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u think you gonna "Fall off" <:BigSmiles:556070613224259594> ?

2019-04-19 12:12:10 UTC

well thats not the edge is it

2019-04-19 12:12:26 UTC

i see no edge

who tf knows wher tfkn "Edge" is at



2019-04-19 12:12:47 UTC

so if nobody has found an edge

2019-04-19 12:12:56 UTC

surely its more likely that there isnt one


do some fkn RESEARCH before coming to a server lookin Stewpit! m'kay! derp! 🍼 🤤

2019-04-19 12:13:49 UTC


2019-04-19 12:14:42 UTC

so u have no evidence of an edge, nobody has ever seen the edge, nobody knows where the edge is

2019-04-19 12:14:48 UTC

but u can say with certainty that the earth has an edge

2019-04-19 12:14:50 UTC

im not seeing the logic

"logic" says? ALL Physical things are made with PHYSICAL>> limitations
the "Earth" is no exception to that physical rule/law -- so .. it "Ends" SOMEWHERE

-- do we NEED a fkn "Edge" to knowwwww the SHAPE of the GROUND below our fkn FEETTTTTTTTTTT? :thi?

>> __NO__

2019-04-19 12:16:07 UTC

Invalid arguments provided: User "do" not found

2019-04-19 12:16:09 UTC

so where is the edge

2019-04-19 12:16:59 UTC

what are the consequences of science studying non-physical phenomena?

2019-04-19 12:17:24 UTC

so mike

2019-04-19 12:17:41 UTC

going back to my 1st question

2019-04-19 12:17:47 UTC

is there more land underneath

2019-04-19 12:17:49 UTC

or is it not possible to travel 'around' the earth

2019-04-19 12:18:18 UTC

say u wanted to go from usa to china u have to go 1 way or the other u couldnt keep going the same way & come back to the usa

Did you not see this, a few moments ago? 🤔


2019-04-19 12:19:13 UTC

so u dont know?

2019-04-19 12:19:29 UTC

its ok not to know things

2019-04-19 12:19:38 UTC

nobody will think less of u

~~ben~~ how long you ben stewpit

2019-04-19 12:19:58 UTC

just curious how u came to ur assumption if u have no idea behind ur own theroy

2019-04-19 12:20:01 UTC


2019-04-19 16:36:40 UTC


2019-04-19 16:38:27 UTC

flat brain club lol lmao

2019-04-19 16:38:55 UTC

Whats the flat brain club?

......🍼 🤤

2019-04-19 16:51:35 UTC


2019-04-20 15:13:05 UTC

life is a really bad game of sims

2019-04-20 15:13:12 UTC

it's a simulation

2019-04-20 15:13:18 UTC

that sucks

2019-04-20 15:21:13 UTC


2019-04-20 15:21:19 UTC

But basically all life sucks

2019-04-21 06:06:30 UTC

if the earth was flat how could there be night and day

2019-04-21 06:06:40 UTC

and different time zones

2019-04-21 07:58:10 UTC

Hi guys! Me again. Haven’t been here in a while. My confidence has been down lately as I haven’t got any followers (or friends for that matter) so could you all follow me on twitter and Facebook
Twitter: @Traingle_Earth1
Facebook: John Smith

2019-04-21 10:37:34 UTC

Confidence based on followers lol

2019-04-21 11:22:12 UTC

I just want people to follow me so that I can spread my wisdom

2019-04-21 11:22:25 UTC

Will you follow me?

2019-04-21 13:04:42 UTC

bruh whats your wisdom

2019-04-21 13:08:04 UTC

@eva that the earth is triangle

2019-04-21 13:09:24 UTC

man thats a good theory

2019-04-21 13:10:28 UTC


2019-04-21 13:20:18 UTC

np brotha the earth being a triangle would be lit

2019-04-21 13:21:49 UTC

I really do believe this. It is a very good theory and one that is often overlooked actually

2019-04-21 13:23:35 UTC


2019-04-21 21:16:04 UTC

Alright, @Yachiru has been warned for '**Bad word usage**'.

2019-04-21 21:16:05 UTC

you some

2019-04-21 21:16:07 UTC

dumb mother

2019-04-21 21:16:09 UTC


2019-04-21 21:16:14 UTC

if you think

2019-04-21 21:16:17 UTC

the earth is flat

2019-04-21 21:16:18 UTC

!mute @Yachiru

2019-04-21 21:16:19 UTC

no cap

2019-04-21 21:16:19 UTC

Yachiru#6528 (563919371995447326) is now muted for '**Unspecified.**', alright? <:THUMBSUP6:403560443345371137>

2019-04-22 04:24:17 UTC

What the....

2019-04-22 04:24:24 UTC

How would the earth be a triangle again?

2019-04-22 04:25:34 UTC

Urgh just whatever that's not even worth arguing

2019-04-22 04:26:10 UTC

Now, coming back to tangonese's comment: precisely

2019-04-22 04:26:29 UTC

I have yet to see a single flat earth model that explains season's and night and day

2019-04-22 04:27:04 UTC

Curious that such a "Well founded and obviously true" theory couldn't even explain that... Maybe its just me

2019-04-22 05:22:19 UTC

Then again

2019-04-22 05:22:50 UTC

That's what the government gets for trying to start a movement with so little research and effort put into it. They shoulda spent more time preparing this social experiment

2019-04-22 05:24:07 UTC

I just wanna know why the government would go through all the trouble of hiding the secret of the "Flat Earth", I have heard several reason on how it flat and how they would hide it, but never why.

What do they gain?

2019-04-22 05:24:34 UTC


2019-04-22 05:24:43 UTC

Flat earthers arent real dude

2019-04-22 05:24:51 UTC

They're all government agents

2019-04-22 05:25:09 UTC

Paid to probe people and see how people argue

2019-04-22 05:25:20 UTC

So that they can use the data to sell us goods and services that we don't need

2019-04-22 05:25:32 UTC

Lol I love this new conspiracy

2019-04-22 05:26:07 UTC

100% more believable

2019-04-22 05:27:45 UTC

👌 thank you for seeing the truth brother

2019-04-22 05:47:17 UTC

It doesn’t matter if you’re democrat or republican, they only want to divide the country, no media source is 100% true, Trump isn’t pro gun, all gun laws are infringement and the government is slowly taking steps to disarmament

2019-04-22 05:47:22 UTC

There ya go

2019-04-22 05:47:30 UTC

I contributed

2019-04-22 05:52:32 UTC


2019-04-22 05:55:25 UTC

I dont see how hes trying to take firearms either, but what he has currently done isnt good for the pro gun movement

2019-04-22 05:55:49 UTC


2019-04-22 05:56:29 UTC


2019-04-22 05:57:04 UTC

I guess? Though majoirty come through flights

2019-04-22 05:57:27 UTC

and overstay visas, which me personally would like to focus on

2019-04-22 05:57:51 UTC

Do they do trucks?

2019-04-22 05:58:39 UTC

Like through legal prots of entry on the souther boarder?

2019-04-22 05:59:07 UTC

From what I remember a long time ago I could belive that, let me look at it real quick, and lmao

2019-04-22 05:59:41 UTC

I belive so?

2019-04-22 05:59:43 UTC


2019-04-22 06:00:18 UTC

Alright, @OctaviusWhoLost2fa has been warned for '**Bad word usage**'.

2019-04-22 06:00:23 UTC

Oh cmon

2019-04-22 06:00:33 UTC

Bugger off bot

2019-04-22 06:00:44 UTC

Yea, he can make alot

2019-04-22 06:01:18 UTC

It looks like this has occured a couple of times, well the ones who have been caught

2019-04-22 06:01:57 UTC

Who specifically?

2019-04-22 06:02:05 UTC


2019-04-22 06:02:13 UTC

Well yea, they collect it, either burn it or keep it

2019-04-22 06:02:13 UTC

Goes back to the angency

2019-04-22 06:02:32 UTC

To fund whatever the heck

2019-04-22 06:02:44 UTC

Same with drug money actually

2019-04-22 06:03:18 UTC

yea, or drugs

2019-04-22 06:03:37 UTC

Alright, <@!528404799960645632> has been warned for '**Bad word usage**'.

2019-04-22 06:03:41 UTC


2019-04-22 06:03:54 UTC

Giving you change for free

2019-04-22 06:03:56 UTC


2019-04-22 06:04:36 UTC


2019-04-22 06:04:46 UTC

Alright, @Sion has been warned for '**Bad word usage**'.

2019-04-22 06:04:50 UTC

oh darn

2019-04-22 06:04:51 UTC


2019-04-22 06:04:59 UTC

Nibba @Mee6

2019-04-22 06:05:16 UTC

As I was saying

2019-04-22 06:05:39 UTC

Im not going to even retype it, im too lazy

2019-04-22 11:23:49 UTC

Any triangle earthers here?

2019-04-22 11:32:38 UTC

Any Decahedron earthers

2019-04-22 12:43:20 UTC

I'm pretty sure aplicix is fat

2019-04-22 12:49:58 UTC

also when are we wondering when halflife 3 releases?

2019-04-22 12:50:08 UTC

thoughts? G A M E R S O N L Y

2019-04-22 12:53:18 UTC

Can I get a trillioncahedron earther tag? I think it's a trillioncahedron and people just confuse it for a globe because they can't tell the sides

2019-04-22 13:02:12 UTC

No but i can ban you if you want @OctaviusWhoLost2fa

2019-04-22 13:08:13 UTC


2019-04-22 13:09:11 UTC


2019-04-22 17:57:16 UTC


2019-04-22 19:40:26 UTC


2019-04-22 20:35:03 UTC

@lunarbean Keep that out of this channel

2019-04-23 01:09:59 UTC


2019-04-23 07:22:14 UTC

I agree ^

2019-04-23 17:41:47 UTC

Can I self promote here?

2019-04-24 02:34:34 UTC

Alright, <@!227929910642081793> has been warned for '**Bad word usage**'.

2019-04-24 04:49:53 UTC

Lizard people are the ones that keep turning off your phone alarms so you wake up late.


2019-04-24 10:52:11 UTC


2019-04-24 13:21:34 UTC


2019-04-24 19:12:25 UTC

the earth is not flat

2019-04-24 20:16:10 UTC


2019-04-24 20:16:12 UTC


2019-04-24 20:16:15 UTC


2019-04-24 20:26:34 UTC

What if u ate expired poison?You survive or you die faster.

2019-04-24 22:12:14 UTC


2019-04-24 22:12:20 UTC

that is a question

hey guys!

so here's the real question... is earth falt



sorry i'm a jew

that's why i have a shaved head

2019-04-25 02:20:33 UTC

"I will tell you that no celebrity or politician gets into their position of popularity / political standing / seat / making millions / billions without doing one or more of the following: belonging to one or more secret societies, signing a blood contract, participating in pedophilia, being initiated into mystery schools / performing satanic rites / rituals, being mind controlled, eating feces, drinking blood, killing and/or eating people, among other things." - Seeker of Truth

2019-04-25 02:20:41 UTC

If anyone can back up this claim I'd love some proof

2019-04-25 07:34:12 UTC

Eddie bravo is the real OG

2019-04-25 07:34:31 UTC

i think im gay

2019-04-25 07:34:56 UTC

yummy face

2019-04-25 10:35:51 UTC

Hitler went to the moon 1945 👏

2019-04-25 10:38:48 UTC

We all know it

2019-04-25 10:39:06 UTC

Hitler was an ALIEN!

2019-04-25 13:19:41 UTC

@Human Sheeple unmute pls

2019-04-25 14:22:25 UTC

join vc

2019-04-25 15:41:52 UTC

@Credibly Charted Is that a quote you support or are making fun of?

2019-04-25 15:59:07 UTC

the earth is not flat

2019-04-25 16:51:13 UTC
2019-04-25 16:51:16 UTC

i'm in vc rn

2019-04-25 16:56:30 UTC

did shane dawson f*ck his cat

2019-04-25 18:25:32 UTC

I did

2019-04-25 21:42:18 UTC

@Pinnaplia Unsurprisingly, neither

2019-04-25 21:42:36 UTC

I'm asking if anyone agrees with the statement

2019-04-25 21:42:50 UTC

And if they do I want some proof of it

2019-04-25 22:14:24 UTC

I have a theory that the earth is flat but that we actually live in a 4-dimensional space so that we always walk on the same plain

2019-04-25 22:14:38 UTC


2019-04-25 22:14:39 UTC


2019-04-25 22:14:40 UTC


2019-04-25 22:14:41 UTC


2019-04-25 22:14:49 UTC


2019-04-25 22:17:04 UTC

it would look like a klein bottle

2019-04-25 22:17:11 UTC

|| wow ||

2019-04-25 23:21:40 UTC

I have a theory that my dog ate my sock

2019-04-25 23:37:38 UTC

I support that theory

2019-04-26 17:03:52 UTC


2019-04-26 17:51:01 UTC

The fact that people just blindly believe they live on a spinning ball just because they were told so is pretty sad.

2019-04-26 18:08:18 UTC

Is Mars a spinning ball:yes, is the moon a spinning ball:yes, is Saturn a spinning ball:yes, if all of these are true I suppose the earth is just a frisbee

2019-04-26 18:09:48 UTC

I still don't understand how the earth could even be flat

2019-04-26 18:10:30 UTC

are you a spinning ball

2019-04-26 18:10:40 UTC

I'm a human

2019-04-26 18:10:52 UTC

why are you creating worlds then

2019-04-26 18:11:02 UTC

Why not?

2019-04-26 18:11:13 UTC

It's a nice username

2019-04-26 18:12:09 UTC

But I'm not here to judge usernames

2019-04-26 18:13:04 UTC


2019-04-26 18:13:12 UTC

is earth flat

2019-04-26 18:42:16 UTC

@Citizen Z The fact that people find the slightest bit of evidence that supports a ridiculous claim and blindly follow the theory that we live on a falling frisbee at somehow nobody has any photos or said disc is beyond "pretty sad".

If you're gonna try to insult us, I will smite thee. Keep it civil.

2019-04-26 18:43:36 UTC

Chan, if you are trying to decide what to believe just ask yourself if it makes any sense that Earth is the ONLY FLAT PLANET IN EXISTENCE.

Bc FE's believe that. @💕 Chan-Chan

@Creating_Worlds .. and @Pinnaplia hmm, gee, - any physical life (for one exmaple), on Mars? no? the moon? no?..
..Saturn? no? ..

💡 🤔 ding

hmm gee, a belll just rang

PERHAPS THE EARTH IS = >> DIFFERENTTT --ehh?!! <:BigSmiles:556070613224259594> 👍

Tell him what he's won, Johnny!

a Brannnddd newww CARRRRRRRRRRRRR 🎉 🚗

<:sheeple:551627601131864084> 📺


2019-04-26 19:50:55 UTC

Cool this planet has life and others don't your point?

2019-04-26 19:51:23 UTC

C'mon smart guy tell me how a bunch of tiny critters change the shape of a planet.

point? 🤔 ? (i already stated it)
point IS (earth) its **Different**

2019-04-26 19:53:09 UTC

Ooooh cool it's different. I have freckels does that mean I'm immortal?

2019-04-26 19:54:04 UTC

Maybe I can generate lazers from my eyes and erase people from existence because Im "different"

2019-04-26 19:54:18 UTC

Does Mars being red mean it's a tetrahedron?


when i say (said) "different"? i mean VASTLY & IMMENSELY different
m'kay, Spanky

2019-04-26 19:54:34 UTC

Oh wait none of that makes any sense

2019-04-26 19:56:17 UTC

WE ARE TINY INSIGNIFICANT CRITTERS when compared to a planet. Jesus dude I came here to debate not teach a 5 year old common sense. If I put a few ant on a basketball does that make it 2-d??? C'mon sleepy it's time to wake up.

"2D" cannot/does not/cannot Exist in "3D"+

its immpossible

2019-04-26 19:57:38 UTC

I have heard countless reasons why the Earth is flat and this is literally the dumbest one.

2019-04-26 19:57:56 UTC

Also congrats the the first correct thing you've said

2019-04-26 19:58:08 UTC

Now let's go over your shapes

--jus like the spinning flying ~~globe earth~~

2019-04-26 19:58:24 UTC

Maybe there will be come improvement

2019-04-26 19:58:37 UTC

How is it impossible?

2019-04-26 19:58:39 UTC


2019-04-26 19:58:41 UTC


EARTh is flat get the memo

2019-04-26 19:59:32 UTC

Actually it's in the shape of a waffle

2019-04-26 19:59:40 UTC

The square ones


what a good theory

@Pinnaplia nah., you trying to "COMPARE" the Earth (the floor so to speak), with? lights in sky (in our ceiling so to speak? 🤔 .is whats "dumbb"
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/559905290175381504/561406220485918720/FlatEarthLookItsAGlobe.jpg <:lul:484994724118134784>

2019-04-26 20:00:41 UTC

You talking about stars? Boi I never mentioned stars lol. Getting desperate now are we?

yeah,, hmm..gee,,,, ...im in my KITCHEN right now, .. and..gee..the LIGHTBULBS (in my CEILING) look SORT OF LIKE a possible "Ball"? ..but??... what the heck? HOW can my (kitchen) FLOOR be FLAT ? ____🤔

▬▬ Celestial LIGHTS ..
We have "Lightbulbs in the ceiling", ...and..they have no physical life, ... (earth) we are the "Flat floor",..and have physical life, and all these other things in nature etc ..

The Celestial LIGHTS in our ceiling , do not determine the shape of the (our) >> Floor_____

2019-04-26 20:01:17 UTC

Yeah I think I broke him :(

2019-04-26 20:01:41 UTC

Now he's just reposting premade lines

Light and FLOOR ... lol ... 👇 😆

@Pinnaplia huh? ive been doing this over 5+ yearssss

i have NOTEPADS of my commentary, SAVED ON MY COMPPUTER

2019-04-26 20:02:39 UTC

And I've been doing it for 4 days and I'm already better than you

2019-04-26 20:03:33 UTC

Plus you've been doing it for 5+ years and you never bought a weather balloon or took a trip to Antartica?

2019-04-26 20:03:58 UTC

So you basically know you're wrong.

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