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2018-10-06 18:27:35 UTC

just because I stumble onto it doesn't mean its less true or more true

2018-10-06 18:27:39 UTC

How would you handle the claim truth doesn't exist the way you wish it to?

2018-10-06 18:27:57 UTC

doesn't matter how you want to change truth

2018-10-06 18:28:08 UTC

you can't change truth without GOD

2018-10-06 18:28:15 UTC

Your conception of truth is a belief in-and-of-its-self; therefore, doesn't matter hwo yo wish to change a truth thatβ€”necessarilyβ€”pre-dates you.

2018-10-06 18:28:20 UTC

GOD is the only one who can decide what the rules are

2018-10-06 18:28:30 UTC

we are living within the rules he created

2018-10-06 18:28:46 UTC

@^Kevin^ you know the biggest problem with the bible is most of its created under an oath not many commited too; and its very construction is a product of indoctrination/sedation

2018-10-06 18:28:46 UTC

Right, but that's not true.

2018-10-06 18:29:24 UTC

you can imagine that there is a huge space out there and we are spending tons of money to one day explore it, but what is actually happening is its a mass delusion and we are wasting money on a dead-end project that will never happen

2018-10-06 18:29:34 UTC

clue -> haven't been back to moon in nearly 50 years

2018-10-06 18:30:04 UTC

That's a non-sequitur.

2018-10-06 18:30:09 UTC

@^Kevin^ I think you credit to much to "God" when there are so many steps between what "he" chooses and what those that channel spirit like us choose... like our dna for instance wasn't flushed out and formed by "god"... read the emerald tablets of toth some time and listen to people dive into it

2018-10-06 18:31:16 UTC

imagine if you would a society where everyone was killing everyone else

2018-10-06 18:31:25 UTC

our numbers would be drastically going down fast

2018-10-06 18:31:30 UTC

as everyone murdered everyone else

2018-10-06 18:31:36 UTC

I think the problem is that Kevin's defintion of "God" is his own belief-system

2018-10-06 18:31:42 UTC

Which is actually incredibly blasphemous

2018-10-06 18:31:57 UTC

my belief system doesn't change what GOD is

2018-10-06 18:32:06 UTC

@^Kevin^ are there any "flash" names/titals of occult/essoteric books you could tell me you've studied/skimmed etc?

2018-10-06 18:32:24 UTC

my brother studied the occult

2018-10-06 18:32:26 UTC

waste of time

2018-10-06 18:32:30 UTC

You're rightβ€”because your God is your belief system; therefore it could not change its' self, because you won't let it.

2018-10-06 18:32:51 UTC

he told me that there was this mental magic few could master that was the ultimate form of occultism

2018-10-06 18:33:15 UTC

agreed most of it is; how'ever its not in what you learn through the occult that changes you; its in the accumalitve sum of experinces that your lense of ego can draw from when subjected to an indepth broadening of such concepts

2018-10-06 18:33:34 UTC

I was created by proxy by GOD, GOD isn't affected by my beliefs

2018-10-06 18:34:00 UTC

Mhm, because your God is your belief; you refuse to re-evaluate your own worldview by saying all-caps GOD.

2018-10-06 18:34:00 UTC

I think he deserves some respect and acknowledgement for being instrumental in us being here

2018-10-06 18:34:10 UTC

Thank GOD

2018-10-06 18:34:19 UTC

Oh I think so too, I just happen to know what you're conceiving of isn't the Christian God.

2018-10-06 18:34:44 UTC

defminitely not, I follow the jewish GOD in the old testament that promotes monotheism

2018-10-06 18:34:47 UTC

thats like saying a I dropped a sandwitch by an ant hill and thus the next 2 generations where created by "god" le me; when they where already there, and i never changed them in essence

2018-10-06 18:34:59 UTC

the same Jewish GOD that Jesus followed

2018-10-06 18:35:05 UTC

The Jewish & Christian God are the same God mate

2018-10-06 18:35:09 UTC

I don't follow Jesus, I follow his god

2018-10-06 18:35:19 UTC

Jesus isn't a god, he was a man

2018-10-06 18:35:26 UTC

Christians believe this also.

2018-10-06 18:35:34 UTC

Jesus was a jewish man

2018-10-06 18:35:36 UTC

not a god

2018-10-06 18:35:46 UTC


2018-10-06 18:35:57 UTC

I don't follow 3 in 1 nonsense either, father son and holy ghost are paganism

2018-10-06 18:36:18 UTC

I don't hold sabbath on fake days, by a distorted calendar

2018-10-06 18:36:21 UTC

So you're just a Jew?

2018-10-06 18:36:28 UTC

I'm a reformed jew

2018-10-06 18:36:33 UTC


2018-10-06 18:36:40 UTC

I wouldn't say just a jew

2018-10-06 18:36:43 UTC

do you know that jesus went through "Most" of if not all and more of the same traditional growth/practices that most shamens go through? in essence "jesus" was just another channeler and any of his followers could have been/done and acted as him and used the term jesus to cover for the identity of all those that did the work of the lord....

2018-10-06 18:36:45 UTC

I would say I'm one of the chosen

2018-10-06 18:37:10 UTC

one of the few who isn't running around doing paganism or breaking the 10 commandments

2018-10-06 18:37:43 UTC

You mean like pretending to understand God's will and ramblign about the shape of the Earth?

2018-10-06 18:37:47 UTC

That sort of Paganism?

2018-10-06 18:38:15 UTC

**grabs popcorn**

2018-10-06 18:38:18 UTC

I never said to understand GOD's will

2018-10-06 18:38:29 UTC

same, j

2018-10-06 18:38:43 UTC

I can guess at it but it would be guessing

2018-10-06 18:38:47 UTC

You didn't have to say it lol

2018-10-06 18:38:59 UTC

Inference is a thing that happens in communication

2018-10-06 18:39:03 UTC

and the shape of the earth should be obvious

2018-10-06 18:39:25 UTC

if you are clouded by brainwashing then you should break away from the brainwashing and look with new eyes on flat earth

2018-10-06 18:39:33 UTC

then compare the two models

2018-10-06 18:40:07 UTC

without looking at flat earth with new eyes, your already predisposed to think its hogwash based on the brainwashing when we were children

2018-10-06 18:40:09 UTC

I'm not talking about the claims of Earth's shapes, I'm talking about the fact that, at least in Christianity, most would hold what you're doing to be sinful.

2018-10-06 18:40:13 UTC

Look even the Globe is flat

2018-10-06 18:40:13 UTC

they have globes in everything

2018-10-06 18:41:00 UTC

@^Kevin^ you say the shape of the earth is obvious yet I've come to understand the shape of the earth is a product of nonthingness; in essence the "shape" of a shapeless entitiy something that isn't something can't have shape; so in essence I've come to see it as your think of the earth as some "thing" enwich has mass/matter etc in short your understanding of the potential mechanics of manifestation of which produce this reality is limited to a "mainstream" view of understanding....

2018-10-06 18:41:05 UTC

I like how people would say that the earth is round, even though they meant it was a sphere

2018-10-06 18:41:16 UTC

Spheres are round.

2018-10-06 18:41:17 UTC

their are people out there who can tell a lie just from hearing it

2018-10-06 18:41:25 UTC

yea, so are circles

2018-10-06 18:41:28 UTC

My floor is flat

2018-10-06 18:41:32 UTC

My floor is the Earth

2018-10-06 18:41:34 UTC

So Earth is flat

2018-10-06 18:41:52 UTC

wow that is terribly flawed

2018-10-06 18:42:04 UTC

the earth is a flat, stationary circle surrounded by ice created by the sun moving in a circular motion over our heads

2018-10-06 18:42:04 UTC

its called making fun of people....

2018-10-06 18:42:17 UTC

Who would've thought these people can't construct arguments @Hugh

2018-10-06 18:42:25 UTC

you sound like a shill Human sheeple

2018-10-06 18:42:26 UTC


2018-10-06 18:42:56 UTC

yay are we witnessing another shill battle?

2018-10-06 18:43:09 UTC

similiar to many shills who try to push flat earth falsely to make globe believers think their belief is valid by creating a straw-man

2018-10-06 18:43:13 UTC

easy to knock down

2018-10-06 18:43:25 UTC


2018-10-06 18:43:30 UTC

critical thinking time : if time is an illusion then the sun and moon are a halo above the earth; thus does that make those with halo's connected to timeless spirits? then would the twilight zone be in essence a halo'less world of moon brought darkness?

2018-10-06 18:43:33 UTC

No, I was merely trying to get into Kevin's jusficiations for his point of view; and they're not-surprisingly non-existent.

2018-10-06 18:43:34 UTC

not a fan of shill flat earthers

2018-10-06 18:43:51 UTC

Yeah bet you didn't turn up to FECORE laser tests did you Kevin?

2018-10-06 18:44:03 UTC

kevin is troll, tooth

2018-10-06 18:44:09 UTC

a* ugh

2018-10-06 18:44:11 UTC

My floor is flat
My floor is the Earth
So Earth is flat

2018-10-06 18:44:16 UTC


2018-10-06 18:44:28 UTC

I presumed as much when he said GOD is flat earth therefore the Earth is flat lmao

2018-10-06 18:44:37 UTC


2018-10-06 18:44:43 UTC


2018-10-06 18:44:52 UTC

The floor has no detectable curvature

2018-10-06 18:44:53 UTC

its so painful cause its obvious

2018-10-06 18:45:09 UTC

So because the floor is flat

2018-10-06 18:45:11 UTC


2018-10-06 18:45:13 UTC

you said this, its not logical, doesn't mean the earth isn't flat, just that you are pushing illogical arguments lik a shill

2018-10-06 18:45:15 UTC

The earth is flat

2018-10-06 18:45:26 UTC

jus like your mom

2018-10-06 18:45:31 UTC


2018-10-06 18:45:31 UTC

i'm just wondering who's paying him to be like this; or is this character how he gets off?

2018-10-06 18:45:34 UTC

Lmao Kevin you couldn't define truth don't get into logic mate

2018-10-06 18:45:40 UTC

It's not illogical at all, it's the most basic and obvious proof of flat earth, it's called opening your eyes.

2018-10-06 18:45:52 UTC

That's called shooting yourself in the foot

2018-10-06 18:45:52 UTC


2018-10-06 18:46:12 UTC

you can't see curvature in the room of your house

2018-10-06 18:46:18 UTC

the floor will represent the whole earth?

2018-10-06 18:46:24 UTC


2018-10-06 18:46:24 UTC


2018-10-06 18:46:27 UTC

As a construction worker: yes, you can.

2018-10-06 18:46:28 UTC

logic on point sheeple

2018-10-06 18:46:30 UTC

you need at least 3 miles distance to see a small curve of 6 feet

2018-10-06 18:46:41 UTC

based on 8 inches squared per mile curvature that is false

2018-10-06 18:46:44 UTC

sheeple does not understand basic concepts

2018-10-06 18:46:51 UTC

No room's floorboards are perfectly flat, that's why they warp overtime, water, moisture, etc.

2018-10-06 18:47:01 UTC


2018-10-06 18:47:04 UTC


2018-10-06 18:47:09 UTC

Well if your floor is a frozen lake 23km long and you can't detect 25 meters of curvature using an 80mRad 3,000mW laser I would say that's fairly strong evidence the floor has no detectable curvature.

2018-10-06 18:47:11 UTC

<:nasalies:485141702403686403> πŸ’

2018-10-06 18:47:14 UTC

so room is not flat

2018-10-06 18:47:15 UTC

also a hill could easily throw any findings out the window

2018-10-06 18:47:24 UTC

there you go sheeple, earth is a sphere

2018-10-06 18:47:40 UTC

over the long haul, you can see we don't live on a globe just by looking at the horizon

2018-10-06 18:47:42 UTC

Wait... So you admit hills aren't flat so is it possible you don't know

2018-10-06 18:47:52 UTC

Hills are hills

2018-10-06 18:48:06 UTC

To be fair, curved terrain doesn't actually contradict the claims of flat-earthers, it only contradicts @Human Sheeple's

2018-10-06 18:48:07 UTC

if you lived on a globe, and this is testable, you would notice it falling away, not rising to eye level

2018-10-06 18:48:45 UTC

But the earth is flat therefore hills can't be flat. If you say a flat floor contradicts globe earth them a round hill must contradict a flat earth. It's the same logic

2018-10-06 18:48:49 UTC

horizon doesn't rise to eye level

2018-10-06 18:48:53 UTC

Why aren't frozen lakes conforming to a sphere 40,070km in circumference, 6,370km in radius? If Earth is a sphere of those dimensions we should be able to derive curvature which is approximately 8cm per km squared, it isn't there.

2018-10-06 18:48:56 UTC


2018-10-06 18:49:00 UTC

the horizen wouldn't be flat like that so far out too; after like a few hundered miles you'd clearly see a warping curve

2018-10-06 18:49:02 UTC

if any of you are gamers, if you ever played in a game that tried to emulate the sphere we supposedly lived on, you would realize quickly that it doesn't represent our reality

2018-10-06 18:49:09 UTC

we don't live on a sphere, gaming shows this

2018-10-06 18:49:12 UTC

skyrim is flat

2018-10-06 18:49:15 UTC


2018-10-06 18:49:17 UTC

therefore, earth is flat

2018-10-06 18:49:26 UTC


2018-10-06 18:49:30 UTC

Kevin do you know how video games work

2018-10-06 18:49:32 UTC

There are more reasons then that but ok

2018-10-06 18:49:46 UTC

3 KSP Flat Earth Proofs:
1. LOST THE TECHNOLOGY..... Even without super heavy lift capability it is possible to create a modularly assembled star ship for relatively low cost using existing technology. This could take man to the moon and beyond WHY HASN'T ANYONE DONE IT?
2. 2ND LAW OF THERMODYNAMICS..... Fly at a circular orbit of 70,000m and notice you can orbit infinitely. Fly at a circular orbit of 69,999m and watch yourself spiral into the ground. How is gas next to no gas possible?
3. STRAIGHT AND LEVEL FLIGHT..... Build an SSTO, fly at the horizon and watch the artificial horizon slowly get lower and lower as you fly off at a tangent, notice how real aircraft don't do this and wonder how straight and level flight is possible on a globe earth.3 KSP Flat

2018-10-06 18:49:52 UTC

@ShadyMasterJ I agreeβ€”I think it's just that the more, and I do regret the choice of term, sophisticated flat-earthers essentially argue there's a bump-map of sorts on a round yet horizontal and non-globular Earth.

2018-10-06 18:50:02 UTC

I know how 3D modeling works and I bought space engineers when it was being made

2018-10-06 18:50:14 UTC

they tried to make planets and it was sad and pathetic in their early attempts

2018-10-06 18:50:24 UTC

too round

2018-10-06 18:50:31 UTC

Human Sheeple quit gish galloping

2018-10-06 18:50:33 UTC

they were trying to put us on a ball

2018-10-06 18:50:37 UTC


2018-10-06 18:50:50 UTC


2018-10-06 18:51:06 UTC

too much of a ball, that isn't reality

2018-10-06 18:51:12 UTC

You can go outside and try and see the curve with unbiased on for once Shady

2018-10-06 18:51:17 UTC

You won't find what you are looking for

2018-10-06 18:51:23 UTC

They have simulations of globes that work far better than a flat one. I could create one in a unity engine

2018-10-06 18:51:26 UTC


2018-10-06 18:51:27 UTC

3D engines don't represent reality because over long distances light bends an enormous amount

2018-10-06 18:51:47 UTC

Too much of a ball, that isn't GOD

2018-10-06 18:52:23 UTC

oh look


2018-10-06 18:52:23 UTC

light doesn't bend an enormous amount

2018-10-06 18:52:29 UTC

horizon doesnt rise to eye level

2018-10-06 18:52:42 UTC

@Hugh Ignore the lift bending the wing up ha ha

2018-10-06 18:52:50 UTC

human eyes are circular in nature and most people have two of them

2018-10-06 18:52:54 UTC

Hugh, that's just an optical illusion created by fish eye lenses c'mon

2018-10-06 18:52:58 UTC

We all know that!

2018-10-06 18:53:11 UTC

@Human Sheeple the wing is not the focus point

2018-10-06 18:53:20 UTC

so we see with two eyes to gain perspective, which also has its own peculiarities

2018-10-06 18:53:21 UTC

the line is

2018-10-06 18:53:22 UTC

But uh @Human Sheeple The wing isn't tilted up, look at the indicator on the top

2018-10-06 18:53:27 UTC

That's the point.

2018-10-06 18:53:57 UTC

So air doesn't push the wings up, lifting the plane up bending the wing upwards from the stress strain forces? Oh no that would be crazy

2018-10-06 18:53:58 UTC

you see the white and the green lines, sheep?

2018-10-06 18:54:04 UTC
2018-10-06 18:54:07 UTC

Tell me, can the flat earth model accurately predict the next solar eclipse?

2018-10-06 18:54:15 UTC

imma watching this fresh video atm

2018-10-06 18:54:20 UTC

why are you on about the wings, we arent using them

2018-10-06 18:54:23 UTC

They don't believe in Eclipses, Shady

2018-10-06 18:54:28 UTC

No they do

2018-10-06 18:54:30 UTC

@ShadyMasterJ Saros Cycle yes, can the globe model predict accuratley solar eclipses?

2018-10-06 18:54:31 UTC


2018-10-06 18:54:45 UTC


2018-10-06 18:54:49 UTC

Nah nah, kevin earlier claimed that the Moon has it's own source of light, its' own glow.

2018-10-06 18:54:50 UTC

Says who Tooth

2018-10-06 18:54:54 UTC


2018-10-06 18:54:56 UTC

Because it does

2018-10-06 18:54:58 UTC

Human Sheple, don't talk about flat earth when your a shill

2018-10-06 18:55:15 UTC

if your going to talk about flat earth, at least come at it from a logical point, not a shill point

2018-10-06 18:55:16 UTC

Yes. The next eclipse will happen in 2024. Accrually I'll be in the umbra

2018-10-06 18:55:24 UTC

That's pretty dope.

2018-10-06 18:55:26 UTC

In this next eclipse

2018-10-06 18:55:27 UTC

moon has its own light derp

2018-10-06 18:55:32 UTC

shill for who? I've wrenched on 24/7 probably when you still thought you could see curvature

2018-10-06 18:55:34 UTC

It does

2018-10-06 18:55:34 UTC

and how?

2018-10-06 18:55:39 UTC

If I don't move out of state

2018-10-06 18:55:39 UTC


2018-10-06 18:55:41 UTC

"From a logical point [like GOD]."

2018-10-06 18:55:47 UTC

you follow flat earth society?

2018-10-06 18:55:59 UTC

fuck no, Mick West's Dad is part of those guys

2018-10-06 18:56:06 UTC

I would like to find out that for sure @Hugh

2018-10-06 18:56:08 UTC

flat earth society is a bunch of shills

2018-10-06 18:56:14 UTC


2018-10-06 18:56:14 UTC

shill land

2018-10-06 18:56:16 UTC


2018-10-06 18:56:26 UTC

@Hugh they believe the moon and sun are in the same position in a solar eclipse

2018-10-06 18:56:31 UTC

created opposition to create a straw-man

2018-10-06 18:56:31 UTC

okay I appreciate your honesty

2018-10-06 18:56:47 UTC

@ShadyMasterJ <:megalul:485077677175472148>

2018-10-06 18:56:54 UTC

who is R?

2018-10-06 18:56:54 UTC

I haven't seen a coherent explanation for a lunar eclipse

2018-10-06 18:56:56 UTC

whats's R

2018-10-06 18:57:08 UTC

I have one, shady

2018-10-06 18:57:12 UTC

nasa cgi

2018-10-06 18:57:22 UTC

I think that pic is modified, they took all the crosses and changed them to R's

2018-10-06 18:57:29 UTC


2018-10-06 18:57:36 UTC

Oh you think so?

2018-10-06 18:57:42 UTC

logical guess

2018-10-06 18:57:46 UTC

Professor Kevin the modern day Plato at it again

2018-10-06 18:57:52 UTC

just like all the CGI globes are fake

2018-10-06 18:57:57 UTC

the wing is tilted
completely ignores the indicators

2018-10-06 18:57:59 UTC

How do lunar eclipses work on the Globe again?

2018-10-06 18:57:59 UTC

R πŸ™

2018-10-06 18:58:03 UTC

classic flat-earther

2018-10-06 18:58:21 UTC


2018-10-06 18:58:26 UTC

Hey how do flat earthers explain moon phases?

2018-10-06 18:58:30 UTC

You don't know so you change the subject

2018-10-06 18:58:31 UTC

damn you got me

2018-10-06 18:58:36 UTC

R = Radius btw

2018-10-06 18:58:40 UTC

Do I have to teach you your own model to show you it doesn't work?

2018-10-06 18:58:43 UTC

GOD created the sun and moon

2018-10-06 18:58:49 UTC

in 4th day of genesis

2018-10-06 18:58:51 UTC

after earth

2018-10-06 18:59:01 UTC

It's Gβ€”Oβ€”D at it again boys

2018-10-06 18:59:11 UTC

moon is rotating around flat earth similiar to the sun, its like a giant time piece in the sky

2018-10-06 18:59:11 UTC

not just god

2018-10-06 18:59:12 UTC


2018-10-06 18:59:13 UTC


2018-10-06 18:59:23 UTC


2018-10-06 18:59:24 UTC

I know my own model thank you

2018-10-06 18:59:36 UTC

How do moon phases work on a flat earth

2018-10-06 18:59:38 UTC

Yeah, it's gnosticism it's God's bigger cooler brother that wanks off everything I ~~shill for~~ know to be true.

2018-10-06 18:59:38 UTC

it determined when to hold the sabbath based on new moon

2018-10-06 18:59:45 UTC

So explain how lunar eclipses work on the globe then instead of dodging

2018-10-06 18:59:55 UTC

How lunar eclipses work?

2018-10-06 19:00:01 UTC


2018-10-06 19:00:08 UTC

~~I know the answer~~

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