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2018-07-20 14:02:49 UTC

My basis is the physiological reality, as I said the chakra system maps to the glands in the endochrine system, your body produces extremely powerful tryptamines and an orgasm in your pineal gland could definitely trigger a spiritual experience, all of the religions seem to be started by someone who unlocks the secret and chooses to help humanity (

2018-07-20 14:03:44 UTC

also each religion gets centralised and corrupted, like clockwork

2018-07-20 14:03:46 UTC

Agreed, and corruption always looks for a way to subvert the truth... πŸ˜‘

2018-07-20 14:04:04 UTC


2018-07-20 14:04:18 UTC

we are in cospiracy corner though, have you read the law of one, ra material?

2018-07-20 14:04:55 UTC

channeled work allegedly from Ra

2018-07-20 14:05:08 UTC
2018-07-20 14:05:50 UTC

I haven't read that much yet to be honest, I've only awoken from my slumber about 4 years ago. So much to catch up and learn still, but so much garbage to sift through.

2018-07-20 14:06:01 UTC


2018-07-20 14:06:08 UTC

so much disinfo

2018-07-20 14:06:21 UTC

and distraction

2018-07-20 14:06:34 UTC

that's why seeking within is important

2018-07-20 14:07:43 UTC

Yes, this is why i also put so much emphasis on reasoning... I need to be able to discern, don't want to fall in the trap of doing with whatever my feelings dictate.

2018-07-20 14:09:21 UTC

if you are truly ready for the truth you then 10+day fast or you eat 10+g of πŸ„ and it's always been there

2018-07-20 14:10:28 UTC

but I wouldn't recommend hanging around, I think that the spirit world has good and evil, just like the material world, I think exploring extremely deeply is a calling

2018-07-20 14:10:44 UTC

2018-07-20 14:11:08 UTC

free will is the whole point of this reality

2018-07-20 14:11:09 UTC

I've had a few trips, but i catagorize the dependency of poisoning the body to induce that as not the optimal way.

2018-07-20 14:12:25 UTC

fasting is the ultimate non external way

2018-07-20 14:12:25 UTC

Ditsem! @rob, you just advanced to level 7!

2018-07-20 14:12:36 UTC

available to everyone at all times

2018-07-20 14:13:53 UTC

Yeah fasting I agree with, i mean it requires mastery and free will not to be a slave to your biological composition.

2018-07-20 14:13:53 UTC

I came to this whole thing in a very roundabout manner, so I have no problems with cubensis I think it might have played a crucial role in our development as a species, but you definitely don't need it

2018-07-20 14:15:15 UTC

but the mushroom is another conscious entity that you interact with that helps you. I suppose it wouldn't be as direct. similarly the jungle plants seem to be different entities.

2018-07-20 14:15:37 UTC

Yeah mushrooms was actually an alternate method of suicide, instead of actually offing myself, i substituted it with an ego death instead. Dont regret it at all. I genuinely do believe that these substances have their merits and values, but I do oppose the recreational abuse of it.

2018-07-20 14:16:25 UTC

2018-07-20 14:17:07 UTC

as I was saying earlier I think that sages and scientists are similar, in that the environments that they need to go to to find truth are potentially remote and hazardous, and the lessons learned are more important than the laboratories.. if you get the message hang up the phone

2018-07-20 14:17:08 UTC

and 10 grams i think is way more than the necessary threshold, that's losing complete control i would imagine, I havent gone above 3grams yet honestly.

2018-07-20 14:17:27 UTC

5 is the usual heroic dose level

2018-07-20 14:18:23 UTC

Yeah agreed with that, but ive heard some of the garbage many of those psychonauts return with... not the best of intentions

2018-07-20 14:18:43 UTC

more is better because you don't really have any options and your entire ego is obliterated immediately, you don't have enough consciousness to notice entities or spirits on the way, just exposure to the torrential river of all creation

2018-07-20 14:18:57 UTC

obviously don't do that on a nite out in long st

2018-07-20 14:19:24 UTC

Yeah 5grams is a lot for something that tastes like shit lol, honestly thats why i never got to 5grams, i get to a point of wanting to vomit... and this is coming from someone that doesnt even like normal veggie mushrooms lol

2018-07-20 14:19:44 UTC


2018-07-20 14:19:45 UTC


2018-07-20 14:19:52 UTC

I love regular mushrooms

2018-07-20 14:20:23 UTC

Yeah i got that full experience with DMT instead, shorter experience than mushrooms, but jam packed with experiences.

2018-07-20 14:20:25 UTC

but there is a mental association that makes shrooms taste worse over time, or at least they did for me for ages

2018-07-20 14:20:59 UTC

I used to use rooibos tea sometimes and then I couldn't even drink normal rooibos for a while

2018-07-20 14:24:57 UTC

I fast 2-4 days a week.

2018-07-20 14:25:28 UTC

Been doing that for about 9 or 10 months now.

2018-07-20 14:25:59 UTC

Lost a shit ton of weight

2018-07-20 14:26:07 UTC

Cured my own asthma

2018-07-20 14:26:30 UTC

water fast?

2018-07-20 14:26:54 UTC

And some really really cool shit will happen to you if you are disciplined enough.

2018-07-20 14:27:15 UTC

yup. and black rooibos tea

2018-07-20 14:27:19 UTC

you only do water fast or not fasting, no intermittent fasting?

2018-07-20 14:31:06 UTC

It's about achieving the desired state of mind. You have to balance your slave life with your spiritual life. Fasting too much makes you too happy and woo-woo and I still have to pay the bills. And for me to feel stress free, relaxed and generally awesome - I need to fast two to four days a week to maintain my Zen space.

2018-07-20 14:32:05 UTC

I prefer the intermittent fasting, reserve my 3 day fast for easter holidays, very convenient, and what better time to fast than the time when chocolate is so abundant lol, self restraint and self mastery of a high degree lol

2018-07-20 14:33:41 UTC

I want to see where this whole thing can go.

2018-07-20 14:34:04 UTC

don't stop until you can levitate

2018-07-20 14:34:22 UTC

Best way to try and describe the nature of man is just to bite the bullet and prove everything for yourself.

2018-07-20 14:35:13 UTC

I can agree with that, just a pity for many they can also bullshit themselves...

2018-07-20 14:35:24 UTC

Michael Jackson had the right idea

2018-07-20 14:38:35 UTC

@Sheamus You can't bullshit Logic.

2018-07-20 14:44:02 UTC

lol you can, there is an entire movement that isdedicated to it and legitimizes it, called atheism lol..

2018-07-20 14:45:19 UTC

Heliocentrism is a religion for atheists. No proof makes it faith-based.

2018-07-20 14:45:34 UTC


2018-07-20 14:45:47 UTC

πŸ₯™ we need a flat earth emoticon

2018-07-20 14:48:00 UTC


2018-07-20 14:49:04 UTC

going to the shop later

2018-07-20 14:49:14 UTC

🌍 if you think about it, it's earth, on a 2D XY axis only.... it's your conditioning that accepts it as a 3Dimentional conception lol

2018-07-20 14:49:25 UTC

CHeers DeeJay, laters

2018-07-20 14:49:47 UTC


2018-07-20 15:47:34 UTC

2018-07-20 15:48:42 UTC

Haematopoietic stem cells renew blood. Accumulation of DNA damage in these cells promotes their decline, while misrepair of this damage initiates malignancies. Here we describe the features and mutational landscape of DNA damage caused by acetaldehyde, an endogenous and alcohol-derived metabolite. This damage results in DNA double-stranded breaks that, despite stimulating recombination repair, also cause chromosome rearrangements.

2018-07-20 15:52:00 UTC

2018-07-20 15:52:50 UTC

lol getting in on the propaganda action for shits and giggles

2018-07-20 16:06:25 UTC

No need for shits and giggles. If the Earth was spinning ball, day and night would swop around every six months. The Heliocentric model does not work.

2018-07-20 16:08:24 UTC

lol by shits and giggles, I was referring to something not intended to be used as a definitive fact. What i posted is not in the same league as what you post though, that's all.

2018-07-20 16:08:26 UTC

Ditsem! @Sheamus, you just advanced to level 8!

2018-07-20 16:09:26 UTC

@Sheamus How do I get you to take a serious analytical fact-based approach though?

2018-07-20 16:14:05 UTC

It's just a matter of perspective.

2018-07-20 17:43:35 UTC

2018-07-20 17:46:33 UTC


2018-07-20 18:02:08 UTC

earth doesnt exist

2018-07-20 18:05:05 UTC

flat earthers were dropped as children: a consipiracy

2018-07-20 18:05:42 UTC

Welcome to the corner... away from all the normal folk lol

2018-07-20 18:05:49 UTC

Nah, but think about it

2018-07-20 18:05:55 UTC

Ok, you're on the floor

2018-07-20 18:06:00 UTC

What do you see?

2018-07-20 18:08:39 UTC

You see mainly a flat surface? Why is that? Your perspective relative to your distance to the ground is identical to the ground's perspective. So you're on the floor, it's impossible to see a curve anywhere, because you aren't high enough to see any form of curve. Now, imagine this in a child, still developing and maturing, especially less than 2 years old. they get dropped, they sustain possibly fatal injuries. But, the brain is on almost a 1ms delay on taking any form of stimulus. So, in that 1ms, they open their eyes after falling, seeing that flat surface. It becoms comforting, becomes their perspective

2018-07-20 18:09:32 UTC

So, with that, if you are dropped constantly, you become more and more aware of your perspective from such a low relative height. And what do you constantly see? A flat surface

2018-07-20 18:12:30 UTC

Bam, confirmed: flat earthers were dropped as children

2018-07-20 18:13:23 UTC

lol, not exactly a valid argument or ethical experiment to conduct to prove your point. but I will entertain it

2018-07-20 18:13:37 UTC

no, it is a valid argument

2018-07-20 18:13:37 UTC

Ditsem! @4rvp, you just advanced to level 2!

2018-07-20 18:13:46 UTC

not ethical, but valid

2018-07-20 18:15:31 UTC

I disagree, I can see your appeal in it though. Always enjoy reading how others perceive and reason

2018-07-20 18:15:38 UTC

no, it's right

2018-07-20 18:15:44 UTC

it's valid

2018-07-20 18:17:05 UTC

and also how the sun is actually a failed civilization prior to earth

2018-07-20 18:17:15 UTC

and earth will become a star

2018-07-20 18:43:34 UTC

@Deejay from Earth but astronauts use a flight suite for the way down

2018-07-20 18:43:40 UTC

Not a space suit afaik

2018-07-20 18:50:25 UTC

Hot take: Astronauts are the real aliens

2018-07-20 18:50:31 UTC

Think abt it...

2018-07-20 18:50:46 UTC

Yeah sneaky way to get in unnoticed

2018-07-20 18:50:47 UTC

114,000 feet (21.5 miles)High Altitude Balloon Footage shot with a 120 degree wide angle lens (corrected)

2018-07-20 18:51:06 UTC

Watch the whole thing, the camera pans through 360 degrees.

2018-07-20 18:51:39 UTC

2018-07-20 18:51:51 UTC


2018-07-20 18:52:21 UTC

2018-07-20 18:52:45 UTC

2018-07-20 18:53:20 UTC

flat earthers were dropped as children: a consipiracy

2018-07-20 18:53:27 UTC

Ok, you're on the floor
What do you see?
You see mainly a flat surface? Why is that? Your perspective relative to your distance to the ground is identical to the ground's perspective. So you're on the floor, it's impossible to see a curve anywhere, because you aren't high enough to see any form of curve. Now, imagine this in a child, still developing and maturing, especially less than 2 years old. they get dropped, they sustain possibly fatal injuries. But, the brain is on almost a 1ms delay on taking any form of stimulus. So, in that 1ms, they open their eyes after falling, seeing that flat surface. It becoms comforting, becomes their perspective
So, with that, if you are dropped constantly, you become more and more aware of your perspective from such a low relative height. And what do you constantly see? A flat surface
Bam, confirmed: flat earthers were dropped as children

2018-07-20 18:54:12 UTC

2018-07-20 18:54:34 UTC

Plus the whole thing with ships: Ocean has no major terrestrial deformalities. No mountains n shit

2018-07-20 18:54:44 UTC


2018-07-20 18:54:50 UTC

dropped on head

2018-07-20 18:55:12 UTC

31.7 miles of expected curvature drop-off over a distance of 500 miles.

2018-07-20 18:55:28 UTC

As measured by AutoCAD.

2018-07-20 18:56:43 UTC

Planes would NEVER have to gain altitude if we lived on a ball of said size. You just fly straight and the earth drops out from under the AirPLANE.

2018-07-20 18:57:14 UTC

2018-07-20 18:57:16 UTC


2018-07-20 18:57:32 UTC

2018-07-20 18:58:57 UTC

gravity is off density u lugnut

2018-07-20 18:59:17 UTC

Can u tell me ur credentials?

2018-07-20 19:00:32 UTC

@Deejay from Earth do we really have to go through Netons Universal Law of Gravitation?

2018-07-20 19:01:19 UTC

Yes. Prove it now with a repeatable experiment.

2018-07-20 19:01:27 UTC

Hold on hold on

2018-07-20 19:01:32 UTC

You've had 500 years dammit.

2018-07-20 19:01:39 UTC

You can't tell HIM to prove it

2018-07-20 19:01:44 UTC

without proving your side of it first

2018-07-20 19:02:37 UTC

I claim Gravity is just Density and Buoyancy. Here's my proof.

2018-07-20 19:02:44 UTC


2018-07-20 19:02:45 UTC

I said

2018-07-20 19:02:50 UTC

It was density

2018-07-20 19:02:53 UTC

in the first place

2018-07-20 19:03:15 UTC

and u said gravity depends on magnetism

2018-07-20 19:03:18 UTC


2018-07-20 19:03:34 UTC


2018-07-20 19:04:59 UTC

2018-07-20 19:09:27 UTC

May ?I see some credentials?

2018-07-20 22:39:49 UTC

@Deejay from Earth You didn't answer my question about the space suites/flight suites.

2018-07-20 22:40:03 UTC

Space suites are for OUTERSPACE, not in cabin πŸ˜‰

2018-07-21 03:00:39 UTC

@4rvp You haven't even provided one scrap of evidence for your model - I provided over two hundred for mine - and you want to see my credentials? What's your IQ?

2018-07-21 03:02:16 UTC

@Trash You claim spaceflight is real but you can't even prove the axial rotation of earth, and now you want to get into the semantics of space and flight suits? How will that prove anything either way?

2018-07-21 03:04:03 UTC

Where's your scientific method people? Where's your experiments?

2018-07-21 03:04:44 UTC

2018-07-21 03:07:23 UTC

2018-07-21 03:09:08 UTC

2018-07-21 05:17:44 UTC

@Deejay from Earth ok idk how you managed to provide over 200 for your so called flat earth model, as all i see are attelpts at memes using basic google searching without extensive research into what youre talking about. And what are your credentials? Because ive served in the nasa explorers chemistry program and had seen some files that a civilian cant see

2018-07-21 05:18:49 UTC

And with that, i can safely assume my iq is 100, maybe ever so slightly more, because i dont have any mental illness/disabilities which hinder any intellectual capability, of which clearly yours is hindred over belief of some disc just because you were dropped as a child

2018-07-21 05:19:54 UTC

Youre nothing more than a failed troll who thinks lizard people rule the earth and only spend maximum 1 link after a google search worth of "research"

2018-07-21 05:20:04 UTC

Mods, is this acceptable behavior or am I going to be the only banned if I retaliate?

2018-07-21 05:20:25 UTC

@Daniebees Mods, is this acceptable behavior or am I going to be the only banned if I retaliate?

2018-07-21 05:20:34 UTC

No no, tell me your credentials.

2018-07-21 05:21:37 UTC

Because you clearly claim to have even substantiative and superior credentials to me, with your whole notion of "muh flat earth"

2018-07-21 05:21:54 UTC

I never made any claim as to credentials.

2018-07-21 05:22:28 UTC

Because this is conspiracy corner, not "oh lets CHALLENGE a LIE that the LIZARD PEOPLE PROPEL"

2018-07-21 05:22:49 UTC

Because this is conspiracy corner, not "oh lets CHALLENGE a LIE that the LIZARD PEOPLE PROPEL"

2018-07-21 05:22:58 UTC

Again, I never mentioned lizard people.

2018-07-21 05:23:09 UTC

2018-07-21 05:23:20 UTC

Because this is conspiracy corner, not "oh lets CHALLENGE a LIE that the LIZARD PEOPLE PROPEL"

2018-07-21 05:23:25 UTC

This is for the uncertain, the unobtainable, potentially classified. Not "me thinks wurld = flat"

2018-07-21 05:23:25 UTC

Because this is conspiracy corner, not "oh lets CHALLENGE a LIE that the LIZARD PEOPLE PROPEL"

2018-07-21 05:23:50 UTC

So trolling is allowed on the forum @Willem Petzer

2018-07-21 05:24:42 UTC

No, this isnt trolling. Show me pictures of flat earth.

2018-07-21 05:25:14 UTC

Dont hide behind mods just because your views are being challenged.

2018-07-21 05:25:17 UTC

2018-07-21 05:25:31 UTC

Ok, segmented

2018-07-21 05:25:43 UTC

Satellite images?

2018-07-21 05:25:56 UTC

Have you even been outside the stratosphere?

2018-07-21 05:26:38 UTC

Post ANY proof of your model.

2018-07-21 05:26:41 UTC


2018-07-21 05:27:09 UTC

2018-07-21 05:27:30 UTC

2018-07-21 05:30:14 UTC

I guess it is true what they say "Winning an argument against someone smart is hard, but winning against someone ignorant is impossible" and clearly you arent a smart one, so that sorta narrows it down. Peace.

2018-07-21 05:30:24 UTC

Who took the "photo" and wheres the EXIF data?

2018-07-21 05:31:27 UTC

"Go look yourself"

2018-07-21 05:32:30 UTC

What now sparky? Clearly photoshopped.

2018-07-21 05:33:07 UTC

Ok, go find the original image and source images

2018-07-21 05:33:23 UTC

You posted it you moron the burden of proof is on you.

2018-07-21 05:33:40 UTC

You brought up photoshop

2018-07-21 05:33:59 UTC

You posted idiotic CGI as proof of your model. Idiot.

2018-07-21 05:34:03 UTC

Using scientific method, it has to be replicable with the same source(s) and procedure

2018-07-21 05:34:26 UTC

So, go and do that, "homo novus"

2018-07-21 05:34:36 UTC

So where did you use the scientific model to prove your model, genius?

2018-07-21 05:34:59 UTC

Where's your recorded experiment? Where's your data?

2018-07-21 05:36:20 UTC

Hypothesis: if the world is round, then there must be documentation.
Abstract: i will be demonstrating the curvature of the earth through photographic expression
Procedure: i found this image from spacex website
Analysis: yep its round
Conclusion: with this, world is round

2018-07-21 05:36:36 UTC

@4rvp How was the speed of the axial rotation of the earth measured Mr Low IQ?

2018-07-21 05:36:47 UTC

Lab error: used too much of an obvious picture that displays the curvature

2018-07-21 05:37:04 UTC

How about you tell me?

2018-07-21 05:37:22 UTC

Because there is still axial rotation in your flat model, correct?

2018-07-21 05:38:16 UTC

But regardless, youre a lost cause. Time to tune up your tinfoil hat and continually live under that guise without credentials

2018-07-21 05:38:39 UTC

@4rvp So you can't even answerTHE MOST BASIC question about your model?

2018-07-21 05:39:01 UTC

There's some NASA busllshit for you.

2018-07-21 05:40:04 UTC

2018-07-21 05:48:05 UTC

2018-07-21 08:44:01 UTC

Lol, morning gents

2018-07-21 10:30:01 UTC

@Deejay from Earth I never claimed spaceflight is real or not. Just pointing out your meme about the space suites and blankets is not good

2018-07-21 12:19:23 UTC

Hier gaan ek lekker chat

2018-07-21 12:39:08 UTC

lol like the name change

2018-07-21 15:25:20 UTC

Really? There are people who believe the earth is flat?

2018-07-21 15:26:26 UTC

So every satelite phote ever taken eas photo shopped and every satelite photo ever taken were photoshopped exactly the same? Nee Boys

2018-07-21 15:28:06 UTC

My uncle believes the earth is flat

2018-07-21 15:28:37 UTC

They get a dopamine rush when talking about it

2018-07-21 15:29:14 UTC

Earth is the only tazzo in the packet of marbles okay!

2018-07-21 17:34:12 UTC

Religion is a conspiracy made by the church

2018-07-21 17:35:50 UTC

lol, interesting statement... elaborate please, i wouldnt mind entertaining this idea.

2018-07-21 18:43:48 UTC

Politics are a part of a conspiracy made by the government

2018-07-21 18:43:54 UTC

into believing the government exists

2018-07-21 18:49:56 UTC

Yeah personally I never really liked politics, it's only purpose is to justify inequity and oppose the law we are already provided.... The law is not for the righteous, neither is politics. We shouldnt be tolerating inequity and corruption... But hey that's why a democracy is so great for them, feelings of the majority dictate reason then, and politics is just for the criminals means to justify it... all in the belief of good intentions.

2018-07-21 19:21:49 UTC

flat earth is a conspiracy made up by the speds to try and infiltrate out public edukayshun

2018-07-21 19:58:37 UTC

morals are a part of a larger conspiracy set forth by human nature to trick us into believing humans exist in nature

2018-07-22 01:18:11 UTC

@plasma dude...

2018-07-22 01:19:08 UTC

Sa whites are beautiful

2018-07-22 01:19:23 UTC

The women?

2018-07-22 01:19:49 UTC

A lot of them are, a lot of then are full of crap too.

2018-07-22 01:21:13 UTC


2018-07-22 01:21:49 UTC

ur talking to a Canadian that farm maple and pork

2018-07-22 01:22:04 UTC

lies i just buy that

2018-07-22 01:22:13 UTC

Ha ha ha.

2018-07-22 01:22:20 UTC


2018-07-22 01:22:33 UTC

You drink rye?

2018-07-22 01:22:38 UTC


2018-07-22 01:22:42 UTC

10% beer

2018-07-22 01:23:01 UTC

How many have you had?

2018-07-22 01:23:13 UTC

well i had 375 ml of vodka

2018-07-22 01:23:24 UTC

working on my opresor beer atm

2018-07-22 01:23:34 UTC

Good man.

2018-07-22 01:23:41 UTC

ty ty

2018-07-22 01:26:32 UTC

all people outside SA know that this is SA white culture.

2018-07-22 05:02:16 UTC

the girl from die antwoord aint that hot

2018-07-22 05:05:36 UTC

oh and fotoforensics isn't a good site to check "muh photoshop"

2018-07-22 05:06:00 UTC

bc if THIS is photoshop

2018-07-22 05:06:13 UTC

then by that logic, THIS is also photoshop

2018-07-22 05:06:26 UTC

Get owned, christian

2018-07-22 05:06:39 UTC

Catholics: 1 Christians: 0

2018-07-22 06:53:50 UTC

Morning everyone. Picture of the moon I took last night. The moon was right above my head and my tripod is really cheap - so if you saw the moon last light and the angle looked different, now you know why. Open the picture and zoom around. Picture taken from my back yard in Centurion which has a lot of light pollution. The camera is a Nikon CoolPix P900, picture taken at 2000mm optical zoom. (EDIT: Open full-screen and zoom)

2018-07-22 06:54:23 UTC

2018-07-22 07:02:22 UTC

Also I would like to say that from now on, I'm done fighting over flat earth. Being a dickhead to people on the internet is easy, being kind is harder, and I am trying to be better than that. I am going to start teaching now. To those who are interested, I will try and explain the how and why this is important. The world you know is a lie. Flat Earth is just the beginning.

2018-07-22 07:30:27 UTC

@Deejay from Earth people will always be out to criticise you and your ideas. Don't let emotions dictate reason, reason is intended to be organized and consistent, and emotions just aren't either at all. Being kind is to be reasonable πŸ™‚

2018-07-22 07:47:12 UTC

Good advice thank you @Sheamus. The fighting doesn't get anyone anywhere. I get annoyed when I get trolled because people do not understand the reasoning behind me pushing this so hard. This is serious. This is about who and what we are as human beings. About what we have become. The world is lost, and it's never really going to get back together the way it was, mostly because people are slowly figuring out that society as run today is not in any way beneficial to the working class normal person. It's a fraud. A scam. We are tax slaves. That is the role we all perform here. And even though Flat Earth is one hundred percent scientific, there are hugely important spiritual considerations to be taken into account. Let me tell you, no religious person will ever find unity with their Creator when they deny the very creation the he made for them.

2018-07-22 07:49:42 UTC

Good morning πŸ™‚

2018-07-22 07:51:35 UTC

Morning... wanted to share a video of the spacex falcon rocket launch. you can see the real image from space...

2018-07-22 07:54:51 UTC

Morning @Tjoppie , we can not come to any conclusions about the shape of the earth based on videos shown on mainstream media. Hopefully we can try and be more scientific and figure this out through logic, reason , and scientific experiments.

2018-07-22 07:58:33 UTC

Morning @Deejay from Earth you right we need conclusive imaging. logic and reasoning will always have valid arguments if needed be, but we need to get real evidence.

2018-07-22 07:59:47 UTC

What did you study? or currently studying ?

2018-07-22 08:02:12 UTC

does the flat earth have an edge?

2018-07-22 08:03:13 UTC

#FlatEarth101 - For my curriculum I will be using Eric Dubay's "Two Hundred Proofs Earth is not a Spinning Ball" book. This book has been made into a video-book as well, and translated into at least nineteen languages. First published around 2016, this is largely why the flat earth movement has grown so exponentially. Eric Dubay's website:

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