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2017-02-06 03:51:30 UTC

need to find and categorize state affiliations

2017-02-06 03:51:31 UTC

There aren't enough members to have local chapters yet

2017-02-06 03:51:52 UTC

ay guys

2017-02-06 03:51:58 UTC

We have states with about maybe 6-9 people average. There are no official organized formations of anticom yet.

2017-02-06 03:52:05 UTC


2017-02-06 03:52:08 UTC

then make some

2017-02-06 03:52:09 UTC

need some images that'll fit in a 1080p video

2017-02-06 03:52:13 UTC

We are, lol

2017-02-06 03:52:14 UTC

"then make some"

2017-02-06 03:52:15 UTC

If you guys want I can write down everyone who is in each state/chapter in notepad and PM the final list to the leaders of those chapters

2017-02-06 03:52:26 UTC

You want me to just appear some members?

2017-02-06 03:52:31 UTC


2017-02-06 03:52:33 UTC

a version of the Antifa flag that has ISIS writing on it

2017-02-06 03:52:35 UTC

Why do people think that a group that's existed a few days should already be fully fleshed out, sculpted, structured, and built

2017-02-06 03:52:37 UTC

Like lolwtf

2017-02-06 03:52:40 UTC

@Anticom LR def 1 unifying insignia srry bout not responding

2017-02-06 03:52:44 UTC

This sin't your world of warcraft guild

2017-02-06 03:52:45 UTC


2017-02-06 03:52:52 UTC
2017-02-06 03:53:00 UTC

http://www.strawpoll.me/12279845 Vote in this if you haven't already

2017-02-06 03:53:07 UTC

yeah that's definitely the isis logo you idiot fuck

2017-02-06 03:53:16 UTC


2017-02-06 03:53:18 UTC

@tinaVey consider suicide

2017-02-06 03:53:22 UTC

isis logo LMAO

2017-02-06 03:53:22 UTC


2017-02-06 03:53:32 UTC

DoctorPiss USA - Today at 10:52 PM
a version of the Antifa flag that has ISIS writing on it

2017-02-06 03:53:32 UTC

Yeah we should do the isis logo kek

2017-02-06 03:53:34 UTC

I ask for that

2017-02-06 03:53:36 UTC

and fuckface here

2017-02-06 03:53:41 UTC

gives me autistic screechflag

2017-02-06 03:53:46 UTC

lmao didnt see that

2017-02-06 03:53:53 UTC

That's not ISIS that's autistic screeching my dude

2017-02-06 03:53:53 UTC

forgive me reagancuck

2017-02-06 03:53:56 UTC

i havent spent the last 4 hours creating a custom aftereffects template

2017-02-06 03:54:01 UTC

that mimics the ISIS video templates

2017-02-06 03:54:02 UTC

Dog... chill@DoctorPiss

2017-02-06 03:54:04 UTC

Guys what states are you fuckers in, I'll write your discord usernames down in a notepad

2017-02-06 03:54:05 UTC

but with Antifa flags instead

2017-02-06 03:54:14 UTC

Also state if you are doing IRL shit or not

2017-02-06 03:54:17 UTC

@Jarimus nigger you don't know me, sit the fuck back down

2017-02-06 03:54:19 UTC

united stated of Florida

2017-02-06 03:54:27 UTC

@Jarimus you don't get to tell me to chill fuckboy

2017-02-06 03:54:37 UTC

@DoctorPiss I can get to know you better ๐Ÿ˜‰

2017-02-06 03:54:38 UTC


2017-02-06 03:54:40 UTC

If there is going to be a single international logo it shouldn't be that snake and shield we have now. It needs to be drawn better.

2017-02-06 03:54:41 UTC

go eat some bath salts and chew the face off a pit bull

2017-02-06 03:54:44 UTC

"autistic screetchflag" lmao

2017-02-06 03:54:56 UTC

ive been eating adderall

2017-02-06 03:54:58 UTC

and editing video

2017-02-06 03:54:59 UTC


2017-02-06 03:55:00 UTC

for 18 hours

2017-02-06 03:55:08 UTC

goddamn i am not taking shit

2017-02-06 03:55:09 UTC

I vote for using our normalfag logo

2017-02-06 03:55:11 UTC

It's simple

2017-02-06 03:55:15 UTC

It makes the idea clear

2017-02-06 03:55:20 UTC

anyone got a higher res version of that photo, caduceus?

2017-02-06 03:55:26 UTC

What is that again? @D3VNT

2017-02-06 03:55:26 UTC

Hammer and sickle with the crossed circle

2017-02-06 03:55:26 UTC

i hate when vids drop resulution hard

2017-02-06 03:55:33 UTC


2017-02-06 03:55:52 UTC

also im working on 3 videos at once because i'm not playing the "cram every idea into one video" game

2017-02-06 03:55:58 UTC


2017-02-06 03:56:12 UTC

so I'll get the supercut out the door first, then the ISIS mashup

2017-02-06 03:56:13 UTC

i loik dat

2017-02-06 03:56:24 UTC

then the MLG remix

2017-02-06 03:56:29 UTC


2017-02-06 03:56:46 UTC

the MLG remix is air horns and COD hitmarkers whenever ANTIFA gang up and hit an innocent person

2017-02-06 03:56:57 UTC

spoiler alert: theres lots of COD hitmarkers & airhorns

2017-02-06 03:57:05 UTC


2017-02-06 03:57:11 UTC


2017-02-06 03:57:15 UTC


2017-02-06 03:57:38 UTC

theyre ddosing the wiki again

2017-02-06 03:57:38 UTC


2017-02-06 03:57:43 UTC


2017-02-06 03:57:49 UTC

luckily i learned since gamergate HOW TO HARDEN A BASIC WEBSITE

2017-02-06 03:58:03 UTC

its literally 2-3 antifa running LOIC cause thyere l33t anonymoose

2017-02-06 03:58:16 UTC

which wiki?

2017-02-06 03:58:25 UTC

my host hasnt even bothered to email me yet because all its doing is lagging

2017-02-06 03:58:41 UTC

and they havent even tried to enter the irc server on the same vpn

2017-02-06 03:58:44 UTC


2017-02-06 03:58:51 UTC

antifa confirmed for zero infosec skillz

2017-02-06 03:59:10 UTC


2017-02-06 04:00:00 UTC


2017-02-06 04:00:15 UTC


2017-02-06 04:00:19 UTC

spelling cause rum

2017-02-06 04:00:24 UTC

Can someone make a list of all the logos we have? Some of them are really awesome and it would be nice to have everything in one place

2017-02-06 04:00:32 UTC

FBI is making us look like a streamlined machine

2017-02-06 04:01:51 UTC

Yvette Felarca again. Pretty sure she's bankrolled by BAMN. She was in the news during the Oakland protest for kicking the shit out of someone. She's a middle school teacher

2017-02-06 04:06:48 UTC


2017-02-06 04:07:11 UTC

hey, new guy here. what is all the hub-ub around this?

2017-02-06 04:07:24 UTC

There were some worried earlier in the day about possible doxxing. For anyone still worried, try doxxing yourself. I just gave it a whirl and found out that my lifelong abstinence from social media has made me invisible.

2017-02-06 04:07:37 UTC

Today's AntiFa use distributed networks in social media to disseminate information, Twitter being most common, followed by Facebook. There are propaganda hubs such as itsgoingdown.org, which come the closest to leadership structure. Anarchists despise the concept of hierarchy, but do form tribes with de facto leaders and followers. These are subject to coups and power grabs, generally based on arguments over whoever is the most privileged, who displays the most knowledge of arcane Marxist texts, and who can give the most rousing speeches. Never forget the real power comes from those who run the propaganda machinery. A typical AntiFa operation begins as follows:

"Calls to action" are made and echoed through social media. Twitter and Facebook groups are generally localized and may have long histories.
Anarchists have a rapid response time with little vetting of information. The best way to take advantage of this is through creation and maintenance of multiple sock puppet accounts for the purpose of introducing misinformation at critical junctures. Learn Anarchist ideology and terminology well enough to infiltrate these networks.

Anarchists eschew organization and structure. Instead they believe in "the wisdom of the crowd", spontaneous collective outbursts of rage, instigated by shadowy
and cowardly provacateurs.

Anarchists often live communally in unsafe and unsanitary "squats." The Ghost Ship fire in Oakland was a result of these unsafe living conditions. Any and all "DIY Art venues",
"Progressive Spaces", or Anarchist squats should be reported to local authorities and fire marshalls. We don't need these dens of rats in our cities. Send them back home to live with their parents. http://observer.com/2016/12/internet-trolls-launch-campaign-to-shut-down-progressive-spaces/

2017-02-06 04:08:57 UTC

>that screencap

2017-02-06 04:08:58 UTC

Top fucking kek

2017-02-06 04:09:10 UTC

Vote in http://www.strawpoll.me/12279845 if you haven't already goys

2017-02-06 04:09:27 UTC

@CaduceusImperium safety squads.

I like it.

Actually, it disgusts me.

But I like it.

2017-02-06 04:10:02 UTC

I always liked 'Safe Spaces'
because it ruined one of their memes
plus it shortens to SS which is hilarious

2017-02-06 04:10:15 UTC

Damn I never realized it shortened to SS

2017-02-06 04:10:19 UTC


2017-02-06 04:10:19 UTC

Am I just retarded

2017-02-06 04:10:20 UTC


2017-02-06 04:10:30 UTC

"Come find safety in the SS!"

2017-02-06 04:10:33 UTC

What I was thinking for disseminating information is to have everyone in a particular region on a mass email roster. When an event is coming up, the admin could send out a mass email to inform everyone to show up

2017-02-06 04:10:34 UTC

can you imagine spending years trying to get 'Safe Spaces' recognised as a meme on yoru campus then some right wing crew ruin it

2017-02-06 04:11:24 UTC

Have monthly chapter meetings, where information is given; kind of a current intel brief on what the left has been up to, their tactics, our current ROEs, open the floor to countertactic discussions, etc.

2017-02-06 04:11:31 UTC

The funniest thing about the Safety Squad thing, was that it was a discarded idea on pol. Lefties memed it into reality.

2017-02-06 04:11:41 UTC

No, it was a thing

2017-02-06 04:11:44 UTC

And active for some time

2017-02-06 04:11:53 UTC

Mods went absolutely ravenous over it though

2017-02-06 04:12:02 UTC

Or am I thinking too organized? Is this whole movement going to be loosely organized via social media?

2017-02-06 04:12:07 UTC

And as a result the same mod that created ANONYMOUS DOES NOT FORGET meme and Pedobear meme got fired

2017-02-06 04:12:15 UTC


2017-02-06 04:12:37 UTC

It was discarded, then anarchists flipped their shit, then pol pursued it. That was my understanding anyway

2017-02-06 04:12:37 UTC

@PlanetGirth- ND We're building a site and structure now, and will have it done within a week

2017-02-06 04:12:38 UTC

can you guys hear me?

2017-02-06 04:13:04 UTC

kk. thank you

2017-02-06 04:13:12 UTC

**Vote in http://www.strawpoll.me/12279845 if you haven't already**

2017-02-06 04:13:12 UTC

@CaduceusImperium In the oriignal thread, yes, it was a lulzmeme and when leddit started blowing the archive the fuck up (luls in and of itself) after the thread died it took off

2017-02-06 04:13:35 UTC


2017-02-06 04:13:39 UTC

have hyper local chapters - like in a town where everyone meets up once a fortnight for hiking or shooting. Each chapter has a leader who can communicate with other chapters. So you might have 500 throughout the US and leaders can organise and recruit back up for events from chapters nearby

2017-02-06 04:13:56 UTC

@D3VNT Moral for me: Let them tell you what they are most afraid of.

2017-02-06 04:14:06 UTC

can you guys hear me?

2017-02-06 04:14:08 UTC

I mean we'll probably do that just for shits and grins anyway, Lion, but one step at a time

2017-02-06 04:14:24 UTC

@CaduceusImperium More or less.

2017-02-06 04:14:34 UTC

@DoctorPiss after all of the organization is done and the website is done, I'll be able to help with making videos for anticom and about antifa

2017-02-06 04:15:05 UTC

Thats kind of what I was thinking. Local monthly meetups, discuss leftist tactics, possible community outreach, volunteer opportunities

2017-02-06 04:15:27 UTC

>not having a stash of 2k surplus greek .303 brit in your closet

2017-02-06 04:16:39 UTC

I'm decent at video and digital editing

2017-02-06 04:17:12 UTC

I would show my channel but it's got somewhat ironic swastikas and I'm not intending on getting doxxed, kek

2017-02-06 04:17:28 UTC

All I can say is that I can help with videos, I'm decent with some experience

2017-02-06 04:17:29 UTC

"somewhat" ironic swastikas - gotcha

2017-02-06 04:17:40 UTC

Hey man, you know how (((they))) are

2017-02-06 04:18:24 UTC


2017-02-06 04:18:47 UTC

God I hope he's not too much of a normalfag

2017-02-06 04:19:18 UTC

A quick guide for our uniforms kek


2017-02-06 04:19:28 UTC

We should use old anti communist songs for propaganda

2017-02-06 04:19:45 UTC

Meet ups are going to be important, but they shouldn't be the only way info is disseminated. We should have channels of communication on the website for every chapter to communicate quickly and effectively.

2017-02-06 04:19:46 UTC

@keklefrog I like that.

2017-02-06 04:21:07 UTC

This would be perfect to put some AntiFa violence over the top of

2017-02-06 04:21:08 UTC

am I the only one who thinks it's funny that people objected to a red hat but are fine with milsurp

2017-02-06 04:21:08 UTC

I was just about to link that kek

2017-02-06 04:21:12 UTC

Hello lads, just made a discord account to join this

2017-02-06 04:23:39 UTC

Anti-Marxist MAGA Operatives
or AMMO for short

2017-02-06 04:23:56 UTC


2017-02-06 04:25:57 UTC

I hate to say it,

2017-02-06 04:26:08 UTC

But I wouldn't mind having a permanent installation of sorts.

2017-02-06 04:26:59 UTC

Not a venue. More of a headquarters for a chapter. From there, planning and organization can take place. but that's just my autism acting up.

2017-02-06 04:27:15 UTC

It would get torched so fast lmao

2017-02-06 04:27:20 UTC

rent a storefront or something

2017-02-06 04:27:22 UTC

a warehouse

2017-02-06 04:27:29 UTC

some cheap commercial property

2017-02-06 04:28:46 UTC

Wisconsin Insignia

2017-02-06 04:28:50 UTC


2017-02-06 04:29:06 UTC

Fuck that is good

2017-02-06 04:29:25 UTC

A HQ irl wouldn't be needed. We can organize and plan from the website and from online. A physical place would just get attacked constantly.

2017-02-06 04:29:27 UTC

Looks too much like Satanic cross, you won't be able to get the christian centrists

2017-02-06 04:29:37 UTC

It is the alchemey symbol for Iron

2017-02-06 04:29:54 UTC

Yeah good luck getting any christian worth his salt to join you

2017-02-06 04:30:06 UTC

I am a christan.

2017-02-06 04:30:20 UTC


2017-02-06 04:30:41 UTC

>Worth his salt
You a prottie?

2017-02-06 04:31:05 UTC

I am a proud Baptist.

2017-02-06 04:31:34 UTC

Has everyone here signed the petition to make Antifa considered a domestic terror group? It's gained a lot of support, apparently, and a real crackdown would be preferable to our walking on eggshells resistance.

2017-02-06 04:31:43 UTC


2017-02-06 04:31:46 UTC

Why not make the insignia simple like this?

2017-02-06 04:31:53 UTC

Here is my contribution


2017-02-06 04:32:00 UTC

**vote http://www.strawpoll.me/12279845/ if you haven't already**

2017-02-06 04:32:13 UTC

Eh, I don't really have much to complain about with Baptists

2017-02-06 04:32:15 UTC

Good show

2017-02-06 04:33:10 UTC

@OneLessRed - TN that's our secondary symbol; we've already started with our logo and used it in media.

2017-02-06 04:33:12 UTC

nothing we can really do.

2017-02-06 04:33:16 UTC

We should set up some kind of place to consolidate the raw video of AntiFa violence. That way we can have a bunch of people doing remixes

2017-02-06 04:33:31 UTC

make a dropbox?

2017-02-06 04:33:46 UTC

dump raw film into it so we can do as we please

2017-02-06 04:34:44 UTC

**@everyone by the way, do we know yet if anticom.us is not a false flag? i dont think anyone's brought that possibility up yet**

2017-02-06 04:35:06 UTC

@Anticom LR#9355 ok. I mean as long as we are united under the same name, Anti-Communism Action, the symbol isn't that important.

2017-02-06 04:35:41 UTC


Over 53,000 signatures so far. I donated some money to help spread it.

2017-02-06 04:36:41 UTC

In case it wasn't clear, anyone who hasn't signed this yet should do so post haste.

2017-02-06 04:37:05 UTC

dont fucking sign that

2017-02-06 04:37:16 UTC

what do you buy to spread it? facebook & twtter ads?

2017-02-06 04:37:24 UTC

the petitions are bugged

2017-02-06 04:37:25 UTC

What the fuck mate dont sign that

2017-02-06 04:37:42 UTC

they're fucking openly proven to be bugged by soros

2017-02-06 04:37:44 UTC

I've seen that one passed around by antifa as a false flag

2017-02-06 04:37:52 UTC

Unless I'm thinking of a different one

2017-02-06 04:38:06 UTC

They can't track down and Lynch over 50,000 people, anon. And the petitions were bugged on a different site, not this one. You're thinking of the White House petitions site.

2017-02-06 04:38:25 UTC


2017-02-06 04:38:26 UTC

@everyone by the way, do we know yet if anticom.us is not a false flag? i dont think anyone's brought that possibility up yet

2017-02-06 04:38:31 UTC

^^^^^^^^^ ????????

2017-02-06 04:38:39 UTC

there's a difference between being put on a list, and being arrested

2017-02-06 04:38:46 UTC

what do you mean? does someone have that domain?

2017-02-06 04:38:49 UTC

The one about the sanctuary campus counter petition, remember? That was the one that was fucked up.

2017-02-06 04:38:51 UTC

What is up with the White House petition btw?

2017-02-06 04:39:10 UTC

They do, but there's a good case it could just be a honeypot for Antifa to gather IPs like they did with Nebraska. @Cล“ur de Lion

2017-02-06 04:39:16 UTC

someone is either a falseflag or an idiot if they recommend getting violent and shutting people down @Anticom LR. Also giving too much personal info, otherwise it will be impossible to instantly know

2017-02-06 04:39:28 UTC

Who's to say the guy who bought it is a pollack

2017-02-06 04:39:34 UTC

there's a boolean value specifically keeping the republican slanted polls from actually getting anywhere

2017-02-06 04:39:43 UTC

yeah if someone owns it then don't bother, not worth the trouble

2017-02-06 04:39:44 UTC


2017-02-06 04:39:50 UTC

Change.org has been around a lot longer than antifa has been operating in the US.

2017-02-06 04:39:56 UTC

there must be some half decent domain still available

2017-02-06 04:40:10 UTC

I'm going to ask @Haupstรผrmfuhrer Pepe when he gets on, he seems to know the guy who owns it

2017-02-06 04:40:31 UTC

Your daily reminder Change.org is owned by Open Society, a Soros tank

2017-02-06 04:40:51 UTC

"Sign this! we will totally not backtrace the people who clicked that link from x website!"

2017-02-06 04:40:58 UTC

Why would it not be?

2017-02-06 04:41:23 UTC

when I checked safespaces.co was available, but that was from when I was hung up on 'Safe Spaces'

2017-02-06 04:41:48 UTC

change..org is owned by moloch himself? fucking hell

2017-02-06 04:45:34 UTC

<@!253729492407812112> Yeah man

2017-02-06 04:46:01 UTC

lol chears m8

2017-02-06 04:46:45 UTC


2017-02-06 04:49:09 UTC

wait, so the whitehouse.gov petition to label antifa as a terrorist org is bugged? I'm confused what is and what is not a valid petition.

2017-02-06 04:49:31 UTC

It has not moved from 1 signature in more than a week

2017-02-06 04:49:56 UTC

I've noticed that, but does that mean that if I signed it, some one is gonna dox me?

2017-02-06 04:50:08 UTC

Nah, it just means you probably shouldn't just to be safe

2017-02-06 04:50:10 UTC

I fixed the edging on the colorized American flag logo. It still probably should be recreated, but I don't have the skills/time to do so.


2017-02-06 04:50:13 UTC

It wont do anything anyways

2017-02-06 04:50:30 UTC

cause I signed it a few days ago... :/

2017-02-06 04:50:41 UTC

@๐Ÿ…ฑarD Can you give an imgur link, I'm curious and discord is autistic screeching at my browser and not showing images

2017-02-06 04:52:43 UTC

it would make sense for them to fund it tbh

2017-02-06 04:52:48 UTC

i dont know why weve never thought of it before

2017-02-06 04:52:57 UTC

they may be funding them now

2017-02-06 04:53:03 UTC

i wouldnt be surprised

2017-02-06 04:53:16 UTC

a ton of California officials were berkeley raidicals

2017-02-06 04:53:17 UTC

this is old info from when china was more blatantly communist tho and funded commies worldwide

2017-02-06 04:53:35 UTC

nothing from china surprises me tho

2017-02-06 04:53:46 UTC

the husband of the Berkeley Mayor was a Maoist who worked with the Weatherman group

2017-02-06 04:53:49 UTC

they tried to send a shipload of automatic weapons into california to sell to gangs

2017-02-06 04:54:00 UTC

that's why Norinco rifles & pistols are sanctioned now

2017-02-06 04:54:11 UTC

Bill Ayers is running the refuse fascism group on the eastcoast

2017-02-06 04:54:49 UTC

So what is the plan of action niggas

2017-02-06 04:54:52 UTC

Have we already gotten anons from 8chan on board with this yet?

2017-02-06 04:55:10 UTC
2017-02-06 04:55:19 UTC

8/pol/ is infiltrated by antifa 100%

2017-02-06 04:55:25 UTC

this was immediately dismissed as false flag

2017-02-06 04:55:25 UTC

So the FBIanon's dox are 1500 pages covering this Asian student groups running Maoists back and forth from china out of their apartment

2017-02-06 04:55:25 UTC

Bill Ayers. That faggot. Sam Hyde references him in How To Bomb.

2017-02-06 04:55:25 UTC

I'm probably the only one that you're gonna get

2017-02-06 04:55:27 UTC


2017-02-06 04:55:29 UTC


2017-02-06 04:55:33 UTC


2017-02-06 04:55:41 UTC

@๐Ÿ…ฑarD colors are way too bright tbh

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