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2017-07-20 14:50:02 UTC
2017-07-20 14:50:19 UTC
2017-07-20 15:52:33 UTC

Thank you sir

2017-07-20 18:04:55 UTC

Thanks, man

2017-07-20 19:06:07 UTC

I need an invite for another Austin area goy

2017-07-20 19:34:42 UTC
2017-07-20 20:13:33 UTC

Can someone add me to the safety squad channel? I'm on mikes PSD and the only one in here

2017-07-20 20:45:16 UTC


2017-07-21 00:12:29 UTC

Can I add someone who I know is vetted?

2017-07-21 00:31:34 UTC
2017-07-21 00:34:46 UTC

<@&321389548984729600> ^

2017-07-21 00:36:49 UTC


2017-07-21 00:37:43 UTC

I'll pm you

can I get an invite for Azzmador (Azzmador#6970 )

2017-07-21 03:18:41 UTC

Make sure he gets to the link in time

2017-07-21 05:30:28 UTC

This server needs a Daily Stormer user role. I see several of us in here.

2017-07-21 05:30:57 UTC

that would be neato

2017-07-21 06:24:28 UTC

I support this idea

2017-07-21 06:49:00 UTC

Can anyone make an invite for my buddy? Trying to find some help carpooling

i also support DS user roles

2017-07-21 12:38:06 UTC

Azzmador fuck yeah

2017-07-21 12:38:12 UTC

Now it's a party

2017-07-21 18:19:07 UTC

Any mods online that can invite some goys looking for carpools?

2017-07-21 18:19:22 UTC

PM me

2017-07-21 18:23:39 UTC

Will do, I have 3 or 4 people I know that want to come and find carpools

2017-07-21 19:16:09 UTC

Any mod that can see who has a certain assigned role can you dm me real quick when you have a chance, thanks

2017-07-21 19:41:38 UTC

should make a trs role

2017-07-21 19:44:27 UTC

May I have wheatfield Dweller role please?

2017-07-21 20:34:51 UTC

oh shit its a trixie from oh

2017-07-21 22:12:46 UTC

Oh shit it's me

2017-07-21 22:41:18 UTC

<@&321389548984729600> @Ignis Faatus needs the wheat field role

2017-07-21 22:41:38 UTC

wont happen rape is not allowed on this server

2017-07-21 22:42:01 UTC

notice the choice of emoji for mulitple reasons

2017-07-21 22:42:30 UTC

all i see is david balabon with water on his face

2017-07-21 23:20:55 UTC

Hi, wanna invite a goy to this server

2017-07-21 23:21:13 UTC

met him on the Thunderdome Server from DS

2017-07-21 23:29:53 UTC

@wyatt Would like to invite a goy that is coming to Charlottesville

2017-07-21 23:30:26 UTC

sure when were you invited

2017-07-21 23:30:33 UTC

just have to make sure

2017-07-21 23:30:37 UTC

and who invited you

2017-07-21 23:40:10 UTC

Syraks invited me

2017-07-21 23:40:27 UTC

one moment, let me check. it was a couple of days ago

2017-07-21 23:42:46 UTC

@wyatt July 19th

2017-07-21 23:43:01 UTC

Are you in the Thunderdome Server ?

2017-07-21 23:44:39 UTC

who are you talking about on there

2017-07-21 23:45:19 UTC

Please come in the voice chat

2017-07-21 23:45:51 UTC

no u

2017-07-21 23:46:00 UTC

are you hitting on me

2017-07-21 23:46:27 UTC

no no

2017-07-21 23:46:45 UTC

I mean, so that you can talk to him and invite yourself

2017-07-21 23:49:41 UTC

His name is Spaderunner

2017-07-21 23:53:12 UTC

i'm not vouching for this duder

2017-07-21 23:53:34 UTC

ok, no problem

2017-07-22 00:14:15 UTC

Could i get an invite link for my book club?

2017-07-22 01:01:26 UTC

do you guys still need invites? @Fevs @wewuzvisigoths88

2017-07-22 01:10:02 UTC


2017-07-22 01:10:09 UTC
2017-07-22 03:30:14 UTC

Hey <@&321389548984729600> you need to give the <@&321475436561432576> to @Ignis Faatus

2017-07-22 03:30:32 UTC


2017-07-22 03:30:44 UTC

Traps aren't girls

2017-07-22 03:31:27 UTC

<@&321389309162815488> please make me a moderator

2017-07-22 03:32:00 UTC

no you are not infiltrating the girls

2017-07-22 03:32:13 UTC

I dont want to

2017-07-22 03:32:24 UTC

ignis is not a girl

2017-07-22 03:33:12 UTC

I just want the colorful name

2017-07-22 03:34:03 UTC

k one minute

2017-07-22 03:35:06 UTC

there you go

2017-07-22 03:35:26 UTC

you have your very own role

2017-07-22 03:35:47 UTC

can you change the name to like rat mouth

2017-07-22 03:35:56 UTC

no i dont think you cant edit it

2017-07-22 03:36:03 UTC

@Ignis Faatus is so pretty now!!!

2017-07-22 03:44:14 UTC

Lol glad the wheatfield dwellers we're brought in for this

2017-07-22 04:08:54 UTC

@Ignis Faatus we can share our recipes without adding you to the group. All you have to do is ask. You're looking to spice the rats up a bit, yes?

2017-07-22 04:10:10 UTC

The rats in his mouth

2017-07-22 04:11:56 UTC

Yes and I'm looking for some good wholesome dessert recipes as well

2017-07-22 04:37:27 UTC

V wholesome

2017-07-22 05:01:25 UTC

Just the thing I was looking for ty

2017-07-22 17:26:44 UTC

Good afternoon, can I be added to Vanguard please?

2017-07-22 18:48:10 UTC

i got a goy who wants to join up. can i get an invite code?

2017-07-22 19:18:30 UTC

@everyone We still need a location for the afterparty. Isn't anyone renting a rural Airbnb property we can use?

2017-07-22 19:18:47 UTC
2017-07-22 19:18:55 UTC

@MadDimension It needs to be a huge property

2017-07-22 19:18:56 UTC

Any goy scouts in here?

2017-07-22 19:19:31 UTC

@MadDimension Also most AirBNBs will take your security deposit if you have a party

2017-07-22 19:19:43 UTC

like Airbnb has a "no parties" box to tick under your prereqs

2017-07-22 19:19:53 UTC

This can't wait much longer. We need someone to step up

2017-07-22 19:20:05 UTC

Then we'll pay the damn security deposit

2017-07-22 19:20:16 UTC

We need someone nearby

2017-07-22 19:20:42 UTC

@MadDimension Chef and us TX guys have one on 2 acres but you'd have to check with him. It's in his name

2017-07-22 19:20:51 UTC

@zyklonbeast we need somewhere where no unwanted guests will show up

2017-07-22 19:21:42 UTC

@MadDimension I think @Hand Banana had tried getting the after party at the DRW house a few times and was told to wait because something else was being planned.

2017-07-22 19:21:50 UTC

League has a big venue

2017-07-22 19:22:02 UTC

No one wants the drunken neo-Nazi beat down to be the highlight of the news cycle.

2017-07-22 19:22:33 UTC

@Hunter Wallace I know but they're 40 minutes outside of town

2017-07-22 19:22:43 UTC

@Tyrone probably not going to happen

2017-07-22 19:22:46 UTC

The Baltimore trs pool party is getting an air bnb like what you're describing

2017-07-22 19:22:50 UTC

I'm mean that would be awesome and all...

2017-07-22 19:22:56 UTC

Can I have an invite to bring them here to talk about it?

2017-07-22 19:23:10 UTC

if I was antifa I would just drive around until I see like 300 people at one house

2017-07-22 19:23:13 UTC

wouldn't even be hard

2017-07-22 19:23:15 UTC


2017-07-22 19:23:39 UTC

This is mod help not a discussion channel

2017-07-22 19:23:52 UTC

If a bunch of Antifa showed up, and we were hammered we would be surprised for 2 seconds and then all hell would break loose.

2017-07-22 19:24:00 UTC

Yeah haha

2017-07-22 19:24:47 UTC

@MadDimension I Honestly think 40 minutes is a good distance to be safe.

2017-07-22 19:26:02 UTC

@Hand Banana I didn't mean to post it here but we need to let this discussion play out

2017-07-22 19:30:49 UTC

@MadDimension We cannot. We had to switch properties because the larger one we were originally going to rent is owned by a leftist non-profit.

2017-07-22 19:33:51 UTC

What about IE house?

2017-07-22 19:36:41 UTC

I don't know anything about that. Tell them to get in touch with me

2017-07-22 19:37:34 UTC

@MadDimension I just PM'd you

2017-07-22 19:40:07 UTC

@TiborSzalasi-MI That would have been all kinds of awesome actually.

2017-07-22 20:10:19 UTC

Yeah, but they will definitely eject us if we caused a notable disturbance, and I refuse to give $3-4k of my goys hard earned cash to a shelter for negresses

2017-07-22 20:11:20 UTC

There is a plantation like an hour and 40 minutes from the city that has slave quarters and a slave grave yard on it thats on a huge parcel of land and would be perfect, but thats a long haul from town

2017-07-22 20:13:22 UTC

That would be great optics.

2017-07-22 20:15:20 UTC


2017-07-22 20:22:04 UTC

@here Someone reserve this place. It is perfect


2017-07-22 20:22:17 UTC

We should ALL just stay there. I would sleep in slave quarters just to say I did.

2017-07-22 20:22:37 UTC

that would be dope

2017-07-22 20:23:01 UTC


2017-07-22 20:23:30 UTC


2017-07-22 20:25:34 UTC

Section 5:
Camp users that wish to serve alcohol must adhere to the following insurance requirements:
• A special event liability policy, which includes liquor liability, must be obtained with limits of $1,000,000 per occurrence, special event insurance can be purchased here and here;

2017-07-22 20:25:45 UTC

Keep in mind

2017-07-22 20:25:56 UTC

Section 4:
• No firearms allowed.

2017-07-22 20:26:06 UTC


2017-07-22 20:27:55 UTC

The insurance policy will cost about $200

2017-07-22 20:29:23 UTC

tbh why not discuss this amongst coordinators and then have one of the coordinators book it? That way they have all of the information and will be the point of contact.

2017-07-22 20:29:26 UTC

Rather than some random attendee

2017-07-22 20:30:41 UTC

Its $250 to rent it overnight and serve alcohol then $7 per person coming to the party and $12 per person spending the night. That will come out to about $2,000. It's only financially feasible if say, the Michigan guys or some other group agree to spend the night here instead of somewhere else

2017-07-22 20:34:01 UTC


the second picture on the list :ree:

2017-07-22 20:34:45 UTC

Those are actually the "help" no worries

2017-07-22 20:39:58 UTC

@MadDimension charge people entrance fees, and make it open bar. If you charged each person $100 it would more than cover the rent and the booze

2017-07-22 20:40:14 UTC

hell you could get it catered for that matter

2017-07-22 20:41:46 UTC

I can put together a spreadsheet to estimate the cost if you want

2017-07-22 20:45:37 UTC

Also if you did that and gave people wristbands it would deter anti-fa. I forget how much a ABC lisense is though

2017-07-22 20:46:24 UTC

I'll contact them and advise

2017-07-22 20:47:17 UTC

$40 (state license fee)
+ $15 (nonrefundable application fee)
$55 (single-day rate)
+ $40 (each additional day)

2017-07-22 20:47:21 UTC

thats not bad.

2017-07-22 20:58:02 UTC

This is the kind of thing you talk about a couple of months out

2017-07-22 20:59:55 UTC


2017-07-22 20:59:55 UTC


2017-07-22 21:00:05 UTC

that would imply we have any agency at all

2017-07-22 21:00:25 UTC

"Hey i want this to happen you guys need to change all your plans and do what I want"

2017-07-22 21:00:46 UTC

theres still time. You just need to get it done soon(tm)

2017-07-22 21:09:14 UTC

tbh @Hand Banana this will be better for our 60 guys than violating our rental terms by having triple capacity at one place

2017-07-22 21:09:24 UTC

it will be much cheaper too

2017-07-22 21:11:08 UTC

I will contact the camp and see about getting this booked as soon as I get a chance to pry into the backgrounds of the BOD members

2017-07-22 21:14:22 UTC

"No guns"

2017-07-22 21:46:31 UTC

Yeah, nah, I'm not paying $100 for a party on top of travel and rental expenses, PPE, dress code clothes, etc.

2017-07-22 21:56:00 UTC

I wouldn't charge $100, but as I'll be getting a liquor license already, I am looking into getting kegs. I would charge a cost for a cup. Not sure how we're doing the cookout/food yet but if I am to be organizing that as well, it would also come at a charge. I'm not looking to become a profiteer off of this event, but I will not be covering the cost of a party for 350 people completely out of pocket

2017-07-22 22:01:37 UTC

The real question will be lighting, tables, chairs, and food. Whether we're having this catered, cooking ourselves, or having it strictly BYO. I am willing to solicit quotes from caterers and party suppliers. It will make a much nicer event but will come at a cost for attendees, myself and my crew included.

2017-07-22 22:02:58 UTC

@amnat I've done more with less time tbh

2017-07-22 22:06:43 UTC

@MadDimension If you want me to pursue all of this, I would be happy to work up a proposal, perhaps with @Kurt

2017-07-22 22:14:43 UTC

Now that I've looked into it more I think the Spotswood location would work as well @TiborSzalasi-MI


2017-07-22 22:15:05 UTC

We need to nail down one of these two properties as soon as possible

2017-07-22 22:21:45 UTC

will do

2017-07-22 23:30:41 UTC

Which one has the slave quarters? And does it still have occupants?

2017-07-22 23:31:13 UTC

@MadDimension if we can pay ahead of time let us know.

2017-07-22 23:31:15 UTC

Paula Dean got in trouble for this sort of thing. Good thing we don't give a shit

2017-07-23 13:51:36 UTC

@MadDimension of you need to set up a kickstarter or something for cash to reserve a place let me know

2017-07-23 23:43:29 UTC

<@&321389548984729600> Need an invite for another Anticom member.

2017-07-24 00:53:14 UTC

Im TWP how do I make my name green?

2017-07-24 00:54:07 UTC


2017-07-24 01:09:18 UTC

<@&321389548984729600> The member was afk in the 30 minute period when the link expired, new one please?

2017-07-24 01:19:10 UTC

<@&321389548984729600> can I get the AntiCom roll.

2017-07-24 01:19:41 UTC


2017-07-24 02:12:54 UTC

Why was The Inquisitor banned?

2017-07-24 02:13:02 UTC

<@&321389548984729600> Can I get an invite for an AntiCom member?

2017-07-24 02:13:41 UTC

I dunno i heard about this yesterday dont know th details

2017-07-24 02:14:16 UTC

I unbanned him. I don't know what the issue is. He brought in a lot of people

2017-07-24 03:02:11 UTC

He was arguing with @SaintCharles and was banned as part of that

2017-07-24 05:14:44 UTC

He was calling Richard Spencer a kike shill

2017-07-24 05:49:49 UTC

He was asked to stop being divisive yet persisted, personally I felt like he was banned too quickly.

2017-07-24 10:58:01 UTC

He did the same thing in some vanguard servers

2017-07-24 11:43:32 UTC

He's been banned on my server because he's with this group of people calling themselves the "Cult of Moonman" a group of people who are "zero tolerance" on a bunch of shit, and they hate literally EVERY alt-right celeb, calling them all shills

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