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2018-10-06 19:00:18 UTC

It's when the earth blocks the suns light from the moon

2018-10-06 19:00:28 UTC

So why's the shadow top down?

2018-10-06 19:00:36 UTC

The light bounces off our atmosphere and turns the moon red

2018-10-06 19:00:40 UTC


2018-10-06 19:00:44 UTC

oh my god

2018-10-06 19:00:45 UTC

I don't understand why that's a contradiction

2018-10-06 19:00:55 UTC

Because the ballons show bottom up shadow

2018-10-06 19:01:02 UTC

because you are someone who understands directions @ShadyMasterJ

2018-10-06 19:01:10 UTC

well you should look into the tortion feilds of earth/humans and you'll get into 'how" the sun/moon are portal points of energy possibly +/- and when overlapped create the Heart/black sun/star aka true light

2018-10-06 19:01:18 UTC

why is that a contradiction

2018-10-06 19:01:20 UTC

I don't even understand the geometry at play in Sheeple's argument

2018-10-06 19:01:22 UTC

the shadow convexes to a small point on the earth, which is a strange ways for a shadow to behave

2018-10-06 19:01:23 UTC

That's dependent on the direction it's moving. The moon isn't a balloon

2018-10-06 19:01:43 UTC

But you think the Earth and Moon are both spheres don't you?

2018-10-06 19:01:51 UTC


2018-10-06 19:01:52 UTC


2018-10-06 19:01:57 UTC

n o

2018-10-06 19:01:58 UTC

its shill geometry toothcake, its not meant to make sense

2018-10-06 19:02:00 UTC

why is that a contradiction πŸ˜‚

2018-10-06 19:02:04 UTC

You're claiming the bottom of hte Earth 12,000km below my feet is casting a shadow on the moon during the daytime?

2018-10-06 19:02:12 UTC

Why won't it work with balloons?

2018-10-06 19:02:36 UTC


2018-10-06 19:02:40 UTC

@^Kevin^ Unlike shill theology?

2018-10-06 19:03:14 UTC


2018-10-06 19:03:19 UTC

you can beleive wht you want, but I'm after the truth

2018-10-06 19:03:24 UTC

Uhm. No. That's not what I'm claiming. That's dependent on where you are in relation to the moon. If the moon is visible it would not be the earth underneath you that would be blocking the sun

2018-10-06 19:03:26 UTC

You mean GOD

2018-10-06 19:03:27 UTC

yes the earth casts a shadow on the moon...whats is weird about that

2018-10-06 19:03:35 UTC

I'm a truther and officially a professor

2018-10-06 19:03:44 UTC

at least in this room

2018-10-06 19:03:47 UTC

What school do you teach at?

2018-10-06 19:03:48 UTC

your position literally doesnt matter sheeple earth is big

2018-10-06 19:03:49 UTC

guys half the battle here isn't telling them facts its opening there mind up to the nature of reality as a whole; its the mindset enwhich they are within that enslaves them; the energyies that are in harmoney with create a loop of insanity they slumber within; to wake/shake them takes often times lots of self driven rabbit hole diving and /or some obe's or what not

2018-10-06 19:03:51 UTC

The shadow is top down, the balloons produce a bottom up shadow

2018-10-06 19:03:57 UTC

dubbed as Professor Kevin

2018-10-06 19:04:05 UTC


2018-10-06 19:04:08 UTC


2018-10-06 19:04:21 UTC

that is me in the pic FYI

2018-10-06 19:04:25 UTC

Oh, so you're not officially a professor

2018-10-06 19:04:31 UTC

do you know what it means to profess?

2018-10-06 19:04:39 UTC

(in this room)

2018-10-06 19:04:41 UTC

What the fuck do balloons have to do with the moon. Direction is relative

2018-10-06 19:04:42 UTC

what ballons are you talking about

2018-10-06 19:04:59 UTC

Well can you make a top down shadow with one light source and two spheres or not?

2018-10-06 19:05:15 UTC

Yes I can

2018-10-06 19:05:19 UTC

Ah shit, I wanted to change my nickname to Balloon Professor

2018-10-06 19:05:20 UTC

If you can't, then why do you expect me to believe the Earth is the cause of the shadow on the moon?

2018-10-06 19:05:25 UTC



2018-10-06 19:05:37 UTC

who said you cant

2018-10-06 19:05:42 UTC

That means the moon is moving up relative to you

2018-10-06 19:05:43 UTC

"claim openly but also falsely"

2018-10-06 19:05:46 UTC

You don't say

2018-10-06 19:05:50 UTC

does not equate to this


2018-10-06 19:05:57 UTC

You can get a job at NASA they go through half the world's annual helium supply each year every year.


2018-10-06 19:06:07 UTC


2018-10-06 19:06:08 UTC

Kevin, if you're gonna troll you gotta be more subtle about this shit, man.

2018-10-06 19:06:10 UTC


2018-10-06 19:06:31 UTC

@^Kevin^ in essence then your holding a position of egoic aclimation; something that builds/reinforces indoctrination and the sedation within the "I KNOW"

2018-10-06 19:06:39 UTC

literally everyone catches him @Toothcake
its hilarious

2018-10-06 19:07:00 UTC

appearantly most professors are teaching false crap in our universities

2018-10-06 19:07:13 UTC

even a teacher is learning

2018-10-06 19:07:18 UTC

hell most proffessors are golorified slide show readers

2018-10-06 19:07:36 UTC

idk what kind of teacher you had :^)

2018-10-06 19:07:40 UTC

In fact I literally just performed the same experiment with overhead lights in the room in and my index fingers. I can make the shadows go any direction I want.

2018-10-06 19:08:00 UTC

I deserve 50 K for reading a slide presentation/book

2018-10-06 19:08:36 UTC

everyone turn to page 666 in your I believe the globe

2018-10-06 19:08:41 UTC

have you been to college, kevin?
professors dont just read slideshows

2018-10-06 19:08:51 UTC

If that's all you think Profs do, you're a shit student tbh. If you actually go to faculty and give a shit about their effort, they help you out.

2018-10-06 19:08:51 UTC


2018-10-06 19:08:55 UTC

"The new testament is trash"
*refers to 666*

2018-10-06 19:08:57 UTC

I say that seriously as academic advice

2018-10-06 19:09:10 UTC


2018-10-06 19:09:14 UTC

Do any of you globe turds actually do any real research or do you just regurgutate whatever school taught you?

2018-10-06 19:09:24 UTC

Hit them with the globe turds

2018-10-06 19:09:24 UTC

in case people don't realize that 666 is in many many numbers in globe theory, its all over

2018-10-06 19:09:26 UTC

So come on, make a top down daytime shadow

2018-10-06 19:09:28 UTC

Oh you can't

2018-10-06 19:09:29 UTC


2018-10-06 19:09:31 UTC

School taught me to do my own research and that's how I know you're an idiot @Human Sheeple

2018-10-06 19:09:31 UTC

What a shame

2018-10-06 19:09:33 UTC


2018-10-06 19:09:44 UTC

he just said he did are you willingly ignoring it

2018-10-06 19:09:49 UTC

But you don't believe nt

2018-10-06 19:09:56 UTC

So 666 means nothing to you

2018-10-06 19:09:58 UTC

hey guys lets talk about something very very touchy in nature; if we had people impanted here in discord/reality with information/facts from "beyond" and where only here as scouts/spies etc; what kinda topics do you think would most provoke these people to add to and question/build upon without getting them into shit?

2018-10-06 19:10:00 UTC

the tilt use to be 23.4 degrees, another way to say that by a 90 degree arc is 66.6 degree tilt, people started wising up to this fact so they added a .1 to it

2018-10-06 19:10:02 UTC

School teaches you to do your own research, unless it is something that is "proven"

2018-10-06 19:10:03 UTC

why are flatjits so patronizing

2018-10-06 19:10:04 UTC


2018-10-06 19:10:09 UTC

dunning kruger af

2018-10-06 19:10:10 UTC

yes, now I can't see the numbers add up to 66.6 degree tilt

2018-10-06 19:10:16 UTC

"From Beyond" wtf is this H.P. Lovecraft

2018-10-06 19:10:25 UTC

Do you globe turds actually believe the ISS is real?

2018-10-06 19:10:33 UTC

What... The tilt is 27.5Β°

2018-10-06 19:10:38 UTC

school is a set of programs...programming your mind with propaganda, making nice people into nazis

2018-10-06 19:10:46 UTC

shifting the goal post, sheeple

2018-10-06 19:10:52 UTC

yes we can make a shadow

2018-10-06 19:10:57 UTC

whats your point now

2018-10-06 19:11:07 UTC

show me

2018-10-06 19:11:09 UTC

You can literally see the iss through a telescope

2018-10-06 19:11:11 UTC

ISS is a drone, you can't see that high up

2018-10-06 19:11:12 UTC


2018-10-06 19:11:15 UTC

@Christmas EveryDay Didn't you openly claim you sympathize with and want to be a Nazi?

2018-10-06 19:11:16 UTC

do it yourself right now

2018-10-06 19:11:27 UTC


2018-10-06 19:11:35 UTC

lol i dont want to be a nazi, no

2018-10-06 19:11:36 UTC

Soldz is a real flat earther, so is Hugh, not shills

2018-10-06 19:11:44 UTC

we can tell the difference

2018-10-06 19:11:49 UTC

Hugh is a flat earther?

2018-10-06 19:11:51 UTC

Hugh isn't a flat earther

2018-10-06 19:12:00 UTC

okay hugh, yhou aren't a truther

2018-10-06 19:12:00 UTC

No but he's a cat earther

2018-10-06 19:12:10 UTC

no truther believes in globe nonsense

2018-10-06 19:12:19 UTC

True true

2018-10-06 19:12:26 UTC

No true Scotsman

2018-10-06 19:12:29 UTC


2018-10-06 19:12:41 UTC

I have met a small number of geocentrists who do have some good research on debunking axial rotation and celestial motion claims

2018-10-06 19:12:51 UTC

"No truther believes in. . . "
"By the way I don't believe in truth as existing in reality, nor do my beliefs affect it. But I will arbitrate who is and is not a truther."

2018-10-06 19:13:14 UTC

can i be a truther?

2018-10-06 19:13:21 UTC

I don't understand why people care so much whether the earth is flat or not

2018-10-06 19:13:25 UTC


2018-10-06 19:13:38 UTC

you can become a truth by setting your own values

2018-10-06 19:13:41 UTC

Cause we are all gonna die anyways amirite **dances**

2018-10-06 19:13:57 UTC

*Fortnite style*

2018-10-06 19:14:00 UTC

then if you start talking about being a truther and globe believer I will call you out on the hypocrisy

2018-10-06 19:14:03 UTC

"you can become a truth by setting your own values"
"No, I'm not a Relativist."

2018-10-06 19:14:18 UTC

@ShadyMasterJ it matters because it is surprising how people are still debating over a topic as simple as this....

2018-10-06 19:14:26 UTC

I mean yeah

2018-10-06 19:14:28 UTC

But like

2018-10-06 19:14:35 UTC

kevin I do not have to satisfy your shit criteria for my "labels", I think you are either mentally inept or a liar :^)

2018-10-06 19:14:36 UTC


2018-10-06 19:14:38 UTC

Why wouldn't you care???

2018-10-06 19:14:49 UTC

Why wouldn't I care?

2018-10-06 19:14:55 UTC

If the government is lying to us about the shape of the earth, it means a lot of bad stuff

2018-10-06 19:14:58 UTC

Think about it

2018-10-06 19:15:02 UTC

Because I have better things to do with my life

2018-10-06 19:15:06 UTC

no one has proven they have

2018-10-06 19:15:09 UTC

im a mentally handicapped parrot XD

2018-10-06 19:15:12 UTC

"Hey guys did you know the government will lie"

2018-10-06 19:15:13 UTC

all you guys have is speculation

2018-10-06 19:15:16 UTC

no hard evidence

2018-10-06 19:15:17 UTC


2018-10-06 19:15:18 UTC

"I'm original as shit"

2018-10-06 19:15:18 UTC

If the government ISN'T lying that would be a first

2018-10-06 19:15:28 UTC

your not a truther, your lying to yourself Hugh and what you think of me doesn't change what you are or what your doing

2018-10-06 19:15:29 UTC

True that

2018-10-06 19:15:35 UTC

no one cares, sheeple, prove that they are

2018-10-06 19:15:38 UTC

who knows about the war upon drugs like psyco active compounds like DMT etc

2018-10-06 19:15:44 UTC

about the shape that is

2018-10-06 19:15:44 UTC

We have shown you proof, you just ignore it

2018-10-06 19:15:53 UTC


2018-10-06 19:15:59 UTC

like GOD

2018-10-06 19:16:15 UTC

No idea about a war on drugs, but i tried dmt once

2018-10-06 19:16:20 UTC

government and politicians lie, this isn't newsworthy

2018-10-06 19:16:28 UTC

@Hugh Hey mate, look. GOD did this. And how do I know? GOD is a fact. What are facts? Things that can't be debated.

2018-10-06 19:16:38 UTC

What's wrong with this epistemic framework, huh?

2018-10-06 19:16:54 UTC

also to say that governments lie all the time would be false also, sometimes they do tell you the truth

2018-10-06 19:17:14 UTC

There's only one big G and it's not gravity!

2018-10-06 19:17:25 UTC


2018-10-06 19:17:33 UTC


2018-10-06 19:17:41 UTC

one of the few, one of the proud

2018-10-06 19:17:49 UTC


2018-10-06 19:17:53 UTC

@Human Sheeple ITS GRAVY!!!!!!!!!!!!

2018-10-06 19:18:02 UTC

i typed a huge paragraph

2018-10-06 19:18:06 UTC

oh well

2018-10-06 19:18:09 UTC

It is more then God @Toothcake

2018-10-06 19:18:26 UTC

You can prove stuff outside of God you know regarding flat earth

2018-10-06 19:18:31 UTC

@Toothcake circular reasoning πŸ˜‚

2018-10-06 19:18:37 UTC

If it was only God and nothing else I probably wouldnt be a flat earther

2018-10-06 19:18:50 UTC

*But* it isnt

2018-10-06 19:19:10 UTC

what are your reasons then

2018-10-06 19:19:33 UTC

theres some airplanes... =]

2018-10-06 19:19:43 UTC

some people realize flat earth from GOD and the bible

2018-10-06 19:19:49 UTC


2018-10-06 19:19:52 UTC

@Soldz (CF) Yeah, well, you can't prove much regarding flat earth

2018-10-06 19:19:58 UTC

Airplanes that do not pitch down one degree every 8 minutes πŸ˜‚

2018-10-06 19:19:59 UTC

holy shit

2018-10-06 19:20:00 UTC

You as in you.

2018-10-06 19:20:04 UTC


2018-10-06 19:20:08 UTC


2018-10-06 19:20:16 UTC

Mate mate look

2018-10-06 19:20:34 UTC

thats a strawman, sheeple

2018-10-06 19:20:37 UTC

non intertial frames of reference warped in space time curvature 🀣

2018-10-06 19:20:45 UTC

so if you put north pole in the center and consider that we live on flat earth, you come to a realization

2018-10-06 19:20:45 UTC

can I buy some space time please πŸ˜‚

2018-10-06 19:20:55 UTC

Literally any small amount of skepticism is too much for FE to overcome, because Flat Earth literally is Hyperbolic Skepticism @Soldz (CF)

2018-10-06 19:21:06 UTC

whats straw about an airplane? u cant call anything a strawman just cause u want to

2018-10-06 19:21:10 UTC

to stay due east or due west, you need to keep turning/rotating to stay in that same direction

2018-10-06 19:21:32 UTC

The plane thing is just dumb

2018-10-06 19:21:34 UTC


2018-10-06 19:21:40 UTC

planes do not have to dip their noses because gravity keeps them leveL

you cant just eliminate gravity while talking *about the globe*, its like us asking you to fall off the edge

2018-10-06 19:21:42 UTC

How hard is it to understand

2018-10-06 19:21:46 UTC


2018-10-06 19:21:50 UTC

very, apparently

2018-10-06 19:21:53 UTC

if you try to go south on flat earth, you'll end up varring off course and end up going south in a straight line from due east or due west

2018-10-06 19:22:07 UTC

See you will only gain altitude if u constantly keep on increasing the thrust

2018-10-06 19:22:08 UTC

try this in a helicopter, you'll end up proving flat earth just using a compass

2018-10-06 19:22:19 UTC


2018-10-06 19:22:21 UTC

I don't increase the thrust, u travel at a constant altitude

2018-10-06 19:22:29 UTC

The thing is, I have and am going to be doing experiments like I already have to prove or disprove the shape of the earth it is mainly for me and not for others really @Toothcake

2018-10-06 19:22:36 UTC

As long as I can prove it you know

2018-10-06 19:22:40 UTC

A constant height above a flat non rotating surface

2018-10-06 19:22:40 UTC

i fly helicopter sometimes, its tons of fun, every1 should try it

2018-10-06 19:22:42 UTC

@Soldz (CF) How do you account for the Problem of Induction?

2018-10-06 19:22:43 UTC

no shit you stay level, sheeple thats what we have gravity for

2018-10-06 19:22:50 UTC

What's that?

2018-10-06 19:22:54 UTC

Got any proof of it?

2018-10-06 19:22:59 UTC


2018-10-06 19:23:03 UTC

such as?

2018-10-06 19:23:03 UTC
2018-10-06 19:23:09 UTC

Gravity waves!

2018-10-06 19:23:16 UTC

guys... planes don't need to tilt up to go up the wings generat upward force by design; and by going faster they fall/rise more based on air flow around wings....

2018-10-06 19:23:20 UTC

Can I buy some gravity waves please?

2018-10-06 19:23:24 UTC

Experiments proving relativity

2018-10-06 19:23:33 UTC

@Toothcake The problem of induction?

2018-10-06 19:23:34 UTC

Can I buy some relativity please?

2018-10-06 19:23:40 UTC

@Human Sheeple you have got to be kidding me right!!!

2018-10-06 19:23:46 UTC

Nope, you're selling bullshit

2018-10-06 19:23:55 UTC

do some cavendish like this guy did https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2QdifwJ31ig

2018-10-06 19:23:57 UTC

Do you even know how we tested for relativity

2018-10-06 19:24:05 UTC

Human Sheeple, do you konw what a shill flat earther is?

2018-10-06 19:24:09 UTC

nothing is stopping you from trying it on your own

2018-10-06 19:24:25 UTC

i have a 12 ounces of relativity, how much do you need?

2018-10-06 19:24:33 UTC

@Soldz (CF) You cannot presume an experience of yours will hold up in all cases by experience alone. Every repeatable scientific experiment is thus not valid until it is validated; which lands Science in an infintie regress. Look up David Hume

2018-10-06 19:24:39 UTC

use metric pls

2018-10-06 19:24:42 UTC

based on the definition of a shill flat earther, how are you not one?

2018-10-06 19:24:43 UTC

πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

2018-10-06 19:24:58 UTC


2018-10-06 19:25:09 UTC

@Toothcake Thats true

2018-10-06 19:25:16 UTC

You guys are so gullible you think mass attracts mass and you believe that Royal Society Occultish Henry Cavendish in his wooden box OMG I'm dying here

2018-10-06 19:25:45 UTC

@Soldz (CF) `P H I L O S O P H Y`

2018-10-06 19:25:48 UTC

@Human Sheeple shhhh they get defencive when you call out there "big" old brains

2018-10-06 19:25:55 UTC

@Toothcake But if I continue to repeat it in different areas, for example the *curve* like I have I will find out the truth

2018-10-06 19:25:58 UTC

the cavendish experiment was faulty

2018-10-06 19:26:22 UTC

@^Kevin^ Mark Sergeant, Patricia Steere, Jacob Vigil, Tyson Miller, Mick West's Dad, basically everybody at FES and Flat Earth Asshole

2018-10-06 19:26:34 UTC

@^Kevin^ explain why

2018-10-06 19:26:36 UTC

@Soldz (CF) Perhaps, but couldn't I always ask for more evidence? If you're relying only on that *which you have experienced* any new hypothetical requires a new experience.

2018-10-06 19:26:48 UTC

some on that list are shills

2018-10-06 19:27:10 UTC

Penguin face even admitted he was a shill

2018-10-06 19:27:17 UTC

others that I can't identify is probably because I haven't been exposed to their nonsense

2018-10-06 19:27:26 UTC

@Soldz (CF) This is why the Philosophy of Science exists: one has to prove on a non-empirical basis empiricism is justified. Until you can do that, experiments don't mean much.

2018-10-06 19:27:28 UTC

Look up Metatron

2018-10-06 19:27:30 UTC

sheeple those are clearly unstable
the steup is wrong

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