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2018-07-20 10:14:29 UTC

@Friday How old is your mom, mate?

2018-07-20 10:14:34 UTC

last intake to do 2 years in the SADF too

2018-07-20 10:14:42 UTC


2018-07-20 10:14:54 UTC

in a home

2018-07-20 10:15:02 UTC

@Friday Eish OK, you might be stuck for a while then.

2018-07-20 10:15:17 UTC

Don't vote ANC in 2019, I think that might buy you some time.

2018-07-20 10:15:17 UTC

but she's spritely and very well so she's not about to die soon

2018-07-20 10:15:28 UTC

I'll make a note πŸ˜‰

2018-07-20 10:15:33 UTC

Our forefathers went through hell and high water to build us a future, yes FW gave it all away on a silver platter, but now its our turn to bite the bullet

2018-07-20 10:15:55 UTC

@Karooboer Most of our forefathers are in Perth now

2018-07-20 10:16:15 UTC

Speaking of votes, who's planning on voting what parties?

2018-07-20 10:16:15 UTC

Ditsem! @Sheamus, you just advanced to level 5!

2018-07-20 10:16:17 UTC

The smart and rich ones anyway.

2018-07-20 10:16:18 UTC

Take out a policy on her name(once you get a job), when she croaks you can make the jump.

2018-07-20 10:16:33 UTC


2018-07-20 10:16:48 UTC

Its about the only option

2018-07-20 10:16:56 UTC

@HoppeanSnake_ZA I dont think you're getting a policy on a 86 year old, man.

2018-07-20 10:17:13 UTC


2018-07-20 10:17:15 UTC


2018-07-20 10:17:26 UTC

did I menyion she's white?

2018-07-20 10:17:27 UTC


2018-07-20 10:17:50 UTC

Lekker R15 000 n maand premie vir R1m uitbetaling, kry vir jou.

2018-07-20 10:18:28 UTC

@Arcade_Hustle youd be surprised bro, there are some firms that offer funeral cover and then you can hustle a cheap funeral. Pocket the rest and at the very least pay for a ticket out of here.

2018-07-20 10:18:55 UTC

@HoppeanSnake_ZA mmm that's not a bad idea.

2018-07-20 10:19:32 UTC

Jislaaik you okes have low respect for the old, trying to hustle money out of their deaths. New South Africa is strong in you.

2018-07-20 10:20:30 UTC

@Karooboer dude, it might seem slimy but death by itself is a terrible thing. If you can con the insurance jew out of money to help ease the pain then why not?

2018-07-20 10:21:21 UTC

@Karooboer You can't afford to think like that, man, you're going to end up in some white slum in 5 years with that attitude.

2018-07-20 10:21:46 UTC

Priorities man... Your priorities are on the means to make money... Sounds Jewish to me πŸ€”

2018-07-20 10:21:51 UTC

@Arcade_Hustle how old are you? πŸ˜ƒ

2018-07-20 10:21:51 UTC

Ditsem! @rupdog, you just advanced to level 3!

2018-07-20 10:22:11 UTC

@Arcade_Hustle 12 mentally, 33 physically

2018-07-20 10:22:17 UTC

2018-07-20 10:22:17 UTC

Aangename kennis @Unwanted House Guest, welkom by **Willem Petzer Live Chat** πŸ‘¨πŸΌβ€πŸŒΎπŸŽ™οΈ

2018-07-20 10:22:18 UTC


2018-07-20 10:22:23 UTC

Jewing the jew is a jewish constructπŸ˜‚

2018-07-20 10:23:26 UTC

I rather live poor, in a slum of like minded people than rich in a foreign country with no values. In any case, a slum don’t stay a slum if people don’t have a slum culture.

2018-07-20 10:23:53 UTC

@Karooboer Oh cool, OK.

2018-07-20 10:25:34 UTC

I'm with you Karooboer, it'll be neat and tidy at least

2018-07-20 10:25:52 UTC
2018-07-20 10:26:13 UTC

Life is not about living to gain property and having fun, for me its deeper and this is why we need to remember our history. Don’t assimilate and don’t shy away from tribulations.

2018-07-20 10:26:18 UTC

@Arcade_Hustle send us a post card from Ireland.... πŸ˜„ and some food

2018-07-20 10:27:18 UTC
2018-07-20 10:27:22 UTC

kospakkie lol

2018-07-20 10:27:40 UTC

I hope you realise that doing the funeral cover story is not stealing from your mom. You might be gaining from her death but you definitely arent doing something immoral against her. Think about it. The world is a dirty place and you will end up in a far worse place if you arent prepared to do something about it.

2018-07-20 10:27:59 UTC

@rupdog I'll help you out with R6 000 000, should be enough for a bread in 5 years.

2018-07-20 10:28:19 UTC

@Karooboer meaning of life for men. As you say. I fully agree.

2018-07-20 10:28:40 UTC

@Arcade_Hustle rather send us some seed, then we can take care of our self

2018-07-20 10:29:04 UTC

@Arcade_Hustle ja, but I better spend it super fast! the price will be going up by the second. πŸ˜„

2018-07-20 10:29:15 UTC

This liberal is begging for some trolling, get that rat!

2018-07-20 10:29:21 UTC

Independence is the way to go

2018-07-20 10:30:13 UTC
2018-07-20 10:30:24 UTC

But seriously, get your money off-shore yesterday.

2018-07-20 10:30:36 UTC

money lol

2018-07-20 10:30:58 UTC

@Arcade_Hustle every heard of BTC.... πŸ˜ƒ

2018-07-20 10:31:05 UTC

@Arcade_Hustle no, invest iit in skills,

2018-07-20 10:31:05 UTC

2018-07-20 10:31:38 UTC

@rupdog Trust in my family sitting on 20m of property, my broer, it's not moving an inch, scrambling to liquidate it, not a chance.

2018-07-20 10:32:19 UTC

The fact that JP is even popular is a sign of the times in clown world.

2018-07-20 10:32:31 UTC

@rupdog I'm talking the best property you can buy with money in Gauteng, it's not moving, at all, for quite some time now. The trustees and everyone is freaking the fuck out.

2018-07-20 10:33:16 UTC

Best skill we white folk can learn again is how a shovel work

2018-07-20 10:33:18 UTC

We have 500 cattle, 2 farms, commercial buildings here, and in CT, 2 security complexes, it's all going to go to shit very soon.

2018-07-20 10:33:35 UTC

@Arcade_Hustle so it looks like you joining us then. staying here and fighting till they ship us off to s slum... since we not letting them steal our stuff, right.

2018-07-20 10:34:10 UTC

@rupdog hell no man I'm selling my Playstation and bailing, laters suckers! πŸ˜„

2018-07-20 10:34:27 UTC

hahahaha dad is gonna be pissed

2018-07-20 10:34:48 UTC

@rupdog lol, he has more to worry about than me bailing, mate.

2018-07-20 10:35:00 UTC

Step-Dad anyway.

2018-07-20 10:35:25 UTC

Good luck to them and their future endeavours. They can easily liquidate for 20-30m right now and get a golden visa.

2018-07-20 10:35:30 UTC

Maar ons is moes poes slim.

2018-07-20 10:35:54 UTC

the 1% speaks

2018-07-20 10:36:01 UTC


2018-07-20 10:36:09 UTC

pffft 1% whatever

2018-07-20 10:36:15 UTC

@Friday solid gold

2018-07-20 10:36:20 UTC

where's the lie?

2018-07-20 10:36:25 UTC

don't worry @rupdog some of us are staying to poes the communists

2018-07-20 10:36:30 UTC

You need 100m to be 1%

2018-07-20 10:36:39 UTC

WE're the retards cruising the 20s 30s

2018-07-20 10:36:40 UTC

@rob me too

2018-07-20 10:37:02 UTC

@rob yes protect my family's property! lol

2018-07-20 10:37:34 UTC

@rob yes, fuck this running bullshit

2018-07-20 10:37:36 UTC

I've travelled the world @Arcade_Hustle running is lame if you don't want to leave

2018-07-20 10:37:49 UTC

lived all over, didn't really dig it

2018-07-20 10:38:00 UTC

If I look at my step family, that's about 30m in property, and my little step bros trust, that's easily another 20m in property, we stand to have 50m disappear overnight.

2018-07-20 10:38:31 UTC

2018-07-20 10:38:32 UTC

That's not accounting 500 fkn cattle

2018-07-20 10:38:41 UTC

@Arcade_Hustle I'll do, I am a capitalist, in it for the money. They'll pay, right?

2018-07-20 10:38:58 UTC

@rupdog lol if they had a brain they'd GTFO right now.

2018-07-20 10:39:12 UTC

@rupdog I've kept an eye on that trust trying to liquidate, nothing is selling man, nothing.

2018-07-20 10:39:17 UTC

well hopefully with that capital you've made some wise safety investments, it's not really about the money though we only get 80 odd years on this football and money doesn't mean shit when you're dead

2018-07-20 10:39:32 UTC

@Arcade_Hustle I honestly believe they arent capable of administering all the land in this country.

2018-07-20 10:39:47 UTC

they can't run a bath....

2018-07-20 10:39:59 UTC

@bruno the dobereman The old man lost like 10m in Steinhof shares

2018-07-20 10:40:01 UTC

The minds and values of the youth these days..

2018-07-20 10:40:20 UTC

@bruno the dobereman or something retarded like that, huge mistake seems he's vested in JSE

2018-07-20 10:40:21 UTC

We dont have a powerful or effective enough beruocracy

2018-07-20 10:40:37 UTC

in this country to even attempt it

2018-07-20 10:40:46 UTC

@HoppeanSnake_ZA 100% correct

2018-07-20 10:41:10 UTC

@HoppeanSnake_ZA But it is being attempted, come hell or highwater.

2018-07-20 10:41:54 UTC

our saving grace is going to be when they print out the lists of dissidents to round up and shoot, some doos hasn't refilled the printer paper

2018-07-20 10:41:58 UTC

I just think this is more directed at some of the larger White owned businesses in this country, when they are done with them they will come for the White middle class.

2018-07-20 10:42:03 UTC

Even my dearest mother, pissed away R300k in Sharemax shares, we have a history of accumulating and pissing away in this fkn family.

2018-07-20 10:42:21 UTC

We have time

2018-07-20 10:42:55 UTC

The problem with EWC applying to only "Idle land", is that our tjommies will MAKE your land idle.

2018-07-20 10:43:13 UTC

@HoppeanSnake_ZA I doubt they will succeed with big business. They politician in this country is on the payroll

2018-07-20 10:43:27 UTC

When EWC passes you will see a lot of livestock poisoning, burnings of crops and buildings, etc.

2018-07-20 10:44:02 UTC

why's that red?

2018-07-20 10:44:02 UTC

"We will make you ungovernable", these dudes are PROS at this, expect a sudden influx of "Idle" land soon.

2018-07-20 10:44:05 UTC

And ridiculous restrictions to smother production

2018-07-20 10:44:26 UTC

@rupdog you are right but that doesnt mean that they wont target their wealth first. Let the (((Ruperts))) fall first

2018-07-20 10:45:07 UTC

the Rothschild's won't let that happen lol

2018-07-20 10:45:09 UTC

@HoppeanSnake_ZA Well (((I'm))) also part Jew, so what.

2018-07-20 10:45:14 UTC

@HoppeanSnake_ZA if we're going down that road (((they))) are fully behind EWC, it's a communist plot

2018-07-20 10:45:15 UTC

they thick as thieves

2018-07-20 10:45:56 UTC

surprise surprise

2018-07-20 10:46:17 UTC

@Arcade_Hustle we are all Jews when it comes down to it. The Lost 10 tribes of Israel and all that jazz.

2018-07-20 10:46:37 UTC

@HoppeanSnake_ZA Do a gene test and prepare to be astounded, lol

2018-07-20 10:46:38 UTC read this, this is the road we will go down if we can not get a parallel system up and running

2018-07-20 10:47:11 UTC

Pretty sure the (((they))) refer to the influencial ones with a clear political agenda isn't it?

2018-07-20 10:47:57 UTC

@Karooboer we already have a parallel system in many verticals.

2018-07-20 10:48:06 UTC

we should expand it

2018-07-20 10:48:07 UTC

We should at some point stop complaining and pondering leaving and start to through our weight behind current networks building the parallel system.

2018-07-20 10:48:07 UTC

Ditsem! @Karooboer, you just advanced to level 4!

2018-07-20 10:48:10 UTC

@Arcade_Hustle fortunately I dont base my identity of my race alone. If im 2% Jew it doesnt really matter. Begone with your continuum falacy.

2018-07-20 10:48:21 UTC
2018-07-20 10:48:23 UTC

@Arcade_Hustle I don't really subscribe to the identity politics (ethnic jews may be good or evil like every other group of people) I do think that catholic church, wahabbism, and talmudism are all crypto satanists though (removes tin-foil hat)

2018-07-20 10:48:23 UTC

Ditsem! @rob, you just advanced to level 2!

2018-07-20 10:48:43 UTC

Crypto Satanists... yep, it's Friday.

2018-07-20 10:49:18 UTC

hmm let's eat flesh and drink blood on sunday goys

2018-07-20 10:49:30 UTC

anyway, sorry to derail

2018-07-20 10:49:34 UTC

Worry abut the Crypto African National Congress and the Crypto EFF and the Crypto MK first lol

2018-07-20 10:50:08 UTC

Also clean your room, do pushups.

2018-07-20 10:50:11 UTC

stop eating sugar.

2018-07-20 10:50:27 UTC

and stop reading marx πŸ˜ƒ

2018-07-20 10:50:37 UTC

Yes and stop reading marx you degenerates.

2018-07-20 10:50:37 UTC

Ditsem! @Arcade_Hustle, you just advanced to level 9!

2018-07-20 10:51:46 UTC

2018-07-20 10:54:20 UTC

@HoppeanSnake_ZA you converting?

2018-07-20 10:54:20 UTC
2018-07-20 10:54:25 UTC


2018-07-20 10:54:26 UTC

lol never

2018-07-20 10:54:28 UTC

8ball help

2018-07-20 10:54:28 UTC

2018-07-20 10:54:39 UTC

There's no problem in converting!

2018-07-20 10:55:00 UTC

@Arcade_Hustle You don't wanna live in the Republic of Ireland

2018-07-20 10:55:03 UTC

@Arcade_Hustle I dont like eating foreskins

2018-07-20 10:55:32 UTC

@HoppeanSnake_ZA You can become Reformist Jew you don't have to nibble on shlongs LOL

2018-07-20 10:55:55 UTC

8ball are we going to beat Foolias and co?

2018-07-20 10:55:55 UTC

2018-07-20 10:56:21 UTC

@Malcolm the Seceder There's various degrees of suck, I think that one is better than this one.

2018-07-20 10:57:56 UTC

2018-07-20 10:58:07 UTC
2018-07-20 10:58:42 UTC

ja guys, let's keep the conspiracy to the corner (I know I'm one to talk)

2018-07-20 10:59:02 UTC

This is a Discord of peace

2018-07-20 10:59:10 UTC

@rob there's a room for that now

2018-07-20 10:59:25 UTC

ja, that's what I meant, I only saw it late, sorry

2018-07-20 10:59:46 UTC

@Arcade_Hustle have you Read the Talmud ?

2018-07-20 10:59:59 UTC

@Arcade_Hustle suppose. If you can get into Scotland come here. Lots of free space, stunning country. Though we are living under socialist tyranny but hey.

2018-07-20 11:00:12 UTC

@HoppeanSnake_ZA I was born to Secede, not to Read.

2018-07-20 11:00:12 UTC

Hah no worries, will see you around there?

2018-07-20 11:00:52 UTC

@Malcolm the Seceder Mmmm.. There any work for undocumented illegal aliens?

2018-07-20 11:01:10 UTC

Depending on what type of Jew you are, reveals what you think about fiddling with little kids

2018-07-20 11:01:31 UTC

Isn't Scotland that place where the guy got into shit for teaching his dog a trick?

2018-07-20 11:01:48 UTC

oh shit, we got flat earthers in the conspiracy corner -I'm out

2018-07-20 11:01:50 UTC

@HoppeanSnake_ZA OK man, I can tell you really don't like Jewish people, that's cool, you do you.

2018-07-20 11:02:30 UTC

I dont like Jews who read the Talmud. The ones who follow the Torah are fine with me

2018-07-20 11:02:42 UTC

@HoppeanSnake_ZA You should tell them.

2018-07-20 11:02:52 UTC


2018-07-20 11:04:14 UTC

Lol yeah that guy spams a lot, which is why he got a room for it... But he isn't that bad, at least he is more engaging than the average propagandist

2018-07-20 11:07:04 UTC

Um, yeah we are the place where we basically arrested a but it's still a nice country. I'm sure u could work construction or something :)

2018-07-20 11:08:11 UTC

I think teaching my dog to do tricks is nice... Doesn't sound like a nice place for me honestly.

2018-07-20 11:09:04 UTC

Ulster (Northern Ireland) is nice and A lot more conservative than rest of UK

2018-07-20 11:09:52 UTC
2018-07-20 11:10:16 UTC

Obviously. One of the few (literally 2) parties in the UK I could vote for

2018-07-20 11:10:44 UTC

At election times rural areas of Ulster are like old school revivals

2018-07-20 11:11:32 UTC

I saw UKIP surged with like 5 points in the wake of the Chequers deal.

2018-07-20 11:16:26 UTC

Yeah we'll see what happens.

2018-07-20 11:16:51 UTC

Isn't UKIP tiny?

2018-07-20 11:18:06 UTC

Very. All it can really do is steal votes from remainder tories and stop them winning. Which woild result in Labour winning but the point is that a remainer tory party is probably worse because it deceives people

2018-07-20 11:18:22 UTC

They vote tory thinking they'll get Brexit and it's just a total betrayal

2018-07-20 11:19:13 UTC

Shouldn't Germany be the one deciding who its vassal is and who isn't?

2018-07-20 11:19:31 UTC

Why is humanity so gullible lol

2018-07-20 11:19:32 UTC

Buy for years right wingers vote tory because they're scared into it by the prospect of a Labour goevernment but whats the point of socialism/liberalism light with the tories?

2018-07-20 11:19:55 UTC


2018-07-20 11:20:17 UTC

Holy shit just make sure, with force if needed, to not allow Corbyn as PM.

2018-07-20 11:20:21 UTC

Yeah but for some reason Theresa May has decided to surrender. Snatching defeat from the Jaws of victory as Ann Coulter would say :)

2018-07-20 11:20:49 UTC

If Corbyn gets in we're headed to SA

2018-07-20 11:20:55 UTC

@Malcolm the Seceder She's an honorary German, Reichstags finest.

2018-07-20 11:21:24 UTC

Would love to see the Mogg in No. 10

2018-07-20 11:21:24 UTC

Ditsem! @HoppeanSnake_ZA, you just advanced to level 7!

2018-07-20 11:21:31 UTC

@Malcolm the Seceder I'm not even joking, you cannot allow Corbyn in charge of the UK.

2018-07-20 11:21:35 UTC

Yeah she's a traitor. She got Nerkel's approval of the chequera deal before she even showed it to the cabinet

2018-07-20 11:21:44 UTC

He will fucking murder the UK, you cannot allow it.

2018-07-20 11:21:49 UTC


2018-07-20 11:21:57 UTC

I hear ya!

2018-07-20 11:22:07 UTC

JRM would be my choice.

2018-07-20 11:22:15 UTC

JRM is a bro.

2018-07-20 11:22:33 UTC

End our fake democracy and have him as our new Fuhrer... I mean PM for life :)

2018-07-20 11:22:39 UTC


2018-07-20 11:29:04 UTC

Go check **Willem Petzer Live Chat**'s leaderboard here <:WINK6:403540173566115840>

2018-07-20 11:33:28 UTC

Check out videos

2018-07-20 11:41:31 UTC
2018-07-20 12:02:54 UTC

@Rational Gent Are you online???

2018-07-20 12:48:00 UTC

For some reason I can't talk

2018-07-20 12:52:43 UTC

@HoppeanSnake_ZA Keep to appropriate channel for <#468415663925624852> please

2018-07-20 12:52:54 UTC

My bad

2018-07-20 13:12:50 UTC

2018-07-20 13:12:50 UTC

Aangename kennis @Ride The Tiger, welkom by **Willem Petzer Live Chat** πŸ‘¨πŸΌβ€πŸŒΎπŸŽ™οΈ

2018-07-20 13:23:52 UTC


2018-07-20 13:23:57 UTC

Lol you can’t be serious

2018-07-20 13:43:35 UTC

Congratulations, we're all dogs. Woof.

2018-07-20 13:43:38 UTC

"An AfriForum leader pleads at the expropriation hearings for the dehumanizing of minorities to stop. An ANC supporter responds by calling him an animal."

2018-07-20 13:44:32 UTC

I get it though, makes sense, much easier to kill or hurt a dog than a man, they're normalizing this now.

2018-07-20 13:44:39 UTC

Feels like we're going through stages.

2018-07-20 13:45:33 UTC

2018-07-20 13:45:33 UTC

Aangename kennis @Emile, welkom by **Willem Petzer Live Chat** πŸ‘¨πŸΌβ€πŸŒΎπŸŽ™οΈ

2018-07-20 13:54:34 UTC

2018-07-20 13:54:48 UTC

@crazyBoer a jpg for ants.

2018-07-20 13:55:18 UTC


2018-07-20 13:55:22 UTC


2018-07-20 13:55:34 UTC

sorry let me find a bigger pic

2018-07-20 13:56:21 UTC

2018-07-20 13:57:35 UTC

2018-07-20 13:57:35 UTC

Aangename kennis @Moabeeb, welkom by **Willem Petzer Live Chat** πŸ‘¨πŸΌβ€πŸŒΎπŸŽ™οΈ

2018-07-20 14:05:33 UTC

"I'm up to 8 steel reserve tall boys a day now"

2018-07-20 14:05:38 UTC

The fkn comments on this beer, LOL

2018-07-20 14:05:48 UTC

Steel Reserve is an intoxicationg liquid customarily found in 22 oz cans and in the value-packed 40 oz glass bottles. Now, normally I'd be compelled to use the word "beer", but that's not going to cut the mustard. This is a HIGH GRAVITY LAGER. That's what they say. After drinking this, you'll feel like someone increased the Earth's gravity field by 70%. Don't get me wrong, it's hands down the best bang for your drinking dollar... but you'll probably get arrested if you drink more than a forty ouncer. So be careful! I have hallucinated and time travelled under the influence of steel reserve.

2018-07-20 14:05:55 UTC

After I drank a couple of forties of STEEL RESERVE I felt brave enough to fight a cop! And the cop felt brave enough to Taser me till I shit my pants.

2018-07-20 14:06:50 UTC

LOL "Steel Reserve is a low-quality, low-prestige, low-dignity malt beverage. Purchasing Steel Reserve is often an act of desperation by would-be drinkers in times of economic hardship. "

2018-07-20 14:07:19 UTC

Sounds like my kind of drink.

2018-07-20 14:12:34 UTC


2018-07-20 14:12:43 UTC


2018-07-20 14:50:38 UTC


2018-07-20 15:19:51 UTC

should have named it cape of good dope

2018-07-20 15:20:06 UTC

sovereign state of good dope*

2018-07-20 15:21:10 UTC

Who is free tomorrow? We go take Transvaal and Freestate back? O and Stella land.

2018-07-20 15:21:31 UTC

i'm in

2018-07-20 15:21:42 UTC

i bring my ketty

2018-07-20 15:21:54 UTC

We can serve the union buildings with a eviction notice

2018-07-20 15:28:41 UTC

@Rational Gent Keep tweet promotion to the relevant channel - <#468389204133543946>

2018-07-20 15:29:27 UTC

Perhaps we should have a #book channel

2018-07-20 15:29:40 UTC

and an economics channel please

2018-07-20 15:31:10 UTC

Too much variance and little too niche for this stage. Relax, guys, it's not an encyclopedia haha

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