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2019-03-31 00:55:22 UTC

seriously trolling

2019-03-31 00:55:33 UTC

@Alright go to <#484516084846952451>

2019-03-31 00:55:44 UTC

I actually forgot how old I was for a sec

2019-03-31 00:55:49 UTC

For like 15s

2019-03-31 00:55:51 UTC

why is everybody afraid of the truth and hides behind "troll"

2019-03-31 00:56:11 UTC

because you joined and started chanting your opinion.

2019-03-31 00:56:19 UTC

you tell me, why are you afraid of the truth?

2019-03-31 00:56:19 UTC

probably why

2019-03-31 00:56:24 UTC


2019-03-31 00:56:32 UTC

I am afraid of truth

2019-03-31 00:56:52 UTC

At least I'm verified

2019-03-31 00:57:04 UTC


2019-03-31 00:57:22 UTC


2019-03-31 00:57:32 UTC

Yay, I can post pictures

2019-03-31 00:57:32 UTC

Hello 911, I see some quantum physics, send help now

2019-03-31 00:57:42 UTC

it's not an opnion it's facts

2019-03-31 00:58:01 UTC

Can I get flat earth proof that isnt shotgum argumentation

2019-03-31 00:58:04 UTC

and y'all are liers if you think not

2019-03-31 00:58:10 UTC


2019-03-31 00:58:14 UTC

Google it

2019-03-31 00:58:21 UTC

@Alright be open minded to other beliefs.

2019-03-31 00:58:24 UTC

fake HTS being hoisted up on a steel girder of support fixture, in a hanger

2019-03-31 00:59:22 UTC

That was to me or no?

2019-03-31 01:00:05 UTC

There is a lot of arguments flatties got, you can probably find a good vid covering some of em

2019-03-31 01:00:19 UTC


2019-03-31 01:00:20 UTC

Like a summary

2019-03-31 01:00:22 UTC

they are all over the place

2019-03-31 01:00:27 UTC

Not really a point if there is no rebuttal

2019-03-31 01:00:33 UTC

all you need is uncerstanding / context

2019-03-31 01:00:41 UTC

Wtf is this even supposed to mean

2019-03-31 01:00:52 UTC

it means they fake space

2019-03-31 01:01:00 UTC

I think thats called

2019-03-31 01:01:03 UTC

A lens flare

2019-03-31 01:01:13 UTC

there is no Hubble Space Telescope in orbit / outer space - there never was

2019-03-31 01:01:22 UTC

look in the background

2019-03-31 01:01:34 UTC

SOFIA is the real Hubble

2019-03-31 01:01:57 UTC

a Boeing 744 modified with a large telescope mounted in it

2019-03-31 01:02:02 UTC

Can i get proof of a flat earth tho

2019-03-31 01:02:40 UTC

Have you asked on the 24/7 flat earth server?

2019-03-31 01:02:54 UTC

Banned there in 3 mins

2019-03-31 01:02:59 UTC

For debating

2019-03-31 01:03:01 UTC

Oh, lol

2019-03-31 01:03:13 UTC

!ban @Danjhenry#1055 ear rape troll

2019-03-31 01:03:25 UTC

Ear rape lmao

2019-03-31 01:03:32 UTC


2019-03-31 01:03:38 UTC

>>ban <@185106353252073473> ear rape troll

2019-03-31 01:03:39 UTC

<:vSuccess:390202497827864597> Successfully banned <@185106353252073473>

2019-03-31 01:03:47 UTC

>>ban @Danjhenry#1055 ear rape troll

2019-03-31 01:03:47 UTC

<:vWarning:390208158699618306> Could not resolve `@Danjhenry#1055` to a user ID

2019-03-31 01:03:54 UTC


2019-03-31 01:04:00 UTC

Ear rape is very disturbing

2019-03-31 01:04:01 UTC


2019-03-31 01:04:11 UTC

I love ear rape

2019-03-31 01:04:44 UTC

Why would NASA be made just to fake the earth being a globe, then start doing actual astronomy

2019-03-31 01:05:19 UTC


2019-03-31 01:05:23 UTC


2019-03-31 01:05:24 UTC


2019-03-31 01:05:37 UTC

57+ million a day

2019-03-31 01:06:12 UTC

Thats like 0.5% of the governments budget

2019-03-31 01:06:25 UTC

Money, hiding God, hiding land, is mostly what I get

2019-03-31 01:06:26 UTC

Anyways, that wasnt my question

2019-03-31 01:06:43 UTC

To get money?

2019-03-31 01:06:47 UTC


2019-03-31 01:07:03 UTC

NASA is government funded, so the government is paying themselves?

2019-03-31 01:07:24 UTC

called corruption

2019-03-31 01:07:46 UTC

money is only a small aspect anyway

2019-03-31 01:07:47 UTC

Alright, @superhotminer has been warned for '**Bad word usage**'.

2019-03-31 01:07:47 UTC


2019-03-31 01:07:48 UTC

From the citizens, funding their programs. If they are faked, then they use the rest of that money elsewhere maybe

2019-03-31 01:08:57 UTC

It would have to be less expensive to fake space than actually go there and they would get a net profit

2019-03-31 01:11:12 UTC

Can i get proof of a flat earth

2019-03-31 01:13:32 UTC


2019-03-31 01:14:14 UTC

Alright, @ULTRA has been warned for '**Bad word usage**'.

2019-03-31 01:14:16 UTC

Alright, @ULTRA has been warned for '**Bad word usage**'.

2019-03-31 01:14:17 UTC

I dont know about FECORE laser tests. They use light, which bends over long distances, to measure the earth over long distances

2019-03-31 01:14:19 UTC

Alright, @ULTRA has been warned for '**Bad word usage**'.

2019-03-31 01:14:31 UTC

guys how do you get someone that is codependent on you to stop without hurting them too much

2019-03-31 01:14:40 UTC


do it slowly @nef

2019-03-31 01:14:53 UTC

Alright, @Π²ΞΉg fΟ…Β’ΠΊ υρ ΟƒΠΈ β„“ΞΉfΡ” has been warned for '**Bad word usage**'.

2019-03-31 01:14:54 UTC

No bueno

2019-03-31 01:15:02 UTC

stop spamming

2019-03-31 01:15:04 UTC

A globe would look flat at ground level.

trust me, I had to deal with the same.

2019-03-31 01:15:18 UTC

The earth

2019-03-31 01:15:19 UTC


2019-03-31 01:15:20 UTC


2019-03-31 01:15:28 UTC

@γƒ‘γƒΌγƒˆγƒŠγƒΌγ‚­γƒ©γƒΌ the person im dealing with cant go without me for an hour

you have to either drop them hard and learn how to clean up the mess, or slowly do it; which takes time.

2019-03-31 01:15:44 UTC

Alright, @Γ— Ketchup Sauce Γ— has been warned for '**Bad word usage**'.

i deal with someone rn who can’t go without for 30 min, pretty close.

2019-03-31 01:15:54 UTC


except if they have something to occupy themselves.

2019-03-31 01:16:07 UTC

Any one willing to argue?

just either do it slow, or do it hard and clean the mess.

2019-03-31 01:16:29 UTC

Alright, @ULTRA has been warned for '**Bad word usage**'.

2019-03-31 01:17:13 UTC

two more taken care of

2019-03-31 01:17:17 UTC


Wow, these raiders are so bad that they can’t bypass *MEE6*.

2019-03-31 01:17:21 UTC


2019-03-31 01:17:28 UTC


2019-03-31 01:17:50 UTC

@Seeker of Truth did you get rid of them?

seems like it lmao

2019-03-31 01:18:01 UTC

mee6 =

2019-03-31 01:18:06 UTC


2019-03-31 01:18:08 UTC

one for <#517207579273854977> and the other who spammed the n-word I banned

2019-03-31 01:18:27 UTC

oh i forgot that’s where you put em-

2019-03-31 01:19:05 UTC

Can i get actual flat earth proof

2019-03-31 01:19:31 UTC


2019-03-31 01:19:49 UTC


2019-03-31 01:19:57 UTC


2019-03-31 01:20:06 UTC


2019-03-31 01:20:14 UTC

@Le boy sure, what do you wanna argue about?

2019-03-31 01:20:18 UTC

That long distance photo required light to only bend a fraction of a degree

2019-03-31 01:20:27 UTC


2019-03-31 01:20:46 UTC


2019-03-31 01:21:25 UTC

@Fabled One degree? TRY FOUR DEGREES I did the math in blender. And as for the infra red shot 7.4 degrees of Earth curvature


2019-03-31 01:21:33 UTC

@shiro what believes do you have?

2019-03-31 01:21:48 UTC

Maybe we could find out differences in one of them

2019-03-31 01:21:49 UTC

And bend the WRONG WAY


2019-03-31 01:22:25 UTC

I see what light does, you're telling me what I see is not what I see I investigate what I see, the light's bending the other way to what you're telling me it does and you expect me to believe you? BULL SHIT!!!!!

2019-03-31 01:22:28 UTC

I'm an atheist, kinda believe in the simulation theory but not the flat earth one

2019-03-31 01:22:35 UTC

@Le boy im not sure about the earths shape which is the groups main thing so

2019-03-31 01:22:46 UTC

@Le boy simulated by who and why?

2019-03-31 01:23:00 UTC


2019-03-31 01:23:24 UTC

You are asking me who created the universe a thing that is over 13 billion years old

2019-03-31 01:23:32 UTC

Sorry I don't think I have a clue

2019-03-31 01:23:40 UTC

Photoshopped because it has to be

2019-03-31 01:23:55 UTC

Try compressing the image from left to right

2019-03-31 01:23:59 UTC

How do you know the Universe was created 13.7 billion years ago?

2019-03-31 01:24:00 UTC

@Le boy 13 billion years? doesnt sound like a simulation!

2019-03-31 01:24:18 UTC

sounds more like what mainstream science claims

2019-03-31 01:24:21 UTC

Sharpen and compress, and curve will magically appear

2019-03-31 01:24:25 UTC

@shiro the thing is the big bang theory just started like that

2019-03-31 01:25:00 UTC

But but,

It is just a theory

2019-03-31 01:25:02 UTC

"Photoshop" what a nice argument

2019-03-31 01:25:31 UTC

@Le boy what has the big bang theory to do with an simulated earth?

2019-03-31 01:25:45 UTC

GIRDER STEEL REFLECTION: https://imgur.com/a/49bG3Gr

2019-03-31 01:25:54 UTC


2019-03-31 01:25:54 UTC

That could have been in the simulation

2019-03-31 01:26:22 UTC

Well earth is only 4.5 billion years but the big bang is like a start up

2019-03-31 01:26:23 UTC

@Technomatrix some people believe theres a simulation going on for BILLIONS of years?!?!

2019-03-31 01:26:24 UTC

Fake sts 82 services fake hubbleπŸ˜‚

2019-03-31 01:26:40 UTC

@Le boy thats not part of any simulation theory tho is it?!

2019-03-31 01:26:50 UTC

In the simulation, billions of years, possibly

2019-03-31 01:26:55 UTC

Earth could be part of it

2019-03-31 01:27:01 UTC

what even

2019-03-31 01:27:28 UTC

Simulating time itself. It isn't billions of years relative to the person behind the simulation

2019-03-31 01:27:38 UTC


2019-03-31 01:27:47 UTC

Which I find crazy to think about

2019-03-31 01:27:53 UTC

yea but if the simulation is about US then those billions of years wouldnt be necessary at all

2019-03-31 01:28:10 UTC

I don't particularly think it's about us

2019-03-31 01:28:13 UTC

It could be about the universe

2019-03-31 01:28:36 UTC

but if we say that its not about us at all then whats the point in believing in this theory

2019-03-31 01:28:40 UTC

Or it isnt a simulation

2019-03-31 01:28:42 UTC


2019-03-31 01:28:43 UTC

Maybe like a multiplayer game where the greatest have their own planets to play with

2019-03-31 01:28:46 UTC

its just science + _its a simulation_

2019-03-31 01:28:46 UTC


2019-03-31 01:28:48 UTC

0 meaning

2019-03-31 01:28:50 UTC

StS 82 hubble - beams in space


2019-03-31 01:28:56 UTC


2019-03-31 01:28:59 UTC


2019-03-31 01:29:02 UTC


2019-03-31 01:29:29 UTC

Because of the possibility of being in a running simulation of a universe

2019-03-31 01:29:31 UTC

Well looking how technologically advanced we've gotten creating a simulation would be ez

2019-03-31 01:29:51 UTC

But we couldn't create a universe tho

2019-03-31 01:29:58 UTC

@Technomatrix so? it changes nothing, you have the same beliefs as any mainstream science guy

2019-03-31 01:30:25 UTC

It would need 100 billions sins energy

2019-03-31 01:30:46 UTC

We would need the same amount us our creators which wouldn't be possible

2019-03-31 01:30:47 UTC

There was a theory on it claiming it is likely that we are in a simulation of a universe that exists. But it depends on some assumptions

2019-03-31 01:31:16 UTC

I don't know about consciousness tho

2019-03-31 01:31:36 UTC

When if comes to that I get stuck

2019-03-31 01:31:40 UTC


2019-03-31 01:31:56 UTC

i dont like this theory at all, seems very pointless

2019-03-31 01:32:10 UTC

just saying science is true but eh its all simulated

2019-03-31 01:32:15 UTC

Simulating consciousness would require some highly advanced tech, I'm not sure how far away from that we would be

2019-03-31 01:32:16 UTC


2019-03-31 01:32:22 UTC

How so

2019-03-31 01:32:24 UTC

@Le boy yes. consciousness is tricky

2019-03-31 01:32:42 UTC

there is a difference between real science and the lies of scientism that you think is science, but isn't

2019-03-31 01:32:46 UTC

bc saying our universe is a simulation is just empty words @Le boy

2019-03-31 01:33:08 UTC

The probability of it are so high tho

2019-03-31 01:33:15 UTC

so what?

2019-03-31 01:33:24 UTC

@Seeker of Truth its all belief at this point with scientism. i find it likey science could be a trick we were told was real since birth

2019-03-31 01:33:25 UTC

How do you know the probability?

2019-03-31 01:33:36 UTC

So it's provable m

2019-03-31 01:33:44 UTC

im with science but im very open minded to it honestly

2019-03-31 01:33:58 UTC

@Technomatrix didnt take humans long to come up with virtual realitys huehue

2019-03-31 01:34:08 UTC

@Technomatrix creating simulation is as easybas it geta

2019-03-31 01:34:12 UTC

just because Man has gained some knowledge in regards to fractals and sacred geometry and sees them in divine nature does not mean life or the world is a simulation

2019-03-31 01:34:16 UTC

"im with science" lol

2019-03-31 01:34:22 UTC

Why wouldn't we be in one already

2019-03-31 01:34:28 UTC

@shiro is there a problem?

2019-03-31 01:34:45 UTC

@Le boy still didnt answer my question, if its a simulation what does it change?

2019-03-31 01:34:51 UTC

@nef <:bahahaha:485147430740951041>

2019-03-31 01:35:03 UTC

How would you know the probability of us being a simulation of another civilization?
I don't think it would be possible to know that

2019-03-31 01:35:06 UTC

Changes everything for me maybe not for u

2019-03-31 01:35:10 UTC


2019-03-31 01:35:18 UTC

@Le boy what does it change i ask you

2019-03-31 01:35:27 UTC

do you not like i believe science but im open minded to new ideas? that's odd.

2019-03-31 01:35:28 UTC

We don't all have perspectives of things

2019-03-31 01:35:34 UTC


2019-03-31 01:35:46 UTC

It would mean you are an entertainment for a higher cibil

2019-03-31 01:35:55 UTC


2019-03-31 01:35:55 UTC
2019-03-31 01:36:09 UTC

its not more than a "what if" joke kinda thought

2019-03-31 01:36:11 UTC

the school system teaches us where the dots are but not how to connect them. it sucks.

2019-03-31 01:36:19 UTC

So why not steal the energy from their possessor if possible

2019-03-31 01:36:27 UTC

We could do so much

2019-03-31 01:36:28 UTC

It is an interesting concept, I think that is good enough for now

2019-03-31 01:36:49 UTC


2019-03-31 01:36:50 UTC

@Le boy we have no power over those things if its true do we

2019-03-31 01:37:01 UTC

but interesting points

2019-03-31 01:37:11 UTC

Wow that picture is beautiful

2019-03-31 01:37:17 UTC


2019-03-31 01:37:24 UTC

What if we could hack the simulation?

2019-03-31 01:37:28 UTC


2019-03-31 01:37:38 UTC

Who in the world believe in magical power?

2019-03-31 01:37:50 UTC

Would the simulation be able to simulate free will?

2019-03-31 01:38:00 UTC

you do and you don't even realize it

2019-03-31 01:38:07 UTC

Well you think you have free will

2019-03-31 01:38:14 UTC

you're using and being used by magic right now

2019-03-31 01:38:22 UTC

It could be an illusion

2019-03-31 01:38:22 UTC

@Technomatrix simulation means rules and this would logically be against the rules for it work no?

2019-03-31 01:38:26 UTC

But It's more likely to be calculated

2019-03-31 01:38:27 UTC

those symbols called letters are magic

2019-03-31 01:38:29 UTC

i doubt it would be possible

2019-03-31 01:38:38 UTC

like a fish cant escape the aquarium

2019-03-31 01:38:38 UTC

your entire language is a magic spell

2019-03-31 01:38:48 UTC


2019-03-31 01:39:14 UTC

sounds like the law of attraction

2019-03-31 01:39:15 UTC


2019-03-31 01:39:16 UTC

A simulated being escaping the simulation, oxymoron?

2019-03-31 01:39:55 UTC

magic sigils are everywhere

2019-03-31 01:40:07 UTC

you just don't know it

2019-03-31 01:40:11 UTC

who cares. this is the reality we live

2019-03-31 01:40:16 UTC

@Technomatrix mindblow

2019-03-31 01:40:19 UTC

luv it

2019-03-31 01:40:19 UTC

The constants of the universe are programmed into the simulation

2019-03-31 01:40:27 UTC

@Technomatrix yes!! That's what I was saying if we could steal energy from their possessors we could end them

2019-03-31 01:40:29 UTC

Could be changed

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