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2018-08-05 14:50:18 UTC


2018-08-05 14:50:58 UTC

@Piesangslaai You're a little TOO enthusiastic for my liking, yeah. You do you man, laters.

2018-08-05 14:51:32 UTC

If you do not leave south africa immediately you are honeypot, got it\

2018-08-05 14:51:50 UTC

Leftist shill

2018-08-05 14:53:35 UTC

This guy is advocating for everybody to up and leave even though he knows they can't.

2018-08-05 14:54:08 UTC

He is advocating giving up and that there is nothign we can do because they ANC has made it law that they can take our land

2018-08-05 14:54:29 UTC

he's not responding to my private chat, so I'm just classing this as "trolling"

2018-08-05 14:54:45 UTC

@Arkator7 Sorry didn't see, will respond now mate

2018-08-05 14:54:46 UTC

cos i don't have the time/patience to go through stuff

2018-08-05 14:54:47 UTC

Classic concern trolling

2018-08-05 14:54:51 UTC

Arcade I hope your daddy sells all those assets in time , so he can give you the money to go buy a passport and run away to another country. I dont have that luxury first of all, if I did I would not leave anyway. Everything on my land as well as the land I worked for and I am willing to die defending it.

2018-08-05 14:55:52 UTC

maybe in an ideal world, SA is far from ideal

2018-08-05 14:56:39 UTC

I can leave but I wont leave... it would be an honor to fight if it comes to that point.

2018-08-05 14:56:39 UTC

Theoretically it sounds great but in practice quite impossible

2018-08-05 14:57:31 UTC

my parents left, most of my family did. the grass isnt greener on the other side, fight for what you have

2018-08-05 14:57:35 UTC

He is saying the same thing someone else said a while back

2018-08-05 14:57:51 UTC

About getting picked up and made to talk

2018-08-05 14:58:01 UTC

dont know if it as in the voice chat or something

2018-08-05 14:58:24 UTC

voice chat argue plz lol

2018-08-05 14:58:26 UTC

Battle of the five armies or battle of mordor coming eventually to this country. I would play my part as an dwarf and play my role.

2018-08-05 14:59:02 UTC

Scared people leave... Cause thats what the goverment want...

2018-08-05 14:59:42 UTC

All these idiots think the boer is just gonna put his hands up and say sorry for working to get where and what I got. They are in for a massive surprize, that is all I can say. Underestimating my people will be the downfall of these communists.

2018-08-05 15:00:03 UTC

If they are scared they should leave, but don't try to demoralize everyone else like a coward.

2018-08-05 15:00:29 UTC

would be good if there was a way out for women and children, though. although we need them as well. it's going to be hard.

2018-08-05 15:01:12 UTC

as always there will be traitors, joiners, cowards. just pray you're not one of them. i hope i have the courage to end myself if captured by these ghouls.

2018-08-05 15:01:45 UTC

@cยตrvy I also hope we can get the women and children out

2018-08-05 15:01:55 UTC

make no mistake collaborators always eat the bullet too

2018-08-05 15:02:50 UTC

We will have to watch the news. As soon as a country grants assylum I'm sending my family to safety

2018-08-05 15:02:50 UTC

Ditsem! @Piesangslaai, you just advanced to level 7!

2018-08-05 15:03:44 UTC

@if you look at the west coast there are a lot of very small towns that can be occupied. Women and children could be safe there.

2018-08-05 15:03:54 UTC

We could scout from there

2018-08-05 15:04:17 UTC

Good idea tjoppie

2018-08-05 15:05:03 UTC

Did a west coast tour a few years back adn didn't see a single black person in the entire time we were going up the coast

2018-08-05 15:05:13 UTC

Conspiring treason? You retards want to be picked up by the NPA?

2018-08-05 15:05:21 UTC

Conspiring defense

2018-08-05 15:05:27 UTC

is not treason

2018-08-05 15:05:32 UTC

no one advocating violence

2018-08-05 15:05:46 UTC

or sabotage you idiot

2018-08-05 15:05:55 UTC

Most of the reading I have done about the Voortrekkers states very clearly that the driving force behind the Bittereinders were actually the women. When the Bittereinders started talking about giving uo because if the wimen and children in the concentration camps , the women were the most upset, they wanted them to carry on fighting. Also after the camps there was a great depression because the english cowards had burned everything + killed all live stock. The Voortrekker women went back to those farms and started over from scratch while the men were still in prison. So yes do not underestimate a boer lady either.

2018-08-05 15:05:58 UTC

Be VERY fkn careful what you say and do online, especially at this point and time, and don't try to bait other people to say stupid things.

2018-08-05 15:06:19 UTC

You SEVERELY and FATALLY underestimate the intelligence community in SA.

2018-08-05 15:06:20 UTC

No!!! a plan if we get attacked. Where else must we go.

2018-08-05 15:06:45 UTC

This guy man, talking about saving women and children is treason...wtf?

2018-08-05 15:07:32 UTC

I agree that we need to be careful but nobody conspired to do anything against the law.

2018-08-05 15:07:39 UTC

Treason is a plot to overthrow a government. They did not say that. They are talking about their safety for themselves and family

2018-08-05 15:07:41 UTC

To some here, if people take your land, your house you have nothing and would become a hobo

2018-08-05 15:07:58 UTC

Guys, do NOT respond to any RECRUITMENT requests, or any WAR PLANS or any of that shit. Please, NPA is very much here, don't be stupid, this is a Discord of Peace.

2018-08-05 15:08:06 UTC

@Klipkop (Clip-Cop) would agree, I think.

2018-08-05 15:08:12 UTC

To survive i would suggest regroup and start over...

2018-08-05 15:08:15 UTC

Arcade you are not a matrix movie.

2018-08-05 15:08:42 UTC

Arcade I think you should move along to <#469490581899575297> :D

2018-08-05 15:09:18 UTC

No one is recruiting

2018-08-05 15:09:29 UTC

And you should not respond to anytone who does

2018-08-05 15:09:31 UTC

@Piesangslaai Obviously you'd say that.

2018-08-05 15:09:54 UTC


2018-08-05 15:10:06 UTC

What would I say?

2018-08-05 15:10:23 UTC

That people should not respond to people trying to recruit them?

2018-08-05 15:10:55 UTC

This is real life. If some twat wants to arrest me because I am making plans to defend myself for when they come to try and illegally take what is mine or hurt me and my family, then good luck to that person

2018-08-05 15:11:45 UTC

@Penkop Be retarded on your own, don't involve others in your stupidity, please.

2018-08-05 15:12:01 UTC


2018-08-05 15:12:08 UTC

this convo is getting retarded

2018-08-05 15:12:18 UTC

national prosecution authority

2018-08-05 15:12:18 UTC

@deavmi just google it, i did that

2018-08-05 15:12:21 UTC

and branches of npa

2018-08-05 15:12:30 UTC

"It is stupid to defend your family and property" Aracade_Hustle

2018-08-05 15:12:41 UTC

Cant google. Got poes vodacom

2018-08-05 15:12:46 UTC

everyone here should just back off

2018-08-05 15:12:48 UTC

Do me a favour , Sunshine. Scroll up and go reed the utter bullshit you have been saying.

2018-08-05 15:12:48 UTC

Jk just too lazy.

2018-08-05 15:13:23 UTC

@deavmi the folks who come to your house, tell you to keep on larping and get details, or you go to jail for long long itme, those folks.

2018-08-05 15:13:47 UTC

Guys can someone help me integrate


2018-08-05 15:13:47 UTC

Ditsem! @deavmi, you just advanced to level 4!

2018-08-05 15:13:47 UTC

You are dillusional man

2018-08-05 15:13:51 UTC

Somebody help me please. Jk fam.

2018-08-05 15:14:08 UTC

Its a troll. Just ban him

2018-08-05 15:14:25 UTC

@Piesangslaai You didn't say any recruitment or plans for war or any of that stupid stuff, right?

2018-08-05 15:14:30 UTC

There you go again , thinking this is a matrix movie

2018-08-05 15:14:35 UTC

Who is a troll?

2018-08-05 15:14:43 UTC

@Gonzo I'm making you nervous Mr. Honeypot?

2018-08-05 15:14:44 UTC

Show me where I recruited anyone or made war plans

2018-08-05 15:14:48 UTC

I'll wait

2018-08-05 15:14:59 UTC

Die hendsopper @Arcade_Hustle

2018-08-05 15:15:00 UTC

@Piesangslaai No I'm saying don't do it, man, this is a discord of peace.

2018-08-05 15:15:12 UTC

Yeah peaceful discord

2018-08-05 15:15:15 UTC

I agree

2018-08-05 15:15:26 UTC

Piesang los die Hensopper laat hy aan fok

2018-08-05 15:15:31 UTC

We don't need to be revolutionary's as they say

2018-08-05 15:15:34 UTC

so why did you toss your dolls in the first place?

2018-08-05 15:15:35 UTC

You guys must all chill with war talk or anything like that, especially now.

2018-08-05 15:15:43 UTC

No need for stirring up shit for nothing

2018-08-05 15:15:50 UTC

I was the first person on this server to tell people not to discuss warplans or any illegal activity, so you can go suck a dick\

2018-08-05 15:15:54 UTC

I agree...

2018-08-05 15:16:10 UTC

We already have kak in za

2018-08-05 15:16:22 UTC

No need for S A p S to piss on this discord

2018-08-05 15:16:38 UTC

Keep an eye out for guys who seem overly enthusiastic about fighting /war plans / recruitment etc, you will have them here.

2018-08-05 15:16:51 UTC

Maybe give advice on how or what to do if your farm is taken away from you. Could people here take my family of 6 in?

2018-08-05 15:16:53 UTC

Just be careful ffs like I said NPA is hounding like mad.

2018-08-05 15:16:57 UTC

yeah haven't seen any yet

2018-08-05 15:17:00 UTC


2018-08-05 15:17:13 UTC

@deavmi the folks who come to your house, tell you to keep on larping and get details, or you go to jail for long long itme, those folks.
Ah kk

2018-08-05 15:19:01 UTC

Better to be safe than sorry, ANC/NPA WILL make you their bitch, regardless of how tough you think you are, you WILL be turned informant.

It's happened already to very hard mofos.

2018-08-05 15:19:05 UTC

Its maybe a good idea to not use your phone and your home internet. Please install whonix on a virtual machine and use it from there. Nobody should be tracing anybody.

2018-08-05 15:19:19 UTC

Arcade is by far the most enthusiastic about leaving and not resisting.

2018-08-05 15:19:40 UTC


2018-08-05 15:19:59 UTC

I would rather leave than ewsist

2018-08-05 15:20:10 UTC

@Tjoppie Problem is Tjoppie it works more on a social engineering scale, just like ISIS, you'll get guys discussing stuff and before you know it there's a meetup etc.

2018-08-05 15:20:18 UTC

Are yoy mad. Why would I fight. We would be useless. Idk. I dont want to comment.

2018-08-05 15:20:19 UTC

My friends that got chased off their farms in Zim both says the guys came late at night with army backing them up. Then they know you are very vulnerable and your priority is to keep your family safe. That way you dont even cinsider fighting back or setting the place alight.

2018-08-05 15:20:45 UTC

@Arcade_Hustle dont know what your talking about.

2018-08-05 15:20:47 UTC

we shouldn't make the same mistakes of the past. we have technology now to minimize treachery. ie WOT etc..

2018-08-05 15:20:56 UTC

Go overseas. Refugee status of iets. My grandfather go into US like that.

2018-08-05 15:21:09 UTC


2018-08-05 15:21:19 UTC

@deavmi Ye thinking the same thing

2018-08-05 15:21:23 UTC

Long time ago

2018-08-05 15:21:28 UTC

Mozambique civil war

2018-08-05 15:21:29 UTC

In Zim?

2018-08-05 15:21:34 UTC

@deavmi Shit's pretty fucked right now.

2018-08-05 15:21:35 UTC

We are Portgiese

2018-08-05 15:21:39 UTC


2018-08-05 15:21:39 UTC


2018-08-05 15:21:42 UTC


2018-08-05 15:21:48 UTC


2018-08-05 15:21:55 UTC

@Piesangslaai You gonna start wailing on him as well?

2018-08-05 15:22:06 UTC

No worry arcda

2018-08-05 15:22:10 UTC


2018-08-05 15:22:13 UTC

I aint doing iets

2018-08-05 15:22:14 UTC

@deavmi you mean IELTS?

2018-08-05 15:22:17 UTC

Anyone who isn't a militant is a traitor, right @Piesangslaai ?

2018-08-05 15:22:18 UTC


2018-08-05 15:22:33 UTC

Did I say that?

2018-08-05 15:22:34 UTC

Apply for Portuguese citizenship

2018-08-05 15:22:36 UTC

Thank me later

2018-08-05 15:22:40 UTC

Also mo muslims.

2018-08-05 15:22:46 UTC

@deavmi lol, cool idea

2018-08-05 15:22:49 UTC

And when was the last terrorist attack. Idk.

2018-08-05 15:22:50 UTC

Arcade why you provoking him?

2018-08-05 15:22:57 UTC

I am not provoked.

2018-08-05 15:23:02 UTC

not you

2018-08-05 15:23:05 UTC


2018-08-05 15:23:07 UTC

You can be a coward and leave, but don't come here and demoralize people who can't leave and have to stay

2018-08-05 15:23:07 UTC

@Arcade_Hustle i dont think anybody is. Maybe people are right just flee the country with no money.

2018-08-05 15:23:12 UTC

And we have poes fast inter et

2018-08-05 15:23:27 UTC

I aint demoralizong

2018-08-05 15:23:28 UTC

@deavmi nice

2018-08-05 15:23:43 UTC

talking to Arcade

2018-08-05 15:23:52 UTC

Dont talk shit on somebody who has had famy in a war and had their empire of a tabacvo factory lost

2018-08-05 15:24:02 UTC

Piesang I'm not trying to demorilize you mate, just trying to get reality in check a bit.

2018-08-05 15:24:09 UTC


2018-08-05 15:24:12 UTC

Mozambique is not South Africa mae

2018-08-05 15:24:15 UTC


2018-08-05 15:24:18 UTC

I think I need to make a few phone calls tomorrow. Maybe start looking around for a job overseas

2018-08-05 15:24:18 UTC


2018-08-05 15:24:22 UTC

@Piesangslaai You can get asylum in Ireland, you don't need a visa, bro.

2018-08-05 15:24:24 UTC

Both in Africa rho

2018-08-05 15:24:32 UTC

Africa is the same shit dude

2018-08-05 15:24:33 UTC

@Piesangslaai will cost you R10k max for the plane ticket.

2018-08-05 15:24:54 UTC

There are ways out of here which don't require a lot of capital.

2018-08-05 15:24:58 UTC


2018-08-05 15:24:59 UTC


2018-08-05 15:25:02 UTC

Difference is those in Mozambique could leave to SA or go overseas, most whites here cant

2018-08-05 15:25:06 UTC

Oh yeah and how?

2018-08-05 15:25:16 UTC

have to stay and face the music

2018-08-05 15:25:16 UTC

The ones who can will leave

2018-08-05 15:25:25 UTC

I agree faving the music will haplen

2018-08-05 15:25:30 UTC

I hope it doesnt tjo

2018-08-05 15:25:33 UTC

And i feel for tjose

2018-08-05 15:25:41 UTC

* those

2018-08-05 15:25:44 UTC

@Tjoppie Dublin, land there, go to Asylum Center, takes up to 3 years to process, Ireland will feed and house you, look for work, find work, turn Asylum visa into Working Visa, there, you left SA with R10k

2018-08-05 15:25:45 UTC

The ones who can already have left

2018-08-05 15:26:04 UTC

And what about my family that cant leave?\

2018-08-05 15:26:07 UTC

Not all Penkop

2018-08-05 15:26:13 UTC

But many a shif ton yes

2018-08-05 15:26:17 UTC

Must I leave them here?

2018-08-05 15:26:18 UTC

@Piesangslaai Are they bolted to the floor? They can go.

2018-08-05 15:26:45 UTC

Not everyone rich you asshole

2018-08-05 15:26:56 UTC
2018-08-05 15:27:12 UTC

@Piesangslaai That's your budget, it's really not a lot of money, friend.

2018-08-05 15:27:17 UTC

How many people have R40,000 cash for plane tickets for a family?

2018-08-05 15:27:20 UTC

Are you telling me you don't have R10k?

2018-08-05 15:27:27 UTC

I'm not alone you idot

2018-08-05 15:27:29 UTC


2018-08-05 15:27:32 UTC

Try seek asylum

2018-08-05 15:27:34 UTC

i dont think families that have lived on the same land for multiple centuries will just hand over their land and move to Europe

2018-08-05 15:27:37 UTC

I aint saying it woll work for all

2018-08-05 15:27:38 UTC

It wint

2018-08-05 15:27:48 UTC

I can assure you. Not almal has casj

2018-08-05 15:27:50 UTC

@Piesangslaai You can't raise R40k?

2018-08-05 15:27:53 UTC


2018-08-05 15:28:00 UTC

@Piesangslaai ignore the hendsopper,let the mods deal with him

2018-08-05 15:28:01 UTC

@Piesangslaai Do you have a vehicle you can sell?

2018-08-05 15:28:20 UTC

For what?

2018-08-05 15:28:23 UTC

@Gonzo This is a discord of peace, go away militant.

2018-08-05 15:28:26 UTC

I owe more on it that it is worth

2018-08-05 15:28:46 UTC

@Piesangslaai Do you literally have no way to raise R40k?

2018-08-05 15:28:49 UTC

There is no way you just get on a plane to Ireland. Get off that side and say ok here I am and Im not going back to SA. You will be on a plane deported back to SA before you can finish the sentence.

2018-08-05 15:29:05 UTC

@Penkop Asylum process takes 12-36 months.

2018-08-05 15:29:21 UTC

It's pretty slow, even if it is rejected.

2018-08-05 15:29:33 UTC

This rich kid thinks everyone can just up and leave

2018-08-05 15:29:41 UTC

what about my grandparents

2018-08-05 15:29:56 UTC

what about other family members?

2018-08-05 15:30:11 UTC

even if he can afford it, it still dosnt excuse that he will have to leave everything he knows behind. even if he wants to stay and fight for ideological purposes and not financial, why is he wrong

2018-08-05 15:30:21 UTC

@Piesangslaai I don't know, honestly, fuck bro your situation sounds dire even without EWC

2018-08-05 15:30:43 UTC


2018-08-05 15:31:05 UTC

Because I don't have $40k cash?

2018-08-05 15:31:14 UTC


2018-08-05 15:31:15 UTC

I agree that not everyone cam leave

2018-08-05 15:31:17 UTC

I agree with you

2018-08-05 15:31:42 UTC

@deavmi This sucks, these people are going to get fkn steamrolled.

2018-08-05 15:32:11 UTC

Well i know not everyone can leave

2018-08-05 15:32:13 UTC

That is fact

2018-08-05 15:32:15 UTC

im agreeing with u piesangslaai but that sounds abit disingenous. if you want to fight for ideological reasons all for u man fair enough.

2018-08-05 15:32:55 UTC


2018-08-05 15:33:03 UTC

are you unemployed?

2018-08-05 15:33:09 UTC


2018-08-05 15:33:26 UTC

then surely a few months salary is 40k

2018-08-05 15:33:45 UTC


2018-08-05 15:33:49 UTC

Who is donnering who?

2018-08-05 15:33:58 UTC

I am donnering myself

2018-08-05 15:33:58 UTC

so you can get 40k :p

2018-08-05 15:34:12 UTC

how?, by not spending money for a few months?\

2018-08-05 15:34:14 UTC

@Piesangslaai ANC donnering everyone man, you saw that headline today? 139 farms man ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

2018-08-05 15:34:36 UTC

Sorry meant for @Klipkop (Clip-Cop)

2018-08-05 15:34:56 UTC

@Piesangslaai You can try an emergency loan, and pay it back while working abroad?

2018-08-05 15:34:57 UTC

@Piesangslaai fair enough, im a young single guy with no kids, your situations different

2018-08-05 15:35:33 UTC

but thats why we need to get the women and children out

2018-08-05 15:35:37 UTC

Guys it is currently real stellies hours

2018-08-05 15:35:37 UTC

they are our future

2018-08-05 15:35:46 UTC

2018-08-05 15:35:46 UTC

Aangename kennis @SGL, welkom by **Willem Petzer Live Chat** ๐Ÿ‘จ๐Ÿผโ€๐ŸŒพ๐ŸŽ™๏ธ

2018-08-05 15:35:53 UTC


2018-08-05 15:36:10 UTC

I'm not staying because of finances, I was just arguing his point

2018-08-05 15:36:12 UTC

@deavmi You in Stellenbosch dude?

2018-08-05 15:36:18 UTC


2018-08-05 15:36:21 UTC

Yeah i stidy here

2018-08-05 15:36:24 UTC

Hello daar ouens.

2018-08-05 15:36:30 UTC

I'm better off than most and I will find it hard to leave

2018-08-05 15:36:38 UTC

@deavmi Noice, my sister lives in Stellenbosch, I'm going to visit in a week or two, we must drink.

2018-08-05 15:36:44 UTC


2018-08-05 15:36:48 UTC

I dont drink much but hey

2018-08-05 15:36:54 UTC

Exceptions can be m a d e

2018-08-05 15:37:03 UTC

@Dewald Don't worry I'll drink on your behalf ๐Ÿ˜„

2018-08-05 15:37:12 UTC


2018-08-05 15:37:13 UTC

You can jack eachother off

2018-08-05 15:37:19 UTC


2018-08-05 15:37:22 UTC

That is biggay

2018-08-05 15:38:18 UTC

@Piesangslaai You don't sound very happy.

2018-08-05 15:38:54 UTC

Just have a low tolerance for cowards

2018-08-05 15:38:56 UTC

@Piesangslaai i can leave, i have English passport, i want to stay. My ancestors fought for this land, built this country to what it is, and i refuse to accept a kangaroo court to evict my people from their hard fought land. thats why im staying

2018-08-05 15:39:25 UTC

'changing the constitution' what a sham

2018-08-05 15:39:46 UTC

@Piesangslaai I'll let all this retarded name calling slide, you do you man, cheer up a bit though.

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