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2019-03-06 22:10:01 UTC

Lmao who cares

2019-03-06 22:10:18 UTC

You probably shouldnโ€™t shitpost on your private

2019-03-06 22:10:20 UTC

Has my heroic defense against yang hordes been immortalized?

2019-03-06 22:10:21 UTC

Truly surfing the kali yuga

2019-03-06 22:11:00 UTC

Did all my catholic bros have a good Ash Wednesday

2019-03-06 22:11:09 UTC

Iโ€™m not catholic btw

2019-03-06 22:11:15 UTC


2019-03-06 22:11:32 UTC

pls someone explain Yang Gang to me, I've really been out of the loop on this one

2019-03-06 22:11:36 UTC

I thought some Protestant sects did ash Wednesday

2019-03-06 22:11:43 UTC


2019-03-06 22:11:43 UTC

Yang Gang has bigger fish to fry tbh

2019-03-06 22:11:47 UTC

Ash Wednesday < DOXX WEDNESDAY

2019-03-06 22:11:51 UTC
2019-03-06 22:11:53 UTC

I like how quickly we moved from panic to who cares

2019-03-06 22:12:03 UTC

Ok yeah thought so @DixieBoy76 - KY

2019-03-06 22:12:16 UTC

Iโ€™m Baptist though @Max Bianco - NY

2019-03-06 22:12:33 UTC

The difference between protestants and modern catholics is that one pretends not to be protestant

2019-03-06 22:12:35 UTC

Yeah Iโ€™m in there and Iโ€™ve only been here two weeks
Only searched member list

2019-03-06 22:13:06 UTC

You should probably only look at the website if itโ€™s the archived version that Patrick posted

2019-03-06 22:13:14 UTC

honestly I should post more muscle waifus

2019-03-06 22:13:23 UTC


2019-03-06 22:13:29 UTC

Please dont

2019-03-06 22:13:35 UTC

Please do <:patrickvikernes:423301225749151744>

2019-03-06 22:13:44 UTC

No Waifus of any sort please

2019-03-06 22:14:09 UTC

excuse me, muscle waifu here uwu plz no doxx me senpai โค


2019-03-06 22:14:10 UTC

No muscle waifus REEEEE

2019-03-06 22:14:24 UTC

Ugh, anime traps

2019-03-06 22:14:28 UTC


2019-03-06 22:14:31 UTC

this goes out to all of us staying on discord ๐Ÿ’•โœจ


2019-03-06 22:14:43 UTC


2019-03-06 22:14:52 UTC


2019-03-06 22:14:54 UTC


2019-03-06 22:14:57 UTC


2019-03-06 22:15:13 UTC

Stop saying that then

2019-03-06 22:15:19 UTC


2019-03-06 22:15:21 UTC

I will go down with this ship. Im not just gonna hold my hands up and surrender. There will be NO white flag above *my* door

2019-03-06 22:15:56 UTC

Why is everybody even worried

2019-03-06 22:16:01 UTC

Nobody is getting doxxed lmao

2019-03-06 22:16:06 UTC


2019-03-06 22:16:08 UTC

Just delete your social media

2019-03-06 22:16:26 UTC

What's everybody doing for dinner tonight?!?!

2019-03-06 22:16:44 UTC

@Max Bianco - NY chicken noodle soup with hot sauce, diet food lol.

2019-03-06 22:16:48 UTC

Yes, and you should

2019-03-06 22:16:50 UTC
2019-03-06 22:16:54 UTC

Only 1 person irl knows I'm IE. If I'm doxxed it wont be from them.

2019-03-06 22:17:00 UTC

@Stephanie naturally

2019-03-06 22:17:16 UTC

Keto pizza here

2019-03-06 22:17:23 UTC

beta pizza

2019-03-06 22:17:35 UTC

Unless you're really unlucky and your one friend is the inflantrator

2019-03-06 22:18:08 UTC

media server is DED

2019-03-06 22:18:17 UTC

been DED for a while

2019-03-06 22:19:04 UTC


2019-03-06 22:19:06 UTC


2019-03-06 22:19:45 UTC


2019-03-06 22:20:11 UTC

I actually laughed

2019-03-06 22:20:26 UTC

I did too

2019-03-06 22:20:29 UTC


2019-03-06 22:20:37 UTC

No homo

2019-03-06 22:22:21 UTC


2019-03-06 22:22:31 UTC

The infiltrator rn thinking heโ€™s all cool

2019-03-06 22:23:03 UTC

โ€œGlasses jacket infiltrationโ€


โ€œCall me glasses jacket infiltrator manโ€

2019-03-06 22:23:04 UTC

Honestly it kinda makes us look better than our wiki page

2019-03-06 22:23:05 UTC

>implying he has friends outside the organization he set to subvert

2019-03-06 22:23:28 UTC

Jacob is clearly the infiltrator. There is no other explanation for 15k posts

2019-03-06 22:23:30 UTC

โ€œHereโ€™s the IE serverโ€

2019-03-06 22:23:40 UTC


2019-03-06 22:23:41 UTC


2019-03-06 22:23:54 UTC

Not good

2019-03-06 22:23:56 UTC

I just wanna grill

2019-03-06 22:24:05 UTC

Lets see what these evil people are up to.... 5,000 posts later * snores *

2019-03-06 22:24:19 UTC


2019-03-06 22:26:49 UTC

The funny thing is that I read the article and it didnt seem too bad. I read through leftist servers before that used more racial swear words way more than what was said here. And this was taken for how long and has how many members?

2019-03-06 22:27:11 UTC

They only found like 1 instance of the n word

2019-03-06 22:27:14 UTC

I love hippies!

2019-03-06 22:27:24 UTC

But there shouldโ€™ve been zero

2019-03-06 22:27:30 UTC

It is the duty of the members of this organization to create a movement that is seen by the members of the public whose support we desire the same way we see it. Our biggest problem has been misconceptions about our purpose, what we're about, and why what we're doing matters. Former members or even current ones that don't understand why we're different are the ones our opponents will use as examples to define us.

IE has a perception problem that can only be changed by consistent proof that we are well intentioned, that we care about real issues and want to make our country a better place. Our duty is to save the West and this can only be done by men and women of good character.

2019-03-06 22:28:12 UTC

It all should be zero, but at the same standard of other servers it is definitely lower than average.

2019-03-06 22:28:44 UTC

Who said there was two infiltrators earlier?

2019-03-06 22:28:47 UTC

Yeah but we hold ourselves to the highest standards and have to continue to do so

2019-03-06 22:29:04 UTC

Because this is what Iโ€™m thinking of right now.


2019-03-06 22:30:28 UTC

We should act as if this is public discourse.

2019-03-06 22:30:33 UTC

Because it will be

2019-03-06 22:30:43 UTC


2019-03-06 22:30:55 UTC

I know I do

2019-03-06 22:31:16 UTC

I might be a bit spicier irl than i am here tbh

2019-03-06 22:31:31 UTC

To my mom

2019-03-06 22:32:18 UTC


2019-03-06 22:32:31 UTC

How do you become a member while being far left....?

2019-03-06 22:32:35 UTC

Iโ€™m just sitting here feeling bad for the people here who canโ€™t be edgy with their moms

2019-03-06 22:32:37 UTC

Possible but also doubt.gif

2019-03-06 22:32:38 UTC

Or vice versa

2019-03-06 22:35:09 UTC

Daily reminder that you can still read deleted comments on discord.

2019-03-06 22:35:28 UTC

Same with images.

2019-03-06 22:35:33 UTC


2019-03-06 22:35:49 UTC

Discord caches everything on your local computer

2019-03-06 22:36:20 UTC


2019-03-06 22:36:25 UTC

It wasn't a woman, right? Or they would have had access to the women's server

2019-03-06 22:36:47 UTC

And there are plugins that you can have that allow it

2019-03-06 22:37:12 UTC

Me and some buds caught a pedophile that way.

2019-03-06 22:37:32 UTC

That said, they scraped active messages sometime this month. They would not have had access to earlier deleted things.

2019-03-06 22:38:15 UTC

Theres 3rd party algorithms that just sit and log stuff.

2019-03-06 22:38:43 UTC

Discord also gets its money from that aswell.

2019-03-06 22:39:05 UTC

They even track every thing you do outside the app as well.

2019-03-06 22:39:14 UTC

Yeah, but it is incredibly unlikely they were in the server for any long amount of time

2019-03-06 22:39:57 UTC

@Max Bianco - NY I thought it was disappointingly easy to become a member tbh

2019-03-06 22:40:25 UTC

They have also stated publicly they want to deplatorm nazis and have even rereleased chats on their own accord

2019-03-06 22:40:26 UTC

@godric You were probably just a great candidate

2019-03-06 22:40:34 UTC


2019-03-06 22:40:51 UTC

I was going to 'second that'

2019-03-06 22:40:54 UTC

@godric it wasn't hard, but to genuinely become a member and then drift far left or be far left and genuinely want to become a member isn't plausible to me

2019-03-06 22:41:23 UTC


2019-03-06 22:41:27 UTC

Yeah, they had to have lied

2019-03-06 22:41:53 UTC

You mean people just go on the internet to lie?

2019-03-06 22:42:05 UTC


2019-03-06 22:42:30 UTC

I refuse to believe that everyone on the internet isnโ€™t always correct and should be listened to under any circumstances

2019-03-06 22:42:46 UTC

The sad part about the people is that they really think they're fighting Nazis

2019-03-06 22:42:47 UTC

Nazbol is a thing so just sayin

2019-03-06 22:43:00 UTC

But that's the thing

2019-03-06 22:43:07 UTC

Theyโ€™re literally attacking the advocates for their own race

2019-03-06 22:43:10 UTC

Itโ€™s bonkers

2019-03-06 22:43:30 UTC

Hey letโ€™s not discuss NazBol or anything NS related. Itโ€™s in the rules.

2019-03-06 22:43:33 UTC

Well trip from nazbol to bol is not as far

2019-03-06 22:43:35 UTC

Extreme out group preference.. Some kind of mental deficiency

2019-03-06 22:43:53 UTC

To lie and get in they must of had a understanding of the organization to say what we want to hear. Then go off and say we are nazis after scraping the chat for profanities

2019-03-06 22:44:05 UTC

What does scraping mean

2019-03-06 22:44:25 UTC

@DixieBoy76 - KY Downloading everything publicly available

2019-03-06 22:44:36 UTC

Just means your a computer script goes through and saves the chat

2019-03-06 22:44:46 UTC

Its easy if youre a programmer

2019-03-06 22:45:18 UTC

Like combing through the chat, but implys that they were desperate to find stuff.

2019-03-06 22:45:22 UTC

Styx has it right, the far left is the mirror of the evangelocon moral panic of the 80s and 90s

2019-03-06 22:45:39 UTC

Probably same genetic basis too

2019-03-06 22:45:44 UTC

Could you elaborate?

2019-03-06 22:45:55 UTC

I havenโ€™t heard about Styx in a while

2019-03-06 22:46:24 UTC

Gene-personality cluster with a new religion (athiest humanist universalism vs protestantism)

2019-03-06 22:46:43 UTC

The desire of the far left to censor and eliminate what is perceived as evil to them is just like what Evangelical conservatives did in the 90s with heavy metal and other forms of music, and video games

2019-03-06 22:47:10 UTC

Seeing end result of 80s culture maybe they werent so wrong...

2019-03-06 22:47:23 UTC

Ah thanks

2019-03-06 22:47:35 UTC

Iron maiden though c'mon bro @Perihelion - CA

2019-03-06 22:47:51 UTC

I know about the new left as that's what I have studied

2019-03-06 22:47:51 UTC

They were off base but right instincts

2019-03-06 22:48:07 UTC

Should have looked at nyc high finance instead

2019-03-06 22:48:35 UTC

Bank rolling media buyouts and tv sleaze

2019-03-06 22:49:02 UTC

90s seem like they were characterized by a growing hysteria IMO

2019-03-06 22:49:28 UTC

It's funny because many of my friends are NYC shitlibs by default but I have yet to meet somebody who really buys into the far left dogma of gender pronouns, pro-trans idiocy, etc.

2019-03-06 22:50:37 UTC

What age range?

2019-03-06 22:50:55 UTC

Early 30s, I'm a Boomer

2019-03-06 22:51:52 UTC

One guy involved in politics is even sickened by what the left has become. But of course he is a fucking white male

2019-03-06 22:51:56 UTC

From 17 to 23 people my age a lot of people tolerate it in the literal sense of the word while there are a few crazys who support it and keep every one else inline

2019-03-06 22:52:35 UTC

Sad that they go along with that shit

2019-03-06 22:52:49 UTC


2019-03-06 22:53:00 UTC

My friends know where I stand and I think they agree with me on social matters but they will never admit it

2019-03-06 22:53:02 UTC

Most people are cowards

2019-03-06 22:53:28 UTC

It's a mutual agree ment my dude

2019-03-06 22:53:37 UTC

Social complaince is good an keeps society together

2019-03-06 22:53:59 UTC

Its just exploited by leaders

2019-03-06 22:54:06 UTC

Yeah, socially compliant in watching your race die lol

2019-03-06 22:54:22 UTC

Same compliance can save it

2019-03-06 22:54:34 UTC


2019-03-06 22:54:43 UTC

The fact people conform is necessary

2019-03-06 22:54:54 UTC

Pretty hard to redpill people who are constantly surrounded by propaganda though

2019-03-06 22:55:03 UTC


2019-03-06 22:55:29 UTC

Right. We have to attack their patterns. Disrupt them. Replace them

2019-03-06 22:55:58 UTC

Looking back I now realize my family is actually pretty based. They have seen their neighborhoods go from majority white and high trust, leave doors unlocked, etc, to the beautiful diversity they have now

2019-03-06 22:55:59 UTC

Its an interesting phenomenon though. There was one crazy that starting screaming a cafeteria worker for putting a slice of bread in bacon to soak up the grease. After five minutes of screaming at this poor clueless black lady, she still took the bacon as she wasn't glucose in tolerant.

2019-03-06 22:56:55 UTC

If you make sure no one ever fails then this sort of stuff builds up

2019-03-06 22:57:24 UTC

Mentally and genetically

2019-03-06 22:58:06 UTC


2019-03-06 22:59:29 UTC

It was truly absurd

2019-03-06 23:01:18 UTC

post leak chat is me squinting really hard at purple names

2019-03-06 23:01:24 UTC


2019-03-06 23:01:49 UTC

The person has a member role

2019-03-06 23:02:17 UTC

I think we should all just screech and accuse each other

2019-03-06 23:03:19 UTC


2019-03-06 23:03:26 UTC

I think we should migrate to ICQ

2019-03-06 23:03:26 UTC

there will be soviet style trials but the only punishment is you get sentenced to chat jester

2019-03-06 23:03:27 UTC


2019-03-06 23:03:53 UTC

Migrate to chain emails

2019-03-06 23:04:08 UTC

or smoke signals

2019-03-06 23:04:23 UTC

@nord FWD: FWD: FWD:

2019-03-06 23:04:38 UTC

I've said it before, nationwide IE can-and-string network

2019-03-06 23:04:38 UTC

Migrate to chain carrier pigeons and smoke signals

2019-03-06 23:04:48 UTC

Psychological dreams

2019-03-06 23:04:50 UTC

We should communicate in Morse code

2019-03-06 23:04:59 UTC


2019-03-06 23:05:26 UTC

There's this decentralized platform with pretty good security, it's called IRL. It has a lot of nice features

2019-03-06 23:05:30 UTC

You ghey

2019-03-06 23:05:40 UTC

So they can still access deleted Posts? I assume that their program can just copy whatever is posted instantly.

2019-03-06 23:05:45 UTC

.... .. -.-...---.-.-..-..-..---..---.-.--.-

2019-03-06 23:05:50 UTC

Really sad that the executive director guy had his name set though. Doxxed rip. ๐Ÿ˜ซ

2019-03-06 23:05:50 UTC


2019-03-06 23:06:07 UTC


2019-03-06 23:06:29 UTC

None of the stuff that happens today matters. Remember who you are and where you came from. Fortunes and sacred honor were put on the line to get us here, and those of us with a sense of history know this game of civilization is for keeps and we have a good record. So just let it go and keep working to better yourself.

2019-03-06 23:06:47 UTC

@nord He'll be fine. He just needs to change his account name from steven bennet to Steben bennis

2019-03-06 23:07:04 UTC


2019-03-06 23:07:06 UTC

Can we get a spurdo react?

2019-03-06 23:07:34 UTC

Only one react gift from serveradmin a year and we already had it

2019-03-06 23:07:41 UTC

Christmas is over

2019-03-06 23:07:57 UTC

we should all legally change our real names to John Smith

2019-03-06 23:08:28 UTC

And give up my beautiful med name? Nah b

2019-03-06 23:08:37 UTC

actually what we should all do is just do a life swap and take on the persona and life of another IE member, so they cant really doxx us

2019-03-06 23:08:58 UTC

My real name is sugondeez nutz

2019-03-06 23:09:01 UTC

Second life nationalism

2019-03-06 23:09:15 UTC

VR chat

2019-03-06 23:09:19 UTC


2019-03-06 23:09:21 UTC

Get out of here boomer

2019-03-06 23:09:24 UTC

private IE vr chat

2019-03-06 23:09:27 UTC

Wait! VRchat nationalism!

2019-03-06 23:09:41 UTC

Firesides in Vrchat when?

2019-03-06 23:09:47 UTC

Unironically this

2019-03-06 23:09:48 UTC

Sounds fun actually

2019-03-06 23:09:50 UTC

No what we should do is just behave better guys Iโ€™m kind of puzzled that some of you are actually finding this humorous and funny to be honest

2019-03-06 23:10:10 UTC

Well at this point what are you gonna do?

2019-03-06 23:10:10 UTC

Mandatory knuckles avatars when?

2019-03-06 23:10:27 UTC

Humor helps you get through tough times.

2019-03-06 23:10:35 UTC

It isn't in our control, why worry about it?

2019-03-06 23:10:49 UTC

Real question, where can I find info on becoming a patron?

2019-03-06 23:10:49 UTC

It was only a matter of time, the president cant even keep things from leaking.

2019-03-06 23:10:56 UTC

Just don't say personal info about yourself and don't make super-edgy jokes and you're fine.

2019-03-06 23:11:03 UTC

Itโ€™s not in our control how we behave and what we say?

2019-03-06 23:11:39 UTC

@Max Bianco - NY please reach out to @Argument of Perigee please

2019-03-06 23:11:47 UTC


2019-03-06 23:11:48 UTC

i mean the democrats were dressing in black face and kkk cosumes and all we do is rant about crime stats and post memes...

2019-03-06 23:12:12 UTC

Let's do this, @Max Bianco - NY !

2019-03-06 23:12:14 UTC

I would take a defeatist attitude towards it. But I personally took lessons learned from this and already have a good opsec.

2019-03-06 23:12:39 UTC

It is but the past is also the past. I personally messed up in a 2017 post. Im really sorry i messed up. But also, i cant change a 2017 post at this time.

2019-03-06 23:12:42 UTC

The leak is done, and I have no power to change that.

2019-03-06 23:13:27 UTC

Us behaving better doesnt keep infiltrators out

2019-03-06 23:13:31 UTC

advanced memes: People hear about IE from the leaks and join IE

2019-03-06 23:13:48 UTC

Exactly @Andrew-KY

2019-03-06 23:13:56 UTC

I dont think we look bad regardless. Ive never seen something here that makes us look evil

2019-03-06 23:14:12 UTC

Nope it doesnโ€™t keep them out but it certainly wonโ€™t give them reasons to criticize our message @nord

2019-03-06 23:15:13 UTC

They donโ€™t need a reason. Theyโ€™ll make something up

2019-03-06 23:15:27 UTC

We can make them look silly though

2019-03-06 23:15:32 UTC

@nord I don't have any real data to back it up but based on my interaction online with conservative forums it does seem to me like your average MAGApede is becoming more and more sympathetic to our message

2019-03-06 23:15:54 UTC

We shouldn't act crazy or shitty. Im a normal person and everything ive seen here would attract me to the movement. Hell, just how funny it is would

2019-03-06 23:16:03 UTC

Our logs were better than Fuentes server

2019-03-06 23:16:04 UTC

This just makes me more hyped. I feel sorry for those who miss this historic weekend.

2019-03-06 23:16:22 UTC

@Perihelion - CA I would hope so ๐Ÿ˜‚

2019-03-06 23:16:29 UTC

There is data mate. It's like 9 percent of whites still

2019-03-06 23:16:50 UTC

Where do you get that number from

2019-03-06 23:17:14 UTC

I lost all my files but hold on

2019-03-06 23:17:40 UTC

Imagine if Steve King primaried Trump, running to the right of Trump on immigration/demographics, etc.

2019-03-06 23:17:59 UTC

My registry had my town listed :( so people could send me stuff

2019-03-06 23:18:06 UTC

>join random player group in mmo recently
>theyre all non ironic commies
>quit and join another group
>their discord makes ie look saintly
I think we actually did pretty good 2018 forward

2019-03-06 23:18:35 UTC

Which MMO?

2019-03-06 23:19:38 UTC

I only do folkish woodcrafting. ๐Ÿ˜…

2019-03-06 23:19:39 UTC

Runescape ftw

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