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2019-09-20 20:04:32 UTC

paid out almost 4 bil

2019-09-20 20:04:35 UTC


2019-09-20 20:04:36 UTC

That unfortunetly happens

2019-09-20 20:05:02 UTC

Our research should be about making vaccines safer

2019-09-20 20:05:09 UTC

Not destroying them

2019-09-20 20:05:17 UTC

vaccine insert says in can cause autism and sids


2019-09-20 20:05:24 UTC

Or... destroying research as some here think

2019-09-20 20:05:47 UTC

Of corse anti vaxxers say it does

2019-09-20 20:06:02 UTC

so they claim it does not cause autism but it is one of the adverse effects

2019-09-20 20:06:02 UTC

The companies are forced to say that

2019-09-20 20:06:25 UTC

Of course, or else they will get sued

2019-09-20 20:06:38 UTC

What if I am an asperger autist

2019-09-20 20:06:44 UTC

I have a vaccine shoot

2019-09-20 20:06:46 UTC

yea cause the SCIENTIFIC evideence shows it does this

2019-09-20 20:06:49 UTC

And then sue the company

2019-09-20 20:06:56 UTC

Your conclusion

2019-09-20 20:06:58 UTC

that is why they have to say it

2019-09-20 20:07:13 UTC

We can both have different conclusions

2019-09-20 20:07:24 UTC

Also even if you think that vaccines cause autism

2019-09-20 20:07:41 UTC

157 research papers

2019-09-20 20:07:42 UTC

Shouldn't you be fighting for better vaccines instead of becomming anti vax?

2019-09-20 20:07:45 UTC

read up

2019-09-20 20:08:16 UTC

No, I have a calculus test to study for

2019-09-20 20:08:24 UTC

Can you please listen to me

2019-09-20 20:08:56 UTC

Shouldn't you be fighting for better vaccines instead of trying to destriy it

2019-09-20 20:09:04 UTC

seems the measles vaccine is causing these outbreaks

2019-09-20 20:09:22 UTC

i think you need to do better research

2019-09-20 20:09:32 UTC

If you have proof that vaccines cause autism then fight for better vaccines

2019-09-20 20:09:35 UTC

and stop believing what you are told

2019-09-20 20:09:36 UTC

Different conservatives

2019-09-20 20:09:49 UTC

proof is they are testing on you

2019-09-20 20:09:53 UTC

There are so many different stuff you can do besides trying to destroy it

2019-09-20 20:10:01 UTC

getting the flu shot is like the stupid test

2019-09-20 20:10:09 UTC

if you get one they know they got you

2019-09-20 20:10:36 UTC

posted a video of dr oz saying he does not vaccinate his kids

2019-09-20 20:10:45 UTC

but he wants you to do it to yours hmmmm

2019-09-20 20:10:54 UTC

sounds kinda shady to me

2019-09-20 20:11:30 UTC

Also the fount you sent me

2019-09-20 20:11:32 UTC

sounds like a paid shill who knows better

2019-09-20 20:11:44 UTC

Says nothing that vaccines are cuasing an outbreak

2019-09-20 20:12:08 UTC

they were even caught faking the measles on a baby lol

2019-09-20 20:12:09 UTC

It said they developed a new way of detecting it

2019-09-20 20:12:33 UTC

Ok dude, look

2019-09-20 20:13:10 UTC

the even used photo shop like nasa does

2019-09-20 20:13:18 UTC


2019-09-20 20:13:27 UTC

If you are going to vomit supposed evidence on me, talk with me like if you where a machine, pumping information and ignoring what I am saying then there is no debate here

2019-09-20 20:13:41 UTC

You didn't even took time to read me sources

2019-09-20 20:13:49 UTC

You just said they where fake

2019-09-20 20:14:01 UTC

there never has been a debate here you could not even answer 1 damn question i posted

2019-09-20 20:14:54 UTC

Of course, you said what I was saying was wrong and sruff

2019-09-20 20:15:11 UTC

You literally vomited big words and complex questions that I needed time to search

2019-09-20 20:15:23 UTC

btw you never told what 1 question you answered

2019-09-20 20:15:26 UTC

I got the answers that you didn't even opened, you just ignored

2019-09-20 20:15:32 UTC


2019-09-20 20:15:33 UTC

you derailed from that one

2019-09-20 20:16:06 UTC

The one from (is it better having neurotoxins or the disease

2019-09-20 20:16:18 UTC

Or (how vaccines work

2019-09-20 20:16:29 UTC

When I was responding you just vomited more questions

2019-09-20 20:16:35 UTC

And counter evidence

2019-09-20 20:16:45 UTC

When I sent evidence you ignored

2019-09-20 20:16:54 UTC

Could you please provide scientific justification as to how injecting a human being with a confirmed neurotoxin is beneficial to human health and prevents disease?

2019-09-20 20:16:57 UTC

this one?

2019-09-20 20:17:06 UTC


2019-09-20 20:17:08 UTC

Can you provide a risk/benefit profile on how the benefits of injecting a known neurotoxin exceeds its risks to human health for the intended goal of preventing disease?

2019-09-20 20:17:12 UTC

Yes, tuis

2019-09-20 20:17:54 UTC

so how does injecting your self with a neurotoxin prevent disease?

2019-09-20 20:17:56 UTC

It's better to inject very little quantities of mertiolate on your blood rathern than dying from a dangerous disease

2019-09-20 20:18:12 UTC

Also they don't use inorganic Hg

2019-09-20 20:18:34 UTC

lol a neurotoxin is just as bad if it is organic lol

2019-09-20 20:18:45 UTC

hence the word nerutoxin

2019-09-20 20:19:09 UTC

So you never used merthiolate?

2019-09-20 20:19:27 UTC

It's a very popular antiseptic

2019-09-20 20:19:33 UTC

My dad used it, my mother did

2019-09-20 20:19:44 UTC

Prob my granfathers and grandmothers

2019-09-20 20:19:50 UTC

lol it is a antibacterial lol

2019-09-20 20:19:56 UTC

not the same thing

2019-09-20 20:20:08 UTC

It's the same thing they use on vaccines

2019-09-20 20:20:26 UTC

The thing is that there is less on vaccines than on merthiolate itself

2019-09-20 20:20:41 UTC


2019-09-20 20:21:37 UTC

but i bet you think those anti bacterial are ok even though they are indiscriminate killers and kill all the bacteria good and bad

2019-09-20 20:21:49 UTC

What good bacteria?

2019-09-20 20:21:56 UTC

They are un your blood

2019-09-20 20:22:09 UTC

You put it on scratches

2019-09-20 20:22:09 UTC

killing off your good gut bacteria making you more likely to get sick

2019-09-20 20:22:22 UTC

They don't come into contact with them

2019-09-20 20:22:31 UTC

triclosan is one good example

2019-09-20 20:22:37 UTC

yea they do

2019-09-20 20:23:22 UTC

Tell me something

2019-09-20 20:23:40 UTC

Have you got an degree in medicine? Or chemistry?

2019-09-20 20:23:43 UTC

ppl think that with triclosan because they just wash their hands with it but it gets into your body thru your pores and into the bloodstream where it is carried to the gut and kills off the good bacteria youy need and this is a known fact

2019-09-20 20:23:56 UTC

so if triclosan can do this then so can others

2019-09-20 20:24:17 UTC

Have you got an degree ln any of those?

2019-09-20 20:24:34 UTC

No need to answer

2019-09-20 20:24:40 UTC

You don't need a degree

2019-09-20 20:24:56 UTC

But you must know it is hard

2019-09-20 20:25:01 UTC

It takes a lot of research

2019-09-20 20:25:07 UTC

And study

2019-09-20 20:25:11 UTC

To develop those stuff

2019-09-20 20:25:23 UTC

dont need one tbh ppl with degrees in those fields cant even answer 1 of the 9 questions so it does not really matter at this point

2019-09-20 20:25:45 UTC

So you just throwed everything I said or that any other scientist said on the trash

2019-09-20 20:25:47 UTC

Could you please provide one double-blind, placebo-controlled study that can prove the safety and effectiveness of vaccines?

2019-09-20 20:25:54 UTC

never been answered

2019-09-20 20:25:59 UTC

I did on one of that sources

2019-09-20 20:26:00 UTC

cause they dont do it

2019-09-20 20:26:15 UTC

Also nobody keeps that on their computer

2019-09-20 20:26:25 UTC

There is prob,

2019-09-20 20:26:34 UTC

Anyway, you really don't want debates

2019-09-20 20:26:47 UTC

You want to destroy your oponent by any means necessary

2019-09-20 20:26:57 UTC

I am sorry to say but you are kinda cheating

2019-09-20 20:27:03 UTC

And not getting the real point here

2019-09-20 20:27:18 UTC

point is there bad for you

2019-09-20 20:27:21 UTC

Look at this source NaturalNews.com

2019-09-20 20:27:49 UTC

hahahaha this is typical you are doing it right now cause you can not answer the questions

2019-09-20 20:27:59 UTC

I am not an specialist

2019-09-20 20:28:15 UTC

I answered 2, but the others I had to point proper specialists works

2019-09-20 20:28:27 UTC

- They will concede defeat and admit they are stumped
- They will attempt to discredit unrelated issues that do not pertain to the question.
- They will formulate their response and rebuttal based on historical arguments and scientific studies which have been disproved over and over again.
Not one pro-vaccine advocate will ever directly address these questions in an open mainstream venue.

2019-09-20 20:28:35 UTC

looks like you are on number 2

2019-09-20 20:29:17 UTC

Ye, I can't answer if you keep bombing me with arguments and stuff

2019-09-20 20:29:26 UTC

you have not aswered any of the questions lol

2019-09-20 20:29:35 UTC

When I did ansered with scientific knowledge you just tried the best to refute it

2019-09-20 20:29:48 UTC

Well I had, you just st your opinion refuted it

2019-09-20 20:29:50 UTC

what scientific knowledge???

2019-09-20 20:29:58 UTC

About biology mayby?

2019-09-20 20:29:58 UTC


2019-09-20 20:30:00 UTC


2019-09-20 20:30:09 UTC

Google scholar

2019-09-20 20:30:17 UTC

yea that crap lol

2019-09-20 20:30:25 UTC

There is a huge difference on googling on wikipedia and google scholar

2019-09-20 20:30:41 UTC

what because it says scholar on it you think it knows better hahahahaha

2019-09-20 20:30:44 UTC

Google scholar is a source for actual scientific knowledge

2019-09-20 20:31:02 UTC

google is not a trustable source

2019-09-20 20:31:04 UTC

Of course, it's only specialists works

2019-09-20 20:31:23 UTC

- They will concede defeat and admit they are stumped
- They will attempt to discredit unrelated issues that do not pertain to the question.
- They will formulate their response and rebuttal based on historical arguments and scientific studies which have been disproved over and over again.
Not one anti-vaccine advocate will ever directly address these questions in an open mainstream venue.

2019-09-20 20:31:29 UTC

you dont know what scientific is

2019-09-20 20:31:29 UTC

Looks like you are number 2

2019-09-20 20:31:43 UTC

what is the scientific method???

2019-09-20 20:32:36 UTC

Scientific methods constits of a series of criteria to acrueally get accurate knowledge

2019-09-20 20:32:50 UTC

that is not the scientific method hahahahaha

2019-09-20 20:33:02 UTC

this shows me alot about you now lol

2019-09-20 20:33:12 UTC

you dont know shit do you

2019-09-20 20:33:36 UTC

I said I am not an specialist on medicine

2019-09-20 20:33:50 UTC

all the research you have presented can be refuted and is produced for money

2019-09-20 20:34:02 UTC

About scientific method, it's hard to actually resume it

2019-09-20 20:34:10 UTC

Even more in anothe rlanguage

2019-09-20 20:34:26 UTC

Yours can be too

2019-09-20 20:34:29 UTC

you dont even know the scientific methd this is pathetic o

2019-09-20 20:34:49 UTC

Who guarantees that this guy in youtube are speaking 100% true

2019-09-20 20:34:57 UTC

if you dont follow the scientific method then your science is pseudoscience

2019-09-20 20:35:01 UTC

Who guarantees that Naturenews are speaking the truth

2019-09-20 20:35:08 UTC

Well, those articles followed

2019-09-20 20:35:11 UTC

that is fact

2019-09-20 20:35:32 UTC

Also yeah, I am righton what I said

2019-09-20 20:35:40 UTC


2019-09-20 20:35:41 UTC

The scientific method is a series of criterias

2019-09-20 20:35:45 UTC

with what??

2019-09-20 20:35:48 UTC

no your not

2019-09-20 20:36:08 UTC

Scientific Method Steps
Make an Observation. Scientists are naturally curious about the world. ...
Form a Question. After making an interesting observation, a scientific mind itches to find out more about it. ...
Form a Hypothesis. ...
Conduct an Experiment. ...
Analyse the Data and Draw a Conclusion.

2019-09-20 20:36:08 UTC

Why? Because it's what google says?

2019-09-20 20:36:23 UTC

This is a series of criteria...

2019-09-20 20:36:24 UTC

that is the scientific method

2019-09-20 20:36:32 UTC


2019-09-20 20:36:45 UTC

You need those to get trustworthy data

2019-09-20 20:36:49 UTC

very vague way to say it

2019-09-20 20:36:52 UTC


2019-09-20 20:36:54 UTC

It is

2019-09-20 20:36:59 UTC

so you didnt know the steps it seems

2019-09-20 20:37:04 UTC

like i said

2019-09-20 20:37:15 UTC

shows you dont know shit about science

2019-09-20 20:37:15 UTC

Why do you drawn that conclusion?

2019-09-20 20:37:29 UTC

Ok now you are been offensive

2019-09-20 20:37:37 UTC

you dont even know the steps to the scientific method then you are not doing science are you?

2019-09-20 20:37:45 UTC

I know the steps

2019-09-20 20:37:55 UTC

you did not provide them when asked

2019-09-20 20:38:03 UTC

you had to wait till i posted them

2019-09-20 20:38:07 UTC

pretty funny

2019-09-20 20:38:22 UTC

Well, which is easier

2019-09-20 20:38:23 UTC

so you have zero proof you knew it

2019-09-20 20:38:28 UTC


2019-09-20 20:38:34 UTC

Give an vague idea or give the complete idea

2019-09-20 20:38:42 UTC

While you bomb me with questions and counter proof

2019-09-20 20:38:47 UTC

still waiting on a answer to any of those 9 questions

2019-09-20 20:38:50 UTC

See, this isnot an debate

2019-09-20 20:39:18 UTC

your right you have not really addressed any of my questions

2019-09-20 20:39:18 UTC

I answered 2, you just ignored it and pointed to a very weak based fount

2019-09-20 20:39:30 UTC

that is not a answer to number 2

2019-09-20 20:39:32 UTC


2019-09-20 20:39:40 UTC

So the answer is what you want it to be

2019-09-20 20:39:51 UTC

Yes, this isnot a debate

2019-09-20 20:40:17 UTC

Tou act like a teacher in a classroom

2019-09-20 20:40:28 UTC

a anti bacterial is not the answer to the question lol

2019-09-20 20:40:40 UTC

you are making up shit as you go along

2019-09-20 20:40:55 UTC

Which is the substance used to conserve vaccines

2019-09-20 20:41:14 UTC


2019-09-20 20:41:19 UTC

Or it's comercial name

2019-09-20 20:41:24 UTC


2019-09-20 20:41:40 UTC

It's an organic form of Hg

2019-09-20 20:41:42 UTC

show thiomersal is safe cause it is not

2019-09-20 20:41:50 UTC

still crosses the bbb

2019-09-20 20:42:04 UTC

I sent an scientific article to you explaining about it

2019-09-20 20:42:13 UTC

Proof that you didn't readed it

2019-09-20 20:42:32 UTC

your argument cause it is organic is absurd btw . nothing that is listed a toxin is good for you in any dose

2019-09-20 20:42:45 UTC

Proof that you don't know what organic means

2019-09-20 20:42:48 UTC

and straight into the veins

2019-09-20 20:43:07 UTC

It's not safer because it's organic

2019-09-20 20:43:11 UTC

Benzen causes cancer

2019-09-20 20:43:26 UTC

so you are getting 100% of that absorbed itno your system

2019-09-20 20:43:43 UTC

Yet if you connect it with another carbon chain it does not

2019-09-20 20:43:47 UTC

Read the article

2019-09-20 20:43:48 UTC


2019-09-20 20:43:50 UTC

lol just cause something is organic does not mean it is safer

2019-09-20 20:43:55 UTC

pretty funny

2019-09-20 20:44:02 UTC

Yes, you are right

2019-09-20 20:44:10 UTC

But that's not what I am saying

2019-09-20 20:44:28 UTC

that is like saying calcium fluoride is safer than sodium fluoride and it is false

2019-09-20 20:44:33 UTC

I explained how an organic thing can or cannot cause cancer

2019-09-20 20:44:41 UTC

yea they can

2019-09-20 20:44:46 UTC


2019-09-20 20:44:46 UTC

Benzen is an example

2019-09-20 20:44:54 UTC

It can cause cancer

2019-09-20 20:44:56 UTC

fluoride causes cancer

2019-09-20 20:45:09 UTC

both do calcium and sodium

2019-09-20 20:45:21 UTC

But if you put it on a carbon chain it does not

2019-09-20 20:45:24 UTC

Well not that molecule

2019-09-20 20:45:30 UTC

calcium is the organic version and it has the same effects on the human body

2019-09-20 20:45:38 UTC

Calcium is not organic

2019-09-20 20:45:43 UTC

As far as I know

2019-09-20 20:45:53 UTC

calcium fluoride is the orginic version

2019-09-20 20:45:54 UTC

An organic molecule have carbon, hydrogen, etc

2019-09-20 20:45:55 UTC


2019-09-20 20:45:57 UTC


2019-09-20 20:46:04 UTC

Hmmm then idk

2019-09-20 20:46:05 UTC

Everything is organic

2019-09-20 20:46:14 UTC

But calcium itself isn't organic as far as I know

2019-09-20 20:46:33 UTC

@sean g no it is not

2019-09-20 20:46:43 UTC

How about em

2019-09-20 20:47:02 UTC

Ok, so you actually think you have refutated my answers

2019-09-20 20:47:10 UTC

But you haven't even readed the articles I sent

2019-09-20 20:47:20 UTC

In fruits, vegs have organic calcium

2019-09-20 20:47:20 UTC

sodium fluoride comes from fertilizer and aluminum factories

2019-09-20 20:47:21 UTC

And everytime I said something you replied with the same sources

2019-09-20 20:47:42 UTC

aluminum that has been processed

2019-09-20 20:47:44 UTC

Inorganic calcium is that calcium found in foods that have been produced with the use of chemical fertilizers, additives, etc. ... PCRM states there are adequate sources of organic calcium from fruits, vegetables and grains to achieve our necessary requirements of usable organic calcium.

2019-09-20 20:47:46 UTC

So this show your huge disrespect for me

2019-09-20 20:47:56 UTC

And the debate itself

2019-09-20 20:48:28 UTC

that was like saying that naglase is organic when it is a man made enzyme

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