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2018-10-07 14:56:44 UTC

oh ok

2018-10-07 14:56:44 UTC

thats when i should go

2018-10-07 14:56:57 UTC

I'm 49

2018-10-07 14:56:59 UTC

well you'll be smarter then too

2018-10-07 14:57:09 UTC

49 is the square of 7

2018-10-07 14:57:13 UTC

such a pleasing number

2018-10-07 14:57:15 UTC

I already graduated from college

2018-10-07 14:57:17 UTC

love perfect squares

2018-10-07 14:57:36 UTC

do you like magic sqaures?

2018-10-07 14:57:41 UTC

im 15 can't wait for 16

2018-10-07 14:57:42 UTC

you see im going to graduate collage when im 18

2018-10-07 14:57:48 UTC

ye i like magic squares

2018-10-07 14:57:56 UTC

travel the silk road after that

2018-10-07 14:57:57 UTC

you are 15 going on 16?

2018-10-07 14:58:03 UTC

you know its easy to claim stuff on the net

2018-10-07 14:58:03 UTC


2018-10-07 14:58:12 UTC

no im 17

2018-10-07 14:58:17 UTC

I could claim I own a small island, doesn't mean its true

2018-10-07 14:58:17 UTC

sound of music was a stupid nun who was a gold digger going after the money

2018-10-07 14:58:28 UTC

and she could sing songs

2018-10-07 14:58:31 UTC

College is different in the UK

2018-10-07 14:58:35 UTC


2018-10-07 14:58:51 UTC

maybe you should stop calling yourself king_thomas and start calling yourself doogie-hooser, genius who was a doctor at 16

2018-10-07 14:59:02 UTC

that was a good show

2018-10-07 14:59:06 UTC

It's not University it's like the final 2 years of high school

2018-10-07 14:59:15 UTC


2018-10-07 14:59:26 UTC

that's how it is in india

2018-10-07 14:59:31 UTC

my college building is actualy inside my highschool building

2018-10-07 14:59:34 UTC

the final two years of high school is technically college

2018-10-07 14:59:34 UTC

it got a bit rote after awhile with the diary thing

2018-10-07 14:59:52 UTC

i dont think ill go to university

2018-10-07 15:00:03 UTC

nah you should go

2018-10-07 15:00:06 UTC

I think the writers got lost and couldn't come up with good material to keep the show going

2018-10-07 15:00:11 UTC

it's good to have a degree to fall back on

2018-10-07 15:00:20 UTC

you wont have crippling debt like in the US

2018-10-07 15:00:23 UTC

fuck yeah

2018-10-07 15:00:24 UTC

ill go and studdy enginering but i dont plan on getting a office job

2018-10-07 15:00:34 UTC

Dw Tom doesn't claim to be a genius or anything he's not up himself

2018-10-07 15:00:39 UTC

Whatโ€™s up party people

2018-10-07 15:00:48 UTC

in india, education is cheaper than like an expensive meal over there

2018-10-07 15:00:55 UTC

to be honest i dont nkow alot

2018-10-07 15:01:03 UTC


2018-10-07 15:01:06 UTC

its just what i do nkow i nkow very well

2018-10-07 15:01:18 UTC

i know a lot

2018-10-07 15:01:25 UTC

but what i do know is very superficial

2018-10-07 15:01:27 UTC

and shit

2018-10-07 15:01:33 UTC

I nkow a few things

2018-10-07 15:01:42 UTC

god no not you too

2018-10-07 15:01:51 UTC

It's spreading

2018-10-07 15:01:58 UTC

it's knowwww

2018-10-07 15:02:03 UTC

don't say nkow lol

2018-10-07 15:02:25 UTC

I didn't notice it till you pointed it out

2018-10-07 15:02:32 UTC

actually kevin

2018-10-07 15:02:38 UTC

are you big into religeion

2018-10-07 15:02:38 UTC

oh it's just that Tom always said nkow lol

2018-10-07 15:03:03 UTC

i dont nkow why i say nkow

2018-10-07 15:03:11 UTC

it just always stuck like this

2018-10-07 15:03:20 UTC


2018-10-07 15:03:27 UTC


2018-10-07 15:03:38 UTC

sean you a FE?

2018-10-07 15:03:55 UTC

FE nce

2018-10-07 15:04:07 UTC


2018-10-07 15:04:11 UTC


2018-10-07 15:04:12 UTC

I remember Sean from the Alt Earth days

2018-10-07 15:04:17 UTC

He's chill

2018-10-07 15:04:22 UTC

your pun doesn't give a very good impression

2018-10-07 15:04:36 UTC

nah jk i love puns lol

2018-10-07 15:04:41 UTC

Impression of ?

2018-10-07 15:04:48 UTC


2018-10-07 15:05:03 UTC

It does

2018-10-07 15:05:09 UTC

nvm i was jus joking

2018-10-07 15:05:23 UTC

you've not taken any self-tags

2018-10-07 15:05:53 UTC

I prefer truther

2018-10-07 15:09:19 UTC

oh yea i remember sean

2018-10-07 15:09:26 UTC

where is sean by the way /

2018-10-07 16:43:16 UTC


2018-10-07 19:30:55 UTC

ooooo we mama; what you kewl cats up to?

2018-10-07 19:35:09 UTC

so if we where to debate something like holographic reality theory; and/or other alt background mechanics of reality type things; what kinda meat and potato's we looking to get into?

2018-10-07 19:40:06 UTC

cats are 2 faced spirits, disgusting creatures. and watching this looked like an expensive way to show a bunch of idiots prancing around with no artistic talent than expression of ones own hubris

2018-10-07 19:40:25 UTC

1/5 stars

2018-10-07 19:40:55 UTC


2018-10-07 19:41:22 UTC


2018-10-07 19:41:23 UTC


2018-10-07 19:46:48 UTC

Doof are 2 faced spirits, disgusting creatures. and hearing this sounded like an cheap way to show a bunch of idiots prancing around with no artistic talent than expression of ones own hubris
5/5 stars

2018-10-07 20:47:53 UTC

Pepper stop me from being number one please

2018-10-07 20:49:32 UTC


2018-10-08 04:32:46 UTC

Thomas is here?

2018-10-08 04:32:48 UTC


2018-10-08 04:32:50 UTC


2018-10-08 04:32:52 UTC


2018-10-08 04:32:56 UTC

Good joke

2018-10-08 04:55:03 UTC

Omg I ate carbs today and will hate myself later. But it was so dammed good.

2018-10-08 05:28:33 UTC

carbs are ok in moderation

2018-10-08 07:21:51 UTC


2018-10-08 07:22:00 UTC


2018-10-08 07:25:23 UTC

But it tastes good

2018-10-08 07:25:58 UTC

I know. ๐Ÿ˜ข

2018-10-08 07:48:08 UTC

well, sugar is a useful nutrient

2018-10-08 07:48:25 UTC

but like carbs, moderation

2018-10-08 08:14:01 UTC

Sugar is not really an essential nutrient though; the body produces its own when it breaks down carbs right

2018-10-08 10:42:52 UTC

About the whole โ€œsun appears closeโ€ thing: It never appears to change size during the course of the day, meaning that it stays the same constant distance from the observer at all times, within some error margin. However, this does not work on the FE โ€œmodelโ€, where the sun is constantly moving towards and away from nearly all observers. On the globe, it works perfectly fine, since the massive distance to the sun โ€œsmooths outโ€ any apparent size differences caused by the slight rotation of the earth.

2018-10-08 10:43:23 UTC

This is one way that we know the sun is distant, not close.

2018-10-08 11:45:25 UTC

your completely wrong, due to perspective flat earth explains and works well with the sun

2018-10-08 11:46:03 UTC

Explain how the Sun can move away and yet never appear to change size.

2018-10-08 11:46:26 UTC

you put an object in the sky at a distance, say 10 miles up, its not going to change size as it move around at that range

2018-10-08 11:47:04 UTC

Uh yeah it will. When itโ€™s moving 25,000 miles, yeah it will.

2018-10-08 11:47:19 UTC

who says its moving 25,000 miles?

2018-10-08 11:47:37 UTC

Thatโ€™s the circumference of the earth at the equator.

2018-10-08 11:47:37 UTC

you say it is, its not

2018-10-08 11:47:52 UTC

So itโ€™s not going in a circle above the equator?

2018-10-08 11:47:53 UTC

its moving in a circle around flat earth

2018-10-08 11:48:01 UTC


2018-10-08 11:48:20 UTC

earth isn't a ball, its not moving around a stupid ball

2018-10-08 11:48:45 UTC

Yeah, you say itโ€™s moving in a circle above the equator. The equatorโ€™s circumference is 25,000 miles, therefore the sun is moving 25,000 miles.

2018-10-08 11:48:58 UTC

Per day

2018-10-08 11:49:14 UTC

no, it changes how tight or lose the circle is each day

2018-10-08 11:49:20 UTC

its not a constant 25,000 miles

2018-10-08 11:49:52 UTC

its also not 25,000 miles, its moving in a tight circle over flat earth ,not around a globe

2018-10-08 11:49:56 UTC

so your math is all wrong

2018-10-08 11:50:00 UTC

its 3,400 miles away

2018-10-08 11:50:04 UTC


2018-10-08 11:50:17 UTC

it doesn't have to move as much as you guys think

2018-10-08 11:50:31 UTC

its on a circuit circling over our heads

2018-10-08 11:51:08 UTC

due to perspective it works exactly as it should, warming the land masses, giving it light, letting plants grow with photosynthesis

2018-10-08 11:51:19 UTC

Its GOD's work, its by design

2018-10-08 11:51:28 UTC

So how does it not appear to change size?

2018-10-08 11:51:35 UTC


2018-10-08 11:51:54 UTC

Ah of course the magical perspective that does whatever you want it to

2018-10-08 11:52:01 UTC

you put something at on the ceiling in your room, say a small circular paper

2018-10-08 11:52:19 UTC

if you look at this small circular paper up close, its big

2018-10-08 11:52:38 UTC

once its at a certain range, moving it along the top of the ceiling isn't going to change its size

2018-10-08 11:52:52 UTC

closer it appears bigger, further away it will appear smaller

2018-10-08 11:53:02 UTC

staying at the same general range it won't continue to shrink

2018-10-08 11:53:31 UTC

it will shrink a little as its angle gets further away, a little

2018-10-08 11:53:46 UTC

just by pythagoriam theorim

2018-10-08 11:54:04 UTC

angle says its further away, it will shrink a little

2018-10-08 11:54:17 UTC

as it gets closer, like right over head, its going to appear bigger

2018-10-08 11:54:25 UTC


2018-10-08 11:54:33 UTC

its still 3,400 miles away, its not that close

2018-10-08 11:54:39 UTC

its covering a wide area

2018-10-08 11:55:06 UTC

maximum efficiency

2018-10-08 12:07:35 UTC

Ok @^Kevin^ I ran the numbers, and the sunโ€™s diameter should shrink by 1/7 from noon to โ€œsunsetโ€ if youโ€™re at the equator on the equinox. Not a tiny immeasurable bit. 1/7 of its diameter. Quite a bit smaller. So has this ever been observed?

2018-10-08 12:08:41 UTC


2018-10-08 12:09:18 UTC

And it only gets worse as you go south.

2018-10-08 12:10:52 UTC

Wolfie in Australia did a timelapse from sunrise to sunset with a solar filter to remove glare, and the sun stayed the EXACT SAME SIZE, no change whatsoever, over the course of the entire day.

2018-10-08 12:13:57 UTC

people are viewing the sun as it passes from different angles on flat earth

2018-10-08 12:14:15 UTC

depending on where u are located

2018-10-08 12:15:39 UTC

based on the angle you are at compared to where its passing determines how big it appears

2018-10-08 12:17:23 UTC

Distance and actual size determines apparent size.

2018-10-08 12:17:51 UTC

angle of view

2018-10-08 12:19:39 UTC

Thatโ€™s unrelated. Weโ€™re talking about the lack of apparent size change.

2018-10-08 12:21:05 UTC

its directly related to perspective and the sun

2018-10-08 12:21:45 UTC

you look at the video and 3 minutes in its already showing you the sun moving with time lapse

2018-10-08 12:22:08 UTC

note that this is at a particular location on earth and that it won't appear this way if you aren't in a particular location that shows this at that time of year

2018-10-08 12:22:29 UTC

it will appear differently to differently people depending on angle of view

2018-10-08 12:23:01 UTC

as you get further away from the sun, shockingly, you'll get less warmth

2018-10-08 12:28:21 UTC

Thatโ€™s not what Iโ€™m talking about, the setting and rising and whatever, Iโ€™m talking about how the sun NEVER appears to change size, when it should change by 14% from noon to sunset on average.

2018-10-08 12:28:47 UTC

you didn't look at the whole video

2018-10-08 12:28:56 UTC

it does change size depending on your angle of view

2018-10-08 12:30:25 UTC

jump to 16:50 and look to 17:05, you can see the sun moving and shrinking as it gets further away

2018-10-08 12:33:02 UTC

Yeah, the glare of the sun will dwindle as it goes into the clouds. Try one without clouds or distortion. I challenge you to find just one video that shows the sun shrinking while it sets over the ocean.

2018-10-08 12:37:22 UTC

pretty sure refraction and water magnifies the sun as it sets over an ocean

2018-10-08 12:37:48 UTC

why should I try to accomplish something that is obviously a red herring

2018-10-08 12:37:54 UTC

this doesn't change flat earth facts

2018-10-08 12:38:00 UTC

Ah but it does.

2018-10-08 12:38:14 UTC

I donโ€™t know about you, but I trust my eyes.

2018-10-08 12:38:16 UTC

you know, I don't need to know the answer to everything

2018-10-08 12:38:31 UTC

I trust the fact that we live on a flat earth and I do trust my eyes

2018-10-08 12:38:35 UTC

And my eyes tell me that the sun never changes size.

2018-10-08 12:38:41 UTC

light coming off the sun and the hot spot shows the sun is local

2018-10-08 12:38:58 UTC

based on where you are located your angle of view, maybe it doesn't

2018-10-08 12:39:32 UTC

the further away from the path its traveling the line you go, the more your angle changes

2018-10-08 12:39:42 UTC

then the sun will not change shape as much based on your angle of view

2018-10-08 12:39:44 UTC

I know how hot spots work, and no it doesnโ€™t. I live near the Atlantic Ocean, I see a hot spot every morning. Itโ€™s a long stream of light, not a spot, so itโ€™s impossible to tell where the sun is based off of a โ€œhot spotโ€.

2018-10-08 12:40:07 UTC

you can see a hot spot in the video

2018-10-08 12:40:43 UTC

Iโ€™m on data right now and I donโ€™t want to blow through all of it. What timestamp?

2018-10-08 12:40:59 UTC

I have a very small data plan.

2018-10-08 12:43:20 UTC

water isn't the best place to see hot spots, it tends to streak

2018-10-08 12:43:47 UTC

So what else do you see them on besides water?

2018-10-08 12:44:45 UTC

you can see the sun spot at roughly 1:50 to 2:05 in the video

2018-10-08 12:44:54 UTC

sun hitting the clouds, its clearly seen

2018-10-08 12:45:23 UTC

pretty sure those are clouds

2018-10-08 12:45:41 UTC

you can get hot spot images of it hitting ground too

2018-10-08 12:45:45 UTC

Nope, thatโ€™s a break in the clouds with a body of water underneath.

2018-10-08 12:46:18 UTC

that is possible

2018-10-08 12:48:23 UTC

trying to get a sun spot pic

2018-10-08 12:48:26 UTC


2018-10-08 12:48:40 UTC

does any of this not look like CGI?

2018-10-08 12:49:22 UTC

top, right

2018-10-08 12:50:44 UTC

The bottom center left is not, neither is the bottom right, nor the middle center right, nor the middle center left. Itโ€™s just the sun with a good telescope.

2018-10-08 12:51:06 UTC

*mumbles how dictor ruins everything*

2018-10-08 12:51:06 UTC

distorted fish eye lens faking the curve on a few, most are CGI

2018-10-08 12:51:34 UTC

Why do you think theyโ€™re CGI?

2018-10-08 12:51:53 UTC

I don't think they are, they are

2018-10-08 12:52:03 UTC

Answer the question.

2018-10-08 12:52:07 UTC

because kevin can always tell CGI from the real thing

2018-10-08 12:52:15 UTC

because we live on flat earth

2018-10-08 12:52:19 UTC

we can't get pass the dome

2018-10-08 12:52:28 UTC

Nice circular reasoning there.

2018-10-08 12:52:45 UTC

so anything showing pics of earth are obviously false

2018-10-08 12:52:56 UTC

keep in mind, Kevin doesnt care about facts

2018-10-08 12:53:00 UTC

its not circular reasoning, its very straightforward

2018-10-08 12:53:07 UTC

The earth is flat, therefore all space pictures are fake, therefore the earth is flat.

2018-10-08 12:53:11 UTC

if one thing is true, then one truth reveals another

2018-10-08 12:53:32 UTC

that is why the evil powers that should not be want to keep us in the dark and lie to us

2018-10-08 12:53:44 UTC

they don't want us to know that our shit stinks

2018-10-08 12:54:50 UTC

no, we can't get pass the dome, therefore any pics showing the globe in one pic are CGI

2018-10-08 12:55:05 UTC

Anyway youโ€™ve dragged us off topic. What about the picture shows that itโ€™s CGI?

2018-10-08 12:55:54 UTC


2018-10-08 12:56:13 UTC

all CGi, maybe a few aren't but they don't try to show the whole globe

2018-10-08 12:56:35 UTC

Doctor, he doesnt actually have anything to back himself up

2018-10-08 12:57:00 UTC

Yeah, thatโ€™s what I thought as well. Anyway I gtg.

2018-10-08 12:57:04 UTC


2018-10-08 13:00:27 UTC

Robert Simmons who works for NASA: " It's photoshopped, but it has to be."

2018-10-08 13:00:39 UTC

2:15 in this video

2018-10-08 13:00:58 UTC

2:13 to 2:15

2018-10-08 13:03:58 UTC

Everything I say is backed up with evidence

2018-10-08 13:04:13 UTC

just because you refuse to look at the evidence provided doesn't change the proof

2018-10-08 13:04:22 UTC

ostriches thinking your right

2018-10-08 13:04:43 UTC

covering your eyes from the truth doesn't change the truth

2018-10-08 13:04:49 UTC

it just keeps you in the dark

2018-10-08 13:10:41 UTC

great metaphor since ostriches dont do that ๐Ÿ‘Œ

2018-10-08 13:14:52 UTC

What in the world are they talking about then? When people say someone has their head buried in the sand, they are claiming that the person is ignoring obvious facts or refusing to accept advice, hoping that simply denying the existence of a problem will make it go away.

This popular metaphor is believed to have originated with observations of ostriches that appear to bury their heads in the sand to avoid predators. Some people think this behavior results from the fact that ostriches are so stupid that they believe burying their heads will make them invisible to predators. In other words, if they can't see the predators, then the predators can't see them.

2018-10-08 13:17:27 UTC

and i you bothered to read the article it says the ostiche doesnt bury its head in fear

2018-10-08 13:19:08 UTC

also, i do actually think yyou using it is a good metaphor, just for dffernt things

2018-10-08 13:19:24 UTC

ostriches are fast and don't bury their head in sand, they do put their heads near the ground to eat stuff off it, its still a valid metaphor

2018-10-08 13:19:44 UTC

>head near ground = head under ground

2018-10-08 13:20:37 UTC

pretty much they don't equal each other

2018-10-08 13:20:58 UTC

they might actually dig into the sand to find food hiding in the sand

2018-10-08 13:21:28 UTC

so they might actually bury their head in sand grabbing food with their beaks, its not reallly about hiding from predators

2018-10-08 13:21:37 UTC

i know\

2018-10-08 13:21:43 UTC

i am not argueing that kevin

2018-10-08 13:21:57 UTC

my points and links are valid

2018-10-08 13:22:15 UTC

i know they dont stick their heads in the ground

2018-10-08 13:22:32 UTC

and i said i think its an appropiate metaphor, but for differnt reasons

2018-10-08 13:22:46 UTC

they might if they sense food under sand

2018-10-08 13:23:04 UTC

like a crab

2018-10-08 13:23:12 UTC

kevin, we agree

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