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2019-04-10 20:19:40 UTC

oh damn you're right

2019-04-10 20:22:07 UTC

Im reading it

2019-04-10 20:22:15 UTC

and it sucks

2019-04-10 20:23:38 UTC

why you guys talking love craft monsters in vaxx discussions?

2019-04-10 20:24:13 UTC

anyways im gonna read thier bullshit reaserch

2019-04-10 20:27:11 UTC


!mute <@289045517298565120> 🐒 💨 💩

2019-04-10 20:28:20 UTC

RaveUwU (ーラ憶)#3551 (289045517298565120) is now muted for '**🐒 💨 💩**', alright? <:THUMBSUP6:403560443345371137>

2019-04-10 20:29:06 UTC


2019-04-10 20:29:57 UTC

mike tell me how one of your articles prove a point

--they're not my articles, nor did i post them

2019-04-11 02:17:01 UTC


2019-04-11 02:24:02 UTC


2019-04-11 02:24:02 UTC


2019-04-11 02:24:05 UTC

i win

2019-04-11 02:27:08 UTC

Vaccines are pretty effective

2019-04-11 02:36:46 UTC

Says who

2019-04-11 03:00:49 UTC

I mean I got a bunch and I'm still very alive and healthy

2019-04-11 03:04:35 UTC


2019-04-11 08:28:16 UTC

vaccines are good

2019-04-11 08:28:18 UTC

u big dumb

2019-04-11 08:40:46 UTC


2019-04-11 08:40:51 UTC

They are good

2019-04-11 09:44:35 UTC

i got vaccines in my body and i'm not autistic

2019-04-11 09:44:40 UTC


2019-04-11 10:37:51 UTC

yeah vaccines are good

2019-04-11 11:31:09 UTC


2019-04-11 11:56:23 UTC


2019-04-11 11:56:37 UTC

Except it’s not a theory it is fact

2019-04-11 11:56:48 UTC

The sun is God’s ball sack

2019-04-11 11:57:08 UTC

And the moon puts on black face whenever the month ends

2019-04-11 11:59:25 UTC

!mute @Krispy

2019-04-11 11:59:26 UTC

Krispy#7758 (542816268504530947) is now muted for '**Unspecified.**', alright? <:THUMBSUP6:403560443345371137>

2019-04-11 12:08:10 UTC

Why do people not like vaccines

2019-04-11 12:11:02 UTC


2019-04-11 12:11:09 UTC


2019-04-11 12:11:42 UTC

Some doctor in the 80s got paid to say that vaccines cause autism and he even admitted it that he got paid. Thereafter it spread like wildfire and now people think vaccines cause autism

2019-04-11 12:12:30 UTC

In truth, vaccines arent harmful, and infact theyre beneficial and if you dont get them, you put yourself and others in danger.

2019-04-11 12:13:23 UTC

Vaccines are just dead or weakened bacteria. This is so your body remembers the bacteria so they can kill it more effectively if you ever get the real sickness

2019-04-11 13:16:17 UTC

@Kakarot according to what

2019-04-11 13:17:14 UTC


2019-04-11 13:17:40 UTC

According to what vaccines are

2019-04-11 14:50:24 UTC

And the majority of doctors

2019-04-11 14:58:28 UTC

!mute @Kakarot shill lying

2019-04-11 14:58:28 UTC

Kakarot#1373 (200286654190190593) is now muted for '**shill lying**', alright? <:THUMBSUP6:403560443345371137>

2019-04-11 15:09:47 UTC

@The Monkey seems like vaccines prevent autism, you clearly seem to be

2019-04-11 15:10:22 UTC


2019-04-11 15:10:22 UTC


2019-04-11 15:21:57 UTC

tfw you mute someone who supports vaccines

2019-04-11 15:22:05 UTC

Not biased at all

2019-04-11 15:48:04 UTC

vaccines cause autism

2019-04-11 15:48:16 UTC

I think @100% will agree

2019-04-11 15:48:17 UTC

and aids

2019-04-11 15:48:21 UTC


2019-04-11 15:49:58 UTC

ew western propaganda

2019-04-11 15:59:36 UTC

You muted someone for debating about vaccines

2019-04-11 15:59:40 UTC

That’s very fair

2019-04-11 16:49:58 UTC

Im not vaccinated

2019-04-11 16:50:17 UTC

And ive had measels 4 times

2019-04-11 16:50:24 UTC

Chicken pox 3 times

2019-04-11 16:50:43 UTC

and stohl disease 6 times

2019-04-11 16:54:07 UTC
2019-04-11 16:54:13 UTC
2019-04-11 16:54:14 UTC

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2019-04-11 16:57:51 UTC


2019-04-11 16:58:16 UTC

vaxx is good anyone object

2019-04-11 16:58:23 UTC

not m

2019-04-11 16:58:25 UTC


2019-04-11 16:58:38 UTC

well i guess vaccines are good

2019-04-11 17:47:03 UTC

I haven't seen a downside

2019-04-11 18:09:22 UTC

Do you think chugging a bottle of vaccine would taste good

2019-04-11 18:09:38 UTC

I think of it as low-quality tap water

2019-04-11 19:58:05 UTC

Alright, @Universal_Foxx has been warned for '**Bad word usage**'.

2019-04-11 19:58:12 UTC

No one

2019-04-11 19:58:13 UTC

not me

2019-04-11 19:58:23 UTC

Vaccines are good

2019-04-11 20:01:17 UTC

very good

2019-04-11 20:08:30 UTC

Says a bunch of brainwashed children who never looked into anything

2019-04-11 21:21:37 UTC

Oh we’ve looked into it alright

2019-04-11 21:21:44 UTC

You just mute anyone that seems to disagree with you

2019-04-11 21:22:44 UTC

Everyone on here gets so mad on here lol

2019-04-11 21:23:15 UTC

It’s called a discussion channel and y’all just literally silence people who disagree with you

2019-04-11 21:23:18 UTC

It’s actually hilarious

2019-04-11 21:23:54 UTC

Obviously if you dismiss everything that disagrees with you as a conspiracy (even though it’s the vast majority of things) you’re going to find what you *want* to hear

2019-04-11 21:24:17 UTC

And leave it to people who literally have no idea what you’re talking about

2019-04-11 21:24:21 UTC

(Everyone here!!)

2019-04-11 21:51:13 UTC


2019-04-11 21:51:27 UTC


2019-04-11 21:57:18 UTC


2019-04-11 21:57:27 UTC


2019-04-11 23:32:47 UTC

!mute @Thundy bye bye

2019-04-11 23:32:48 UTC

Thundy#9548 (203524458697326593) is now muted for '**bye bye**', alright? <:THUMBSUP6:403560443345371137>

2019-04-11 23:34:17 UTC

Lol a guy lies and says he had measels 3 times. Gets muted. Then another guys complains and says i have no idea what im talking about, ignoring the liars.

2019-04-12 06:57:39 UTC

Can we debate

2019-04-12 06:57:49 UTC


2019-04-12 10:49:07 UTC

why does people mute pro vax?

2019-04-12 10:49:15 UTC

come on man

2019-04-12 11:30:17 UTC

Essential oils are the best

2019-04-12 13:22:31 UTC


2019-04-12 14:25:54 UTC

can someone give me a link that has evidence that vaccines cause autism

@frogturtle - you're kidding, right?
dude, just scroll UP, m'kay!
*and/or ALSO see >> PINNED messages

its not hard, m'kaybee

2019-04-12 14:59:56 UTC

Vaxonate your kids you entitled parents

lol "Nate the carrot" Left 😆
--must be he felt Embareassed n Stewpit (after i told him how easy it was to obtain a "link" that he requested without even thinking to scrollup or whatever lol smh) smh..

2019-04-12 15:54:57 UTC

I like how the first one on the list is a gynocologist

2019-04-12 15:55:14 UTC

Alright, @Texas Red has been warned for '**Bad word usage**'.

2019-04-12 15:55:37 UTC

you trust a doctor who works with womens lady parts (bad language) to tell you that vaccines do this and that

2019-04-12 15:55:50 UTC

maybe you should, trust a doctor who works directly with vaccines

2019-04-12 15:56:05 UTC

because doctors don't know everything about every medical field, big shocker for you

keep going kiddo (keep looking)

m'kay 😃 👍

and? wit htaht logic? ..why would i "trust" my local "Dentist" that TELLS ME "Flouride" is good na healthy for me?! 🤔
LMAOfffffffffffff at you


2019-04-12 15:58:22 UTC

yes, because he has spent years of his life to become a professional in that field, so you can have healthy teeth you dolt

healthy teeth he says.


2019-04-12 15:58:42 UTC

if you want to become the professional go to medical school you dip

2019-04-12 15:59:04 UTC

Alright, @Texas Red has been warned for '**Bad word usage**'.

2019-04-12 15:59:15 UTC


2019-04-12 15:59:23 UTC

I've been done 3 times with this bloody bot

i seen your comment that got deleted.
"google" (and search engines) ..only links to webpages, m'kay.

2019-04-12 16:00:06 UTC

use google scholar

"google" dont tell you nothing.

2019-04-12 16:00:18 UTC

it's pretty much all very credible resources

2019-04-12 16:00:23 UTC

I was telling people to not use google



HOW FKN sleepwalking ARE YOU?! 🤔


2019-04-12 16:00:41 UTC

use google SCHOLAR, a sub website, which is made, FOR RESEARCH

2019-04-12 16:01:02 UTC

I have used it many times, on different things, and it has done me well

i stay away from ANYthing "google" -- m'kayyy

except frign youtube.

2019-04-12 16:01:29 UTC

nothing there is actually published by google, it's all from actual scientists etc, and their research papers

2019-04-12 16:01:44 UTC

they are from people, who spent months making hundred page long research papers for you to read

id i say it was published by "google" people? no.

2019-04-12 16:01:59 UTC

and they even list the people who wrote them and their qualifications at the very bottom

2019-04-12 16:02:10 UTC

technically they don't publish them

2019-04-12 16:02:19 UTC

they just put them up on the website for people to see

2019-04-12 16:02:26 UTC

that's not publishing

why are you still here typing? ..if you wanna learn the truth, ..Scroll up ..AND keep looking at the pinned messages (up there)

2019-04-12 16:02:56 UTC

I did, and it's a list of doctors who don't even have anything to do with vaccines

OR DONT? ..and stay sleepwalking and willfully ignorant...

2019-04-12 16:03:11 UTC

it's like saying that a dentist should peform brain surgery

2019-04-12 16:03:18 UTC

that's not what he does, so don't trust him to do it

2019-04-12 16:03:34 UTC

trust the person, who spent years to learn, and do that one specific thing

2019-04-12 16:03:43 UTC

maybe go and ask a raw materials engineer (or whatever they're called)

you dont know what people have studied.

or went to school for.

2019-04-12 16:04:02 UTC

yes I do, because you can google the doctors and their qualifications come up

2019-04-12 16:04:06 UTC

you dips hit

so, you "googled" one doctor? 🤔

now ALL of them, are? like that?.

smh at u

2019-04-12 16:04:43 UTC

I googled three of them, not one of them had anything to do with vaccines in their field

2019-04-12 16:04:50 UTC

so I just gave up at that point

thats' the PROBLEM with you "globeheads" ..you people dont know how to thorough research/investigate....

2019-04-12 16:06:42 UTC

you're going to people who don't have anything to do with vaccines for research

2019-04-12 16:06:46 UTC

are you thick son?

@Texas Red - are _youuuu_ THICK? did 'i' post those?

2019-04-12 16:07:39 UTC

stop deflecting you bloody waste of air

<@566267009935998977> - no shit. But hey BOUGHT it (youtube)

they dont make ANYthing good. Everything thats even "OK" Google BOUGHT

they dont 'make' good things

<@566267009935998977> ?? huh?

you didnt know google bought youtube? they didnt friggn make it 😆

<@566267009935998977> ? bc i can FACTCHECK//double-check

2019-04-12 16:09:07 UTC

you know mate, the one thing that you're taught, is if you don't know how to do something, don't do it, and please for your own sake, apply that to yourself and those "credible" doctors of yours and actually reference bioengineers instead of a gynocologist etc

Do i look n sound like the kinda person that just "goes with" whatever or ANYthing anybody says? ..no.. i dont...
and neither should u

2019-04-12 16:09:44 UTC

I'm an electrician, I go with what the group says

2019-04-12 16:09:49 UTC

because more often than not, it's correct

<@566267009935998977> tf you talkng about

i use many methods to "fact-check"

2019-04-12 16:10:28 UTC

mike you're not answering the question

including the internet -- why ?

2019-04-12 16:10:45 UTC

at this point I believe that you couldn't pour water out of a boot if instructions were on the heel

i use search engines to go to differtent websites



2019-04-12 16:11:06 UTC

this guy is a spastic



are you new? to the internet?


Google is EVIL

Google...and they control search results

2019-04-12 16:12:07 UTC

read a book

just like they've been odoing LATELY on youtube

i can read ANY "book" >> online

2019-04-12 16:12:23 UTC

you know what, let him dig his own grave with his stupidity

2019-04-12 16:12:27 UTC

just let him be

you people are newbs/noobs

i just justgo by the first/top "results" ..nor even the 1st page, neccessarily, ..so um

--yeah u defo talkn to the wrong bird..

stop trolling, punk

trustworthy is one word, too

you're insulting ME by trolling

are you concern trolling as well now

i use many

Yahoo is my main


2019-04-12 19:55:48 UTC

Are you kidding me right now

2019-04-12 19:56:08 UTC

your damn reaserch honestly sucks

2019-04-12 19:58:17 UTC

Alright, @NikoNiko has been warned for '**Bad word usage**'.

2019-04-12 19:59:49 UTC

Mike im back and i read all bs research

2019-04-12 20:01:34 UTC

and most of them unreliable

2019-04-12 20:03:06 UTC

you guys mute people who "Lie"

2019-04-12 20:03:18 UTC


2019-04-12 20:03:23 UTC


2019-04-12 20:03:35 UTC


2019-04-12 20:03:41 UTC

!mute @NikoNiko

2019-04-12 20:03:41 UTC

And im next

2019-04-12 20:03:42 UTC

NikoNiko#0455 (562719206613975041) is now muted for '**Unspecified.**', alright? <:THUMBSUP6:403560443345371137>

2019-04-12 21:18:06 UTC

Good if you like to live under an authoritarian dystopia

2019-04-12 21:18:59 UTC

A totalitarian system

2019-04-12 21:44:07 UTC

Is that not like saying that we shouldn't have traffic regulations because that creates a 'totalitarian system'? Surely vaccines are needed for public health, just as traffic regulations are. What is the difference?

2019-04-12 21:47:13 UTC

@everyone i disagree with kieran

2019-04-12 21:49:13 UTC


2019-04-12 21:49:16 UTC

i am hubert

2019-04-12 21:49:23 UTC

how can i help

@Loofoo -- do you seriously think " @ everyone" works, here? <:lul:484994724118134784>

bahaha <:bahahaha:485147430740951041>

2019-04-12 21:49:49 UTC

i thought it might, doesnt seem to be anyone online to discuss this important issue

well---you "THOUGHT" **wrong** <:lul:484994724118134784>

2019-04-12 21:50:18 UTC

oh, whoopsies

2019-04-12 21:50:31 UTC

sorry for that chap, would you like to discuss?

no biggie...it didnt Ping anyone 😆

2019-04-12 21:50:47 UTC

oh ok good

--imma lil bizee

2019-04-12 21:51:18 UTC

oh right sorry

2019-04-12 21:51:25 UTC

who is available

2019-04-12 21:52:54 UTC


2019-04-13 11:04:53 UTC

vaccines aren't harmful

2019-04-13 11:05:20 UTC

"vaccine injury" is as stupid as claiming someone died of cancer because they ate FOOD

2019-04-13 11:05:25 UTC


2019-04-13 11:05:31 UTC


2019-04-13 14:01:45 UTC

Vaccines cause autism

2019-04-13 14:02:10 UTC

I read an article on it

2019-04-13 14:02:14 UTC

My two children are unvaccinated and are very healthy

2019-04-13 14:02:30 UTC

Are you serious?

2019-04-13 14:02:38 UTC

Of course

2019-04-13 14:02:46 UTC

That’s like really unsafe

2019-04-13 14:03:05 UTC

I do not want my children to catch autism and other diseases

2019-04-13 14:03:46 UTC

I feel like you are just a member

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