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2017-02-13 04:49:20 UTC

We can't be full natsoc.

2017-02-13 04:49:31 UTC

@Chancellor Not openly

2017-02-13 04:49:35 UTC

China is both a culture, and the empire of the Han Race.

2017-02-13 04:49:35 UTC

<:juden:279093331902857216> <:moonman:279092750861991936>

2017-02-13 04:49:40 UTC

Hide the power levels

2017-02-13 04:49:47 UTC


2017-02-13 04:50:03 UTC

Or start a fashy discord if we want to bs about race.

2017-02-13 04:50:06 UTC


2017-02-13 04:50:13 UTC


2017-02-13 04:50:18 UTC


2017-02-13 04:50:23 UTC


2017-02-13 04:50:42 UTC

We can't be racialistic if we want to be able to function politically and openly... yet.

2017-02-13 04:50:48 UTC

This place really only exists for conregation.

2017-02-13 04:50:51 UTC

As time goes on we push the overton window and things may change.

2017-02-13 04:51:05 UTC

I think it's a given that we would not be openly National Socialist in public.

2017-02-13 04:51:24 UTC

This place is just to house the autism until we have a more solid place to consolidate our efforts.

2017-02-13 04:51:26 UTC

Has anything tangible been accomplished? I haven't been on in a while

2017-02-13 04:51:27 UTC


2017-02-13 04:51:33 UTC

If you consider this autism

2017-02-13 04:51:37 UTC

We've already had a dozen people get chased off because of power levels

2017-02-13 04:51:41 UTC

then I consider your views as schizophrenia

2017-02-13 04:52:06 UTC

Good for you.

2017-02-13 04:52:09 UTC

Blog about it.

2017-02-13 04:52:12 UTC

I already did XD

2017-02-13 04:52:24 UTC


2017-02-13 04:52:25 UTC

There's been some memes and propaganda.

2017-02-13 04:52:35 UTC

You'd characterize their views as a disorder commonly associated with auditory hallucinations and delusions of granduer?

2017-02-13 04:52:36 UTC

Vietnamese are based as fuck. Source: I used to have a Vietnamese roommate

2017-02-13 04:52:37 UTC

***X D***

2017-02-13 04:52:44 UTC

yeah , but race is going to come up

2017-02-13 04:52:45 UTC


2017-02-13 04:52:47 UTC


2017-02-13 04:52:49 UTC


2017-02-13 04:52:49 UTC

I'd been working on shooping some propaganda for our cause

2017-02-13 04:52:54 UTC

That's me

2017-02-13 04:52:57 UTC

Then it gets tossed into appropriate channels

2017-02-13 04:52:58 UTC


2017-02-13 04:53:02 UTC

Are we trying to have a physical presence at protests still?

2017-02-13 04:53:05 UTC

***e c k s d e e***

2017-02-13 04:53:06 UTC

the shoops won't have anything to do with NATSOC though

2017-02-13 04:53:18 UTC

Speaking as the country you fucks dumped all of your Vietnam war trash in:
The Vietnamese are possibly the least shit non white immigrants.

2017-02-13 04:53:19 UTC

@Attila the Pun First meetup is planned in March.

2017-02-13 04:53:22 UTC

>that humble

2017-02-13 04:53:34 UTC

For all chapters/regions?

2017-02-13 04:53:57 UTC

I believe they're planned for March, yes

2017-02-13 04:54:13 UTC

Alright; seriously.

2017-02-13 04:54:15 UTC

I'm gone.

2017-02-13 04:54:17 UTC

Night lads.

2017-02-13 04:54:19 UTC


2017-02-13 04:54:27 UTC


2017-02-13 04:55:22 UTC

Cool, I think Richard Spencer is going to try to have a college tour this year. I feel like this is gonna cause Antifa to go apeshit and should be a good time for us to appear. I know, everybody hates Richard Spencer

2017-02-13 04:55:49 UTC

He'd be a good martyr I guess?

2017-02-13 04:55:57 UTC

and that he's controlled opposition

2017-02-13 04:56:03 UTC

What do you define as "Nazi bullshit?" @D3VNT

2017-02-13 04:56:05 UTC

going to Milo and Gavin is different than Richard Spencer propaganda wise though

2017-02-13 04:56:07 UTC

for example

2017-02-13 04:56:09 UTC

I dunno, he's currently an acceptable target, so touring annoys me.

2017-02-13 04:56:18 UTC

normies and us go to a milo concert and antifa comes and riots

2017-02-13 04:56:19 UTC

@Extra Crispy Gabe-tier sperging

2017-02-13 04:56:20 UTC

I am looking forward to the Milo/Alex jones combination.

2017-02-13 04:56:23 UTC

propaganda favors us

2017-02-13 04:56:25 UTC


2017-02-13 04:56:27 UTC

They're fun, and it'll piss off a lotta people.

2017-02-13 04:56:37 UTC

if it were a spencer tour, antifa would seemed justified and as freedom fighters

2017-02-13 04:56:42 UTC

it would fuck us up

2017-02-13 04:56:48 UTC


2017-02-13 04:56:49 UTC

lol so I don't even have to be talking about national socialism, and I'd be talking about "nazi-ism?"

2017-02-13 04:56:54 UTC

that's retarded man

2017-02-13 04:57:17 UTC

Can you not have a discussion without putting words in one's mouth or moving your own or someone else's goalposts?

2017-02-13 04:57:21 UTC

We don't have to ideologically agree with him even. Just say we're there to prevent violoence

2017-02-13 04:57:25 UTC

Check your power levels, bottom line

2017-02-13 04:57:40 UTC

Is there a MIlo/Alex Jones tour?

2017-02-13 04:57:42 UTC

You said you'd be purging nazi stuff on sight

2017-02-13 04:57:48 UTC

I said Verm suggested it

2017-02-13 04:57:50 UTC

holy fuck

2017-02-13 04:57:53 UTC

This is what I'm talking about

2017-02-13 04:57:58 UTC

and then you defined it as "gabe tier sperging"

2017-02-13 04:57:58 UTC

Milo and Alex are going back to Berkely.

2017-02-13 04:58:08 UTC


2017-02-13 04:58:09 UTC

Alex can defend himself

2017-02-13 04:58:09 UTC

It will be a fucking riot in every sense of the world.

2017-02-13 04:58:10 UTC

@Attila the Pun I like Spencer. He's kind of fruity but he's a good speaker

2017-02-13 04:58:24 UTC

Hopefully Jones brings the Super Male Vitality

2017-02-13 04:58:30 UTC

Spencer is a drag queen though

2017-02-13 04:58:33 UTC


2017-02-13 04:58:36 UTC

He's actually Alaska Thunderfuck

2017-02-13 04:58:38 UTC

I think this server should be focused on Anti Communist action.

2017-02-13 04:58:51 UTC

It's supposed to be.

2017-02-13 04:59:01 UTC

right now its shitposting hours infinite

2017-02-13 04:59:02 UTC

@D3VNT Big if true. Then I'm going to steal his wife

2017-02-13 04:59:04 UTC

These can be anti communist stuff.

2017-02-13 04:59:07 UTC

Every now and then we have to remind people it's not an echochamber for NatSocs or racism

2017-02-13 04:59:15 UTC

@Tee CA I actually like him too, I just constanly see bitching about him being controlled opposition because no one heard of him until the Hail Trump thing

2017-02-13 04:59:21 UTC

There'll be violence at Berkely again, we can respond.

2017-02-13 04:59:44 UTC

I don't think Dick Spencer is controlled opposition.
I think he's a media whore and retarded though.

2017-02-13 04:59:55 UTC

the whole point is he's fucking around with propaganda

2017-02-13 05:00:04 UTC

@Attila the Pun If he's controlled op he's going all out working and networking with other orgs. Red ice etc

2017-02-13 05:00:04 UTC

he compromised himself when he went out in public and heil'd

2017-02-13 05:00:10 UTC

we agree with what he's saying

2017-02-13 05:00:16 UTC

but he fucked up when he did that in public

2017-02-13 05:00:24 UTC

and now we have to distance ourselves for subversion purposes

2017-02-13 05:00:47 UTC


2017-02-13 05:01:20 UTC

sorry for poor quality

2017-02-13 05:01:25 UTC

White Nationalism won't have open support but it's definitely growing

2017-02-13 05:01:27 UTC

but im sure you fags have seen this pic before

2017-02-13 05:01:33 UTC

no shit

2017-02-13 05:01:34 UTC


2017-02-13 05:01:35 UTC

Tfw the NW group might explode in numbers

2017-02-13 05:01:48 UTC


2017-02-13 05:01:49 UTC

@Tee CA I don't think he's controlled op, he's been around for years writing and advancing our interests in public. No body even cares about the Hail Trump thing. It was stupid,but luckily the media has reached saturation with nazi name calling

2017-02-13 05:02:05 UTC

It's still saturated as fuck.

2017-02-13 05:02:06 UTC

@Attila the Pun Divide and conquer

2017-02-13 05:02:19 UTC

The worst thing we can do as an entity is justify said namecalling

2017-02-13 05:02:33 UTC

I had never even heard of Richard Spencer before the Roman salute thing, but I'm not new enough to think he's controlled op. The problem with him is that he tries to take credit for the accomplishments of 4chan.

2017-02-13 05:02:39 UTC

richard spencer isnt controlled op thats a newfag thing to say

2017-02-13 05:02:43 UTC


2017-02-13 05:03:21 UTC

Agreed. I don't give a shit about it. I like him. If he does a tour I think it'll be a good thing to be prepared for cause it'll be rowdy

2017-02-13 05:03:41 UTC


2017-02-13 05:04:04 UTC

the hail trump thing made it assured he gets mass media coverage wherever he goes

2017-02-13 05:04:05 UTC

Should we intervene?

2017-02-13 05:04:18 UTC

If we support him we might be labeled as nazis, with some public legitimacy.

2017-02-13 05:04:22 UTC

If we don't Antifa will make a mess.

2017-02-13 05:04:31 UTC

It might be better to let him martyr himself through idiocy.

2017-02-13 05:04:32 UTC

I think we should assuming we actually have a physical presence that can handle it

2017-02-13 05:04:49 UTC

@Chancellor We support free speech, "Nazi" speech is free speech.

2017-02-13 05:05:18 UTC

I seriously don't think we need to worry about ideology etc. We just say we're there to protect innocents *if* we even talk to the media

2017-02-13 05:05:19 UTC

All or nothing

2017-02-13 05:05:39 UTC

what we say here is just satire, and satire should be protected by free speech

2017-02-13 05:05:59 UTC

lol, did you guys actually think people were serious here? xD

2017-02-13 05:06:24 UTC

I think a good way to avoid being tied down by an ideology etc. is to simply not have one. Does anyone else agree?

2017-02-13 05:06:34 UTC


2017-02-13 05:06:54 UTC

We dislike communism and are trying to mobilize against AntiFa

2017-02-13 05:06:57 UTC

Like, we're opposed to Antifa's violence and anarchy. End of story

2017-02-13 05:07:02 UTC

That's AntiCom

2017-02-13 05:07:08 UTC


2017-02-13 05:07:16 UTC

weve been saying that since the start, we need to stop the skirmishes between the satirical NatSoc's and the libertarians

2017-02-13 05:07:23 UTC

@Attila the Pun Yes, our organization is not ideologically-based, unless you count /pol/ as an ideology.

2017-02-13 05:07:36 UTC

Is bog an ideology?

2017-02-13 05:07:40 UTC


2017-02-13 05:07:47 UTC

@Bluesy I disavow the bogpill

2017-02-13 05:07:50 UTC

We are Bogtopian bogdealists.

2017-02-13 05:07:54 UTC

On the real though, I can't stand pol nine times out of ten

2017-02-13 05:07:55 UTC

Yeah, I mean I just think we should focus on decisive actions that no one can really disagree with. We're not trying to run a non-profit

2017-02-13 05:07:58 UTC

Still go there

2017-02-13 05:07:59 UTC

@Bluesy Bogs = GODS

2017-02-13 05:08:53 UTC


2017-02-13 05:08:59 UTC

Freedom of religion I guess

2017-02-13 05:08:59 UTC


2017-02-13 05:09:02 UTC


2017-02-13 05:09:09 UTC

Hail bog

2017-02-13 05:09:14 UTC

Hail our people

2017-02-13 05:09:17 UTC

Hail victory

2017-02-13 05:09:36 UTC


2017-02-13 05:10:21 UTC

Found some podesta leaked videos

2017-02-13 05:10:33 UTC

The song that defined a generation: https://youtube.com/watch?v=dXp64bltOnQ

2017-02-13 05:10:57 UTC

@Extra Crispy Is pizza gate real?

2017-02-13 05:11:06 UTC


2017-02-13 05:11:08 UTC

I dunno m8 you tell me

2017-02-13 05:11:16 UTC

I'll send you the vid if you want

2017-02-13 05:11:34 UTC

tfw my low res bog has more pixels than all of our IQs combined

2017-02-13 05:11:43 UTC

I don't know if someone will get anal if I post it in the gen

2017-02-13 05:11:49 UTC

@Tee CA Pizzagate has enough evidence to launch an investigation and one should be launched. But I would not convict based on what we got.

2017-02-13 05:11:57 UTC

since already some people are starting to get the authoritarian boner

2017-02-13 05:11:58 UTC

No idea, but sure thing. I'll give it a watch.

2017-02-13 05:12:27 UTC

Pizza is real.

2017-02-13 05:12:27 UTC

>Mfw 1 percent sand nigger


2017-02-13 05:12:42 UTC

Frats are gay

2017-02-13 05:13:17 UTC

@YungWhiteMaga - TX Eternal Anglo is worse

2017-02-13 05:13:21 UTC


2017-02-13 05:13:23 UTC

frats are patrician

2017-02-13 05:13:25 UTC


2017-02-13 05:13:34 UTC


2017-02-13 05:13:35 UTC

kappa sigma faggiotos

2017-02-13 05:13:39 UTC


2017-02-13 05:13:43 UTC

There's that vid

2017-02-13 05:13:49 UTC

Some serious cancer

2017-02-13 05:13:52 UTC

@YWMaga what website is that I want to export my DNA data to that

2017-02-13 05:14:08 UTC

you gotta have 200 shekels first goyim

2017-02-13 05:14:10 UTC

its 23andme

2017-02-13 05:14:12 UTC


2017-02-13 05:14:16 UTC

>44% Anglo

2017-02-13 05:14:25 UTC

ya but liking traps isnt gay

2017-02-13 05:14:26 UTC

If you like this

2017-02-13 05:14:28 UTC

You are gay

2017-02-13 05:14:28 UTC

No it's not, I did 23andMe.... For free

2017-02-13 05:14:37 UTC

>no curves

2017-02-13 05:14:39 UTC

yep im the eternal anglo

2017-02-13 05:14:42 UTC

>man hands

2017-02-13 05:14:55 UTC


2017-02-13 05:15:04 UTC

@YWMaga JK they're all right with me.

2017-02-13 05:15:09 UTC

>No curves

2017-02-13 05:15:12 UTC

oy fucking vey

2017-02-13 05:15:17 UTC

Dont fall for the "traps are gay" frugal big-nosed creature


2017-02-13 05:15:24 UTC


2017-02-13 05:16:03 UTC


2017-02-13 05:16:15 UTC

this is has gone degenerate fast

2017-02-13 05:16:23 UTC

its satire bro

2017-02-13 05:16:39 UTC

d3vnt what led you down this path

2017-02-13 05:16:48 UTC


2017-02-13 05:16:50 UTC


2017-02-13 05:16:57 UTC

No really

2017-02-13 05:16:59 UTC

I have no idea

2017-02-13 05:17:10 UTC


2017-02-13 05:17:15 UTC

d3vnt gimme your porn categories in order of tranny progression

2017-02-13 05:17:16 UTC

Degeneration is ancient.

2017-02-13 05:17:23 UTC

And cyclical.

2017-02-13 05:17:33 UTC

Do keep in mind that the pope once had pedophile orgies.

2017-02-13 05:17:33 UTC


2017-02-13 05:17:34 UTC


2017-02-13 05:17:42 UTC

I mean I refuse to take hormones

2017-02-13 05:17:59 UTC

well im assuming your trap fetish probably led you to dressing like a trap

2017-02-13 05:18:02 UTC

isnt that for trans?

2017-02-13 05:18:07 UTC

Nah, my dick fetish did

2017-02-13 05:18:11 UTC

like at one point you probably jerked off to lesbos

2017-02-13 05:18:15 UTC

then what

2017-02-13 05:18:17 UTC

then what

2017-02-13 05:18:17 UTC


2017-02-13 05:18:28 UTC

did you have to take seposatories alot?

2017-02-13 05:18:37 UTC

what categories would you go on pornhub in order of degeneracy

2017-02-13 05:18:49 UTC

im trying to track your descension into degeneracy

2017-02-13 05:18:54 UTC

I literally never got off to females

2017-02-13 05:18:59 UTC

Using pornhub at all is a bad start.

2017-02-13 05:19:03 UTC

oh okay

2017-02-13 05:19:13 UTC

armored skirts provided the most protection in ancient rome

2017-02-13 05:19:20 UTC

well sorry i dont want to torrent porn on my laptop @Chancellor

2017-02-13 05:19:33 UTC

Porn is degeneracy.

2017-02-13 05:19:33 UTC

i only use /s/ and /gif/ and its only just a single girl

2017-02-13 05:19:37 UTC

youre right

2017-02-13 05:19:45 UTC

lesbian and straight porn are both cucky

2017-02-13 05:19:52 UTC

but i only jack off to petite asians or blonde big titted hotties

2017-02-13 05:20:11 UTC

im addicted to milfs

2017-02-13 05:20:11 UTC

it is a rule to have one and only one guy in porn you jack it to

2017-02-13 05:20:13 UTC

just grab your ass cheek and pretend its a boob like our forefathers had to do

2017-02-13 05:20:19 UTC

because you need to project your dick onto that dick

2017-02-13 05:20:37 UTC

to "fuck" the porn girl

2017-02-13 05:20:51 UTC

otherwise with lesbian porn etc you descend into degeneracy

2017-02-13 05:21:03 UTC

>needing to think off other dudes dicks
>watching a guy fuck a girl you want to fuck

2017-02-13 05:21:08 UTC


2017-02-13 05:21:21 UTC

@Bluesy this shit has been studied bluesy

2017-02-13 05:21:25 UTC

D A M A G E control

2017-02-13 05:21:28 UTC


2017-02-13 05:21:32 UTC

only solo porn

2017-02-13 05:21:33 UTC

>needing porn to masturbate

2017-02-13 05:21:40 UTC


2017-02-13 05:21:44 UTC


2017-02-13 05:21:47 UTC


2017-02-13 05:21:51 UTC

>not painting your own porn on a canvas by a waterfall

2017-02-13 05:22:10 UTC

im dead serious though, if you only jack off to women fucking women you will end up into degenerate fetishes like sissy shit or traps or male degradation by a woman

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