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2017-08-25 03:43:50 UTC

Corpus Christie seems ground zero

2017-08-25 03:44:03 UTC

Gonna be fun times

2017-08-25 03:44:18 UTC

@AnonMindset 2 FEET?

2017-08-25 03:44:27 UTC

Total rainfall forecast for Hurricane Harvey


2017-08-25 03:44:37 UTC

Watched the news today, that's what they said

2017-08-25 03:44:47 UTC

Donald Trump hates mestizos so much that he absorbed the black sun's power and sent a hurricane at them.

2017-08-25 03:44:50 UTC

That's fucking bad

2017-08-25 03:45:09 UTC

i would gtfo

2017-08-25 03:45:15 UTC

The ground can only handle about 4 inches a day

2017-08-25 03:45:17 UTC

i hope you have 2 weeks of supplies

2017-08-25 03:45:23 UTC

Yeah, you don't wanna hang around for a Category 3 hurricane

2017-08-25 03:45:28 UTC

I've been in Florida for one of those

2017-08-25 03:45:45 UTC

I'm more inland

2017-08-25 03:46:32 UTC

This is shaping up to be Trump's first big natural disaster.

2017-08-25 03:46:39 UTC

At least it will change the news

2017-08-25 03:46:45 UTC

No more kvetching about Cville

2017-08-25 03:46:57 UTC

oh man

2017-08-25 03:46:59 UTC

Meh, Texas will be fine. We'll take care of our own

2017-08-25 03:47:02 UTC

Galveston is FUCKED

2017-08-25 03:47:10 UTC

Most the areas are "brown"

2017-08-25 03:47:48 UTC

The Mexican areas are gonna be flooded, no homes for them

2017-08-25 03:47:57 UTC

in the video on this page some dumb beaners were in the water while it was storming jfc

2017-08-25 03:48:44 UTC

up to 12 foot storm surge

2017-08-25 03:48:47 UTC

Last week it looked like it was just going to veer into Veracruz, Mexico as a weak tropical storm.

2017-08-25 03:49:00 UTC

But I had a gut feeling it would do something like this

2017-08-25 03:49:11 UTC

Gulf is really warm right now

2017-08-25 03:49:26 UTC

This is supposed to be a lit hurricane season.
Inb4 the talmudic prophecy that the black sun is bad for jews is a cat 5 directly impacting NYC and long island. Everything destroyed except Trump tower. Ivanka and Jared lost at sea.

2017-08-25 03:49:41 UTC

Hotter than hell, gulf full of yellow

2017-08-25 03:50:03 UTC

Hurricane season goes till November

2017-08-25 03:50:16 UTC

Used to work offshore

2017-08-25 03:50:23 UTC

>Middle/Upper Texas Coast: 12 to 20 inches, with isolated totals up to 35 inches

2017-08-25 03:50:25 UTC

holy shit

2017-08-25 03:50:25 UTC

There was a Category 4 that hit New England back in the day. It can happen.

2017-08-25 03:50:46 UTC

Houston is fucked man

2017-08-25 03:50:52 UTC

Holy fuck

2017-08-25 03:50:56 UTC

Stop. Stop. Between Houston AND NYC getting hit with Cat 5+ hurricanes, I'm too erect to function.

2017-08-25 03:51:15 UTC

Inb4 north Texan lol

2017-08-25 03:51:33 UTC

Inb4 north Texan lol

2017-08-25 03:52:32 UTC

@NuckFigures is that the one where NYC got flooded really bad

2017-08-25 03:52:35 UTC

there's some neat pictures

2017-08-25 03:52:53 UTC

Sandy was enough to fuck the ever loving shit out of the NYC new Jersey area.

2017-08-25 03:53:12 UTC

Yep, and Sandy was just a category 1

2017-08-25 03:53:26 UTC

RIP my power

2017-08-25 03:53:31 UTC

Anyone heard of National Bloc?

2017-08-25 03:53:32 UTC

2 weeks

2017-08-25 03:54:09 UTC

Wew, this gonna fuggggiing sick

2017-08-25 03:55:22 UTC

Hurricane force wind speed probabilities 120hr forecast


2017-08-25 03:59:32 UTC

Did everyone see the new American Horror Story trailer? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9uMWKPdnPA

2017-08-25 03:59:57 UTC

Why? Is this show good?

2017-08-25 04:01:36 UTC

@AnonMindset Just watch the trailer.

2017-08-25 04:01:42 UTC


2017-08-25 04:03:37 UTC

Well, I went this summer and it was there

2017-08-25 04:04:54 UTC


2017-08-25 04:05:29 UTC

SPC predicting chance of tornadoes with Harvey too


2017-08-25 04:05:29 UTC

33 Star Flag

2017-08-25 04:05:34 UTC

@Billy Ray Jenkins The American 13 star flag is the best one

2017-08-25 04:05:41 UTC

Yes Nate I agree

2017-08-25 04:05:48 UTC

Thats the last Legal American Flag

2017-08-25 04:05:52 UTC

33 star

2017-08-25 04:07:09 UTC

best version^

2017-08-25 04:07:29 UTC

FIne with that one

2017-08-25 04:07:47 UTC

It is the original American flag

2017-08-25 04:08:04 UTC

Ya thats one of them

2017-08-25 04:08:15 UTC


2017-08-25 04:08:18 UTC

Heres another variant

2017-08-25 04:08:22 UTC

which i dont like as well

2017-08-25 04:08:34 UTC


2017-08-25 04:08:39 UTC

stars are too big imo

2017-08-25 04:25:33 UTC

@2Negative4Creep so is it making fun of leftists whomst cant deal with Trump's election? Wtf. That show is pure degeneracy btw

2017-08-25 04:28:44 UTC
2017-08-25 04:30:18 UTC

@☇Unlimited Power☇ you saw the lesbos?

2017-08-25 04:30:21 UTC

Rat_stink is trolling but this guy agrees

2017-08-25 04:30:31 UTC
2017-08-25 04:31:02 UTC

I watched most seasons of that shit when i was still a normie like 90% of the plots hinge on race mixing.

2017-08-25 04:37:03 UTC


2017-08-25 04:37:18 UTC

What's that 10 percent rule?

2017-08-25 04:38:19 UTC

@Archer dude r/socialism/communism lives in fantasy land.

2017-08-25 04:38:22 UTC

I like how they make a big deal about this, but really, the fact taht only 56% of people disagreed with Trump's assessment is actually pretty good news

2017-08-25 04:38:39 UTC

That means that 44% either agreed or had no opinion one way or the other.

2017-08-25 04:38:49 UTC

and the vast majority of republicans agreed with Trump as well.

2017-08-25 04:39:22 UTC

@☇Unlimited Power☇ I know, and it gives me that warm and fuzzy right wing death squad kind of feeling. Know what Im saying?

2017-08-25 04:39:31 UTC

Considering the massive campaign the media went on to trash us and Trump before, during, and after that speech, that means that quite a few people are at least sympathetic to our views

2017-08-25 04:39:52 UTC

and less than 40% believe that the "alt right" are "neo nazis."

2017-08-25 04:41:46 UTC

I wrote a thing. Reads and shares appreciated.

2017-08-25 04:42:19 UTC

Probably not the best news for Trump, but I'd imagine that at least a third of the country, and probably half of white people, are at least willing to see things our way somewhat.

2017-08-25 04:42:32 UTC


2017-08-25 04:48:28 UTC
2017-08-25 04:53:51 UTC
2017-08-25 04:53:59 UTC


2017-08-25 04:55:59 UTC

Well not like that Vic

2017-08-25 04:56:48 UTC


2017-08-25 04:56:51 UTC

Lmao fucking what a cuck.

2017-08-25 04:57:17 UTC

He's a disgrace to his family and his race

2017-08-25 04:57:19 UTC


2017-08-25 04:57:27 UTC

Also i bet his spic wife put him up to it

2017-08-25 04:58:14 UTC

Anrold isnt married

2017-08-25 04:58:18 UTC

he divorced Maria

2017-08-25 04:58:26 UTC

but he did screw the maid

2017-08-25 04:58:33 UTC


2017-08-25 04:59:45 UTC
2017-08-25 05:00:11 UTC

@spadegunner Eli Bowlsley


2017-08-25 05:02:06 UTC

The story in that Haaretz link is up there with lampshades IMO


2017-08-25 05:05:56 UTC

We should make no mistake: the vast majority of people are against us. We still aren't "there" yet. However, a large enough percentage of whites are awake, and they can't just make us go away. The percentage of woke whites is about the same as the US black population, give or take a couple percent.

2017-08-25 05:08:58 UTC

I love it when leftists think they've "got me" when they say, "well, if we allow white supremacists to hold rallys, then I guess we have to let ISIS have rallies too!" To which I respond, "Sure, why not. If you are dumb enough to join ISIS, that's on you. The second you do something illegal, we'll fry your ass."

2017-08-25 05:09:28 UTC

The best option is to just not let muslims into the country, then ISIS won't really be a problem.

2017-08-25 05:09:45 UTC

dont accept their comparison

2017-08-25 05:09:52 UTC

sandnigger shitskins are not white men

2017-08-25 05:10:33 UTC

Well, we're talking to leftists here. They won't really listen to this argument. I'm not afraid of ISIS holding a rally and convincing lots of people to join them, other than people that are already muslims.

2017-08-25 05:10:46 UTC

Closing our borders will solve that problem.

2017-08-25 05:11:10 UTC

I do point out that ISIS wants to destroy the country while we want to save it.

2017-08-25 05:13:17 UTC


2017-08-25 05:14:22 UTC


2017-08-25 05:14:43 UTC

"My feet hurt"

2017-08-25 05:15:03 UTC

My sides

2017-08-25 05:15:08 UTC


2017-08-25 05:16:48 UTC


2017-08-25 05:17:42 UTC


2017-08-25 05:17:46 UTC


2017-08-25 05:18:08 UTC


2017-08-25 05:20:36 UTC


2017-08-25 05:21:05 UTC


2017-08-25 05:21:44 UTC

One of the best things I ever made @Billy Ray Jenkins @spadegunner


2017-08-25 05:24:47 UTC
2017-08-25 05:25:07 UTC

@gusphase ISIS does good rallies. Every Muslim gathering is an ISIS rally. Every mosque is an ISIS rally.

2017-08-25 05:25:21 UTC

*hold rallies, not good rallies

2017-08-25 05:25:27 UTC

Fucking autocorrect

2017-08-25 05:26:06 UTC


2017-08-25 05:26:52 UTC


2017-08-25 05:27:18 UTC


2017-08-25 05:27:26 UTC


2017-08-25 05:28:07 UTC

Based mayor of Venice says any muslims who shout "allahu akbar" in public will be shot on sight: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/aug/24/luigi-brugnaro-venice-mayor-says-people-who-shout-/

2017-08-25 05:28:17 UTC

thats some esoteric moonmanism

2017-08-25 05:28:19 UTC

deep lore

2017-08-25 05:28:30 UTC

@here we need dat open dialogue, git up n dat shiet

2017-08-25 05:29:08 UTC

@Tigris Albus Oh yeah, I use that response too. IT doesn't matter how many people that muslims kill, we don't outlaw Islam.

2017-08-25 05:30:58 UTC

Well we fycking should outlaw Islam.

2017-08-25 05:31:20 UTC

What did aryan goddess mean by "the old taylor is dead." Did zog miley her. Noooooooooo.

2017-08-25 05:31:22 UTC

The difference is that National Socialism is fucking awesome lol

2017-08-25 05:31:29 UTC
2017-08-25 05:31:32 UTC

Get in voice

2017-08-25 05:31:40 UTC

Eli Bowlsley is here

2017-08-25 05:32:08 UTC

Aight my niggas I gotta get to sleep

2017-08-25 05:32:38 UTC


2017-08-25 05:32:54 UTC
2017-08-25 05:33:04 UTC

this is the channel of the dude that trolled buzzfeed i think

2017-08-25 05:33:42 UTC


2017-08-25 05:34:15 UTC

subscribe to this goy, he trolled buzzfeed and he only has 60 subscribers

2017-08-25 05:35:17 UTC

It's a free speech rally push them on how much free speech they allow.

2017-08-25 05:38:19 UTC


2017-08-25 05:39:23 UTC

Gavin's afraid of his squaw getting smallpoxed

2017-08-25 05:39:49 UTC


2017-08-25 05:39:57 UTC
2017-08-25 05:41:01 UTC


2017-08-25 05:41:39 UTC

Homo sex was removed in DSM III in 1987

2017-08-25 05:43:34 UTC

If you're in texas dont drown

2017-08-25 05:43:34 UTC


2017-08-25 05:44:12 UTC

@Vic_Mackey What was the impetus behind the dildoing?

2017-08-25 05:44:17 UTC

this could use some more downvotes:

2017-08-25 05:45:06 UTC

@gusphase "he won't win" "he'll resign" increasingly nervous man.

2017-08-25 05:45:11 UTC

Its his way of showin the muslims who's boss @☇Unlimited Power☇

2017-08-25 05:45:19 UTC


2017-08-25 05:45:24 UTC

Sorry pozzed

2017-08-25 05:45:48 UTC

I want trump to punish cnn to the point cooper offs himself on air.

2017-08-25 05:46:00 UTC

Lemon too

2017-08-25 05:46:19 UTC

Rust belt cities tend to be pozzed in general.

2017-08-25 05:46:43 UTC

Rural rust belt is like rural south with no blacks and nice weather in the summer.

2017-08-25 05:48:37 UTC

@mooples these people think Chomsky is god thats why

2017-08-25 05:49:10 UTC

Chomsky is a syndicalist which is basically sqautters rites turned into a political movement.

2017-08-25 05:49:29 UTC

chomskys a gigantic faggot

2017-08-25 05:49:58 UTC

when chomsky dies I'm having a massive party.

2017-08-25 05:50:18 UTC

He is right that the left wont win political violence though.

2017-08-25 05:50:34 UTC

a broken clock is right twice a DAY

2017-08-25 05:51:00 UTC

The chomsky vs moly discussion is amazing.

2017-08-25 05:51:23 UTC

yea that was great

2017-08-25 05:51:31 UTC


2017-08-25 05:53:00 UTC

Ancom tumblr worships chomsky

2017-08-25 05:53:30 UTC

I had a shitload of memes dumping chomsky out of a heli.

2017-08-25 05:53:45 UTC

Stefbot has claimed to be jewish in the past.

2017-08-25 05:53:55 UTC

Idk how truthful he was being.

2017-08-25 05:54:24 UTC

He also lives in canadiastan

2017-08-25 05:55:06 UTC


2017-08-25 05:55:59 UTC

It's also miles better than the crowders and dsouzas that claim national socialism is the same as marxism socialism.

2017-08-25 05:56:40 UTC

Isn't KMac still a professor?

2017-08-25 05:57:16 UTC

Like Culture of Critique is the epicenter of hatefacts along with The Bell Curve.

2017-08-25 05:57:16 UTC

professor emeritus

2017-08-25 05:58:16 UTC

And Charles Murray is a gigantic cuck faggot and he's still on SPLC's hatelist but I don't think KMac is.

2017-08-25 05:58:31 UTC

Hurricane Harvey now a Category 2


2017-08-25 05:58:45 UTC

Emeritus means a retired prof

2017-08-25 05:58:48 UTC


2017-08-25 05:58:52 UTC

Cat 5 Brown Genocide when?

2017-08-25 05:59:05 UTC

It's gaining strength faster than forecast

2017-08-25 05:59:11 UTC

and he has a SPLC page

2017-08-25 05:59:12 UTC

@Soap Merchant did they force him to retire though?

2017-08-25 05:59:30 UTC

i live in the sticks outside of houston. pay respects if i died

2017-08-25 06:00:11 UTC

@Soap Merchant oh shit he does it's hilarious as well.

2017-08-25 06:00:33 UTC

I think he had tenure

2017-08-25 06:00:45 UTC

I love SPLC I find the best people on their hatelist.

2017-08-25 06:01:10 UTC

Which makes it a bitch to even censure let alone fire

2017-08-25 06:01:32 UTC

When you get kicked out of countries 109 times but it was never your fault.

2017-08-25 06:01:54 UTC

Always "irrational antisemitism."

2017-08-25 06:02:16 UTC

Get kicked out a bar, could be anyones fault

2017-08-25 06:02:27 UTC

get kicked out of 109 .....

2017-08-25 06:02:39 UTC

359 I thought in total

2017-08-25 06:02:59 UTC

everyone knows 109 though

2017-08-25 06:03:43 UTC

After mulling it over I think Sven is correct that the insane holohoax shit is due to jews creating smut about it and confusing fanfiction for reality.

2017-08-25 06:13:02 UTC

@spadegunner I'm gonna have to jump in there and slay ur cuck ass

2017-08-25 06:15:21 UTC


2017-08-25 06:15:39 UTC

Cleaning up the neighborhood one commie poster at a time

2017-08-25 06:20:09 UTC


2017-08-25 06:22:07 UTC

how bad do u figure her armpit smells?

2017-08-25 06:22:51 UTC

I wish I wasn't in a public place right now

2017-08-25 06:26:23 UTC

epicanthic fold

2017-08-25 06:28:28 UTC

That cost Bernie the nomination right there

2017-08-25 06:33:18 UTC

@Commodvs Detritvs yep along with being a crusty old jew

2017-08-25 06:34:13 UTC

I heard sveral blacks that were not voting for him because "jews always be ripping us off."

2017-08-25 06:36:51 UTC



2017-08-25 06:37:06 UTC

Oh goody, a list for ants

2017-08-25 06:37:49 UTC

click "open original"

2017-08-25 06:38:06 UTC


2017-08-25 06:38:47 UTC


2017-08-25 06:58:13 UTC


2017-08-25 07:34:53 UTC

Anglin's latest blog post is MUST READ

2017-08-25 07:35:03 UTC

Truly one of the great writers of our time

2017-08-25 07:46:51 UTC

Andrewanglin => Andre Wang Lin

2017-08-25 07:48:07 UTC

@here hop in voice chat foolz

2017-08-25 07:48:56 UTC


2017-08-25 07:49:38 UTC

anyone have a niglin?

2017-08-25 07:59:23 UTC

When science is hate...

2017-08-25 08:07:23 UTC


2017-08-25 08:07:27 UTC


2017-08-25 08:08:29 UTC

New York, of all American cities, which boasts such important Jewish history and claims such a present day vibrant Jewish community, should take the lead in denouncing Stuyvesant’s bigotry.”

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