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2018-02-01 11:46:39 UTC

February 6, 2018
Missouri House of Representatives District 39
Missouri House of Representatives District 97 
Missouri House of Representatives District 129
Missouri House of Representatives District 144

If you live in any of these districts, vote

2018-02-09 22:44:19 UTC


2018-02-09 22:58:56 UTC

@WARCORP™ those elections were 3 days ago

2018-02-09 23:09:01 UTC


2018-02-09 23:09:08 UTC

I didn't even live in them

2018-02-09 23:10:00 UTC

I live in District 38

2018-02-18 15:55:36 UTC

ATTENTION ALL MISSOURI ANONS: Taking down Claire McCaskill is what will be high on your priority list this year, because the House races are pretty much safely red for the most part

2018-02-18 15:56:25 UTC


2018-02-26 17:49:01 UTC


2018-02-26 17:49:19 UTC


2018-03-27 04:54:09 UTC

Down with mcCaskill

2018-03-27 04:54:18 UTC

She’s honestly poisonous to our state

2018-03-27 14:41:27 UTC


2018-03-27 14:43:12 UTC

Don’t really like josh Hawley as he is simply another career politician, but it is of the utmost importance that the senate remains red!

2018-03-28 02:22:07 UTC

Heck the primary isn’t until August

2018-03-28 02:22:16 UTC

Hopefully Courtland Sykes wins

KCMO area here.

2018-03-29 17:18:19 UTC


<@&414479154365595668> Who here wants to fill this out

2018-03-29 17:22:42 UTC

What is it and how do we fill it out??

2018-03-29 17:37:34 UTC

@Brother Basil just write whatever you want to write here, or PM me

2018-03-29 17:37:50 UTC
2018-03-29 17:42:04 UTC


2018-04-01 16:03:32 UTC

She’s fucked in the midterms

2018-04-25 00:32:07 UTC


2018-04-26 21:16:31 UTC

@Tornado Interested in getting politically involved in MO?

2018-04-27 00:17:18 UTC

I am already

2018-05-15 01:49:18 UTC

I am

2018-05-15 02:09:20 UTC

we're about to be

2018-05-15 05:37:56 UTC

I'll see you in the morning bro

2018-05-18 01:21:43 UTC

out here shilling for Kevin Corlew... If you're in the Kansas City area, he's your guy for State Senate!

2018-05-25 17:50:28 UTC


2018-05-25 17:51:15 UTC

Austin's even BTFOing McCaskill among Blacks.

2018-05-25 18:06:35 UTC

>Senator Austin Petersen

2018-05-25 18:06:39 UTC

somehow I don't want this

2018-05-25 18:07:33 UTC

plus I have a feeling that his remarks about using nukes on Russia would cause him to lose ultimately

2018-05-25 18:09:28 UTC

I saw the polling for it

2018-05-25 18:09:55 UTC

and while he does seem to be doing better in the polling against McCaskill, I'm single issue on immigration

2018-05-26 04:05:04 UTC

I doubt Petersen is winning the nomination

2018-05-26 04:05:21 UTC

Hawley is likely the next Senator from Missouri

2018-05-26 04:50:07 UTC

There's not been much polling, and Petersen is doing a lot of grassroots work, like Greitens did

2018-05-26 05:00:38 UTC

@GavinTheViking Is Greitens in trouble of losing power?

2018-05-26 05:02:11 UTC

He may be impeached, I haven't been too up to date on the whole matter

2018-05-26 05:07:20 UTC


2018-05-27 15:56:52 UTC

Hawley's losing against McCaskill.

2018-05-27 15:56:56 UTC

In the polls

2018-05-27 15:57:12 UTC

This actually worries Missouri Republicans.

2018-05-27 16:00:25 UTC

I'm not a single issue voter.

2018-05-27 16:57:39 UTC

Polls lie a lot

2018-05-27 16:57:52 UTC

If the polls were accurate about the 2016 election

2018-05-27 16:58:02 UTC

Then they would still be trusted

2018-05-27 17:07:53 UTC

Petersen might be losing in the polls now

2018-05-27 17:07:59 UTC

but if his comments about Russia surfaced,

2018-05-27 17:08:09 UTC

not even I would vote for him.

2018-05-27 17:08:25 UTC

Wanting to use nuclear weapons against Russia is like the worst FP position you can take.

2018-05-27 17:08:50 UTC

Such an extremely bad FP idea will actually cause backlash even among warhawks.

2018-05-27 17:30:36 UTC

Petersen is almost a great candidate. It is, for me at least, only his view on immigration that makes me not outright support him. Calling the wall a “FDR style public works project” doesn’t do you any good.

2018-05-27 17:52:37 UTC

He should've run as a Democrat.

2018-05-27 18:22:13 UTC

He ran as a Libertarian for president, and almost won the nomination. He's way more Republican than Democrat, though. He was criticizing the wall by calling it a public works project and lumping it in with wasteful spending

2018-05-27 18:24:26 UTC

Like I said, he should've run as a Democrat.

2018-05-27 20:19:33 UTC

Hawley is pro gun control.

2018-05-27 20:19:44 UTC

He literally wants to ban bump stocks.

2018-05-27 20:20:16 UTC

The primary issues I care about are Civil Liberties, Economics, Finance and Constitutionalism.

2018-05-27 20:25:21 UTC

Endorsed by Trump

2018-05-27 20:30:07 UTC

Hawley isnt necessarily "bad", but if Petersen was pro-wall and pro-less immigration, then Petersen would be leaps and bounds better

2018-05-28 16:03:34 UTC

<@&414479154365595668> go google "Missouri Democratic party" and then google "Missouri Republican party" Idk if this is still up but it was pointed out to me last night.

2018-05-28 16:17:54 UTC

oh gods

2018-05-28 16:17:56 UTC

the heresy

2018-05-28 16:18:01 UTC

CNN must go back to Mexico

2018-05-28 16:44:01 UTC

i wonder if fox would be allowed to pay to boost an article in search like that

2018-05-28 23:22:05 UTC

Google being politically-biased? No, never!

2018-05-29 00:21:37 UTC


2018-05-29 00:43:05 UTC

For <@&414479154365595668> people and non-Missourians, who do you support in the GOP primary?
🇭 for Hawley - 🇵 for Petersen - 🇳 for None of the Above

2018-05-29 00:46:33 UTC

cant vote in MO but i' go with p if i coul

2018-05-29 00:46:52 UTC

whos down for a kc memorial day meetup

2018-05-29 00:47:11 UTC

I'm in SE Missouri so pretty far lol

2018-05-29 01:02:19 UTC

By the way, this server has officially endorsed Hawley (as has Trump)

2018-05-29 01:04:59 UTC

That's fine by me, I'm still undecided atm

2018-05-29 01:24:03 UTC

i'm a libcuck and i think petersen is for the most part a good librarian

2018-05-30 01:46:21 UTC

welll this is grat

2018-05-30 01:46:30 UTC

i'm sure you've all heard about the governor by now?

2018-05-30 01:46:37 UTC

perfect thing to happen at this stage in our campaign lol

2018-05-30 01:46:43 UTC

for Hawley?

2018-05-30 01:47:22 UTC

Corlew but he's a republican and its gonna hurt every republican.

2018-05-30 01:47:32 UTC

Hawley too... probably even more so because its a bigger election

2018-05-30 01:47:43 UTC

Republicans might lose the governorship for a while

2018-05-30 02:04:05 UTC

Greitens was innocent.

2018-05-30 02:04:07 UTC

That said

2018-05-30 02:04:17 UTC

His Lt. Gov. was a Republican, was he not?

2018-05-30 02:10:37 UTC

Yes, but I don't know much about him tho

2018-05-30 02:57:04 UTC

does MO work that way? because the campaign im working on is actually happening because the guy currently serving the position got appointed to do something else

2018-05-30 07:37:38 UTC

The LT governor will take over as governor, so thank God there's no special election for it in 2018

2018-05-30 07:52:44 UTC


2018-05-31 05:36:49 UTC


2018-05-31 05:37:01 UTC

Love your WWI museum

2018-05-31 05:39:53 UTC

That’s some cool stuff

2018-06-03 18:32:47 UTC

I've actually met Greitens.

2018-06-03 18:32:49 UTC

He's nice

2018-06-03 18:32:58 UTC

But he didn't do anything wrong.

2018-06-03 18:33:35 UTC

I genuinely believe Greitens was framed.

2018-06-03 18:34:00 UTC

He was ruled not guilty by lack of evidence.

2018-06-03 18:34:16 UTC

He only resigned because of the special prosecution making it impossible to stay in office as Governor.

2018-06-04 03:27:58 UTC

yeah it sounds like it was just putting a strain on his family an these days they could go after his wife and kids

2018-06-06 02:56:52 UTC

Corlew lost.

2018-06-06 02:57:52 UTC

Mood is somber here in the office. I'm gonna tell him personally how foul Axiom/vanguard field strategies is. They gave him really shitty data. Me and my team are working on getting the managers responsible for this shitshow fired.

2018-06-06 02:59:04 UTC

Huh? Corlew? Where?

2018-06-06 03:02:15 UTC

North kansas city

2018-06-29 20:43:36 UTC

Do you guys still believe in Austin Peterson? Hes been cucking around a lot lately

2018-06-29 21:28:25 UTC

Never did

2018-06-29 21:29:12 UTC

He's an open borders advocate who thinks the wall is an FDR-esque public works project. Can't have that.

2018-06-29 21:40:23 UTC

No one here ever supported him

2018-06-30 00:23:28 UTC

He's been a cuck since 2016.

2018-06-30 00:23:44 UTC

The dude said he wanted to nuke Russia because it is "Heterofascist"

2018-06-30 06:40:21 UTC


2018-06-30 06:41:52 UTC

IDK i have mixed feelings on MO's election. Y'all think he's worse than the establishment there? He's definitely a bit of the AnCap meme on certain issues but I'd rather have that another RINO

2018-06-30 06:41:58 UTC

that might just be me personally

2018-06-30 06:42:40 UTC

tbh im ok with ancaps as long as they realize its a long term goal and if it happened in our lifetimes it would be a disaster.

2018-06-30 08:43:14 UTC

@Teh_Alchemist I'm okay with them as long as they're lifeless with a capsule of lead through their skull.

2018-06-30 09:17:56 UTC

1. We have officially disavowed the Liberty Caucus, which has endorsed Petersen.
2. /rsg/ and Donald J. Trump have both endorsed John Hawley for the Republican nomination to challenge McCaskill.

2018-06-30 09:18:48 UTC

3. Likewise, both the Club for Growth and the Family Research Council have endorsed Hawley.

2018-06-30 09:19:04 UTC

4. Hawley is the presumptive nominee and Petersen is his primary opposition anyway.

2018-06-30 09:20:40 UTC

5. One Petersen internal poll may project that he could defeat McCaskill, but independent polls suggest that MO is a toss-up. The concept that an anti-welfare single-issue candidate will take 90% of the black vote is as biased as it gets.

2018-06-30 09:21:01 UTC

6. Petersen's internal polls still show Hawley winning anyway, just with a narrower margin.

2018-06-30 13:16:09 UTC


2018-07-06 03:34:05 UTC

I was just sent an email by Mccaskill

2018-07-06 03:40:19 UTC

@TheOneTold Asking you to vote for her?

2018-07-06 03:40:25 UTC


2018-07-06 03:40:33 UTC

I am making a reply now.

2018-07-06 03:40:39 UTC

She was talking about healthcare.

2018-07-06 03:40:46 UTC

What should I bring up?

2018-07-06 03:41:09 UTC


2018-07-06 03:41:32 UTC

True, but I want it to be related to healthcare as that is what she is talking about in the email.

2018-07-06 03:43:00 UTC


2018-07-06 03:43:12 UTC

There's a lot of things wrong with Obamacare.

2018-07-06 03:43:50 UTC

Maybe bring up the fact that she should start "discussing" how many preexisting conditions were covered before Obamacare @TheOneTold

2018-07-06 03:45:27 UTC

Anything else?

2018-07-06 03:47:35 UTC

Also I'm watching some videos with her in them and she does discuss the coverage of preexisting conditions.

2018-07-06 03:57:45 UTC

Does she name any?

2018-07-06 04:05:19 UTC

No not really.

2018-07-06 04:05:27 UTC

I just sent the email to her.

2018-07-06 07:13:24 UTC

@TheOneTold did she sent you a personalized email, or was it one of those automated ones

2018-07-06 07:14:18 UTC

I think it was automatic, I ended up not sending the email.

2018-09-02 20:00:01 UTC


2018-09-03 01:50:58 UTC

Fuck that

2018-09-03 01:51:05 UTC

I won't let it happen

2018-09-03 02:08:53 UTC

You better fight then

2018-09-11 00:01:51 UTC

Hey I’m going to the trump rally

2018-09-11 02:52:18 UTC

<@&414479154365595668> Roll call: Who here isn't going to be a lurker for the next couple months? This is PRIME TIME CAMPAIGN SEASON. We're going to need ALL HANDS ON DECK!

2018-09-11 04:17:35 UTC

I've knocked 3246 doors for Hawley so far and will be at the ralley Thursday

2018-09-11 04:17:54 UTC

@Tornado hit me up I'm bringing signs and stickers

2018-09-11 04:47:18 UTC

>3246 doors for Hawley

f***ing amazing! Great job!

2018-09-11 14:13:08 UTC

Great job man that’s nuts

2018-09-11 18:39:35 UTC

That is top tier stuff man, atm I'm racking up doors knocked

2018-09-11 18:39:48 UTC

I don't have like a count, but a few dozen by far I think

2018-09-11 19:32:03 UTC

@FLanon came across any Gillum voters?

2018-09-11 19:42:00 UTC

I've knocked at least 600 doors since the start of the summer. I'm pretty sure I tipped my county in favor of Right-To-Work as well. Under 200 vote difference in a county of 14,000 votes.

2018-09-11 19:42:01 UTC

🆙 | **GavinTheViking leveled up!**


2018-09-11 19:42:35 UTC

@GavinTheViking awesome! Great to hear. What are your thoughts on Hawley's chances of winning

2018-09-11 19:44:09 UTC

I think's it going to be a close race but Hawley should win in the end.

2018-09-11 19:44:41 UTC

Trump gives off the impression of doing good when it comes to the economy, which is something the vast majority of voters care about over most other issues.

2018-09-11 19:44:56 UTC
2018-09-11 19:54:17 UTC

I typically go in areas where there's none to be found

2018-09-11 19:54:47 UTC

Not a lot of people who are fond of "Ablolish ICE" in the suburbs and all

2018-09-11 19:56:28 UTC

@GavinTheViking eh, I'd rather have it not be a 'close race.' It wouldn't bode too well for the nationwide results if Hawley only won by a slight margin.

2018-09-12 15:28:41 UTC

Very disappointed that trump cancelled the rally however i understand he had to

2018-09-13 23:49:33 UTC


<@&462745116768075776> what do you think of this ad? Hawley seems formidable

2018-09-14 00:07:27 UTC

"We've been thinking about the future for our boys"
does Hawley want to 14?

2018-09-14 00:09:01 UTC


2018-09-14 00:13:35 UTC

Good ad in my opinion.

2018-09-14 00:34:26 UTC

I think Hawley is a fantastic candidate. I hope he can overcome the anti-GOP swing.

2018-09-14 00:39:42 UTC

could be a pro-GOP swing by November @[Lex]

2018-09-15 15:22:11 UTC


2018-09-15 16:13:39 UTC

There is a video of the debate on hawleys Facebook page haven't seen it on YouTube

2018-09-19 23:22:47 UTC

Claire McCaskill to vote No on Kavanaugh

2018-09-20 00:00:10 UTC

All of the Democrat senators will vote no

2018-09-22 02:22:30 UTC

except for manchin maybe

2018-09-22 02:38:44 UTC



2018-09-22 02:39:43 UTC

Disappointed the rally got moved to Springfield, because otherwise I would have been able to attend. At least I got to see Hawley earlier this year though

2018-09-24 01:12:30 UTC


2018-09-24 01:12:58 UTC

@CzarWave based

2018-09-24 01:13:12 UTC


2018-09-25 17:56:57 UTC

Of course it’s ok

2018-10-16 09:15:55 UTC

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Doh0d78lin4 - huge bombshell to spread of McCaskill expressing her wish to ban semi-autos. <@&414479154365595668>

2018-10-16 14:12:24 UTC

Someone post it to /stlouis /kansascity /Springfield and /columbia

2018-10-16 15:26:27 UTC

Alarming, I’ll spread the news

2018-10-19 11:41:40 UTC

Whoa. McCaskill is getting slammed in the Missouri media and O'Keefe is on the attack as McCaskill threatens legal action against PV for 'fraud' ... lmao.
Seven more videos since the one Lex posted above.
Never seen O'Keefe go for the throat like this. Need more 🍿 😃

2018-10-19 11:42:38 UTC

**Spread these far and wide**

2018-10-19 12:07:22 UTC

Good ol Streisand effect

2018-10-19 12:07:47 UTC

Blaming the O'Keefe videos on Hawley was the worst thing she could have done, she looks incredibly desparate

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