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2017-09-04 04:25:12 UTC

FUCK what a day

2017-09-04 04:25:12 UTC

were there enough patriots in gov to shut it down, or was it against ruling elite?

2017-09-04 04:25:41 UTC

stop taunting me, i'm suspended for 6.35 more days

2017-09-04 04:26:14 UTC

Honestly, the fact that America resisted that in the 70s is a testament to it's inner strength. Succesfully repelling commies doesn't happen much. Of the top of my head Spain and and Chile are pretty much the list.

2017-09-04 04:26:42 UTC

yeah, they were the real deal too. lots had training in cuba/ ussr

2017-09-04 04:27:00 UTC

@Vanguard It's easy to say that when your country is a pile of shit that is sending all of its garbage to another country

2017-09-04 04:27:13 UTC

Zorost, it failed, if it succeed it would have snowballed into full communism right then.

2017-09-04 04:27:20 UTC

It just wasn't rooted out.

2017-09-04 04:30:31 UTC

its fucking hilarious

2017-09-04 04:30:43 UTC

mexico is such a piece of shit it makes more money on remittances vs exporting oil

2017-09-04 04:31:05 UTC

Someone just listened to FTN 😄

2017-09-04 04:31:14 UTC

restated: Did "DoR" have a positive or negative effect for Leftists? Little or no negatives seemingly, since few even remember. Most of those killed were expendable darkies. Did they chase Rightists out of academia faster? Accelerate police state? Kill key people?

a healthy government would have hunted them down & tortured to find accomplices, put them all against a wall. Instead they became the government, the academics

2017-09-04 04:31:20 UTC

That was quit the tidbit.

2017-09-04 04:31:21 UTC

no I have said this like 6 months ago @Belladonna Lord

2017-09-04 04:31:30 UTC

Oh, cool

2017-09-04 04:31:33 UTC

I looked at some macro data sets out of MIT or somewhere in their econ dept and ran some numbers

2017-09-04 04:31:51 UTC

its how carlos slim became the richest man in the world; he gets a cut of $$$ sent & each time someone in US calls someone in Mexico

2017-09-04 04:31:54 UTC

I was doing some grad school work and was curious as some shit lib posted it and took the numbers and looked into a few other things

2017-09-04 04:32:06 UTC

and was thankful for the ammo he gave me

2017-09-04 04:32:10 UTC

DoR had no negative effect on them and provided a lot of benefits. But it was repealed in the way conservatives repel anything, it stalled the revolution.

2017-09-04 04:32:21 UTC

it was some muh damage done on a trade war with mexico etc on what it exports

2017-09-04 04:32:30 UTC

yeah, cons can only hold ground, never retake it

2017-09-04 04:32:32 UTC

and I posted it and my mom was normie trolling shit libs

2017-09-04 04:32:34 UTC

Thats fascinating Vangaurd.

2017-09-04 04:32:54 UTC

You must be quite proud of her. I love it when my mom normie trolls shitlibs

2017-09-04 04:33:05 UTC

some libs were like MUH TEQUILA on my post, my mom was like I dont even drink mexican stuff, I won't notice

2017-09-04 04:33:13 UTC

and they flipped out and were like WHAT ABOUT CARS

2017-09-04 04:33:23 UTC

"well all my cars are europeon so, I don't mind either"

2017-09-04 04:33:38 UTC

So good

2017-09-04 04:33:39 UTC

yeah, how will Americans drive to work w/o the new Dodge "Vato" built in Chihuahua?

2017-09-04 04:33:53 UTC

it was the most hilarious shit since she had no idea what really it was telling these people

2017-09-04 04:34:23 UTC

then they were like muh privillege, and my mom was like well get two degrees and work, my husband has 4 degrees and you can afford these things too and they just stopped replying

2017-09-04 04:34:50 UTC

but muh ethnic food!!!!!!!!!!

2017-09-04 04:35:14 UTC

Need more cow tounge. Or are we talking about people who consider 'Taco Bell' real ethnic food?

2017-09-04 04:35:46 UTC

She even did the trs quip of I can enjoy Mexican food without illegals making it

2017-09-04 04:35:52 UTC

I was dying at work

2017-09-04 04:36:12 UTC


2017-09-04 04:36:21 UTC

Plus she's more red pulled than my cucked libertarian brother

2017-09-04 04:36:30 UTC

That's fantastic.

2017-09-04 04:36:41 UTC

I told a shitlib i know IRL about how immigration was bad: stats on violence, disproportionate welfare usage, etc. etc.

His reply was "you should come visit us, we have this wonderful falafel place down the street where you could learn to stop hating those who aren't like you"

If I didn't know him IRL i would have assumed he was a parody but that is what they think

2017-09-04 04:36:44 UTC

I'm sure you'll shift your bro in time.

2017-09-04 04:36:58 UTC

she went off about muslims/never trust them/ especially turks and he flipped at dinner and threatened to drive back to college due to he hates racism lmao

2017-09-04 04:37:11 UTC

Yep, it's real.

This is why universal suffrage democracy is a terrible, terrible idea.

2017-09-04 04:37:18 UTC

functional family units ❤

2017-09-04 04:37:43 UTC

y'all mind if i uhhh restore the family as the prinicipal social unit

2017-09-04 04:38:12 UTC

thats not Progressive, you should let the state raise the children

2017-09-04 04:38:21 UTC

what about "non traditional family units" goy

2017-09-04 04:38:34 UTC

you wouldnt want to be BIGOT would you?

2017-09-04 04:38:35 UTC

fag machine 🅱roke

2017-09-04 04:38:52 UTC

the word "family" implies that some people might not be "family" and we are all 1 family, the human family.

2017-09-04 04:39:22 UTC

which lead to more lulz today as my brother basically said he supports endless war in the middle east as they can always get here and launch small cell attacks so its best to stay there and fight and those that bear the cost and death are willing volunteers (he is in guard also) and its like WTF?

2017-09-04 04:39:51 UTC

why dont we use the weather machines on them like REAL SHIT

2017-09-04 04:40:01 UTC

and then I went into the depopulation or pull out argument and it spiraled into single mothers being a producer of criminals so he asked if I was willing to kill single mothers and or every woman and child in middle east/ afgan and I declined to comment lmaoooo

2017-09-04 04:40:04 UTC

bring another noah-scale flood to the middle east

2017-09-04 04:40:08 UTC

as a great poet-philospher once said, "we have to fight them over there so they don't fight us over here, cuz they hate our freedoms!"

2017-09-04 04:40:15 UTC

I drove to the church event and I turned the volume up on the pod cast

2017-09-04 04:40:21 UTC

yeah I fucking hate that argument

2017-09-04 04:40:24 UTC

depopulate or leave.

2017-09-04 04:40:26 UTC


2017-09-04 04:40:42 UTC

we have an ocean on both sides like

2017-09-04 04:40:47 UTC

( Yes I would kill single mothers and de populate middle east)

2017-09-04 04:40:48 UTC

Endless middle eastern war, so libertarian. Freedom talking that is.

2017-09-04 04:41:01 UTC

we need to test some neutron bombs tbh

2017-09-04 04:41:05 UTC

thats the thing, depopulate is the only way to win an insurgency. I've read lots of COIN stuff & its basically "you need to separate those who fight from civilian support, to do that you need magic"

2017-09-04 04:41:11 UTC

leave what shitty infrastructure in place

2017-09-04 04:41:24 UTC

t r a v e l b a n

2017-09-04 04:41:37 UTC

he fully accepts europe will die out , sweden first but he is all id rather die having principles and shit

2017-09-04 04:41:38 UTC

l i f e b a n

2017-09-04 04:41:43 UTC

as long as the start of a war wasn't in violation of the NAP, endless war is libertarian kosher

2017-09-04 04:41:46 UTC

its like wut, I said I would rather lock and load and go play

2017-09-04 04:42:04 UTC

I'm sorry, you've been kicked from the server PLANET EARTH.

Reason: u were 2 brown lul

2017-09-04 04:42:08 UTC

He doesn't have kids, does he?

2017-09-04 04:42:30 UTC

only men supporting children should be allowed to vote

2017-09-04 04:42:55 UTC

no my brother is in college

2017-09-04 04:43:02 UTC

we should have a reverse israeli genetic test

2017-09-04 04:43:04 UTC

hes stopped bringing bridge trolls home finally

2017-09-04 04:43:07 UTC

where u pass it and then cant vote

2017-09-04 04:43:09 UTC


2017-09-04 04:43:17 UTC

he is a super anime warhammer autsie type

2017-09-04 04:43:24 UTC

we are like 180 as people

2017-09-04 04:43:27 UTC

but warhammer is dope

2017-09-04 04:43:31 UTC

sounds like prime recruiting material for A-R

2017-09-04 04:43:34 UTC

but its basically table top fascism so its like wtf

2017-09-04 04:43:50 UTC

hopefully he finds his balls

2017-09-04 04:43:51 UTC

if he vapes might as well make him honorary A-R

2017-09-04 04:43:58 UTC

nah he doesnt

2017-09-04 04:44:07 UTC

physiogamy is real doe lmao

2017-09-04 04:44:14 UTC

Yeah, but most people in college are over 18, if you don't have your first kid by then, I mean...

2017-09-04 04:44:24 UTC

hes like 5'8 and much smaller, I am 6'4 and 205

2017-09-04 04:44:43 UTC

interesting pieces to see nature play out

2017-09-04 04:44:54 UTC

The holdout libertarian I know does online DandD 6 nights a week, and wonders why he can't get a girl.

2017-09-04 04:44:55 UTC

perhaps instead of pushing ideology on him, you should push him into the gym. Get T-levels up & he'll transform into A-R w/o realizing it

2017-09-04 04:45:23 UTC

i read philosophy 6 nights a week why cant i get a gf

2017-09-04 04:45:34 UTC

Cant even 'hey I'm having a party this friday come by if you like' nope, D&D. On his one day off he talks about libertarianism and D&D

2017-09-04 04:45:49 UTC

hes in shape for mil he just is a much smaller person than me, and weaker in ideology, hes slightly better at math and is engineering , im business idk, I have just been thinking over past few weeks on how divergency within this type of shit plays out

2017-09-04 04:45:51 UTC

That I don't know, girls dig deep guys. Are you reading shit philosophy?

2017-09-04 04:45:59 UTC

is he ancap? I think i went to alwschool w/ that guy. was only ancap i ever met IRL

2017-09-04 04:46:08 UTC

He'll get there eventually Vangaurd, just takes some time to deprogram

2017-09-04 04:46:12 UTC

im reading descartes kant and heraclitus rn

2017-09-04 04:46:16 UTC

I played D&D in hs but told everyone I played with if they told anyone id beat faces in lmao

2017-09-04 04:46:26 UTC

Very nice, esp the heraclitus

2017-09-04 04:46:33 UTC

Kunt & heraclitoris?

2017-09-04 04:46:35 UTC

Damn good stuff Moosey

2017-09-04 04:46:44 UTC

i do my best with what i got

2017-09-04 04:46:55 UTC

You have the internet, you have basically everything.

2017-09-04 04:47:08 UTC

Of the wide world availible you made some damn good selections.

2017-09-04 04:47:09 UTC

Anglin on "SNEK"

2017-09-04 04:47:13 UTC

reading Thucydides at moment

2017-09-04 04:47:22 UTC

and operations research textbooks

2017-09-04 04:47:24 UTC

i was in the e s o t e r i c section of my school's library and i found the Corpus Hermeticum

2017-09-04 04:47:31 UTC

and some army shit

2017-09-04 04:47:36 UTC

gonna start after i finish descartes

2017-09-04 04:47:44 UTC

Had to look him up, looks interesting.

2017-09-04 04:47:52 UTC

I want to read de bello gallico to catch back up with my latin

2017-09-04 04:47:55 UTC

im rusty as fuck

2017-09-04 04:48:09 UTC

are u reading history of the ppn war

2017-09-04 04:48:12 UTC


2017-09-04 04:48:15 UTC

im re reading

2017-09-04 04:48:49 UTC

want to do a re read of all the greek epics

2017-09-04 04:48:55 UTC

read them all in skool back in day

2017-09-04 04:49:12 UTC

Southern Honor Ethics and behavior in the old south is awesome

2017-09-04 04:49:13 UTC

At least he didn't disavow eh Gusphase?

2017-09-04 04:49:16 UTC

halfway into that

2017-09-04 04:49:30 UTC

Crowder is bad optics. He's just too extreme.

2017-09-04 04:49:48 UTC

frames the europeon roots/nordic and other places of the advent of the extreme honor culture of the south

2017-09-04 04:49:49 UTC

my favorite part is Pericles final speech i did a rhetorical analysis on it in 11th grade was some lit shit

2017-09-04 04:50:02 UTC

Apparently Andrew Anglin has "Tyler Durden" syndrome, and his alter ego runs "SNEK."

2017-09-04 04:50:20 UTC

like I even think until like 1900s that if there was a slight involved in a use of force situation it was pretty much like yeah nvm from prosecutors

2017-09-04 04:50:40 UTC

it was a very much open commons but you bore resonsibility for your words even if you were shot or got the shit beat out of you for it

2017-09-04 04:50:52 UTC

there are so many people alive that exist only due to the fact dueling culture is gone

2017-09-04 04:51:00 UTC

or someone would of put a bullet in their ass years ago

2017-09-04 04:51:36 UTC

I'll take my stand the south and the agrarian tradtion is a really true american anti modernist piece I have encountered

2017-09-04 04:51:51 UTC

"Make your decision, therefore, for glory then and honor now, and attain both objects by instant and zealous effort: do not send heralds to Lacedaemon, and do not betray any sign of being oppressed by your present sufferings, since they whose minds are least sensitive to calamity, and whose hands are most quick to meet it, are the greatest men and the greatest communities." Pericles~~~

2017-09-04 04:51:55 UTC

So, was ending dueling culture dysgenic?

2017-09-04 04:51:59 UTC


2017-09-04 04:52:19 UTC

No arguments

2017-09-04 04:52:28 UTC

I wish someone would cane paul ryan half retarded live on cspan

2017-09-04 04:52:57 UTC

i would never advocate for politikal violence tho

2017-09-04 04:53:00 UTC

but same

2017-09-04 04:53:07 UTC


2017-09-04 04:53:10 UTC

I'm not American, but I do deeply respect the Cavalier culture of the deep south.

2017-09-04 04:53:24 UTC

Why the South and tidewater is the best

2017-09-04 04:53:29 UTC

it still exists in pockets

2017-09-04 04:53:42 UTC

see two guys get off horses and fight after a fox hunt

2017-09-04 04:53:52 UTC

I have got off my horse and fought after a polo match lmao

2017-09-04 04:54:32 UTC

those in second flight on the hunt we just kind of watched from the horses and took drinks from flasks

2017-09-04 04:54:55 UTC

That's good to know, Chesterton in the '20s said that the civil war was mostly about cultural annihilation, and the North wanted to destroy all the best parts of America.

2017-09-04 04:55:07 UTC

not wrong

2017-09-04 04:55:10 UTC

Ah, thats so nice.

2017-09-04 04:55:31 UTC

and after both fights things just went on, the tea after went fine, you had your drinks and food

2017-09-04 04:55:36 UTC

it wasn't some end of the world event

2017-09-04 04:56:01 UTC

same when I went to HS, you fought and were done, now if you fight you go to like criminal campus where the feral nogs are

2017-09-04 04:56:09 UTC

No, fighting should be more normalized, I really don't like the extent to which physical confrontation is restricted, it's bad for everyone.

2017-09-04 04:56:17 UTC

I went to a country day school where you could have firearms on campus with dorm parents etc and they sold ammo in book store

2017-09-04 04:56:27 UTC

its normal for certain swathes of the population

2017-09-04 04:56:28 UTC

I had a 870 Wingmaster in my SUV in hs

2017-09-04 04:56:44 UTC

outside a very specified grouping of schools it would be end of the world

2017-09-04 04:56:57 UTC

I was a boarding student and half the time I just left the 12 gauge in my truck

2017-09-04 04:57:22 UTC

Fighting is normal for the swath of the population called 'men', and especially 'boys'. It's not bad, though boys should be limited to things that don't do permanent damage.

2017-09-04 04:57:35 UTC

woah based black guy on fox defending daca appeal

2017-09-04 04:57:46 UTC

but yeah you fight, win lose draw its over

2017-09-04 04:57:49 UTC

Ooh, see, dems are the real racists.

2017-09-04 04:57:58 UTC

it doesnt simmer and keep going for eternity and then someone gets really fucked up down the line

2017-09-04 04:58:01 UTC

i remember lifting at the same time as the VP in highschool, and we got to talking about hunting. I mentioned I had a 12ga in the trunk in the school lot because i was going hunting w/ some friends & he didn't care. began debating best caliber for deer hunting. These days i'd be in jail, my parents dragged in front of some board

2017-09-04 04:58:25 UTC

yeah.. even like the way in which greek life was in college probably wont exist for my kids

2017-09-04 04:58:34 UTC

2 pages in pledge manual had non whites and first day you tear out and burn

2017-09-04 04:58:52 UTC

That's right, the fear of the physical is so strange to me. No fighting, no spanking, no corporeal punishment. But isolate a kid or imprison a person is totally fine. You don't get time back, but a sore ass or a whipped back heals.

2017-09-04 04:58:57 UTC

it was already ending when i went to college, any frat that had good parties would inevitably get busted & denounced by national chapter, have to do a bunch of bullshit to get back status

2017-09-04 04:59:29 UTC

I know another school that has confederate statues and an adjacent campus had a guy that kind of ran guns for the north so pledges at that college piss on the statue and it freezes in winter and lol plebes at the military academy near by lick the statue later on

2017-09-04 04:59:50 UTC

lmao for community service my fraternity went to border with deer stands

2017-09-04 04:59:59 UTC

i was in a club sports team & we'd mock the frat guys who came to our parties about how weak their parties were, since they had to card & not say anything racist

2017-09-04 05:00:15 UTC

AR15s, beer, radios, binos and sent up location of beaners crossing border to border patrol

2017-09-04 05:00:41 UTC

a fraternity in deer stands with guns on border calling cops on people of color, my ass would of been on national news

2017-09-04 05:01:35 UTC

lol wut poll on politico this nog is citing says 70 percent of americans dont support removing daca

2017-09-04 05:01:40 UTC

who 70 percent in fucking NYC

2017-09-04 05:01:41 UTC


2017-09-04 05:01:57 UTC

wait until wages go up, their whole argument will be BTFOd

2017-09-04 05:04:29 UTC

yeah frats now getting cucked by their nationals

2017-09-04 05:04:33 UTC

thats how it was going with mine

2017-09-04 05:04:46 UTC

frats are also too white and male so schools hostile

2017-09-04 05:04:56 UTC

acting like they are raping girls daily and not the nigger basketball trash

2017-09-04 05:06:11 UTC

the whole thing is we had a society we were tied to that existed pre greek life at my school which produced the big alums and then regeants of the school so we got away with a ton of shit for ever

2017-09-04 05:06:21 UTC

after I graduated shit went down hill and I think they are kicked off now

2017-09-04 05:06:24 UTC

its fucking pathetic

2017-09-04 05:06:54 UTC

it was such a good thing for kids to do greek life wise and like I think I am like 3rd gen doing it, its a great thing, but its too muh privilege or muh whiteness

2017-09-04 05:07:00 UTC

you have black fraternities etc fuck off

2017-09-04 05:08:16 UTC

love this melt down on this shit lib thread over daca

2017-09-04 05:08:23 UTC

we going into the streets there will be smoke and fires

2017-09-04 05:08:30 UTC

yeah and police and national guard with live and rubber bullets

2017-09-04 05:08:32 UTC


2017-09-04 05:08:54 UTC

I can't believe this...... :(

I think I'm going to delete all of my social media... I'm not safe anymore.

2017-09-04 05:08:55 UTC


2017-09-04 05:10:14 UTC

es it seems we will need to lawyer up AGAIN. (My family has wasted god knows how many thousands already on legal fees)

Sucks that we got out there to work and show America we are honest people just trying to get by and then this asshole pulls the rug on us.

I am not shocked but to know that in we are in limbo once again and in danger with this administration. Its been shitty these last few months to now that is turning into fear of my well being. JFC. 😦

2017-09-04 05:14:03 UTC

What's with the 6 month delay? I see some people touting it as a bad thing.

2017-09-04 05:15:25 UTC

Most notably Ann Coulter, whose word I trust on immigration.

2017-09-04 05:28:08 UTC

@14 Kicks the can down to the road and asks Congress to basically give them some kind of temporary amnesty until they can pass immigration reform AKA real amnesty

2017-09-04 05:28:48 UTC

Trump has always been a cuck on the DACA question. Remember when the Hannity live audience booed him about it?

2017-09-04 05:32:24 UTC

Ok that's what I figured. He's really starting to piss me off.

2017-09-04 05:37:35 UTC

I think he might be baiting the cucks so they all lose their seats to nativists next year

2017-09-04 05:38:18 UTC

Goading them into trying amnesty again. GOP voters are wise to it. That's why Gang of Eight haunts lil marco to this day.

2017-09-04 05:44:22 UTC

holy shit Alex Jones called out White Genocide. Is he finally coming around? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80eJwvShspA&feature=share

2017-09-04 05:45:29 UTC

good point, many on alt-rt sometimes get sucked back into normie political perspective. They are looking for signs that Trump loves them by passing legislation w/ short-term effects. But only 2 things are important: remaking Rep party & increasing white identity. Everything else is normie bullshit

2017-09-04 05:47:18 UTC

we're fucked even if we stop immigration 100% if everything else stays the same, so if sacrificing immig law to make it so the important stuff doesn't stay the same its worth it.

2017-09-04 06:14:05 UTC



2017-09-04 06:14:19 UTC


2017-09-04 06:14:36 UTC


2017-09-04 06:19:46 UTC


2017-09-04 06:23:14 UTC


2017-09-04 06:25:40 UTC

I knew it, the leftists are already going in on the "so what if Comey drafted a letter saying he was going to exonerate hillary clinton months before the investigation was over? This is normal for investigators if they expect an investigation to go a certain way. This letter of exoneration was just written up as a 'just in case' until further notice."

2017-09-04 06:32:52 UTC

Are you ready?

2017-09-04 06:35:09 UTC

starcraft esports is about to become a lot less competitive

2017-09-04 06:36:12 UTC
2017-09-04 06:36:39 UTC

@Zorost i can finally play starcraft online if NK nukes SK.

2017-09-04 06:44:40 UTC

NK did nothing wrong

2017-09-04 06:44:58 UTC

At least they're an ethnostate

2017-09-04 06:45:00 UTC


2017-09-04 06:45:05 UTC

SK has been mamzerfied

2017-09-04 07:07:27 UTC

We all Strasserists what do fam?


2017-09-04 07:07:28 UTC


2017-09-04 07:33:36 UTC


2017-09-04 08:14:18 UTC


2017-09-04 08:27:46 UTC

@here who da fuq up in dis bytch

2017-09-04 08:28:12 UTC

yea i dun fuk lit mate

2017-09-04 08:29:52 UTC

Fine Aussie sheilas

2017-09-04 08:29:59 UTC


2017-09-04 08:30:56 UTC

God damn I'm drunk as fuck

2017-09-04 08:36:05 UTC

Australian as fuck*

2017-09-04 08:36:38 UTC


2017-09-04 08:59:17 UTC
2017-09-04 09:13:47 UTC

Irma now likely to hit Cuba.


2017-09-04 09:15:00 UTC

just the fact that dailycaller uses "antiwhite" is a huge rhetorical victory

2017-09-04 09:15:10 UTC

no one other than WNs was using that term a year ago

2017-09-04 09:15:15 UTC

It is, consider Dr. Pierce coined it.

2017-09-04 09:15:20 UTC


2017-09-04 09:15:28 UTC

keep pushing the window

2017-09-04 09:29:20 UTC

@here come keep dmarcus company. He's gotta sober up before he drives

2017-09-04 09:33:54 UTC

Irma looks a bit like a dragon dildo, I reckon.

2017-09-04 09:55:46 UTC

Sure, there isn't an alternative !

2017-09-04 10:13:01 UTC


2017-09-04 10:30:46 UTC

I just spent 1hr looking at pictures of Ri Sol-ju. Lol

2017-09-04 10:40:06 UTC


2017-09-04 10:52:06 UTC
2017-09-04 10:54:44 UTC

seppos with poofs

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