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2019-06-07 17:06:57 UTC

he just said it data is collected

2019-06-07 17:06:58 UTC

But there is more too it besides that.

2019-06-07 17:07:04 UTC

No I say that data is collected

2019-06-07 17:07:23 UTC

That's basically collecting our private information which is a type of spying.

2019-06-07 17:07:24 UTC

About our google history

2019-06-07 17:07:26 UTC

fish did u read the wiki article

2019-06-07 17:07:30 UTC

Or stuff like that

2019-06-07 17:07:30 UTC

So yes, they spy on us.

2019-06-07 17:08:03 UTC

I believe that it is not a bad thing

2019-06-07 17:08:10 UTC

fish read the wiki page

2019-06-07 17:08:12 UTC


2019-06-07 17:08:16 UTC


2019-06-07 17:08:18 UTC


2019-06-07 17:08:20 UTC


2019-06-07 17:08:24 UTC


2019-06-07 17:08:27 UTC


2019-06-07 17:08:27 UTC

u arent researching ur jsut stating a nonsense claim

2019-06-07 17:08:30 UTC


2019-06-07 17:08:32 UTC


2019-06-07 17:08:34 UTC


2019-06-07 17:08:38 UTC


2019-06-07 17:08:55 UTC

What is my nonsense claim?

2019-06-07 17:09:01 UTC

that we arent being spied on

2019-06-07 17:09:08 UTC

i show u we are being spied on

2019-06-07 17:09:22 UTC

Data is collected about our internet history

2019-06-07 17:09:41 UTC

holy shit do i need to post that page u didnt read or research this at all

2019-06-07 17:09:52 UTC

So people who look up stuff like how to drown a baby will go to prison

2019-06-07 17:10:42 UTC

man u arae ignorant

2019-06-07 17:11:06 UTC

Man are you deaf

2019-06-07 17:11:09 UTC


2019-06-07 17:11:11 UTC


2019-06-07 17:11:12 UTC


2019-06-07 17:11:15 UTC


2019-06-07 17:11:31 UTC

u claim u read the page but ur saying they jsut collect data on the itnernet

2019-06-07 17:11:33 UTC

This is my third time saying it

2019-06-07 17:11:55 UTC

You don't think it is a bad thing?!

2019-06-07 17:11:59 UTC

How come?

2019-06-07 17:12:00 UTC

Ok the five eyes thing isnโ€™t bad in my opinion

2019-06-07 17:12:13 UTC

By the end of the 20th century, the system referred to as "ECHELON" had evolved beyond its military and diplomatic origins into "a global system for the interception of private and commercial communications" (mass surveillance and industrial espionage)

2019-06-07 17:12:32 UTC

i dont think u know how to read

2019-06-07 17:12:51 UTC

Mate can you shut uuup

2019-06-07 17:12:52 UTC

mass surveillance mass surveillance mass surveillance mass surveillance mass surveillance mass surveillance mass surveillance mass survei mass surveillancellance mass surveillance mass surveillance

2019-06-07 17:12:56 UTC

You insult

2019-06-07 17:13:02 UTC


2019-06-07 17:13:08 UTC

u ad hom'd me first

2019-06-07 17:13:24 UTC

and i insulted you becuase u are a liar u claim u read the page but u didnt

2019-06-07 17:13:39 UTC

What are you trying to argue F & C?

2019-06-07 17:13:40 UTC

any hasbara employees in the house?

2019-06-07 17:13:46 UTC

'fess up

2019-06-07 17:14:08 UTC

hes saying they dont spy on us just collect data on our internet search history

2019-06-07 17:15:18 UTC

That's incorrect, we know they spy on us more besides just our data. We can see it when they are looking for someone on the run as well: Searching their phone signals, computer data, credit card trackers, cameras on our devices, etc.

2019-06-07 17:15:34 UTC

There is so much stuff they do to keep an eye on what goes on and people refuse to believe it.

2019-06-07 17:17:08 UTC

Join communism

2019-06-07 17:17:24 UTC

he lives in candy land

2019-06-07 17:17:44 UTC

cuz... duh holocaust!

2019-06-07 17:18:25 UTC

Ignorance can only be bliss for so long.

2019-06-07 17:18:26 UTC

jooves are just hated for no reason

2019-06-07 17:18:46 UTC

we must combat this

2019-06-07 17:18:51 UTC

with subterfuge

2019-06-07 17:19:20 UTC

he got fired from quality control at the m&m factory for throwing out all the w's

2019-06-07 17:19:56 UTC

wiley kikes with high government security clearancesr to spy, track and dox us

2019-06-07 17:20:49 UTC

ruin people's lives, and their families lives.... cuz hitler

2019-06-07 17:21:46 UTC

just repeat: "Isreal has a right to exist"

2019-06-07 17:22:05 UTC

that's your new mantra, goy

2019-06-07 17:38:29 UTC

I believe that companies are possibly sided with the government in spying and I would like to know your sources

2019-06-07 17:44:25 UTC

search echelon

2019-06-07 17:44:32 UTC

scroll up i posted the link like 5 times

2019-06-07 17:44:35 UTC

the wiki page

2019-06-07 17:44:48 UTC

that is just one source will take u a while to read just that page

2019-06-07 17:48:15 UTC

K thx

2019-06-07 17:50:25 UTC

Wait, Wikipedia is an untrustworthy source, anyone can write anything

2019-06-07 17:53:41 UTC

Anyone can write anything on the internet in general.

2019-06-07 17:54:22 UTC


2019-06-07 17:55:30 UTC

True, but some sites are more trustworthy than others

2019-06-07 18:02:36 UTC

Wikipedia is actually very accurate. A study compared it to encyclopedia Britannica.

2019-06-07 18:03:07 UTC

Which study

2019-06-07 18:03:09 UTC

However, there are some Wikipedia articles that need more work

2019-06-07 18:03:59 UTC

Well it was a 2005 study though

2019-06-07 18:11:57 UTC

But that could mean itโ€™s outdated and they didnโ€™t have the information that we have now cause it hadnโ€™t happened yet

2019-06-07 18:14:20 UTC

Iโ€™m back

2019-06-07 18:16:23 UTC

โ€œU ad homโ€™d me firstโ€

2019-06-07 18:16:43 UTC

Jeremy are we speaking the same language

2019-06-07 18:17:24 UTC

!mute @Dragon the Redcoat This is a lounge chat. Take your complaints to the nearest suggestion box.

2019-06-07 18:17:24 UTC

2019-06-07 18:17:54 UTC


2019-06-07 18:21:26 UTC

Is anyone on?

2019-06-07 18:21:33 UTC

i am

2019-06-07 18:21:37 UTC


2019-06-07 18:21:45 UTC


2019-06-07 18:21:52 UTC

Hows life

2019-06-07 18:22:01 UTC

its alright i guess

2019-06-07 18:22:45 UTC

What is this server?

2019-06-07 18:23:21 UTC

one where conspiracy theorists congregate

2019-06-07 18:23:35 UTC


2019-06-07 18:24:23 UTC

Ive seen the roles thing and theres flat earthers on here?

2019-06-07 18:24:33 UTC

There sure are!

2019-06-07 18:24:42 UTC

yap, its a sad place

2019-06-07 18:25:09 UTC

I wouldn't call it sad but it does open minds to other factors of the government that we should be focusing on.

2019-06-07 18:25:20 UTC


2019-06-07 18:25:20 UTC

So a sad place

2019-06-07 18:25:21 UTC


2019-06-07 18:25:34 UTC

Do you never question the government's choices/actions?

2019-06-07 18:25:49 UTC

I question why people dont vaccinate their kids

2019-06-07 18:26:05 UTC

I question why people think the earth is flat but all the other planets are round

2019-06-07 18:26:08 UTC

so you think earth is flat?

2019-06-07 18:26:12 UTC


2019-06-07 18:26:31 UTC

You think the earth is flat?

2019-06-07 18:26:44 UTC

Does it matter if I do?

2019-06-07 18:26:51 UTC


2019-06-07 18:27:00 UTC

Do I have to think the earth is flat to question the government?

2019-06-07 18:27:00 UTC

its a bit

2019-06-07 18:27:09 UTC

@TheRealOne do you believe everything the government tells you?

2019-06-07 18:27:26 UTC

It's simple question that should be answered pretty quickly.

2019-06-07 18:27:43 UTC

2019-06-07 18:27:52 UTC

Are you a sheep or an individual?

2019-06-07 18:27:52 UTC


2019-06-07 18:28:02 UTC

The government is pretty heckling bad

2019-06-07 18:28:30 UTC

i think theyre okay

2019-06-07 18:28:31 UTC

There you go.

2019-06-07 18:28:35 UTC

You know, Iโ€™m kinda confused because most of these theories are going against the major scientific claims but Neil Degrass Tyson and Stephen Hawking both stated that the earth is a simulation which is a role choice

2019-06-07 18:28:59 UTC

In the UK theyre banning drill music because it promotes gang violence

2019-06-07 18:29:13 UTC

@Hirohito's chins Are these words coming from a modern day socialist liberal?

2019-06-07 18:29:19 UTC

Pretty crap

2019-06-07 18:29:37 UTC

****drill noises***

2019-06-07 18:29:51 UTC

bruh, you dont have to get all confrontational lol

2019-06-07 18:29:51 UTC

Youre not british you dont know drill

2019-06-07 18:29:56 UTC


2019-06-07 18:30:02 UTC


2019-06-07 18:30:04 UTC

I do, see?

2019-06-07 18:30:26 UTC


2019-06-07 18:30:29 UTC


2019-06-07 18:30:40 UTC


2019-06-07 18:30:57 UTC

What are your reasons for not wanting to vaccinate your kids?

2019-06-07 18:31:13 UTC

Change channel to be asking that sport, <#552285797038948364>.

2019-06-07 18:31:19 UTC


2019-06-07 18:31:23 UTC

i think hes just asking general questions

2019-06-07 18:31:47 UTC

I am

2019-06-07 18:31:48 UTC

I think that kind of question is better served in there.

2019-06-07 18:32:10 UTC

Too many channels here

2019-06-07 18:32:21 UTC

But you never answered the question I asked.

2019-06-07 18:32:23 UTC
2019-06-07 18:32:35 UTC

Do you believe everything the government tells us?

2019-06-07 18:32:36 UTC

youve asked a lot of questions my guy

2019-06-07 18:32:46 UTC

if i have reason to.

2019-06-07 18:33:09 UTC

So no?

2019-06-07 18:33:23 UTC


2019-06-07 18:33:26 UTC

it depends

2019-06-07 18:33:32 UTC


2019-06-07 18:33:38 UTC

Essential oils ๐Ÿ˜‚

2019-06-07 18:33:39 UTC

But you believe the majority of what they tell us without thought?

2019-06-07 18:33:57 UTC


2019-06-07 18:34:17 UTC

Sounds like you do.

2019-06-07 18:34:21 UTC


2019-06-07 18:34:29 UTC

what makes it sound like i do

2019-06-07 18:34:43 UTC

From how vaguely you are answering the question.

2019-06-07 18:34:55 UTC

im answering the question with what i think

2019-06-07 18:35:04 UTC

youre analysing this too much haha

2019-06-07 18:35:09 UTC

You have a vaccines tag @Chillin'

2019-06-07 18:35:16 UTC

Are you pro or anti?

2019-06-07 18:35:38 UTC

The vaccines tag is to talk about vaccines I assumed.

2019-06-07 18:35:49 UTC

I'm not real into the pro vs anti debate kind of thing.

2019-06-07 18:35:50 UTC

Then talk

2019-06-07 18:36:01 UTC


2019-06-07 18:36:09 UTC

people on this server are a bit agressive no?

2019-06-07 18:36:10 UTC

People in the <#552285797038948364> have better proof for or against vaccines than I do.

2019-06-07 18:36:20 UTC

what personal data ? cause all the devices they tap into are electronic, which means you have to use electricity which you buy with your legal person, not natural person, or aquire it through the legal person by means of devices bought by money, a legal transaction, which then null and voids your natural person in usage, unless you require the devices by your own creativity, and dumpster diving is not one of those....
since you are in the legal land when using electric appliances, it is not your "personal" data, it already is owned by government....
they only let you think you have such fantasy, so they keep the slaves in check...

2019-06-07 18:36:20 UTC

No one is there tho

2019-06-07 18:36:38 UTC

Just wait for a response.

2019-06-07 18:36:39 UTC

@ivo so if i watch hentai they know?

2019-06-07 18:36:51 UTC

People are probably still working depending on where you live.

2019-06-07 18:36:56 UTC

@TheRealOne even if you watch smurfs

2019-06-07 18:36:58 UTC

@ivo god I hope this isnโ€™t true

2019-06-07 18:36:59 UTC

A lot of people here seem to be American anyways.

2019-06-07 18:37:08 UTC

if you watch hentai you **should** be assassinated

2019-06-07 18:37:14 UTC

@RobotiqueBleu sorry look up legal person and natural person,

2019-06-07 18:37:20 UTC

@ivo use incognito mode ๐Ÿ˜Ž

2019-06-07 18:37:27 UTC

Oh no, they are gonna assassinate little 9 year old Jimmy for finding hentai.

2019-06-07 18:37:35 UTC

@TheRealOne they made that for you to feel save, not to be save

2019-06-07 18:37:36 UTC

they should

2019-06-07 18:37:51 UTC


2019-06-07 18:37:51 UTC

I don't think murder is the answer to all problems.

2019-06-07 18:37:59 UTC

im sure no sane human does

2019-06-07 18:38:10 UTC

It might be the answer for some government officials but not for me.

2019-06-07 18:38:18 UTC

Cannibalism can solve both world hunger and overpopulation

2019-06-07 18:38:23 UTC


2019-06-07 18:38:33 UTC

Sure it will, just like Anarchy!

2019-06-07 18:39:25 UTC


2019-06-07 18:39:25 UTC

I once role played as a 1920s Italian anarchist for school, it was strange, all I got to say was โ€œI peddled fishโ€

2019-06-07 18:39:45 UTC

What a boring roleplay.

2019-06-07 18:40:14 UTC

I was Venzetti for a Sacco and Venzetti mock trial

2019-06-07 18:40:21 UTC

Wtf are these emojis <:nasalies:485141702403686403>

2019-06-07 18:40:34 UTC

<:trolled:555217274907262976> who tf uses troll face anymore?

2019-06-07 18:40:49 UTC

You should know that a lot of these people here are old.

2019-06-07 18:41:00 UTC

how old lol

2019-06-07 18:41:13 UTC

I've got no idea.

2019-06-07 18:41:18 UTC

i really doubt people 30+ use discord tho

2019-06-07 18:41:19 UTC

Just assuming cause of the troll face emoji.

2019-06-07 18:41:32 UTC

I wouldn't be so sure about that.

2019-06-07 18:41:33 UTC

Im questioning this entire server

2019-06-07 18:41:43 UTC

i think everyone is ha

2019-06-07 18:41:55 UTC

It's good to question.

2019-06-07 18:42:06 UTC

But questioning things vocally will get you hurt in the long run.

2019-06-07 18:42:17 UTC

2019-06-07 18:42:22 UTC


2019-06-07 18:42:34 UTC

This server reminds me of the people who were protesting against the RAF when i was out

2019-06-07 18:42:42 UTC

@Chillin' who are you, an informant or something

2019-06-07 18:42:54 UTC

Not at all.

2019-06-07 18:43:07 UTC

its not good to question sometimes though lol

2019-06-07 18:43:23 UTC

Only thing im questioning is why people believe vaccines are bad

2019-06-07 18:43:23 UTC

I'm just saying if you are going to criticize the server you should expect some backlash from the staff.

2019-06-07 18:43:29 UTC

Im waiting on a response rn

2019-06-07 18:43:42 UTC

i get backlash from the staff everyday when i say something they dont like

2019-06-07 18:43:52 UTC

Iโ€™m just saying that youโ€™re starting to sound like a James Bond villain

2019-06-07 18:44:12 UTC

I haven't watched James Bond so you are going to have to explain to me how I am.

2019-06-07 18:45:18 UTC

Is the earth flat

2019-06-07 18:45:24 UTC


2019-06-07 18:45:26 UTC


2019-06-07 18:45:26 UTC

The creepy, vague vibe from the stuff you said, itโ€™s like youโ€™re about to go to their house or something and have them be โ€œhurt in the long runโ€

2019-06-07 18:45:42 UTC

Not that you would, itโ€™s just the wording

2019-06-07 18:45:56 UTC

That was a bit scary

2019-06-07 18:45:56 UTC
2019-06-07 18:46:24 UTC

@TheRealOne Sorry, itโ€™s just what it sounded like

2019-06-07 18:47:02 UTC

Its fine

2019-06-07 18:47:21 UTC

It's just an observation.

2019-06-07 18:48:22 UTC


2019-06-07 18:48:25 UTC

A lot of the topics here I'm newer too, the only thing I'm really invested into at the moment is the Hillary Clinton cases.

2019-06-07 18:48:43 UTC

Now those are something that really are fishy and show how far people will go to stay in power.

2019-06-07 18:49:26 UTC

Gwench gave a lot of links the other day on them, which I've all read, you should look into it if you want to know more about that topic. @TheRealOne

2019-06-07 18:49:35 UTC

Im more interested in what makes people think about the FE and the Anti Vaxx

2019-06-07 18:49:55 UTC

You're a flat earth right? @Derek Nelson

2019-06-07 18:50:17 UTC


2019-06-07 18:50:28 UTC


2019-06-07 18:50:45 UTC

Gay joke.

2019-06-07 18:51:01 UTC

The thing that is really funny about it is the bottom text.

2019-06-07 18:51:05 UTC

derek you seem like a sound guy

2019-06-07 18:51:18 UTC

How dare you assume someoneโ€™s sexuality based on their gender preference?

2019-06-07 18:51:21 UTC

The nerve..

2019-06-07 18:51:25 UTC

I was about to say

2019-06-07 18:51:31 UTC


2019-06-07 18:51:36 UTC

Ngl Derek seems like a guys name but ok

2019-06-07 18:51:37 UTC

Very good.

2019-06-07 18:51:54 UTC

Derek is a guys name

2019-06-07 18:51:59 UTC


2019-06-07 18:52:04 UTC

I hope?

2019-06-07 18:52:09 UTC


2019-06-07 18:52:11 UTC

No such thing as guy and girl names these days.

2019-06-07 18:52:18 UTC

so youre a guy, correct?

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