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2018-08-05 21:06:52 UTC

A girl just asked 'if there were a race war, what would the Khoisan do'
R said they'd remain neutral

2018-08-05 21:06:55 UTC

the self-loather's discord

2018-08-05 21:07:07 UTC

I think he's wrong

2018-08-05 21:07:14 UTC

thats not a decision they can make

2018-08-05 21:07:18 UTC

they're already in a war

2018-08-05 21:07:19 UTC


2018-08-05 21:07:25 UTC

seen the cape flats lately

2018-08-05 21:07:35 UTC

I know some coloured guys who particularly identify as khoisan, they dislike blacks more

2018-08-05 21:07:57 UTC

@SGL I have told so many foreighners this its not even funny. The black dude you get in London or in Europe and the black dude in SA are not the same at all. One is just a black dude and the other is an animal

2018-08-05 21:08:12 UTC


2018-08-05 21:08:24 UTC

And it's not *just* a black white binary here either

2018-08-05 21:08:32 UTC

Coloureds are a significant wildcard

2018-08-05 21:09:02 UTC

The Indians are like 'globalists' 😉 they'd leave at the drop of a hat

2018-08-05 21:09:28 UTC

But untill they experience this for themselves they cannot understand. Watching one a lauren southern documentary does not make you an expert on our situation.

2018-08-05 21:09:31 UTC

@Penkop agreed

2018-08-05 21:09:36 UTC


2018-08-05 21:09:59 UTC

Lauren did a great job though... much more than what the other media out there is doing

2018-08-05 21:11:48 UTC

Sorry to my English friends. If you're here, you're good people. But Here tog, English fuckers generally piss me off

2018-08-05 21:11:53 UTC

Oh yes I take my hat off to the work she does. Fuck knows why a canadian journalist must tell the world what is happening in SA. It is embarassing in fact. But we are fast getting onto the media thing with Ernst and Willem

2018-08-05 21:11:54 UTC

Ditsem! @Penkop, you just advanced to level 9!

2018-08-05 21:12:15 UTC

I was surprised by the McInnes thing

2018-08-05 21:12:27 UTC

In fact, it made me seek out this discord

2018-08-05 21:12:30 UTC

SGL dont get me started. ..

2018-08-05 21:12:39 UTC

@Penkop f... idiots blocking out the truth

2018-08-05 21:12:53 UTC

@SGL what i miss with the Mclnnes?

2018-08-05 21:13:12 UTC

thank the stars for people like ernst etc

2018-08-05 21:13:13 UTC

Willem chatted with Gavin McInnes on a livestream

2018-08-05 21:13:26 UTC

old dan roodt also doing stellar job

2018-08-05 21:13:42 UTC

I fkn love McInnes’ work man

2018-08-05 21:14:20 UTC

Gavin gave his consent for a Proud Boys ZA

2018-08-05 21:14:30 UTC

Avi Yemini another good one

2018-08-05 21:15:26 UTC

McInnes calls it the way it is. No Mr Nice guy. If you are a doos he will tell you. 👍👍👍

2018-08-05 21:15:50 UTC

@Penkop sounds like me, my mum is forever sayin "ek gaan pepper in jou bek moer"

2018-08-05 21:16:08 UTC

Proud Boys ZA ???

2018-08-05 21:16:11 UTC

I uh, don't like McInnes

2018-08-05 21:16:17 UTC

But you take what you get

2018-08-05 21:17:07 UTC

he's a funny guy

2018-08-05 21:17:12 UTC

that's all i'l lsay

2018-08-05 21:17:32 UTC

else i get banned :D

2018-08-05 21:17:46 UTC


2018-08-05 21:18:41 UTC

Stefan molyneux spoke about SA long before others.

2018-08-05 21:18:46 UTC

I finally managed to watch the discussion willem had with the Vincent dude eff from stellenbsch

2018-08-05 21:19:27 UTC

he had some really convincing googlable facts

2018-08-05 21:19:38 UTC

Is Conscious Caracal ourguy?

2018-08-05 21:19:44 UTC

Also is he Afrikaans?

2018-08-05 21:19:49 UTC


2018-08-05 21:19:49 UTC

I am gobsmacked by the level of ignorance ; braineashing and complete lack of facts the parasite has. Wtf?

2018-08-05 21:19:52 UTC


2018-08-05 21:20:01 UTC


2018-08-05 21:20:17 UTC

Let me tell you guys about my experience with an EFF commander at my uni

2018-08-05 21:20:23 UTC

hes an admin on the discord

2018-08-05 21:20:27 UTC

JA Consious Caracal has made some badass stuff too 🤘

2018-08-05 21:20:52 UTC

also starbird

2018-08-05 21:21:03 UTC

He is a student at stellies I think C.C

2018-08-05 21:21:03 UTC

Ditsem! @Gonzo, you just advanced to level 11!

2018-08-05 21:21:09 UTC

He claimed that the EFF's plan is to take over farms, we know that, but what I didn't know was their stance on the so-called 'unused land'

2018-08-05 21:21:46 UTC

Unused land? What like open plots? No, any farm that isn't explicitly providing food.

2018-08-05 21:21:50 UTC

interesting they do land grabs on owned land but leave unoccupied unowned land

2018-08-05 21:22:01 UTC

Yes. “I hate everything colonialist! But I want to study at a uni built by the colonialists”

2018-08-05 21:22:04 UTC

government has lots of idle land

2018-08-05 21:22:06 UTC


2018-08-05 21:22:11 UTC

So game farms would be repurposed into crop farms

2018-08-05 21:22:12 UTC

Ditsem! @SGL, you just advanced to level 8!

2018-08-05 21:22:27 UTC

Plant mielies on rocky terrain. It's gonna be great

2018-08-05 21:22:39 UTC

Our game animals will die out. It's gonna be great

2018-08-05 21:22:44 UTC

Communism is great

2018-08-05 21:22:45 UTC

@SGL corn on the rocks

2018-08-05 21:22:48 UTC


2018-08-05 21:23:08 UTC

NOPE nothing will be repurposed into shit and everything will be repurposed into nothing...

2018-08-05 21:23:44 UTC

@Penkop yeah, but the thing is it's inherently retarded even if they were to miraculously manage the farms effectively

2018-08-05 21:23:50 UTC

Comunism 101

2018-08-05 21:23:58 UTC

You can't plant corn on fucking rocks

2018-08-05 21:24:23 UTC

The EFF has a lot in common with Chairman Mao

2018-08-05 21:24:38 UTC


2018-08-05 21:24:39 UTC

Especially in terms of agriculture

2018-08-05 21:25:15 UTC

I wonder when the EFF is going to come out and say that sparrows are colonialists and hunt them down

2018-08-05 21:25:35 UTC

Reminds me of that joke where Zuma says SA will land on the sun and then an advisor tells him you cannot land on the sun its too hot. Zuma says haha we are not stupid! We will go at night. 👍

2018-08-05 21:25:37 UTC

turn your money into pounds or dollars and as the inflation takes place your smiling

2018-08-05 21:25:57 UTC

or bitcoin

2018-08-05 21:26:41 UTC

Or maize meal. Sounds like maize meal is going to be more valuble than gold pretty soon

2018-08-05 21:27:01 UTC


2018-08-05 21:27:08 UTC

A vault full of pap

2018-08-05 21:27:16 UTC


2018-08-05 21:27:38 UTC

Haha we can call it PapCoin

2018-08-05 21:27:50 UTC

if the niggaz got to it it would be game over

2018-08-05 21:28:22 UTC

I know two guys who invested a shit load in Bitcoin

2018-08-05 21:28:25 UTC

They're rich now

2018-08-05 21:28:34 UTC

One's a farmer

2018-08-05 21:28:38 UTC

So maybe that's the trick

2018-08-05 21:28:41 UTC

i wonder how much food productivity has gone down since last year with all the farm murders

2018-08-05 21:28:48 UTC

Farmers with crypto

2018-08-05 21:28:49 UTC

Good for them 👍👍👍

2018-08-05 21:29:12 UTC

We import food also

2018-08-05 21:29:22 UTC

@Penkop we are being taxed on Crypto btw

2018-08-05 21:29:35 UTC

@Gonzo yes but when we get sanctioned off what then

2018-08-05 21:29:37 UTC

Ernst actually mentioned it on one of their debates but cant remember now

2018-08-05 21:29:48 UTC

We imported maize when the drought hit couple years ago

2018-08-05 21:30:24 UTC

Why wil be sanctioned?

2018-08-05 21:30:55 UTC

land expropriation

2018-08-05 21:31:00 UTC

@Gonzo if the intl. community sanctions us after land expropriation

2018-08-05 21:31:38 UTC

What I mean is, they wouldn't export to us

2018-08-05 21:31:52 UTC

@SGL exactly

2018-08-05 21:31:52 UTC


2018-08-05 21:32:05 UTC


2018-08-05 21:33:37 UTC

They won't sanctions us. It wil need to be a zim2.0 before they do that

2018-08-05 21:34:43 UTC

SA will be a rogue country, because it will be then against the Geneva convention

2018-08-05 21:35:07 UTC

and countries dont like to be apart of rogue countries

2018-08-05 21:35:21 UTC

tsunami warning at Lombok island

2018-08-05 21:35:29 UTC

7.0m earthquake

2018-08-05 21:35:37 UTC

Did you get kicked SGL?

2018-08-05 21:39:32 UTC

Nah why?

2018-08-05 21:39:37 UTC

Did you?

2018-08-05 21:41:21 UTC

Oh shit I got moved

2018-08-05 21:42:13 UTC
2018-08-05 21:43:22 UTC

that reporter lady is south african

2018-08-05 21:43:52 UTC

she also covered the war in donbass

2018-08-05 21:45:00 UTC

@loftly thanks for sharing

2018-08-05 21:45:18 UTC

@Piesangslaai hierdie is great

2018-08-05 21:45:35 UTC

give them the f... ANC land

2018-08-05 21:47:31 UTC

could lead to?? it already has begun... example Protea Glen

2018-08-05 21:47:34 UTC

kak RaRi julle nou uit?

2018-08-05 21:48:11 UTC

Nee, hyt gevra ons moet vir hom n lys van lelike woorde opstel

2018-08-05 21:48:17 UTC

Soos, bv. DA

2018-08-05 21:48:19 UTC

o hehe

2018-08-05 21:48:20 UTC


2018-08-05 21:48:23 UTC


2018-08-05 21:48:25 UTC


2018-08-05 21:48:28 UTC


2018-08-05 21:48:33 UTC


2018-08-05 21:48:36 UTC

Steve Hofmeyr

2018-08-05 21:48:49 UTC

Al daai lelike woorde 😉

2018-08-05 21:48:55 UTC


2018-08-05 21:49:57 UTC

He should give us access to the auto complete/replace script

2018-08-05 21:50:05 UTC


2018-08-05 21:50:16 UTC

We will do the best job

2018-08-05 21:50:26 UTC


2018-08-05 21:50:27 UTC

To change bad words

2018-08-05 21:50:31 UTC

into good words

2018-08-05 21:50:37 UTC

Replace 'the' with cafer

2018-08-05 21:50:55 UTC

that would be lol

2018-08-05 21:51:43 UTC

O well guys, I'm off

2018-08-05 21:51:45 UTC

was fun

2018-08-05 21:51:55 UTC

We got that pussy to rage quit

2018-08-05 21:51:58 UTC

was worth it

2018-08-05 21:52:08 UTC

will troll him on twitter now

2018-08-05 21:53:06 UTC

We were just playing Rarir, will get you that list

2018-08-05 21:53:48 UTC

Cheers broer

2018-08-05 21:55:08 UTC


2018-08-05 22:16:10 UTC

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbmMqb9_gy0 demolition man foam for Cash In Transit

2018-08-05 22:32:31 UTC

Have you guys heard of Theryn Meyer?

2018-08-05 22:35:41 UTC

the tranny?

2018-08-05 22:36:06 UTC

saw on crowder show

2018-08-05 23:04:43 UTC

Yeah, what the fuck is with he/she/it's accent

2018-08-05 23:05:18 UTC

Dit is van ons land af.

2018-08-05 23:05:31 UTC

DIT IS 'N AFRIKANER <:reeeeeeeeeee:469473864687026177>

2018-08-05 23:18:42 UTC

0:59 in that clip - Veehaaaikle

2018-08-05 23:18:49 UTC

jussus that's posh

2018-08-05 23:19:01 UTC

but not as posh as Bothasig

2018-08-05 23:19:21 UTC

pronounced 'bow-tas-ick'

2018-08-06 00:14:30 UTC

My favourite is 'Dieter mined'

2018-08-06 00:38:16 UTC


2018-08-06 00:38:59 UTC


2018-08-06 02:49:40 UTC

2018-08-06 02:49:40 UTC

Aangename kennis @Bedazzle, welkom by **Willem Petzer Live Chat** 👨🏼‍🌾🎙️

2018-08-06 06:23:04 UTC

2018-08-06 06:23:04 UTC

Aangename kennis @Wit Olifant, welkom by **Willem Petzer Live Chat** 👨🏼‍🌾🎙️

2018-08-06 09:55:16 UTC


2018-08-06 09:58:59 UTC

Stinky Winkie

2018-08-06 11:21:58 UTC


2018-08-06 11:21:59 UTC
2018-08-06 12:40:47 UTC

2018-08-06 12:40:47 UTC

Aangename kennis @BadBoy_Mowgli, welkom by **Willem Petzer Live Chat** 👨🏼‍🌾🎙️

2018-08-06 15:03:19 UTC

2018-08-06 15:03:19 UTC

Aangename kennis @fluffels, welkom by **Willem Petzer Live Chat** 👨🏼‍🌾🎙️

2018-08-06 15:09:33 UTC


2018-08-06 16:26:48 UTC

https://twitter.com/PrisonPlanet/status/1026495668263837696 itunes facebook youtube all purged.... egads

2018-08-06 17:37:03 UTC

2018-08-06 17:37:03 UTC

Aangename kennis @onerb, welkom by **Willem Petzer Live Chat** 👨🏼‍🌾🎙️

2018-08-06 17:52:28 UTC

2018-08-06 17:52:28 UTC

Aangename kennis @AbsoluteMan, welkom by **Willem Petzer Live Chat** 👨🏼‍🌾🎙️

2018-08-06 18:08:06 UTC

If politician's get attacked every day and tortured to death every 3rd day,wil renaldo say its just normal crime?

2018-08-06 18:15:24 UTC

He has to toe the party line. That is the DA's narrative to satisfy their base. Politicians lie all the time.

2018-08-06 18:42:32 UTC

2018-08-06 18:42:32 UTC

Aangename kennis @jbv, welkom by **Willem Petzer Live Chat** 👨🏼‍🌾🎙️

2018-08-06 18:58:19 UTC

Just tuned in and the first thing I see is that pic , nee Klipkop 😳 jy maak dit gladnie maklik nie. Wat het Mr Goued nou wee gemaak?

2018-08-06 19:05:03 UTC

On the eve of the Battle of Blood River, the Voortrekkers made a vow to God. If God would deliver them from the Zulu army they would bond their posterity to commemorate that day as a Sabbath every year. God granted them a miraculous delivery where not one Boer was killed.


2018-08-06 19:37:29 UTC

@Malcolm the Seceder Afrikaners still commemorate the 16th dec( day of the vow) we call it gelofte dag. The ANC changed the public holiday in 94' to day of reconciliation.

2018-08-06 19:39:34 UTC

@Gonzo There's a group of people here in Glasgow who commemorate it every year as well. I'll be attending for my first time this year, God willing

2018-08-06 19:39:58 UTC

Andries pretoruis was the man who orchestrad that battle. One of our capitals is named after him (Pretoria)

2018-08-06 19:41:49 UTC

South Africans? That gather in glasgow

2018-08-06 19:42:51 UTC

No British people who have a love for the old South Africa and value her place in God's great plan for this world @Gonzo

2018-08-06 19:43:25 UTC

Aangename kennis @Darknessinfew, welkom by **Willem Petzer Live Chat** 👨🏼‍🌾🎙️

2018-08-06 19:43:25 UTC

2018-08-06 19:46:53 UTC


2018-08-06 19:47:13 UTC

@Klipkop your video was stolen and got 50k views

2018-08-06 19:47:24 UTC
2018-08-06 20:24:47 UTC

That's facebook for you

2018-08-06 20:26:24 UTC

@Willem Petzer Ek sien van my eie pelle op fb wat my Sht share, min wetend dat dit ek is! 💪😎💪

2018-08-06 20:59:21 UTC

Doubt the guy intended to steal anything...

2018-08-06 21:10:34 UTC

2018-08-06 21:10:34 UTC

Aangename kennis @Jerm, welkom by **Willem Petzer Live Chat** 👨🏼‍🌾🎙️

2018-08-06 21:11:34 UTC

True @cµrvy we are just mucking about, the message got shared. I get bragging rights because my profile pic is on the video. Beware... Klipkop is watching!

2018-08-06 21:12:13 UTC


2018-08-06 21:26:08 UTC

oh look Jerm's in the house..

2018-08-06 22:00:45 UTC

@Jerm Steek uit!

2018-08-07 05:57:10 UTC

https://bit.ly/2Jf19Dh go and sign and help spread the comment of the IRR to Ramaphosa regarding the latest EWC development.

2018-08-07 06:30:37 UTC

Copy of the ANC circular that Starbird was referring to


2018-08-07 06:54:55 UTC

Hey everyone

2018-08-07 06:56:58 UTC

Anybody saw the latest videos of the farm burning down Limpopo?

2018-08-07 06:57:02 UTC

smooth edit lol

2018-08-07 06:57:11 UTC

yeah saw circulating

2018-08-07 06:57:28 UTC


2018-08-07 06:58:21 UTC

@Sheamus it was a smooth edit... <:cool:469473862791462922> I need to be careful what I say or ask here...

2018-08-07 06:58:45 UTC

Indeed you should 😉

2018-08-07 07:00:44 UTC


2018-08-07 07:01:25 UTC

so looks like there wont be a need to burn down your own property to avoid giving away your hard work, it's just destroyed for you... makes one really wonder how exactly they intend to create anything if their only skill seems to be to destroy... I guess it's one of those repeating experiments where you should expect a different result... if you are on that side of the fence that is

2018-08-07 07:03:56 UTC

I was thinking of the same thing. It is putting us in a position to really work out a plan not be caught in the middle of such fire.

2018-08-07 07:09:07 UTC

Yep, it would be wise to create some compact knowledge base of advice in a few words to circulate, like survival tips with regards to the latest intelligence, but for the farmers. could do a similar initiative for urban civilians too.

2018-08-07 07:14:38 UTC

Ditsem! @ThatRightWingFish, you just advanced to level 5!

2018-08-07 07:15:51 UTC

@Sheamus I agree, I'm living in the city and family members are on small farms and they do fear for their lives...

2018-08-07 07:21:21 UTC

I wouldnt doubt it, I dont live on a farm either, just in a suburb and i am living mostly in fear, very limited in how I can defend myself, living in a prison seems to offer a good nights rest though

2018-08-07 07:22:44 UTC

Just as I said,the vacant land will targeted as it's easy to grab. That is definitely intel coming from government to inform where to occupy

2018-08-07 07:25:19 UTC

hows that, invade, setup and then get municipality to negotiate the sale of the land... now take away the need to negotiate and then you get a pretty fluid process

2018-08-07 07:25:30 UTC

I don't live in fear,numerous occasions of dealing with crime have taken that fear and turned it into a mind that is at peace and ready to take action when faced with a situation

2018-08-07 07:25:37 UTC

majority rules right

2018-08-07 07:27:30 UTC

yeah it's that taking action bit... what action can you take that wont land you on the wrong side... for now it is just avoiding the crime by preventing it to the best of my ability, but there will be a time unforseen that there will be no way of preventing it, then what, what can i legally do? So many potentials, so many ways to go wrong too

2018-08-07 07:28:09 UTC

The first time you face a criminal threatening your life is scary, the second time not so much,third time no more fear,just calm and collected ready to deal with the situation.

2018-08-07 07:29:01 UTC

Yeah, i think no one wants to willingly put themselves in that position though, so can only really prepare for it that much... rest come down to lemons thrown your way

2018-08-07 07:30:30 UTC


2018-08-07 07:34:57 UTC

@Tjoppie you maybe up for figuring out a productive campaign to help out with awareness and tips for urban, suburban and rural areas, and intelligence, get people better informed and up to date, and then perhaps delve into preparations to help make lemonade?

2018-08-07 07:35:34 UTC

If I was a farmer I would pump sewerage water into a tank and spray those people occupying my land.

2018-08-07 07:38:06 UTC

@Sheamus It is a good idea going to start asap.

2018-08-07 07:42:29 UTC

It says we dont have access

2018-08-07 07:45:36 UTC

@Tjoppie Great, I have to start working now in the next 10min, but can maybe catch up this evening after work, and discuss a plan to structure out the goals and such, so we have some direction to work with going forward. Can maybe start of with PM and from there figure out a way of broad communication to include other participants as well as sources, as well as a means to get information out after processing it and condensing it down.

2018-08-07 07:54:56 UTC

@Sheamus That sounds great, will start after work as well and will share as I go along to put something together.... Let see where it takes us to create awareness...

2018-08-07 08:10:59 UTC

@Guss thanks for that document, been looking for it, that quality unfortunately so bad though

2018-08-07 08:12:38 UTC

Upscaled with a triangle algorithm - hope this one reads a bit better.


2018-08-07 08:13:43 UTC

@DrLoLCat : In the popup, in the footer, there is "open original".... its the best copy I could source

2018-08-07 08:17:54 UTC

yeh, 95% is actually legible, thanks

2018-08-07 08:28:28 UTC

and the transcript for easier reading:

2018-08-07 08:28:28 UTC

Ditsem! @Guss, you just advanced to level 10!

2018-08-07 08:28:48 UTC

This is a transcription of an official document by the ANC government from 93.
JUNE 1993
The Success Story: Our Struggle For Liberation
1. The armed and constant threat of violence forced the white, spineless regime to negotiate for so called peace.
2. The psycological warfare through the churches to create a guilt complex with whites was a victory over Christians.
3. The MASS ACTION was a successful method to rip the nation economy to pieces and create panic in the rich settlers.
4. The constant uproar in Black Education is the fourth try for liberation through education because the white regime simply cannot meet all our demands.
5. All four tactical attacks leaves the regime powerless and gradually giving in to our demands.
6. All these help to create a feeling of helplessness and dispair and to loose confidence in their government.
Be careful not to upset the farmers too much before we gain control over the SAP and SADF.
7. The constant pressure of violence and economic uncertainty force De Klerkto surrender power to the suppressed people like in Namibia.ce to be second class citize

2018-08-07 08:29:05 UTC

The greatest fear of the white settler is to loose his job, his farm or his house and all the luxuries! This will enable the new DEMOCRATIC GOVERNMENT to tax them to the utmost while our comrades in MK and APLA continue with their part of the struggle.
1. Surplus land will be redistributed among our people.
2. All positions in public service will be replaced by comrades.
3. The security forces will be reconstructed with our comrades to protect our people. Whites were protected for 350 years. Get them experience to be second class citizens!
4. No ammunition will be available to white settlers.
5. Health institutions will be africanised and whites will pay according to their income to enable thus to contribute to their liberated brothers.
6. Some white schools will be allowed because most settlers will pay their last cent for white education and this will provide some money for our people.
7. Pension funds and insurance companies collected billions over the years, will be to our disposal for education of our comrades in years to cost.

2018-08-07 08:41:46 UTC

>but crime against us is racism

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