just pure kino cancer

2017-07-25 02:53:18 UTC
2017-07-25 03:47:56 UTC


2017-07-25 04:15:21 UTC

@everyone if you're not in vetted Charlie Garda parents have given on up the case. He is being taken off life support

2017-07-25 04:39:54 UTC

If anyone needs vetting pm me

2017-07-25 04:40:04 UTC

ill be on for another 15 minutes

2017-07-25 04:50:59 UTC

fucking kek look at this dumpster fire of a raid they cant even subvert r9k anymore http://boards.4chan.org/r9k/thread/38604815

2017-07-25 04:53:47 UTC

@Ḁ̢̧̡̝̭̀̓̇̈̑yeExEye I'm on lTe and it blocks 4chan. What happened

2017-07-25 05:54:13 UTC

Wow this is

2017-07-25 05:54:15 UTC


2017-07-25 05:54:27 UTC

Like a special brand of shortsightedness

2017-07-25 05:56:09 UTC

Who is this cunt and why does she get to have opinions

2017-07-25 06:07:04 UTC

>100% inheritance tax
>entire point of becoming rich now invalidated
>all industry dies

2017-07-25 06:07:06 UTC

@NutterButter This cannot be real.

2017-07-25 06:07:07 UTC

Good work

2017-07-25 06:51:09 UTC

@GoGo You forgot that this is the current year

2017-07-25 06:51:27 UTC

the point of amassing wealth is not to provide for your family, it's to fuel your rampant hedonism

2017-07-25 06:58:13 UTC

Hello everyone. Forgot to introduce myself earlier. I'm new to this server and thank you all for allowing me to join the AntiCom community! I plan on purchasing stickers soon to hit up my college campus and town in general to spread the message of our movement!

2017-07-25 07:57:03 UTC

thank you for purchasing my merchandise

2017-07-25 11:42:28 UTC

chris cantwell's evil grin https://youtu.be/edwNpYmgrvE?t=9m40s

2017-07-25 12:31:36 UTC

Destroy the communists with me

2017-07-25 12:31:56 UTC

>dfw banneb frob gommunism serber <:benis:292376215443079168>

2017-07-25 12:32:37 UTC


Is it expired or iam i banned i can't tell these days

2017-07-25 12:56:42 UTC

you are banned

2017-07-25 14:38:45 UTC

We need to overcome the convention of passing on our accumulated wealth, says Abi Wilkinson

2017-07-25 14:38:55 UTC

^ Is this bitch high?

2017-07-25 14:39:10 UTC

She's basically saying we need to overcome private property -.-

2017-07-25 14:39:19 UTC

Thats their dream isn't it.

2017-07-25 14:39:23 UTC

It is !

2017-07-25 14:40:04 UTC

Well, guess she has no arguments against rape, cause we really need to overcome the convention of consent

2017-07-25 14:40:36 UTC

all sex with white males is rape regardless goy

2017-07-25 14:40:39 UTC

don't you know

2017-07-25 14:40:47 UTC


2017-07-25 14:45:19 UTC


2017-07-25 15:15:25 UTC

@Ulysses I need vetting

2017-07-25 15:15:31 UTC

I'm on a recruitment drive

2017-07-25 15:16:34 UTC

nigga wut

2017-07-25 15:16:39 UTC

You're vetted.

2017-07-25 15:17:42 UTC


2017-07-25 15:17:48 UTC
2017-07-25 15:24:19 UTC

@Ulysses Today perhaps?

2017-07-25 15:29:50 UTC

It will take awhile to get that many people vetted. Possibly several weeks.

2017-07-25 15:34:23 UTC

Well better start tonight

2017-07-25 15:34:29 UTC


2017-07-25 15:53:22 UTC

me irl


2017-07-25 17:55:32 UTC

@Grim - CA is a faggot

2017-07-25 17:55:32 UTC


2017-07-25 19:00:45 UTC

John McCain just entered the floor https://livestream.com/fednet/senate

2017-07-25 20:22:05 UTC

If you give a Muslim a cookie, he'll complain that it isn't halal and demand that you provide one that is.
If you give a Muslim a Halal cookie, he'll demand that you give him a job so he can buy his own cookies.
If you give a Muslim a job, he'll demand you give him time out to pray.
If you give a Muslim time out to pray, he'll demand that you respect his prophet.
If you show respect for his prophet, a Muslim will demand that you stop singing your National Anthem.
If you stop singing your National Anthem, a Muslim will demand that you elect him to parliament.
If you elect a Muslim to parliament, he'll demand that we change our constitution, so we are no longer allowed to speak freely or defend ourselves or worship the god of our choice (or not any god at all).
If we change the constitution to what a Muslim demands, he will demand that Sharia Law be followed by everyone in the land.
If Sharia is followed by everyone in the land, then Muslims will be permitted by law to execute anyone who disagrees with them or does not dress like them or does not worship Allah.

Do not appease Muslims.

2017-07-25 20:45:35 UTC


2017-07-25 20:45:36 UTC

So I had this guy at work, he was a massive shit talker. little taller then me, way heaver and he thought fat=muscle mass. Well his GF dumped him so suddently he wants to get in shape. Now he had swore up and down he was stronger then me, and he would kick my ass, so he came to the gym with me and my gym buddy. He puts a 25 on each side of the bar and does it 10 times, the 9th time he is struggling on his first set. I couldn't stop laughing at him afterwards so he gets all huffy and says "YOU DO IT" so I say "lode that mother fucker up to 225" so my gym friend loads it up, and I bust it out 10 times easy. suddenly that fuckers perception is changed. His concept of strong was all wrong, his concept of ready was all wrong.

2017-07-25 21:13:47 UTC

A good speech by the president of Ireland's National Party

2017-07-25 21:28:54 UTC

why is @Chapelo in here

2017-07-25 21:29:04 UTC


2017-07-25 21:29:09 UTC
2017-07-25 21:29:16 UTC

I've been here since Jan or Feb

2017-07-25 21:29:20 UTC

lul fag

2017-07-25 21:29:21 UTC


2017-07-25 21:29:32 UTC


2017-07-25 21:29:40 UTC


2017-07-25 21:30:01 UTC

why did you leave OH?

2017-07-25 21:31:27 UTC

I was procrastinating on it too much

2017-07-25 21:31:30 UTC

I'll be back

2017-07-25 21:31:45 UTC


2017-07-25 22:18:33 UTC


2017-07-25 22:19:58 UTC


2017-07-25 22:34:11 UTC


2017-07-25 22:35:00 UTC

Holy shit lmao

2017-07-25 22:50:46 UTC

how is that a question

2017-07-25 22:54:49 UTC


2017-07-25 22:54:57 UTC


2017-07-25 22:55:04 UTC

Save the screen cap

2017-07-25 23:02:36 UTC

Daily reminder that if you call yourself altright but support Palestine you're a hypocrite

2017-07-25 23:02:47 UTC

I'm not asking u to support Israel

2017-07-25 23:03:08 UTC

I'm simply telling u not to feel sympathy for mudslimes

2017-07-25 23:21:13 UTC

Juden are even lower than mudslimes tbqh but yes they're both shit

2017-07-25 23:25:41 UTC

Picking a side is the dumbest meme

2017-07-25 23:51:25 UTC


2017-07-25 23:53:15 UTC


2017-07-25 23:57:17 UTC

No muzzies are lower than kikes

2017-07-25 23:58:01 UTC

Are we with identity evorpa

2017-07-25 23:59:34 UTC


2017-07-25 23:59:53 UTC


2017-07-26 00:00:11 UTC

It has been a while but I am backon my feet

2017-07-26 00:00:29 UTC


2017-07-26 00:01:45 UTC

So in my brief brush with poverty what has happened since?

2017-07-26 00:04:48 UTC

@JKEMI lol no

2017-07-26 00:05:23 UTC

I'll take Assad over Shecklebergstein any day

2017-07-26 00:06:07 UTC

Fuck them all though, they're all animals

2017-07-26 00:07:26 UTC

Question: does AntiCom regularly do events and such?

2017-07-26 00:15:57 UTC

Yeah, we are even going to the Unite The Right thing

2017-07-26 00:16:05 UTC

We are one of the bigger parties involved

2017-07-26 00:16:29 UTC

Also I have family in Hillsborough. neat

2017-07-26 00:22:59 UTC

Muzzies are the lowest of the low

2017-07-26 00:23:19 UTC

Unlike with Muslims, not all Jews is a coeeect statement

2017-07-26 00:23:38 UTC

It's always the rich and media jews who try to sabotage societies

2017-07-26 00:23:54 UTC

The standard Israeli knows nothing of these conspiracies

2017-07-26 00:25:17 UTC


2017-07-26 02:15:46 UTC

I like white people

2017-07-26 02:17:11 UTC

is this a cool way to say "goodnight"

2017-07-26 02:25:58 UTC

holy fuck

2017-07-26 02:26:16 UTC

@Graham been happening all day man

2017-07-26 02:26:25 UTC


2017-07-26 02:26:31 UTC

just got online tbh

2017-07-26 02:27:21 UTC

When will we wake up from this corrupt two party system nightmare

2017-07-26 02:27:24 UTC

Jesus Christ

2017-07-26 02:28:09 UTC

RAM seems bad ass. They could be our allies.

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