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2017-02-05 03:18:59 UTC

hard benis

2017-02-05 03:19:00 UTC

And where?

2017-02-05 03:19:03 UTC

on 4pol

2017-02-05 03:19:04 UTC

We want to threaten the fuck out of Antifa

2017-02-05 03:19:10 UTC

Not physically

2017-02-05 03:19:11 UTC

8pol will ban you

2017-02-05 03:19:13 UTC

But threaten what they are doing

2017-02-05 03:19:23 UTC

8/pol/ is out of the question to me. We don't want to become another TRS.

2017-02-05 03:19:25 UTC

Also what @Haupst├╝rmfuhrer Pepe said 8pol is antifa infiltrated

2017-02-05 03:19:35 UTC

Keep that in mind,.

2017-02-05 03:19:46 UTC

yea i just saved the flag as a png sorry

2017-02-05 03:19:47 UTC

We need to learn from where the others dropped off.

2017-02-05 03:19:52 UTC

I can upload that if you want tho

2017-02-05 03:19:54 UTC

@Click Do you know how you made it

2017-02-05 03:19:57 UTC


2017-02-05 03:20:05 UTC

Are the 8/pol/ mods actually antifa or was that just a meme from TRS?

2017-02-05 03:20:10 UTC


2017-02-05 03:20:11 UTC

No they are actually antifa

2017-02-05 03:20:21 UTC

I don't really know. I sometimes wonder if they're just really paranoid.

2017-02-05 03:20:23 UTC

We have an antifa not on /pol/ but on /qa/

2017-02-05 03:20:30 UTC

He deletes our threads sometimes

2017-02-05 03:20:55 UTC

Back with RWSS, we frequently had threads deleted on /pol/

2017-02-05 03:21:03 UTC

just used the shape tool to make a rectangle than I used a line tool to split the rectangle in half diagnally then made triangles fill each half and made clipping mask layers on top and added the stars and stripes in to those

2017-02-05 03:21:10 UTC

You know those good night left side posters?

2017-02-05 03:21:15 UTC

Does anyone want to make a youtube channel? would be a great way to get cash.

2017-02-05 03:21:16 UTC

I could stick them around Belfast

2017-02-05 03:21:20 UTC

**Remember your Forebearers, Remember how brutally they died and just how much of it was their fault.**

2017-02-05 03:21:35 UTC

Don't make a YT channel yet

2017-02-05 03:21:57 UTC

If we make any A/V media, we need casting.

2017-02-05 03:22:02 UTC

people make money from uploading tucker videos and other tv shit

2017-02-05 03:22:04 UTC

The good night left side stuff is a little to radical to but posting publicly. We really want to brand ourselves as not aggressive.

2017-02-05 03:22:08 UTC

Are we doing any operations, or setting up any chats for Hawaii, Alaska, and the terrorizes?

2017-02-05 03:22:18 UTC

@­čů▒arD Agreed, I didn't post any on twitter.

2017-02-05 03:22:25 UTC


2017-02-05 03:22:34 UTC

I'll post AntiCom then on posts

2017-02-05 03:22:51 UTC

We can't have an autistic furfaggot as the face and voice of our movement. We need to search for strong, confident voices and attractive, able bodied men to represent us.

2017-02-05 03:22:55 UTC

Lemme tell you though

2017-02-05 03:23:09 UTC

Antifa is ripe in Belfast although they don't have any real traction

2017-02-05 03:23:13 UTC

Thats the voice

2017-02-05 03:23:21 UTC

I've seen sprayed antifa logos in one street

2017-02-05 03:24:01 UTC

I honestly think

2017-02-05 03:24:06 UTC

And people may disagree

2017-02-05 03:24:12 UTC

The donald is cancer

2017-02-05 03:24:20 UTC

But it's a good recruiting ground

2017-02-05 03:24:23 UTC

The Don is god

2017-02-05 03:24:26 UTC

Can I ask for a WV text channel?

2017-02-05 03:24:33 UTC

No like the reddit forum

2017-02-05 03:24:46 UTC

You know what would be awesome? If we could get a logo that had the standard "good night right side" layout, but instead of an antifa beating a rightwinger it would have one of us protecting a woman or child from antifa

2017-02-05 03:24:46 UTC

O ya kinda

2017-02-05 03:24:52 UTC

Trump is good

2017-02-05 03:25:03 UTC

No doubt about that

2017-02-05 03:25:29 UTC

I'm glad I got into this

2017-02-05 03:25:54 UTC


2017-02-05 03:25:58 UTC

You're a god

2017-02-05 03:26:27 UTC


2017-02-05 03:26:30 UTC

I have a better Triarii song

2017-02-05 03:26:33 UTC

What's our standard on physique?

2017-02-05 03:26:39 UTC

Check the googel doc

2017-02-05 03:26:41 UTC


2017-02-05 03:26:42 UTC

Obesity is our standard

2017-02-05 03:26:52 UTC

Eat as many Big macs as you can

2017-02-05 03:26:57 UTC

We have a google doc? is that in Announcements?

2017-02-05 03:27:00 UTC


2017-02-05 03:27:03 UTC

Good for the mind and you can cushion punches

2017-02-05 03:27:08 UTC

nvm I'll link it @Odalist Refrain

2017-02-05 03:27:16 UTC

Greater Daemons of Nurgle

2017-02-05 03:27:59 UTC


2017-02-05 03:29:55 UTC

The fuck

2017-02-05 03:29:59 UTC

I am in the voice channel

2017-02-05 03:29:59 UTC

bot is buggy

2017-02-05 03:30:08 UTC


2017-02-05 03:30:47 UTC

I'm looking at the marines fitness standards.... They are so lenient on women.

2017-02-05 03:31:00 UTC


2017-02-05 03:31:22 UTC

3 pull ups is nothing

2017-02-05 03:31:27 UTC

Marine fitness standards for a small group

2017-02-05 03:31:34 UTC

Let's be honest

2017-02-05 03:31:44 UTC

As long as you're not a fat cunt you're good to go

2017-02-05 03:31:48 UTC


2017-02-05 03:32:00 UTC

If you're fat, be our camera man

2017-02-05 03:32:11 UTC

We got a use for everybody

2017-02-05 03:32:15 UTC

I just prefer the fitness standards because they're quantifiable.

2017-02-05 03:32:23 UTC

"Fat" is a little harder to determine

2017-02-05 03:32:37 UTC

If you can't DL 4 plates you're out

2017-02-05 03:32:41 UTC


2017-02-05 03:32:42 UTC


2017-02-05 03:32:51 UTC

Leg press at least 350?

2017-02-05 03:32:58 UTC

or maybe 400

2017-02-05 03:33:09 UTC

Tfw home gym only goes up to 350lbs

2017-02-05 03:33:15 UTC

pleb-tier gym

2017-02-05 03:33:16 UTC


2017-02-05 03:33:33 UTC

Sprints should be in consideration.

2017-02-05 03:33:33 UTC

Greenhouse gym with rusted weights and chains.

2017-02-05 03:33:43 UTC

Rest assured, we *will* have to run.

2017-02-05 03:33:43 UTC

lifting is below me


2017-02-05 03:33:50 UTC

@Odalist Refrain There's a 3 mile run involved

2017-02-05 03:33:54 UTC

Tfw too smart to lift

2017-02-05 03:33:58 UTC

Why not both

2017-02-05 03:34:07 UTC


2017-02-05 03:34:19 UTC


2017-02-05 03:34:44 UTC

tfw to smart to read

2017-02-05 03:34:50 UTC


2017-02-05 03:34:53 UTC
2017-02-05 03:35:10 UTC

tfw too smart to brag about it on the internet

2017-02-05 03:35:12 UTC

>tfw to smart to score high on an IQ test

2017-02-05 03:35:19 UTC
2017-02-05 03:35:36 UTC

>tfw forget to greentext while you're greentexting as a parody of internet culture and you just look retarded

2017-02-05 03:36:24 UTC

What are our standards on alcohol?

2017-02-05 03:36:27 UTC


2017-02-05 03:36:29 UTC

>tfw too smart not to fall for the stem meme with Sessions on AG

2017-02-05 03:36:30 UTC

Not important.

2017-02-05 03:36:34 UTC

We all hate commies

2017-02-05 03:36:37 UTC

That's the goal

2017-02-05 03:36:43 UTC

We're not a political party with a platform

2017-02-05 03:37:02 UTC

But having drunk loudmouths bound to assault someone isn't a good idea @Haupst├╝rmfuhrer Pepe

2017-02-05 03:37:19 UTC

you dont even know how to WWII meme!

2017-02-05 03:37:20 UTC

@Odalist Refrain Oh, well of course we aren't going to be drinking before events.

2017-02-05 03:37:26 UTC

I thought you meant alcohol in general

2017-02-05 03:37:27 UTC

Temperament standards are necessary.

2017-02-05 03:37:45 UTC

thats how you WWII meme

2017-02-05 03:37:52 UTC


2017-02-05 03:38:02 UTC

cleaned up the lines a lil bit

2017-02-05 03:38:13 UTC

If you can't handle a the stress or an antifa spitting in your face without going berserk, then we can't let you in.

2017-02-05 03:38:15 UTC

Also, daily reminder not to go to any links that seem suspicious on /pol/

2017-02-05 03:38:20 UTC

@Click Aesthetic

2017-02-05 03:38:39 UTC

antifa is trying to honeypot sites, and get names

2017-02-05 03:39:04 UTC

What is our definition of justified force?

2017-02-05 03:39:09 UTC

They already have my email and name if the whitehouse petition is compromised.

2017-02-05 03:39:32 UTC

@­čů▒arD oh contraire mon frere, if someone spits in my face, that is in fact considered an assault

2017-02-05 03:39:38 UTC

What if we use bikes as shields like they did at rnc?


2017-02-05 03:39:44 UTC

@Odalist Refrain We can define this by region

2017-02-05 03:39:59 UTC

bike repairs sound expensive

2017-02-05 03:40:09 UTC

Just use a riot shield fam.

2017-02-05 03:40:10 UTC


2017-02-05 03:40:18 UTC

There's plenty of milsurp sites that sell them

2017-02-05 03:40:22 UTC

@Kevibear Yes, it is. But starting a fight over that is not going to look good

2017-02-05 03:40:25 UTC

darty, whitehouse was compromised

2017-02-05 03:40:36 UTC

Yeah so I'm screwed either way then

2017-02-05 03:40:42 UTC

Sorry to say. Also, don't download anything, because then shit can get really bad.

2017-02-05 03:40:46 UTC

get cheap bikes. This sounds good.

2017-02-05 03:40:47 UTC

For You

2017-02-05 03:41:16 UTC


2017-02-05 03:42:06 UTC

Yes more priest

2017-02-05 03:42:13 UTC

@Ulst├Ęr-Scotch Screamin for vengeance

2017-02-05 03:42:19 UTC

Just want to report in and say I'm not dead, just working on the flag in the center of the American logo

2017-02-05 03:42:51 UTC

What do you gentlemen think of carrying flagpoles to counter ANTIFA poles?

2017-02-05 03:43:08 UTC
2017-02-05 03:43:31 UTC

@­čů▒arD it is good to swing at somone that spits in your face. Spit cant transmit communicable diseases and intentional transmission of a communicable disease is pretty srs

2017-02-05 03:43:48 UTC

Yes but what will that look like on camera

2017-02-05 03:43:58 UTC

how do I mute music?

2017-02-05 03:44:05 UTC

Spitting at someone is considered assault in most places, from what I remember.

2017-02-05 03:44:16 UTC

@Fallen Right click on pvpcraft

2017-02-05 03:44:18 UTC

Shields would work for both spit and their fucking ples

2017-02-05 03:44:20 UTC

It would look like someone spit in your face and you clocked em

2017-02-05 03:44:24 UTC


2017-02-05 03:44:38 UTC


2017-02-05 03:44:52 UTC

@Ulst├Ęr-Scotch Tfw metal is the red pill to combat rap

2017-02-05 03:45:25 UTC

I don't know. If it was just me I probably would swing back. The problem is that if we are going to be an organization we really need to worry about our appearance.

2017-02-05 03:45:40 UTC

Not really

2017-02-05 03:45:50 UTC

We need to worry about a hierarchy

2017-02-05 03:46:05 UTC

The left media will already try to make us look like the SS.

2017-02-05 03:46:14 UTC

We can't give them ammunition.

2017-02-05 03:46:16 UTC

So what

2017-02-05 03:46:29 UTC

@­čů▒arD We should look into local laws before appearing. If someone spits on us and we do nothing. Clocking people who spit will rally ***our*** people to us.

2017-02-05 03:46:33 UTC

They will do that no matter what we do

2017-02-05 03:46:39 UTC

I would imagine National Director >> Regional Director >> State Director >> Foot soldiers

2017-02-05 03:46:46 UTC


2017-02-05 03:46:51 UTC

Had something I forgot to put.

2017-02-05 03:47:00 UTC

We look rediculous if we just get spit on and do nothing.

2017-02-05 03:47:10 UTC

It makes us look weak. Like targets.

2017-02-05 03:47:15 UTC

I don't know.

2017-02-05 03:47:23 UTC

We could feed all the homeless in the US, build roads, employ millions and they would still make us out to be nazis (pro tip, thats what the nazis did)

2017-02-05 03:47:47 UTC

Yeah, but they wouldn't have anything to stand on.

2017-02-05 03:47:50 UTC

You know how these people are. Give an inch, take a mile. If one spits and doesn't get anything, e'll keep spitting and so will his friend.

2017-02-05 03:47:56 UTC

doesnt matter

2017-02-05 03:48:20 UTC

we will be crucified no matter what we do

2017-02-05 03:48:28 UTC

I guess it feels to me like punching is too violent of a reaction to spitting.

2017-02-05 03:49:03 UTC

If there was some way of responding that was less violent but still got the message across

2017-02-05 03:49:09 UTC


2017-02-05 03:49:31 UTC

Assault is assault

2017-02-05 03:49:51 UTC

Don't start it but finish it

2017-02-05 03:50:12 UTC

pulling out a gun and spraying a crowd of them would work

2017-02-05 03:50:20 UTC

I worked for a DOC prison, if someone spit on me they would get charged to the max and catch another 5 years for spitting on a gaurd

2017-02-05 03:50:27 UTC
2017-02-05 03:51:20 UTC

Any Louisiana fags in here?

2017-02-05 03:51:24 UTC

it has nothing to do with spit, its a vector for disease

2017-02-05 03:51:54 UTC

Again, my only issue is how it will look to an outside observer. I agree that they deserve a response, I just don't see how you can do it without it looking like you are the aggressor.

2017-02-05 03:52:05 UTC

This guy sounds like antifa

2017-02-05 03:52:18 UTC

@­čů▒arD Easy. Film everything.

2017-02-05 03:52:25 UTC


2017-02-05 03:52:35 UTC

I donnt know a single person that would let someone spit in their face and just shrug it off

2017-02-05 03:52:47 UTC

That's why antifa is always screaming about cameras being off

2017-02-05 03:52:48 UTC

Jones did it

2017-02-05 03:53:02 UTC

Remember spittin jimmy?

2017-02-05 03:53:05 UTC

Rhalitra is suspect

2017-02-05 03:53:10 UTC

And the TYT crash

2017-02-05 03:53:22 UTC

I guess. Still not 100% sure.

2017-02-05 03:53:36 UTC

Are we having a good ole voice chat meme talk?

2017-02-05 03:53:57 UTC

@Fallen Who?

2017-02-05 03:54:06 UTC

in the chat Rhalitra

2017-02-05 03:54:28 UTC

@Click Fuck I'm awful at doing this flag design kek can you do what you did before but with the American colors pls

2017-02-05 03:55:10 UTC

Like this?


2017-02-05 03:55:21 UTC

I'm referring to this

2017-02-05 03:55:22 UTC

>tfw this will never become a thing

2017-02-05 03:55:23 UTC


2017-02-05 03:55:27 UTC

I hope this becomes the new SA

2017-02-05 03:55:35 UTC

This one's my favorite


2017-02-05 03:55:46 UTC

Well, we got 181 followers in less than 24 hours @SwedeScania

2017-02-05 03:55:48 UTC

@Click you there?

2017-02-05 03:55:53 UTC

So I'm optimistic about our growth rate

2017-02-05 03:56:05 UTC


2017-02-05 03:56:16 UTC

huh wha?

2017-02-05 03:56:17 UTC

@SwedeScania We have an international and an American insignia already (technically an American insignia - the flag in the center still not done

2017-02-05 03:56:17 UTC

im here

2017-02-05 03:56:28 UTC

@­čů▒arD I mean with the other colors, soz

2017-02-05 03:56:35 UTC

Are you making a website?

2017-02-05 03:56:37 UTC

New fag here. Do we have a website yet?

2017-02-05 03:56:41 UTC


2017-02-05 03:56:47 UTC

Click can you do the flag with the colors? I am awful at doing it

2017-02-05 03:56:50 UTC


2017-02-05 03:56:53 UTC

we do but we dont have anything on it yet

2017-02-05 03:56:53 UTC

@Click You're the drawfag, right? Forgot already.

2017-02-05 03:56:57 UTC

Yeah he is

2017-02-05 03:56:57 UTC

yea i can do that

2017-02-05 03:57:00 UTC


2017-02-05 03:57:08 UTC

You know the colors, right? The light yellow with black

2017-02-05 03:57:12 UTC


2017-02-05 03:57:15 UTC

I do occasionally drawfag @Odalist Refrain

2017-02-05 03:57:17 UTC

Example if you need

2017-02-05 03:57:25 UTC

Maybe we should stop saying fag not because im swedish and a faggot but because normalfags will take us more serious

2017-02-05 03:57:27 UTC

Exactly like that but actually legit if you can kek

2017-02-05 03:57:35 UTC

@SwedeScania >Swedish and a faggot

2017-02-05 03:57:39 UTC

Wew the stereotypes

2017-02-05 03:57:47 UTC

@Click Any chance you could draw me up a deer head for the Michigan Seal?

2017-02-05 03:57:52 UTC

I MEAN OR faggot

2017-02-05 03:57:53 UTC


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