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2017-08-16 06:24:55 UTC

wait 44 years to report a rape? wtf

2017-08-16 06:28:01 UTC

teal dear is still around? His act was tiresome last summer.

2017-08-16 06:28:44 UTC

TL;PDL is in the house now.


2017-08-16 06:29:07 UTC

teal poodle

2017-08-16 06:29:12 UTC

Mash those poodle icons fam

2017-08-16 06:29:15 UTC

that's a blue poodle, nigger

2017-08-16 06:29:39 UTC

Teal is a sprectrum. Bigot get out REE

2017-08-16 06:29:40 UTC


2017-08-16 06:30:00 UTC


2017-08-16 06:30:07 UTC

why is his face white, @Hand Banana ?

2017-08-16 06:30:27 UTC

Probably because it's easier to dye lighter dogs.

2017-08-16 06:30:43 UTC

WTF I'm an intersectional feminist now?

2017-08-16 06:30:48 UTC


2017-08-16 06:30:50 UTC

Intersection of what? Sandwich and kitchen?

2017-08-16 06:30:52 UTC


2017-08-16 06:30:58 UTC

Dog and whitenesss

2017-08-16 06:31:12 UTC

get in chat @Hand Banana nigger

2017-08-16 06:31:46 UTC

No mic bro, and my soundcard is busted on my macbook. It's held together with dreams and hot glue. Need to get a new one.

2017-08-16 06:31:59 UTC

Robert Mugabe's wife charged with assaulting white(? Whitish?) victim http://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-40934890

2017-08-16 06:32:23 UTC

@NuckFigures huge if true

2017-08-16 06:32:38 UTC

@Hand Banana get that iphone headphone nationalism

2017-08-16 06:33:32 UTC

I can't grow a beard so it would be pointless if I couldn't scratch the mic against stubble constantly.

2017-08-16 06:35:12 UTC

@Hand Banana beards are for scratchign and rubbing against mics

2017-08-16 06:35:52 UTC

@Asgardian117 is my hero and not only because he has lots of kids and is a blue collar fighting man. It's also because he bothers EvilVicar in ways that I cannot

2017-08-16 06:36:28 UTC

I swear I'll ditch this Macbook but reality is I'll spend another $50 and fix it again and again as it still sorta works.

2017-08-16 06:36:47 UTC

Sure would like one of those Gaming notebooks again since they're the same darn price as a Surface

2017-08-16 06:36:51 UTC

@Hand Banana have you heard from him recently? I haven't. I've reached out to him. I hope all is well.

2017-08-16 06:37:06 UTC

Nah, not recently.

2017-08-16 06:37:11 UTC


2017-08-16 06:37:16 UTC

But I mean I'm a bad guy to ask I float in and out a bunch.

2017-08-16 06:37:29 UTC

Yea i sent him a DM

2017-08-16 06:37:48 UTC

Honestly I've been working my way into normieville pretty hard. It's like an addict going back to the needle.

2017-08-16 06:38:00 UTC

I can lift weights without 600 anons telling me everything i fucked up

2017-08-16 06:38:35 UTC

@FemaCampBandLeader-CA that should be a copypasta.

2017-08-16 06:38:43 UTC

for any goys that get doxed

2017-08-16 06:41:05 UTC

@YUGE can I post links to TRS on here?

2017-08-16 06:41:30 UTC


2017-08-16 06:42:03 UTC

The Steven Crowder thread on his DR3 vid is hilarious.

2017-08-16 06:45:13 UTC


2017-08-16 06:45:30 UTC


2017-08-16 06:45:38 UTC

dildo nationalism

2017-08-16 06:45:58 UTC

Stay true to yourself and if yourself is what they call nazi, then do it authentically

2017-08-16 07:04:28 UTC

white people = nazi

2017-08-16 07:07:07 UTC

What about white dogs? Are they racist too?

2017-08-16 07:11:38 UTC


2017-08-16 07:11:51 UTC

are you raycis bro/

2017-08-16 07:11:54 UTC

dogs are automatically racist because they hate black people

2017-08-16 07:12:47 UTC

my dog has been racist since birth. And it wasn't taught it was instinct. I can't watch cable because she freaks out a blacks in the commercials.

2017-08-16 07:21:50 UTC

oh my gawd u guise i took the cat to the nigerian vet wow i have to put the cone collar on her

2017-08-16 07:22:04 UTC


2017-08-16 07:22:16 UTC


2017-08-16 07:22:23 UTC


2017-08-16 07:22:59 UTC

poor kitty

2017-08-16 07:23:39 UTC

my dad thought the article about the helicopter ride was hilarious.
He loves edgy humor

2017-08-16 07:24:11 UTC

I'm gonna have to show him how to use the dark web now.

2017-08-16 07:24:19 UTC

the fucking conocaust was a major ordeal, now i'm just remembering all these problems i have

2017-08-16 07:25:12 UTC

real talk @andrewanglin, what can we do to help?

2017-08-16 07:25:17 UTC


2017-08-16 07:25:32 UTC

i don't think anything now, she's just gonna have to deal with it

2017-08-16 07:26:03 UTC

is there a geo that will give you a domain?

2017-08-16 07:26:18 UTC

like some shit tier african or south american domain?

2017-08-16 07:26:44 UTC

venezeuela is hurting for sheckles, right?

2017-08-16 07:27:21 UTC


2017-08-16 07:31:22 UTC

can't tell if that's real

2017-08-16 07:31:30 UTC


2017-08-16 07:32:11 UTC

Got your cat fixed or something else?

2017-08-16 07:32:35 UTC

no this is a found cat.

2017-08-16 07:32:41 UTC

or rather i've been found by it

2017-08-16 07:32:47 UTC

I mean what's the cone for.

2017-08-16 07:32:49 UTC

on the day of charlottesville

2017-08-16 07:32:58 UTC

she keeps licking a wound

2017-08-16 07:33:09 UTC

i think from a dog bite

2017-08-16 07:33:18 UTC

The devil has sent you a familiar to help him do your evil Nazi work.

2017-08-16 07:33:24 UTC


2017-08-16 07:33:24 UTC

help you*

2017-08-16 07:35:22 UTC

Bell, Book and Swastika

2017-08-16 07:35:26 UTC

cats are evil @andrewanglin, be careful

2017-08-16 07:35:45 UTC

it's cool

2017-08-16 07:35:48 UTC

evil is the new good

2017-08-16 07:35:57 UTC

Ilsa, She-Wolf of the Alt Right

2017-08-16 07:36:07 UTC

You get toxoplasmosis from touching their poo and it gets into your brain and makes you bi.

2017-08-16 07:43:58 UTC

Please share widely!!FYI: Berkeley “Rally” scheduled for 8/27
Berkeley Stands Against Hate
The City of Berkeley has received many emails and calls about the impending
August 27 white nationalist rally at Civic Center Park. We want to
reiterate that the city has not approved this gathering. It is an event
organized online. No one has tried to obtain a permit nor has one been
This rally, and its hateful rhetoric, is not welcome in Berkeley. We are
currently exploring all options. The city will keep residents informed as
the date approaches.
I also want to be clear that anyone who threatens to engage in violence --
and we have seen from earlier events that this is exactly their intent --
will be arrested and punished to the fullest extent of the law. We urge
residents to avoid the Martin Luther King Jr Civic Center Park on this day.
The best way to silence the white nationalists is by turning your back on
their message. (Stay tuned for updates from us about how to positively send
a message that the hate will not be tolerated.)
I think residents understand the extremely difficult position Berkeley
finds itself in, made even more so by dealing with an amorphous group with
no specific organizers. I want to reiterate that we will not allow our
community to be terrorized by a small band of white supremacists whose
ideology of hate is a losing one. Berkeley is proud of its multiculturalism
and diversity, and we will continue to stand united against those who want
to divide us.
Jesse Arreguin
Mayor of Berkeley
2180 Milvia St. Fifth Floor
Berkeley, CA 94704P

2017-08-16 07:59:12 UTC


2017-08-16 08:03:50 UTC

"We urge residents to avoid the Martin Luther King Jr Civic Center Park..."
OMG such racism, Berkeley needs to check its privilege

2017-08-16 08:05:45 UTC

the part where cantwell talking about violence makes her pussy get drenched is some great content

2017-08-16 08:06:42 UTC

@Zorost That biological programing

2017-08-16 08:09:14 UTC


2017-08-16 08:11:51 UTC

I just saw a bit of Australian TV news covering Charlottesville.

2017-08-16 08:12:02 UTC

Major focus of the report was slagging what Trump said.

2017-08-16 08:12:16 UTC

The car running over the fatty was called an attack.

2017-08-16 08:12:32 UTC

A David Duke tweet about Trump was mentioned.

2017-08-16 08:12:50 UTC

I think I saw footage of Chris but it wasn't about him specifically.

2017-08-16 08:13:20 UTC

It was described as Neo-Nazis and KKK descending on the scene as if people were standing around and our guys just attacked.

2017-08-16 08:14:00 UTC

It was mentioned that the protest was about the removal of a statue.

2017-08-16 08:14:13 UTC

Antifa were not mentioned by name except in the David Duke tweet.

2017-08-16 08:14:23 UTC

Same for BLM I believe.

2017-08-16 08:18:05 UTC


2017-08-16 08:24:14 UTC

Are there statues of famous blacks in america?

2017-08-16 08:24:45 UTC

@Arminius Marxist Lucifer Coon

2017-08-16 08:25:05 UTC


2017-08-16 08:25:37 UTC

@Arminius pls no fedposting

2017-08-16 08:26:01 UTC

is anything gonna be done about the statue destroyed on the weekend?

2017-08-16 08:26:47 UTC

One of the niggers was arrested

2017-08-16 08:27:10 UTC

I mean, will the statue be repaired and put back? I guess not.

2017-08-16 08:27:16 UTC

@Arminius Sheriff is rounding people up

2017-08-16 08:28:21 UTC

That university should be napalmed and a memorial 10x greater built on its spot.

2017-08-16 08:28:51 UTC

they've made several arrests

2017-08-16 08:33:43 UTC

>Nigger claims Trump knows nothing about George Washington

2017-08-16 08:33:55 UTC

>Has no idea what Naturalization act of 1790 is

2017-08-16 08:34:05 UTC


2017-08-16 08:37:00 UTC


2017-08-16 08:37:44 UTC


2017-08-16 08:54:05 UTC


2017-08-16 08:55:07 UTC


2017-08-16 08:57:15 UTC

"March on google" = far right, according to CNN

2017-08-16 08:57:35 UTC

those poor alt lighters are gonna get killed

2017-08-16 09:15:18 UTC


2017-08-16 09:15:20 UTC

My photo was removed!!

2017-08-16 09:15:35 UTC


2017-08-16 09:15:36 UTC

This one!

2017-08-16 09:15:43 UTC


2017-08-16 09:21:06 UTC

Yet somehow I am not shocked

2017-08-16 09:37:00 UTC

We've been disavowed 😢

2017-08-16 09:37:41 UTC

He wouldn't allow comments on that one

2017-08-16 09:39:23 UTC

He disabled likes/dislikes too


2017-08-16 09:39:54 UTC

Think you can still troll his blog tho

2017-08-16 09:42:58 UTC

can we have rahowa yet

2017-08-16 09:45:25 UTC


2017-08-16 09:55:30 UTC

@everyone spread this if you would https://gab.ai/AndrewAnglin

2017-08-16 10:00:20 UTC

@andrewanglin We will prevail! No surrender!

2017-08-16 10:04:02 UTC

I'm going to join gab now

2017-08-16 10:05:07 UTC

I'm sorry. No one should have to join gab.

2017-08-16 10:05:56 UTC

It is pretty shitty but I like your thoughts

2017-08-16 10:40:25 UTC

problem with gab is it's mostly just our guys we can't engage the normies

2017-08-16 10:49:35 UTC

Pretty sure they were DDoSing gab yesterday too. Was slow as shit.

2017-08-16 11:00:40 UTC

anyone got a link to that vid of the tranny freaking about the torchlight parade?

2017-08-16 11:03:30 UTC

Does gab have a chat option with multiple people?

2017-08-16 11:07:00 UTC

@Zorost https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qnBnBqYtNtc "my father would spin in his grave like a dreidal

2017-08-16 11:07:06 UTC


2017-08-16 11:16:20 UTC

Bellamys gone

2017-08-16 11:17:17 UTC

that's great although they'll probally replace him with a even mor vile negro

2017-08-16 11:18:35 UTC

So the science IS indeed settled...Wes Bellamy is indeed a nigger.

2017-08-16 11:20:45 UTC

Nah dogg he waz a Kang


2017-08-16 11:20:51 UTC

that's fake news you guys

2017-08-16 11:20:53 UTC

come on now

2017-08-16 11:21:24 UTC

lol DS goes down and immediately it's fake news time

2017-08-16 11:23:26 UTC


2017-08-16 11:23:39 UTC

Checking each source it'll need corroboration

2017-08-16 11:24:02 UTC

Otherwise I'm dumb

2017-08-16 11:24:56 UTC

Good morning, Wes Bellamy is a nigger

2017-08-16 11:27:38 UTC

i can't find anything that's indeed fake news

2017-08-16 11:27:57 UTC

Anglin I'm about to start Moby Dick.

2017-08-16 11:28:02 UTC

dailystormer.wang made me chuckle, but no surprise the chinks shut it down, their censorship is commie tier afterall

2017-08-16 11:29:49 UTC

The fucking Chinamen! Of all people

2017-08-16 11:30:33 UTC

Britbongland might just block it anyway, does the Tor site still work?

2017-08-16 11:31:29 UTC

activists are already using pictures of the 32 year old childless slut in europe http://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/us-army-commander-europe-honored-polands-army-day-49225901

2017-08-16 11:31:43 UTC

...Daily Stormer had done well to get funding because of a Jewess tried to shut them down, now it didn't even need a court case for it. Fucking kikes...

2017-08-16 11:33:11 UTC

And why aren't I surprised? Literal catladies used piss bombs and cat litter... And they used some Londonistan tactics and used acid... They are no better than sandniggers.

2017-08-16 11:33:27 UTC

Come on guys, just like MDE, the Daily Stormer never dies

2017-08-16 11:34:45 UTC

We're fighting the biggest cultural and political battle with our enemies having the tighest control on the people's minds, this shit is to be expected

2017-08-16 11:35:04 UTC

at least in europe they removed the activists and let the march happen here they direct us into antifa then the cops attack us

2017-08-16 11:35:22 UTC

But if they think for one minute we will throw in the towel because of a few shutdowns and a bunch of commie clowns, they are mistaken.

2017-08-16 11:36:20 UTC

AKA: Kikes

2017-08-16 11:37:01 UTC

>tfw Discord fucks up

2017-08-16 11:37:06 UTC

well i guess i should've put in eastern europe i can only imagine what goes on in the west

2017-08-16 11:37:37 UTC

Germany and Sweden is what happens

2017-08-16 11:38:12 UTC

Also Denmark is also going that way I hear... #hugaterrorist

2017-08-16 11:38:42 UTC

that's so fucking cringe

2017-08-16 11:43:37 UTC

Now I'm really triggered

2017-08-16 11:44:29 UTC

This kid has no clue. As someone with a music degree the amount of respect for western music accross all people is unanimous.

2017-08-16 11:44:37 UTC

This will never fly!

2017-08-16 11:44:44 UTC

eurocentric like mozart?

2017-08-16 11:44:49 UTC


2017-08-16 11:44:58 UTC

wow you have to be kidding

2017-08-16 11:44:58 UTC

The whole god damn system

2017-08-16 11:45:36 UTC

There is no other aside from the system that they have have in India. But it's primitive and largely improvised.

2017-08-16 11:45:37 UTC

so basically all classical music yeah that'll never fly

2017-08-16 11:45:54 UTC

That's the foundation to all music

2017-08-16 11:46:02 UTC


2017-08-16 11:46:31 UTC

if they try pushing that even boomers might wake up

2017-08-16 11:46:37 UTC


2017-08-16 11:46:41 UTC

That's why universities are under pressure to remove Shakespeare and other white authors from English Lit courses

2017-08-16 11:47:07 UTC

All elevated culture is essentially white culture. And they hate that

2017-08-16 11:47:19 UTC


2017-08-16 11:47:25 UTC

@The Goy Scout then what would they teach in english lit courses? 50 cent and Tupac lol

2017-08-16 11:47:59 UTC

Muh color purple

2017-08-16 11:48:43 UTC

chinua achebe

2017-08-16 11:48:45 UTC

hold up

2017-08-16 11:48:55 UTC


2017-08-16 11:48:56 UTC

mozart was in truth black

2017-08-16 11:49:29 UTC


2017-08-16 11:49:49 UTC

Beethoven was black too. Some think he was deaf, but thats actually a translation error. They meant to say he was "def", so clearly black

2017-08-16 11:50:32 UTC

i love this timeline

2017-08-16 11:50:42 UTC


2017-08-16 11:50:47 UTC


2017-08-16 11:51:16 UTC

mozart was a black man


2017-08-16 11:51:22 UTC


2017-08-16 11:51:33 UTC

that's the real Mozart ^^

2017-08-16 11:51:44 UTC

Peanut Arbuckle

2017-08-16 11:52:09 UTC


2017-08-16 11:52:10 UTC

He needs to come back tbh

2017-08-16 11:53:25 UTC

@OrwellHuxley *darkchild

2017-08-16 11:53:29 UTC

I think Hyde is working on projects and will be

2017-08-16 11:53:37 UTC


2017-08-16 11:53:55 UTC

At least Shakespeare was white


2017-08-16 11:54:10 UTC

answers.com is literally owned by fascists

2017-08-16 11:54:15 UTC

"I gave you the keys to the Kingdowm"

2017-08-16 11:55:07 UTC

Or Kangdom

2017-08-16 11:55:44 UTC

I can only imagine the next Murdoch Murdoch episode

2017-08-16 11:55:47 UTC

sam hyde is a black man


2017-08-16 11:55:58 UTC

I knew it!

2017-08-16 11:56:12 UTC

Mozzart wasn't black.

2017-08-16 11:56:17 UTC

which i had the asian pics of spencer saved

2017-08-16 11:56:22 UTC

Of course he wasnt

2017-08-16 11:56:29 UTC

These people are insane

2017-08-16 11:56:34 UTC

He was Jewish instead

2017-08-16 11:56:35 UTC


2017-08-16 11:56:41 UTC


2017-08-16 11:57:08 UTC

The new Murdoch Murdoch is going to be EPIC

2017-08-16 11:57:46 UTC

Last one was classic

2017-08-16 11:57:57 UTC

I hope they do the rally in it

2017-08-16 11:57:57 UTC


2017-08-16 11:58:04 UTC

As are all of them but last one was really funny

2017-08-16 11:58:41 UTC

I'd like to see their take on Charlottesville lol

2017-08-16 12:00:07 UTC

What if they've done an episode about the rally as if it actually went on normally without the kikery getting in the way

2017-08-16 12:00:15 UTC

"it was hosted by the chinese.. i thought the chinese would go like "ahhh"

2017-08-16 12:00:25 UTC

anglin is a funny dood

2017-08-16 12:00:28 UTC

Does anyone remember when it was reported that the police were finding weopons planted at Lee park the night before by Antifa?

2017-08-16 12:00:50 UTC

Never heard about this

2017-08-16 12:01:09 UTC

Were they trying to make it seem like our guys had weapons?

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