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2017-02-11 10:52:26 UTC

Has he been there?

2017-02-11 11:11:58 UTC

Leaving voice channel due to inactivity.

2017-02-11 11:25:30 UTC

So whose up

2017-02-11 14:01:37 UTC

anticom vs antifa

2017-02-11 14:04:35 UTC


2017-02-11 14:09:29 UTC


2017-02-11 14:09:52 UTC


2017-02-11 14:13:56 UTC

the judging cat


2017-02-11 14:25:37 UTC


2017-02-11 14:46:05 UTC


2017-02-11 14:49:44 UTC

Whats up faggots

2017-02-11 14:49:51 UTC

my dick

2017-02-11 14:49:52 UTC


2017-02-11 14:50:07 UTC

Also when is the website gonna be done

2017-02-11 14:51:48 UTC

I have no idea hopefully soon

2017-02-11 14:58:13 UTC

the twitter says est. 15th

2017-02-11 15:00:53 UTC

Thats 4 days away, nice

2017-02-11 15:26:01 UTC


2017-02-11 16:01:24 UTC


2017-02-11 16:02:59 UTC

And fuck yes, found a hiking buddy for sunday night, now my jewish mother won't be able to worry without pulling the crazy card

2017-02-11 16:03:50 UTC

I kid, she's polish-germanic, but that's almost as overbearing and guilt-ridden.

2017-02-11 16:05:41 UTC

Sounds like archers mom

2017-02-11 16:10:53 UTC

Dear god

2017-02-11 16:11:33 UTC

she's exmil and gave up her dream as a medevac pilot to date my unmedicated father

2017-02-11 16:12:17 UTC


2017-02-11 16:13:59 UTC

Honestly, i love hearing her reminisce about the service, but it hurts at the same time because she ended the career to take care of the family, so i know I'm only looking at a shadow of the woman she was and could have been had we not been in the picture

2017-02-11 16:15:46 UTC

And that'll be all for my fireside chat about the foundation of every neurosis i have had, have now, or will have in the future

2017-02-11 16:27:59 UTC

I read that in archers voice

2017-02-11 16:28:26 UTC

It was amazing

2017-02-11 16:28:35 UTC

Im watching archer.... Sorry

2017-02-11 16:29:19 UTC

I read my own text in archers voice as well.... This is great. LONAAAH

2017-02-11 16:30:03 UTC

Wheres alice so i can read her text in lonah's voice

2017-02-11 16:44:46 UTC


2017-02-11 16:47:15 UTC

new thread

2017-02-11 16:55:44 UTC

wait what commie died?

2017-02-11 16:55:53 UTC

some cuck uni student?

2017-02-11 16:57:01 UTC


2017-02-11 16:57:05 UTC

last night

2017-02-11 16:57:07 UTC

A leader

2017-02-11 16:57:09 UTC

one of antifas leaders

2017-02-11 16:59:36 UTC


2017-02-11 17:39:38 UTC

liuve stream

2017-02-11 17:39:41 UTC

antifa rioting in france

2017-02-11 17:41:25 UTC

more like ghetto guys

2017-02-11 18:10:39 UTC

antifa more like.. more like... cuckifa

2017-02-11 18:10:48 UTC


2017-02-11 18:16:40 UTC

Bobigny pt 2

2017-02-11 18:20:06 UTC

What a shithole. Meaningful opposition to anarchists wouldn't be able to happen in France, there are too damn many.

2017-02-11 18:21:04 UTC

Now they're crowding around cars and screaming threateningly, many armed with pipes.

2017-02-11 18:21:12 UTC


2017-02-11 18:29:07 UTC

Now they're streaming into a tunnel, against a police brigade

2017-02-11 18:29:24 UTC

Throwing debris

2017-02-11 18:32:50 UTC

Riot control when?

2017-02-11 18:41:41 UTC

so im back

2017-02-11 18:41:47 UTC

i got the personal fb of about 5k illegals

2017-02-11 18:42:20 UTC

does anyone want to help sanitize some information and make archives

2017-02-11 18:42:31 UTC

I want to send a big DB to ice with a big pink bow

2017-02-11 18:46:48 UTC

lul not a single taker

2017-02-11 18:50:13 UTC

Wouldn't know where to begin

2017-02-11 18:50:25 UTC

Other than just emailing ICE

2017-02-11 18:50:33 UTC

I have the list

2017-02-11 18:50:45 UTC

figuring out how to automate it would be nice

2017-02-11 18:51:00 UTC

reached out to the archive.is dev to see if its possible to do batch submissions

2017-02-11 18:51:17 UTC

I think I have a way of doing it possibly

2017-02-11 18:51:37 UTC

its 4500 pages though

2017-02-11 18:51:39 UTC

so it'll be a pain

2017-02-11 19:08:31 UTC

does anyone have excel for windows?

2017-02-11 19:18:26 UTC


2017-02-11 19:27:25 UTC

I thought excel comes automatically with Windows

2017-02-11 19:52:40 UTC

Not anymore

2017-02-11 19:53:00 UTC

Now you have to buy (pirate) Microsoft office

2017-02-11 19:53:06 UTC

For word and excel

2017-02-11 20:13:56 UTC

Anticom South General Thred. Why havent we had more generals?

2017-02-11 20:13:57 UTC

Anticom Poster

2017-02-11 20:24:39 UTC

what is up fellow sjews

2017-02-11 20:24:50 UTC

I heard this place hated cummies

2017-02-11 20:24:53 UTC

and you know what

2017-02-11 20:24:55 UTC

i agree

2017-02-11 20:25:01 UTC

Fuck cummies

2017-02-11 20:27:59 UTC

@Rasmp Welcome aboard fellow patriot. Talk to @HaupstΓΌrmfuhrer Pepe to get vetted. Check out the general on /pol/

2017-02-11 20:41:46 UTC

lul whoever made that pic

2017-02-11 20:41:49 UTC

>all colors

2017-02-11 20:41:59 UTC

even missed a opportunity at a joke

2017-02-11 20:42:15 UTC

says : all colors, all classes, working to kick commie ass

2017-02-11 20:42:27 UTC

should say: all colors, all classes, working to kick commie asses

2017-02-11 20:42:31 UTC


2017-02-11 20:42:54 UTC

REALLY it should say only whites, working to kick commie ass

2017-02-11 20:42:56 UTC

but i digress

2017-02-11 20:42:59 UTC

or "Regardless of Color, Regardless of Class, We're gonna kick your Commie ass!"

2017-02-11 20:43:08 UTC

'class warfare' is leftoid lingo

2017-02-11 20:43:08 UTC


2017-02-11 20:43:40 UTC

second logo

2017-02-11 20:43:46 UTC

inside the poster

2017-02-11 20:43:48 UTC

seems redundant

2017-02-11 20:49:08 UTC

Going to the "dirty show" erotica/art exhibit down in detroit tonight, what's my camo to infiltrate leftside posses?

2017-02-11 20:49:32 UTC


2017-02-11 20:49:52 UTC

How left leaning are those places usually?

2017-02-11 20:50:11 UTC

Full on bernie supporters?

2017-02-11 20:50:40 UTC

Dunno, a counter ruskie artist from prague had a piece or two ported in, it should be big and diverse

2017-02-11 20:51:06 UTC

So i guess it should be more to how deep do i want to go

2017-02-11 20:51:31 UTC

>diversely diverse with a plethora of diversity

2017-02-11 20:51:39 UTC

better question is why are you going

2017-02-11 20:52:06 UTC

@Burnside Do you have long hair?

2017-02-11 20:52:12 UTC

Because i like erotica and art and am a little stircrazy

2017-02-11 20:52:25 UTC

just Past shoulders long hair

2017-02-11 20:52:44 UTC

perfect. you'll blend right in just wear a plaid shirt

2017-02-11 20:52:58 UTC

Light facial growth gonna smooth it out below the chin or go clean shaven

2017-02-11 20:53:12 UTC

Fuck no

2017-02-11 20:53:19 UTC

Plaid suxx, too conformist

2017-02-11 20:53:19 UTC

so you're going to a degenerate show because you like degenerate stuff but want to pretend its because its anticom

2017-02-11 20:53:22 UTC

fucking lul

2017-02-11 20:53:24 UTC

I would be great for infiltration, I used to be a lefty stoner hippie and i know how these people think and rationalize their ideologies

2017-02-11 20:53:51 UTC

Nah, figured anticom objectice would be an interesting and useful azide

2017-02-11 20:54:01 UTC

Dude weed lmao

2017-02-11 20:54:04 UTC

Ugh, cant type on caff

2017-02-11 20:54:12 UTC


2017-02-11 20:54:23 UTC

And I've never hid that i was a degen

2017-02-11 20:54:27 UTC


2017-02-11 20:55:01 UTC

but my degeneracy takes sidelines to We The People

2017-02-11 20:55:24 UTC

lul stop trying to justify your degeneracy

2017-02-11 20:56:18 UTC

no justification

2017-02-11 20:56:40 UTC

I'm a contradictory person and have conflicting goalsets

2017-02-11 20:57:53 UTC


2017-02-11 20:57:58 UTC

Who /classicalliberal/ here

2017-02-11 20:58:47 UTC

There is no happy medium and i know there's no real way to please you without compromising the core of who i aspire to be on all accounts, so i march in step where we agree and forge my own way where we don't, deal with that however you want to; you have my support, but you will forgive me for laughing at youthful purism

2017-02-11 20:59:03 UTC

Define classical, plox

2017-02-11 20:59:33 UTC

The guys at the start of industrial revolution who weren't monarchists or socialists

2017-02-11 21:00:02 UTC

>I am a contradictory person

2017-02-11 21:00:03 UTC


2017-02-11 21:00:10 UTC

I am a communist AND a nazi πŸ˜„

2017-02-11 21:01:21 UTC

Classical Liberal i.e. Smith, bastiat

2017-02-11 21:01:29 UTC

hardly, fascists of both stripes are bad for the american people, left or right; you both need to be checked if this whole thing is to be salvaged with some of the founding cultures left intact

2017-02-11 21:02:00 UTC

leftists arent fascists

2017-02-11 21:02:07 UTC

Policies, please, Tarlly; I'm not as well read as I'd like to appear to be

2017-02-11 21:02:08 UTC

please do yourself a favor and google what fascism means

2017-02-11 21:02:52 UTC

It's tyranny of a fabricated consensus regardless

2017-02-11 21:03:12 UTC

why is a right wing authoritarian movement fabricated?

2017-02-11 21:03:25 UTC

white nationalism is the only correct ideology

2017-02-11 21:03:35 UTC

I prefer ethnic but i'll take white

2017-02-11 21:04:18 UTC

also stop being a degenerate and pretending like you're some arbiter of neutrality when in reality you're a bandwagoneer who doesn't want to let go of his unfortunate proclivities

2017-02-11 21:04:26 UTC

no one said being a non-degenerate was easy

2017-02-11 21:05:11 UTC

not what i sed, brovlofski, your consensus with the majority culture is what iconsider fabricated; we only work in near lockstep with each other right now because the hardleft has deducated itself to intractible and selfdestructive stances

2017-02-11 21:06:22 UTC

lul you go to the same shows as antifa commies

2017-02-11 21:06:26 UTC

but you want to think you're not one

2017-02-11 21:06:27 UTC

nor am i an arbiter, hardly even a moderate, the fringes just make me look centrist

2017-02-11 21:06:32 UTC

you're snowflake spiraling

2017-02-11 21:06:43 UTC

First show ever

2017-02-11 21:06:50 UTC

Fak off bate

2017-02-11 21:06:50 UTC


2017-02-11 21:07:40 UTC

enjoy your disgusting leftist show

2017-02-11 21:07:45 UTC

did you pay to go?

2017-02-11 21:07:46 UTC

Regardless, talking like an idiot and swallowing bait deepthroat style

2017-02-11 21:08:00 UTC

did you give your money to commies

2017-02-11 21:08:39 UTC

Cover at the door, so in a few hours yeah

2017-02-11 21:08:57 UTC


2017-02-11 21:08:59 UTC

funding communism

2017-02-11 21:09:49 UTC

@Morrissey Did you just block me? The hell.

2017-02-11 21:09:56 UTC

Esh, viewpoint, you don't establish any footholds in enemy networks without giving away some of your line

2017-02-11 21:10:12 UTC

@Morrissey Was just some questions bro.

2017-02-11 21:10:14 UTC

that's not what youre doing though

2017-02-11 21:10:38 UTC

paying money to see modern art, toppest of the top wews

2017-02-11 21:10:56 UTC

Hey, i can just enjoy the show and not even think about doing anticom work at all, brea

2017-02-11 21:11:17 UTC

you arent going to anyway

2017-02-11 21:13:08 UTC

ah, shills, how thou dost vex me; any grownups that have input or requests? Never ever at all done anything like this and i can't take the chat into effect at the show if I care anything about security

2017-02-11 21:13:43 UTC

i request you either stop being a degenerate or you stop pretending you arent a commie

2017-02-11 21:13:52 UTC

communist subversion of art is one of the most pervasive problems

2017-02-11 21:13:57 UTC

and you're funding it with your dollars willingly

2017-02-11 21:14:14 UTC

while i respect the natural right of Man to meme, i really need some help with this infil concept

2017-02-11 21:15:02 UTC

i think anticom is just friend simulator for this guy

2017-02-11 21:16:28 UTC

Do you like it in the ass like your antifuck buddies?

2017-02-11 21:16:41 UTC

you're the one paying to get poz thrown in your face

2017-02-11 21:16:48 UTC

you arent infiltrating shit

2017-02-11 21:17:00 UTC

Alright wtf is going on

2017-02-11 21:17:25 UTC

homosexual attending a modern art expo pretending he's going for infiltration but actually admits he likes it

2017-02-11 21:17:32 UTC

giving his money to commies

2017-02-11 21:17:44 UTC

it's like antifa buying a trump hat

2017-02-11 21:19:29 UTC


2017-02-11 21:20:26 UTC

Well anime idk

2017-02-11 21:20:45 UTC

People had to do similar stuff for RWSS

2017-02-11 21:21:11 UTC

except he said he's going because he likes it

2017-02-11 21:21:13 UTC


2017-02-11 21:22:12 UTC

Yes, and?

2017-02-11 21:22:22 UTC

you're funding commies

2017-02-11 21:22:30 UTC

I liked some leftie art galleries. But in not here nor there with this.

2017-02-11 21:22:37 UTC

Reminder: Bump The Anticom General. We need to expand.

2017-02-11 21:22:38 UTC

Try boycotting china sometime

2017-02-11 21:23:27 UTC

If it means pulling underage b& like animeisreal in, idk

2017-02-11 21:23:28 UTC

hey guys im going to send the communist part of america an ironic donation :^)

2017-02-11 21:23:31 UTC

I'm still anticom tho

2017-02-11 21:24:01 UTC

@animeisrael im just wondering if youve been vetted. Not to be a dick i just havent seen you before.

2017-02-11 21:24:09 UTC

i have

2017-02-11 21:24:20 UTC

All good

2017-02-11 21:24:20 UTC

im not larping when I say im anti commie

2017-02-11 21:24:26 UTC

im working on doxing 5k illegal immigrants right now

2017-02-11 21:24:49 UTC

@regularperson5656 You can click on their name and see if theyre vetted

2017-02-11 21:24:51 UTC

not giving commies my money

2017-02-11 21:25:05 UTC
2017-02-11 21:25:10 UTC

On mobile and i suck at discord sorry

2017-02-11 21:25:22 UTC

Hardly ironic, just because antiflak is making moves and domesticated leftists are still derpping about trump making prez, doesn't mean i can't buy a ticket to a gallery, degen as it is

2017-02-11 21:25:36 UTC

its makes you a hypocrite

2017-02-11 21:25:38 UTC

and makes me wonder why you're here

2017-02-11 21:25:42 UTC

Enqueued **JEWS ROCK - Million Dollar Extreme presents World Peace** by **[object Object]** (*108436* views) [38 Seconds] currently 0

2017-02-11 21:25:42 UTC

Playing **JEWS ROCK - Million Dollar Extreme presents World Peace** by **[object Object]** (*108436* views) [38 Seconds]

2017-02-11 21:25:44 UTC

other than to have someone to talk to

2017-02-11 21:25:44 UTC

@Extra Crispy, Binding to **Comfy Bunker** and **general**

2017-02-11 21:25:47 UTC

@Extra Crispy, Bound successfully use /destroy to unbind it.

2017-02-11 21:26:20 UTC

Finished Playing **JEWS ROCK - Million Dollar Extreme presents World Peace** by **[object Object]** (*108436* views) [38 Seconds]

2017-02-11 21:28:02 UTC

I like having people to talk to

2017-02-11 21:28:28 UTC

doesnt mean you should lower your standards

2017-02-11 21:28:32 UTC

Hypocrisy is- dude, fucking get into any politics outside an echchamber and comoromise in statements ideals and actions is fucking rife

2017-02-11 21:28:45 UTC

just look at ^

2017-02-11 21:28:50 UTC

seems pretty addled in his head

2017-02-11 21:28:54 UTC


2017-02-11 21:29:17 UTC

if you want to just spout memes

2017-02-11 21:29:20 UTC

go into the /pol/ chat

2017-02-11 21:29:24 UTC

if you want to get shit done

2017-02-11 21:29:28 UTC

this is where you want to be

2017-02-11 21:29:45 UTC


2017-02-11 21:30:09 UTC

you're just mad i called you out

2017-02-11 21:31:50 UTC

I called my self out, salt levels 9001, you useless sack of swastikas

2017-02-11 21:32:20 UTC

you're probably not even white

2017-02-11 21:33:08 UTC

Hey guys if you want to do this i please ask you take it to the arguement channel

2017-02-11 21:33:33 UTC

this is called quality control

2017-02-11 21:33:33 UTC

Im not trying to be a dick and its a simple channle change

2017-02-11 21:34:17 UTC

or do you think we should accept this diaperfur into our fold

2017-02-11 21:34:20 UTC

Polish, Scottish, German, Hungarian, Welsh, French, English, Cherokee, and Choctaw; 1/9th Native which is enough to scalp your moorish ass and chasing your paleskin masters off my ancestor's bead mines, dog

2017-02-11 21:34:20 UTC

this wont succeed if you wont make it fun

2017-02-11 21:34:20 UTC


2017-02-11 21:34:23 UTC

you have to let people meme

2017-02-11 21:34:48 UTC

Let's see a pic of that hand bro

2017-02-11 21:34:54 UTC

Imma scalp him, regs

2017-02-11 21:35:14 UTC

*dies from small pox*

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