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2017-03-06 18:35:47 UTC

Prices would be so fucking low

2017-03-06 18:36:14 UTC

If some dickhole company sells their shit at a high price, a consumer boycott will rape them

2017-03-06 18:36:31 UTC

>no taxes
But how state will be even exist without taxes?

2017-03-06 18:36:32 UTC

Price fixing is actually still a big issue

2017-03-06 18:36:34 UTC

boycott meme is a good one

2017-03-06 18:36:45 UTC

Nuh. You can't immediately drop it, or immediately raise it. That shit has to b e gradual Casimir.

2017-03-06 18:36:47 UTC

the free market will fix the price fixing issue

2017-03-06 18:37:02 UTC

it assumes there is a racial composition with an IQ that can conceptualize the point of a boycott

2017-03-06 18:37:03 UTC

No government borders, only OUR borders. Will it work?

2017-03-06 18:37:03 UTC

Novolog and humalog up their prices 3% at regular intervals

2017-03-06 18:37:03 UTC


2017-03-06 18:37:09 UTC

Freer the market the freer the people

2017-03-06 18:37:14 UTC

"ok EVERYONE agree we sell rune scims for 32k not a penny less OK"

2017-03-06 18:37:18 UTC

"Muh freemarket" is not the solution to everything numbnuts

2017-03-06 18:37:19 UTC
2017-03-06 18:37:19 UTC


2017-03-06 18:37:30 UTC

That's the thing with Trusts

2017-03-06 18:37:38 UTC

Consumers will decide the price of things

2017-03-06 18:37:40 UTC

Yes, because doesn't everyone love fucking toll roads everywhere?

2017-03-06 18:37:41 UTC

no borders = end of society

2017-03-06 18:37:42 UTC

They trust eachother to not drop prices

2017-03-06 18:37:44 UTC

@Miomio So we need taxes

2017-03-06 18:37:47 UTC


2017-03-06 18:37:49 UTC


2017-03-06 18:37:57 UTC

Yes we fucking need fucking taxes

2017-03-06 18:37:58 UTC

No borders is the absolute dumbest idea in history.

2017-03-06 18:37:59 UTC


2017-03-06 18:38:00 UTC

Minimal taxes

2017-03-06 18:38:03 UTC

>pay for the roads you use instead of the roads you dont use but pay for through taxes

2017-03-06 18:38:10 UTC

do you pay money every time you send an email

2017-03-06 18:38:17 UTC

these things can be optimized

2017-03-06 18:38:24 UTC

Never ending chaos with the lower-races is trhe destiny of your society unless you violate your own NAP and pre-emptively annihilate thjem.

2017-03-06 18:38:26 UTC

I just wanted to make sure we're on the same boat here

2017-03-06 18:38:30 UTC

in which case u become fashy

2017-03-06 18:38:33 UTC

toppest kek

2017-03-06 18:38:42 UTC

lolbertarians still exist

2017-03-06 18:38:43 UTC

Anarchy is stupid though

2017-03-06 18:38:51 UTC

libertarian doesnt mean open borders, i dont tihnk anyone here is ANCAP

2017-03-06 18:38:55 UTC

People will just create small countries in anarchy

2017-03-06 18:39:08 UTC


2017-03-06 18:39:13 UTC

I'm a libertarian nationalist

2017-03-06 18:39:17 UTC

^ kek

2017-03-06 18:39:21 UTC

Antifa are anarchists, are u advocating anarchism?

2017-03-06 18:39:22 UTC

not you Casimir

2017-03-06 18:39:23 UTC

Lolbertarian xD

2017-03-06 18:39:38 UTC

I mean, I believe in Liberty

2017-03-06 18:39:48 UTC

Minarchy can work, anarchy - no

2017-03-06 18:39:48 UTC

Ordered, authoritarian societies turn out the best

2017-03-06 18:39:57 UTC

does your liberty mean less strict immigration?

2017-03-06 18:39:58 UTC

> antifa are just anarchists

2017-03-06 18:40:11 UTC

anarchists are all equally destructive

2017-03-06 18:40:12 UTC

immigration violated the NAP

2017-03-06 18:40:18 UTC

so no

2017-03-06 18:40:20 UTC

They're anarcho communists.

2017-03-06 18:40:25 UTC

My liberty means the freedom to own a gun, start a business without taxes up your ass, etc

2017-03-06 18:40:26 UTC

same problems as ancap

2017-03-06 18:40:28 UTC

Communists aren't people snake.png

2017-03-06 18:40:33 UTC

I'm an Ancap leaning Minarchist. Anarchy can only work through successful human evolution.

2017-03-06 18:40:35 UTC


2017-03-06 18:40:39 UTC

what larp master said

2017-03-06 18:40:59 UTC

I mean, I'm minarchist

2017-03-06 18:40:59 UTC

they ignore nature in the nature v. nurture equation for a dogmatic concept, whether it be communism or capitalism is up to you.

2017-03-06 18:41:11 UTC

I'd say I'd advocate a night watchman state

2017-03-06 18:41:13 UTC

Minarchy basically

2017-03-06 18:41:31 UTC

I say lock up the borders, nix the welfare, ramp up the police and wait

2017-03-06 18:41:36 UTC

good things will happen

2017-03-06 18:41:39 UTC

I'd pay taxes for the police, and fire services

2017-03-06 18:42:01 UTC

But paying taxes for fucking welfare leeches?

2017-03-06 18:42:02 UTC


2017-03-06 18:42:08 UTC

chimpouts will basically reduce the genepool

2017-03-06 18:42:15 UTC

I'm just saying

2017-03-06 18:42:22 UTC

reminder the income tax was 0% at one point

2017-03-06 18:42:22 UTC

If welfare didn't exist in america

2017-03-06 18:42:24 UTC

just get a homogeneous population, then 95% of the problems are solved

2017-03-06 18:42:24 UTC

Are public transportation services in small cities too much?

2017-03-06 18:42:27 UTC

You'd see no shitskins

2017-03-06 18:42:30 UTC

when america was great

2017-03-06 18:42:35 UTC

What about welfare for disabled people?

2017-03-06 18:42:40 UTC

@Verm I would say they are the equivalent (or would like to think of themselves) as the red front fighters from those wonderful beer hall days in germany

2017-03-06 18:42:41 UTC


2017-03-06 18:42:56 UTC

someone will have to choose to sacrifice THEIR OWN wealth to take care of the disabled

2017-03-06 18:42:59 UTC

not mine

2017-03-06 18:43:02 UTC

I'm completely for the abolishment of welfare

2017-03-06 18:43:06 UTC

Even for the disabled

2017-03-06 18:43:32 UTC

@Templar-CA LARPers come from all races and creeds.

2017-03-06 18:43:37 UTC

I think we have a good disabled jobs program, we should expand on it vs welfare

2017-03-06 18:43:43 UTC

Zero tax for the orthodox/conservative churches and a range-ban on marxist-verified churches

2017-03-06 18:43:45 UTC

blind people make tp for the army for instance

2017-03-06 18:43:46 UTC

that would help disabled

2017-03-06 18:44:12 UTC

But I wanna know why I should pay taxes for people who sit on their arse and do nothing all day

2017-03-06 18:44:15 UTC

Welfare is a sham

2017-03-06 18:44:26 UTC

im not at all for religious liberty, mosques, cathedrals, synogogues, etc. should be closed

2017-03-06 18:44:29 UTC

tbh if it was entirely up to me we'd just abort all disabled kids before they're born

2017-03-06 18:44:38 UTC

China got it right, no Temples allowed

2017-03-06 18:44:38 UTC

@Ḁ̢̧̡̝̭̀̓̇̈̑yeExEye That would fuck up the present catholic church

2017-03-06 18:44:46 UTC

catholic = liberal

2017-03-06 18:44:54 UTC

The argument is that they have the human right to live, but considering living has a cost there's welfare checks.

2017-03-06 18:44:54 UTC

If we made jobs easier to get by decreasing regulation and taxes on business, welfare recipients will have no excuse to not get a job

2017-03-06 18:44:56 UTC
2017-03-06 18:45:04 UTC


2017-03-06 18:45:06 UTC

catholic it depends, the catholics here are hard conservative, but FUCK the current pope

2017-03-06 18:45:13 UTC


2017-03-06 18:45:29 UTC

then get ur pope out

2017-03-06 18:45:31 UTC

no one is entitled to live

2017-03-06 18:45:34 UTC

until then u lose the argument

2017-03-06 18:45:39 UTC

they are entitled to try to though

2017-03-06 18:45:42 UTC

I want isis to blow him up

2017-03-06 18:45:46 UTC

then we get a new crusade

2017-03-06 18:45:46 UTC

We need new pope

2017-03-06 18:45:48 UTC

would be great

2017-03-06 18:45:48 UTC


2017-03-06 18:45:51 UTC

Well, at least he's glued to timmy's crotch now. Instead of having little timmy stuck to his.

2017-03-06 18:45:52 UTC

If you get the short end at life, tough luck

2017-03-06 18:46:05 UTC

@Ḁ̢̧̡̝̭̀̓̇̈̑yeExEye The Catholics I know are moderately conservative

2017-03-06 18:46:07 UTC

It's harsh as hell

2017-03-06 18:46:13 UTC

But that's how it is

2017-03-06 18:46:14 UTC

the PURSUIT of hapiness. remember, kids

2017-03-06 18:46:14 UTC


2017-03-06 18:46:20 UTC


2017-03-06 18:46:38 UTC

@EcoDIckmcgee while your anecdote is charming, the reality is that the Churhch itself is basically globalism the religion

2017-03-06 18:46:52 UTC

The catholic society that doesn't view any pope after vatican II as legitimate popes

2017-03-06 18:46:56 UTC


2017-03-06 18:47:15 UTC


2017-03-06 18:47:17 UTC

p much

2017-03-06 18:47:35 UTC


2017-03-06 18:47:41 UTC

Don't apologize to gay people please.

2017-03-06 18:47:42 UTC

We should to apologize about existense of gay people to god

2017-03-06 18:47:51 UTC

@Void @Ḁ̢̧̡̝̭̀̓̇̈̑yeExEye religion is a good way to motivate the masses, the 3rd reich, I would speculate was going to make a religion of the blood so to speak.... that being said it would be great if muzzies attacked the vatican. get a crusade going . I dont care about christianity as a spirtual guide I see it as a tool to motivate dummies

2017-03-06 18:47:52 UTC

@Ḁ̢̧̡̝̭̀̓̇̈̑yeExEye not denying that at all, Vatican II was known for funding and safeguarding commie merch during the cold war.

2017-03-06 18:47:57 UTC

I would rather be persecuted against by a super powerful catholic church than have a weak ass pope that sucks bbc and bends over for muzzies

2017-03-06 18:48:14 UTC

Privatize churches B)

2017-03-06 18:48:15 UTC


2017-03-06 18:48:21 UTC

@Templar-CA I don't believe in the church but I do know it does more good than bad for the west as a rallying force

2017-03-06 18:48:27 UTC

Why should churches be forced to marry a bunch of fags

2017-03-06 18:48:29 UTC

and as a guard vs degeneracy

2017-03-06 18:48:54 UTC

@Void the only time europe actively conquered together was during the crusades

2017-03-06 18:48:58 UTC

Convert to Catharism

2017-03-06 18:48:59 UTC

I dont care if you're gay or not, but churches shouldn't be forced to marry a pair of fags

2017-03-06 18:49:07 UTC


2017-03-06 18:49:22 UTC

forcing others to do things for you isnt ok

2017-03-06 18:49:32 UTC

if what they are doing is truly 'wrong' the free market will fix it

2017-03-06 18:49:33 UTC

we dont even need to conquer, though would be nice to reconquest constantinople, but just defend... like the original crusades were mostly about

2017-03-06 18:49:44 UTC

there is no baker's oath

2017-03-06 18:49:53 UTC

and yeah no fuck antidiscrimination laws for churches or private businesses

2017-03-06 18:49:55 UTC

god bless the free market

2017-03-06 18:50:07 UTC

only public property should be subject to them

2017-03-06 18:50:15 UTC

because taxes gotta be paid either way

2017-03-06 18:50:26 UTC

if a small business doesnt want to bake a gay cake, it shouldn't be forced to

2017-03-06 18:50:32 UTC

taxes are discriminatory to those who make more money

2017-03-06 18:50:38 UTC


2017-03-06 18:50:49 UTC

why does the govt think if you make more money you automatically have more to give away

2017-03-06 18:50:55 UTC

Why should you get more money taken away from the you the harder you work

2017-03-06 18:50:56 UTC


2017-03-06 18:50:59 UTC

i mean you do but you shouldnt be forced to

2017-03-06 18:51:30 UTC

money is the reward for innovation hard work and organization

2017-03-06 18:51:32 UTC

Catholics are cucked so badly by their own leader

2017-03-06 18:51:40 UTC

to take away the reward for that is to say its not valuable to have those traits

2017-03-06 18:52:12 UTC

Almost all confessions of christianity are cucked

2017-03-06 18:52:53 UTC

New pope when

2017-03-06 18:53:01 UTC

Truth, but Catholicism has a primary figurehead to lead the cucks to a cuck religion of gun control and refugees

2017-03-06 18:53:05 UTC

when you kil him

2017-03-06 18:53:14 UTC

We need another pope Urban ll

2017-03-06 18:53:20 UTC


2017-03-06 18:53:29 UTC

Catholic = numale until they depose their leader

2017-03-06 18:53:35 UTC

till then there is literally no difference

2017-03-06 18:53:37 UTC

We need crusade to Berlin

2017-03-06 18:53:46 UTC

As a cat a holic

2017-03-06 18:53:52 UTC

this is comfy

2017-03-06 18:53:54 UTC

The pope is a kike

2017-03-06 18:54:03 UTC

i've got a dog on my lap and i'm reading you people call out papists

2017-03-06 18:54:08 UTC

so was torquemada.. but he did some good

2017-03-06 18:54:25 UTC

> you people

2017-03-06 18:54:52 UTC

literally the ONLY thing that Catholicism seems to be against is traps


2017-03-06 18:55:02 UTC

its a very very small start, but i guess 1/100 is still a point

2017-03-06 18:55:09 UTC

@Verm once used "you people" while talking to a group of blacks at my school

2017-03-06 18:55:18 UTC

what's the phrase about being comfortable around africans?

2017-03-06 18:55:19 UTC

Catholicism is very broad, plenty of conservative people

2017-03-06 18:55:29 UTC

Just wait until we have a pope from opus dei

2017-03-06 18:55:46 UTC

Do they reject the pope openly or are they "moderate dindunufin" like Muslims?

2017-03-06 18:55:54 UTC

never lounge about melanoids

2017-03-06 18:55:59 UTC

I will believe it after a new schism

2017-03-06 18:56:07 UTC

seriously though, what's wrong with black people

2017-03-06 18:56:07 UTC


2017-03-06 18:56:16 UTC

i mean I just said "you people" as in, referring to a group, and they freaked out

2017-03-06 18:56:20 UTC

genetic propensity to violence

2017-03-06 18:56:25 UTC


2017-03-06 18:56:38 UTC


2017-03-06 18:56:40 UTC

genetic propensity to unorganized violence

2017-03-06 18:56:48 UTC

Here's a redpill for you.

2017-03-06 18:57:06 UTC

yeah i've read that

2017-03-06 18:57:51 UTC

also: the fundraiser for stickman's legal defense has 3.2k or so already. not bad.

2017-03-06 18:58:41 UTC

what's the pricetag on that whole thing again? I forget

2017-03-06 18:59:11 UTC

they're aiming for 50k i think

2017-03-06 18:59:20 UTC

but they've got time

2017-03-06 18:59:30 UTC

hopefully this works out

2017-03-06 18:59:51 UTC

because he's royally fucked if he has to settle for a public attorney

2017-03-06 19:00:07 UTC

The dudes got like 5 felony charges, and he's being tried in California isn't he?

2017-03-06 19:00:09 UTC

what's stickman charged with

2017-03-06 19:00:16 UTC

If so he's up shit creek

2017-03-06 19:00:17 UTC

he needs to be saved.. or it will set a precedent .......

2017-03-06 19:00:19 UTC
2017-03-06 19:00:27 UTC

most of the charges are bullshit though

2017-03-06 19:00:52 UTC

a decent defense lawyer can probably get everything but ADW dropped off the bat, and can at least get it down to a mis, if not not guilty.

2017-03-06 19:00:55 UTC

california LOVES bullshit charges... gang enhancements etc

2017-03-06 19:00:57 UTC

yeah the charges are fake as hell

2017-03-06 19:01:02 UTC

stickman is a good boy that dindu nuffin

2017-03-06 19:01:04 UTC

like the concealed dirk/dagger. it wasnt concealed

2017-03-06 19:01:07 UTC

i think he'll be ok, he was defending someone who literally got dragged off but ferals

2017-03-06 19:01:16 UTC

@Playergamer yep, there maybe a lawyer out there that wants right wing fame who may do it

2017-03-06 19:01:21 UTC

he'll be fine as long as we can get him a lawyer.

2017-03-06 19:01:26 UTC


2017-03-06 19:01:27 UTC

this is the most important part of organization imo

2017-03-06 19:01:35 UTC

we need to find a right-wing lawyer in the area who can defend these guys.

2017-03-06 19:01:39 UTC

honestly.. the best way to beat them is to choke up the courts.

2017-03-06 19:01:49 UTC

someone bait milo into funding him, "oh it'll help save your career"

2017-03-06 19:01:54 UTC

@Playergamer there are many actually, some congregate on Cal-guns

2017-03-06 19:01:59 UTC

Care to shoot me a link to the donation page? I might throw in a few shekels

2017-03-06 19:02:21 UTC

check announcements

2017-03-06 19:02:37 UTC

thanks m80

2017-03-06 19:03:35 UTC

>1095 days remaining
That's a white pill if I ever saw one, we might actually pull this off

2017-03-06 19:04:01 UTC

This could be yuge

2017-03-06 19:04:21 UTC

they've just set it to not run out

2017-03-06 19:04:45 UTC

realistically we don't have that long, we want to hit the goal asap so stickman doesn't have to go into debt to get a lawyer.

2017-03-06 19:04:46 UTC

im glad wsearch took it over, the go fund mes and paypals sketch me out

2017-03-06 19:05:09 UTC

@Void that is actually not a bad idea... Anthony from opie and anthony.. or gavin mcciness

2017-03-06 19:05:09 UTC

paypal is libtard shit

2017-03-06 19:05:13 UTC


2017-03-06 19:05:27 UTC

and gofundme drops these kind of things often and keeps the money

2017-03-06 19:05:27 UTC
2017-03-06 19:06:19 UTC

I know Russia is kind of a shithole, but fuck me if this isn't based as fuck


2017-03-06 19:06:46 UTC

The Society of St. Pius X (SSPX), is an excommunicated and noncanonized priestly Catholic society who reject institutionalized modernist reforms introduced in Vatican II by pope John Paul. They're a pretty big traditionalist branch as well. All the liberal Catholicism you see nowadays come straight from Vatican II.


2017-03-06 19:07:15 UTC

@Hernán Cortés My god, they're hacking their own history now

2017-03-06 19:08:02 UTC


2017-03-06 19:08:04 UTC

@Hernán Cortés It may look good, but I do not know how qualitatively it will be

2017-03-06 19:08:18 UTC

No but seriously if Russia gets another Tsar I'll cream in my pants

2017-03-06 19:08:29 UTC

I want a constitutional monarchy

2017-03-06 19:08:33 UTC


2017-03-06 19:08:38 UTC

was the entire line destroyed

2017-03-06 19:08:42 UTC


2017-03-06 19:08:47 UTC

@Charlemango It already does in all but name

2017-03-06 19:08:49 UTC

There is bunch of cadet lines

2017-03-06 19:08:58 UTC

good point

2017-03-06 19:09:22 UTC

@Miomio Thomas Paine is rolling in his grave

2017-03-06 19:09:25 UTC

Also Hohenzollerns are relatives of Romanovs

2017-03-06 19:09:33 UTC

so the rumors were true

2017-03-06 19:09:35 UTC

he had a knife

2017-03-06 19:09:37 UTC

a buck knife..

2017-03-06 19:09:50 UTC

unconcealed 100%

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