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2017-02-06 06:35:29 UTC
2017-02-06 06:35:33 UTC

think about the image antifa has with their all black garb, we need to have a similar, but converse image

2017-02-06 06:35:36 UTC

Would go for OD

2017-02-06 06:35:50 UTC

We should all wear white

2017-02-06 06:36:00 UTC

Imagine that in the mind of a normie

2017-02-06 06:36:06 UTC


2017-02-06 06:36:06 UTC

no I was just laughing at how militaristic any sort of surplus gear makes us, I mean I'm not fussed either way

2017-02-06 06:36:08 UTC


2017-02-06 06:36:11 UTC

[KKK reference]

2017-02-06 06:36:11 UTC


2017-02-06 06:36:12 UTC


2017-02-06 06:36:13 UTC


2017-02-06 06:36:16 UTC

I brought up the all white in <#276947143540080641>

2017-02-06 06:36:30 UTC

Yeah actually I could see us being called KKK cause of white

2017-02-06 06:36:30 UTC

Burnside- MI - Today at 1:36 AM
[KKK reference]

2017-02-06 06:36:36 UTC

We should wear white and show up to PROTECT PEOPLE 1st and foremost

2017-02-06 06:36:38 UTC

We could even set up around a business that we talk to in advance in order to defend. Good PR, plus they'll love us if their store doesn't get smashed up

2017-02-06 06:36:46 UTC

jeans and white jacket? so not ALL white

2017-02-06 06:36:59 UTC

I'd be down with a gray/white attire

2017-02-06 06:37:01 UTC

Yea white shirts and jackets not all white

2017-02-06 06:37:04 UTC

wait to offer protection until after we demonstrate we can

2017-02-06 06:37:05 UTC

Calexit cannot be allowed to leave

2017-02-06 06:37:09 UTC

should we just dress close to how nordfront dresses?

2017-02-06 06:37:10 UTC

Not one piece

2017-02-06 06:37:12 UTC

local teams will need to train

2017-02-06 06:37:21 UTC

Good point

2017-02-06 06:37:23 UTC

the white button ups with slacks?

2017-02-06 06:37:40 UTC

gabe was right about that, it'll take the better part of a year before any group is ready to go all the way at a protest

2017-02-06 06:37:45 UTC

We should dress respectfully but still casual enough to fight in if need be

2017-02-06 06:38:02 UTC

we could also use arm bands to identify eachother, but those might scare off normies

2017-02-06 06:38:06 UTC

Calexit will never happen. Us N.CA rednecks will take our half of the state and 98% of the water and mineral rights and kick S.CA in to the ocean

2017-02-06 06:38:10 UTC

documentation and service activities will be all we will want to limit ourselves to until we are confident in our training

2017-02-06 06:38:14 UTC

No armbands

2017-02-06 06:38:15 UTC

what about yellow armbands? theyre white and have our colors

2017-02-06 06:38:20 UTC

just solid color

2017-02-06 06:38:24 UTC

what about HEADBANDS!

2017-02-06 06:38:27 UTC

no armbands

2017-02-06 06:38:28 UTC

Would don a yellow armband

2017-02-06 06:38:32 UTC


2017-02-06 06:38:36 UTC

or better yet, native american headresses!

2017-02-06 06:38:38 UTC

yellow beanies? easily recognizable in the dark

2017-02-06 06:38:44 UTC

maga speedos

2017-02-06 06:38:47 UTC

I think we can decide at the local level about clothing

2017-02-06 06:38:47 UTC

If we are organized by local groups that meet monthly then we shouldn't really need to worry of iding one another

2017-02-06 06:38:47 UTC

how about yellow shields, tho?

2017-02-06 06:38:51 UTC


2017-02-06 06:39:01 UTC

Where do you get yellow shields?

2017-02-06 06:39:07 UTC

you paint them

2017-02-06 06:39:07 UTC

You make them

2017-02-06 06:39:11 UTC

riot shields come blank

2017-02-06 06:39:18 UTC

whoever is behind the shields = good

2017-02-06 06:39:32 UTC

I could actually see yellow shields working out even though they are mil-sim tier

2017-02-06 06:39:39 UTC

I think shields will be super handy when shit starts getting hairy

2017-02-06 06:39:47 UTC

Shields are defensive, first and foremost

2017-02-06 06:39:54 UTC

I think shields are the best thing we could do in a physical confrontation situation.

2017-02-06 06:39:56 UTC

We should avoid looking too militant in the eyes of the normie

2017-02-06 06:39:56 UTC

They are emblematic of defense

2017-02-06 06:39:59 UTC

shields are pretty much perfect if all you want to do is protect a doorway from a crowd

2017-02-06 06:39:59 UTC

^^ yes

2017-02-06 06:40:04 UTC

Our logo is literally a shield. Could help for PR.

2017-02-06 06:40:30 UTC

They're also good for the occasional face bashing, no?

2017-02-06 06:40:33 UTC

Simple shields like the ones used in Ukraine wouldn't be a bad idea

2017-02-06 06:40:37 UTC

I like the shield logo because it's simple, indicates defense, and is easy to stencil. Plus, it'll end discussion of the fucking logo

2017-02-06 06:40:40 UTC

idk if we shoudl use yellow im gonna get tired of the piss jokes quickly

2017-02-06 06:40:43 UTC


2017-02-06 06:40:53 UTC

The public logo is the crossed out hammer and sickle

2017-02-06 06:41:18 UTC

Crossed out hammer and sickle is a generic symbol we could use. It's hardly something to use as an actual organization logo though

2017-02-06 06:41:23 UTC

I'm afraid we're sticking with what we have on the twitter.

2017-02-06 06:41:32 UTC

Literally nobody will take us seriously if you want me to be honest

2017-02-06 06:41:50 UTC

As much as I disagree, but feel free to add the basic anti-cimmunist symbol to banners and all that.

2017-02-06 06:42:06 UTC

Burnside- MI - Today at 1:38 AM
documentation and service activities will be all we will want to limit ourselves to until we are confident in our training

2017-02-06 06:42:11 UTC

What we have is fine, it just needs to be polished up

2017-02-06 06:42:12 UTC

The media would have a field day with us

2017-02-06 06:42:16 UTC

We're like ISIS, nobody takes us serious.

2017-02-06 06:42:24 UTC

I'm all for the anti-communist crossed out hammer and sickle, but I don't know if it would really be a serious thing for an organization.

2017-02-06 06:42:27 UTC

Crossed out hammer + sickle just reminds people of hammer and sickle imo

2017-02-06 06:42:42 UTC

Same way "love trumps hate" makes people think of Trump first and foremost

2017-02-06 06:42:53 UTC


2017-02-06 06:42:58 UTC

Shields promotes the defense narrative as well

2017-02-06 06:42:58 UTC

we were barely made like a week ago or maybe less

2017-02-06 06:43:05 UTC

Speaking of twitter by the way what about the pictures, tweets, and everything on there? It doesnt seem to be updated

2017-02-06 06:43:13 UTC

Yeah, and shields aren't illegal

2017-02-06 06:43:16 UTC

i ignored the first thread cause i didnt expect it to go anywhere

2017-02-06 06:43:25 UTC

our arrows will block out the sun

2017-02-06 06:43:56 UTC

Btw we should try getting normie E celebs like Sargon to spread awareness of us.

2017-02-06 06:43:58 UTC

I'm getting a VPS soon as part of my new job

2017-02-06 06:44:08 UTC

Cernovich might be willing to

2017-02-06 06:44:12 UTC

Lauren Southern pretty much made a video on this exact topic

2017-02-06 06:44:13 UTC

Thing with shields is we're going to need to get trained for that shit.

2017-02-06 06:44:17 UTC

I could create a site for Anticom news and points of interest

2017-02-06 06:44:18 UTC

she'll give us promotion

2017-02-06 06:44:33 UTC

Dont we already have a site for anticom

2017-02-06 06:44:44 UTC

Oh, shit, we may

2017-02-06 06:44:48 UTC

MSM would be more likely to approach people with shields defending against antifa and that would be an opportunity to deliver a message of community protection

2017-02-06 06:44:50 UTC


2017-02-06 06:44:51 UTC

Richard SPencer also advocated for alt-right security basically

2017-02-06 06:44:52 UTC

Did anticoms tweet to sargonofakkad work?

2017-02-06 06:44:56 UTC

Someone's working on it aren't they?

2017-02-06 06:45:03 UTC

We're working on it.

2017-02-06 06:45:04 UTC

Apparently that TX guy is

2017-02-06 06:45:55 UTC

@Anticom LR#9355 aren't you basically the de facto facilitator/organizer of this? Who is?

2017-02-06 06:46:34 UTC

Ok then he probably knows who is making it and is setting that stuff up.

2017-02-06 06:53:09 UTC


2017-02-06 06:53:10 UTC


2017-02-06 06:53:18 UTC

poster text

2017-02-06 06:53:20 UTC

Save your country's innocent people
from anarcho-communists & communists!

Protect your state's citizens and
help rebuild businesses from terrorism!

Begin serving your community in peace today!


Purely a peaceful organization, designed to
end violence by groups like Antifa, who have
spread domestic terrorism worldwide and have
brought down many local businesses.

We are made in the name of free speech and
the protection of innocent civillians.

Begin community service to those you love.

2017-02-06 06:53:23 UTC


2017-02-06 06:53:24 UTC


2017-02-06 06:53:35 UTC

obviously wouldn't be released until anticom is fully done

2017-02-06 06:53:41 UTC

the website I mean

2017-02-06 06:53:45 UTC

would switch to "anarchists and communists"

2017-02-06 06:53:48 UTC

Mind me propagandize that?

2017-02-06 06:53:50 UTC


2017-02-06 06:54:02 UTC

@Verm what, the text?

2017-02-06 06:54:14 UTC

i would say hold off until i've fully completed it

2017-02-06 06:54:21 UTC

normies don't know what to make of "anarcho-communists"

2017-02-06 06:54:26 UTC

@trngl wouldn't that decredit ancaps?

2017-02-06 06:54:29 UTC

yeah you're right

2017-02-06 06:54:29 UTC


2017-02-06 06:54:31 UTC

@Anticom LR "The dregs of society?"

2017-02-06 06:54:37 UTC

Talk more about how antifa shuts down free speech

2017-02-06 06:54:54 UTC

@MONARCH idk about that. anarchists and communists sounds more powerful

2017-02-06 06:55:14 UTC

Maybe "save your country from violent far-left thugs"

2017-02-06 06:55:16 UTC

call them left wing anarchists perhaps?

2017-02-06 06:55:30 UTC

call them degenerates

2017-02-06 06:55:31 UTC

I want to hopefully not say left-wing cause what about the democrats right kek

2017-02-06 06:55:31 UTC

Ancaps will deal with it. There are bigger fish to fry than correcting people's misconceptions about anarchism

2017-02-06 06:55:54 UTC

That song is fantastic

2017-02-06 06:55:55 UTC


2017-02-06 06:56:00 UTC

"Save your country from violent thugs"

2017-02-06 06:56:04 UTC

Don't alienate moderate left

2017-02-06 06:56:05 UTC


2017-02-06 06:56:09 UTC

the "fragrance of dark coffee"

2017-02-06 06:56:16 UTC

Violent thugs isn't bad

2017-02-06 06:56:18 UTC

violent thugs and communists

2017-02-06 06:56:21 UTC


2017-02-06 06:56:25 UTC

@OneLessRed - TN don't we want to mention anarchists + communists tho?

2017-02-06 06:56:26 UTC

Honestly, Anticom. What you have there is perfect really. Just change the first line to "SAVE YOUR COUNTRY FROM ANARCHY"

2017-02-06 06:56:34 UTC

Not necessarily

2017-02-06 06:56:42 UTC

You've got to catch the attention of the normies.

2017-02-06 06:56:59 UTC


2017-02-06 06:57:03 UTC

save your country from degeneration?

2017-02-06 06:57:24 UTC

"Stop violent thugs from hurting innocent people and shutting down free speech"

2017-02-06 06:57:26 UTC


2017-02-06 06:57:31 UTC

Use pictures of pretty girls who were attacked by antifa

2017-02-06 06:57:36 UTC
2017-02-06 06:57:39 UTC

Don't mention degeneracy

2017-02-06 06:57:40 UTC

And shovel guy.

2017-02-06 06:57:48 UTC

Normies don't understand that

2017-02-06 06:57:58 UTC

appeal to the "protect the eggs" instinct

2017-02-06 06:58:02 UTC

@OneLessRed - TN Would include this line, after anarchists + communists

2017-02-06 06:58:07 UTC


2017-02-06 06:58:21 UTC

i don't know if I want to go through the "thugs" route cause normie blacks think that targets them

2017-02-06 06:58:29 UTC

+1 on not mentioning degeneracy

2017-02-06 06:58:43 UTC

i think communists might be enough

2017-02-06 06:58:49 UTC

cause thats what they are

2017-02-06 06:58:52 UTC

Thugs is really the best word to describe them

2017-02-06 06:58:53 UTC

Oh shit, I forgot "thugs" was racially charged now

2017-02-06 06:59:00 UTC

Yeah ^

2017-02-06 06:59:01 UTC

communist thugs

2017-02-06 06:59:03 UTC

It's all so tiresome

2017-02-06 06:59:12 UTC

Any synonyms for thugs that isn't racially charged?

2017-02-06 06:59:19 UTC


2017-02-06 06:59:27 UTC

"Save your country from antifa scum"

2017-02-06 06:59:28 UTC

Not serious enough

2017-02-06 06:59:32 UTC

hooligans sounds pretty not serious yea

2017-02-06 06:59:33 UTC


2017-02-06 06:59:46 UTC

Hooligans are something you scream at to get off your lawn

2017-02-06 06:59:48 UTC


2017-02-06 06:59:57 UTC

"stop america from becoming brazil"

2017-02-06 06:59:58 UTC


2017-02-06 07:00:02 UTC
2017-02-06 07:00:06 UTC

"Save innocent people and freedom of speech from violent antifa scum"

2017-02-06 07:00:10 UTC


2017-02-06 07:00:18 UTC

No "scum"

2017-02-06 07:00:18 UTC


2017-02-06 07:00:28 UTC

Want to come off as more grounded, less hateful

2017-02-06 07:00:30 UTC

police arent even policing tonight

2017-02-06 07:00:31 UTC

"Save the innocent! Save Freedom of Speech! Stop hooliganism!"

2017-02-06 07:00:31 UTC

Save your country's innocent people
and free speech from communist terrorists!

2017-02-06 07:00:32 UTC


2017-02-06 07:00:33 UTC

Even if they are scum

2017-02-06 07:00:33 UTC


2017-02-06 07:00:38 UTC

Don't even acknowledge their name

2017-02-06 07:00:42 UTC

Just call them waht they are

2017-02-06 07:00:42 UTC

Yes terrorists would be good

2017-02-06 07:00:46 UTC

terrorists is good

2017-02-06 07:00:49 UTC

Terrorists is gold

2017-02-06 07:00:52 UTC

AntiFA = Anti First Ammendment

2017-02-06 07:00:53 UTC

get the ol juices flowin

2017-02-06 07:01:00 UTC

then info how to join

2017-02-06 07:01:13 UTC

"Save your country from antifa terrorism"

2017-02-06 07:01:17 UTC

AntiFa Hate Freedom

2017-02-06 07:01:25 UTC

@DuxImperius Excellent choice with that backronym

2017-02-06 07:01:28 UTC

@Wrathsalts this, youre being too specific

2017-02-06 07:01:29 UTC

Antifa death squads

2017-02-06 07:01:31 UTC


2017-02-06 07:01:37 UTC

I like the antifa=Anti first amendment

2017-02-06 07:01:45 UTC

I saw that somehered

2017-02-06 07:01:49 UTC


2017-02-06 07:01:53 UTC

not gonna take credit for that

2017-02-06 07:02:00 UTC

I can't just literally stick "Antifa = anti first amendment" in there, it has to sound good

2017-02-06 07:02:06 UTC


2017-02-06 07:02:15 UTC


2017-02-06 07:02:17 UTC


2017-02-06 07:02:27 UTC

replace fascist with faggots

2017-02-06 07:02:28 UTC
2017-02-06 07:02:29 UTC

@Burnside fuckin nailed it

2017-02-06 07:02:30 UTC

your average white supremacist

2017-02-06 07:02:30 UTC


2017-02-06 07:02:45 UTC

I could try to tie Antifa in with being fascist, but with them calling us fascist all the time I'm pretty sure people would get confused

2017-02-06 07:02:50 UTC

we can't say faggots @Bluesy

2017-02-06 07:02:52 UTC

You could create many separate pieces of propaganda predicated on "antifa=anti first amendment"

2017-02-06 07:02:58 UTC


2017-02-06 07:03:06 UTC

Maybe, but I'm trying for an actual informational poster/flyer right now

2017-02-06 07:03:36 UTC


2017-02-06 07:03:41 UTC

Save your country's innocent people
and free speech from communist terrorists!

Protect your state's citizens and
help rebuild businesses from terrorism!

Begin serving your community in peace today!

Join now at anticom.us.

Purely a peaceful organization, designed to
end violence by groups like Antifa, who have
spread domestic terrorism worldwide and have
brought down many local businesses,

We are made in the name of free speech and
the protection of innocent civillians.

Begin community service to those you love.

2017-02-06 07:03:56 UTC

We should specifically put emphasis on being the counter to antifa

2017-02-06 07:04:00 UTC


2017-02-06 07:04:01 UTC


2017-02-06 07:04:02 UTC

shit might have forgotten to fix that

2017-02-06 07:04:14 UTC

I disagree about pointing out antifa in the poster

2017-02-06 07:04:21 UTC

@Anticom LR guys, who's our demographic here?

2017-02-06 07:04:27 UTC

@MONARCH Normies

2017-02-06 07:04:33 UTC

Too broad

2017-02-06 07:04:33 UTC

And hopefully, right-wingers and radicals

2017-02-06 07:04:37 UTC

a fucking white male

2017-02-06 07:04:39 UTC

@Anticom LR that's too broad

2017-02-06 07:04:42 UTC

@Burnside Use Faux instead of fascist to acoid confusion

2017-02-06 07:04:43 UTC

Young disaffected twenty-somethings

2017-02-06 07:04:44 UTC

The American people who see antifa and far left thugs beating people in the streets

2017-02-06 07:04:49 UTC


2017-02-06 07:04:59 UTC

@trngl This

2017-02-06 07:05:00 UTC

@Anticom LR so Make it suited towards them

2017-02-06 07:05:08 UTC

20-30 year olds, probably male, most likely right-wing

2017-02-06 07:05:11 UTC

@Bluesy missing an I

2017-02-06 07:05:32 UTC

the I and T are mixed up

2017-02-06 07:05:41 UTC


2017-02-06 07:05:58 UTC

land the plane, @Bluesy you're almost home

2017-02-06 07:05:59 UTC


2017-02-06 07:06:01 UTC

@Anticom LR don't forget females, we need to appeal to parents as an ok political group for their teens

2017-02-06 07:06:07 UTC

I - Ignorant

2017-02-06 07:06:34 UTC


2017-02-06 07:06:39 UTC


2017-02-06 07:06:45 UTC


2017-02-06 07:06:46 UTC

There you go

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