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2017-02-04 07:13:10 UTC

Why don't you just wear all black and blend in with the Bloc

2017-02-04 07:13:21 UTC


2017-02-04 07:13:42 UTC

2017-02-04 07:14:47 UTC

Mm-mm. Look at that all red WV vote.

2017-02-04 07:19:07 UTC

2017-02-04 07:21:32 UTC

2017-02-04 07:22:16 UTC

Redpill on women

2017-02-04 07:27:24 UTC

Picatinny mount, ruggedized firefighter grade body/helmet cam

2017-02-04 07:28:37 UTC


2017-02-04 07:28:48 UTC

Mount is another $22

2017-02-04 07:37:58 UTC

2017-02-04 07:43:59 UTC

Anyone just get Saturnpilled?

2017-02-04 07:49:50 UTC


2017-02-04 07:49:56 UTC


2017-02-04 07:50:06 UTC

Capitalism (obviously)

2017-02-04 07:50:42 UTC

Freer the market the freer the people!

2017-02-04 07:51:04 UTC

I speak for myself.

2017-02-04 07:51:39 UTC

I've met a few suspected fascists here, but I think the general consensus is that fascism is undesireable.

2017-02-04 07:52:25 UTC

Mostly because to fight against the antifafags would be harder if we had open hitlerbros in.

2017-02-04 07:53:18 UTC


2017-02-04 07:53:30 UTC

fuck the antifa

2017-02-04 07:53:34 UTC

we have everyone rallying

2017-02-04 07:53:46 UTC

it's like a scenario where everyone stops fighting to counter the ancient big bad

2017-02-04 07:54:01 UTC

we got moderates, lolbertarians, we got former hillshills, we got bernie bros

2017-02-04 07:54:12 UTC

we got ancaps, we got caps, we got lolcaps

2017-02-04 07:54:16 UTC

I don't pretend to speak for everyone, so pardon me if I spoke out of turn.

2017-02-04 07:54:24 UTC

maybe not all in this one discord but i fucking tell you

2017-02-04 07:54:29 UTC

antifa are digging their grave

2017-02-04 07:54:43 UTC

every minute of video of them that gets out makes them a thousand enemies

2017-02-04 07:54:49 UTC

we may not be allies forever but for now

2017-02-04 07:54:56 UTC

expect some strange bedfellows

2017-02-04 07:55:00 UTC

in the fight at least

2017-02-04 07:55:08 UTC

this shit has to be stopped and stopped forever

2017-02-04 07:55:31 UTC

in fact, it's the first time i've seen 'diversity' be a good thing

2017-02-04 07:55:32 UTC

imagine that

2017-02-04 07:55:49 UTC

2017-02-04 07:55:56 UTC

antifa's one accomplishment: causing the first good example of diversity, as people united to expose them and get rid of them

2017-02-04 07:56:07 UTC

now im back to editing that antifa violence supercut

2017-02-04 07:57:30 UTC

2017-02-04 07:57:45 UTC

2017-02-04 07:57:48 UTC

@James is that the emblem?
wtf i love ancap now

2017-02-04 07:57:53 UTC

nice nice

2017-02-04 07:57:57 UTC

2017-02-04 07:58:01 UTC

im trying to make one for our alaska division

2017-02-04 07:58:02 UTC

if you didn't use, you're jewish

2017-02-04 07:59:53 UTC

I like Scott Adams' take:

2017-02-04 07:59:59 UTC

First Amendment

2017-02-04 08:00:04 UTC


2017-02-04 08:00:40 UTC

@here anyone have a hi-res of the emblem?

2017-02-04 08:01:04 UTC

@here Enjoy

2017-02-04 08:01:21 UTC

@Rush keksellent

2017-02-04 08:04:40 UTC

Yo, did my mic cut out?

2017-02-04 08:23:14 UTC


2017-02-04 08:23:28 UTC

time to raid

2017-02-04 08:23:31 UTC
2017-02-04 08:24:19 UTC

We can't stand for this red bullshit

2017-02-04 08:28:46 UTC AntiFa plot to agitate for Communist California Secession. Soros. Bill Ayers. Weather Underground. Popping off after FBIAnon leaks

2017-02-04 08:29:20 UTC

Huh I woulda blamed the jews

2017-02-04 08:29:28 UTC

wew lmao

2017-02-04 08:30:13 UTC


2017-02-04 08:30:20 UTC

War with China WHEN?

2017-02-04 08:30:23 UTC

Plenty of jews too

2017-02-04 08:31:15 UTC

I'm starting to think these kids off the bloc are real shit

2017-02-04 08:31:25 UTC

Someone give me some enlightenment here

2017-02-04 08:32:50 UTC

FBI anon docs detail ground zero of a Maoist IdPol group. Members of group student radical groups have ties to Wellstone Democratic Renewal. Currently backing a plan to make California a Sanctuary STATE. Berkeley Mayor recently met with European Anti-Fasc group

2017-02-04 08:33:21 UTC

>unironically be Maoist

2017-02-04 08:33:22 UTC


2017-02-04 08:33:43 UTC

They were all former Maoists, now they rebranded as Progs

2017-02-04 08:34:42 UTC


2017-02-04 08:35:49 UTC

2017-02-04 08:35:56 UTC

Official uniforms?

2017-02-04 08:36:09 UTC


2017-02-04 08:36:17 UTC

Former Communist "Redguard" (Berkeley 1968) now part of Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club, financial backers of Berkeley mayor

2017-02-04 08:38:32 UTC

2017-02-04 08:39:05 UTC


2017-02-04 08:41:25 UTC

Deus noster postulat tuba sanguinem

2017-02-04 08:41:48 UTC

2017-02-04 09:04:44 UTC

guy from work I'm training

2017-02-04 09:04:46 UTC

he called me

2017-02-04 09:04:49 UTC

and he just will not stfu

2017-02-04 09:08:38 UTC

sekret jew overlords

2017-02-04 09:11:22 UTC

2017-02-04 09:14:11 UTC

Where are my tender chicken breasts? Mom, I am about to ree.

2017-02-04 09:36:49 UTC

What the hell happened while I was out?

2017-02-04 10:02:55 UTC

Welcome to /k/

2017-02-04 10:03:03 UTC

yeah haha

2017-02-04 10:03:19 UTC

Talking about bug out bags for if this shit turns into a straight up civil war.

2017-02-04 10:03:31 UTC

I want a gun that I only havce to fire once.

2017-02-04 10:03:34 UTC


2017-02-04 10:04:15 UTC

No such thing

2017-02-04 10:33:14 UTC


2017-02-04 10:33:14 UTC


2017-02-04 10:33:15 UTC


2017-02-04 10:33:15 UTC


2017-02-04 10:33:19 UTC


2017-02-04 10:49:57 UTC

Well white race is dead now

2017-02-04 11:19:16 UTC

new to the chat any NatSoc brothers here?

2017-02-04 12:10:45 UTC

nifty revolvers, unica is way too gimmicky, but i love the rhino, gotta find out what that ppc branded model is

2017-02-04 12:51:26 UTC

Ooooh, baby, now i love slab sided shrouds

2017-02-04 13:13:43 UTC


2017-02-04 13:14:36 UTC

I'm gonna kill myself

2017-02-04 13:14:41 UTC


2017-02-04 13:14:51 UTC

Do it

2017-02-04 13:15:00 UTC

k be right back

2017-02-04 13:15:11 UTC

***D O N ' T L E T Y O U R D R E A M S B E D R E A M S***

2017-02-04 13:15:37 UTC

*M A K E Y O U R D R E A M S C O M E T R U E*

2017-02-04 13:16:06 UTC

How're you doin', lad?

2017-02-04 13:16:23 UTC

i'm trying to make this bot works but it doesn't

2017-02-04 13:16:34 UTC


2017-02-04 13:20:43 UTC

>using bots

2017-02-04 13:20:52 UTC

Complete waste of time.

2017-02-04 13:21:20 UTC

>Not using ErisBot

2017-02-04 15:45:50 UTC

Anyone on?

2017-02-04 15:46:13 UTC


2017-02-04 15:46:25 UTC


2017-02-04 15:52:08 UTC

Nothin' much.

2017-02-04 15:52:14 UTC

Gettin' ready to go zero a scope.

2017-02-04 15:54:26 UTC

Nice, its real quiet on the chat rn, wonder whats on?

2017-02-04 15:55:55 UTC

Chat's been quiet since the night it was shilled on 8/pol/.

2017-02-04 15:56:58 UTC

Mustve missed that, what happened?

2017-02-04 15:57:29 UTC

Pre-day prep for super bowl

2017-02-04 16:00:21 UTC

Everybody? You would think there would be some 18U who didn't have that? I don't prep till the day of.

2017-02-04 16:00:54 UTC

I don't even fucking watch it.

2017-02-04 16:01:31 UTC

What state are you from anyway my dude

2017-02-04 16:02:54 UTC

NY my guy

2017-02-04 16:04:07 UTC

@Mr.Fantasy#7858 which part dude

2017-02-04 16:20:13 UTC

2017-02-04 16:26:43 UTC


2017-02-04 16:26:54 UTC

*long island-queens

2017-02-04 16:27:18 UTC

@Mr.Fantasy#7858 Im in nassu county

2017-02-04 16:30:31 UTC

Jesus I'm watching the joe rogan 911 podcast with alex jones and fucking eddie bravo is a piece of shit bluepileld faggot who keeps interupting alex, and it's pissing me off.

2017-02-04 16:41:29 UTC

2017-02-04 16:42:32 UTC

Nassau as well. But I work and study in Queens

2017-02-04 16:43:46 UTC

Im just a NEET with a big heart, pride in my culture, and a shitload of memes

2017-02-04 16:58:09 UTC

@fashyGoyim I'm not a NEET, but I beleive in the first amendment, and I love nationalism. Without it, amazing food and culture would not exist. It needs to exist, and not be treated as a taboo.

2017-02-04 17:02:39 UTC

@Mr.Fantasy - NY I believe in nationalism wholeheartedly, and I love my country more then anything else and it pains me to see it in the state that its in. Trump has given my hope, 4chan gave me a place to talk about it without being ostracized, and now this group, which I hope comes through, will give me a means of doing something about it.

2017-02-04 17:05:07 UTC

do you believe in segregation @fashyGoyim

2017-02-04 17:10:08 UTC

2017-02-04 17:10:52 UTC

@stat I believe that if cultures segrate themselves, like what you see in inner cities in the US then that is fine but I think as long as people of other creeds and colors assimilate into our culture, obey our laws, and take part in their community there is no reason too. Furthermore, I believe that any person, regardless of race, has the talent and desire to serve their communities and their country they should not be stopped from doing so because it would be a waste of talent. On the other hand, those who are unwilling to support us in our nation and are leeches to oiur society should be cast out without hesitation.

2017-02-04 17:10:55 UTC

I'm asking everyone from AZ or NM to check in

2017-02-04 17:11:19 UTC

@kingbobo not from either, but absolutely disgusting

2017-02-04 17:11:50 UTC

Threatening a journalists daughter

2017-02-04 17:12:37 UTC

Fucking pale twigmen talking big over the Internet, never have I thought I'd be angry about keyboard warriors

2017-02-04 17:12:53 UTC

I'd love to choke whoever wrote that to death but alas, not our goal

2017-02-04 17:14:22 UTC

@kingbobo Same here, but we can't retaliate physically. As we all know, violence against them is what they want, and will only help them. It's not the answer in this case. We have to fight smarter, not harder, as the old saying goes.

2017-02-04 17:14:26 UTC

@kingbobo The left has always used fear and intimidation, from their smallest to their biggest

2017-02-04 17:14:42 UTC

sexist, racist, homphobic

2017-02-04 17:14:49 UTC

for merely disagreeing with them

2017-02-04 17:14:59 UTC

they try to use these words to shame anyone who dares not toe the line

2017-02-04 17:15:09 UTC

just look at antifa

2017-02-04 17:15:23 UTC

theyre trying to use fear to discourage libertarians and conservatives from having a voice

2017-02-04 17:15:41 UTC

Of course, smarter not harder. Which is why we need to start organizing

2017-02-04 17:15:47 UTC

Get some base planning

2017-02-04 17:16:10 UTC

Pretty sure admin has been working on some stuff so check out announcement channel guys

2017-02-04 17:17:39 UTC

Moonman, what area of NY are you from?

2017-02-04 17:18:00 UTC

@kingbobo Nassau county, Long Island

2017-02-04 17:18:52 UTC

Ah long island how fucking horrible

2017-02-04 17:19:07 UTC

I was living in CNY up until last year

2017-02-04 17:19:11 UTC

AZ now

2017-02-04 17:19:30 UTC

What's up, guys?

2017-02-04 17:22:33 UTC

Terrible. And its just boring. Food is ok

2017-02-04 17:23:51 UTC

2017-02-04 17:24:14 UTC

I'd be surprised if this wasn't sarcasm

2017-02-04 17:24:37 UTC

But man, use these assholes arrogance against them

2017-02-04 17:24:45 UTC

Use their pages to organize against them

2017-02-04 17:24:54 UTC

Knowledge is power, stay updated

2017-02-04 17:24:59 UTC

Long Island can be hostile territory, but there a lot of people hidden in the cracks

2017-02-04 17:25:50 UTC

Most people that aren't left are the rednecks out in the Upstate

2017-02-04 17:26:06 UTC

And most of them are degenerates at that

2017-02-04 17:26:07 UTC

Pretty sure they are actually soros funded to some extent though

2017-02-04 17:26:11 UTC

But there is always hope

2017-02-04 17:26:27 UTC

Eh who knows

2017-02-04 17:26:36 UTC

When I get back to AZ I have to do some planning

2017-02-04 17:26:46 UTC

Still think I'm the only member in AZ

2017-02-04 17:30:24 UTC

What's out in AZ?

2017-02-04 17:38:26 UTC

Family, new opportunities

2017-02-04 17:38:38 UTC

Also very chill gun laws

2017-02-04 17:38:50 UTC

Don't need a permit for open or concealed carry

2017-02-04 18:16:04 UTC

violence is only justified when they drop an attack right in front of you, don't let anyone go telling you to martyr yourself for public image, but don't go looking for trouble and certainly don't tell anyone if you do; let Saigamarine serve as a warning to well-memeing fools

2017-02-04 18:23:24 UTC

I like the idea of doing public service and volunteer work, it will improve our image.

2017-02-04 18:24:30 UTC

While Antifa destroys their community, the "nazi's" clean up the mess, and improve their community. It'll get there empty brains thinking, "huh, these guys aren't that bad".

2017-02-04 18:24:51 UTC

trump supporters have been doing that

2017-02-04 18:24:57 UTC

I find it rather irrelevant until we establish action groups to perform the service and I'd rather we didn't use it as a primary focus in and of itself; recruiting aid, public outreach, but don't fall on your sword before letting them see you polish it first

2017-02-04 18:25:00 UTC

cleaning up the garbage left by the womens march

2017-02-04 18:25:02 UTC

putting out fires

2017-02-04 18:25:16 UTC

I have seen that, and it's a great thing

2017-02-04 18:25:51 UTC

also antifa thinks we're an organized 4chan troll operation lel

2017-02-04 18:25:54 UTC

it gives even more incentive to uniform up as well

2017-02-04 18:26:15 UTC

speaking of which, I have some pics to take

2017-02-04 18:26:18 UTC


2017-02-04 18:29:18 UTC

I could get into volunteering, my girlfriend currently volunteers with kids around 9 or 10 years old but should I do some other things?

2017-02-04 18:29:37 UTC

Like food bank volunteering or

2017-02-04 18:30:13 UTC

Also yes it would serve as a perfect means of recruiting normies

2017-02-04 18:30:31 UTC

Show them we care about the community and won't stand for desecration and degenerate violence

2017-02-04 18:30:54 UTC

Antifa is only standing under a flag pretending to have a cause while acting like savages

2017-02-04 18:31:00 UTC

Sounds like a certain Islamic state I know

2017-02-04 18:31:50 UTC

I love to volunteer at parks. I gives me a great joy seeing a clean park, and I also loved being around trees. Just a different vibe then a round buildings

2017-02-04 18:32:10 UTC

>volunteer at parks

2017-02-04 18:32:20 UTC

Maybe back in NY but in the middle of the desert ...

2017-02-04 18:32:33 UTC

There's like 4 to 7 trees max it's awful

2017-02-04 18:32:34 UTC

Oh shit your right, my b

2017-02-04 18:32:58 UTC

Honestly do miss getting lost in the woods

2017-02-04 18:33:05 UTC

I'd say food banks are your best bets

2017-02-04 18:33:22 UTC

Probably. There's a large homeless presence in my area

2017-02-04 18:36:28 UTC

That's a shame. it always strikes me when I see a homeless man. They have a story, good or bad, it's a story that made them their present way.

2017-02-04 18:38:14 UTC

Everyone has a story man

2017-02-04 18:38:29 UTC

But yeah its quite sad

2017-02-04 18:42:29 UTC

Hey dudes I just found mein kampf at a local independent bookstore

2017-02-04 18:42:49 UTC

know the publisher?

2017-02-04 18:43:01 UTC

there are very different versions

2017-02-04 18:54:48 UTC


2017-02-04 18:55:06 UTC

Hey, i am planning on making shirts and the like

2017-02-04 18:55:21 UTC

what kind?

2017-02-04 18:55:27 UTC

I'll show

2017-02-04 18:55:36 UTC

2017-02-04 18:55:44 UTC

Shirts with this sort of logo

2017-02-04 18:55:52 UTC


2017-02-04 18:56:30 UTC

I'll post a redbubble link on the thread. I will have all the money i make go back into the community some how

2017-02-04 18:56:32 UTC

Not sure how tho

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