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2017-03-13 23:54:04 UTC

yeah thats good

2017-03-13 23:54:25 UTC

i made the mistake of not payingattention to signs last time myself

2017-03-13 23:54:42 UTC

this better be good!

2017-03-13 23:54:55 UTC

I autistic and dont get those signs so I always get burnt

2017-03-13 23:54:57 UTC

not fun

2017-03-13 23:55:04 UTC

just join the scuzzi squad

2017-03-13 23:55:15 UTC

im not autistic, I'm just too fucking nice

2017-03-13 23:55:34 UTC

i quit drinking, and i started just being extremely nice and respectful to women all the time

2017-03-13 23:55:40 UTC

I don't know that I really am, but tests suggest...

2017-03-13 23:55:41 UTC

and it turned out terrible.

2017-03-13 23:55:56 UTC

lol tests suggest im not even remotely

2017-03-13 23:56:14 UTC

i remember us talking about this earlier. im tired as hell today. falling asleep in my chair

2017-03-13 23:56:16 UTC

i guess its 5pm

2017-03-13 23:56:29 UTC


2017-03-13 23:57:13 UTC

i've reclaimed my old discord picture

2017-03-13 23:57:16 UTC


2017-03-13 23:57:49 UTC


2017-03-14 00:00:25 UTC

hahahhahaha i just spit all over my laptop

2017-03-14 00:03:42 UTC

good ole fonts

2017-03-14 00:04:52 UTC

I do need to deal with the weeds in my alley....

2017-03-14 00:07:48 UTC


2017-03-14 00:21:55 UTC

just settling down after work and i open the forward and my cup runneth over with jewish neuroses

2017-03-14 00:22:35 UTC

i just looked at the clock in my car and went oh shit i left work early

2017-03-14 00:22:46 UTC

and then i remembered i never changed it

2017-03-14 00:22:49 UTC

inb4 fired

2017-03-14 00:22:51 UTC

inb4 nvm

2017-03-14 00:22:53 UTC


2017-03-14 00:22:53 UTC

same with the watch i don't wear tbh

2017-03-14 00:23:06 UTC

i changed mine when i work up sunday

2017-03-14 00:23:15 UTC

i wouldn't know

2017-03-14 00:23:23 UTC


2017-03-14 00:23:23 UTC

>owning products that dont automatically adjust

2017-03-14 00:23:24 UTC


2017-03-14 00:23:32 UTC


2017-03-14 00:23:36 UTC

fug you phone

2017-03-14 00:23:38 UTC

"owning" products is jewish

2017-03-14 00:23:48 UTC

i subscribe to all my shit

2017-03-14 00:23:52 UTC

t. millennial

2017-03-14 00:23:55 UTC

so true

2017-03-14 00:24:19 UTC

U been reedin them books D'Marcus, you souded real book smart yesaday

2017-03-14 00:24:25 UTC

guys am i getting a good deal on discord, moishe is charging me $49/mo plus the shabbos tax of 8%

2017-03-14 00:24:34 UTC

great deal!

2017-03-14 00:24:51 UTC

i pay that much for adobe :/

2017-03-14 00:24:56 UTC

i should use it more

2017-03-14 00:25:07 UTC

had to pay an extra $99 to enable DMs but it was worth it until badtanman left me

2017-03-14 00:25:11 UTC


2017-03-14 00:25:15 UTC

that fucker

2017-03-14 00:25:31 UTC

thank god that faggot left

2017-03-14 00:25:39 UTC

my final words to him were "kys faggot"

2017-03-14 00:25:41 UTC

i heard he wasnt even white

2017-03-14 00:25:42 UTC


2017-03-14 00:25:43 UTC


2017-03-14 00:25:57 UTC

he had the worst taste in anime apparently

2017-03-14 00:26:00 UTC

You guys want to raid this

2017-03-14 00:26:04 UTC

what is it

2017-03-14 00:26:16 UTC

MrRepzion discord

2017-03-14 00:26:21 UTC

one day mobile will show the link correctly

2017-03-14 00:26:25 UTC


2017-03-14 00:26:30 UTC

isnt that amazing banana mans butt buddy

2017-03-14 00:26:31 UTC


2017-03-14 00:26:34 UTC

like, Mr. Rep Zion, lel

2017-03-14 00:26:43 UTC

delet this

2017-03-14 00:26:46 UTC


2017-03-14 00:27:04 UTC

>Gray's face when he joins a forum of 15 year olds

2017-03-14 00:27:10 UTC


2017-03-14 00:27:15 UTC

lol banned

2017-03-14 00:27:15 UTC

how angry do you think my brother would be if i blocked the IP for league of legends mid match when i told him to do hw instead

2017-03-14 00:27:26 UTC

like a 2

2017-03-14 00:27:39 UTC

i should block discord instead

2017-03-14 00:27:45 UTC

sick of his voice

2017-03-14 00:28:17 UTC

your avatar is a great "man who thought he had lost all hope" reaction face

2017-03-14 00:28:32 UTC


2017-03-14 00:29:58 UTC


2017-03-14 00:30:20 UTC

i might start using it like that

2017-03-14 00:30:31 UTC

le rationales

2017-03-14 00:32:50 UTC

brb goys

2017-03-14 00:33:50 UTC

Shit is definitely hitting the fan this summer


2017-03-14 00:36:49 UTC

shapiros trying to be the last one in the oven

2017-03-14 00:36:55 UTC

Whose all joining us

2017-03-14 00:37:54 UTC

hmm after reading the article it looks like he's doing his standard brand of jewing

2017-03-14 00:39:02 UTC

holy hell this history podcast is amazing

2017-03-14 00:39:18 UTC

@Eli Mosley what podcast

2017-03-14 00:39:38 UTC

Lauritz and friends new thing

2017-03-14 00:40:26 UTC

@Lauritzvongh's new podcast is fucking awesome @Eli Mosley

2017-03-14 00:40:34 UTC

Its incredible

2017-03-14 00:40:38 UTC

I'm so happy someone did this

2017-03-14 00:43:38 UTC

The Alexiad part is amazing, they do a great job with this

2017-03-14 00:45:24 UTC

I'll have to check it out

2017-03-14 00:48:14 UTC


2017-03-14 00:48:16 UTC


2017-03-14 00:48:46 UTC

Fucking pollacks

2017-03-14 00:49:01 UTC

More likely (((pollacks))) though

2017-03-14 00:49:27 UTC

No way the US extradites him.

2017-03-14 00:50:20 UTC

updated map


2017-03-14 00:50:34 UTC

He has Alzheimer's

2017-03-14 00:54:05 UTC

Well looks like I'm taking it in the shitter @northern_confederate

2017-03-14 00:55:13 UTC

yeah i think i'm still within the up to 2 feet zone but you are in the 3 foot rape zone

2017-03-14 00:56:43 UTC

what's up tonight boys

2017-03-14 00:58:14 UTC

God damnit...3ft of frozen rape.

2017-03-14 00:58:27 UTC

@D'Marcus Liebowitz you ready for the storm son?

2017-03-14 00:58:48 UTC


2017-03-14 00:59:09 UTC

oh that sounds good

2017-03-14 00:59:20 UTC

It's soooooo good lol

2017-03-14 00:59:40 UTC

i had an orange and peanut butter one once

2017-03-14 01:00:15 UTC

Orange and peanut butter beer?

2017-03-14 01:00:22 UTC

Sounds interesting

2017-03-14 01:00:52 UTC

What discord is that @Adrien Arcand

2017-03-14 01:03:23 UTC


2017-03-14 01:03:27 UTC

in this server

2017-03-14 01:03:44 UTC
2017-03-14 01:04:21 UTC


2017-03-14 01:06:39 UTC

@everyone aight nigguz time 2 git up n dis herr voice channoo

2017-03-14 01:10:01 UTC


2017-03-14 01:16:51 UTC

Steve King on Tucker RIGHT NOW: Birthrates in Western Civilization countries is down and we need to increase with our people, not people outside of our civ

2017-03-14 01:17:19 UTC

oh wow cant wait to watch

2017-03-14 01:17:31 UTC

immigration isn't adequate solution because a nation needs people with common heritage, common culture, etc.

2017-03-14 01:18:08 UTC

We've phased out assimilation and replaced it with multiculturalism is our strength

2017-03-14 01:18:24 UTC


2017-03-14 01:18:27 UTC

holy shit

2017-03-14 01:18:31 UTC

2017 is so good.

2017-03-14 01:18:32 UTC

@weev I LOVE YOU

2017-03-14 01:18:34 UTC

Tucker says he's right, but is there a racial component

2017-03-14 01:18:40 UTC

Cum on me Steve king

2017-03-14 01:18:42 UTC

@Convo white power

2017-03-14 01:18:45 UTC

hi weev

2017-03-14 01:18:53 UTC

@wyatt get in voice

2017-03-14 01:18:57 UTC

i want to ask you about stephen king

2017-03-14 01:19:04 UTC

Can't cash out right now

2017-03-14 01:19:09 UTC


2017-03-14 01:19:19 UTC

@wyatt okay

can you write?

2017-03-14 01:19:20 UTC

Kings gives kind of a side-stepping cucky answer. Saying race doesn't matter as long as have same beliefs, language, culture

2017-03-14 01:19:42 UTC

I wanna know if there is a downside to Stephen going onto live primetime tv to talk about the importance of whtie demographic decline and birhtrate lowering

2017-03-14 01:19:50 UTC

Dude he just literally stole shit word for word from spencer

2017-03-14 01:20:08 UTC

This is a passing of the rubicon for the republican party

2017-03-14 01:20:21 UTC

Plays a clip of Ryan denouncing the Tweet

2017-03-14 01:20:25 UTC

@wyatt even blackpillmerchant says its good news

2017-03-14 01:20:31 UTC

voice is saying that since you say its good it must be bad

2017-03-14 01:20:33 UTC

since you're always wrong

2017-03-14 01:20:35 UTC


2017-03-14 01:20:41 UTC

King says Paul Ryan is an open borders advocate, King says if we do that we will become a third world country

2017-03-14 01:21:11 UTC

King full on cucks on race, says it's all about culture. Still better than every other congressman

2017-03-14 01:21:49 UTC

got a link to King saying that of Ryan @SwiFT

2017-03-14 01:22:12 UTC

Voice can munch my buttmuff tbh. U guys should be celebrating this nigger just called for a 50 year immigration ban. And is basically using word for word Spencer's talking points on nation and identity.

2017-03-14 01:22:26 UTC

@wyatt convo wants to talk to you about this

2017-03-14 01:22:49 UTC


2017-03-14 01:23:06 UTC

Too bad I'm in a closet sized hotel with my parents I'm not going to explain this in front of them

2017-03-14 01:23:18 UTC

@D'Marcus Liebowitz I was watching it live on FoxJews. Can probably find a YouTube livestream on The_Donald that you could rewind

2017-03-14 01:23:41 UTC

@wyatt its okay wyatt I trust you and like your opinions on things

2017-03-14 01:23:59 UTC

they werent talking shit or anything, it was a joke when they said you were always wrong

2017-03-14 01:24:49 UTC

cool guy


2017-03-14 01:25:54 UTC

we're concerned that we agree with you @wyatt

2017-03-14 01:26:11 UTC

@Brad Small @Gray we need to wait till one day when Repzion is in voice

2017-03-14 01:26:20 UTC

We need to get a phone and letter campaign going for him. To know he is supported

2017-03-14 01:26:29 UTC


2017-03-14 01:26:33 UTC


2017-03-14 01:26:42 UTC

yeah fam

2017-03-14 01:26:54 UTC

good idea @wyatt tweet it

2017-03-14 01:27:35 UTC

@wyatt here's the link to his contact page https://steveking.house.gov/contact

2017-03-14 01:27:41 UTC

I did

2017-03-14 01:27:44 UTC

oh ok

2017-03-14 01:30:39 UTC


2017-03-14 01:33:19 UTC
2017-03-14 01:42:26 UTC

Any of you guys know who Rod Dreher is? He seems super redpilled on Christianity

2017-03-14 01:43:01 UTC

He's on Tucker saying Christianity has become totally unBiblical and is all about "muh feels"

2017-03-14 01:43:19 UTC

you can read his cucked blog

2017-03-14 01:44:02 UTC

Saying that we always operated on the idea of regaining control of judiacery and governemnt would swing us back, but that's now just false and we have to retake country at grass roots

2017-03-14 01:45:33 UTC

@everyone welcome @TrashyGutenberg

2017-03-14 01:45:43 UTC

gday m8

2017-03-14 01:45:51 UTC


2017-03-14 01:46:47 UTC

Welcome mah nigga

2017-03-14 01:47:47 UTC


2017-03-14 01:47:54 UTC


2017-03-14 01:47:55 UTC


2017-03-14 01:51:00 UTC


2017-03-14 01:51:32 UTC

Spencer noticed me


2017-03-14 01:51:51 UTC

everyone respects you wyatt

2017-03-14 01:51:52 UTC

holy shit what

2017-03-14 01:52:56 UTC


2017-03-14 01:52:57 UTC

Hello fellow goyim

2017-03-14 01:53:06 UTC

x clan


2017-03-14 01:53:06 UTC


2017-03-14 01:55:13 UTC


2017-03-14 01:55:32 UTC

Then maybe he should start acting white

2017-03-14 01:56:10 UTC

yea sound slike a personal problem TBH

2017-03-14 01:56:10 UTC


2017-03-14 01:58:21 UTC

I have a horrifing story, been posting it an all the regoinal meetup leader chats
There was a kid in the Irish meetup group, he modded our discord with 35 vetted people in it
He's from a very rich, anglo-norman background, is about 16 now and was redpilled on /pol/ at least 3 years ago
He was pretty spergy and didn't really enjoy himself at big meetings but was a good kid
ANyways he's always been a fan of common filth, big fan
so he goes down the "muslims are god punishment on the west" etc route
and he started hanging around with salafists, "ironically" supporting ISIS
and now he's deserted us and converted to Islam
If there's a younger, alieniated, kid in your group and he starts CF-posting, don't wave it away
I leaned that the hard way today @everyone
*Edit: didn't want to say tis initially but I guess it's important too - he was bad with girls and I get the feeling he was drawn to the puritanism because of that

2017-03-14 01:58:57 UTC


2017-03-14 01:59:00 UTC

Ooohhh damn

2017-03-14 01:59:26 UTC


2017-03-14 01:59:55 UTC

do women actually seig heil for fun?

2017-03-14 01:59:56 UTC

@FeniasFarsa geez man, that's fucked up

2017-03-14 02:00:10 UTC

what men REALLY want


2017-03-14 02:00:13 UTC

No they prolly thought it was a joke

2017-03-14 02:00:37 UTC

Cats are gay tho

2017-03-14 02:00:52 UTC


2017-03-14 02:01:01 UTC

@D'Marcus Liebowitz It all started with him being bad with girls I think, as jewey as that sounds

2017-03-14 02:01:26 UTC

Wow he does realise that Islam wont get him pussy?

2017-03-14 02:01:54 UTC

@Convo I love me some transfeline pussy.

2017-03-14 02:01:55 UTC

We'll he totally black pilled about the west and his salafist pals might get him a wife

2017-03-14 02:02:31 UTC

FUCK i like cf

2017-03-14 02:02:35 UTC

pifff what a bitch

2017-03-14 02:02:37 UTC

does that mean im going to become a muslim

2017-03-14 02:03:31 UTC

Look, if a kid starts meming about converting to islam or muzzies punishing the west, don't just wave it awy by saying "it's just a phase" or w/e

2017-03-14 02:03:38 UTC

no you're just going to cry in the corner forever

2017-03-14 02:03:45 UTC

Purity cucking - no loss

2017-03-14 02:04:12 UTC

Thats fucked...

2017-03-14 02:04:27 UTC

@UPGRAYEDD to him we're the cucks though, that's his mentality

2017-03-14 02:05:22 UTC

16 is pretty messed up though. There is time for genes + test to kick in

2017-03-14 02:05:27 UTC

Sells out his people, converts to goat fucking & were the cucks lol

2017-03-14 02:06:04 UTC

yeah yeah, I'm just hoping I don't get dragged down by another Khalid Kelly

2017-03-14 02:06:09 UTC

also Islam is easy-level conversion

2017-03-14 02:06:32 UTC

nah he did a lot of research on it, he followed the war in syria a lot

2017-03-14 02:06:46 UTC

You can literally accidentally convert while drunk

2017-03-14 02:07:10 UTC

no, I mean this kids hangs around with salafists and unironically supports ISIS

2017-03-14 02:08:30 UTC

So his Anglo Norman family obvious suck and deserve to die

2017-03-14 02:08:43 UTC

This is gonna happen in any movement unfortunately, remain vigilant and be open to our younger Goys. Bantzing is funny but sometimes we have to listen to them. We are our brothers keepers.

2017-03-14 02:08:45 UTC

Tbqh im spicious of rich kids at all

2017-03-14 02:09:46 UTC

Work ethic/history is a value we should judge people on

2017-03-14 02:10:05 UTC

the wealth and angloness and him being bad with girls is what led to his alienation

2017-03-14 02:10:11 UTC

that's why I bring it up

2017-03-14 02:10:16 UTC

assuming all rich kids have no work ethic is a leftist meme though

2017-03-14 02:10:30 UTC


2017-03-14 02:10:58 UTC

Fo sure I grew up poor and knew rich kids who worked hard. I'm well off now and don't spoil my kids I try to stimulate slight hardship

2017-03-14 02:11:26 UTC

tbh it probably has nothing to do with being bad with girls

2017-03-14 02:11:58 UTC

its also easy to blame cf but its unlikely that he had anything to do with it either

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