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2017-02-05 06:20:19 UTC

You don't know shit

2017-02-05 06:20:28 UTC

I dont think we should have full blown fuckin ranks

2017-02-05 06:20:30 UTC

I dealt with protests against bush in the 2000s

2017-02-05 06:20:31 UTC

@Yvaen agreed. Also, plan events.

2017-02-05 06:20:32 UTC

That's autistic

2017-02-05 06:20:33 UTC

and making sure everyone listens to one guy to make sure that people stay in line

2017-02-05 06:20:40 UTC


2017-02-05 06:20:42 UTC

Without dozing myself you know nothing

2017-02-05 06:20:44 UTC


2017-02-05 06:20:50 UTC

"Make sure everyone listens to one guy"

2017-02-05 06:20:52 UTC

agreeed @esgee . We will have arrests

2017-02-05 06:20:53 UTC

we organize correctly

2017-02-05 06:20:55 UTC

You are autistic

2017-02-05 06:21:08 UTC

You don't need to organize all under one person you fucking autist

2017-02-05 06:21:15 UTC

Listening to 1 guy is for demonstrations. Not for actual events and protests

2017-02-05 06:21:15 UTC

Especially since we aren't going to be smashing things

2017-02-05 06:21:19 UTC

agreed @DoctorPiss , its unfeasable

2017-02-05 06:21:25 UTC

im going to greetext this for you

2017-02-05 06:21:29 UTC

If we communicate with local police could we avoid arrest?

2017-02-05 06:21:32 UTC


2017-02-05 06:21:36 UTC

I dealt with leftist protestors from 2002-2008

2017-02-05 06:21:42 UTC

just because pol is a natsoc board, doesn't mean we need to unify under one leader

2017-02-05 06:21:44 UTC

basically what you want is a minimum of discipline and a unifying mentality not ranks

2017-02-05 06:21:46 UTC

I have done this professionally

2017-02-05 06:21:49 UTC

@esgee **Listening to 1 guy is for demonstrations. Not for actual events and protests**

2017-02-05 06:21:55 UTC

>Jay, John, and Jerry go to the protest

2017-02-05 06:21:55 UTC

You don't know anything

2017-02-05 06:21:56 UTC

im listening @DoctorPiss

2017-02-05 06:21:59 UTC

Holy hell

2017-02-05 06:22:01 UTC

Have local chapters select a Sergeant at Arms who takes lead if shit goes south in the field

2017-02-05 06:22:04 UTC

>Jay starts beating an antifa

2017-02-05 06:22:07 UTC

>natsoc >soc >socialism is the stepping stone to communism

2017-02-05 06:22:09 UTC

I have actually been to protests and worked with zombietime

2017-02-05 06:22:15 UTC

professionally how exactly...

2017-02-05 06:22:23 UTC

>john and jerry dont like this but they are both wearing yellow caps

2017-02-05 06:22:24 UTC

Jesus your examples are as sht as your thinking sg95

2017-02-05 06:22:32 UTC

were you born in 1995

2017-02-05 06:22:32 UTC

>police arrest all 3

2017-02-05 06:22:47 UTC

i was born in 96 :p

2017-02-05 06:22:55 UTC

Not doxing myself but I was involved with protest warrior until the two Jews took it over

2017-02-05 06:23:08 UTC

We are intentionally making sure we are not smashing shit, the goal of this is literally to make right-wing the countrymen and antifa and communists evil instead of the other way around

2017-02-05 06:23:09 UTC

Guess what they were obsessed with ranks and roles tho

2017-02-05 06:23:12 UTC

SG95, this is why you need to start attending protests of any kind. Police are not just milling about - they're in a line

2017-02-05 06:23:17 UTC

leadership can prevent people from infiltrating and single handedly inciting arrests

2017-02-05 06:23:22 UTC

This kid has never been to a protest

2017-02-05 06:23:26 UTC

In his life

2017-02-05 06:23:34 UTC

You're fucking not old enough to drink even Jesus

2017-02-05 06:23:37 UTC

Ban hom

2017-02-05 06:23:37 UTC

we arent protesting

2017-02-05 06:23:44 UTC

but we are

2017-02-05 06:23:45 UTC

i think its fine

2017-02-05 06:23:46 UTC

No but we're going to be at one idiot

2017-02-05 06:23:47 UTC


2017-02-05 06:23:47 UTC

just let it be

2017-02-05 06:23:50 UTC

we are protecting people from protests

2017-02-05 06:23:52 UTC

Jesus Christ this kids autism

2017-02-05 06:24:02 UTC

@esgee it's not that deep

2017-02-05 06:24:10 UTC

Does attending a Woman's March in search of ass count as having attended a protest?

2017-02-05 06:24:13 UTC

can we settle the rank debate later?

2017-02-05 06:24:14 UTC

it's counter-protesting not commie patrol

2017-02-05 06:24:18 UTC

**We can worry about autismo shit like ranks when the forum is made on anticom.us, what symbol are we going to use**

2017-02-05 06:24:19 UTC

**We can worry about autismo shit like ranks when the forum is made on anticom.us, what symbol are we going to use**

2017-02-05 06:24:19 UTC

**We can worry about autismo shit like ranks when the forum is made on anticom.us, what symbol are we going to use**

2017-02-05 06:24:20 UTC

**We can worry about autismo shit like ranks when the forum is made on anticom.us, what symbol are we going to use**

2017-02-05 06:24:20 UTC

**We can worry about autismo shit like ranks when the forum is made on anticom.us, what symbol are we going to use**

2017-02-05 06:24:20 UTC

**We can worry about autismo shit like ranks when the forum is made on anticom.us, what symbol are we going to use**

2017-02-05 06:24:26 UTC


2017-02-05 06:24:31 UTC

I'd probably shit my pants in a protest tbh. I could only have strength if I have fellow anons there with me

2017-02-05 06:24:33 UTC

He doesn't even understand how people get arrested

2017-02-05 06:24:33 UTC

Snek & shield?


2017-02-05 06:24:38 UTC

end your life, you browse an anime weeabo virgin forum and are talking about forming an army of autists. yet you call me a=utistic

2017-02-05 06:24:40 UTC

The police treat cameramen, protesters, bystanders, etc. more or less the same. They clear rooms, and if for any reason you DO NOT OBEY, they will UP the ENFORCEMENT. The POLICE WILL NOT TREAT US DIFFERENTLY

2017-02-05 06:24:42 UTC

Literally all his posts are "imagining"

2017-02-05 06:24:51 UTC

Yes because you are autistic and salty

2017-02-05 06:24:55 UTC

it reminds me of slytherin

2017-02-05 06:24:56 UTC

People, Just worry about finding other individuals in your local area,,,

2017-02-05 06:24:59 UTC

Holy shit you people have no restraint

2017-02-05 06:25:00 UTC

You're a salty Autist who wants to be a coordinator with rank

2017-02-05 06:25:01 UTC


2017-02-05 06:25:11 UTC

so what do you expect us to do at these events?

2017-02-05 06:25:19 UTC

be Black Bloc?

2017-02-05 06:25:22 UTC

i've had 4 shots of everclear @Anticom LR what do you expect

2017-02-05 06:25:24 UTC

smash shit?

2017-02-05 06:25:24 UTC

Just attend at first

2017-02-05 06:25:27 UTC

Don't do snakes. The average idiot won't get the "don't tread" reference. They'll auto-assume you're bad guys or a street gang.

2017-02-05 06:25:29 UTC

so this is already off to a tremendous start

2017-02-05 06:25:36 UTC

be anonymopus violent faggots?

2017-02-05 06:25:38 UTC

assert your ideas and they'll be selected if they're actually good

2017-02-05 06:26:06 UTC


2017-02-05 06:26:08 UTC

@Hadrian We are intentionally doing snakes cause of the scales symbolism - any other animal?

2017-02-05 06:26:21 UTC

Why an animal at all?

2017-02-05 06:26:23 UTC

so you guys want to bascially copy antifa

2017-02-05 06:26:23 UTC


2017-02-05 06:26:30 UTC

and use it against them

2017-02-05 06:26:36 UTC

thats gay and wont work

2017-02-05 06:26:43 UTC

snakes, centipedes, frogs, polar bears now i guess idk

2017-02-05 06:26:45 UTC

well just get arrested along with them

2017-02-05 06:26:46 UTC

I suggest maybe no NatSoc, 4chan or /pol/ references whatsoever in our symbols.

2017-02-05 06:26:50 UTC

we have the moral high ground anti fa are violent kids

2017-02-05 06:26:55 UTC

Animals in symbolism are always the strongest

2017-02-05 06:26:57 UTC

We can't have people autoasume we're just NeoNazis

2017-02-05 06:26:59 UTC

@Anticom LR frogs are very altright. not sure if that is something we want or not. hedgehogs are cute and are identifiable with women, that is a plus. snakes seem a bit too extremist, although i like the dontsteponsnek meme

2017-02-05 06:27:00 UTC

And you think that anything that isn't what you suggest is antifa thinking

2017-02-05 06:27:07 UTC

The name istself in not smart because of the "anti" part. still better than minutemen

2017-02-05 06:27:08 UTC

centipedes and snakes maybe

2017-02-05 06:27:13 UTC

Nah, too corny boi

2017-02-05 06:27:16 UTC

Although >A FUCKING MEGAPHONE was suggested earlier and gained a bit of traction until we went snek & shield route

2017-02-05 06:27:17 UTC

again, what the fuck is our coordination then?

2017-02-05 06:27:28 UTC

Calm down Autist

2017-02-05 06:27:31 UTC

group up

2017-02-05 06:27:35 UTC

ummm eagle?

2017-02-05 06:27:36 UTC

Wait till the guy who started this whole dealio before we talk about ranks and shit like that

2017-02-05 06:27:50 UTC

Is it possible for us to make the snek not as aggressive looking? Might look a bit more friendlier.

2017-02-05 06:27:54 UTC

@DoctorPiss you can be buttblasted general

2017-02-05 06:28:00 UTC

@Devilsgun101 Eagle was immediately dismissed by everyone as being too much of a meme

2017-02-05 06:28:06 UTC

Nobody here knows each other yet, leadership would be rife for traitors. Meet up for local protests, we'll go from there.

2017-02-05 06:28:07 UTC

You strike me as incredibly salty

2017-02-05 06:28:09 UTC


2017-02-05 06:28:28 UTC

@DoctorPiss did you copy paste that from reddit

2017-02-05 06:28:30 UTC

@Anticom LR if want a friendly nonaggressive animal just go ahead and use a hedhehog. snakes are seen as evil besides anime NEETS

2017-02-05 06:28:31 UTC

birds in general are used with liberty and stuff. free to fly and roam and all that

2017-02-05 06:28:33 UTC

Snakes are known for being poisonous, deceptive, and will go against religious groups due to the eden symbolism.

2017-02-05 06:28:38 UTC

250 twitter followers ayyy

2017-02-05 06:28:54 UTC

Nice point Hadrian

2017-02-05 06:28:55 UTC

If you're going to do an animal, eagle is the only thing that could work in the USA

2017-02-05 06:29:04 UTC

you could go with a golden star

2017-02-05 06:29:12 UTC

porcupine is fitted for a politcal party. ya kind of want to be aggresive.

2017-02-05 06:29:15 UTC


2017-02-05 06:29:18 UTC

cute little yellow and black frog

2017-02-05 06:29:20 UTC

The coordination is grouping up and counterprotesting. Never attack first, self defense only. It's about creating an image of looking better than the antifascists that not even the media can twist around.

2017-02-05 06:29:32 UTC

Go with simple symbols that can be draw easily and are immediately discernible to police.

2017-02-05 06:29:34 UTC

Hey! I just got in here. Anyone catch the new Vox Day Darkstream? It was a run down of some tactics to use against Antifa basically

2017-02-05 06:29:47 UTC

hippity hoppity get off my property would be a good sign actually

2017-02-05 06:29:48 UTC

ill check it out

2017-02-05 06:29:54 UTC

with antifags filling the roads

2017-02-05 06:29:57 UTC

@Junge to meme

2017-02-05 06:29:57 UTC


2017-02-05 06:30:07 UTC


2017-02-05 06:30:09 UTC

I'm thinking either hedgehog or snek. Frogs and eagles I personally think are too memey and might fuck us

2017-02-05 06:30:11 UTC

At least not yet

2017-02-05 06:30:14 UTC

The anarcho-capitalist frog has spoken.

2017-02-05 06:30:24 UTC

Memes are fine, it doesnt really matter tbh

2017-02-05 06:30:25 UTC

Yeah, I think it's pretty relevant to Anticom

2017-02-05 06:30:50 UTC

God I swear we change our opinions on our symbols every fuckin hour kek

2017-02-05 06:31:03 UTC

liberals just say fuck you trump lol fuck your property lol

2017-02-05 06:31:05 UTC

thats all they do

2017-02-05 06:31:06 UTC


2017-02-05 06:31:08 UTC

The resistance doesnt have symbols, and they're doing pretty well

2017-02-05 06:31:10 UTC

@Attila the Pun Since you're late, this is what we're arguing on (our symbol, would be the current snek + shield)

2017-02-05 06:31:13 UTC


2017-02-05 06:31:14 UTC

Why not just stick with this yellow/black flag idea? Plus other countries can adopt it easily enough.

2017-02-05 06:31:23 UTC

We can either model the resist movement or antifa, its up to you guys

2017-02-05 06:31:28 UTC

you should discuss ideology not symbols and names

2017-02-05 06:31:36 UTC


2017-02-05 06:31:44 UTC

Don't underestimate them.

2017-02-05 06:31:48 UTC

Symbols are very powerful

2017-02-05 06:31:54 UTC

so essentially, we are going to protests as individuals, and acting like individuals?

2017-02-05 06:31:54 UTC

@aserdy We're currently trying to think of a symbol to use.

2017-02-05 06:32:05 UTC

At first, yeah. @esgee

2017-02-05 06:32:06 UTC

i dont see why we cant have the snake with the dont tread on me under it

2017-02-05 06:32:06 UTC

gadsen flag is good for everyone too. i see them in walmart, easy to pick up.

2017-02-05 06:32:14 UTC

It's like you see no difference between having a central leadership with tans

2017-02-05 06:32:16 UTC


2017-02-05 06:32:18 UTC


2017-02-05 06:32:26 UTC

And everyone going out individually

2017-02-05 06:32:27 UTC

we need tanks

2017-02-05 06:32:30 UTC

@Devilsgun101 Too blatant. Gadsen is a meme and we wont be taken seriously

2017-02-05 06:32:31 UTC


2017-02-05 06:32:33 UTC

Binary autistic logic

2017-02-05 06:32:36 UTC

Sure, looks good. I see it's a constrictor and not a venomous snake.

2017-02-05 06:32:38 UTC

Alright, anticom. I'll be honest here. That symbol is going to be hard to reproduce by the less artistically skilled among us. Keep it simple instead.

2017-02-05 06:32:42 UTC


2017-02-05 06:32:53 UTC


2017-02-05 06:32:53 UTC


2017-02-05 06:32:55 UTC

what isnt a meme anymore>_>

2017-02-05 06:32:57 UTC

I feel like posters like such should be made and be put up in hotbed areas


2017-02-05 06:32:57 UTC

symbols and names come naturally, let your ideas form them, not the other way around

2017-02-05 06:32:58 UTC


2017-02-05 06:32:59 UTC

If anyone here lives in Seattle, I'd be down for a meetup btw

2017-02-05 06:33:03 UTC

I secone @Verm

2017-02-05 06:33:04 UTC

who is our central leadership then?

2017-02-05 06:33:07 UTC


2017-02-05 06:33:14 UTC


2017-02-05 06:33:15 UTC

@Verm Yeah I see what you mean but I honestly dont see any other alternative. I'd love for us to be able to recreate this shit easily but no clue of what. Maybe just a shield?

2017-02-05 06:33:17 UTC


2017-02-05 06:33:22 UTC

the website?

2017-02-05 06:33:33 UTC


2017-02-05 06:33:38 UTC

Shield alone can work. I'd add a color though.

2017-02-05 06:33:39 UTC


2017-02-05 06:33:50 UTC


2017-02-05 06:33:51 UTC

are we going to have at least guidelines on the webiste?

2017-02-05 06:33:52 UTC

That'll be determined when we actuall know people irl, and can voouch for them. There are NO DOUBT antifa infiltraitors in this discord. Leadership before irl is A MISTAKE

2017-02-05 06:33:55 UTC

As I said before, keep it simple and easily recognizable.

2017-02-05 06:33:57 UTC

omg i havent seen pomf in a very long time

2017-02-05 06:34:02 UTC

@Hadrian Colors would be black & white. That is the color scheme for int logo.

2017-02-05 06:34:03 UTC

Yes the website will probably have guidelines

2017-02-05 06:34:15 UTC

@esgee get in voice and talk it out

2017-02-05 06:34:21 UTC


2017-02-05 06:34:23 UTC

Antifa can suck my sandy Arizona ass

2017-02-05 06:34:27 UTC

its late here

2017-02-05 06:34:30 UTC

@esgee get in voice and talk it out

2017-02-05 06:34:32 UTC

because no one cares in general

2017-02-05 06:34:34 UTC

@Anticom LR#9355 The only problem with black and white is it gets lost in a protest.

2017-02-05 06:34:34 UTC

@esgee we're willing to talk with you in voice chat

2017-02-05 06:34:36 UTC

come here

2017-02-05 06:34:40 UTC

well talk with you

2017-02-05 06:34:43 UTC

Are you afraid we will realize your voice hasn't dropped yet

2017-02-05 06:34:46 UTC


2017-02-05 06:34:48 UTC

it has

2017-02-05 06:34:53 UTC

@Hadrian Those are just int colors

2017-02-05 06:34:55 UTC

We are so convinced

2017-02-05 06:34:58 UTC

@esgee come to the voice chat

2017-02-05 06:35:00 UTC

So far each country has its own colors

2017-02-05 06:35:01 UTC

we'll talk

2017-02-05 06:35:02 UTC

anyone from the michigan area?

2017-02-05 06:35:03 UTC

come on

2017-02-05 06:35:07 UTC

@Anticom LR#9355 fair enough

2017-02-05 06:35:09 UTC

which voice cha

2017-02-05 06:35:09 UTC

American @Hadrian


2017-02-05 06:35:10 UTC

@esgee come to voice bitch

2017-02-05 06:35:11 UTC


2017-02-05 06:35:16 UTC

Relax guys, we're eating each other here

2017-02-05 06:35:17 UTC

which one faggot

2017-02-05 06:35:31 UTC

@esgee comfy fuhrerbunker

2017-02-05 06:35:41 UTC

Holy shit can you two stop the fucking infighting for one second and help us figure out the symbol to use

2017-02-05 06:35:42 UTC


2017-02-05 06:35:51 UTC

use a yellow benis

2017-02-05 06:35:51 UTC

https://discord.gg/nAfHa also voicebros come to the troll.army antifa.rip discord, thats' where we focus on doxxing antifa and documenting them

2017-02-05 06:35:56 UTC

Am I not hitting the point here? Look at most protests. They either have a slogan or a very simple representative flag. This is a movement, not a nation.

2017-02-05 06:36:02 UTC

We need something easy to recreate but not something too fucking dumb

2017-02-05 06:36:10 UTC


2017-02-05 06:36:12 UTC
2017-02-05 06:36:12 UTC

That's there to argue?

2017-02-05 06:36:12 UTC

Agreed @Verm

2017-02-05 06:36:16 UTC

Reverse the colors.

2017-02-05 06:36:19 UTC

I'm liking @Verms

2017-02-05 06:36:35 UTC

@Verm From a distance, We'll look like an anti-smoking campaign

2017-02-05 06:36:42 UTC


2017-02-05 06:36:47 UTC

@Verm Int flag is just for all nations. Each nation has its own united flag (FL has the same flag as TX i would think for example)

2017-02-05 06:36:50 UTC

I'm sorry to stomp on your hard work, it looks really cool and all. But it doesn't work if people need to re-create the symbol.

2017-02-05 06:37:01 UTC

@Sevatar Will do now.

2017-02-05 06:37:08 UTC

I really like @Anticom LR's tbh.

2017-02-05 06:37:26 UTC

If you have an easy symbol to recreate pass it to me and I'll put it on. The thing I'm posting isn't the actual symbol, it's the thing in the center that is

2017-02-05 06:37:32 UTC

@Anticom LR#9355 why are you guys thinking about attending the protest when it would be easier to sink antifa credibility in the eyes of the public?

2017-02-05 06:37:44 UTC

Examples? @aserdy

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