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2017-06-27 07:38:14 UTC

It's sexual repression, energy has to come out somewhere.

2017-06-27 07:38:41 UTC

Similar thing to the catholic priests.
They had to be asexual, they had desires, eventually it needs and outlet.

2017-06-27 07:38:59 UTC

You know. Celibacy is very dangerous

2017-06-27 07:39:00 UTC

Was anyone else scared the first time they nutted?

2017-06-27 07:39:08 UTC

Or was it just me?

2017-06-27 07:39:20 UTC

Yeah I was like ... Oh shit I gotta clean this shirt

2017-06-27 07:39:42 UTC

Also.. this was 23 years ago. Fuck

2017-06-27 07:39:45 UTC

Rofl, I didn't even touch myself first time, shit just started to leak i'm like wtf

2017-06-27 07:39:52 UTC

Damn nig, how old are you?

2017-06-27 07:39:52 UTC

Not necessarily celibacy, like going "Sex is too risky given my current situation" is fine. But going "Feeling any sexual urges is wrong and I am evil for it" is a serious fucking issue.

2017-06-27 07:40:06 UTC


2017-06-27 07:40:18 UTC

You're correct.

2017-06-27 07:40:30 UTC

Lol. I'm old.

2017-06-27 07:40:40 UTC

Mid 30s

2017-06-27 07:40:57 UTC

Jeez, the time between you're first nut and now is older than myself. Kek.

2017-06-27 07:41:03 UTC


2017-06-27 07:41:10 UTC

Jesus Christ.

2017-06-27 07:41:20 UTC

:::::: existential angst::::

2017-06-27 07:41:40 UTC

Need some old bros.

2017-06-27 07:42:16 UTC

Ahh. Yeah. Most people my age have already died inside.

2017-06-27 07:42:19 UTC


2017-06-27 07:42:23 UTC


2017-06-27 07:42:37 UTC

Alot of commiefornians in here

2017-06-27 07:42:43 UTC


2017-06-27 07:42:47 UTC


2017-06-27 07:42:58 UTC


2017-06-27 07:43:10 UTC

you reminded me to add my location, thanks

2017-06-27 07:43:15 UTC

**S A M E**

2017-06-27 07:43:18 UTC

ok im done now lmao

2017-06-27 07:43:38 UTC

Lol, what's up emu bro.

2017-06-27 07:44:24 UTC

not much

2017-06-27 07:44:24 UTC

i am the most **E M U **

2017-06-27 07:44:45 UTC

You like maxmoefoe?

2017-06-27 07:44:49 UTC

@Dragonbornf898 Don't joke about that shit man. What the emus did... i can't

2017-06-27 07:45:08 UTC

yeah, he's alright, i remember following him a bit back when he was a few thousand subs prank call channel

2017-06-27 07:45:17 UTC

Everyone needs to wear this on the 4th

2017-06-27 07:45:20 UTC

i'm liking his recent collabs with frank and idubbz and stuff

2017-06-27 07:45:23 UTC

** K I L L Y O U R S E L F** @Chancellor

2017-06-27 07:45:28 UTC

He a T H I C C boi

2017-06-27 07:45:32 UTC

why would i kill myself

2017-06-27 07:46:05 UTC

Enact your revenge upon the Emu's, to salvage your peoples honor, or seppuku desu

2017-06-27 07:46:55 UTC

**N O T H I N G H A P P E N E D T O T H E E M U S, I T W A S A L L A J E W I S H P L O T**

2017-06-27 07:47:12 UTC

The (((Emus)))

2017-06-27 07:47:36 UTC

Not just because China is now literally grading all 1.2 billion members of it's population numerically for "trustworthiness" but because it's definitely going to be expanded.

2017-06-27 07:48:07 UTC

They're going to add party loyalty, intelligence, physical characteristics and other aspects and then encourage folk of a similar level to pair off, effectively creating a massive bureacratic eugenic caste system.

2017-06-27 07:48:48 UTC

Wow, I just browsed through the article. And on top of that, with the whoole party rating, that's some real 21st century communism.

2017-06-27 07:49:20 UTC

Oh yes, it's fascinating.
They're slowly converting from a Maoist communist system to this strange hyper meritocratic dictatorship with free market principles.

2017-06-27 07:49:37 UTC

They might even end up back as they used to be in eras of glory with the great CELESTIAL BUREACRACY

2017-06-27 07:50:10 UTC

Of course when that falls into corruption you end up with a guy claiming to be Jesus' brother taking over 1/3rd of your nation

2017-06-27 07:51:07 UTC

Very very interesting, and very different.

2017-06-27 07:52:20 UTC

I wouldn't exactly recommend chinese government or endorse their methods or dominance they're trying to create.
They do hate us and will destroy the west if/when they can but this will clearly get us a lot of information about how humans work.

2017-06-27 07:53:04 UTC

Never underestimate the chinks, NEVER.

2017-06-27 07:53:24 UTC

It's uhh... complicated.

2017-06-27 07:53:29 UTC

They haven't won a war in 100 years.

2017-06-27 07:53:35 UTC

The chinese in particular, it's their power in numbers man. That's what they always have on their side, their like the Russians, but on steroids

2017-06-27 07:53:58 UTC

Oh yes, but the chinese army needs to constantly garrison the core lands because the government is so unpopular and incompetent.

2017-06-27 07:54:17 UTC

The thing keeping china together is not communism or apathy but the central authortiarianism of the party and Chinese Nationalism.

2017-06-27 07:54:47 UTC

Why couldn't we have a Nationalist government in China. 😦

2017-06-27 07:56:00 UTC

Because Chang was seen as a western backed faction due to accepting limited aid from america to combat the japanese.
Of course Mao received more aid per person he had in his army and based his ideals on the west and could have ended up a soviet puppet but uhhh...

No one expects chinese peasants to be educated.

2017-06-27 07:57:21 UTC

Exactly, you are very right. You also have to take into account the stockpiling that went on during WW2 in china, Between the Nationalist Party, and Commies

2017-06-27 07:58:29 UTC

You know, since they put aside their difference to beat back the Japs, they knew as soon as WW2 was over, the Civil War was back on. They wanted to stockpile the majority of their aid for the civil war, and not use it all on the Japs.

2017-06-27 07:59:47 UTC

If i'm correct, the Nationals had to take on a big brunt of the japs, being stationed more south than Mao, with mao being held up in the fucking mountains in northern China, where he was comfy, and could wait for the day the Japs were out, to strike

2017-06-27 08:00:02 UTC

Yes, more or less.

2017-06-27 08:00:36 UTC

The American government was partially mislead by communist agents from within.
Who claimed that Mao wasn't really communist and was more ferocious in fighting the japanese than the nationalists would be.

2017-06-27 08:00:50 UTC

Also the soviets did assist the PRC somewhat.

2017-06-27 08:01:05 UTC

I got a good video for ya emu buddy

2017-06-27 08:01:22 UTC


2017-06-27 08:01:36 UTC

Pure sauce.

2017-06-27 08:01:49 UTC


2017-06-27 08:02:10 UTC

That entire series is amazing, every single video. I've watched them all.

2017-06-27 08:02:38 UTC

thank you

2017-06-27 08:04:11 UTC

You're more than welcome.

2017-06-27 08:04:40 UTC

Very niche and specific topics. Best series i've ever came across.

2017-06-27 08:08:28 UTC

Did you make a thread on 4chin about the okeefe video?

2017-06-27 08:43:07 UTC


2017-06-27 08:43:29 UTC

i'm watching this at almost 4 in the morning

2017-06-27 08:44:21 UTC

you should go to sleep

2017-06-27 08:44:31 UTC

Lol, that made me chuckle

2017-06-27 08:44:46 UTC

Wtf am I doing with my life

2017-06-27 08:46:01 UTC

I love that clip, my all time favs

2017-06-27 08:46:30 UTC

So true and funny, I used to LOVE rugrats growing up. I watched them until I was like 12 LOL

2017-06-27 08:47:27 UTC

it's a good show, you should still go to bed

2017-06-27 08:47:57 UTC

how old are you?

2017-06-27 08:48:43 UTC


2017-06-27 08:49:28 UTC

Yeah, you 100 percent don't know a single one of thoose commercials in that YT link

2017-06-27 08:50:12 UTC

i don't understand

2017-06-27 08:50:48 UTC

Thoose commercials are a few years before you're time.

2017-06-27 08:51:04 UTC

so much is

2017-06-27 08:51:23 UTC

I got one for you, if you don't remem, you had no childhood.

2017-06-27 08:52:18 UTC

guess i had no childhood then

2017-06-27 08:52:24 UTC


2017-06-27 08:52:56 UTC

What music did you like growing up?

2017-06-27 08:53:46 UTC

i didn't

2017-06-27 08:53:52 UTC

music doesn't effect me

2017-06-27 08:54:14 UTC


2017-06-27 08:54:33 UTC

Ya like animu?

2017-06-27 08:54:37 UTC

part of the autism i think, or emotional damage

2017-06-27 08:54:44 UTC

I have an anime profile pic.

2017-06-27 08:54:55 UTC

Why I ask, ofcourse.

2017-06-27 08:55:14 UTC

This is from Legend of the Galactic heroes.
Would recommend.

2017-06-27 08:55:24 UTC

I hate animu.

2017-06-27 08:55:47 UTC

I never really went there with the big 4 tbh, dragonball was overlong nonsense, bleach bored, naruto was too fillery and one piece would have been fine if it ever ended.

2017-06-27 08:56:01 UTC

why do you hate anime

2017-06-27 08:56:14 UTC

I liked dragonball, naruto, and one piece growing up

2017-06-27 08:56:31 UTC

just watched it casualy, and I wouldn't say I purely hate it, just don't really like it.

2017-06-27 08:56:43 UTC

that's fair

2017-06-27 08:57:16 UTC

You like vocaloid?

2017-06-27 08:57:28 UTC

don't know what that is.

2017-06-27 08:57:34 UTC

thank god

2017-06-27 08:57:39 UTC

you're not that much of a weeb

2017-06-27 08:58:06 UTC

Not really, I just watch whatever gets recommended enough to me for an episode or two and if enjoy it I finish it.

2017-06-27 08:58:15 UTC

That goes for everything not just anime

2017-06-27 08:58:43 UTC

I'm probably more of a sinophile than a japanophile in many ways... or i would be if mao hadn't killed a lot of the heart of that great nation.

2017-06-27 08:59:25 UTC

Man, you need to restore the honor amoung your fellow countrymen.

2017-06-27 08:59:57 UTC

fellow countrymen?

2017-06-27 08:59:58 UTC

Remember how we were talking about the little things that have an effect on us? With the whole hunter and gatherer thing, etc?

2017-06-27 09:00:08 UTC


2017-06-27 09:00:15 UTC

The Emu's had that effect on you, and you don't even realise it.

2017-06-27 09:00:47 UTC

How so

2017-06-27 09:01:17 UTC

Just fucking with you since you said you'd be more of a sinophile.

2017-06-27 09:01:46 UTC

that's fair

2017-06-27 09:02:37 UTC

One more before I take it in

2017-06-27 09:02:49 UTC

Good stuff.

2017-06-27 09:03:18 UTC

slavs are so good

2017-06-27 09:03:37 UTC

they're like black people but white

2017-06-27 09:03:44 UTC

Ikr, lmfao.

2017-06-27 09:03:50 UTC

Funny people/

2017-06-27 09:05:58 UTC

Smoke a cig then bedtime man

2017-06-27 09:06:19 UTC

what time is it over there

2017-06-27 09:14:53 UTC

7:14 PM

2017-06-27 09:22:49 UTC

I need to go to bed

2017-06-27 09:23:03 UTC

I'm googling southern slang words

2017-06-27 09:24:05 UTC

go to bed man

2017-06-27 09:35:38 UTC

Yeah bedtime

2017-06-27 09:35:45 UTC

I've come full circle

2017-06-27 09:36:52 UTC

Went Googling some shit about Louisiana during the civil war, start reading the wiki on P.G.T. Beauregard, look at the pic of his monument, and next to it, it reminds me that it was just taken down recently.

2017-06-27 09:43:58 UTC

K, going to bed now. Night night my emu pal

2017-06-27 10:15:55 UTC

TFW you tell a co-worker the truth about socialism and marxism and the negative effect the ideology has on our society that was founded on capitalism. Just to have them turn around and call you racist as their only retort.

2017-06-27 10:16:19 UTC

TFW I had to explain to my store manager word for word what our conversation involved because the nigger skank reported me to home office.

2017-06-27 10:16:28 UTC

It sounds like you work with some really geniuses there in AK

2017-06-27 10:16:36 UTC

TFW I nearly lost my fucking job because of this dumb black piece of shit.

2017-06-27 10:16:44 UTC

Fucking niggers man.

2017-06-27 10:16:58 UTC

Get her fired for "stealing" niggers aren't to be trusted as it is

2017-06-27 10:17:24 UTC

I worked to god damned hard to get to my position in this company to have a damn low IQ chimp take it away from me because we have different opinions on shit.

2017-06-27 10:17:56 UTC

Boys, girls, I believe a lynching is in order. Where's based gook?

2017-06-27 10:18:36 UTC

Lynch the chimp!!

2017-06-27 10:21:37 UTC

Sad thing is I could get her fired but I know she would pull the race card and that would put my job in jeopardy.

2017-06-27 10:23:33 UTC

You could just sabotage her car and annoy her for a while, such as stealing her mail box, putting cement in front of her door, takingnthe spark plugs from her car, loosening all the lugnuts on her tires, constantly driving by or walking or biking by in random days to shoot her windows out with a slingshot or pellet gun, you could deface her house with paint or wheat paste anti nigger stuff on her home and car stuff like that

2017-06-27 10:24:13 UTC

Be creative, also for the cement be sure to bring a form and do it when she's at work or asleep

2017-06-27 11:02:11 UTC

I know dem feelins boy. I work under 4 different managers that are all hispanic women. They only give other Hispanics any leeway or benefits when it comes to their jobs, and they cant do simple tasks that would keep the store productive. Anything that goes wrong is tossed on the white mans back. I cannot fucking wait until i transcend this place or even become their managers and hold them to actual standards.

2017-06-27 11:03:58 UTC

I'd advise against doing anything that can be observed by witnesses or a camera.

2017-06-27 13:46:36 UTC

Good morning everyone

2017-06-27 14:50:11 UTC

morning bud

2017-06-27 14:50:25 UTC

Hope yall are having a better morning than me.

2017-06-27 14:53:25 UTC

"4) Marxism will get you banned" > as if i'd be dumb enough to read Marx in the first place

2017-06-27 14:53:51 UTC

Know thy enemy. Read Marx.

2017-06-27 14:53:54 UTC

Nah dude! You should definitely need to read marx!

2017-06-27 14:54:08 UTC

t. (((alt-lite)))

2017-06-27 14:54:11 UTC

It rustles my jims to even read about the shit the guy did

2017-06-27 14:55:18 UTC

you're right though, it would be better if i read the shit

2017-06-27 14:55:29 UTC

It's so obvious every time you see something shilling for you to read marx on /pol/

2017-06-27 14:56:48 UTC

Holy shit, dude, this http://www.foxnews.com/ is the most obvious false flag i've ever seen.

2017-06-27 14:57:28 UTC

The Syrians are gonna launch another (((Chemical attack))) from the same Airfield we bombed!

2017-06-27 14:58:46 UTC

rebuilt with kabbalah magic

2017-06-27 14:59:08 UTC

This is sad man

2017-06-27 15:00:12 UTC

what isn't these days? need a pretty strong defense system not to overdose of obvious fails

2017-06-27 15:00:30 UTC


2017-06-27 15:00:48 UTC

It's just like, damn dude. Ya know?

2017-06-27 15:01:23 UTC

It's not surprising at all, it's just so tiring, it doesn't even register with me anymore. :(:kike:

2017-06-27 15:01:39 UTC


2017-06-27 15:01:45 UTC


2017-06-27 15:02:56 UTC

the coincidences aren't surprising or the overall bad shit?

2017-06-27 15:03:27 UTC


2017-06-27 15:03:44 UTC

Just the blatant corruption going on, i've just became desensitized to it, like i'm sure you and most of us have.

2017-06-27 15:04:13 UTC

still manages to hit new levels of degeneracy once in a while

2017-06-27 15:04:20 UTC

i fear above all getting used to it

2017-06-27 15:04:38 UTC

I'm already used to it man.

2017-06-27 15:04:48 UTC

Been hit that point a while ago.

2017-06-27 15:04:55 UTC

when did that happen?

2017-06-27 15:05:51 UTC

About two years after Obama care was instituted.

2017-06-27 15:06:01 UTC


2017-06-27 15:06:06 UTC

mongrel care

2017-06-27 15:06:16 UTC

Fucking ridiculous

2017-06-27 15:06:40 UTC

I had to destory this cuck at the gas station the other night, telling me how great he was

2017-06-27 15:06:51 UTC

Saying how, he need more regulations, etc.

2017-06-27 15:07:14 UTC

Actually opened his mind to white nationalism within about 30 minutes.

2017-06-27 15:07:41 UTC

half an hour aint

2017-06-27 15:07:44 UTC


2017-06-27 15:08:03 UTC

i don't have the constitution to redpill people

2017-06-27 15:08:06 UTC

Aswell as throwing in some Hitler did nothing wrong, and dropping a few Jew pills.

2017-06-27 15:08:10 UTC

the frustration is too intense

2017-06-27 15:08:16 UTC


2017-06-27 15:08:51 UTC

Foreal, then I tried to convince the store clerk, which is 2 years younger than me, about white nationalism

2017-06-27 15:09:10 UTC

And how blacks and whites are genetically different. I let my power level go that day

2017-06-27 15:09:14 UTC

most normies aren't willing to accept that Hitler did some things right, let alone that he did nothing wrong, i know he did some shit wrong

2017-06-27 15:09:29 UTC

Yeah, he obv did some shit wrong

2017-06-27 15:09:41 UTC

but when it becomes sin to even talk about the fucker

2017-06-27 15:09:48 UTC

saying he did nothing wrong has a good lasting effect

2017-06-27 15:09:57 UTC


2017-06-27 15:10:07 UTC

thats gonna stay popular for a while

2017-06-27 15:10:40 UTC

and ya, the differences among groups should be too fucken obvious for people to even be brainwashed into equality nonsense

2017-06-27 15:10:56 UTC

He straight up said "we all humanz"

2017-06-27 15:11:32 UTC

then I retorted, saying how the whole same species different species meme.

2017-06-27 15:11:44 UTC

not sure i follow you

2017-06-27 15:12:32 UTC
2017-06-27 15:12:43 UTC

my b, thats the shorter link. lol.

2017-06-27 15:12:45 UTC


2017-06-27 15:12:49 UTC

that is hilarious

2017-06-27 15:12:50 UTC


2017-06-27 15:13:09 UTC

Hilarious, and true.

2017-06-27 15:13:15 UTC

It's what the normies like.

2017-06-27 15:13:16 UTC

I dont think the average European has the balls to say what he/she thinks

2017-06-27 15:13:25 UTC

even as a kid when you thought of the future

2017-06-27 15:13:29 UTC

You American, i'm guessing?

2017-06-27 15:13:36 UTC

its always White as fuck

2017-06-27 15:13:40 UTC


2017-06-27 15:13:42 UTC


2017-06-27 15:13:48 UTC


2017-06-27 15:13:49 UTC

what country

2017-06-27 15:13:51 UTC


2017-06-27 15:13:53 UTC


2017-06-27 15:14:04 UTC

but i'm in the land of a fag

2017-06-27 15:14:14 UTC

a fag to the north of the U.S

2017-06-27 15:14:22 UTC

a fag who i hope to one day kill

2017-06-27 15:14:26 UTC


2017-06-27 15:14:34 UTC

i wouldnt give him the pleasure of watching me bang his wife

2017-06-27 15:14:41 UTC


2017-06-27 15:14:45 UTC


2017-06-27 15:14:49 UTC

A fucking leaf

2017-06-27 15:14:52 UTC


2017-06-27 15:15:02 UTC

no way, assimilation is a lie

2017-06-27 15:15:10 UTC

Wyd out there?

2017-06-27 15:15:12 UTC

i remain completely unloyal to canada

2017-06-27 15:15:25 UTC

didnt choose it, was a kid when i got here

2017-06-27 15:15:50 UTC

great introduction to biological realism

2017-06-27 15:15:58 UTC

fantastic education in globalism as well

2017-06-27 15:16:00 UTC

Damn, so you're a real leaf 😃

2017-06-27 15:16:18 UTC

i dont know what a real leaf is though

2017-06-27 15:16:25 UTC

what makes a real leaf LOOL

2017-06-27 15:16:45 UTC

Grew up in Canada.

2017-06-27 15:16:52 UTC

=Leaf Life

2017-06-27 15:16:58 UTC

lool i was about 13

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