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2018-06-18 03:58:43 UTC

An intentionally over-verbose version of this


2018-06-18 03:58:52 UTC

It's going to be in Nvoember lol.

2018-06-18 03:59:57 UTC

Oh right. I'm smart aren't I?

2018-06-18 04:00:20 UTC


2018-06-18 18:19:38 UTC

Apparently Tim Kaine's son is in ANTIFA
well according to what my friend sent me http://www.trevorloudon.com/2017/09/america-under-siege-antifa/

2018-06-18 18:49:55 UTC

@R E P T I L E you mean, you didn't already know that ? You got a lot of catching up to do

2018-06-18 18:50:16 UTC

Yeah. I've been out of the loop

2018-06-18 18:50:25 UTC

forgive my ignorance

2018-06-18 18:50:40 UTC
2018-06-19 01:06:46 UTC


2018-06-19 02:16:39 UTC


2018-06-22 00:21:13 UTC

<@&414591366945832962> is anyone here from Richmond or at least relatively close to it?

2018-06-22 00:26:16 UTC

Not me, I live in Northern Virginia. Idk about the rest of the guys in this group.

2018-06-22 02:34:32 UTC

I'm also in Northern Virginia

2018-06-22 02:42:34 UTC

<@&414591366945832962> have any of you reminded someone who is right-leaning/conservative/libertarian to vote for Corey Stewart in November ? If not, do so ASAP

2018-06-22 22:27:09 UTC


<@&414591366945832962> <@&432627153805377536> <@&399683356218097667> what do you think of this Corey Stewart ad from last year when he was vying for the nomination against Gillespie

2018-06-22 22:28:29 UTC
2018-06-22 22:29:43 UTC

Thanks m8!

2018-06-22 22:41:13 UTC

@Deleted User I liked that ad a lot against Gillespie. Prompt, concise and simple.

2018-06-22 22:41:17 UTC

Easy for consumption.

2018-06-22 23:14:27 UTC

Stewart's got a good voice for politics

2018-06-23 01:47:28 UTC


2018-06-26 00:39:59 UTC

Corey Stewart attracting a lot of attention over this

2018-06-26 04:29:29 UTC

Tim Kaine voted against Gina Haspel even though Mark Warner did; this may be an area to target Tim Kaine as such.

2018-06-26 14:58:45 UTC

<@&414591366945832962> Daily reminder that Tim Kaine is a pedophile

2018-06-28 17:04:08 UTC

So, I found something a bit unnerving. we have a local Antifa in my town.

2018-06-28 17:04:13 UTC


2018-06-28 17:04:28 UTC

Lee statue with an Antifa flag^^^

2018-06-29 02:30:24 UTC

form a militia

2018-06-29 02:30:38 UTC

might not be local

2018-06-29 12:54:54 UTC

All Antifa members, supporters and thugs must face the rope.

2018-06-30 06:37:44 UTC


2018-06-30 06:38:09 UTC

I'm actually in new orleans right now and most of the confederate monuments have been removed now

2018-06-30 06:38:19 UTC

theres a bunch of empty pedestals

2018-06-30 06:59:18 UTC

They could at least replace them with new statues of different American icons if they wanted.

2018-06-30 07:28:57 UTC

its weird apparently theyre all sitting in a homeland security warehouse

2018-06-30 14:37:40 UTC

get your towns to put up more confederate memorials

2018-07-01 02:26:15 UTC

They can't destroy them if they're on private property.

2018-07-08 04:18:48 UTC

Iโ€™ll pass. I donโ€™t care much about this issue honestly, but I will put my foot down once it starts heading down a slippery slope.

2018-07-08 04:22:57 UTC

@BobbyE New Orleans is heading down a slippery slope.

2018-07-08 04:23:39 UTC

Gotta demolish all the statues of French Louisianian Generals, Confederate heroes, and replace them with black women.

2018-07-08 04:24:23 UTC

Maybe send the Pope's gift of a handmade Crown of Thorns to show his solidarity with Jefferson Davis for his persecution by the North back to the Vatican.

2018-07-08 04:24:31 UTC

No evil is too much for the Left

2018-07-08 17:00:09 UTC

Leftists these days are evil, sure. But I have more important issues to work about. Just put those statues in a museum, don't demolish them as if they never existed.

2018-07-08 18:54:44 UTC


2018-07-08 18:55:34 UTC

dude you should be proud of your ancestors. THey fought to defend their land, that is one of the most cucked sentences I have ever heard

2018-07-08 19:46:13 UTC

Look, if they start taking down statues of our founding fathers like Thomas Jefferson or George Washington all because they owned slaves, then that's where I put my foot down. Most of these towns that took these confederate statues down have voted to do so themselves, there's not much we can do other than protesting against moves like that. I obviously see where it can lead to, political correctness has clearly gone too far these days.

2018-07-08 19:55:09 UTC

Well you have to understand that the confederate statues are what they take down immediately beforehand

2018-07-08 19:58:37 UTC

They are attempting to eradicate every single bit of US history to have pride in, and it always starts with the confederacy. We have to assert ourselves and that is by putting our feet down before they get to the founding fathers, not when they get to the founding fathers. We have to defend the confederate troops as brothers who we fought in a tragic war that we must remember and honor, the way these leftists operate is that if they're given an inch, they'll take a mile, so we absolutely have to push back at them on the dixie issue.

2018-07-08 21:24:04 UTC


2018-07-09 00:05:15 UTC

@BobbyE They've already begun working on George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. You're years behind the curve.

2018-07-09 00:06:42 UTC

Also this is all reconciliation so obviously if the Yankees are just going to pull out, that means they never saw us as their countrymen

2018-07-09 00:08:13 UTC

Okay, now I understand.

2018-07-09 00:59:34 UTC

@BobbyE asian

2018-07-09 01:09:01 UTC

Yeah you don't have that connection

2018-07-10 02:32:10 UTC


2018-07-10 15:06:17 UTC

R. I. P. M Y N I G G A D A V I S

2018-07-10 16:02:07 UTC

<:wojaktrump:422438927631384577> <:wojaktrump:422438927631384577> <:wojaktrump:422438927631384577> <:wojaktrump:422438927631384577>

2018-07-16 02:17:07 UTC

I don't want to see more statues destroyed, this is leading us down a slippery slope. I mean after Confederate statues, what will they go after next? We're still destroying American history whether we like to admit or not.

2018-07-16 02:21:11 UTC

You mean minorities are Destroying White History

2018-07-16 02:22:51 UTC

we want to start a lefty civil war in VA to hurt kane, anyone interested in halpin?

2018-07-16 02:23:01 UTC

radicals vs. moderates

2018-07-16 02:23:32 UTC

abortions for 12 year olds and lgbtqP or your a bigot white nationalist

2018-07-16 02:23:42 UTC

is the theme

2018-07-16 02:23:59 UTC

also abolish ice

2018-07-16 02:24:26 UTC

try to push the "karens" center right

2018-07-16 02:31:04 UTC

@herm-3x-gr8 How so?

2018-07-16 02:38:42 UTC

in meme ops below, there is the how to for socks, we want to get some socks, join some pro kain FB groups and pose as hard lefties and try to alienate the moderates for not being left enough by pushing rediculous far left narratives

2018-07-16 02:39:36 UTC

make a few memes pushing for the things listed above and use the lefties own rhetoric against them to alient their moderates from voting

2018-07-16 02:39:39 UTC

plain and simple

2018-07-16 02:40:43 UTC

we could likely just farm some real antifa memes with all the horrible shit we need it to say

2018-07-16 02:41:46 UTC

they want to paint stewart as the radical, we can do the same for them

2018-07-17 11:25:31 UTC

God damn it

2018-07-20 06:24:38 UTC

Corey Stewart is the one candidate I most want to see win

2018-07-20 06:37:44 UTC


2018-07-20 08:24:44 UTC

Everyone wants Corey Stewart to win.

2018-07-21 04:24:05 UTC

If that goes down, you should riot.

2018-07-21 04:24:12 UTC

they're eliminating all your history

2018-07-21 04:37:44 UTC

We got a plan

2018-07-21 19:37:41 UTC

Apparently Stewart and Kaine had a debate last night

2018-07-22 00:07:32 UTC

shit, how did we miss that

2018-07-23 01:57:01 UTC


Freitas is at the very least using his FB page to bash Kaine and help Stewart

2018-07-23 02:15:58 UTC

Good to see him being a good sport

2018-07-23 02:19:01 UTC

He could really help out in areas like Virginia Beach and around Richmond if he decided to join the campaign

2018-07-23 02:21:25 UTC

Excellent, I hope he continues to contribute to the party.

2018-07-23 02:31:52 UTC

I think Stewart ought to focus in particular on Montgomery County, it's a swing district which the dems won in both 2012 and 2014, it's closer to the appalachian part of the state and has a higher population than the counties that surround it, I think that if he campaigns there in particular for maybe a rally a week before the election, that it could work for him, that with flipping Prince William, maybe he can manage it. The main issue is Loudoun county, which is going to be tricky to try and grab with the kind of the campaign he's running.

2018-07-23 02:46:51 UTC

Loudoun County has lots of minorities I presume?

2018-07-23 02:48:52 UTC

it's a Karen county

2018-07-25 01:23:28 UTC

@FLanon @Pielover19 @ThatRightWingFish @R E P T I L E and others

so, what are your overall thoughts on the Stewart vs Kaine debate

2018-07-25 01:23:40 UTC
2018-07-25 01:23:52 UTC
2018-07-25 01:24:47 UTC

Corey Stewart looked like an Alpha Chad

2018-07-25 01:24:58 UTC

and made Kaine look like a Beta Virgin

2018-07-25 01:25:28 UTC


2018-07-25 01:37:49 UTC

I mean I can't be objective

2018-07-25 01:45:47 UTC

what do you think the people in the middle (moderates, independents, 'normies') thought ?

2018-07-25 01:48:13 UTC

Hm. Stewart definitely came off as strong and aggressive in a positive fashion. The type of temperament which isn't aggressive enough to alienate doves but sufficient to attract hawks.

2018-07-25 01:48:46 UTC

I believe his debate approach will likely allure independents, less so moderates.

2018-07-26 07:18:49 UTC


2018-07-26 07:18:53 UTC

Freitas is a good guy

2018-07-26 07:20:09 UTC


2018-07-26 11:41:24 UTC

very honorable

2018-07-26 13:53:01 UTC

He's earned the right to continued support now.

2018-07-26 13:53:15 UTC

Whenever he runs again

2018-07-26 13:53:26 UTC

(though not if he isn't the best candidate, of course)

2018-07-26 18:26:29 UTC

Mark Warner is up for reelection in 2020

2018-07-26 18:26:49 UTC

and Northam is up for reelection in 2021

2018-07-26 18:27:58 UTC

@Deleted User Virginia has one-term limits on its Governorship.

2018-07-26 18:28:06 UTC

So Northam actually isn't.

2018-07-26 18:41:36 UTC

wow I think I remember reading about that, but I forgot

2018-07-26 18:42:04 UTC

if Trump manages to win Virginia in 2020, maybe Freitas can ride his coattails

2018-07-26 18:46:57 UTC


2018-07-26 18:47:23 UTC

Could be hard to swing that state back, but it's possible if Trump can get a lot accomplished

2018-07-26 18:47:59 UTC

yeah, some states are more elastic than others

2018-07-26 18:48:15 UTC

for instance, you pretty much can't swing Washington DC because of the inelasticity of black voters

2018-07-26 18:48:51 UTC

however, the white vote in Iowa is very elastic. That's why Obama in 2012 and Trump in 2016 won it at a decent margin

2018-07-26 18:49:29 UTC

notably, Florida isn't very elastic. It swung slightly to the left for Obama, just barely enough for him to win

2018-07-26 18:49:34 UTC

VA's always a close loss for us

2018-07-26 18:49:35 UTC

and same for Trump, except to the right

2018-07-26 18:49:41 UTC

Oh yeah FL is always close

2018-07-26 18:50:01 UTC

The year the Rs nearly lost Montana, Obama only won the state by 3 points

2018-07-26 18:50:28 UTC

one thing you'll notice when you compare Romney's results in VA to Trump's results is that Trump did better in western Virginia and rural portions of the state, but Romney did better in NoVa and most other suburban areas

2018-07-26 18:50:53 UTC

which lead to Romney doing a bit better than Trump in terms of raw vote - Romney got 1.822 million and Trump got 1.769 million

2018-07-26 18:51:01 UTC

if Trump can win back those Romney - Hillary voters

2018-07-26 18:51:12 UTC

while generating even higher turnout in the rural areas he won

2018-07-26 18:51:14 UTC

I think Stewart can do well in spots like Prince William County

2018-07-26 18:51:16 UTC

that's the key

2018-07-26 18:51:47 UTC

Candidates lost that county a lot, but Stewart did a great job serving them

2018-07-26 18:52:33 UTC

Now that I look back at that debate, if I had to decide who "won" if I'm looking through a normie perspective, Stewart did if only because of the Rubio-tier shit Kaine tried to pull

2018-07-26 18:53:54 UTC

Like what?

2018-07-26 18:54:46 UTC

"make it nasty, make it personal, make it up"

2018-07-26 18:55:34 UTC

Plus, if Trump wins this trade war and everyone lowers all their tariffs, all those "farmers that are suffering because of these tariffs" that Kaine was talking about won't be voting for the dems.

2018-07-26 18:55:55 UTC

And Trump *will* win the trade war, it's a matter of how long it'll take.

2018-07-26 20:03:46 UTC

one thing to note is that Trump withdrew all resources out of Virginia some time before the election in order to focus on the Rust Belt

2018-07-26 20:04:00 UTC

maybe he would have done quite a bit better in Virginia if he hadn't

2018-07-26 20:08:30 UTC

That's probably because the VAGOP withdrew its support.

2018-07-26 20:08:44 UTC

Without their obstruction, we could've done tons better, too.

2018-07-26 20:08:59 UTC

they won't make the same mistake again

2018-07-26 20:10:11 UTC

That's something a lot of people forget, people like Paul Ryan and the normie conservative wing were abandoning Trump left and right after the tape, now, every single one of them is trying to court him.

2018-07-26 20:10:49 UTC

He is the GOP now. He won with a somewhat divided party, now he has a united one.

2018-09-06 17:17:21 UTC

<@&414591366945832962> Get out and volunteer for Corey Stewart!

2018-09-06 20:05:34 UTC


2018-09-06 20:05:43 UTC

dis nigga doin my job for me

2018-09-09 13:17:54 UTC


2018-09-09 13:17:59 UTC

Make it nasty

2018-09-09 13:18:02 UTC

Make it personal

2018-09-09 13:18:05 UTC

Make it up

2018-09-09 13:50:59 UTC


2018-09-11 02:53:49 UTC

<@&414591366945832962> Roll call: Who here isn't going to be a lurker for the next couple months? This is PRIME TIME CAMPAIGN SEASON. We're going to need ALL HANDS ON DECK!

2018-09-18 15:16:05 UTC


2018-09-18 17:37:28 UTC

I've been mostly busy with volunteering rather than talking about it online, especially since I've been doing volunteer work for more than one candidate.

2018-09-30 00:02:35 UTC


2018-10-02 18:18:47 UTC


2018-10-02 18:19:07 UTC

found this from an archived thread from 2017

Gillespie did better than Trump in the green areas
Gillespie did worse than Trump in the red areas

2018-10-02 20:20:01 UTC

There was probably a significant R turnout problem in the west and southwest.
The dem base was extremely energized for that race

2018-10-02 20:20:34 UTC

Meanwhile Gillespie seems to have done better in places with high AA populations

2018-10-02 23:23:27 UTC

I love how all of the red areas are the areas where Gillespie won.

2018-10-02 23:23:45 UTC

It shows how Corey Stewart will win.

2018-10-03 00:12:03 UTC

@Nuke How?

2018-10-03 00:51:01 UTC

Winning areas where Trump and Gillespie won but with huge margins

2018-10-03 00:56:54 UTC

Stewart will probably do worse than both everywhere

2018-10-03 01:14:51 UTC

>Stewart will probably do worse than both everywhere

nah, he'll do better than Gillespie in certain areas for sure

2018-10-03 01:54:30 UTC

Moronic prediction

2018-10-03 02:02:15 UTC

@Nuke Yellowhammer is a US Election Atlas user, so what do you expect

2018-10-03 02:02:36 UTC

Moronic predictions, obviously.

2018-10-03 02:50:23 UTC

He has been trailing by 20+ in multiple polls

2018-10-03 02:54:39 UTC

The issue is as was Gillespie in 2014

2018-10-03 03:02:16 UTC

Virginia is a blue state now. If we ever want to win, we need to running people like Barbara Comstock and Jill Vogel statewide

2018-10-03 03:02:45 UTC

It will never vote for a Corey Stewart

2018-10-03 03:04:14 UTC

>Barbara Comstock


2018-10-03 03:07:43 UTC

I kept telling them itโ€™s a blue state

2018-10-03 03:08:04 UTC

She would be a hell of a lot stronger than Stewart lol

2018-10-03 03:09:08 UTC

For godโ€™s sake they elected Terry McAuliffe, One of Hillaryโ€™s most trusted allies, as their governor.

2018-10-03 03:11:14 UTC

VA will be as blue as NJ is now in 10 years

2018-10-03 03:14:49 UTC

It was always blue, since 2008

2018-10-03 03:15:08 UTC

They elected one of Hillaryโ€™s closet allies as their governor

2018-10-03 03:46:03 UTC

I think 2017 was the point of no return

2018-10-03 04:39:25 UTC

>point of no return

2018-10-03 04:39:29 UTC

Defeatist rhetoric

2018-10-03 07:13:04 UTC

I wouldn't say 2017 was the point of no return. But I do think that it's not only important for Republican candidates to hold onto their influence in rural areas of the state, but also appeal to those in blue areas outside of NoVA that can easily be flipped, such as around Richmond and Hampton Roads. Culturally, it's definitely not easy to do, but there definitely needs to be some appeal to these folks in heavily populated areas, and more work needs to be put in to get their votes. It shouldn't be ignored and shrugged off as unwinnable like it is in places like Fairfax County.

2018-10-03 07:15:58 UTC

I do hope to see Jill Vogel run again in a statewide race.

2018-10-03 08:15:56 UTC

Gut the public sector and you'll have a temporary boost in Democratic turnout as a knee jerk response from retrenched public sector workers but a permanent increase in your voter base over the long term.

2018-10-03 08:16:03 UTC

In Virginia, that is.

2018-10-03 13:00:45 UTC

Public workers are only part of the problem in NOVA

2018-10-03 13:01:00 UTC

Itโ€™s just become a very liberal place very quickly

2018-10-03 14:38:36 UTC

Comstock won't win.

2018-10-03 14:39:08 UTC

Trump and Romney had basically the same results in Virginia. For a Republican to win, he must get both the Trump and Romney republicans.

2018-10-03 14:39:24 UTC

It's possible, but quite hard.

2018-10-03 15:36:49 UTC

Trump got better turnout in the western/rural parts than Romney though

2018-10-03 15:37:02 UTC

while Romney won a greater percentage of NoVa voters

2018-10-03 17:11:54 UTC

That's what I'm saying.

2018-10-03 17:12:18 UTC

They balanced eachother out. Trump lost by basically the same margin as Romney.

2018-10-03 17:18:14 UTC


2018-10-03 17:18:20 UTC

I recall doing the math a while back though

2018-10-03 17:18:35 UTC

IIRC even if you gave all those Romney NoVa voters to Trump, he still would have come short

2018-10-03 18:39:33 UTC

@[Lex] And of course, Trump implemented a federal hiring freeze that probably displeased many liberals in Virginia in 2017.

2018-10-03 18:39:56 UTC

Democrat turnout in 2017 was comparable to 2016.

2018-10-03 21:59:07 UTC

Well, many of those NoVa Romney voters voted for Clinton, so you would subtract from her total.

2018-10-04 22:28:14 UTC
2018-10-04 22:49:59 UTC


2018-10-06 20:29:26 UTC

Thatโ€™s horrible!

2018-10-06 20:39:03 UTC

It's fake and gay

2018-10-06 20:59:45 UTC

Wasnโ€™t there someone from Israel who hoaxed a bunch of threats to synagogues and was arrested for it?

2018-10-06 21:00:02 UTC

A lot of these โ€œhate crimesโ€ are perpetrated by the supposed victims themselves.

2018-10-06 21:03:43 UTC

Yep. He was the biggest hate criminal of 2016.

2018-10-07 03:26:18 UTC

Tim (((kaine)))

2018-10-09 02:08:50 UTC

@fhtagn : I have so many connections to Corey Stewart now :P

- his wife and I are in the same local conservative women group
- I know his chief of staff and have smoked with him a few times
- I am friends with someone on the PWC board of supervisors that works with him
if anyone here wants her to get a certian message to Corey Stewart, I guess you might have a shot

2018-10-09 13:57:40 UTC

>smoked with him a few times

2018-10-09 13:57:42 UTC


2018-10-09 14:59:26 UTC

<@&414591366945832962> <@&462745116768075776>
Sorry for the ping, but if you're a Virginia resident or know someone who is, try to convince as many people as you can to vote Corey Stewart on November 6

2018-10-09 15:00:03 UTC

@fhtagn vote for Corey!

2018-10-09 15:00:45 UTC

i just moved to VA

2018-10-09 15:00:49 UTC

...you want us to....


2018-10-09 15:00:58 UTC

@Snoipah Ayyyyyyyy

2018-10-09 15:01:12 UTC


2018-10-09 15:01:39 UTC

we need to start using that as a campaign meme

2018-10-09 15:01:50 UTC

I'mma make this a thing

2018-10-09 15:01:53 UTC

One sec

2018-10-09 15:01:59 UTC


2018-10-09 15:02:52 UTC

That feel when you think you'd be a good content creator but you're too lazy to start a youtube channel.

2018-10-09 15:04:08 UTC

Damn I know that feel

2018-10-09 15:04:16 UTC

I rarely post to mine

2018-10-09 15:05:22 UTC

I used to stream on mogulus and my channel would stay full, but then I got bored.

2018-10-09 15:06:56 UTC

You're welcome.


2018-10-09 15:08:46 UTC


2018-10-09 15:09:06 UTC

He looks like a Busta.

2018-10-09 15:10:14 UTC

I wish I had photoshop though.

2018-10-09 15:11:37 UTC

also don't forget to support your Republican house candidates, especially those in at risk districts like VA-10, VA-7, and VA-2

2018-10-09 15:12:25 UTC


2018-10-09 15:12:39 UTC

Spread this meme around though

2018-10-09 15:13:05 UTC

I googled corey for images of him and he seems to really like the confederate flag.

2018-10-09 15:15:06 UTC

I don't think he'll win, but then again James Allsup won a vote so I don't even know whats going on in this nation anymore.

2018-10-09 15:15:50 UTC

Corey is losing by double digits

2018-10-09 15:16:05 UTC

So was Trump

2018-10-09 15:16:06 UTC

Fuck off blackpiller

2018-10-09 15:16:38 UTC

I think given recent events the race will be much closer than expected

2018-10-09 15:17:03 UTC

I have faith that he will win. Even if he doesn't, at least we did something rather than throwing our hands up

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