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2017-03-29 18:54:24 UTC

No proof of him putting it up.

2017-03-29 18:54:24 UTC


2017-03-29 18:54:38 UTC

He didn't even do it.

2017-03-29 18:54:41 UTC


2017-03-29 18:54:48 UTC

@webdevanon I didn't post anything. Some leftie faggot saw us out putting up stickers and snapped a picture of my face then proceeded to post it on FB where it's being shared.

2017-03-29 18:54:49 UTC


2017-03-29 18:55:18 UTC

what were the stickers

2017-03-29 18:55:26 UTC

Not ours

2017-03-29 18:55:34 UTC

Can't post a screenshot of the post here

2017-03-29 18:55:49 UTC

send me a pm

2017-03-29 18:56:02 UTC

if its truly not anti woman or anti semitic

2017-03-29 18:56:03 UTC

But yeah if anyone knows anybody with legal experience in WA regarding these things I'd like to know what my options are

2017-03-29 18:56:05 UTC

you have gold

2017-03-29 18:56:12 UTC

@webdevanon are we talking about training cause I suggest this mma class focusing on multiple combatants: https://ufcgym.com/classes/close-quarters-combat

2017-03-29 18:56:28 UTC

@IronPirate you have fucking gold, you can make a lot of money if your sticker is fine

2017-03-29 18:57:27 UTC

Eh, the last time I went to UFC gym for a month and beat everyone in my class day 1 then I got moved up and beat everyone in my age group. I finally started getting to some pretty heavy people until I had wrestling season start.

2017-03-29 18:57:33 UTC

It's something along Africa - Africans, Asia - asians, and the rest I couldn't read but something about "(So why don't we have) a white country"

2017-03-29 18:57:42 UTC

But there's absolutely no proof in that picture.

2017-03-29 18:59:00 UTC


2017-03-29 18:59:11 UTC

@IronPirate I don't think you'll be charged for putting up stickers my dude.

2017-03-29 18:59:20 UTC


2017-03-29 18:59:40 UTC

We mean we want to know if we can sue that bitch that fired him with no proof of what was there.

2017-03-29 19:00:02 UTC

@Oskar636 wait he was fired cause of some libshit? I am fucking livid

2017-03-29 19:00:31 UTC

go out at 1am with a hoodie and face covered

2017-03-29 19:00:34 UTC

l2 agitiate

2017-03-29 19:00:35 UTC


2017-03-29 19:00:38 UTC

It was liberalshit

2017-03-29 19:00:45 UTC

They were saying it's anti-women and anti-semitic

2017-03-29 19:00:56 UTC

Well they're fucking niggers

2017-03-29 19:01:01 UTC

alright this is what you do
did he see you post a picture of that sticker?
sorry i mean does he have footage of you posting that sticker
also that's not "anti semitic" or "anti female"
nor explicaby racist depending on who you talk to
you can sue [guy who posted on fb] for defamation
im not sure about your state's work laws are
call up a lawyer, get a consultation and see if you can get one pro bono
if [guy who posted facebook] has no footage of you posting that sticker specifically, as in you actually putting it on the pole, thats defamation

2017-03-29 19:01:05 UTC


2017-03-29 19:01:07 UTC


2017-03-29 19:01:10 UTC
2017-03-29 19:01:11 UTC

Anticommunist? How? In what way?

2017-03-29 19:01:13 UTC


2017-03-29 19:01:14 UTC


2017-03-29 19:01:28 UTC

@Haupstürmfuhrer Pepe - NC kek that was satire

2017-03-29 19:01:33 UTC

imo @IronPirate is sitting on gold

2017-03-29 19:01:38 UTC

whats seattle's right to work laws?

2017-03-29 19:01:48 UTC

@James_Coney - LA freaked me out kek

2017-03-29 19:01:54 UTC

us right now


2017-03-29 19:02:02 UTC

Employers can fire at will

2017-03-29 19:02:02 UTC


2017-03-29 19:02:04 UTC


2017-03-29 19:02:27 UTC


2017-03-29 19:02:38 UTC

Hahahaha. That was satire goys

2017-03-29 19:02:53 UTC

Buy my shit goyim

2017-03-29 19:02:58 UTC

or am I wrong?

2017-03-29 19:03:16 UTC

@Max yeah this shouldn't even be here in the first place

2017-03-29 19:03:27 UTC


2017-03-29 19:05:16 UTC


2017-03-29 19:05:30 UTC

@Max gotta vet ironpirate

2017-03-29 19:05:36 UTC


2017-03-29 19:06:22 UTC

Oh right lol im retarded

2017-03-29 19:06:33 UTC

In class right now, I'll get vetted once I get home.

2017-03-29 19:07:53 UTC

Hot shima

2017-03-29 19:08:02 UTC

shimakaze best boat girl

2017-03-29 19:08:13 UTC

Boat fjcker

2017-03-29 19:08:15 UTC

@Iamawesom You need to lay off the loli

2017-03-29 19:08:31 UTC

@Dangerlurking We're discussing a thing

2017-03-29 19:08:33 UTC

This is why Trump defunded PBS. They call race an illusion.

2017-03-29 19:08:38 UTC

without context it's odd

2017-03-29 19:08:38 UTC

@Iamawesom are you a boat fucker?

2017-03-29 19:08:53 UTC


2017-03-29 19:08:53 UTC


2017-03-29 19:08:58 UTC


2017-03-29 19:09:01 UTC


2017-03-29 19:09:13 UTC

my favorite part of the boat is the ammo rack 😉

2017-03-29 19:09:30 UTC

I like my boats to have *yuge* ammo racks

2017-03-29 19:09:42 UTC


2017-03-29 19:10:06 UTC
2017-03-29 19:11:20 UTC


2017-03-29 19:13:21 UTC


2017-03-29 19:13:29 UTC


2017-03-29 19:31:03 UTC


2017-03-29 19:36:38 UTC

can we start memeing Paul Nehlen

2017-03-29 19:36:44 UTC

he made a twitter post about helicopter rides

2017-03-29 19:42:45 UTC


2017-03-29 19:43:12 UTC


2017-03-29 19:43:23 UTC


2017-03-29 19:43:35 UTC

Breast cancer awareness


2017-03-29 19:43:42 UTC


2017-03-29 19:44:39 UTC


2017-03-29 19:46:36 UTC

do it for anticom @gabe_brouse

2017-03-29 19:48:28 UTC

feels bad mang


2017-03-29 19:51:07 UTC


2017-03-29 19:57:19 UTC

I'm only listening

2017-03-29 19:57:23 UTC

Don't mind me

2017-03-29 20:12:59 UTC

Cancer awareness in general really

2017-03-29 20:13:04 UTC

Pinko awareness

2017-03-29 20:13:15 UTC

There's a connection in there somewhere

2017-03-29 20:19:31 UTC

Balls in my face?
I prefer Horse Cock

2017-03-29 20:19:32 UTC


2017-03-29 20:19:49 UTC

Traps aren't gay

2017-03-29 20:23:50 UTC

traps are gay


2017-03-29 20:23:51 UTC


2017-03-29 20:40:10 UTC
2017-03-29 20:40:24 UTC


2017-03-29 20:45:56 UTC

Just imagine the memes though. UNLIMITED DIFFERENT ANGLES OF PEPE. This will not go well for the left.

2017-03-29 20:51:06 UTC

>normies trying to take pepe again

2017-03-29 20:51:06 UTC


2017-03-29 20:51:13 UTC

I'm back

2017-03-29 20:52:02 UTC

The left will get btfo by AS pepe

2017-03-29 20:52:51 UTC

Buy propaganda now while i'm working, get it mailed tomorrow. https://jamesconey.wixsite.com/rightwingpatchsquad


2017-03-29 20:56:48 UTC

Alright bye

2017-03-29 20:58:10 UTC

Ill be back in a couple minutes

2017-03-29 21:01:49 UTC

>Alex Jones showing us Trump supporters getting attacked to get us back in the game


2017-03-29 21:01:50 UTC


2017-03-29 21:10:42 UTC

Guys watch


2017-03-29 21:11:10 UTC

This is just pure sickingon

2017-03-29 21:13:25 UTC

It's the online people currently.

2017-03-29 21:13:37 UTC

I don't know how many they have offline, I imagine hundreds.

2017-03-29 21:27:06 UTC

There's a few independent groups

2017-03-29 21:27:38 UTC


2017-03-29 21:27:43 UTC

Vet this lad

2017-03-29 21:27:59 UTC

My mom got mad at me for saying I wished we had a pope that would declare holy wars on muslims.

2017-03-29 21:29:19 UTC

Something about violent wars being horrible.

2017-03-29 21:29:45 UTC

Who care about Jerusalem, take back constantinople and kick out the turks.

2017-03-29 21:30:07 UTC

>Pope is apostate
>Talking bad about him and wishing for Holy War is bad
Great world we live in

2017-03-29 21:30:08 UTC

reminder Ordo Militaris is funding and training modern day crusaders to protect Christians in the ME

2017-03-29 21:31:14 UTC

they make you do basic training if you're not ex-military

2017-03-29 21:36:51 UTC

>Boston Antifa


2017-03-29 21:38:44 UTC

As much as I support private military <:ancap:279102103413063690>

2017-03-29 21:39:02 UTC

I dont know how feasible they are as a company because someone has to hire them.

2017-03-29 21:40:02 UTC

So besdies the capital, today has been quiet


2017-03-29 21:40:46 UTC

I like it quiet
easier to play rs or code and stay up to date

2017-03-29 21:41:23 UTC

Riots in..


2017-03-29 21:41:24 UTC


2017-03-29 21:41:25 UTC


2017-03-29 21:41:25 UTC


2017-03-29 21:41:28 UTC

I cant believe in the year of our Lord two-thousand and seventeen people are still playing runescape

2017-03-29 21:41:28 UTC


2017-03-29 21:41:58 UTC

runescape is comfy as fuck

2017-03-29 21:42:11 UTC

you jsut afk while your numbers rise

2017-03-29 21:42:14 UTC

perfect for autists

2017-03-29 21:42:15 UTC

the grand exchange killed it for me

2017-03-29 21:42:30 UTC

yeah GE is pretty cancer but they brought back the wilderness

2017-03-29 21:42:57 UTC

It was one of the few unique charateristics that it had you having to go out and sell and buy shit by hand with no global market

2017-03-29 21:43:07 UTC

colorful text all over varrock

2017-03-29 21:43:42 UTC

also I went back to play it a few years ago and realized there wasn't even that much content in the game

2017-03-29 21:44:45 UTC

I was around for fally park and tbh I wouldnt go back to that as neat as fally park was

2017-03-29 21:45:17 UTC

they shoulda put the ge north of it instead of varrock

2017-03-29 21:46:40 UTC

>In some other timeline/alt Universe there are R63 Us


2017-03-29 21:49:27 UTC


2017-03-29 21:49:36 UTC

All over the radio right now how she admitted on MJ on how Obama spied on Trump.

2017-03-29 21:52:32 UTC


2017-03-29 21:54:28 UTC


2017-03-29 21:54:48 UTC

looks like an arab

2017-03-29 21:54:58 UTC


2017-03-29 21:55:04 UTC


2017-03-29 21:55:13 UTC

But is a jew

2017-03-29 21:55:17 UTC


2017-03-29 21:55:22 UTC

anyone know these guys

2017-03-29 21:55:28 UTC

definetely /ourguys/

2017-03-29 21:55:57 UTC


2017-03-29 21:56:17 UTC

>not milk guy

2017-03-29 21:57:26 UTC

If I'm wearing a mask I'm wearing a gas mask

2017-03-29 21:58:21 UTC

>wearing masks to hide identity not gas masks for self protection
Might be your guys but definitely not my guys

2017-03-29 21:59:31 UTC


2017-03-29 22:00:27 UTC

They're our guys, they just wanted to wear skull masks

2017-03-29 22:00:35 UTC

Because muh RWDS meme

2017-03-29 22:01:18 UTC

>Seeing images of dead grandparents with a millimeanl taking a self next to the dead person with duck face


2017-03-29 22:01:27 UTC

Kill it

2017-03-29 22:01:40 UTC

I have a gasmask I got a few days ago to at least protect somewhat but it's just a cheap one like stickman's
I want to figure out how to paint it black and yellow

2017-03-29 22:02:03 UTC

problem is with the vents I cant just spray paint it

2017-03-29 22:02:34 UTC


2017-03-29 22:03:58 UTC


2017-03-29 22:04:40 UTC

@Wrathsalts I find anyone who wears masks without reason for self protection against foreign particles (sciency sounding I know) is a setback for our cause. If no one can be held accountable by hiding their identity then it's easy for enemies to infiltrate our group

2017-03-29 22:05:03 UTC

I don't disagree

2017-03-29 22:05:04 UTC

Love the RWDS meme of course but meh

2017-03-29 22:05:10 UTC

Just y'know

2017-03-29 22:05:16 UTC

"Muh skullmasks"

2017-03-29 22:06:18 UTC

Yeah I agree as well
Masks are only if you have a job that you might get fired for it super easily or for protection

2017-03-29 22:06:24 UTC

and kek thats beautiful

2017-03-29 22:06:41 UTC


2017-03-29 22:06:50 UTC

oathkeepers bring masks, just lower them when you're not near antifa

2017-03-29 22:06:59 UTC

imo if you fear for your job you are doing something wrong
(though this is subjective cause of places like Commiefornia)

2017-03-29 22:07:35 UTC


2017-03-29 22:08:46 UTC

its not you doing something wrong its that the climate is retarded and the business world doesnt realize that they wont get boycotted by more than a handful of people

2017-03-29 22:09:38 UTC


2017-03-29 22:09:40 UTC


2017-03-29 22:09:56 UTC

They're all away

2017-03-29 22:10:16 UTC

void is a mod cant he do it

2017-03-29 22:10:24 UTC

I'm probably just cocky when it comes to jobs and such, I won't detract from people in places like commiefornia for wearing masks I guess but I'll still voice my disdain for anonymity in a (potentially) violent group (self defence of course but you get my point)

2017-03-29 22:10:27 UTC


2017-03-29 22:10:46 UTC

Is it possible to make an account on facebook, claim you're a hot chick in Seattle and try to doxx that guy from within?

2017-03-29 22:10:52 UTC

bought "ride the tiger"

2017-03-29 22:10:58 UTC

gunna compliment my bookshelf tbh

2017-03-29 22:11:13 UTC

I dont think everyone falls for such obvious catfishing and thats also a vetted general topic

2017-03-29 22:11:21 UTC

my 6 gorillian FOR DUMMIES books

2017-03-29 22:11:21 UTC

read Crisis of the Modern World too

2017-03-29 22:11:25 UTC

@nord I dont vet unfortunately

2017-03-29 22:11:30 UTC

i had that on my list

2017-03-29 22:11:31 UTC

also at work

2017-03-29 22:11:45 UTC

Metaphysics of War is really good too from Evola

2017-03-29 22:11:50 UTC

and topical

2017-03-29 22:12:35 UTC

I was tryin hunt lightning and the sun

2017-03-29 22:12:49 UTC

but my local chapters probably oi veyed at the swaztika on the cover

2017-03-29 22:13:18 UTC

Yeah. I can't vet right now either, sorry.

2017-03-29 22:13:25 UTC

idk if you can as unvetted or not but I might be able to move you to that at least atm

2017-03-29 22:13:59 UTC

rip mobile doesnt have an option

2017-03-29 22:14:03 UTC

it will be interesting juxtiposing my pol bible study and esoteric stuff

2017-03-29 22:14:23 UTC

all I can do is kick ban and mute specific people from mobile looks like

2017-03-29 22:14:25 UTC

Non-vetted can't post images either.

2017-03-29 22:14:29 UTC


2017-03-29 22:14:33 UTC

Also mobile does have that feature.

2017-03-29 22:14:39 UTC

but its really hard to get to

2017-03-29 22:14:41 UTC


2017-03-29 22:14:42 UTC


2017-03-29 22:14:48 UTC


2017-03-29 22:15:22 UTC

anyone got tips on how to turn endless banter into more marketable banter like podcast material?

2017-03-29 22:15:29 UTC

like anyone actually do podcasts here?

2017-03-29 22:15:40 UTC

We have first episode done.

2017-03-29 22:15:50 UTC

like I talk a fuck load but I need people to reel me in a lot

2017-03-29 22:15:54 UTC

I think they were trying to record material for the second episode today?

2017-03-29 22:15:56 UTC

I also am a forgetful motherfucker

2017-03-29 22:16:09 UTC

We were thinking of copperating with you guys and inviting someone as an Anticom speaker.

2017-03-29 22:16:15 UTC


2017-03-29 22:17:09 UTC


2017-03-29 22:18:02 UTC

Oskar could you vouch for ToxicPiss?

2017-03-29 22:18:09 UTC

Let Pepe be our voice

2017-03-29 22:18:42 UTC

I also get fucking rowdy when people start shitposting on mic lmao

2017-03-29 22:18:47 UTC

probably got that

2017-03-29 22:18:48 UTC

He's been helping with our website, has been with us for more than a month.

2017-03-29 22:18:52 UTC


2017-03-29 22:20:04 UTC

Ok, I gave him the vouched member rank. Basically non-vetted but he can send images and links

2017-03-29 22:20:23 UTC


2017-03-29 22:20:27 UTC


2017-03-29 22:20:42 UTC

Should suffice until someone can vet him

2017-03-29 22:21:04 UTC

Does VoL have an official site?

2017-03-29 22:21:29 UTC

The ban on non-vetted members from posting images comes from some faggots spamming interracial porn.

2017-03-29 22:21:31 UTC


2017-03-29 22:21:58 UTC

So if someone is willing to vouch for him than he is probably not a threat in that reguard.

2017-03-29 22:26:52 UTC

Can anyone vet me at the moment?

2017-03-29 22:27:20 UTC

@IronPirate <@&278459485687644161> we need to vet this guy. He is our main priority.

2017-03-29 22:27:59 UTC

<@&278459485687644161> He's the VoL member who was fired from his job. Right? @IronPirate

2017-03-29 22:28:16 UTC


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