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2018-08-01 19:12:10 UTC

@Willem Petzer best lecture I've listened of Hoppe from Aristocracy to Monarchy to Democracy. A Tale of Moral and Economic Folly and Decay

2018-08-01 21:29:23 UTC
2018-08-02 01:34:00 UTC

Finally got around to doing this one

2018-08-02 01:34:34 UTC

No idea why it's using wrong thumbnail here though.

2018-08-02 02:25:18 UTC
2018-08-02 02:40:22 UTC

I dont like the introduction...

2018-08-02 02:42:09 UTC

It seems, judging from the tone of the callers, many black South Africans definitely view the DA as, at best, a "white-leaning" party. People who propose getting the DA into power as a type of temporary solution, or a first step to a path to self-determination for Afrikaners, how do you go about convincing blacks to vote for a party they see as inheritently as a "white party"?

2018-08-02 02:58:24 UTC

What I don't like about these documentaries is that they show a shack and say, see this is the result of apartheid.

2018-08-02 02:59:24 UTC

but for crying out loud they had roughly 13% of south africa's surface for themselves 4% more than what they had originally.

2018-08-02 03:01:31 UTC

@MaximusXVI no that is not the solution.

2018-08-02 03:19:47 UTC

@theeChristopher Oh i agree. That's not my idea. But there is actually a guy on here who advocates voting for the DA simply on the basis that they are the only viable party which can challenge the ANC and forseeably get them out of power. In his mind, getting rid of the ANC should be the number 1 objective at the moment. I'm just an observer from the US who supports the Afrikaner people. In my opinion, in theory, the "best solution" would be some kind of Volkstaat or self-determination for the Afrikaners. And I think many people on here probably agree with that. But the obvious problem and immediate question is: HOW is that going to happen? Is it a matter of actively campaigning for it; or is it, as some have more cynically suggested, just a matter of waiting until some kind of nation-wide anarchy/civil war occurs, and then take advantage of the chaos and pursue the creation of their own new country? Thoughts? 😃

2018-08-02 03:29:45 UTC

Thank you for supporting us Afirkaners @MaximusXVI it's people like you that will help more than you realise.

The guy who is saying the DA must win says so because he is one of them, he is a liberal and a fence sitter and openly says so, I have no clue why he is on here cause he clearly states these facts.

During the Anglo Boer War we had many like him, and this cost us greatly.

A Volkstaat is the only solution, however this can be put on hold for now simply because the Transvaal, Freestate and Natalia Republic belongs to us The Boer.

If we declare a Volkstaat that will only mean that we settle for second best (we don't settle for second best), the snake (the bantu) is busy devouring itself and soon it will be gone but first a lot of water needs to pass under the bridge. those bantu that will be left will be the bantu that respected the Boer as they always have, as it was before.

2018-08-02 03:31:53 UTC

Natalia Republic was the first republic in the whole of Africa.

2018-08-02 04:15:11 UTC

@theeChristopher Well that is certainly kind of you to say. I wish there was more I could do. I started following the situation in SA a couple years ago. But have really become interested after I discovered Willem's channel, as well as the social media accounts of several other right wing Afrikaners. That guy definitely seems delusional and if he's on the fence, then he's definitely not an asset to the cause. So are you of the opinion that it's simply a matter of time before things go south? Obviously, it would be completely delusional to think that things could somehow improve for the country with its current trajectory. What are your thoughts on Ramaphosa's announcement? I saw some guy arguing that he's playing "4d chess" (like some say Trump does) and doesn't really believe in EWC, but is only trying to save the ANC from losing votes to the EFF. Others are already talking about forming militias and preparing to physically defend their land. I saw Renaldo's video earlier in which he seems to believe nothing serious will actually happen until after the 2019 elections. So i guess I would ask you: where do things actually stand with regard to the "land issue?" It is my understanding that the president has just announced what most people already saw coming. They still to do the actual ammendmending to the constitution, and go through all the documentation. Stay strong my friend! 🙏 <:Vierkleur:471734652844113920> 💪

2018-08-02 04:15:11 UTC

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2018-08-02 07:09:00 UTC

@MaximusXVI hi, Maximus, a lot of people are saying the EWC is only for votes. The problem with that theory is that even if it was true the black people will not let it lie, they will pursue the issue and the riots we have at the moment (which is really bad) will look like a picnic compared to the anarchy that will follow if the ANC retract their statement. I don't know if you've seen the riots (which are called protests) that is taking place in Hermanus in the Western Cape at the moment. They are "claiming" land and have burned down a lot of infrastructure already. This while the land issue is still up for "debate". It's also not an isolated instance, it's been happening in Johannesburg, Pretoria and other towns. It is not covered by the MSM, since it doesn't fit their narrative, but on a positive note it seems as though the police are active in their pursuit to stop full on land grabs, even if they do not stop the burning and looting. The ANC put the ball on the roll and only a miracle will stop EWC now. It most probably will happen, it's just a question of how and when. The ANC is struggling because of differing factions inside the party and they will tell their people anything they want to hear, but land expropriation without compensation will not die a silent death. 2 days ago, Ramaphosa said in a local broadcast that LEWC will definitely happen(this while the town meetings are still not finalized), the Rand decreased, so yesterday he said to international media that it will be in the form of title deeds but definitely not given for free to the masses, the Rand increased a little again. So the government is playing the game two ways, one is for the potential voters, the other is for the potential investors.

2018-08-02 07:19:24 UTC

The DA also has infighting in the party, they started catering to the black voters and are losing their white and coloured voters (which were their primary voters btw) because of their populist statements they make. The next election will be a bad one for the DA, since their primary voters have been alienated and the black people still see them as a white party. I'm hoping COPE with Lekota will rise again, that guy is levelheaded, but they don't have a lot of financial backers and aren't willing to play the populist game that the EFF thrives in.

2018-08-02 07:37:15 UTC

@MaximusXVI also if you haven't already, watch the documentary "Tainted Heroes" to see the struggle the ANC had with Inkhata(the Zulu party). This is relevant, because something is again brewing with the IFP(Zulus) against the ANC, there have been a lot of assassinations happening in KwaZulu-Natal. Just to give you a picture the Zulu king Zwelithini and the Ingonyama Trust owns 30% of the Natal province. Although Ramaphosa specifically said that the trust's land won't be expropriated, the King is said to be cautious. Anyway watch tainted heroes. This gives another perspective of the ANC that the MSM is silent about.

2018-08-02 07:45:57 UTC

Baie goeie documentary...

2018-08-02 10:40:03 UTC

Lekker Boys...


2018-08-02 11:00:51 UTC

you can't make this stuff up...

2018-08-02 11:00:51 UTC

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2018-08-02 12:17:24 UTC
2018-08-02 12:25:27 UTC
2018-08-02 12:26:15 UTC


2018-08-02 14:19:10 UTC

NEW VIDEO, @everyone: What you need to know about Land Expropriation | South Africa


2018-08-02 14:29:38 UTC

@Conscious Caracal "It is about to get Mad Max up in here" 😆

2018-08-02 14:31:23 UTC

man i'm so distracted by those awesome cats. politics out the window... ;D

2018-08-02 14:53:20 UTC
2018-08-02 18:14:59 UTC

goeie donner

2018-08-02 18:15:29 UTC

ja donner amper almal het insurance

2018-08-02 18:15:42 UTC

ry oor die donners

2018-08-02 18:15:48 UTC


2018-08-02 18:22:56 UTC

Watch the whole thing. It's worth it! 👆🏻<:rooikat:468405556831453184>

2018-08-02 18:33:18 UTC

totally was worth it lol

2018-08-02 18:42:58 UTC

His production is always fantastic

2018-08-02 19:02:19 UTC

Huge Mouthy fan. Love his videos.

2018-08-02 19:05:18 UTC

I enjoy his content as well, havent been following him for long, but havent disliked anything he tackled so far

2018-08-02 19:06:58 UTC

He doest upload that often, but when he does it usually really good stuff. Audio and visuals 👌

2018-08-02 19:07:08 UTC


2018-08-02 19:12:56 UTC

Yeah have to hand it to him, the editing is crazy good, his content is always top quality in the way he presents. certainly could learn a thing or two from him if you are a content creator.

2018-08-02 20:04:49 UTC
2018-08-02 21:31:21 UTC

Christian Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders skewers wetback scum Acosta 👏🏻

2018-08-03 00:30:11 UTC

Why need a gun license if you can have a modified paintball gun?

2018-08-03 01:30:12 UTC

Ditsem! @Arm, you just advanced to level 9!

2018-08-03 04:18:16 UTC

@KoninginTanja Greetings Tanja! Yes, it seems that with the ANC & EWC, the genie is out of the bottle and noone can put it back in. I have seen some of the videos of land grabs/occupations, but did not realize that it was literally happenning every day. It's good that, at least for now, SAPS is upholding the law. I did not realize that there was such division in the ANC itself. What are the factions? Is it basically the more radicals vs the more moderates? They definitely talk out of both sides of their mouth, commies through and through. I knew a little about the division within the DA from Ernst Roets interview on eNCA. Where are the white and coloured voters, who as you say have/are being alienated by the DA, going? FF+? COPE? I agree that it would be nice to COPE get more support, but they need to get a more secure base. Is it possible that there could be some sort of FF+/COPE alliance/coalition? The FF+ would attract an ever increasing amout of "red-pilled" Afrikaners and disgruntled DA voters, while COPE could appeal to more moderate coloured/black voters? I know very little about SA politics, so maybe something like this is completely out of the question, but it's just a thought that I had. I have been wanting to watch "Tainted Heroes". I'll try to watch it this weekend sometime! I've seen the trailer and it looks very well-done! In KwaZulu-Natal, you mention assassinations. Who is being assassinated and by whom? I saw where Kallie Kriel met with the Zulu king last week and they apparently discussed the "land issue" and EWC. That's certainly an interesting development! Stay strong my friend! <:Vierkleur:471734652844113920> 🙏 💪

2018-08-03 04:34:22 UTC
2018-08-03 07:29:27 UTC

@MaximusXVI The Cope FF+ alliance would definitely be a huge success if it wasn't for the uninformed white voters who do not follow politics and would assume that the whites sold out again to black communists. So they would lose a lot of white voters. The black uninformed voters believe Cope is a party that is a puppet for whites(which is the rumour the ANC started), so the Cope lose votes from a large black population already, if the 2 became allies, the ANC and EFF would drive that propaganda with even more vigour. The coloureds won't follow either, because they mostly don't trust whites or blacks. So the coalition would fail for those reasons if done before the election. I think next year we will see a good rise in the FF+ from white voters alienated from the DA. The coloureds won't vote for the FF+, the DA alienated coloureds would probably rally behind the Cape Party (which I know nothing about). There could always be an agreed upon coalition after the results, which would give the 3 parties(catering to the 3 different races, but with mostly the same objective) more power, but they wouldn't do it before the elections, that would be suicide. The assassinations are from ANC KZN-municipal delegates to IFP municipal delegates, but the assassinations are mostly on the ANC members in KZN, but the ANC have been doing a lot of this to intimidate rival parties. Here's a Wikipedia link that explains more about this. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Political_assassinations_in_post-apartheid_South_Africa
Next time we'll pick up our chat in general. (Since we are bound to be reminded that this is for videos only.)
Watch farmlands from Lauren Southern after you're done with Tainted Heroes.

2018-08-03 09:54:13 UTC

Thanks Rupdog

2018-08-03 10:43:22 UTC

Whatever happened to @rupdog ???

2018-08-03 11:02:07 UTC

He is here, watching waiting... alive and kicking 😄

2018-08-03 11:13:53 UTC
2018-08-03 12:31:06 UTC


2018-08-03 12:37:26 UTC

@Malcolm the Seceder do you get this video above?

2018-08-03 12:49:47 UTC

Not if it's in Afrikaans

2018-08-03 13:00:33 UTC
2018-08-03 13:00:51 UTC

Some light relief 👆🏻

2018-08-03 13:24:34 UTC

@Daniel van Straaten Just watched it 🤭

2018-08-03 15:53:56 UTC

what is Willem's view on Angus Buchan I wonder?

2018-08-03 15:54:02 UTC

not a fan myself.

2018-08-03 15:54:17 UTC

but hey if the boer goes i go.

2018-08-03 16:04:52 UTC

Google says he's a Charismatic 👎🏻

2018-08-03 16:25:41 UTC


2018-08-03 16:30:50 UTC

Angus Buchan is a prosperity teacher

2018-08-03 16:30:54 UTC

False teacher if you ask me

2018-08-03 20:05:24 UTC
2018-08-03 23:45:10 UTC

@KoninginTanja Very interesting. Lots will be happening in SA in the next couple years. I have seen Farmlands by Lauren Southern and was very impressed. See you in General! 😃

2018-08-04 03:00:03 UTC

great video! Just watched it! The double standard argument is so blatantly obvious. Say this about any other group or country, and you will be destroyed. For some reason, it's only European/Western countries that are required to submit to their own ethnic and cultural replacement!

2018-08-04 10:16:03 UTC

Please this video is NOT FOR SENSITIVE VIEWERS. Cape Town Lavender Hill today.


2018-08-04 10:16:49 UTC

Note the lady taking her baby for a stroll

2018-08-04 10:32:21 UTC


2018-08-04 10:36:51 UTC

@CarlSagan in what way?

2018-08-04 10:44:05 UTC

It's clearly staged, the shooter just happens to put a gun in his pants when the cameraman pans back to him, the "enemy" walks casually towards the victims and then all of a sudden some random other shooter comes into scene. Also, listen to what the cameraman is saying and how he is saying it and running towards the scene of the crime calmly. He also happens to be perfectly positioned between the 2 and everything kicks off the moment he starts recording. Ray Charles could see that this is staged.

2018-08-04 10:56:50 UTC

I think the one filming is part of the gang "die Engele" note the shadow of the one he speaks to, same one who shouts something unclear to me and become the second shooter. If it is staged it was staged by die Engele gang to record the shooting of a rival gang, or something, it looks like the rivals were mocking the others or something, who knows. The one filming says something like "who are these 'Maiers'" I'm not sure what the word was he used, but it sounded like wie's hierdie meiers nou. Which could be a reference to the Cape Maleiers. The guy filming says, you know what guys we're shooting now, and his friend replies, 'Tikiline' let's go they're shooting now. And then that same guy becomes the second shooter, judging by the shadows.

2018-08-04 14:41:47 UTC

Wie onthou nie die cool advertensie? 👆

2018-08-04 16:46:37 UTC

where is the footage of inside the old peoples home?

2018-08-04 16:51:20 UTC

@Arm I posted a link for you in twitter

2018-08-04 19:53:18 UTC
2018-08-04 20:31:08 UTC

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wvh1-OSKo8 @here Great Podcast going down on @Endeavour youtube channel. A must listen!

2018-08-05 20:41:07 UTC
2018-08-05 21:11:45 UTC

More people are coming to same conclusion that the left are led by liars.

2018-08-06 01:52:15 UTC


2018-08-06 01:52:15 UTC

Hello @Arm ! Hier is hy!


2018-08-06 16:08:05 UTC

Ditsem! @rupdog, you just advanced to level 4!

2018-08-06 17:53:24 UTC

@rupdog notice how they are shouting Khosa?

2018-08-06 18:39:06 UTC

@Arm no, but hey, it’s just confirming what I believe, in the not too distant future, Europe will come to ZA to learn from us how we survive the onslaught of this savage hoard...

2018-08-06 22:00:08 UTC

Why living in NZ sux balls;

2018-08-06 22:34:32 UTC

_scratches NZ off the list_

2018-08-06 22:40:03 UTC

10:22 :D :D :D

2018-08-06 23:04:11 UTC
2018-08-07 12:07:11 UTC

@cµrvy that list is getting shorter and shorter these days.

2018-08-07 13:22:06 UTC

just another reason to break away and make our own country. Suid Kaap!

2018-08-07 17:38:13 UTC

"South Africa was a prosperous, ever-developing country while run by the Boers and the Brits. The anti-Apartheid movement began in the USA by Leftists who sucked in the useful idiots and made SA surrender eventually. Apartheid was generated in large part in response to the Mau-Mau uprising in Kenya, in which thousands of productive whites were slaughtered, sleeping in their beds, by their employees."

2018-08-07 17:44:55 UTC

That's the power of communist propaganda... Why do you think commies are so hated and even hunted down in the past? These commies are not human beings

2018-08-07 18:52:52 UTC

Great video by Computing Forever! ☝

2018-08-07 19:15:36 UTC


2018-08-07 19:35:19 UTC

Thank you @Arnoldsly99

2018-08-07 20:16:25 UTC
2018-08-08 11:41:18 UTC


2018-08-08 12:38:40 UTC
2018-08-08 13:24:44 UTC

Great vid, starting to look more like a representation of reality and less like a narrated liberal fantasy, a red pill for his audience from himself. Keen to see a proper reflection discussion on this matter and what it really means for the liberals.

2018-08-08 13:26:42 UTC

Democracy and majority rule is lekker neh

2018-08-08 13:44:30 UTC

That was difficult to watch, I have also recently emigrated to Germany, and this lady speaks the truth we might be of European decent but our roots are in RSA.

2018-08-08 13:44:30 UTC

Ditsem! @KoueKoffie, you just advanced to level 2!

2018-08-08 13:59:14 UTC

Not worth running away...

2018-08-08 17:20:40 UTC

Home is where you hang your hat. And that can be any where. Good for this woman and her family.

2018-08-08 21:10:59 UTC

@Daniel van Straaten Not sure about Dinesh

2018-08-08 21:23:57 UTC

"Every idea they have on the left is corrupted by a foundation in fantasy" - Mr Reagan 2018

2018-08-08 21:34:31 UTC

Soycialist Politician talking points and the shift from Socialism to Communism
Economic Justice = Redistribution of Wealth aka Communism
Social Justice = Fascism

2018-08-08 22:25:43 UTC

The "wonderful" New Soyland, the socialism is strong and is the biggest reason not to come and stay there...

2018-08-08 22:25:43 UTC

Ditsem! @Crusher, you just advanced to level 4!

2018-08-09 00:27:01 UTC

Look guys, Renaldo's a nice guy. I'm sure he pays his taxes, obeys the law, and is genuine in his desires for SA. But, lets be honest, he just doesn't get it. Whether it's complete ignorance or he doesn't want to fall out of favor with the DA, I don't know. That he so easily and nonchalantly dismisses the elephant in the room is so blatantly obvious that you'd have to be blind to ignore it. I feel horrible for the woman involved. The only good thing is that it could be used as a redpill. Just read the comments on the video. People are cathing on!

2018-08-09 00:27:01 UTC

Ditsem! @MaximusXVI, you just advanced to level 4!

2018-08-09 00:27:58 UTC

@MaximusXVI which video?

2018-08-09 00:37:00 UTC

I watched that earlier

2018-08-09 00:53:58 UTC

But hey I am so happy that we live in a free south africa now

2018-08-09 04:42:23 UTC

So this happened.

2018-08-09 16:39:36 UTC

Wow, Freddie Mercury and Lennon had a love child

2018-08-09 17:37:24 UTC


2018-08-09 22:01:05 UTC
2018-08-10 15:02:54 UTC

https://youtu.be/g7Jh8pJCw-c @Jerm how about a conversation with @Willem Petzer

2018-08-11 07:43:17 UTC
2018-08-11 08:22:25 UTC

This debate remind me of this quote "I don’t see any reason for misrepresenting my opponents, they’re all so bad they don’t need to be misrepresented. If I misrepresented them, they’d appear better than they are." - Gordon Clark


2018-08-11 09:43:43 UTC
2018-08-11 12:52:56 UTC

Does Capitalism Exploit Workers? https://youtu.be/4Ttbj6LAu0A

2018-08-12 05:14:10 UTC

Our DA friend believes that the farm murders are just common crime, tried to send him this but he has blocked me from sending direct messages, I can personally confirm that the targeting of whites in Southern Africa is nothing new and this video pretty much cover the basics that I have learned over the years.

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