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2019-04-13 19:00:02 UTC

well that's awesome for you man

2019-04-13 19:00:21 UTC


2019-04-13 19:00:30 UTC

Takes a long time to write it

2019-04-13 19:02:03 UTC


2019-04-13 19:03:24 UTC

Hey anyone wants to have a discussion

2019-04-13 19:03:45 UTC


2019-04-13 19:05:02 UTC

Flat earth or anything

2019-04-13 19:05:47 UTC


2019-04-13 19:06:25 UTC


2019-04-13 19:06:27 UTC


2019-04-13 19:06:32 UTC

When did you first find out about the FE movement

2019-04-13 19:06:43 UTC

the modern one i mean

2019-04-13 19:06:47 UTC

When I watched memeoulus

2019-04-13 19:06:58 UTC

how long ago was that

2019-04-13 19:07:09 UTC


2019-04-13 19:07:21 UTC


2019-04-13 19:07:27 UTC

like years or months or weeks or days

2019-04-13 19:07:36 UTC

Are u a flat earther

2019-04-13 19:07:47 UTC

where's eryx

2019-04-13 19:08:13 UTC


2019-04-13 19:08:49 UTC

Hey what

2019-04-13 19:08:53 UTC


2019-04-13 19:09:13 UTC

suck my flat stanley

2019-04-13 19:09:24 UTC

suck my flat earth

2019-04-13 19:09:32 UTC

Thats not the ice wall is it

2019-04-13 19:10:13 UTC

nah that's a NASA pic isn't it could be it looks pretty genuine to me

2019-04-13 19:10:50 UTC

Hey @carlito are you a real flat earther

2019-04-13 19:11:07 UTC

its a painting, not a phot

2019-04-13 19:11:09 UTC


2019-04-13 19:11:14 UTC

Well, half real half imaginary yeah

2019-04-13 19:11:24 UTC

all drawn

2019-04-13 19:11:42 UTC

What proof do you guys actually have that the earth is flat

2019-04-13 19:12:15 UTC

Is this seriously the very first time you're looking into our proofs

2019-04-13 19:12:41 UTC

Well I want some REASONABLE ones

2019-04-13 19:12:54 UTC

Maybe you know sources better than me

2019-04-13 19:13:10 UTC

yes well that's why i asked you earlier how long have you been researching proofs of FE

2019-04-13 19:13:22 UTC

Time to spout 8 months worth of hanging around FEs.

2019-04-13 19:13:33 UTC


2019-04-13 19:13:33 UTC

First and foremost, there is a lack of measurable curve.

2019-04-13 19:13:34 UTC

<#484516084846952451> read

2019-04-13 19:13:37 UTC

photos are not evidence

2019-04-13 19:13:40 UTC


2019-04-13 19:13:44 UTC

That too

2019-04-13 19:13:45 UTC

Well I Have seen some videos which are complete trash

2019-04-13 19:13:51 UTC

videos are not evidence

2019-04-13 19:13:55 UTC

nothing is evidence

2019-04-13 19:14:04 UTC

you just have to speak

2019-04-13 19:14:08 UTC

Well, personal experience is evidence

2019-04-13 19:14:08 UTC

Wells are broken

2019-04-13 19:14:19 UTC

Zetetic method

2019-04-13 19:14:23 UTC


2019-04-13 19:14:31 UTC

Cause there cant be evidence for something false

2019-04-13 19:14:39 UTC

Yes, there can

2019-04-13 19:14:51 UTC

well, if that's all you've seen up till now then i doubt anybody in here is going to convince you otherwise and the feeling would be mutual so what's the point actually

2019-04-13 19:14:57 UTC

It isn’t hard to misinterpret existing evidence into something it is not.

2019-04-13 19:15:10 UTC

Many FEs would argue that is what Globe earthers do.

2019-04-13 19:15:38 UTC

Name one evidence that works the best and ill check it out

2019-04-13 19:16:02 UTC

Let’s see, what’s a basic one

2019-04-13 19:16:06 UTC

Ah, yes

2019-04-13 19:16:21 UTC

Explain how a Selenelion eclipse is possible on the globe model.

2019-04-13 19:16:41 UTC

Mind you, this one has an answer.

2019-04-13 19:16:49 UTC

the answer is cheese

2019-04-13 19:16:53 UTC

Whether you can find it is a different question

2019-04-13 19:16:54 UTC

That the earth is flat!

2019-04-13 19:17:05 UTC

That’s not the answer at all

2019-04-13 19:17:12 UTC

i was right

2019-04-13 19:17:15 UTC

pepperjack cheese

2019-04-13 19:17:20 UTC

I was actually referring to how it worked properly on a globe

2019-04-13 19:17:20 UTC

Ok let me see , brb

2019-04-13 19:17:32 UTC

I prefer Parmesan, Superiorna

2019-04-13 19:17:44 UTC


2019-04-13 19:18:00 UTC

Pepper jack is good for sandwiches

2019-04-13 19:18:14 UTC

but i accept you as a cheese connoisseur

2019-04-13 19:18:31 UTC

My favorite cheese to just eat plain is probably Edam cheese

2019-04-13 19:18:40 UTC

Only because I was raised on it.

2019-04-13 19:18:44 UTC


2019-04-13 19:19:04 UTC

What the heck is plain cheese

2019-04-13 19:19:30 UTC

It's the best kind

2019-04-13 19:19:45 UTC

How can I send pictures

2019-04-13 19:20:04 UTC

there is a portuguese cheese that i eat plain

2019-04-13 19:20:07 UTC

but i forgot the name

2019-04-13 19:20:36 UTC

hey @Ætos

2019-04-13 19:21:17 UTC

it has a much lighter color than edam but also has the red wax

2019-04-13 19:22:15 UTC

that's Gouda isn't it

2019-04-13 19:22:39 UTC

Cheddar, Gouda , Feta where im from the others are too pricey

2019-04-13 19:23:17 UTC

Where did @Ætos go i have the answer

2019-04-13 19:26:21 UTC

This server isnt very active is it

2019-04-13 19:26:53 UTC

Who here agrees with my name?

2019-04-13 19:26:55 UTC

i'd say the best evidence in Fe's favour, is that it's more naturally logical for a human being to believe the earth is flat rather than a globe. Along with the fact we tend to follow towards Occam's razor's law which is usually the correct law according to the law itself @Vbot0000

2019-04-13 19:27:54 UTC

Why is it more likely for humans to believe in flat earth than round

2019-04-13 19:28:03 UTC

the globe earth model defies logic , like all logic

2019-04-13 19:28:08 UTC

how so

2019-04-13 19:28:09 UTC


2019-04-13 19:28:15 UTC


2019-04-13 19:29:22 UTC

what's preventing humans from finding out if it's round or flat

2019-04-13 19:29:24 UTC

what about the other planets? why arent they flat aswell?

2019-04-13 19:29:30 UTC

well, you Vbot0000, do you have any evidence that you originally came from NOTHING at all , which is what you should currently be believing

2019-04-13 19:30:19 UTC

Well, you carlito, do you have enough evidence?

2019-04-13 19:30:34 UTC

Or even any

2019-04-13 19:30:58 UTC

No, none of us do , that's my point

2019-04-13 19:31:21 UTC

@Superiorna_Artiljerija Only your own unwillingness to place a spirit level on the floor

2019-04-13 19:31:29 UTC

how do seasons work and how would the day cycle work if the earth is flat?

2019-04-13 19:31:31 UTC

We just go online or read or study books and believe whatever we want to believe

2019-04-13 19:31:36 UTC


2019-04-13 19:31:37 UTC

But haven’t you seen pictures of earth , please don’t say it is fish eye

2019-04-13 19:31:43 UTC

floors are made flat

2019-04-13 19:31:50 UTC

Seasons are defined by the amount of average daylight each day has. the solstice is defined by the maximum amount of daylight per day you will get, the equinox is when you will have approximately 12 hours day 12 hours night and the winter solstice is where you will have the least amount of average daylight.

2019-04-13 19:32:02 UTC

if the earth was flat then timezones wouldnt exist

2019-04-13 19:32:21 UTC

FLAT EARTH SINE WAVE:https://imgur.com/a/F4QkH83
FLAT EARTH EQUINOX: https://imgur.com/a/TyeNtO8

2019-04-13 19:32:22 UTC

this server is a joke right?

2019-04-13 19:32:37 UTC

@Tomato The Earth is apparently mostly locally flat under certain weather conditions and seasons do work

2019-04-13 19:33:06 UTC

What does the second gif prove

2019-04-13 19:33:43 UTC

@the earth is round sadly not, we're the real deal, we're the old ODD mods who got replaced by an FBI counter intelligence program and they started trying to destroy the flat earth movement from within because we got too many people red pilled so they came in and started giving jobs to senior FErs and the conference and shit

2019-04-13 19:33:47 UTC

Well congratulation on simulatin g the solar system on a very carefully scaled model

2019-04-13 19:34:06 UTC


2019-04-13 19:34:08 UTC

Yeah thanks

2019-04-13 19:34:13 UTC


2019-04-13 19:34:14 UTC


2019-04-13 19:34:16 UTC


2019-04-13 19:34:33 UTC

I don't get this

2019-04-13 19:34:43 UTC

It's a debunk of the spherical model lunar eclipse

2019-04-13 19:34:53 UTC

surprised i havent got banned for having the name earth is round

2019-04-13 19:35:01 UTC

in a flat earth server

2019-04-13 19:35:08 UTC

if you're on the floor, or the spherical Earth, then your floor is causing the shadow on the moon, so you should be able to cast a custom shadow on the moon, so why don't you?

2019-04-13 19:35:08 UTC

But what does it debunk

2019-04-13 19:35:15 UTC

You used a computer program

2019-04-13 19:35:27 UTC

It proves your floor does not cause the shadow on the moon

2019-04-13 19:35:40 UTC

so what does

2019-04-13 19:35:42 UTC

i provided more evidence than you could during our discussion, so i think i win that round my friend @Vbot0000

2019-04-13 19:35:49 UTC

@Superiorna_Artiljerija The Saros Cycle

2019-04-13 19:36:45 UTC

wait quick question who the f*ck cares if the earth is flat(which it clearly f*cking isnt)

2019-04-13 19:37:13 UTC

you obviously do otherwise why would you hang out here !

2019-04-13 19:37:13 UTC

How do you prove a lunar eclipse when the sun and moon have direct LoS

2019-04-13 19:37:57 UTC

honestly as long as you dont hurt anyone you can believe the earth is dinosaur shaped for all i care

2019-04-13 19:38:19 UTC

They say they have memebers from all around the globe

2019-04-13 19:38:46 UTC

but how come the other planets arent flat tho?

2019-04-13 19:38:47 UTC

well if they taught you that at school you'd definitely believe it now wouldn't you

2019-04-13 19:39:06 UTC

the earth is dinosaur shaped 😃 good one

2019-04-13 19:39:07 UTC

@carlito i just joined to laugh and take the piss out of people who believe the earth is flat

2019-04-13 19:39:16 UTC

How how come the other planets aren’t flat why just earth

2019-04-13 19:39:22 UTC

well, im here to do the opposite man!

2019-04-13 19:40:26 UTC

well how come no one has seen the edge if the earth is flat?

2019-04-13 19:40:37 UTC


2019-04-13 19:41:02 UTC

@epicthanos420 how do you know they aren't flat?

2019-04-13 19:41:20 UTC

@the earth is round if the earth is a hoop then how come i haven't broken your ankles

2019-04-13 19:41:45 UTC
2019-04-13 19:42:10 UTC

hello fellow flatties

2019-04-13 19:42:21 UTC

im not a flattie

2019-04-13 19:42:28 UTC

a lot of us arent XD

2019-04-13 19:42:29 UTC

then why are you here

2019-04-13 19:42:33 UTC

@Tomato why don't we pack up and go this instant and see for ourselves what you say

2019-04-13 19:42:47 UTC

please don't call me flattie. It's unprofessional.

2019-04-13 19:43:10 UTC

so is believing flat earth

2019-04-13 19:43:12 UTC

see where the logic breaks down?

2019-04-13 19:43:21 UTC


2019-04-13 19:43:31 UTC

well it seems like no one went to look

2019-04-13 19:43:38 UTC

because there isnt an edge

2019-04-13 19:43:48 UTC

lol that doesn't follow

2019-04-13 19:44:00 UTC

well that's beacause there's a ice wall around the edge

2019-04-13 19:44:02 UTC


2019-04-13 19:44:05 UTC

and we are in a globe

2019-04-13 19:44:09 UTC

@Tomato Please may I see a selfie of someone at 90 degrees South

2019-04-13 19:44:14 UTC

are you saying the edge can only exist if someone actually sees it

2019-04-13 19:44:16 UTC

well, if the earth is round how come people dont just fall off? And don't you dare use the excuse "meh it cause of gravity" there's no such thing

2019-04-13 19:44:19 UTC

provide photographic evidence of the ice wall or an edge and i will believe you

2019-04-13 19:44:30 UTC


2019-04-13 19:44:32 UTC


2019-04-13 19:44:42 UTC


2019-04-13 19:44:59 UTC

^^^^^^^^^^^ pictures galore

2019-04-13 19:45:11 UTC

and it's invisible so you can't see it only the goverment spy birds can.

2019-04-13 19:45:20 UTC

@Tomato i can only see u as a sane person so i wanna point out to you that sum guy said gravity doesnt exist

2019-04-13 19:45:34 UTC

and how do i know that they arent edited or if they were just taken at an angle so it looks like its an ice wall?

2019-04-13 19:45:51 UTC

what are those photos supposed to prove

2019-04-13 19:45:57 UTC

we don't but why would anyone fake those?

2019-04-13 19:46:03 UTC

like don't you see the people on top of it

2019-04-13 19:46:09 UTC

what would be the point of faking FE photos lol

2019-04-13 19:46:20 UTC

what would be the point of faking GE photos

2019-04-13 19:46:28 UTC

so you try to prove your point with the fake photos

2019-04-13 19:46:30 UTC

loads of money for starters

2019-04-13 19:46:30 UTC

because of the goverment trying to manipulate

2019-04-13 19:46:31 UTC


2019-04-13 19:46:36 UTC

i mean

2019-04-13 19:46:48 UTC

i have taken a few photos and i haven't gotten any money

2019-04-13 19:46:56 UTC

who's supposed to give it to me

2019-04-13 19:46:57 UTC

sure you have bud

2019-04-13 19:47:08 UTC

what would be the point of you starting a business? @Superiorna_Artiljerija

2019-04-13 19:47:13 UTC


2019-04-13 19:47:25 UTC

to fill a need

2019-04-13 19:47:38 UTC


2019-04-13 19:47:43 UTC

wrong chat

2019-04-13 19:47:52 UTC

Alright, @the earth is round has been warned for '**Bad word usage**'.

2019-04-13 19:48:09 UTC

that's what you get

2019-04-13 19:48:26 UTC

not for financial gain okay got you @Superiorna_Artiljerija

2019-04-13 19:48:34 UTC

so if the earth is flat is gravity a thing?

2019-04-13 19:48:35 UTC

well you would gain money

2019-04-13 19:48:46 UTC

cant use those gosh darn bad potty mouth words lul

2019-04-13 19:48:47 UTC

wouldn't you gain money if you sold FE photos

2019-04-13 19:48:55 UTC

Flat earthers dont believe in gravity

2019-04-13 19:49:06 UTC

well what is pushing us down then?

2019-04-13 19:49:10 UTC

yes but you'd only gain trillionths less

2019-04-13 19:49:14 UTC

@Dragon the Redcoat Nobody can find gravitons

2019-04-13 19:49:19 UTC

why dont we just fly off everywhere?

2019-04-13 19:49:19 UTC

It's hyptothetical

2019-04-13 19:49:22 UTC


2019-04-13 19:49:26 UTC


2019-04-13 19:49:32 UTC

anyone seen the mario earth its very important

2019-04-13 19:49:33 UTC

wheres the money lead more? GE or FE? Lets try answer that one first

2019-04-13 19:49:33 UTC

@Tomato The reality is you are on the floor because you are more dense than air, the air is less dense than you are, you are not standing on top of a big fan, the air is not very sticky, your body doesn't have much drag, there isn't the presence of an electro static field directly above you of any significance, the electromagnetic field around you is fairly weak, you are not being shot up into the air by repeated lead shots, there isn't a large luminoscity of waves coming from underneath you and you are not cold enough for the aether to pull you up.

2019-04-13 19:49:49 UTC

string theorists created the gravitron as a way of giving gravity its own particle

2019-04-13 19:49:55 UTC

@carlito GE for sure


2019-04-13 19:50:02 UTC

however it wouldn't make sense for gravity to have its own particle

2019-04-13 19:50:13 UTC

because that would give gravity its own mass

2019-04-13 19:50:21 UTC

Alright, @Tomato has been warned for '**Bad word usage**'.

2019-04-13 19:50:29 UTC

@Superiorna_Artiljerija ^^ GE has more to gain by faking like tonnes more

2019-04-13 19:50:30 UTC

which basically ruins everything

2019-04-13 19:50:32 UTC

you guys are a weird community

2019-04-13 19:50:43 UTC

what do you expect me to fake

2019-04-13 19:51:00 UTC

why wouldn't FE's fake photos

2019-04-13 19:51:06 UTC


2019-04-13 19:51:11 UTC

because they don't need to

2019-04-13 19:51:16 UTC

i don't need to either

2019-04-13 19:51:19 UTC

and they'd be shunned by the community

2019-04-13 19:51:29 UTC

it would be the best if one of you guys went there and took a video of themselves at the "ice wall"

2019-04-13 19:51:37 UTC

not you, no, but you ain't the one producing the photos now are you

2019-04-13 19:52:28 UTC

@Superiorna_Artiljerija They do and we call them out on them, I personally called out Mark Sargant 2 years ago, nobody fucking listened to me

2019-04-13 19:52:28 UTC

FE wins on logic alone again.. it's more logical to make money out of GE than out of FE there's some evidence right there

2019-04-13 19:52:51 UTC


2019-04-13 19:52:55 UTC

FE wins on logic? You almost got me with that joke

2019-04-13 19:53:01 UTC

However 99.9 percent of the World's economy relies on flat earth

2019-04-13 19:53:01 UTC

i beg u mods to change the tattoo colour

2019-04-13 19:53:15 UTC

you're constantly pressing on that the globe earth is some big business and the flat earth is not

2019-04-13 19:53:23 UTC

you have no proof that it's the other way around

2019-04-13 19:53:27 UTC

Oh it is a HUGE industry

2019-04-13 19:53:53 UTC

Flat Earth is a symbol of resistance against the globalization agenda

2019-04-13 19:54:01 UTC

then why is it so hard for flat earthers to make a flat earth theory

2019-04-13 19:54:02 UTC

there's no business like big business

2019-04-13 19:54:12 UTC

@Superiorna_Artiljerija It's not a theory, it's a measurement

2019-04-13 19:54:23 UTC


2019-04-13 19:54:24 UTC

Does anyone here have proof for flat earth? I'm interested.

2019-04-13 19:54:27 UTC

Look it measures flat

2019-04-13 19:54:30 UTC


2019-04-13 19:54:34 UTC

it seems like this server is just a bunch of hipsters who believe in everything that contradicts the majority

2019-04-13 19:54:34 UTC


2019-04-13 19:54:39 UTC


2019-04-13 19:54:49 UTC


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