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I live in town filled with democrats it's madness I wanna run for mayor as a libertarian but I'll lose

2017-03-05 20:38:17 UTC

Run as a "Socialist of the Nationalist variety"

2017-03-05 20:38:24 UTC


2017-03-05 20:38:26 UTC


2017-03-05 20:39:02 UTC

@everyone 1:30 PM EST, 144 Tremont Street, Boston. If you live up north, there's an Antifa meet at the aforementioned date and time.

2017-03-05 20:39:34 UTC

I hope we have another alt knight arrive

2017-03-05 20:39:37 UTC

And fuck some shit up

whats this discord going to be doing? RWSS stuff?

2017-03-05 20:40:16 UTC

i live in nj srry

2017-03-05 20:40:27 UTC

@A╠Ç╠ô╠ç╠ł╠Ĺ╠ó╠ž╠í╠ą╠Ł╠şyeExEye Yep. This week will be focused on mapping our population, and planning meetups for the 18th.

2017-03-05 20:40:57 UTC

Is that link I sent you, Haup, good enough?

2017-03-05 20:41:01 UTC

I was kinda stoned

2017-03-05 20:42:24 UTC

Yep, works fine fam

2017-03-05 20:42:27 UTC

Thanks for the help

2017-03-05 20:43:10 UTC


2017-03-05 20:43:12 UTC

when is a anticom manifesto coming out

2017-03-05 20:44:25 UTC

We have one already

2017-03-05 20:44:29 UTC

Found it


U probably never heard of it Bayonne

2017-03-05 20:45:53 UTC

neat im in newark

I'm sorry

2017-03-05 20:46:59 UTC

Obama Sr. Advisor and Iranian Born, Valerie Jarett, confirms the Attorney General ordered wiretap

I fucking love Ayn rand

2017-03-05 20:50:36 UTC

What's going on in Boston on the 11th?

2017-03-05 20:51:14 UTC

Like what is the occasion for them to gather?

2017-03-05 20:52:57 UTC

has that been verified? or is it a false leak so anticommunists out themselves?

2017-03-05 20:54:06 UTC

Take it with a grain of salt.

2017-03-05 20:54:14 UTC

Could be an Antifa meetup, but could also be a trap.

2017-03-05 20:55:37 UTC

tell vladimir after i overthrow the us govt i'll have more flexibility

2017-03-05 20:59:53 UTC

Guys, should power in a nation be passed on by family lineage or by appointment from the previous leader

2017-03-05 21:00:18 UTC


2017-03-05 21:00:42 UTC

Lineage sounds nice but the chances of a dipshit descendent fucking the nation up seem to urgent

2017-03-05 21:00:52 UTC

It should be based on capabilities

2017-03-05 21:01:07 UTC

havent you seen LOTGH

2017-03-05 21:01:08 UTC

Preferably trial by combat

2017-03-05 21:01:53 UTC

new warthunder panzer will go at 80km/h

2017-03-05 21:04:10 UTC


2017-03-05 21:04:58 UTC

Look at this faggot

2017-03-05 21:06:13 UTC

Wait me?

2017-03-05 21:06:18 UTC

no you cunt

2017-03-05 21:06:19 UTC

Nvm just saw the link

2017-03-05 21:06:26 UTC

Sorry dickface nigger butt

2017-03-05 21:06:30 UTC


2017-03-05 21:06:40 UTC


2017-03-05 21:11:48 UTC

bump this thread please

2017-03-05 21:14:14 UTC

https pls.

2017-03-05 21:14:20 UTC

Ah, my bad

2017-03-05 21:14:30 UTC

Thx for the tendie

2017-03-05 21:27:20 UTC

why is minimum wage even a thing

2017-03-05 21:27:28 UTC

Becase money

2017-03-05 21:27:47 UTC

The Jews

2017-03-05 21:27:50 UTC


2017-03-05 21:41:48 UTC

One of the guys at berkley that was fighting was Kyle our Regional Leader's ( Wedolko ) friend.

2017-03-05 21:41:55 UTC

Wedolko was fighting there too.

2017-03-05 21:42:09 UTC

Very nice! Was Mr. Shield one of you?

2017-03-05 21:42:14 UTC


2017-03-05 21:42:15 UTC

I don't think so, I'll ask.

2017-03-05 21:42:47 UTC

But I think that if he's not you, then he's not in our movements.

2017-03-05 21:43:02 UTC


2017-03-05 21:43:07 UTC

Got this video from Ukriane

2017-03-05 21:43:10 UTC

Far right

2017-03-05 21:43:15 UTC

Where to post it?

2017-03-05 21:44:07 UTC


2017-03-05 21:44:21 UTC


2017-03-05 21:45:46 UTC

Should this be our anthem https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-mRn9chmRAY @everyone?

2017-03-05 21:47:13 UTC

@Andy same

2017-03-05 21:47:26 UTC

Who northeast here

2017-03-05 21:48:25 UTC

Maine here

2017-03-05 21:48:50 UTC

Battle Cry of Freedom is my top pick by the way

2017-03-05 21:48:59 UTC

The lyrics fit us

2017-03-05 21:50:10 UTC

Opinions on Battle Hymn of the Republic?

2017-03-05 21:50:30 UTC

pretty good, but I got a suggestion

2017-03-05 21:51:06 UTC

Got tis suggestion

2017-03-05 21:51:34 UTC


2017-03-05 21:51:43 UTC

All of Sousa's work is based

2017-03-05 21:56:10 UTC

Too bad something like this don't exist in Swede.

2017-03-05 21:57:07 UTC

For now ­čśâ

2017-03-05 21:58:52 UTC

Hitler did nothing wrong

2017-03-05 21:58:56 UTC

We have one guy in Denmark, that's as close as we got to Sweden.

2017-03-05 21:59:56 UTC

Yeah... But honestly antifa in sweden is much more dangerous. They have almost killed people multiple times, also they go home to nationalists at night and throw amonia gas as stuff. Only place where it's worse is probably germany, antifa even control small areas and buildings there.

2017-03-05 22:00:16 UTC

Oh boy

2017-03-05 22:00:18 UTC


2017-03-05 22:00:20 UTC

we cant let that happen here

2017-03-05 22:00:21 UTC

Owning Property

2017-03-05 22:00:27 UTC


2017-03-05 22:00:28 UTC

That's probably why we have like 4 guys in Germany.

2017-03-05 22:00:42 UTC

One said he's willing to attend events and get footage.

2017-03-05 22:00:45 UTC

Good news @everyone, we have a guy who has 12 milsurp shields, and wants to donate them. I'll let you know if this turns out to be legit or not.

2017-03-05 22:00:45 UTC

We need to focous on the US. In my honest opnion, the US is a big deal as the same for Sweeden, but if we psread out, we will be weak.

2017-03-05 22:00:47 UTC

Would be pretty kewl.

2017-03-05 22:01:00 UTC

"owning" i really meant they took over buildings.

2017-03-05 22:01:01 UTC


2017-03-05 22:01:05 UTC

But am Alabama fag

2017-03-05 22:01:06 UTC


2017-03-05 22:01:07 UTC

what do?

2017-03-05 22:01:32 UTC

Nothing but redpills here

2017-03-05 22:01:33 UTC

Yeah focus on america first, antifa is very new there. And not very orginazied.

2017-03-05 22:01:47 UTC

Black bloc is all they have

2017-03-05 22:02:04 UTC

I question the popularly held opinion of Antifa

2017-03-05 22:02:18 UTC

Well firstly we need a map of where the hell they are

2017-03-05 22:02:26 UTC

We know they organize prior to their "rallies" but I really don't think they're gonna know who is who when shtf in the streets.

2017-03-05 22:03:15 UTC

What's our Intel on black bloc?

2017-03-05 22:03:18 UTC

Like they'll have an idea of who their friends are and whatnot but they're not going to know what and who is participating let alone be able to really make a distinction especially in the heat of a street fight.

2017-03-05 22:03:21 UTC

the ones with dyed hair and skinny jeans

2017-03-05 22:03:27 UTC

Use only shields, no weapons, make it symbolic and the general public will like you a lot.

2017-03-05 22:03:32 UTC

@huntervq8 There's a meet going down on saturday with black bloc

2017-03-05 22:03:35 UTC

in boston

2017-03-05 22:03:45 UTC

We have the address

2017-03-05 22:03:45 UTC


2017-03-05 22:03:49 UTC

check our twitter

2017-03-05 22:03:50 UTC

They will see who is the most civilized.

2017-03-05 22:03:54 UTC

I'm in Boston on the weekend

2017-03-05 22:04:04 UTC


2017-03-05 22:04:07 UTC

1:30 PM EST, March 11th, 144 Tremont Street, Boston

2017-03-05 22:04:14 UTC

Guys also remember to train. Go to the gym, and get used to pepper spray. Equipment is all good, but training is also important.

2017-03-05 22:04:34 UTC

Of course. I've been hitting the gym for an hour every other day.

2017-03-05 22:04:37 UTC


2017-03-05 22:05:03 UTC

No noticeable antifa presence here

2017-03-05 22:05:08 UTC

Also, I've eaten many ghost peppers, so I'm getting ready for the pepper spray if it somehow makes it through the faceshield.

2017-03-05 22:05:16 UTC

@Lord Joe im in PA, not that relevant here, never seen them, although black panther party has a decently large footprint in pittsburgh

2017-03-05 22:05:18 UTC

Good, but some people here probably never touched a dumbell or bench press.

2017-03-05 22:05:33 UTC

I live in NH @Lord Joe But Boston has some. moer then a fuck ton

2017-03-05 22:05:38 UTC

Wisconsin reporting, no blacks just natives and old people

2017-03-05 22:05:39 UTC

What's our presence across the states?

2017-03-05 22:05:44 UTC

@Lord Joe ISO, International Socialist Organization has a large footprint in Rochester NY, but no antifa

2017-03-05 22:05:46 UTC

Still collecting data

2017-03-05 22:05:59 UTC

@Opfornia This weekend, we'll have the finalized locations for the March 18 meetups

2017-03-05 22:06:00 UTC

What sort of meet is it

2017-03-05 22:06:12 UTC

faggy antifa meet, couldn't really tell you more

2017-03-05 22:06:16 UTC

probably an orgy lol

2017-03-05 22:06:17 UTC


2017-03-05 22:06:19 UTC


2017-03-05 22:06:33 UTC

Whatever they do besides throwing bricks

2017-03-05 22:08:18 UTC

I would recomend getting maced once by a friend, and maybe tazed. Just so you know how the pain is. In sweden we are not allowed to have "real" pepper spray. But we have a spray, that is similare to being sprayed with toothpaste in the eyes. I tried that just to get used to it, and it hurts like a bitch. Can't open eyes at all, so i can think pepper spray is a million times worse.

2017-03-05 22:08:55 UTC

How many people will be in Boston?

2017-03-05 22:09:11 UTC

For us

2017-03-05 22:09:23 UTC

Lemme know if minniapolis has anything happening, might be able to find my way out there

2017-03-05 22:09:38 UTC

Got it

2017-03-05 22:10:56 UTC

eurofags represent

2017-03-05 22:11:01 UTC

Can't join cause I'm not American. But I want to say this. /pol/ is FULL of paid shills, not even a meme. Watch out for exactly what you say. You are allowed to meet, be protected and defend yourself, but no fucking LARPING. Expect infiltrators. Stay safe have a good un

2017-03-05 22:11:39 UTC

@Nasmr we already know.

2017-03-05 22:11:52 UTC

plenty of antifa fucks keep joining. 8chan has less of an issue with that

2017-03-05 22:11:57 UTC

We're not larpers

2017-03-05 22:12:25 UTC

Yeah, we've already banned about 50 people for being antifa/autists

2017-03-05 22:12:30 UTC

Where is the announcment page so I can post my location?

2017-03-05 22:12:40 UTC


2017-03-05 22:12:42 UTC

Expect even hidden cameras and them trying to entrap you into "gas the kikes, race war now" shit.

2017-03-05 22:13:11 UTC

So how is this for a template?


2017-03-05 22:14:10 UTC

I like it

2017-03-05 22:14:29 UTC

This is a litte better, Has a title and Key


2017-03-05 22:15:00 UTC

@Nasmr From what i have understod, this group is not aimed to create a politcal party or anything. So why would we give two fucks about what libs and shills think of us? The reason why NMR is sweden is growing is because they are completely open with being anti jews and natsoc.

2017-03-05 22:15:38 UTC

Joe, please addd MA

2017-03-05 22:15:41 UTC

We accept NatSocs, but we also accept jews.

2017-03-05 22:15:45 UTC

To clarify.

2017-03-05 22:15:48 UTC

I am

2017-03-05 22:15:50 UTC

Well said @kekmeintheswe

2017-03-05 22:15:54 UTC

As long as you hate gommies, you can join.

2017-03-05 22:16:00 UTC

I was just setting up the template

2017-03-05 22:16:26 UTC

Here's an updated map


2017-03-05 22:16:31 UTC

I do like communist intensity heatmap

2017-03-05 22:16:31 UTC

Gray is obviously IDK

2017-03-05 22:16:42 UTC

Make CA red

2017-03-05 22:16:45 UTC

If someone could continue until a heatmap is regional.

2017-03-05 22:16:48 UTC

Because if you're recorded saying stupid "heh, fuck niggers and jews kiddo" it'll be plastered everywhere and you will have a massive concentrated effort at not only discrediting us...but to dox, find and get you arrested

2017-03-05 22:16:50 UTC

Thatd be neat

2017-03-05 22:16:56 UTC

why isnt vermont red

2017-03-05 22:17:01 UTC

arent they commie asf

2017-03-05 22:17:09 UTC

Vermont has the highest white population

2017-03-05 22:17:11 UTC

The problem this group has is, if some idiot does something big like a bombing or murder someone. So make sure no crazy people join, closely vet everyone.

2017-03-05 22:17:12 UTC

o yeah

2017-03-05 22:17:15 UTC

Also just HAPPENS to be the safest state

2017-03-05 22:17:31 UTC

Being a commie is one thing, being a violent ANTIFA is another

2017-03-05 22:17:40 UTC


2017-03-05 22:17:57 UTC

There is a correlation between race and crime

2017-03-05 22:17:59 UTC

They're all scum.

2017-03-05 22:17:59 UTC

Just pain CA red

2017-03-05 22:18:07 UTC

Africa has a higher crime-rate

2017-03-05 22:18:07 UTC

thats because black culture is fucking shite

2017-03-05 22:18:09 UTC

and new york orang-ish

2017-03-05 22:18:11 UTC

Paint Philly

2017-03-05 22:18:19 UTC

Send em back

2017-03-05 22:18:23 UTC

IF they attack you though, harness your in autists retard strength and fuck them up by all means

2017-03-05 22:18:37 UTC

if wwe sesnd em back we get liberia 2.0

2017-03-05 22:18:48 UTC

I don't fucking care

2017-03-05 22:18:50 UTC

Just get them out

2017-03-05 22:18:59 UTC

And watch the crime rate go down significantly

2017-03-05 22:19:03 UTC

And the poverty rate

2017-03-05 22:19:07 UTC

And the average IQ will go up

2017-03-05 22:19:13 UTC

So can I set up for extreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeme vetting?

2017-03-05 22:19:26 UTC

inquisitional vetting

2017-03-05 22:19:29 UTC

when did i get vetted tho

2017-03-05 22:19:33 UTC

i dont recall...

2017-03-05 22:20:08 UTC

So I just went ahead and filled out the map, Please correct me if I'm wrong


2017-03-05 22:20:15 UTC


2017-03-05 22:20:18 UTC

thats a lot

2017-03-05 22:20:23 UTC

glad i live in fl

2017-03-05 22:20:33 UTC

Florida will have a lot though right?

2017-03-05 22:20:35 UTC

You guys should get regional intensity too

2017-03-05 22:20:41 UTC


2017-03-05 22:20:46 UTC

Mostly (like in the dekotas) it's natives working with Antifa

2017-03-05 22:20:50 UTC

north florida is more based than south florida

2017-03-05 22:20:55 UTC

so they count

2017-03-05 22:21:03 UTC

and norcal isnt cucked like socal is

2017-03-05 22:21:03 UTC

Man, regional stuff would be pretty hard to map.

2017-03-05 22:21:10 UTC

Unless we get more honeypots going.

2017-03-05 22:21:14 UTC

do it based of county voting

2017-03-05 22:21:20 UTC

Won't work.

2017-03-05 22:21:23 UTC

Also I don't remember ever seeing a large ANTIFA occursion in flordia

2017-03-05 22:21:26 UTC

for a rough model

2017-03-05 22:21:28 UTC

You can do it by City

2017-03-05 22:21:31 UTC

but not regional

2017-03-05 22:21:56 UTC

Tfw no reliable regional canada map

2017-03-05 22:21:59 UTC


2017-03-05 22:22:00 UTC

Because most of the country would be Green (except for the native areas)

2017-03-05 22:22:08 UTC


2017-03-05 22:22:30 UTC

kinda pisses me off that certain regions are liberal clusterfucks and change an entire state

2017-03-05 22:22:30 UTC


2017-03-05 22:22:40 UTC


2017-03-05 22:22:44 UTC

My campus has chalk-and-poster tier antifa

2017-03-05 22:22:48 UTC


2017-03-05 22:22:49 UTC

Im in the most conservative province

2017-03-05 22:22:52 UTC

what I really need to know

2017-03-05 22:22:55 UTC


2017-03-05 22:22:56 UTC


2017-03-05 22:22:58 UTC

gib info

2017-03-05 22:24:12 UTC



2017-03-05 22:25:04 UTC

>tfw actively considering finding ways to attract the antifa to my state just so I can aid in BTFOing them

2017-03-05 22:25:12 UTC

Nice OC!

2017-03-05 22:25:12 UTC

Which state?

2017-03-05 22:25:16 UTC


2017-03-05 22:25:17 UTC


2017-03-05 22:25:22 UTC

before you pin (which you might

2017-03-05 22:25:31 UTC

anyone know where i could get a cool templar helmet

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