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2017-08-20 02:39:39 UTC


2017-08-20 02:39:49 UTC

Funny thing is that it was more exciting than like a strip club

2017-08-20 02:40:02 UTC

Did you put it in her

2017-08-20 02:40:31 UTC

Did you use that white man agency and gib her white children

2017-08-20 02:40:32 UTC

No man I don't have that much game lol

2017-08-20 02:40:39 UTC


2017-08-20 02:40:43 UTC

No shame

2017-08-20 02:40:52 UTC

Lincoln was a Fascist!

2017-08-20 02:41:01 UTC

He even has them on his chair

2017-08-20 02:41:07 UTC

We wuz the real founding fathers

2017-08-20 02:41:12 UTC

Lincoln was?

2017-08-20 02:41:26 UTC

Right there on his chair arms

2017-08-20 02:41:37 UTC

The bundle of sticks

2017-08-20 02:41:59 UTC

I dont even care about statues......just realize this is a jumping off point to attack IRL people

2017-08-20 02:42:40 UTC

>Don't care about heritage
Wew lad

2017-08-20 02:42:48 UTC

I'm not even American

2017-08-20 02:42:55 UTC

Im not American

2017-08-20 02:43:04 UTC

Oh well fair enough

2017-08-20 02:43:26 UTC

I assume all of you are Americans until told otherwise

2017-08-20 02:43:46 UTC

I get it but the big picture needs to be taken into focus\

2017-08-20 02:43:55 UTC


2017-08-20 02:44:03 UTC

Well I need sleeo

2017-08-20 02:44:15 UTC

So see you guys in a few hours

2017-08-20 02:44:25 UTC


2017-08-20 02:45:43 UTC

I gotta run--talk to you guys later. Everyone else get up in chat @here.

2017-08-20 02:47:19 UTC


2017-08-20 02:52:15 UTC


2017-08-20 02:54:54 UTC

Hey @here, BLM vs Antifa Fagos in Dallas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rE4ZkVUWQo4

2017-08-20 02:55:39 UTC


2017-08-20 02:56:01 UTC

I think so, Matthias was talking about it

2017-08-20 02:58:11 UTC

Is baked Alaska on discord at all?

2017-08-20 02:58:25 UTC

yeah hes online playing hearthstone right now

2017-08-20 02:58:27 UTC

hes addicted

2017-08-20 02:58:40 UTC

What's his handle?

2017-08-20 02:58:45 UTC

baked alaska

2017-08-20 02:58:56 UTC

Of course

2017-08-20 02:58:59 UTC


2017-08-20 03:00:16 UTC


2017-08-20 03:09:57 UTC

Damn, it's good that he is relaxing. Been praying for Baked a lot lately. He's such a nice dude.

2017-08-20 03:11:31 UTC

Is that really him?

2017-08-20 03:11:39 UTC


2017-08-20 03:22:01 UTC

We should put up fake "neo Nazi" rallies in the hoods of non White cities so AntiFa goes there and gets "enriched"

2017-08-20 03:22:25 UTC

Jackson misissippi march when? Birmingham march when?

2017-08-20 03:22:51 UTC

During the hottest day of the year lol

2017-08-20 03:23:07 UTC


2017-08-20 03:23:30 UTC

The birmingham one needs to be memed directly in front of SPLC's building.

2017-08-20 03:25:34 UTC

Get weev on it.

2017-08-20 03:26:11 UTC

sup niggers !

2017-08-20 03:26:47 UTC
2017-08-20 03:36:58 UTC


2017-08-20 03:38:02 UTC

I'm trying to imagine you shouting Shaun

2017-08-20 03:38:35 UTC

@Rook - IN Baked had a discord, but it got shoahed. It was actually a pretty good server, it had a lot of people in common with this one.

2017-08-20 03:41:50 UTC

It also had a lot of alt light guys i redpilled simply by stating. "Well we know what BTFOed communism most effectively when it decimated Weimar."

2017-08-20 03:46:08 UTC


2017-08-20 03:47:48 UTC

Boston was only a little less violent than I expected/hoped. Still some juicy video to show normies though.

2017-08-20 03:48:12 UTC

It is useful to remind alt-lite types that they're considered a Nazi too, no matter how much they try to say otherwise.

2017-08-20 03:48:33 UTC

"Look at the Nazi ISIS people attacking muh flag" is what I'm seeing from Normies on that one video with the middle aged lady with the flag

2017-08-20 03:49:35 UTC

That's why we need to actively correct them and make it useful to us.

2017-08-20 03:49:43 UTC

Otherwise it's all pointless.

2017-08-20 03:51:10 UTC

Tell them that the people they see are communists, not nazis. Tell them that the evil nazi kkk racists are not their enemies, and that antifa and BLM supporters encourage violence against them.

2017-08-20 03:51:13 UTC

coopt the flag and you dont even have to correct

2017-08-20 03:51:45 UTC

Yeah, that's one thing we've done an awful job doing. At least so far.

2017-08-20 03:52:37 UTC

Cville gets a pass because it was an explicitly pro-confederate rally, but otherwise we really need to incorporate the standard US flag into our events.

2017-08-20 03:56:19 UTC

48 Star flag

2017-08-20 03:56:36 UTC

The flag from the days before hart cellar

2017-08-20 03:57:09 UTC

13 star fam

2017-08-20 03:57:30 UTC

We need to get them to deny the creation of this country

2017-08-20 03:57:42 UTC



2017-08-20 03:58:09 UTC

The canadians are called Trudeaus now? Lol

2017-08-20 04:01:11 UTC


2017-08-20 04:02:07 UTC


2017-08-20 04:02:19 UTC

Look at this sign on the right.

2017-08-20 04:05:24 UTC


2017-08-20 04:05:56 UTC

the whole point of this catastrophy was to bring you soup

2017-08-20 04:06:05 UTC

that you've never had before

2017-08-20 04:06:15 UTC

literayy why are you complaning

2017-08-20 04:07:43 UTC

Why have I not listened to hanging chads before

2017-08-20 04:08:32 UTC

Hatreon is back, btw

2017-08-20 04:08:36 UTC

@Hector but goy, what about the ethnic food?

Yeah, nah. Stop appropriating Salmon Heebs.

2017-08-20 04:08:39 UTC


2017-08-20 04:10:29 UTC

You guys are disgusting. No matter what you believe no peaceful protester deserves to be run down mercilessly with a 2010 Dodge Challenger, now available in 16 colors with your choice of accessories including (BUT NOT LIMITED TO!)

Car Bumper Safety GuardCar Covers
• Car DVR Camera
• Central Locking System
• Child Seat
• Driveway Mirror
• Fire Extinguishers
• Fog Lamp Kit
• Gear Lock
• GPS Navigators
• Mirror Lock
• Non Slip Mat
• Parking Sensors
• Pedal Jack Anti-Theft Device
• Pet Door Shield
• Pet Pad Protectors
• Remote Engine Starter
• Reverse Parking Camera
• Reversing Sensors
• Seat belt Pad
• Steering Grip Lock
• Sun Shades
• Vision Mirror
• Visor Mount

So what are you waiting for? Come on down to your local Dodge dealer and drive away, no more to pay for $19,990 today!!

2017-08-20 04:16:54 UTC


2017-08-20 04:18:35 UTC


2017-08-20 04:20:31 UTC

damn man you fashin

2017-08-20 04:20:35 UTC

and shieet

2017-08-20 04:20:49 UTC


2017-08-20 04:21:43 UTC

No excuse really, it looks really bad, diet and exercise

2017-08-20 04:22:08 UTC

@mooples 100% agree

2017-08-20 04:22:12 UTC

right on Diff, thats why i love the "iron/glorious" pill

2017-08-20 04:22:14 UTC


2017-08-20 04:22:35 UTC


2017-08-20 04:27:56 UTC

All of the mini-docs on unite the right focus on the least attractive people there, it seems like.

2017-08-20 04:28:08 UTC

A lot of truth to what @mooples is saying

2017-08-20 04:28:33 UTC

I wouldn't throw out the book on policy but the optics are super important

2017-08-20 04:30:19 UTC


2017-08-20 04:30:21 UTC

Why is he so cute, bros?


2017-08-20 04:30:29 UTC

sup? ordo?

2017-08-20 04:30:40 UTC

wheres this from @DinoCon ?

2017-08-20 04:30:46 UTC

Cantwell's problem is he was a libertarian larper, and now he's a fascist libertarian larper. I like him but he always seems like he's living in a different reality. This talk about violence etc. all came from that. I don't think his interview was a complete disaster though, I think there's a little truth to what @mooples was saying the other day about it.

2017-08-20 04:32:38 UTC

@mooples it was from the night before NPI. I was there. Shit was wacky.

2017-08-20 04:34:29 UTC

I like the cantwell interviews but calling people "animals" all the time and pulling out multiple guns etc etc - im laughing my ass off but some people I know simply can't look past that kind of stuff. Now, im not telling him to stop at all but were going to have to have other people in the future who give interviews of a very different flavor as well

2017-08-20 04:34:55 UTC

Hmm I agree, tbh even if most democrats and half of republicans never fully agree with us under the current paradigm, it doesn't matter, when significant number are on our side the political window will already have moved pretty far, the blank slate ideology will fall apart

2017-08-20 04:35:59 UTC

@AureiPueri only shitlibs are turned off by guns and calling people animals

2017-08-20 04:36:02 UTC

@AureiPueri something tells me cantwell will be slightly more restrained in future

2017-08-20 04:36:11 UTC

I'm just going to repeat what I've said on the forum. Cantwell is too selfish to really be a fascist. He can't pull with others for any length of time. I don't like him one bit.

2017-08-20 04:36:44 UTC

Cantwell is a net positive to our cause regardless of his faults.

2017-08-20 04:36:58 UTC

def. agree there@mooples

2017-08-20 04:36:59 UTC

Cantwell always jokes about how much he loves money and loves getting paid. It's not a huge deal, just came off a little jewey to me.

2017-08-20 04:37:20 UTC

Clearly he's not, it's just off-putting,

2017-08-20 04:37:57 UTC

You have to have money to get things done in the current year

2017-08-20 04:38:49 UTC

I understand, it's not really a condemnation of him or anything, it's just not a trait that I care for.

2017-08-20 04:38:55 UTC

First time I heard him on the shoah I had a meltdown in the forum and said he was a money grubbing Jew. I know he's not a Jew but he is money grubbing. I don't like him. But that's just me

2017-08-20 04:39:08 UTC

I think he's got the right attitude about money tbh

2017-08-20 04:39:51 UTC

I just don't want to live in somalia

2017-08-20 04:40:23 UTC

In Somalia you take what you kill

2017-08-20 04:40:50 UTC

It's not even necessarily his attitude about money, obviously it's a good sign that he has a paying audience for the type of content he makes, it's the way he flaunts his love for it that gets on my nerves a little.

2017-08-20 04:41:16 UTC

It's not important, just something that's always bugged me a little.

2017-08-20 04:41:21 UTC

I have a guilty pleasure for ayn randish right wing fashy libertarianism. Probably the scottsman in me

2017-08-20 04:42:32 UTC

I put the socialist in national socialist

2017-08-20 04:44:29 UTC

I put the "mixed economy" in ... er ... ethno mixed economy.

2017-08-20 04:44:58 UTC

I need to lose weight, but I'd rather be fat than look like this guy: https://twitter.com/AltLeftJuggalo/status/899057273900863488

2017-08-20 04:46:21 UTC

tbh his biggest problem is his proximity to that other pictured item and his clothing

2017-08-20 04:46:30 UTC

And the fact he probably smells

2017-08-20 04:46:50 UTC

he looks like a punk

2017-08-20 04:46:59 UTC

ripped > skinny > fat IMO

2017-08-20 04:47:22 UTC

is that a fucking klingon next to him?

2017-08-20 04:47:28 UTC

god knows

2017-08-20 04:47:35 UTC

Some kind of primate, Captain

2017-08-20 04:55:32 UTC

Is Gab just down right now?

2017-08-20 04:55:41 UTC

Keep getting 500 internal server error

2017-08-20 04:55:42 UTC

It's been on and off all day

2017-08-20 04:55:59 UTC

I hope they keep going, sure they will since they have financial backing

2017-08-20 04:59:59 UTC

trs is still down right yall?

2017-08-20 05:00:20 UTC

Well the forum's up apparantly

2017-08-20 05:00:32 UTC

Main site's up too

2017-08-20 05:00:47 UTC

oh really, im getting a 503 error

2017-08-20 05:01:54 UTC

For some stupid reason www.therightstuff.biz and radio.therightstuff.biz don't direct to therightstuff.biz

2017-08-20 05:02:17 UTC

Works for me, both forum and site

2017-08-20 05:02:30 UTC

Yeah it's all up, was just the subdomain

2017-08-20 05:03:01 UTC

thanks, apparently im partially stupid af

2017-08-20 05:03:02 UTC

I guess we don't get to evolve to forum V5 as of yet.

2017-08-20 05:03:18 UTC

This one has been really resiliant, I don't think we've had a forum version last this long since 2

2017-08-20 05:03:20 UTC

@AureiPueri nah it's not your fault tbh

2017-08-20 05:04:04 UTC

@mooples say no to hate

2017-08-20 05:04:07 UTC

love don't hate

2017-08-20 05:04:37 UTC

i say yes to hate. Anyone who has hated knows that it makes you incredibly productive

2017-08-20 05:05:09 UTC

Get angery

2017-08-20 05:05:52 UTC



2017-08-20 05:09:40 UTC

okay i'm gonna make breakfast and get on with day, see ya kyle

2017-08-20 05:10:02 UTC

bye friend

2017-08-20 05:16:41 UTC

Annnd Gab is down again...

2017-08-20 05:16:48 UTC

Probably some faggot DDoSing

2017-08-20 05:17:25 UTC

All leftist/non-white DDoSers should have their hands chopped off in the future

2017-08-20 05:18:24 UTC

Still waiting for FtN

2017-08-20 05:22:34 UTC

I'm just waiting for the Nation to be fashed, TBH

2017-08-20 05:28:35 UTC

@here git up n chat foolz

2017-08-20 05:34:11 UTC


2017-08-20 05:34:41 UTC

I asked a simple question to him in this and he blocked me

2017-08-20 05:34:51 UTC

I asked him why he was cucking

2017-08-20 05:35:17 UTC

Baked Alaska is an alt-lite cuck.

2017-08-20 05:35:51 UTC

and they'll still call him a nazi

2017-08-20 05:36:05 UTC

White america needs to learn it's either us or the gulag

2017-08-20 05:36:45 UTC

It's probably best to point out that distancing himself does no good. Radical centrism is a dead end.

2017-08-20 05:36:47 UTC

@Arminius That nigger needs to larp as an apple.

2017-08-20 05:37:37 UTC

He really should have told all the people harrassing him to get in the oven.

2017-08-20 05:37:47 UTC

These animals aren't used to hearing it.

2017-08-20 05:38:31 UTC

Will to power.

2017-08-20 05:39:45 UTC

They arent going to stop.

2017-08-20 05:39:46 UTC

@Belladonna Lord A fence is the hardest place to find balance.

2017-08-20 05:39:57 UTC

Well said

2017-08-20 05:40:13 UTC

Or just post pics with your totally legal guns. Fuck all these animals.

2017-08-20 05:40:42 UTC

Like at this point if i was baked I would just be tweeting lynching pics until twitter bans me.

2017-08-20 05:44:49 UTC

He make a full recovery?

2017-08-20 05:45:16 UTC

IDK I really hope so. If not he needs to burn everyone involved with Antifa to the ground.

2017-08-20 05:47:29 UTC

It would be interesting if he didn't. Mike could give him that visor thing that Next Generation guy had.

2017-08-20 05:47:54 UTC

I wish him best.

2017-08-20 05:48:09 UTC

(even if I don't much care for his content)

2017-08-20 05:53:42 UTC

He was willing to stand with us and him crossing from alt light to alt right scared the fuck out of (((Cernovich))) and other bottom feeders.

2017-08-20 06:02:51 UTC


2017-08-20 06:02:57 UTC

Press S to thank

2017-08-20 06:03:00 UTC


2017-08-20 06:03:17 UTC


2017-08-20 06:04:28 UTC


2017-08-20 06:06:21 UTC


2017-08-20 06:09:33 UTC

This reads like a bad piece of pulp dystopia.

2017-08-20 06:11:25 UTC

Of course!

2017-08-20 06:12:37 UTC


2017-08-20 06:12:44 UTC


2017-08-20 06:14:19 UTC

That could mean all the feds are within our side.

2017-08-20 06:14:54 UTC

And our guys did nothing wrong.

2017-08-20 06:16:10 UTC

"Feds attitude would be different if state troopers died from the violence, not some pleb civ"

2017-08-20 06:16:45 UTC

Are the American public so dense.

2017-08-20 06:17:00 UTC

It probably wouldnt b/c fbi dont give a fuck.

2017-08-20 06:17:21 UTC

And the answer is yes, yes they are that dense.

2017-08-20 06:20:58 UTC

@DukeStorm the second comment by Carolingian on PATCON is pretty interesting.

2017-08-20 06:24:41 UTC

That article has, like, no sources.

2017-08-20 06:24:52 UTC

Not trying to blackpill, just weird.

2017-08-20 06:27:31 UTC


2017-08-20 06:38:13 UTC

The most precious possession you have in the world is your own people. And for this people, and for the sake of this people, we will struggle and fight, and never slacken, never tire, never lose courage, and never lose faith.

2017-08-20 06:39:22 UTC

Believe me I will not lose faith.... we stand, we fight or we die.

2017-08-20 06:43:20 UTC


2017-08-20 06:43:22 UTC

>TFW you take so many red and black pills you turn into a literal sith lord

2017-08-20 06:43:43 UTC

Smith lord huh

2017-08-20 06:43:47 UTC

*Shit Lord

2017-08-20 06:43:49 UTC


2017-08-20 06:43:55 UTC


2017-08-20 06:44:01 UTC

No no no

2017-08-20 06:44:09 UTC


2017-08-20 06:44:27 UTC

Oh god, the alt-light doesn't need any more supreme dark lords. One is already too many 😄

2017-08-20 06:46:19 UTC

stormer got shoahed again

2017-08-20 06:47:35 UTC

Oy Vey...

2017-08-20 06:47:53 UTC


2017-08-20 06:47:56 UTC

Don't tell me I have to use Tor again

2017-08-20 06:48:51 UTC

Whats your odds on the anti-fa site getting taken down too? 5%, 10?

2017-08-20 06:49:13 UTC

"They fight hate" goy

2017-08-20 06:49:22 UTC


2017-08-20 06:49:46 UTC
2017-08-20 06:50:46 UTC

truepundit is fake news, never cites any sources

2017-08-20 06:54:25 UTC

@vonGoethe they are from that everyone that makes the right look bad to democrats is either really a democrat or an fbi plant school.

2017-08-20 06:54:34 UTC

From the DS Refugee Center on the 504um :

Surely there can be no doubt in any of our minds now, no one would ever fight this hard, on so many fronts, along so many organizations, to censor a lie.

They know we are winning. They know we are right. And they aren't laughing anymore.

DS isn't up on the backup Tor page yet, that's all I know."


2017-08-20 06:55:38 UTC

Yep, if it wasn't for us eeebil nodzees niggers would all vote for limited government. Obviously

2017-08-20 06:55:49 UTC


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