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2018-07-18 11:05:36 UTC

Just want to know people's opinion

2018-07-18 11:05:57 UTC

Probably the freedom front for me.

2018-07-18 11:06:10 UTC

I will be voting Front Nasionaal, just to see if we can get them a seat...

2018-07-18 11:06:25 UTC

Otherwise FF+

2018-07-18 11:07:52 UTC

@crazyBoer @Willem Petzer I don't know much about them, but I'll do my due diligence. However why would you guys vote for them? Are they more conservative?

2018-07-18 11:08:30 UTC

I don't know much about Front Nasionaal but the FF+ is

2018-07-18 11:09:15 UTC

Maybe @Willem Petzer can do a video on who they are and perhaps sway some votes their way

2018-07-18 11:09:49 UTC

Here is a link to the their manifesto http://www.vfplus.org.za/wie-is-die-vf-plus

2018-07-18 11:11:14 UTC

@crazyBoer thanks. My Afrikaans is not that great but I'll read through it. Lol but then again that's why we have a dictionary and google

2018-07-18 11:11:31 UTC

What is this +1 thing?

2018-07-18 11:11:42 UTC

You can read it in English too.

2018-07-18 11:11:47 UTC

Sorry I'm a noob

2018-07-18 11:12:12 UTC

You can change the language at the top right corner of the screen.

2018-07-18 11:12:31 UTC

@crazyBoer thanks man, appreciate it

2018-07-18 11:12:51 UTC


2018-07-18 11:14:47 UTC

So I was watching @Willem Petzer latest video and we literally showing the world who we are as South Africans and this I feel demotivates us as a nation. How else can we address this? Because I swear our politicians won't do anything

2018-07-18 11:15:15 UTC

I wish I knew.

2018-07-18 11:15:28 UTC

Kesh do you wish to join the general chat .

2018-07-18 11:18:37 UTC

do not give up one inch and do not let them confiscate any private property

2018-07-18 11:18:46 UTC

it is a death sentence otherwise

2018-07-18 11:19:52 UTC

That is why the second amendment exist in America, guard it with your life.

2018-07-18 11:19:54 UTC

@crazyBoer I thought I was already in the general chat....?

2018-07-18 11:19:54 UTC

Ditsem! @Kesh, you just advanced to level 2!

2018-07-18 11:20:19 UTC

No you can talk to me with your actaul voice then.

2018-07-18 11:20:42 UTC

Bottom left side of the screen.

2018-07-18 11:20:55 UTC

@crazyBoer I'm at work bru lol

2018-07-18 11:21:12 UTC

alirght mate.

2018-07-18 11:21:22 UTC

A Second Ammendment is no cure to gun control, and no guarantee either. It just makes defending the right to private property (firearms) a little simpler


2018-07-18 11:22:02 UTC

@crazyBoer perhaps sometime very soon. We can text in the meantime though

2018-07-18 11:22:10 UTC

Very well.

2018-07-18 11:22:35 UTC

I wish we had a 2nd amendment

2018-07-18 11:22:43 UTC

Same here mate.

2018-07-18 11:23:00 UTC

don't let that stop you from owning firearms to defend yourself and your loved ones with

2018-07-18 11:23:23 UTC

We can still get guns but its a bureacratic nightmare.

2018-07-18 11:24:01 UTC

And if you on any kinf of medicine its a no no.

2018-07-18 11:24:26 UTC

again, don't let that stop you

2018-07-18 11:24:36 UTC

own what you have to own to protect yourself and those you love

2018-07-18 11:25:00 UTC

I have a few old hunting riffles but thats about it.

2018-07-18 11:25:11 UTC

We aren’t allowed to have guns here in Holland... and they think it solves everything, yet in my city gun violence seems to be going up.

2018-07-18 11:25:22 UTC

At this point, a 1776 scenario will have to take place in order for us to gain a 2nd amendment type bill

2018-07-18 11:25:48 UTC

Which I don't want just to be clear

2018-07-18 11:25:55 UTC

no one does

2018-07-18 11:26:15 UTC

but we don't go about life only dealing with things we want

2018-07-18 11:26:24 UTC

Do you think the goverment wants to disarm us for a civil war.

2018-07-18 11:26:28 UTC


2018-07-18 11:26:55 UTC

it isn't much of a civil war if the populace is disarmed

2018-07-18 11:26:55 UTC

From an outsider it sure does look like they want to make it easier

2018-07-18 11:26:57 UTC

@crazyBoer No so that they can force us into submission so that they can to whatever they want

2018-07-18 11:27:04 UTC

that is called a genocide

2018-07-18 11:27:39 UTC

Well Malema certainly wants that.

2018-07-18 11:28:06 UTC

only he doesn't want a lead wall impeding that

2018-07-18 11:28:34 UTC

Coward typical.

2018-07-18 11:28:52 UTC

coward yes, drooling retard? not quite

2018-07-18 11:28:52 UTC

Where are you from frederick?

2018-07-18 11:28:55 UTC


2018-07-18 11:29:03 UTC

we don't have a second ammendment

2018-07-18 11:29:20 UTC

and that doesn't stop people from owning what they want

2018-07-18 11:29:37 UTC

I posted this yesterday, but this may help change some things

2018-07-18 11:29:56 UTC

the files go online in August

2018-07-18 11:30:13 UTC

great for any machinist looking for a "weekend project"

2018-07-18 11:31:05 UTC

the website is owned by an American who recently won a case against the US Federal Gov't

2018-07-18 11:31:17 UTC

that allows him to publish those files

2018-07-18 11:31:41 UTC

he was the same person that created the first working 3-D printed gun

2018-07-18 11:31:59 UTC

Cool I am not that good with my hands though.

2018-07-18 11:32:04 UTC

that was in 2012/2013 I believe

2018-07-18 11:32:05 UTC

that's great, was hoping to get a link to his designs

2018-07-18 11:32:22 UTC

I'm having a printer built at th emo πŸ˜ƒ

2018-07-18 11:32:43 UTC

he even is having his cnc mill put online for anyone looking to build it

2018-07-18 11:32:58 UTC

Where can I find the materials though.

2018-07-18 11:32:58 UTC


2018-07-18 11:33:06 UTC

it finishes 80% lowers for AR-15/10, 1911s, and soon Glocks

2018-07-18 11:33:25 UTC

he may also have plans for the M9 Beretta it seems

2018-07-18 11:33:38 UTC

interesting how he also has CAD files for the VZ.58

2018-07-18 11:33:42 UTC

who knows

2018-07-18 11:33:49 UTC

maybe we'll see FALs on there soon

2018-07-18 11:34:05 UTC

they are working on making CAD files for a lot of firearms

2018-07-18 11:34:46 UTC

So I got to buy a 3d printer or something

2018-07-18 11:34:46 UTC

Ditsem! @crazyBoer, you just advanced to level 5!

2018-07-18 11:35:17 UTC

the CAD files are so people with machines to do metal working can potentially make any part for any gun

2018-07-18 11:35:30 UTC

it then comes down to your material acquisition and skill

2018-07-18 11:36:03 UTC

his CNC mill finishes the lowers of firearms from 80% blocks

2018-07-18 11:36:31 UTC

he also was able to make 3-D printed magazines for AR-15 and AKs

2018-07-18 11:37:30 UTC

ofcourse you don't necessarily need the very expensive machinary to do the job

2018-07-18 11:37:34 UTC

but it makes it easier

2018-07-18 11:37:34 UTC

Ditsem! @Frederick Bernal, you just advanced to level 4!

2018-07-18 11:38:07 UTC

What machine do I need to buy specificly

2018-07-18 11:38:23 UTC

there have been other successful 3-D printed guns that are quite innovative

2018-07-18 11:38:39 UTC

you need a mill and a lot of skill

2018-07-18 11:39:37 UTC

sintering is printing with metal materials and then baking but I doubt it's suitable for weapons

2018-07-18 11:40:07 UTC

there has been a 3-D metal printed gun

2018-07-18 11:40:07 UTC

I am gonna go afk

2018-07-18 11:40:11 UTC


2018-07-18 11:40:36 UTC

was expensive for the company but it works just as any other 1911

2018-07-18 11:51:05 UTC

So I tried to go to the USAF site to check out the registration for citizens and it seems they've already been targeted. Their page has been suspended.

2018-07-18 11:51:26 UTC


2018-07-18 12:10:28 UTC


2018-07-18 12:10:41 UTC

cool, that on eworks, ta

2018-07-18 12:10:41 UTC

Ditsem! @Friday, you just advanced to level 1!

2018-07-18 12:12:11 UTC

Here in the UK we can be arrested for carrying a potato peeler in public. Curiously our crime rate continues to rise...?

2018-07-18 12:13:01 UTC

yeah your laws makes no sense...

2018-07-18 12:13:01 UTC

Ditsem! @Shiver, you just advanced to level 3!

2018-07-18 12:13:43 UTC

I think our laws do make sense. Just depends on from which side one looks at it

2018-07-18 12:13:58 UTC

Imagine owning something like a "firearm license" just to buy kitchen utensils...

2018-07-18 12:14:56 UTC

how long before brollies with points are banned?

2018-07-18 12:15:10 UTC

Lol I know. Our muslim loving police even tweeted a photo of a bicycle wheel they had "confiscated"πŸ˜‚

2018-07-18 12:15:20 UTC


2018-07-18 12:15:26 UTC


2018-07-18 12:15:50 UTC

That's when they're not busy dancing in the fag pride parades

2018-07-18 12:16:23 UTC

"Upholding the law with interperative dance"

2018-07-18 12:16:42 UTC


2018-07-18 12:16:54 UTC


2018-07-18 12:17:32 UTC

I can already see the dance off's happening when there is antifa riots

2018-07-18 12:18:15 UTC

"You got SERVED by the swift moves of the law"

2018-07-18 12:18:20 UTC


2018-07-18 12:18:35 UTC

Strike a pose!

2018-07-18 12:18:56 UTC

It's a paradox cause as a conservative one wants to support the police. But these aren't police. They don't deserve respect.

2018-07-18 12:31:01 UTC

Lol I wonder if we'd get these nowadays...πŸ€”

2018-07-18 12:32:01 UTC

They wont replay those videos on british tv

2018-07-18 12:34:42 UTC

Lol I can't tell if this is real or a parody!??


2018-07-18 12:35:46 UTC

ye I know what you mean

2018-07-18 12:39:12 UTC

It's fine. I think white males are taking the hint and leaving the dems. Good news for us

2018-07-18 12:39:12 UTC

Ditsem! @Malcolm the Seceder, you just advanced to level 3!

2018-07-18 12:41:57 UTC

Does anybody follow Alex Jones?

2018-07-18 12:42:49 UTC

Alex Jones is a fraud.

2018-07-18 12:42:57 UTC

I did but a lot of his stuff is so overwrought that I stopped. I pop in every now and then. I actually prefer Owen Shroyer

2018-07-18 12:43:08 UTC

@Deejay from Earth please elaborate

2018-07-18 12:43:26 UTC

See if you can find his 9-11 crying video on youtube. It's hilarious.

2018-07-18 12:44:02 UTC

@Malcolm the Seceder They're both awesome

2018-07-18 12:44:20 UTC

@Deejay from Earth 9/11 was no joke

2018-07-18 12:44:35 UTC

@Kesh I watched Alex regularly for about 8 years until he uploaded this and deleted it an hour later https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPa1wLvCovE Alex is compromised.

2018-07-18 12:44:44 UTC

I doubt Alex was faking it

2018-07-18 12:44:54 UTC

Yeah I have nothing per se against Jones though I think he is kinda cooky. But one can't watch everything

2018-07-18 12:45:23 UTC

Alex has proven to be vindicated time and time again

2018-07-18 12:46:23 UTC

@Kesh Its worth watching that interview and then make your mind up about him

2018-07-18 12:46:23 UTC

Ditsem! @Arm, you just advanced to level 2!

2018-07-18 12:46:24 UTC

@Arm so what does that mean?

2018-07-18 12:46:48 UTC

@Arm I already watched that video or interview

2018-07-18 12:47:18 UTC

alex jones is a madman, but he is right alot of the time. cant take him serious on eveything he says

2018-07-18 12:48:29 UTC

9-11. NO PLANES.

2018-07-18 12:48:42 UTC

I think Alex Jones puts Israel before America.

2018-07-18 12:48:54 UTC

@Arm did you see his other video following up with regards to the David Duke interview. I urge you to check it out

2018-07-18 12:49:00 UTC

@The Fleeb Yeah that's my take. On pure politics he's pretty spot on but he can veer way off track and when he starts talking about other dimensions and stuff I'm just likeπŸ™„

2018-07-18 12:49:08 UTC

@Kesh I did watch that

2018-07-18 12:49:12 UTC

@Deejay from Earth again please elaborate

2018-07-18 12:49:22 UTC

@Arm And?

2018-07-18 12:49:36 UTC

I think he deliberately misleads people

2018-07-18 12:49:59 UTC

like for instance he will name george soros as being behind the immigration and then he says its the nazi's.

2018-07-18 12:50:11 UTC

@The Fleeb he is on target 99.99% of the time. It's been proven

2018-07-18 12:50:11 UTC

Ditsem! @Kesh, you just advanced to level 3!

2018-07-18 12:50:27 UTC

Didn't soros work with the Nazis?πŸ˜‚

2018-07-18 12:50:41 UTC


2018-07-18 12:50:57 UTC

But apart from that he sucks...

2018-07-18 12:51:07 UTC


2018-07-18 12:51:08 UTC

alex jones ex wife was a jew. They also got to joe rogan. Joe used to be way more skeptical pre 2013.

2018-07-18 12:51:17 UTC

I think its very dishonest to claim that george soros is advancing a nazi ideology.

2018-07-18 12:51:33 UTC

@Arm please go and watch the 60 minutes interview of George Soros. You'll see that he actually says he collaborated with nazi's to round up Jews

2018-07-18 12:51:36 UTC

he funds illegal immigration into white countries

2018-07-18 12:51:40 UTC

@Arm I know I'm just kidding

2018-07-18 12:51:45 UTC

Either they got to him or he just tuned it down a notch to not lose all of his sponsers. People do love money

2018-07-18 12:51:58 UTC

@Kesh I already mentioned that I know he collaborated with them

2018-07-18 12:52:46 UTC

from my point of view, he did that to advance himself, not because he's antisemitic or wants there to be white ethnostates.

2018-07-18 12:53:06 UTC

Agreed. He's a vampire. Looks like one

2018-07-18 12:53:26 UTC

I don't think george soros cares about jews/whites or anyone at all really.

2018-07-18 12:53:33 UTC


2018-07-18 12:54:15 UTC

Soros makes his dosh when things go down, not up, should tell you everything you need to know about the chap πŸ˜„

2018-07-18 12:54:16 UTC

@Arm Please go do your due diligence on Soros then come back to me

2018-07-18 12:54:43 UTC

He owns media matters, spreading fake news

2018-07-18 12:54:54 UTC

He funds antifa to start riots

2018-07-18 12:54:55 UTC

2018-07-18 12:54:55 UTC

Aangename kennis @FrancoisCricket, welkom by **Willem Petzer Live Chat** πŸ‘¨πŸΌβ€πŸŒΎπŸŽ™οΈ

2018-07-18 12:55:00 UTC

I know that already

2018-07-18 12:55:04 UTC

He funded the BLM movement

2018-07-18 12:55:13 UTC

A nazi would not fund antifa

2018-07-18 12:55:15 UTC

He literally overthrew Ukraine

2018-07-18 12:55:31 UTC

yeah he funded the orange revolution.

2018-07-18 12:55:44 UTC

again that's for his own pocket.

2018-07-18 12:55:47 UTC

@Arm Then clearly you not 100% sure what's going on

2018-07-18 12:56:06 UTC

@Arm "A nazi would not fund antifa." l.o.l

2018-07-18 12:56:13 UTC

@Kesh @Arm Sorry I think I started this. We're all on the same page here I think when it comes to Soros.

2018-07-18 12:56:33 UTC

Soros is the devil disguised as a human

2018-07-18 12:58:54 UTC

@Kesh what I'm saying is that Alex is encouraging people to think George Soros has far right beliefs, when the guy is obviously far left, the complete opposite.

2018-07-18 13:00:27 UTC

@Arm no he's not. Alex is basically pointing out that George Soros is behind antifa and their shit, that people should not support his companies etc

2018-07-18 13:08:46 UTC


2018-07-18 13:08:46 UTC


2018-07-18 13:09:36 UTC

https://youtu.be/43QPbgtTYLQ?t=399 (Alex Jones fake crying on 911)

2018-07-18 13:09:36 UTC

Ditsem! @Deejay from Earth, you just advanced to level 1!

2018-07-18 13:10:03 UTC


2018-07-18 13:10:03 UTC


2018-07-18 13:17:12 UTC


2018-07-18 13:18:01 UTC

Trump knows how to play the long con

2018-07-18 13:19:22 UTC

Hegel's Dialectic... The illusion of choice.

2018-07-18 13:19:53 UTC

Oh I see what you're getting at. Hmm I think there was a proper choice between them

2018-07-18 13:27:05 UTC


2018-07-18 13:27:05 UTC


2018-07-18 13:45:16 UTC

2018-07-18 13:45:16 UTC

Aangename kennis @bruno the dobereman, welkom by **Willem Petzer Live Chat** πŸ‘¨πŸΌβ€πŸŒΎπŸŽ™οΈ

2018-07-18 13:48:12 UTC

hey Bruno, I follow you on YT

2018-07-18 13:48:18 UTC


2018-07-18 14:06:26 UTC


2018-07-18 14:06:26 UTC


2018-07-18 14:06:43 UTC

Who must I kill for more xps?

2018-07-18 14:07:01 UTC

Can't find quest NPC

2018-07-18 14:07:53 UTC

Or is it a gather quest?

2018-07-18 14:08:19 UTC

was also wondering lol

2018-07-18 14:08:32 UTC

I think you gotta talk a lotta kak

2018-07-18 14:08:44 UTC

I can do that

2018-07-18 14:08:51 UTC


2018-07-18 14:18:11 UTC

@Friday thx bro

2018-07-18 14:18:20 UTC

god bless ya

2018-07-18 14:18:46 UTC

np man πŸ˜ƒ

2018-07-18 14:18:47 UTC

you too brother

2018-07-18 14:19:07 UTC

if ya ever want on the show ya welcome

2018-07-18 14:19:14 UTC

@bruno the dobereman you having Internet trouble?

2018-07-18 14:19:22 UTC

i think so

2018-07-18 14:19:26 UTC


2018-07-18 14:19:29 UTC

i can't get vc to work

2018-07-18 14:19:48 UTC

2018-07-18 14:19:48 UTC

Aangename kennis @Mario, welkom by **Willem Petzer Live Chat** πŸ‘¨πŸΌβ€πŸŒΎπŸŽ™οΈ

2018-07-18 14:20:07 UTC

boomer tec

2018-07-18 14:20:09 UTC

is me

2018-07-18 14:20:22 UTC


2018-07-18 14:22:53 UTC

More appropriate avatar now

2018-07-18 14:23:14 UTC

suits you

2018-07-18 14:23:20 UTC


2018-07-18 14:23:47 UTC

Bruno might like mine actually lol

2018-07-18 14:26:41 UTC


2018-07-18 14:26:48 UTC

ye ye

2018-07-18 14:28:14 UTC

I earned that one by doing ALL my boss's work including picking his kids up from school, he was the only man to get all his work done by Friday, I'll own it

2018-07-18 14:28:22 UTC

I'm going to create Robinson Crusoe and Friday accounts to troll on twitter with

2018-07-18 14:28:27 UTC


2018-07-18 14:28:30 UTC


2018-07-18 14:28:46 UTC

I can troll libs with my name too

2018-07-18 14:29:17 UTC

Good guy to have around then

2018-07-18 14:29:53 UTC

heheh I aint sayin yo

2018-07-18 14:32:11 UTC

I've never seen that clip before, thanks πŸ˜ƒ

2018-07-18 14:36:59 UTC

I'm not sure where to put this because there's no photo category so I'll post the link here for now. This guy has some great old photos of cape Town and other parts of SA. He's uploading old Boer War photos recently so check it out if you're interested.

2018-07-18 14:39:06 UTC

Just be warned he is of the merchant class so if you delve into his earlier photos you'll find a few triggering ones.

2018-07-18 14:39:06 UTC

Ditsem! @Friday, you just advanced to level 3!

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