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2017-03-05 07:01:30 UTC

were there any bad side effects?

2017-03-05 07:01:32 UTC

i havent yet to use it

I've been bummed out all day because it cost me like 10 bucks

2017-03-05 07:01:49 UTC

@AntiCuck It was an add for muppets merchandise, I did not bothered to make any changes to it.

2017-03-05 07:01:50 UTC

so you just go sharing links you know fuck all bout

I went all the way to Spencer's gifts too get it

2017-03-05 07:01:55 UTC

liver damage if you take oral, and acne and heart issues if you dont manage it properly with injects

2017-03-05 07:02:13 UTC

other than that harmless so long as you keep cardio and lifting up

2017-03-05 07:02:24 UTC

no dick shrinkage right?

2017-03-05 07:02:24 UTC

just read through my paste bin

2017-03-05 07:02:28 UTC

my dick is already too small

2017-03-05 07:02:31 UTC

dick might actualy grow

2017-03-05 07:02:42 UTC

balls will shrink but will grow back after you do a proper PCT

2017-03-05 07:02:56 UTC

not a big deal imo

2017-03-05 07:03:14 UTC

@AntiCuck It's sam eagle calling people wierdos, what is there to know?

just eat healthy and pump iron that's what god intended

2017-03-05 07:03:22 UTC

mental side affects happen if you dont manage your estrogen or take tren as your first cycle

praise christ

2017-03-05 07:03:39 UTC

praise kek

2017-03-05 07:03:47 UTC

chaos is knowledge shared to all

2017-03-05 07:04:38 UTC

consider roids anticuck but get to learnining lifting and running

2017-03-05 07:04:58 UTC

yeah the mentality is the most difficult part

2017-03-05 07:05:06 UTC

especially when you don't see any gains

2017-03-05 07:05:16 UTC

i go back to being a lazy fuck again

2017-03-05 07:05:17 UTC

mental is cold showers and 100 burpees before your workout

2017-03-05 07:05:41 UTC

and having a delison to destract yourself like a waifu, white europe, hitler

2017-03-05 07:05:45 UTC

think of them when working out

I miss when my city wasn't so diverse

2017-03-05 07:06:16 UTC

lift for things you may never reach for but have the idea that if your the best you can be then you will be gifted it

2017-03-05 07:06:38 UTC

I corrected my own scoliosis if you want the real bro science, spinal alignment is key to putting down the estrogenic phenotype, and ofc, it maxes your potential

2017-03-05 07:06:45 UTC

also total body is real gains

2017-03-05 07:07:21 UTC

Alright, thanks kanuke appreciate it

2017-03-05 07:07:41 UTC

unfortunately most people will not have the time or resources to actually work a big postural change without the assistance of competent bodyworkers

2017-03-05 07:08:10 UTC

pretty much any postural problem can be cured by laying on your back... but this is clearly NOT practical for most. Most people cannot be a monk for 8 months

I came from /pol/ this seems like a bunch of /fit/ talk

2017-03-05 07:08:34 UTC

well phsyical transformation is mental transformation

2017-03-05 07:08:47 UTC

do the burpees with max dips/pullups and then run 5 miles right after wards. this can be the start for you getting fit. do this 5 days a week and your gains will shoot up after 14 days and suddenly become super easy till the point you want to go faster do more and then lift

2017-03-05 07:08:58 UTC

jesus was pretty fit desu

2017-03-05 07:09:11 UTC

Do not be mistaken, the human dynamo is real, your faculties are dulled by axial alignment, aka "chakras"

2017-03-05 07:09:14 UTC

carpenter fit is stronk

2017-03-05 07:09:37 UTC


2017-03-05 07:09:41 UTC

specifically of course, the area around the sacrum and lumbar spine is vital

2017-03-05 07:09:56 UTC

but will only find optimal form with head to toe change

2017-03-05 07:10:09 UTC

cant fight the commies if you arent fit

2017-03-05 07:10:12 UTC

hence why any good bodyworker is on the "cranial-sacral" train

2017-03-05 07:10:20 UTC

ive been rucking light wheight to heavy wheight to get my lumbar in strenghth

2017-03-05 07:10:37 UTC

gotta worry about your knees more than anything when you progress properly with rucking

2017-03-05 07:10:43 UTC

@Praise Jesus ✞✞✞ - North NJ You gota have the /fit/ to enact the /pol/ IRL

2017-03-05 07:10:58 UTC

Every bit of dysfunction in your body is expressed sacrum to cranium, and projected like a "hologram" in the limbs, digits, and hip/shoulder girdles

2017-03-05 07:11:08 UTC

looking buff in the uniform is what your looking for to make the bitches wet

get fit get lit

2017-03-05 07:12:13 UTC

commies dont lift becuase food is for the bougies apparently

2017-03-05 07:12:18 UTC

and there all vegan cucks

2017-03-05 07:12:28 UTC

Thats why they look so sick

2017-03-05 07:12:44 UTC


2017-03-05 07:12:46 UTC

Babies fed soy-based formula have 13,000 to 22,000 times more estrogen compounds in their blood than babies fed milk-based formula. Infants exclusively fed soy formula receive the estrogenic equivalent of at least four birth control pills per day.

Male infants undergo a testosterone surge during the first few months of life, when testosterone levels may be as high as those of an adult male. During this period, baby boys are programmed to express male characteristics after puberty, not only in the development of their sexual organs and other masculinity traits, but also in setting patterns in the brain characteristic of male behavior.

In animals, studies indicate that phytoestrogens in soy are powerful endocrine disrupters. Soy infant feeding -- which floods the bloodstream with female hormones that inhibit testosterone -- cannot be ignored as a possible cause of disrupted development patterns in boys, including learning disabilities and attention deficit disorder.

Male children exposed to DES, a synthetic estrogen, had testes smaller than normal on maturation and infant marmoset monkeys fed soy isoflavones had a reduction in testosterone levels up to 70 percent compared to milk-fed controls.

Almost 15 percent of white girls and 50 percent of African-Americans girls show signs of puberty, such as breast development and pubic hair, before the age of eight. Some girls are showing sexual development before the age of three. Premature development of girls has been linked to the use of soy formula and exposure to environmental estrogen-mimickers such as PCBs and DDE. Intake of phytoestrogens even at moderate levels during pregnancy can have adverse affects on the developing fetus and the timing of puberty later in life.


they don't have the brains or the brawn to combat us

2017-03-05 07:13:25 UTC

side note asians are immune due to having it in there diet for thousands of years but we eat so much more of it than them

2017-03-05 07:13:43 UTC

gotta look at food for soy and you'll realize the jew is going after our gains

2017-03-05 07:13:43 UTC

Theyre cowards

2017-03-05 07:13:48 UTC

There are two main human "phenotypes" for lumbar functionality, aside from the many clear "pathologies" we see expressed in people's posture on top of these. The first and ultimate is the ability to create complete hip hyperextension, which is always paired with the ability to create full spinal flexion. Spinal flexion is what is lost in most citizens of western society do to (((generous people))) who used their immense wealth tax free to influence healthcare and education

2017-03-05 07:14:02 UTC

its also why low protien and fat diets are still fads

2017-03-05 07:14:05 UTC

Like i lovw brawling, man. Nothing like a good fight. But commies just run away

I eat KFC and subway meatball subs is that ok?

2017-03-05 07:14:09 UTC

small and low test

2017-03-05 07:14:32 UTC

fight me IRL admiral, ill treat you to a 6 pack of 40's after wards

2017-03-05 07:14:32 UTC

But also we are evolved to harden our lumbar discs and drive immense calcium into them, this is the typical "power lifter" spine you see in the behemoths who do massive lifts, or in the typical army grunt

2017-03-05 07:14:47 UTC

Sounds like a great time

2017-03-05 07:14:58 UTC

ill stick to my non pleb wine

2017-03-05 07:15:01 UTC

@Praise Jesus ✞✞✞ - North NJ If you eat this not often, yes

2017-03-05 07:15:03 UTC

Your body uses your spine as an anchor, and you will lose your spinal function if you beat on it, most people do this hence the universal low back pain

My knuckles are pretty large I want to use them against someone's face sometime

2017-03-05 07:15:50 UTC

Larger knuckles are worse for inflicting damage

2017-03-05 07:15:53 UTC

Complete spinal flexion is the key to unlocking complete athletic pontential, the locked lumbars with calcification will create greater brute force at the loss of agility, speed and health

2017-03-05 07:16:02 UTC

Brass ones are best

2017-03-05 07:16:08 UTC

punch straight, aim for the middle of the stomach just below the chest to wind them, and side of the cheek to knock them out

2017-03-05 07:16:13 UTC

you want to be able to cram as much mass into the smallest area

2017-03-05 07:16:35 UTC

maximum density basically

2017-03-05 07:16:37 UTC

For training up men quickly its better just to teach them to put their back into it and spare them the training reserved for people capable of unlocking their true human potential.

2017-03-05 07:16:49 UTC

In the nose is good, makes eyes water, thus blinding your opponent

2017-03-05 07:17:18 UTC

kek that wont work for me im legaly a man ^

2017-03-05 07:17:27 UTC

You'll kill em in the nose

2017-03-05 07:17:28 UTC

illegaly white

2017-03-05 07:17:33 UTC

you'll get murder

2017-03-05 07:17:36 UTC


2017-03-05 07:17:38 UTC

self defence

2017-03-05 07:17:42 UTC

Thats what commies deserve

2017-03-05 07:18:01 UTC

and you'll get ass raped in jail for 25 years

2017-03-05 07:18:03 UTC

was it worth it

2017-03-05 07:18:20 UTC

join aryan brother hood, get jack and kill blacks on the reg

2017-03-05 07:18:22 UTC

nah ill be fine

can we please overthrow a cuck state like Vermont and succeed from the us?

2017-03-05 07:18:43 UTC


2017-03-05 07:19:03 UTC

We can unify the united states and lead these states to be a white ethno state

2017-03-05 07:19:36 UTC

no we push the blacks out to africa

2017-03-05 07:19:43 UTC

or mexico

2017-03-05 07:19:53 UTC

shit even braizl

or canada lol

2017-03-05 07:20:09 UTC

We need a pinochet..

invade a shit small country like Belize

2017-03-05 07:20:34 UTC

Small countyries have allies

It has a lower population than Wyoming

2017-03-05 07:20:41 UTC

Most are tactical nightmares

And they speak English

2017-03-05 07:20:50 UTC

invade switzerland and tell the jew to pay debts

2017-03-05 07:21:13 UTC

Invade Switzerland and live off Nazi Gold

2017-03-05 07:21:25 UTC

Good plan Herr.

2017-03-05 07:21:25 UTC

Or make 4th reich

Search up Belize they have like no resources and is surrounded by shit countries

2017-03-05 07:21:37 UTC


2017-03-05 07:21:47 UTC

get greek support and italian mafia support and say well give gold if they clean the streets for us

It'll take less then a year

I'm a libertarian

2017-03-05 07:22:16 UTC

mix drugs and birth control pills and sell it to blacks for population control

2017-03-05 07:22:17 UTC

We will need the people to support us

2017-03-05 07:22:31 UTC

why havent we done this sooner, blacks love drugs so lets sterilize them

2017-03-05 07:22:32 UTC

We must begin an anti government propaganda campaign on the swiss

Most people don't support nazis for some reason so we can't say were nazis

2017-03-05 07:23:03 UTC

Once we gain enough power we will become the govt

2017-03-05 07:23:23 UTC


2017-03-05 07:23:26 UTC

We will be

2017-03-05 07:23:33 UTC

Nobody likes nazis

2017-03-05 07:23:53 UTC

Some people like nazis

2017-03-05 07:24:03 UTC

Yes, nazis are like nazis

2017-03-05 07:24:03 UTC

did nazi that comming

2017-03-05 07:24:14 UTC

Anne Frankly im offended

I wanna install a libertarian gov on a country tbh can we do that?

2017-03-05 07:24:27 UTC

juden say that to me did jew ?

2017-03-05 07:24:48 UTC

National-socialism is too left ideology (in economics)

2017-03-05 07:25:09 UTC

its state controlled economics for national intrest

2017-03-05 07:25:17 UTC

basicly trump irl

2017-03-05 07:25:20 UTC

It's wrong way

2017-03-05 07:25:26 UTC

could be better

2017-03-05 07:25:28 UTC

It's basically monopoly

government control business is shit and doesn't work

2017-03-05 07:25:35 UTC

but true capitilism is globalism

2017-03-05 07:25:41 UTC

Monopoly is bad for economy

2017-03-05 07:25:47 UTC

its what we have now

2017-03-05 07:26:13 UTC


2017-03-05 07:26:26 UTC

its baicly oligarchy ecomomy with illumianti in control


2017-03-05 07:26:35 UTC

banks in currency control

2017-03-05 07:26:40 UTC

And this is bad

2017-03-05 07:26:56 UTC

use facism to topple the real monoplies and we force policy upon the enomics

Invade Venezuela and invade Honduras

2017-03-05 07:27:21 UTC

how else would you do it ? better than destroying the ecomomie with conumism by killing everybody

2017-03-05 07:27:57 UTC

You do know what you're doing right now is sedatious conspiracy

They have shit economy it'll be easy

2017-03-05 07:28:08 UTC

These countries are logistic nightmare

2017-03-05 07:28:13 UTC

force the FDA to only accept locally imported food means our food becomes more expensive thus raising the value of food until farmers can catch up, this enriches our local farmers

2017-03-05 07:28:39 UTC

and makes us more stable from imported priceing

2017-03-05 07:28:46 UTC

its what japan has done for rice

I have the first amendment

2017-03-05 07:29:37 UTC

force people to only import steel without selling localy harvest raws and giving it to china

2017-03-05 07:29:44 UTC

shit like that is what facism is about

2017-03-05 07:29:50 UTC

nazi *

2017-03-05 07:30:31 UTC

policy for national security through ecomomic controls without monoply

2017-03-05 07:31:19 UTC

hence why hitler went after the banks since he wasnt making the dough until he controlled it

2017-03-05 07:31:26 UTC

see pic above

Is it illegal to want to overthrow a foreign country that no one cares about?

2017-03-05 07:31:54 UTC

you mean belgium

2017-03-05 07:32:05 UTC

we can do that to belgium since its a non country

2017-03-05 07:33:30 UTC

common anwser me am i reigh or wrong

2017-03-05 07:33:50 UTC

Belgum has allies

2017-03-05 07:33:55 UTC

Strong allies

2017-03-05 07:34:02 UTC

but there not real

2017-03-05 07:34:18 UTC

Small pacific islands are ideal, but marine warfare is a pain

2017-03-05 07:34:21 UTC

becuase our eyes arent real

2017-03-05 07:34:33 UTC

Jaden pls go

2017-03-05 07:34:37 UTC


nazism should have some reforms like not killing people based on their skin. also fuck islam

2017-03-05 07:35:07 UTC

10$ betting on jaden becoming a Q3.14 trap

2017-03-05 07:35:37 UTC

@An Admirable Admiral But they're mostly doesn't have army, so it will be not so hard as invasion in Beliz or Venezuela

2017-03-05 07:35:38 UTC

dude even the SS had raceial varity

I can't accept why liberals just accept Islam like its a peaceful religion or something

2017-03-05 07:35:55 UTC

they only cared about race and relgion so long as it served the nation

2017-03-05 07:36:09 UTC

slavs in the SS for fuck sakes

That's y belize is prime invasion territory

2017-03-05 07:36:21 UTC

Fair, but islands can be hard to take, as rather than rolling up with a FOB you must land and take shit

they r just asking for a coup

2017-03-05 07:37:09 UTC

Blitzkrieg is best

2017-03-05 07:37:28 UTC

well then blackfrica would be the best place for blitzkrieg if we invaded the east and smashed somila

2017-03-05 07:37:38 UTC

Most islanders would be off guard, and likely easily falls victim to a sudden attack

The Ramones right

2017-03-05 07:37:51 UTC


2017-03-05 07:37:54 UTC

No point.

2017-03-05 07:38:02 UTC

We would be surrounded by niggers

2017-03-05 07:38:02 UTC

just dont invade the philipines they got assloads of guns

We need large boats witch is hard

2017-03-05 07:38:12 UTC

Invade here and let's see what Chile will do

2017-03-05 07:38:21 UTC

Not so much large, as much as landable

2017-03-05 07:38:31 UTC

we could sell them birth control pills mixed with drugs and then set up abortion clinics for free

We have to invade small countries first then get bigger and bigger

2017-03-05 07:39:09 UTC

>nobody will know that you've invaded somewhere if there is no population

2017-03-05 07:39:18 UTC


2017-03-05 07:39:52 UTC

we need cloning facilities and artifical wombs then we can build a spartan army

2017-03-05 07:39:52 UTC


2017-03-05 07:39:53 UTC


We could minimize deaths by only killing political leaders

2017-03-05 07:40:29 UTC

you after the war


2017-03-05 07:41:12 UTC

Use marksmen to take out military and political leaders, lowering general morale and destablizing the target country/island

Damn it's sad how the us lost the Vietnam war

2017-03-05 07:41:48 UTC

snipers OP pls nerf

2017-03-05 07:41:58 UTC

Hey, how about small Carribean countries?

2017-03-05 07:42:02 UTC

and hunting rifles are cheap

2017-03-05 07:42:07 UTC

Fuckig guerilla warfare is OP reeee

2017-03-05 07:42:12 UTC

to close to america miomio

Like Jamaica

2017-03-05 07:42:23 UTC

they'll panama our ass

2017-03-05 07:42:26 UTC

>hunting rifles

2017-03-05 07:42:30 UTC

STEN army

We have to minimize media attention or we fucked

2017-03-05 07:42:40 UTC

308 rifles babby

2017-03-05 07:42:46 UTC


2017-03-05 07:42:48 UTC


2017-03-05 07:42:51 UTC

impossible we know about the jews

2017-03-05 07:43:03 UTC

Oh my god

2017-03-05 07:43:06 UTC

Murrica can fuck our ass in any coast in the world so this is not an argument

2017-03-05 07:43:08 UTC

So I have to have a working mic to get vetted?

2017-03-05 07:43:10 UTC

Make Zimbabwe Rhodesia again

2017-03-05 07:43:13 UTC

got myself an arsenal AK

2017-03-05 07:43:20 UTC

good shit runs like a champ

2017-03-05 07:43:49 UTC

theres still whites in rhodesia so we could round up support and south african whites know its a race war day by day

2017-03-05 07:43:52 UTC

Guns are fun.

damn how about I just live a normal live in America and not invade any country?

2017-03-05 07:43:59 UTC

I just found ideal target for invasion

2017-03-05 07:44:02 UTC


2017-03-05 07:44:09 UTC

becuase cleaning ghettos only gets you so far

lol fuck no sealand

2017-03-05 07:44:25 UTC

well to the liquer store

it's not even a real country b

2017-03-05 07:44:49 UTC

its diamond dog country

how did hitler control Germany? By using teamwork

2017-03-05 07:45:21 UTC

can we handle the dogs on that country

2017-03-05 07:45:25 UTC

Outer heaven.

2017-03-05 07:45:32 UTC

By securing public favor

2017-03-05 07:45:34 UTC


2017-03-05 07:45:43 UTC

grow shrooms for food

2017-03-05 07:46:04 UTC

make ice bullets and scultuers for cash

2017-03-05 07:46:22 UTC

fuck pinguens for women after we geneticly modify them to have human babies

we could invade belize then Central America then south then Mexico then the rest of the world it's so simple

2017-03-05 07:47:14 UTC


2017-03-05 07:47:37 UTC

>and then the rest of the world

2017-03-05 07:47:46 UTC


2017-03-05 07:47:48 UTC

>Free heilcopter rides world wide

2017-03-05 07:47:51 UTC


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