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2017-02-04 03:01:58 UTC


2017-02-04 03:01:59 UTC

My parents always told me to suck it the hell up when life got hard, not look for a safespace and people to cry to.

Maybe we need more parents beating their kids just the right amount.

2017-02-04 03:02:03 UTC

Maybe 1998-

2017-02-04 03:02:07 UTC

If I'm almost 24 which gen am I?

2017-02-04 03:02:13 UTC

Millenial D3

2017-02-04 03:02:16 UTC


2017-02-04 03:02:31 UTC

Might just be a Texas thing then, most of my peer group is libertarian

2017-02-04 03:02:35 UTC

Bad times > Strong Men > Good times > Weak Men > Meme Men > Meme Times

2017-02-04 03:02:51 UTC

I read somewhere that Gen Z seem to be more conservative

2017-02-04 03:03:14 UTC

It's indeed correct

2017-02-04 03:03:27 UTC

Especially among those who are christian

2017-02-04 03:03:34 UTC

I often ask them at my church

2017-02-04 03:03:50 UTC

"What do you think about homosexuality?"

2017-02-04 03:04:05 UTC

Gen-Z isn't just a meme.

2017-02-04 03:04:06 UTC

"I think it's unnatural and not the way god intended"

2017-02-04 03:04:08 UTC

"it's fun times that god can't see"

2017-02-04 03:04:37 UTC


2017-02-04 03:04:44 UTC


2017-02-04 03:04:48 UTC

If you guys make this a thing, make sure you have some concealed carry on the scene

2017-02-04 03:05:04 UTC

I always carry

2017-02-04 03:05:09 UTC

That's good

2017-02-04 03:05:20 UTC

Same here I got a Kimber 45

2017-02-04 03:05:22 UTC

Mostly because I'm trying to break in a new holster

2017-02-04 03:05:45 UTC

If one of you can open Carry an AR-15, then that'd scare the shit out of them

2017-02-04 03:05:53 UTC

Too bad I'm broke and live in a pretty much anti gun state

2017-02-04 03:06:24 UTC

oy vey

2017-02-04 03:06:31 UTC

Ive got a tacticool bullpup shotty

2017-02-04 03:06:54 UTC

im an overweight anime watcher how do i become an alpha male

2017-02-04 03:07:06 UTC

Do crunches

2017-02-04 03:07:22 UTC

Jesus christ

2017-02-04 03:07:24 UTC

Tricep dips for the armfat

2017-02-04 03:07:29 UTC

Seig Heil

2017-02-04 03:07:30 UTC

Crunches and situps like a motherfucker

2017-02-04 03:07:32 UTC


2017-02-04 03:07:35 UTC


2017-02-04 03:07:44 UTC

Ave, Caesar!

2017-02-04 03:07:56 UTC

Cut calories, high protein, eat walnuts

2017-02-04 03:07:59 UTC

We need to make a Neo-Roman movement

2017-02-04 03:08:12 UTC

like a vanguard?

2017-02-04 03:08:12 UTC

Pax Pepe

2017-02-04 03:08:23 UTC

I started cutting sugar out of my diet

2017-02-04 03:08:26 UTC


2017-02-04 03:08:29 UTC

only water n shieet

2017-02-04 03:08:52 UTC

Hold on I'll get a good song

2017-02-04 03:09:05 UTC

High protein, low saturated fats, high unsaturated fats, no polyfats

2017-02-04 03:09:40 UTC

Listen to that

2017-02-04 03:09:42 UTC

Good song

2017-02-04 03:09:45 UTC

also ive got this issue where im a pussy when it comes to confrontation

2017-02-04 03:09:52 UTC

tucker carlson makes me cringe when he starts getting mad at people

2017-02-04 03:10:02 UTC

we'll toughen you up

2017-02-04 03:10:04 UTC

i guess im a faggot

2017-02-04 03:10:08 UTC

We can mould you

2017-02-04 03:10:10 UTC


2017-02-04 03:10:19 UTC
2017-02-04 03:10:21 UTC

I'm an actual faggot and I've never backed down from a fight

2017-02-04 03:10:24 UTC

You jut a bitch

2017-02-04 03:10:27 UTC

Triarii is amazing

2017-02-04 03:10:41 UTC

i once said "those dark kids are trouble" in kindergarten and i got in a shitload of trouble

2017-02-04 03:10:46 UTC


2017-02-04 03:11:14 UTC

Lol when I was in first grade I asked why some of us were different colored skin, eyes, and hair

2017-02-04 03:11:15 UTC

Do they want war or what

2017-02-04 03:11:20 UTC

No trouble to be had

2017-02-04 03:11:47 UTC

Please please please, don't turn into something like the (((American National Socialist Movement)))

2017-02-04 03:11:57 UTC

we won't

2017-02-04 03:12:00 UTC

it's good music tho

2017-02-04 03:12:01 UTC

Skinheads, and such

2017-02-04 03:12:07 UTC

bunch of sad rednecks it seems like

2017-02-04 03:12:08 UTC

Ansom's handsome

2017-02-04 03:12:16 UTC

Skinheads are disgusting

2017-02-04 03:12:16 UTC

Protectors of liberty, or POL

2017-02-04 03:13:57 UTC

sorry guys, i can't hear you over the hell march

2017-02-04 03:14:02 UTC


2017-02-04 03:14:25 UTC

Heres how you win

2017-02-04 03:14:38 UTC

Make Antifa look like a terror orginization

2017-02-04 03:15:33 UTC

When you make yourself look like the good guys; which you are, then people will start joining

2017-02-04 03:16:06 UTC

Don't make up shit to make Antifa look bad though. Use their own ammunition against them. Incite inner conflict

2017-02-04 03:16:14 UTC


2017-02-04 03:16:17 UTC

showing our faces is good

2017-02-04 03:16:21 UTC

The left jumps at the opportunity to tear at eachother a LOT more than they show

2017-02-04 03:16:29 UTC

balaclava screams out domestic terrorist

2017-02-04 03:16:31 UTC

Actual Neo-Nazis of the sort you'd find in prisons are absolute degenerates. Dumb, uneducated plebs whom've probably never even read Mein Kampf, and just emboss themselves in Nazi imagery to identify with their gang, like niggers.

2017-02-04 03:17:15 UTC


2017-02-04 03:17:23 UTC

NatSoc =/= Neo-Nazi

2017-02-04 03:17:48 UTC

They probably don't even know that Hitler was anti-alcohol and anti-smoking

2017-02-04 03:17:57 UTC

Most of the skinheads are degenerates.

2017-02-04 03:18:24 UTC

I'm not a huge fan of alcahol either. Family reasons >.> Not old enough to drink as i'm just 18, but even if i were old enough i wouldn't drink much

2017-02-04 03:18:37 UTC

My vice is Nesquik chocolate milk

2017-02-04 03:19:23 UTC

Nesquik chocolate milk holy shit

2017-02-04 03:19:32 UTC

Memory trip

2017-02-04 03:19:57 UTC

It is a back country wanderer’s worst nightmare; arriving at a remote trailhead to find yourself accosted by two growling, snarling off-leash dogs, and then their owner, who threatens to kill you for having taken action to deter the approaching canines.

That’s what retired Arizona teacher Harold Fish told investigators in May 2004 at the end of a dayhike in the Coconino National Forest that put him in a deadly confrontation with a man named Grant Kuenzli. Fish said he yelled a warning to Kuenzli to call off the dogs—a warning apparently ignored—then drew his 10mm Kimber semiautomatic pistol and fired one round into the ground when the dogs were about seven feet from him. The dogs split up, one to each side of Fish.

...evidence from the crime scene – including footprints and the Victim’s wounds – corroborated Defendant’s story that the Victim moved quickly from high ground, that the Victim’s arms were raised, and that Defendant did not shoot until the Victim was very close; and the testimony of at least eight witnesses that the Victim frequently became violent and aggressive corroborated Defendant’s account of the Victim’s behavior.

2017-02-04 03:20:30 UTC

I ain't reading all that shit, nigga

2017-02-04 03:20:42 UTC
2017-02-04 03:21:00 UTC


2017-02-04 03:21:06 UTC

where's the 12 ga ones

2017-02-04 03:21:09 UTC

2017-02-04 03:21:15 UTC


2017-02-04 03:21:22 UTC


2017-02-04 03:21:31 UTC

In other words LARPing ammo

2017-02-04 03:21:53 UTC

The same faggots who think the KRISS Vector is great use that ammo

2017-02-04 03:22:12 UTC

Lol if someone attacks me or breaks into my house i want to give them something to remember

2017-02-04 03:22:19 UTC


2017-02-04 03:22:29 UTC

I just use 9mm 5x fed permium hst on top of 12x alum case fmjs

2017-02-04 03:22:31 UTC

I'm away off for a bit, I'll catch you guys later

2017-02-04 03:24:01 UTC

Casimir brought up a good idea earlier. We should start adopting ancient Roman imagery. It's much more palatable to normies, and is still in line with our nationalistic/anti-degenerate stance.

2017-02-04 03:24:41 UTC

Yeah federal makes nice ammo, in my 45 I run 230 gr hollow points in a nickel casing by federal

2017-02-04 03:25:57 UTC

Think of Augustus, who outlawed sodomy.

2017-02-04 03:26:07 UTC

I'm going to turn 21 in a year, what firearms would you suggest I purchase? I was thinking an HK USP for my first pistol or a Kimber 1911

2017-02-04 03:26:17 UTC

Saving up for a Springfield M1A

2017-02-04 03:27:13 UTC

This kills the Dacian

2017-02-04 03:27:17 UTC

Kimber is overpriced. 1911s are nice but Kimber? I'll pass. I'd rather have a stainless R1 and a standard ATI than 1 Kimber. @kingbobo

2017-02-04 03:27:27 UTC

Cz makes great used pistols the Cz 75 is one of the best guns out there. Springfield xd and smith and Wesson mp 45 are good

2017-02-04 03:27:30 UTC

2017-02-04 03:27:46 UTC

I'm back for a bit

2017-02-04 03:27:48 UTC

Ruger american pistol in 9mm or 45acp

2017-02-04 03:27:52 UTC

I have a Kimber and it's alright it's super light but jammed a lot but that's life with 1911

2017-02-04 03:27:56 UTC

Cheap andrugged

2017-02-04 03:28:00 UTC

Yeah I've seen prices for Springfield but in the end it's worth it

2017-02-04 03:28:02 UTC

Right, Roman imagery is peak

2017-02-04 03:28:05 UTC

Reliability and quality

2017-02-04 03:28:11 UTC

Instead of seig heil? Ave

2017-02-04 03:28:39 UTC

Ave nex alea

2017-02-04 03:28:45 UTC

Let's not go with religious anything, we'd be grouped with Catholic extremists

2017-02-04 03:28:50 UTC

Ave Trump

2017-02-04 03:28:53 UTC

Something like Order and Peace in latin

2017-02-04 03:28:55 UTC

Ave Caesar

2017-02-04 03:28:56 UTC

but that's life with Kimber

2017-02-04 03:29:16 UTC

do you guys have an agreed upon symbol? Like a logo with a snake/eagle/frog?

2017-02-04 03:29:29 UTC

I'd say mix all three but that wont come out well

2017-02-04 03:29:32 UTC

I'm thinking of selling it for a cz 75 and a Taurus judge

2017-02-04 03:29:41 UTC

2017-02-04 03:29:55 UTC

What caliber is a CZ-75?

2017-02-04 03:30:05 UTC

I think yellow and black is a good color scheme though, freedom and capitalism

2017-02-04 03:30:09 UTC

Although let's avoid using something that could be compared to a swastika easily

2017-02-04 03:30:20 UTC

Use roman imagery

2017-02-04 03:30:27 UTC

Eagle with a crest

2017-02-04 03:30:34 UTC

No swastika type

2017-02-04 03:30:43 UTC

2017-02-04 03:30:50 UTC

9mm and 40 s&w

2017-02-04 03:30:58 UTC

I thought we were using 4 of clubs as our patch

2017-02-04 03:31:15 UTC

Path of light, shadilay

2017-02-04 03:31:33 UTC

Honestly it's simple and doesn't imply anything

2017-02-04 03:31:42 UTC

Can't be twisted by media bullshit

2017-02-04 03:31:47 UTC

It's just 4 of clubs

2017-02-04 03:32:00 UTC

2017-02-04 03:32:17 UTC

Theres something for religious imagery

2017-02-04 03:32:24 UTC

Roman Pantheon

2017-02-04 03:33:17 UTC

ChristKeks btfo

2017-02-04 03:35:11 UTC

No spear 0/10

2017-02-04 03:35:30 UTC

ew, tongue piercings

2017-02-04 03:35:33 UTC


2017-02-04 03:35:37 UTC

I was young and dumb

2017-02-04 03:35:46 UTC

Ooh, tongue piercings

2017-02-04 03:35:58 UTC

I'm a degen

2017-02-04 03:36:15 UTC

Forreal, a Roman-esque movement would be good for AntiCom

2017-02-04 03:36:56 UTC

But yeah, actual faggot defen here

2017-02-04 03:37:33 UTC


2017-02-04 03:37:39 UTC

Have you guys seen the untermensch neo-Nazi meme?

2017-02-04 03:37:45 UTC


2017-02-04 03:37:50 UTC

Eh, not gonna force my preference on other people. never was a big fan of piercings, but i don't hate people for thinking otherwise

2017-02-04 03:38:20 UTC

Girls are easy

2017-02-04 03:38:20 UTC

Unless we're talking one of those fuckheads who turn their face into a pincushion for a thousand needles

2017-02-04 03:38:26 UTC

okay, blackjacket, yellow shirt, blue jeans with a belt. Y/N?

2017-02-04 03:38:28 UTC

Dude you just need confidence

2017-02-04 03:38:28 UTC

Oh fuck that

2017-02-04 03:38:42 UTC

like a varsity jacket

2017-02-04 03:39:07 UTC

2017-02-04 03:39:12 UTC

From /k/

2017-02-04 03:39:37 UTC

No surprise there

2017-02-04 03:40:16 UTC

Work time, gg no re

2017-02-04 03:40:26 UTC

Sleep tight anon

2017-02-04 03:40:27 UTC

gg no reeeeee

2017-02-04 03:40:37 UTC

i went to /pol/ in 2008 and loved ron paul

2017-02-04 03:40:52 UTC

now i'm fighting communism

2017-02-04 03:40:57 UTC

and saving up for a helicopter to drop them from

2017-02-04 03:42:03 UTC

Same, I want a Sikorsky but will settle for a Robinson

2017-02-04 03:42:37 UTC

"The MAGA challenge" or "The Trump Hat Challenge"
we gotta get /fit/ or or bullshido or general mma hobby guys
to go wear Trump hats

2017-02-04 03:42:41 UTC

at protests

2017-02-04 03:42:44 UTC

while their friends record it

2017-02-04 03:42:47 UTC

Good luck infiltrating antifa btw guys

2017-02-04 03:43:03 UTC

Thank you.

2017-02-04 03:43:08 UTC

I consider myself a common sense-a-list

2017-02-04 03:43:23 UTC

>having common sense

2017-02-04 03:43:27 UTC


2017-02-04 03:43:38 UTC

I just wanna watch black dudes fuck my ugly wife.

2017-02-04 03:43:45 UTC

and film it and put it on

2017-02-04 03:43:57 UTC

wummin cannot be ugly, sexist

2017-02-04 03:44:04 UTC

ur being arrested for hateful thoughts

2017-02-04 03:44:08 UTC

Wrong think

2017-02-04 03:45:04 UTC

Would you let this guy cuck you?

2017-02-04 03:45:08 UTC

I think jackets are a bit intimidating

2017-02-04 03:45:23 UTC

Looks like a wound sustained in birth

2017-02-04 03:45:28 UTC

That's not a nigger or a black man, that's a dark skinned alien.

2017-02-04 03:45:32 UTC

Ideal uniform would be military green T or long sleeve depending on region

2017-02-04 03:45:34 UTC

Oh jesus christ how is that real?

2017-02-04 03:45:40 UTC

Tucked into some combat pants

2017-02-04 03:45:43 UTC

Belt and boots

2017-02-04 03:45:48 UTC

Avoid black

2017-02-04 03:45:55 UTC

Black is intimidating

2017-02-04 03:46:01 UTC

Frightens civies

2017-02-04 03:47:17 UTC

And when the cops start pepper saying the anarchists it'd be ideal to be easily separated and not in all black

2017-02-04 03:47:32 UTC


2017-02-04 03:47:40 UTC

@kingbobo white and yellow, or black and yellow?

2017-02-04 03:48:07 UTC

That brotha has a delicious BBC that white womiz just can't resist, yo. You muhfuggen stormcrackas are butthurt as fuck that we be takin yo wimin and rewritten history, nomsayin? Dayum

2017-02-04 03:48:10 UTC

For logo or uniform colors?

2017-02-04 03:48:24 UTC

*smacks lips* *grabs crotch*

2017-02-04 03:48:39 UTC
2017-02-04 03:48:42 UTC

Try finding ny/co and poly twill in gadsden yellow

2017-02-04 03:48:44 UTC

For uniform I'd suggest neither, flat sage green or marpat

2017-02-04 03:48:56 UTC

Logo can be white and yellow

2017-02-04 03:49:18 UTC

When I get back from CA in a week I'll get photoshop and work on some stuff

2017-02-04 03:49:27 UTC

I run olive drab and ranger green gear, so it'd be nice to not have to respec to fit the theme

2017-02-04 03:49:35 UTC

@kingbobo blue jeans and varsity jacket

2017-02-04 03:49:48 UTC

Tunnel snakes rule

2017-02-04 03:50:31 UTC


2017-02-04 03:50:33 UTC


2017-02-04 03:50:49 UTC

hernan that looks like a screenshot from that resident evil game

2017-02-04 03:51:11 UTC

Like I said, tuck an olive tee or long sleeve into some military cargo pants

2017-02-04 03:52:23 UTC

And buzzcuts for everyone

2017-02-04 03:52:48 UTC

Blue jeans and usa shirts

2017-02-04 03:52:49 UTC

I'll take pics of my kit after work before i hit the trails and send it to the furher

2017-02-04 03:52:52 UTC

Haircut doesn't matter, we want to retain organization but individuality

2017-02-04 03:52:54 UTC

With heavy jackets

2017-02-04 03:53:02 UTC

We are individuals that care for our country and wellbeing of citizens

2017-02-04 03:53:03 UTC

I might crossdress while doing it

2017-02-04 03:53:04 UTC

Not machines

2017-02-04 03:53:05 UTC

Not gonna lie

2017-02-04 03:53:28 UTC

Go undercover as an antifa?

2017-02-04 03:53:29 UTC

Hey, it'll make the lefties think twice

2017-02-04 03:53:30 UTC

I luv bein black cuz all dem white bitches just jump on my cock like wild animals

2017-02-04 03:53:46 UTC
2017-02-04 03:53:56 UTC

Surprised he's not traumatized by the burning watermelon

2017-02-04 03:54:19 UTC

@Hernán CortésWe wuz ww1 and sheeit

2017-02-04 03:54:28 UTC

we could possible have no uniform

2017-02-04 03:54:38 UTC

just dont show up looking like organized militant movement

2017-02-04 03:54:52 UTC

Let's take inspiration from right wing groups in europe

2017-02-04 03:55:05 UTC

Neg, already discussed pro/con of unis vs noform

2017-02-04 03:55:27 UTC

>tfw too smart to be Indian

2017-02-04 03:55:28 UTC

well its bad to look silly, and its bad to look authoritarian

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