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2017-02-03 20:47:01 UTC

we all should have the same uniform though shouldnt we?

2017-02-03 20:47:09 UTC

Yea. It's hilarious; on their website they claim to be a "peaceful movement" but on the same page it says "PUNCH A NAZI!"

2017-02-03 20:47:41 UTC

@Karling Yes. I meant to say that we should pick something from there.

2017-02-03 20:47:58 UTC

Comfy/fashy clothing.

2017-02-03 20:48:00 UTC

We should probably not have uniforms

2017-02-03 20:48:08 UTC

I've been trying to convince the owner of another Discord i'm in that violence based on a label or title like that, which Antifa throws around a lot alone, is not grounds to be violent. The people in that channel have a good community, but when things get political they become something else...

2017-02-03 20:48:15 UTC

Ancaps are silly but they want to achieve their goals through peaceful means so they are harmless.

2017-02-03 20:48:20 UTC

Why not? It distinguishes us from the disorganized nature of antifa @Crab Core (CA)

2017-02-03 20:48:27 UTC

A "meme" the Antifa tranny sent me

2017-02-03 20:48:39 UTC

That's a big snake

2017-02-03 20:48:44 UTC

>implying antifa know how to fight

2017-02-03 20:48:45 UTC


2017-02-03 20:48:57 UTC

Antifa fighting = flailing limbs and objects at innocent people

2017-02-03 20:48:59 UTC

>implying antifa owns anything besides airsoft guns

2017-02-03 20:49:01 UTC

Oh this one has military training

2017-02-03 20:49:02 UTC

antifa only attack on 20 vs 1

2017-02-03 20:49:07 UTC

Airsoft guns might be stretching it

2017-02-03 20:49:09 UTC

but never got into the military due to being trans

2017-02-03 20:49:13 UTC

nerf guns?

2017-02-03 20:49:21 UTC

oh im sure theres more reasons than that, Rasenemus

2017-02-03 20:49:35 UTC

i mean, we're talking Antifa here

2017-02-03 20:49:48 UTC

Yeah I suppose

2017-02-03 20:49:51 UTC

AKA hive of mentally unstable children who don't know how to form a cohesive argument

2017-02-03 20:50:12 UTC

It's all about what you guys want to display. Do you wanna make antifa look like good guys "punching nazis out"? Or do you just wanna look like good Americans

2017-02-03 20:50:25 UTC

Go American

2017-02-03 20:50:36 UTC

then to the general populace they'd look like Anti-American hooligans

2017-02-03 20:50:44 UTC

then they'll understand why others voted Trump

2017-02-03 20:50:45 UTC


2017-02-03 20:50:51 UTC


2017-02-03 20:50:59 UTC

To stick to the topic of uniforms though, i say we do something that makes us able to spot one another, but nothing over the top.

2017-02-03 20:51:17 UTC

@Crab Core (CA) The stuff at 5.11 looks pretty American, just basic navy blue jackets such

2017-02-03 20:51:25 UTC

Nothing TOO fashy

2017-02-03 20:51:48 UTC

So we should definitely avoid fascist connotation. And I know what you said was fine, but someone else said look fashy and that seems like a bad idea to me.

2017-02-03 20:52:00 UTC

just kidding

2017-02-03 20:52:00 UTC

Ah, fair point.

2017-02-03 20:52:01 UTC


2017-02-03 20:52:03 UTC

There we go

2017-02-03 20:52:10 UTC

yes I agree ... don't assimilate to fascism

2017-02-03 20:52:17 UTC


2017-02-03 20:52:17 UTC

We'll brave heart dick wag at them

2017-02-03 20:52:25 UTC

stuff like this is good

2017-02-03 20:52:28 UTC

not too crazy

2017-02-03 20:52:34 UTC

I like it

2017-02-03 20:52:57 UTC


2017-02-03 20:52:58 UTC


2017-02-03 20:53:05 UTC

that looks a lot like the BUF uniform

2017-02-03 20:53:12 UTC

British Union of Fascists

2017-02-03 20:53:12 UTC

Nigga I ain't got the cash

2017-02-03 20:53:21 UTC


2017-02-03 20:53:31 UTC

Just so an antifa can rip it up

2017-02-03 20:53:31 UTC

Well, there's cheaper stuff too

2017-02-03 20:53:34 UTC

Yea its a bit pricy

2017-02-03 20:53:36 UTC

that was just an example of course

2017-02-03 20:53:55 UTC

That's exactly the picture I was thinking of

2017-02-03 20:54:07 UTC


2017-02-03 20:54:10 UTC


2017-02-03 20:54:41 UTC

I know uniforms tend to be a bit on the pricey side, but I really do think they'd increase our appeal to potential new recruits.

2017-02-03 20:55:01 UTC

Looks better than antifa wearing hoodies and ski masks

2017-02-03 20:55:20 UTC

Gives an air of professionalism and resolve.

2017-02-03 20:55:31 UTC

Besides, black will blend in with antifa's black hoodies

2017-02-03 20:55:38 UTC


2017-02-03 20:55:47 UTC


2017-02-03 20:55:50 UTC

We would probably best be suited looking like average Americans, I think. Maybe rear an old navy shirt with an American flag on it and some blue jeans and boots, maybe too hick for you guys, but that's what I wear most every day.

2017-02-03 20:55:58 UTC

I think we should go something that does make us distinguishable as being uniformed, but at the same time doesn't alienate us from the public, but that's the idea going already i think

2017-02-03 20:56:13 UTC

You could have armbands with the discord icon on it

2017-02-03 20:56:24 UTC

Definitely, or with the four of clubs.

2017-02-03 20:56:25 UTC

Not necessarily fashy, but symbolises your patriotism

2017-02-03 20:56:29 UTC

I proposed armbands on a board but they said it was too fashy

2017-02-03 20:56:37 UTC

Nah, armbands are good

2017-02-03 20:56:40 UTC

Armbands aren't fashy

2017-02-03 20:56:43 UTC

Fashy isn't bad even

2017-02-03 20:56:45 UTC

Yeah I know

2017-02-03 20:56:58 UTC

As long as they're not red I guess

2017-02-03 20:56:59 UTC

even if we're moderate we'll be called nazis anyway

2017-02-03 20:57:01 UTC

Also, more colorful than black. One of the most repulsive things about antifa is how they dress in that crappy all black thug gear.

2017-02-03 20:57:08 UTC

I was talking to a guy from national action, and he explained that sometimes you have to be a little edgy to get publicity.

2017-02-03 20:57:14 UTC

I would say fashy is bad, but hate communists more so I'm willing to come together with you guys on this

2017-02-03 20:57:18 UTC


2017-02-03 20:57:30 UTC

too bad that national action got labelled as terrorist

2017-02-03 20:57:32 UTC


2017-02-03 20:57:41 UTC

You guys want to head to the voice channel?

2017-02-03 20:57:52 UTC

can't talk.

2017-02-03 20:57:59 UTC

no problem

2017-02-03 20:58:32 UTC

ah I just put away my headset lol

2017-02-03 20:59:00 UTC

In fact I should get my homework done. I'll be back in a few hours.

2017-02-03 20:59:06 UTC


2017-02-03 20:59:12 UTC


2017-02-03 20:59:24 UTC

turn your volume down the feedback is shit lol

2017-02-03 20:59:42 UTC

Out of curiousity, how old are you guys?

2017-02-03 20:59:44 UTC


2017-02-03 20:59:45 UTC

18 here

2017-02-03 20:59:47 UTC


2017-02-03 20:59:48 UTC

no ban pls

2017-02-03 20:59:53 UTC

pls no bully

2017-02-03 20:59:58 UTC


2017-02-03 21:00:02 UTC


2017-02-03 21:00:03 UTC

bretty guddd

2017-02-03 21:00:14 UTC


2017-02-03 21:00:21 UTC


2017-02-03 21:00:29 UTC

Good to see the youngyuns show some nationalism

2017-02-03 21:00:38 UTC

is the feedback good ? @Haupst├╝rmfuhrer Pepe

2017-02-03 21:01:01 UTC


2017-02-03 21:01:05 UTC

bloody hell i've got the volume on but i cant hear a thing

2017-02-03 21:01:15 UTC


2017-02-03 21:01:23 UTC


2017-02-03 21:01:30 UTC

I'll install a music bot

2017-02-03 21:01:35 UTC

what was wrong with reflective vests

2017-02-03 21:01:35 UTC


2017-02-03 21:02:32 UTC


2017-02-03 21:04:23 UTC

I was thinking this

2017-02-03 21:08:58 UTC


2017-02-03 21:11:34 UTC


2017-02-03 21:11:39 UTC


2017-02-03 21:12:18 UTC

turns out

2017-02-03 21:12:24 UTC

the guy didn't die from hitting the ground

2017-02-03 21:12:34 UTC

he was seriously injured, went to the hospital after that

2017-02-03 21:12:44 UTC

that's enough

2017-02-03 21:12:45 UTC

but then disregarded doctor's orders

2017-02-03 21:12:47 UTC

checked out

2017-02-03 21:12:50 UTC

and smoked some weed

2017-02-03 21:12:54 UTC

which worsened his brain bleeding

2017-02-03 21:13:02 UTC

oh shiet

2017-02-03 21:13:22 UTC

cause of death: DUDE WEED LMAO

2017-02-03 21:13:24 UTC

ayy Hidolf where'd ya go

2017-02-03 21:13:43 UTC

Nobody was saying if my music was good so I thought that nobody listened

2017-02-03 21:14:07 UTC


2017-02-03 21:14:44 UTC

Sorry, I've been trying to get the music bot to work

2017-02-03 21:14:48 UTC

music was good tho

2017-02-03 21:15:22 UTC

no sorry I don't know

2017-02-03 21:15:25 UTC


2017-02-03 21:18:48 UTC

the feedback doesn't seem good though

2017-02-03 21:19:07 UTC

it sucks to live in the middle of nowhere for fuck sake

2017-02-03 21:21:47 UTC


2017-02-03 21:21:53 UTC


2017-02-03 21:22:40 UTC

@everyone Music bot is here!

2017-02-03 21:22:55 UTC

type "/play (song url)" to use it

2017-02-03 21:23:20 UTC

hahaha wat

2017-02-03 21:23:27 UTC

yessss it works

2017-02-03 21:23:31 UTC


2017-02-03 21:23:40 UTC

why is the bot a minerboy bot

2017-02-03 21:24:09 UTC

It's too loud

2017-02-03 21:24:17 UTC

you can adjust the volume

2017-02-03 21:24:20 UTC

right click on the bot

2017-02-03 21:25:06 UTC

my family is going to wonder why there is a hitler speech thorugh my house kek

2017-02-03 21:25:13 UTC


2017-02-03 21:25:23 UTC

"this video is blocked in your country"

2017-02-03 21:25:26 UTC


2017-02-03 21:25:29 UTC


2017-02-03 21:25:30 UTC

>mfw my mom unironically did a hitler salute when her and I talked about white nationalism

2017-02-03 21:25:31 UTC


2017-02-03 21:25:39 UTC

based mater

2017-02-03 21:25:43 UTC


2017-02-03 21:25:56 UTC

She didn't understand the historical context

2017-02-03 21:25:59 UTC


2017-02-03 21:26:02 UTC

so she had no reason to hesitate

2017-02-03 21:26:03 UTC

We're gonna be outnumbered by lefties 10 to one in any demonstrations

2017-02-03 21:26:15 UTC

You know we'll have riot gear and weapons, right?

2017-02-03 21:26:22 UTC

No need to be afraid of the horde.

2017-02-03 21:26:35 UTC

The police would shut that shit Down

2017-02-03 21:26:45 UTC

If they saw civilians with riot gear

2017-02-03 21:26:54 UTC

Nothing illegal about open carrying. It's not as if we'll initiate any violence.

2017-02-03 21:27:04 UTC

Conceal and carry

2017-02-03 21:27:06 UTC

this bot is amazing

2017-02-03 21:27:17 UTC

That's what those guys who shot the nigs in that one protest thought

2017-02-03 21:27:18 UTC

If you read the rough draft of the doc, the engagement policy is listed @brando

2017-02-03 21:27:25 UTC

The k mandos

2017-02-03 21:27:35 UTC

Most i'd bring is a pistol and maybe mace or something.

2017-02-03 21:27:38 UTC

yup, we have to be very, very careful not to violate the law

2017-02-03 21:27:54 UTC


2017-02-03 21:28:05 UTC

I know it's gonna sound Larpy as fuck

2017-02-03 21:28:23 UTC

But we need some kind of full body protection measure like chain mail

2017-02-03 21:28:29 UTC

Unless we're heading into riot territory, we shouldn't have too many issues aside from the idiots who think they can take a tank with a knife

2017-02-03 21:28:32 UTC


2017-02-03 21:28:36 UTC

If antifas are carrying hiv syringes

2017-02-03 21:28:36 UTC


2017-02-03 21:28:45 UTC

okay I stop shitposting

2017-02-03 21:28:47 UTC

@Crocodillo We don't need chainmal, just a good plate carrier

2017-02-03 21:28:54 UTC


2017-02-03 21:29:12 UTC

Plus, 99% of the time we'll be in pretty tame clothing, just 5.11 brand jackets and such.

2017-02-03 21:29:29 UTC

brb gotta get the mail

2017-02-03 21:29:32 UTC

inb4 we walk in looking like this

2017-02-03 21:30:09 UTC

I'd be fine with getting stabbed to death

2017-02-03 21:30:14 UTC

more like this lol

2017-02-03 21:30:19 UTC

As long as I'm memed into a matyr

2017-02-03 21:30:54 UTC


2017-02-03 21:30:58 UTC


2017-02-03 21:31:02 UTC

this is some good shit

2017-02-03 21:31:06 UTC

the song ?

2017-02-03 21:31:16 UTC


2017-02-03 21:31:25 UTC

Should we contact neo nazi/white supremacist groups to bolster our numbers for counter protests

2017-02-03 21:31:30 UTC

yes it's A E S T H E T I C as fuck

2017-02-03 21:31:36 UTC

Or would that ruin the image we're crafting

2017-02-03 21:32:12 UTC

More like this

2017-02-03 21:32:20 UTC

Current image is a Nationalist/Patriotic American youtuh group that wants to help the homeless

2017-02-03 21:32:26 UTC

set up soup kitchens

2017-02-03 21:32:40 UTC

As a way to help the disenfranchised

2017-02-03 21:32:55 UTC

Helping those that Antifa claim to be helping but aren't

2017-02-03 21:33:07 UTC

Yea. We need to be a group willing to help people while sending our message, where Antifa makes things worse and hurts others to force theirs

2017-02-03 21:33:18 UTC

But when do we get violent

2017-02-03 21:33:19 UTC


2017-02-03 21:33:30 UTC

Protect people from antfa scum

2017-02-03 21:33:38 UTC

Legionarii is god tier

2017-02-03 21:33:42 UTC


2017-02-03 21:33:47 UTC

Triarii is also good

2017-02-03 21:34:37 UTC

When it comes to violence, this is my take on it. Extend the olive branch, but if the enemy is intent on fighting, beat the shit out of them with it

2017-02-03 21:36:59 UTC

this is one of the best video i've ever seen for video games trailers

2017-02-03 21:37:19 UTC

You play WT by any chance?

2017-02-03 21:38:27 UTC

@Haupst├╝rmfuhrer Pepe No I should install it

2017-02-03 21:38:53 UTC

Grind is super bad unless you deal out the shekels for a premium account tho

2017-02-03 21:39:08 UTC

This vaporwave is breddy gud

2017-02-03 21:39:40 UTC

yes V A P O R W A V E is the most based music with martial industrial such as TRIARII

2017-02-03 21:39:48 UTC

in my opinion

2017-02-03 21:43:13 UTC

This music is treally beautiful

2017-02-03 21:43:18 UTC

I used to listen to it a lot

2017-02-03 21:46:13 UTC

This song was also used by the french SS

2017-02-03 21:46:13 UTC

Ein schutze steht am Wolgastrand und leise summter er mit

2017-02-03 21:46:17 UTC


2017-02-03 21:48:47 UTC

Bioshock was amazing

2017-02-03 21:48:57 UTC

Colombia was /comfy/

2017-02-03 21:49:29 UTC

Lang lebt heilig Amerika.

2017-02-03 21:50:04 UTC

ěž┘ä┘ä┘ç ěú┘âěĘě▒

2017-02-03 21:51:00 UTC

@everyone bump this thread on 4pol if you can; let's get some fresh blood in here http://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/110888041

2017-02-03 21:51:10 UTC

ěú┘ćěž ┘łěÂě╣ě¬ ┘éěÂ┘ŐěĘ┘Ő ┘ü┘Ő ěž┘äěúě║┘ćěž┘ů

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