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2018-07-24 12:53:23 UTC

Only clean

2018-07-24 12:53:47 UTC

let's take this to <#432618126295695380>

2018-07-24 19:30:30 UTC

how is DeSantis going to recover

2018-07-24 19:30:33 UTC


2018-07-24 19:30:37 UTC


2018-07-24 22:07:08 UTC

Rally starts at 7 just reserve a seat

2018-07-25 03:39:51 UTC

>tfw Putnam will win the nom

2018-07-25 03:41:40 UTC

Based U.S. Sugar guy

2018-07-28 02:39:34 UTC

*based easily bought politician

2018-07-28 02:39:40 UTC

fixed it for you

2018-07-28 02:42:29 UTC


2018-07-28 03:00:50 UTC

@FLanon Drumpf going to Tampa on July 31st

2018-07-28 03:01:18 UTC

Do me a favor and carry a sign with "You promised me a wall" on it

2018-07-28 03:02:01 UTC

Just go with a sign saying

2018-07-28 03:02:06 UTC


2018-07-28 03:02:37 UTC

Can't make it unfortunately

2018-07-28 03:03:16 UTC

The scheduling conflicts with the work schedule, even if I drive directly there after work, no way I get in

2018-07-28 03:03:17 UTC

Once in a lifetime opportunity to confront Trump and you miss it

2018-07-28 03:03:25 UTC


2018-07-28 03:03:29 UTC

I have a job

2018-07-28 03:03:45 UTC

If it was a saturday then maybe

2018-07-28 03:04:19 UTC

Huh, what's your job?

2018-07-28 03:04:34 UTC

I've given too much info in here already

2018-07-28 03:04:38 UTC

Well okay.

2018-07-28 03:04:40 UTC

I'll just say it's very monotonous

2018-07-28 03:04:41 UTC

If Trump campaigned in Orange County, which he won't, I'd probably show up and starting yelling at him about the wall

2018-07-28 03:04:48 UTC


2018-07-28 03:05:02 UTC

I'm sure secret service would love that

2018-07-28 03:05:04 UTC

I'm guessing you're better than this 35-year-old man with children already.

2018-07-28 03:05:14 UTC

Secret service has got nothing on me

2018-07-28 03:05:35 UTC

Yeah this is Button, the nibba whomst got unbanned on Red Storm who we could literally ban at any moment

2018-07-28 03:05:37 UTC

As a private citizen, I have my right to voice my concerns to the President

2018-07-28 03:05:38 UTC

right you'll have drumpf in a headlock and you won't release him until you see the wall

2018-07-28 03:05:48 UTC

lol yeah

2018-07-28 03:05:56 UTC

Yeah Mash so are you like CIA

2018-07-28 03:06:30 UTC

I wouldn't physically attack him or anything

2018-07-28 03:07:16 UTC

just emotionally

2018-07-28 03:07:28 UTC

make fun of his small cheeto hands until you get the wall

2018-07-28 03:07:53 UTC

Oh hey that's right

2018-07-28 03:08:00 UTC

Ann Coulter lives in Tampa

2018-07-28 03:08:04 UTC

maybe she can heckle him for me

2018-07-28 03:08:07 UTC

she does?

2018-07-28 03:08:24 UTC

pretty sure

2018-07-28 03:08:40 UTC

west palm beach

2018-07-28 03:08:48 UTC

on the other side of the state

2018-07-28 03:09:00 UTC

Oh close enough

2018-07-28 03:09:28 UTC

I guess that explains some stuff, that part of the state is a trash hole

2018-07-28 03:10:47 UTC

I hate how wall advocacy has become the new #NeverTrump.

2018-07-28 03:11:18 UTC

Um sweetie

2018-07-28 03:11:29 UTC

We call ourselves the "Former Trumpers"

2018-07-28 03:11:51 UTC

oh God

2018-07-28 03:11:53 UTC

"Never Trump was toothless, but Former Trump will _bite_" - Ann Coulter

2018-07-28 03:13:18 UTC

If Trump doesn't build our wall blocking Mexican invaders,

2018-07-28 03:13:59 UTC

We'll build our own wall blocking his re-election bid

2018-07-28 03:14:44 UTC

getting democrats elected to own drumf

2018-07-28 03:14:45 UTC


2018-07-28 03:14:53 UTC

fantastic plan

2018-07-28 03:15:22 UTC

>Democrats obstruct Trump, and win as a result

2018-07-28 03:15:23 UTC

It's called a primary, BLUMPFtard

2018-07-28 03:15:26 UTC

Fantastic for the Democrats

2018-07-28 03:16:49 UTC

Tom Cotton, Kris Kobach, Scott Walker, Steve King, David Perdue, Paul Gosar, Mo Brooks

2018-07-28 03:17:21 UTC

Be afraid, DRUMPF! The _true_ conservatives await!

2018-07-28 03:18:39 UTC

>Scott Walker

2018-07-28 07:01:34 UTC


2018-07-28 07:01:38 UTC


2018-07-29 15:48:16 UTC

I'm going to the rally

2018-07-29 15:48:20 UTC

no signs allowed anyways

2018-07-29 15:52:17 UTC


2018-07-29 15:53:17 UTC

You know what would be an interesting turn of events?

2018-07-29 15:53:27 UTC

The Parkland students show up at the rally

2018-07-29 15:53:41 UTC

I honestly wouldnโ€™t be surprised if they did

2018-07-29 15:54:02 UTC

I wonder what sort of events that would result in

2018-07-29 15:54:17 UTC

They would probably screech at the rally with little effect

2018-07-29 15:54:39 UTC

They would be surrounded by Trump people, that would not be a good battleground

2018-07-29 15:55:35 UTC

that's the thing

2018-07-29 15:55:55 UTC

they might provoke Trump voters into getting confrontational

2018-07-29 15:56:05 UTC

the media would have a field day

2018-07-31 15:46:23 UTC

@FLanon Good trend


2018-07-31 23:19:11 UTC

I just saw a sign that said โ€œWe are Qโ€

2018-07-31 23:19:21 UTC


2018-07-31 23:22:52 UTC



2018-07-31 23:24:26 UTC


2018-07-31 23:24:31 UTC


2018-07-31 23:25:02 UTC

The absolute state of Florida
Occupied by retirees and from NY

2018-07-31 23:52:23 UTC

@๐ŸŽƒBoo-ton๐ŸŽƒ Post more boomers plz

2018-08-07 07:08:18 UTC


2018-08-07 07:17:25 UTC


2018-08-07 12:59:41 UTC

>no Bill Nelson face

2018-08-16 15:02:32 UTC

Definitely will spread this around

2018-08-18 00:10:10 UTC

Wow, nice

2018-08-18 22:27:12 UTC

If y'all have a Reddit account and want to upvote it to get it shown that'd be awesome

2018-08-18 22:34:07 UTC

Should I post it to r/politics and see what happens?

2018-08-18 23:21:26 UTC

Lol a reply was like TwiTTer iS HaRdlY A nEwS SouRcE

2018-08-25 01:55:46 UTC


2018-08-25 01:57:40 UTC

**[Lex]#1093** rolled `47`


2018-08-25 01:57:52 UTC

**[Lex]#1093** rolled `57`


2018-08-25 19:40:51 UTC

This is actually bad because it makes it harder to judge how the turnout will impact the general.

2018-08-25 19:46:49 UTC

my teacher from the 5th grade in Florida routinely posts SJW and anti-drumpf stuff on his FB. What's interesting is that he didn't typically fit the cuck profile. He was pretty tall, muscular, and attractive. Originally from NY though and something tells me he got particularly indoctrinated in college

2018-08-25 19:47:00 UTC

anyway, I commented on one of his posts

2018-08-25 19:47:05 UTC


2018-08-25 19:47:11 UTC


2018-08-25 19:47:40 UTC

Gillum is the black candidate in the Democratic gubernatorial primary

2018-08-25 21:14:16 UTC

Based weather does it again

2018-08-25 21:17:09 UTC

Also, in my time here looking at TV and such, haven't seen a single ad for Gilium

2018-08-25 21:17:18 UTC

Some Graham, some Levine, no Gillium

2018-08-26 03:20:29 UTC
2018-08-26 03:20:55 UTC

Which comment is yours, and why are you still in touch with your 5th grade teacher?

2018-08-26 03:21:05 UTC

he was a pretty good teacher

2018-08-26 03:21:21 UTC

I've added all sorts of people to FB

2018-08-26 03:21:46 UTC

noticed his profile some amount of years ago, so added him to see how he was doing

2018-08-26 03:22:09 UTC

Is your comment the one about "I love you"?

2018-08-26 03:22:49 UTC


2018-08-26 03:22:53 UTC

I don't literally love him lmao

2018-08-26 03:22:57 UTC

if that's what you're getting at

2018-08-26 03:24:04 UTC

I just thought it was strange that you would have such a seemingly close relationship with your 5th grade teacher, and that you use Facebook.

2018-08-26 03:24:11 UTC

You're RS, right?

2018-08-26 03:24:27 UTC

>You're RS, right?

nah, I'm someone else

2018-08-26 03:25:10 UTC

Two founding fathers?

2018-08-26 03:25:25 UTC

I don't know what's going on here. Been away for a while.

2018-08-26 03:25:38 UTC

I'm Chele Farley, candidate for US Senate against Kirsten Gillibrand

2018-08-26 03:25:44 UTC

I see

2018-08-26 03:26:11 UTC

Are you a true conservative, one to stand against Gluk and his Nazi Minions?

2018-08-26 03:26:49 UTC

no I'm a moderate Republican

2018-08-26 03:27:10 UTC


2018-08-26 03:27:14 UTC


The United States has no stronger ally than Israel. I had the pleasure of visiting Israel this past May ahead of the new U.S. Embassyโ€™s official opening in Jerusalem. For decades past, Presidents have promised to move the embassy from Tel Aviv to the eternal capital of Jerusalem. I stand with President Trump in his decision to move the embassy and do it quickly and at little expense. While Kirsten Gillibrand has withdrawn her support for federal anti-BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) legislation, I strongly support these efforts to protect Israel. No state has as close a connection with the people of Israel than New York. As your Senator, I will protect and strengthen that bond and stand strong to protect Israelโ€™s security.

2018-08-26 03:27:17 UTC


2018-08-28 15:12:47 UTC

Any of you guys vote today? What are your thoughts on the commissioner of agriculture candidates?

2018-08-28 15:26:59 UTC

Which ones were those again?

2018-08-28 15:27:22 UTC

oh yeah should do this also:

2018-08-28 15:27:36 UTC

<@&414473793499693066> VOTE IF YOU HAVE NOT DONE SO YET

2018-08-28 15:28:48 UTC

I think for agriculture commissioner I voted for Mike McCallister

2018-08-28 15:30:40 UTC

He seemed pretty good. I like veterans. But he lost his charm to me after finding out that most of his time in service was just being a reservist, and he has never even been stationed outside the U.S.

2018-08-28 15:32:11 UTC

Yep--and remember, DeSantis & Scott!

2018-08-28 16:54:54 UTC

Florida AG endorsement: Frank White

2018-08-28 17:23:35 UTC

Here are our US House endorsements in <@&414473793499693066>:
FL-3: Ted Yoho
FL-6: Fred Costollo
FL-7: Vennia Francois
FL-13: Brad Sostack
FL-15: Ross Spano
FL-17: Julio Gonzalez and Greg Steube are both great candidates.
FL-18: Dave Cummings
FL-22: Javier Manjarres (effectively by default)
FL-23: Carla Spalding
FL-26: Carlos Curbelo (His opponent is even worse than him.)
FL-27: Maria Elvira Salazar (also, if you want, Maria Peiro is actually a good candidate, just not as good on the website)

2018-08-28 17:23:55 UTC

The rest of the races are generally uncompetitive. They don't warrant endorsing anyone, so I saved my time typing this.

2018-08-28 18:24:47 UTC

@Nuke who the heck is the person for FL-7?

2018-08-28 18:27:15 UTC

Francois is nowhere near the best candidate

2018-08-28 18:32:43 UTC

A. Before this I didn't even know who she was
B. You posted those recommendations way too late

2018-08-28 18:44:27 UTC

@Marini who is the best

2018-08-28 18:45:24 UTC

Ehh the two other candidates would both be good, can't remember names, hold on

2018-08-28 18:45:55 UTC

I think my recommendation was Miller though

2018-08-28 18:47:02 UTC

Yeah my recommendation was Miller

2018-08-28 18:49:13 UTC

so what exactly makes Miller the best

2018-08-28 18:50:55 UTC

Well first, your recommendation has like 0% chance of winning I'd never heard of her and most of the podcasts I listen to are local

2018-08-28 18:51:12 UTC

No signs either

2018-08-28 18:55:57 UTC

As for why Miller was my recommendation, Miller or Sturgill would do fine, Miller would be more likely to beat Murphy

2018-08-28 18:58:26 UTC

I can give specifics once I'm home

2018-08-28 19:22:48 UTC

@Nuke Thanks for the list. Personally Dave Cummings for FL-18 and Eddison Walters for FL-22 seem like better choices

2018-08-28 19:28:23 UTC

Also you should include Matt Gaetz (FL-1)

2018-08-28 19:29:07 UTC

He included endorsements just for areas considered competitive, FL-1 is pretty safe

2018-08-28 20:28:32 UTC

@Diethard @Marini I didn't include anyone in uncontested or extremely uncompetitive primaries.

2018-08-28 20:29:22 UTC

Vennia was chosen for the fact she explicitly opposes abortion and illegal immigration on her website (even though she supports DACA)

2018-08-28 20:31:08 UTC

As for Eddison Walters...

2018-08-28 20:31:08 UTC

End Illegal Immigration: Support President Trump's agenda to secure the boarder and end illegal emigration

2018-08-28 20:31:13 UTC

this dude has a really shitty website

2018-08-28 20:31:38 UTC

I think the typos that are here for primary day might be enough to kill his campaign.

2018-08-28 20:33:17 UTC

As for Dave Cummings...

2018-08-28 20:33:23 UTC

Actually, he's better than Mast.

2018-08-28 20:34:55 UTC

Here are our US House endorsements in <@&414473793499693066>:
FL-3: Ted Yoho
FL-6: Fred Costollo
FL-7: Vennia Francois
FL-13: Brad Sostack
FL-15: Ross Spano
FL-17: Julio Gonzalez and Greg Steube are both great candidates.
FL-18: Dave Cummings
FL-22: Javier Manjarres (effectively by default)
FL-23: Carla Spalding
FL-26: Carlos Curbelo (His opponent is even worse than him.)
FL-27: Maria Elvira Salazar (also, if you want, Maria Peiro is actually a good candidate, just not as good on the website)

2018-08-28 20:35:11 UTC

C'mon with the spam tagging

2018-08-28 20:35:14 UTC


2018-08-28 20:35:16 UTC

You already posted it

2018-08-28 20:35:23 UTC

It's been corrected though.

2018-08-28 20:35:56 UTC

What was the problem?

2018-08-28 20:36:40 UTC

Not seeing a difference

2018-08-28 20:38:27 UTC

I put in a wrong name and replaced it.
FL-3: Ted Yoho
FL-6: Fred Costollo
FL-7: Vennia Francois
FL-13: Brad Sostack
FL-15: Ross Spano
FL-17: Julio Gonzalez and Greg Steube are both great candidates.
FL-18: Dave Cummings
FL-22: Javier Manjarres (effectively by default)
FL-23: Carla Spalding
FL-26: Carlos Curbelo (His opponent is even worse than him.)
FL-27: Maria Elvira Salazar (also, if you want, Maria Peiro is actually a good candidate, just not as good on the website)

2018-08-28 20:38:33 UTC

(reposting so it doesn't get buried)

2018-08-29 00:29:12 UTC

Well at least DeSantis won

2018-08-29 00:30:33 UTC

Agriculture Commissioner may go to the democrats this year since the weed chick one

2018-08-29 03:37:41 UTC


2018-08-29 03:39:52 UTC

Also, out of 10-11 candidates we endorsed, only ~4-5 won, and most of them were either lesser-of-two-evil moderates or people in fairly uncompetitive races.

2018-08-29 04:14:05 UTC

"People seem to forget that Obama won Florida twice.

I rate the race "likely R" but this can change. Two (2) black Democrats on the ticket (Sean Shaw is the AG candidate) is a wild card, but it MIGHT drive minority turnout through the roof in an off-year election. It's likely R right now because of Gillum's lesser name recognition and the poor condition of the FL Democratic Party as a whole."

2018-08-29 04:14:27 UTC

"Gillum and DeSantis were widely out raised and comparitively unsupported by state politicians, newspapers, and interest groups than their opponents. It looks like both races were primarly decided by major national endorsements.

I wonder if that will continue to the general election. This would seem to set up a good proxy campaign for Trump vs Bernie."

2018-08-29 04:14:32 UTC

"This race is still a tossup. Anybody that says otherwise has a short term memory because, while Gillum winning was a shock, DeSantis has been the presumptive nominee for a while and he's still terrible."

2018-08-29 04:15:32 UTC

"Pure Toss up of course. Crist was an even more flawed candidate than Gillum was and he only lost by 1 in a GOP wave year, and the electorate looks like it is going to be moderately better for the Democrats. No idea why everyone is tearing their hair out here."

2018-08-29 04:15:58 UTC

"Gillum needs to get the Obama network to kick in some fundraising now. But I don't see why he cannot beat DeSantis, this is not Rubio who has wider appeal. The polls also underestimated young people turnout badly. Something tells me the ones with Trump at 48% approval here are off by about 5% too. "

2018-08-29 04:16:10 UTC

Not to mention, the recent court ruling allowing early voting sites on college campuses which were banned in the past.

University of Florida (Gainesville), Florida State / Florida A&M (Tallahassee) , University of South Florida (Tampa), and University of Central Florida (Orlando) will all have on campus early voting precincts. This will help increase turnout for young people and more so if they're fired up. "

2018-08-29 04:16:33 UTC

"Establishment Republicans might've held their noses for an Establishment Democrat up against a polarizing GOP nominee and might've paid more attention to other races, but not with a BernieBro. It's now more likely that you see GOP straight-ticket voting."

2018-08-29 04:18:06 UTC

Andrew Gillum can win the Governorship of Florida due to the TRAYVON MARTIN outcry, with the acquittal of Zimmerman which brought a national outrage. The same outrage, that cried out when Trump got elected in Nov 2016

2018-08-29 04:18:54 UTC

"Gillum may not be personally implicated in the FBI investigation as of now, but the optics are bad, and that's all that matters. Remember, Hillary FELL in the polls after she was exonerated."

2018-08-29 04:20:26 UTC

"Yeah we should have nominated a white moderate. They do really well. Just ask P murphy, Charlie Crist, Alex Sink, and Hillary C. Give lefties a chance. besides, DeSantis is a right wing wackjob. He's no A list candidate either. Gillum can definitely win. "

2018-08-29 05:10:15 UTC

@Nuke Yeah FL-22 was a weird race.
It's too bad with Brian Mast. He is very very cuckservative, anyone else would have been a better choice, but the vote was not only split two ways, neither of the other two could run a decent campaign
Mast wants to ban semi-autos

2018-08-29 05:33:17 UTC

Wow, that's not good.

2018-08-29 15:21:08 UTC


2018-08-29 15:34:55 UTC


2018-08-29 17:19:08 UTC


2018-08-29 17:19:16 UTC

@Marini not the worst sign

2018-08-29 17:19:40 UTC

months back I thought Stephanie Murphy was safe, but...

2018-08-29 18:49:44 UTC

Vennia is pretty great.

2018-08-29 18:50:04 UTC

So you can probably expect a lot of her voters will go Republican--especially if she campaigns for Miller.

2018-08-29 23:49:24 UTC

@Deleted User MT Treasurer believes FL-GOV is the purest of pure tossups (he recognizes DeSantis to be a weak candidate), so it should be Lean R. https://uselectionatlas.org/FORUM/index.php?topic=300146.msg6383513#msg6383513

2018-08-29 23:49:49 UTC

in my humble opinion, the biggest thing holding DeSantis back is his utter lack of charisma

2018-08-29 23:49:53 UTC

he should take acting classes

2018-09-02 05:21:11 UTC


2018-09-02 05:21:32 UTC

@FLanon looks like St Pete Polls was pretty accurate

2018-09-02 05:21:50 UTC

Saint Leo was quite off

2018-09-02 05:22:19 UTC

assuming some of the others were accurate, it seems an extremely high percentage of the undecideds went for DeSantis

2018-09-02 05:23:08 UTC

mmaaayybeee you could say that Putnam won the passionate NeverTrumper types, whilst many of the 'low-info' voters went for the guy endorsed by Trump

2018-09-02 05:23:51 UTC

similar to how in the 2016 primaries, Cruz won those who were passionate about his ideology, while many moderates and Republicans who aren't very ideologically committed went for Trump

2018-09-02 05:25:41 UTC


2018-09-02 05:25:42 UTC

wait for it

2018-09-02 05:25:46 UTC


2018-09-02 05:25:49 UTC


2018-09-02 05:25:49 UTC


2018-09-02 05:26:00 UTC


2018-09-02 05:26:17 UTC

polls were a bit of a shitshow when it comes to the Democratic Primary

2018-09-02 05:31:27 UTC


2018-09-02 05:32:21 UTC

^some weren't so bad. I included the actual results on top

2018-09-02 05:33:36 UTC

turns out St. Pete Polls was accurate for everyone but Gillum. Could be that he got quite a few of the undecideds and unlikely voters

2018-09-04 21:55:00 UTC


2018-09-07 21:12:27 UTC

loud and proud


2018-09-07 21:15:47 UTC

@FLanon you took that pic?

I remember I'd see it whenever I'd get driven from Orlando to Tampa

2018-09-07 21:16:19 UTC

yep, good to see it still standing after all this shit

2018-09-07 21:17:00 UTC

If I ever become the head of the state government, those flags will multiply all over the place

2018-09-07 21:17:23 UTC

Confederate monuments will be going up faster than holocaust memorials

2018-09-07 21:33:43 UTC

For some reason on the way to Florida I see someone in Georgia flying the old State flag.

2018-09-07 22:44:36 UTC

hmm who is this guy

2018-09-07 22:44:52 UTC

Chris KANG

2018-09-07 22:52:56 UTC

I don't know who she is

2018-09-07 22:54:09 UTC

Looks like an attempt to strengthen his credentials among the hialeah cuban types that only slightly voted for Trump, he may be attempting to win that demographic a lot more than Trump did to offset Gillum's increased black turnout

2018-09-07 22:56:26 UTC

apparently she was a NeverTrumper who supported Rubio

2018-09-07 22:56:32 UTC

made tweets against Trump that are now deleted

2018-09-07 22:58:16 UTC


2018-09-07 22:58:53 UTC

Lieutenant Governor is pretty much a "literally who" position, certainly not a good thing to have that conflict

2018-09-07 23:00:07 UTC

I guess it's maybe an attempt to build a bridge to the Putnam types, but if he really wanted to do that well, he could've picked Putnam himself for Lieutenant Governor. He might just be going for increased cuban support, but Putnam would've helped him more if he were open to that imo

2018-09-07 23:00:09 UTC

@Julien Blanc Are you actually a resident of TX-16?

2018-09-07 23:00:23 UTC

No she's from Alaska

2018-09-07 23:00:31 UTC


2018-09-07 23:02:01 UTC


2018-09-07 23:02:14 UTC

best state

2018-09-08 01:36:59 UTC

florida men not to be confused with florida man

2018-09-09 01:13:28 UTC

@FLanon you hear that all public schools now must have a sign stating 'in God we trust' in a "conspicuous" place in the school

2018-09-11 02:51:01 UTC

<@&414473793499693066> Roll call: Who here isn't going to be a lurker for the next couple months? This is PRIME TIME CAMPAIGN SEASON. We're going to need ALL HANDS ON DECK!

2018-09-11 08:51:53 UTC

I'm on deck. Please DM me for anything even slightly important though. Even if it's just bumping a thread.

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