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2018-08-21 13:56:23 UTC

ye keep the fed posting to a minimal to be safe

2018-08-21 14:00:15 UTC

Lol the internet won't be going anywhere, we will be able to see who all these proud traitors are. It's just a hashtag search away lol

2018-08-21 14:00:27 UTC

Facts Straight Piet: 8% of the population yes but more than 30% of SA consumption expenditure. I venture a guess that it is even a higher Percentage when it comes to the insurance industry. Secondly, a x% knock to revenue has a disproportionate impact on the bottom line. Thirdly, more cash in your competitor's pocket means more powder to launch an assualt on the rest of your clientelle.

2018-08-21 14:00:50 UTC

Look at that nice whether

2018-08-21 14:02:23 UTC

no fed posting please

2018-08-21 14:02:31 UTC

we need our own country where anyone can say what ever the fuck they want.

2018-08-21 14:03:43 UTC

but yeah. excellent weather.

2018-08-21 14:04:18 UTC

How to get instant fame with just one word hahahahaha

2018-08-21 14:04:25 UTC


2018-08-21 14:04:31 UTC

exciting times

2018-08-21 14:04:42 UTC

POWERFUL word one single word lol

2018-08-21 14:07:35 UTC

Indeed it is, which is why it's feared..

2018-08-21 14:07:43 UTC


2018-08-21 14:17:05 UTC

What's everyone's definition of the word? Is it intended to be racial or deeper than skin?

2018-08-21 14:17:15 UTC

@Daniebees Moes jy nog ooit stock video gebruik het vir projekte? Indien so, wat is 'n goeie website om videos vanaf te kry (anderste as youtube, natuurlik)

2018-08-21 14:18:07 UTC

that word is used on Jock of the Bushveld IIRC...

2018-08-21 14:18:19 UTC

it was a train scene..

2018-08-21 14:18:40 UTC

Well, just like negro, for a long time the word was a synonym for black

2018-08-21 14:19:29 UTC

A k-wordboom

2018-08-21 14:19:31 UTC


2018-08-21 14:19:40 UTC

jesus couldnt even say it here... so sad world we live in. i fucking hate it..

2018-08-21 14:19:58 UTC

prob coms from the k.af.i.r word meaning infidel...

2018-08-21 14:20:02 UTC

Lol watch y'all's language! Naughty boys!😠

2018-08-21 14:20:13 UTC

@SGL yeah but that's because the word literally means black, it's different to the k word because it doesn't mean black.

2018-08-21 14:20:17 UTC

It does, just like how negro is the Spanish word for black

2018-08-21 14:20:29 UTC

The k word does mean black?

2018-08-21 14:20:35 UTC

It always has

2018-08-21 14:20:42 UTC

in sa yes

2018-08-21 14:20:59 UTC

Is it where the word coffee comes from?🤔

2018-08-21 14:21:08 UTC

What no?

2018-08-21 14:21:24 UTC


2018-08-21 14:21:26 UTC


2018-08-21 14:21:53 UTC

Coffee comes from Dutch, interestingly

2018-08-21 14:21:58 UTC

Lol black people are always stealing our stuff!

2018-08-21 14:22:27 UTC

I prefer tea anyway

2018-08-21 14:22:29 UTC

But there is debate

2018-08-21 14:22:31 UTC


2018-08-21 14:22:31 UTC

Ditsem! @MaximusXVI, you just advanced to level 7!

2018-08-21 14:22:48 UTC

Some people claim it stems back to a region in Ethiopia... the Kaffa region

2018-08-21 14:22:49 UTC


2018-08-21 14:22:59 UTC

fuckit, cannot even quote wikipedia...

2018-08-21 14:23:22 UTC

I tried to go around the censorship 😉

2018-08-21 14:23:52 UTC

"K.a.f.f.i.r" is derived from the Arabic word (Arabic: كافر kāfir) that is usually translated into English as "non-believer", i.e. a non-Muslim.

2018-08-21 14:27:12 UTC

I was about to post this ^

2018-08-21 14:28:08 UTC

Doesn't it derive from the Hebrew kover or kfr which means to hide or cover, hence the disbeliever that covers the truth? That's my understanding.

2018-08-21 14:29:20 UTC

kosher :D

2018-08-21 14:29:33 UTC


2018-08-21 14:33:21 UTC

Either way, can't find any definion that applies strictly to blacks, however it is commonly assigned to the primitive blacks back in the day who were undeveloped, lawless and disbelievers of the truth and order, but it's not restricted to blacks either.

2018-08-21 14:37:03 UTC

@SGL yes all the time! Ek shop hier https://videohive.net/

2018-08-21 14:40:10 UTC


2018-08-21 14:41:37 UTC

@Daniebees thanks man

2018-08-21 15:05:56 UTC

0799152957 - Lindsay Maasdorp number ... have fun

2018-08-21 15:26:46 UTC

Jy seker dis hy?

2018-08-21 15:30:11 UTC

yes i phoned it

2018-08-21 15:30:22 UTC

it's on their website

2018-08-21 15:33:52 UTC

How would you describe your experience on the phone with them?! XD

2018-08-21 15:34:50 UTC

Sweet thanks

2018-08-21 15:35:32 UTC

Id guess it was painful and torturous and made you want to bang your head against the wall .. like when I watched Lindsay talk kak to renaldo

2018-08-21 15:43:23 UTC

@Brett His number was already publicly available?

2018-08-21 15:43:50 UTC


2018-08-21 15:47:33 UTC

do you think the Land Seizures will get violent?

2018-08-21 15:48:10 UTC


2018-08-21 15:50:57 UTC

@ThatRightWingFish what are your thoughts?

2018-08-21 15:51:05 UTC

not too sure

2018-08-21 15:51:18 UTC

looks like most farmers are selling and leaving, not 100% sure

2018-08-21 15:51:28 UTC

do you mean the exprorpiation or the invasions?

2018-08-21 15:51:41 UTC

Farmers cant sell.. no buyers and many refuse to leave

2018-08-21 15:52:04 UTC

Youd be an idiot to be a farm now as it can / will be expropriated

2018-08-21 15:52:32 UTC

Buy a farm *

2018-08-21 16:09:52 UTC

@Rox its not just farms, it's land(property) one of the "farms" on the list is actually a 2000sqm piece of land . Changing the constitution will mean all land can be expropriated. For now it's mostly farms. They even mentioned people owning vacant land and if you dont build on it within X amount of time it will be expropriated.

2018-08-21 16:13:24 UTC

so if i own an empty erf in a residential area they can expropriate it if i don't build anything on it?

2018-08-21 16:14:01 UTC

after constitution is changed.

2018-08-21 16:19:21 UTC

@cµrvy They mentioned it yes,if the constitution is ammended it means ALL PROPERTY. If they want it they can get it,most people think its only farms.

2018-08-21 16:22:57 UTC

Tell me how all this will not turn into widespread conflict?

2018-08-21 16:23:09 UTC

And I wonder what their plans are for Orania...

2018-08-21 16:25:21 UTC

Ya ALL property is up for grabs after the constitution is changed
your 2nd car.. holiday house.. business.. pension.. investments..

2018-08-21 16:25:30 UTC

(in theory)

2018-08-21 16:26:20 UTC

incrementalism at play... frogs in a pot...
if this is accepted nothing is safe

2018-08-21 16:27:14 UTC

We are all farmers in this fight

2018-08-21 16:27:48 UTC

This is not abour land... dont be fooled

2018-08-21 16:29:16 UTC

If a farmer can be dispossed of his home.. his job.. his land.. what makes you think yours are safe..why are you different?

2018-08-21 16:29:35 UTC

@cµrvy orania can be expropriated.

2018-08-21 16:30:00 UTC

ofcourse and that will be a prize jewel for them... propaganda at its finest

2018-08-21 16:30:09 UTC

@Rox where you from

2018-08-21 16:30:12 UTC

So ask again if there will be violence?

2018-08-21 16:30:37 UTC

Im south african.. my dad is a farmer.. his family were voortrekkers...

2018-08-21 16:30:54 UTC

You in SA rn?

2018-08-21 16:30:57 UTC

and you @Gonzo

2018-08-21 16:31:15 UTC

yes I live in Cape Town.. Im from Gauteng..

2018-08-21 16:31:55 UTC

Is your dad a farmer in Gauteng

2018-08-21 16:32:42 UTC

Thank God he is retired now...

2018-08-21 16:32:49 UTC

Im a boer

2018-08-21 16:33:16 UTC


2018-08-21 16:33:38 UTC

Although I am very scared atm for my family.. I dont see why we should run away to Australia
Its not fair

2018-08-21 16:33:46 UTC


2018-08-21 16:34:00 UTC

Are you guys prepared if a war breaks out?

2018-08-21 16:34:10 UTC


2018-08-21 16:34:23 UTC

Aren't they trying to take guns?

2018-08-21 16:34:45 UTC

Can still legally own guns here.

2018-08-21 16:34:52 UTC

Honestly no...
We have a rough evacution plan to get to safer place out of the city but that is all
We dont have guns here and surrounded by liberals who try to justify this bs

2018-08-21 16:35:19 UTC

Do you have a plan @Gonzo

2018-08-21 16:35:48 UTC

You don't have a gun

2018-08-21 16:36:03 UTC

No.. My brothers do but they are in JHB

2018-08-21 16:36:29 UTC

Just buy one

2018-08-21 16:36:36 UTC

Get some connections

2018-08-21 16:37:15 UTC

wrt conversation earlier on the k-word. check out an ngram search with that word.

2018-08-21 16:37:57 UTC

Will one gun really help? We are seriously outnumbered if the shit hits..

2018-08-21 16:38:18 UTC

One gun is better than having no gun

2018-08-21 16:38:24 UTC

True dat

2018-08-21 16:38:33 UTC

I can shoot.. I know how

2018-08-21 16:38:36 UTC

Is it really that hard to get a gun there?

2018-08-21 16:38:51 UTC

Not hard to get a gun... very hard to get a licence

2018-08-21 16:38:56 UTC

You may die but dying in the defense of another is a noble sacrifice in God's eyes

2018-08-21 16:39:34 UTC

fabulous... cant we just skip all this and this fools come to their senses?

2018-08-21 16:40:01 UTC

They wanted this for years

2018-08-21 16:40:02 UTC

Ditsem! @Cal, you just advanced to level 7!

2018-08-21 16:40:29 UTC

Don't feel bad, they'll do it next to the Indians

2018-08-21 16:40:39 UTC

yes and then each other

2018-08-21 16:40:39 UTC

Ditsem! @Rox, you just advanced to level 5!

2018-08-21 16:40:42 UTC

US Blacks, are exactly like that

2018-08-21 16:40:54 UTC

To everyone who is doing better then them

2018-08-21 16:41:03 UTC

socialist bs

2018-08-21 16:41:10 UTC

It's a feeling of entitlement

2018-08-21 16:41:34 UTC

No effort is made to improve themselves

2018-08-21 16:42:00 UTC

They complain about everything but don't do a single fucking thing

2018-08-21 16:42:31 UTC

I just cant see how this will end well

2018-08-21 16:42:43 UTC

It's not going to

2018-08-21 16:42:54 UTC

But this is our home

2018-08-21 16:43:15 UTC

We will not be chased out without a fight

2018-08-21 16:43:20 UTC


2018-08-21 16:43:35 UTC

I look all the time.. for some hope.. but everyday its the same
This has moved so fast.. I think it took a lot of us by surprise... frogs in a pot
You get used to the riots and the burning stuff and the usual bs

2018-08-21 16:43:46 UTC

Don't feel bad though

2018-08-21 16:43:49 UTC

so you dont see this coming

2018-08-21 16:44:01 UTC

We've hit peak woke.


2018-08-21 16:45:12 UTC

I'm going to assume you're relatively young, I'm 18 infact. We were conditioned to believe that we're a rainbow nation, that multiculturalism is good, it's been driven into us from the time we were young, they seduced us into an illusion

2018-08-21 16:45:35 UTC

Ya so true...

2018-08-21 16:47:48 UTC

I'll disagree Cal. Almost in my 40s. I grew up in a golden decade where race really seemed to stop mattering. I had black friends, Indian friends, coloured friends and girlfriends from each.

When you are poor and working class, you have more important things to think about than race.

The problem is with a few ideologues who have whipped the public up and used the whites as a scapegoat for all their problems.

2018-08-21 16:48:23 UTC

anyone here know how to use handbrake? I need help

2018-08-21 16:48:24 UTC

Ya alot of propaganda from Zuma and Malema

2018-08-21 16:48:58 UTC

People tell me that I should just leave, my foreign friends tell me to apply for refugee status but I won't. It's because I'm still patriotic, I love my country and I can't leave because I don't have any other home.

It's just like I can't ask you to go to Netherlands or Britain, it's not your home, this is your home.

2018-08-21 16:49:12 UTC


2018-08-21 16:49:18 UTC

no one is giving refugee status to us... only hungary

2018-08-21 16:49:32 UTC

It's pretty much the same with us Americans

2018-08-21 16:49:33 UTC

@Arm - you push the button and pull the lever hard. If the car still doesn't stop moving, bail out somewhere soft.

2018-08-21 16:49:33 UTC

hungary prob won't

2018-08-21 16:49:56 UTC

Therein lies the problem

2018-08-21 16:49:56 UTC

Everyone just tells us to "Go Back to Europe"

2018-08-21 16:49:59 UTC

@Bird_Goes_Beep I'm talking about software that reduces file size.

2018-08-21 16:50:04 UTC

Australia and USA might eventually but for now all doors are closed and work visas are not easy

2018-08-21 16:50:05 UTC

Oh. Lol.

2018-08-21 16:50:05 UTC


2018-08-21 16:50:19 UTC

Nobody wants to send the blacks back

2018-08-21 16:50:43 UTC

I should make a Twitter just for that actually

2018-08-21 16:51:15 UTC

Can't call me a racist either, I'm not white

2018-08-21 16:51:29 UTC

Hungary isn't big on refugees unless you learn to speak Hungarian.

2018-08-21 16:51:37 UTC

@Cal your not white?

2018-08-21 16:51:44 UTC


2018-08-21 16:51:54 UTC

Or have a blood right to be there.

2018-08-21 16:51:56 UTC


2018-08-21 16:51:58 UTC

whyshould I... I am african...
This is MY HOME

2018-08-21 16:52:36 UTC

*white Frican

2018-08-21 16:52:41 UTC


2018-08-21 16:52:41 UTC

If you want to get out and you speak English fluently, go and teach in Asia and get married.

2018-08-21 16:52:59 UTC

But why should we leave?

2018-08-21 16:53:02 UTC

If you want to stay, make sure you have your money in something that isn't rand and can afford to lose your land.

2018-08-21 16:53:11 UTC

@Rox that's my point, your ancestors built this country

2018-08-21 16:53:16 UTC

Invest in gold

2018-08-21 16:53:30 UTC

now we must run away with a suitcase

2018-08-21 16:53:44 UTC

Or Platinum, once everything goes to shit supply will plummet

2018-08-21 16:54:26 UTC

Right and wrong doesn't matter any more. This is the age old African game of 'isolate minority no-one likes, blame minority for all woes, persecute minority, use momentum to seize power'.

2018-08-21 16:54:57 UTC

Like in Rwanda for instance

2018-08-21 16:55:15 UTC

Or DRC. Or Congo. Or...well, in a lot of countries since the dawn of man.

2018-08-21 16:55:37 UTC


2018-08-21 16:55:40 UTC

those are the same thing.

2018-08-21 16:55:55 UTC

Rhodesians deserved better honestly
Yeah my man lol

2018-08-21 16:56:10 UTC

Spent a lot of my childhood in Zim

2018-08-21 16:56:16 UTC

I remember when it was cleaner than SA

2018-08-21 16:56:42 UTC

anyways, going to get to work on today's script. Chat later.

2018-08-21 16:56:50 UTC

See ya

2018-08-21 16:59:21 UTC

where do you stay @Cal

2018-08-21 17:01:13 UTC


2018-08-21 17:01:26 UTC

?where do you think is safest

2018-08-21 17:03:21 UTC

Away from high population densities

2018-08-21 17:03:38 UTC

Basically away from anything of value

2018-08-21 17:03:50 UTC

seaside cottages

2018-08-21 17:05:56 UTC

@Conscious Caracal eks geban chat in dm

2018-08-21 17:06:50 UTC

@Rendier check bietjie jou mod Dusty, sy gaan effe rogue

2018-08-21 17:07:02 UTC

@Arm what are you up to,what is that file

2018-08-21 17:07:29 UTC

@SGL haha gee die ou vrou julle kak

2018-08-21 17:07:45 UTC

Syt my geban so ja

2018-08-21 17:08:14 UTC

Pathetic,ban haar van die server af.

2018-08-21 17:08:44 UTC

@SGL ek sal jou gou unban

2018-08-21 17:12:23 UTC

Ek dink syt my geban omdat ek haar n thot genoem het

2018-08-21 17:12:46 UTC

wat is haar issue? is sy a liberal?

2018-08-21 17:12:51 UTC


2018-08-21 17:13:17 UTC

@cµrvyn YO-YO😂

2018-08-21 17:14:35 UTC

oppas vir sulke dykes. kyk wat met jan lamprecht gebeur het..

2018-08-21 17:15:01 UTC

Wat het met jan gebeur

2018-08-21 17:15:54 UTC

i'm guessing this is all going down in the DA server?

2018-08-21 17:16:41 UTC

Ek weeti hoko hule elk geval op dai lefty server is nie. Dit is logies hulle gan geban word lol Dai server kan nie die rooi pille handle nie😂

2018-08-21 17:19:51 UTC

trying to fins that story... but she basically just about destroyed his life and some other guys' as well.

2018-08-21 17:19:56 UTC

yes, Noa.

2018-08-21 17:20:52 UTC

i think jan might be a bit of a loon, but still.

2018-08-21 17:20:55 UTC

destroyed whose life and how lmao

2018-08-21 17:21:25 UTC

Yeah she's going bit crazy with her power...

2018-08-21 17:21:31 UTC

do you understand Afrikaans, Noa?

2018-08-21 17:21:38 UTC

a little

2018-08-21 17:22:10 UTC

oh but I was talking about Jan Lamprecht

2018-08-21 17:28:45 UTC

I used to like listening to Jan. He's very knowledgeable on Rhodesia and old SA. But then I saw some hollow earth shit he was involved in...

2018-08-21 17:31:37 UTC

Isnt it jan that looked into suidlanders to try and expose them,or expose simon

2018-08-21 17:31:58 UTC


2018-08-21 17:32:37 UTC

ich bin ein berliner

2018-08-21 17:33:01 UTC

hey guys

2018-08-21 17:33:35 UTC

well imm leaving so chears

2018-08-21 17:35:21 UTC

Cheers worsie

2018-08-21 18:46:21 UTC

@WuldGoGayForLauren welcome to free speech

2018-08-21 18:46:36 UTC

I'm getting the leaders of this resistance

2018-08-21 18:46:42 UTC

Can you link me the discord?

2018-08-21 18:46:49 UTC

I can't share it

2018-08-21 18:47:03 UTC

2018-08-21 18:47:03 UTC

Aangename kennis @Comrade STALIN, welkom by **Willem Petzer Live Chat** 👨🏼‍🌾🎙️

2018-08-21 18:47:03 UTC

2018-08-21 18:47:04 UTC

2018-08-21 18:47:04 UTC

Aangename kennis @JUAB, welkom by **Willem Petzer Live Chat** 👨🏼‍🌾🎙️

2018-08-21 18:47:05 UTC

Aangename kennis @Caz, welkom by **Willem Petzer Live Chat** 👨🏼‍🌾🎙️

2018-08-21 18:47:33 UTC

2018-08-21 18:47:33 UTC

Aangename kennis @Free Jub, welkom by **Willem Petzer Live Chat** 👨🏼‍🌾🎙️

2018-08-21 18:49:07 UTC
2018-08-21 18:49:39 UTC


2018-08-21 18:49:40 UTC

My name

2018-08-21 18:50:36 UTC

'Gross misconduct'

2018-08-21 18:50:47 UTC

Verbally raping people?

2018-08-21 18:51:33 UTC

2018-08-21 18:51:33 UTC

Aangename kennis @Timmy The HAHA Truck, welkom by **Willem Petzer Live Chat** 👨🏼‍🌾🎙️

2018-08-21 18:53:18 UTC


2018-08-21 18:55:09 UTC

This looks like drama from another channel. Please keep it there.

2018-08-21 18:55:35 UTC


2018-08-21 18:55:47 UTC

lol no this is a Refugee Center @Bird_Goes_Beep

2018-08-21 18:56:00 UTC


2018-08-21 18:56:03 UTC


2018-08-21 18:56:05 UTC

Well, go ahead then 😄

2018-08-21 18:56:37 UTC

@Rendier I'm the best thing that's ever happened to your discord xd

2018-08-21 18:56:43 UTC

@Rendier unban jub

2018-08-21 18:58:22 UTC

@RaRi Give me the rundown on why I was banned

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