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2017-07-27 00:22:33 UTC

and they are all egomaniacs

2017-07-27 00:22:39 UTC

that can't turn down attention in the media

2017-07-27 00:23:00 UTC

i get around 40 requests to appear on television per year

2017-07-27 00:23:09 UTC

He's fucking destroying this congressman so hard on the tranny faggot question

2017-07-27 00:23:43 UTC

@weev What makes you decide against doing TV interview anymore?

2017-07-27 00:23:48 UTC

i tell them the same thing each and every time: i have no desire to produce content for free, and i expect to be paid the standard SAG/AFTRA day rate for special guest stars

2017-07-27 00:23:52 UTC

because it is a huge security risk

2017-07-27 00:24:06 UTC

to be in a specific place in a specific time

2017-07-27 00:24:09 UTC

and tell that to zog media

2017-07-27 00:24:11 UTC

for starters

2017-07-27 00:24:20 UTC

and i have no desire to assist potential kidnappers

2017-07-27 00:24:27 UTC

Do you agree with Vox Day that we should basically almost never talk to the media?

2017-07-27 00:24:31 UTC


2017-07-27 00:24:45 UTC

i think we should generally call them kikes and niggers

2017-07-27 00:24:51 UTC

and tell them they belong in ovens or hanging from ropes

2017-07-27 00:24:58 UTC

i think it is useful to give quotable contempt to media

2017-07-27 00:25:12 UTC


2017-07-27 00:25:23 UTC

and generally they might print it

2017-07-27 00:25:26 UTC

and people love it

2017-07-27 00:25:28 UTC

like this last year

2017-07-27 00:25:31 UTC

i was a TIME cover story

2017-07-27 00:25:31 UTC

"I think you guys should worry about people killing journalists. You can quote me on that."

2017-07-27 00:25:32 UTC


2017-07-27 00:25:48 UTC

after telling the guy that he belongs in ovens like all jews

2017-07-27 00:26:56 UTC

lol the same guy who wrote "The Jews Do Control Hollywood"

2017-07-27 00:26:58 UTC

Holy shit, I remember that cover.

2017-07-27 00:27:08 UTC


2017-07-27 00:27:10 UTC

this jew was like

2017-07-27 00:27:16 UTC

"hey can we hang out? can i spend a few days with you?"

2017-07-27 00:27:24 UTC

and i was like, sure, 1k/hr

2017-07-27 00:27:30 UTC

Is it ever surreal to you the impact you've had on world history? I can't imagine what that's like. Also can't imagine the bullshit and suffering you've had to endure

2017-07-27 00:27:58 UTC

no i've generally performed according to my own expectations

2017-07-27 00:29:53 UTC

but basically, you should definitely tell journalists that you hope trump has their children murdered in their sleep and that mike pence personally shoves an icepick through their eyeball

2017-07-27 00:30:05 UTC

and that something is coming that they are not going to like very much

2017-07-27 00:30:49 UTC

take every opportunity to tell them that

2017-07-27 00:31:26 UTC

The weird thing is that they deep down want it to happen.

2017-07-27 00:32:23 UTC

I guess they talked about that on the Shoah a few weeks ago. Their group conciousness is so perverted and neuortic that they fetishize us destroying them.

2017-07-27 00:33:23 UTC

I guess it makes sense in a way. If you take a little girl and tell her every hour of every day that she's been raped, whether true or not, she's probably going to grow up having a weird fixation on rape.

2017-07-27 00:34:40 UTC

I seem to have summoned up an evangelical jew-worshipper by evoking the sacred hashtag #jewtwitter which I didn't even know was a thing. I feel like those people who say 'bloody mary' 3 times in a public restroom then die horribly

2017-07-27 00:36:21 UTC


2017-07-27 00:36:46 UTC

Its just a really bad day to be a degenerate.

2017-07-27 00:37:21 UTC

Yeah this is just like kicking someone when they are already down

2017-07-27 00:37:43 UTC


2017-07-27 00:37:51 UTC

Faggots btfo

2017-07-27 00:37:57 UTC

We should chuck a rock at them while they're down too.

2017-07-27 00:38:05 UTC

No work, no military, only GRIDS

2017-07-27 00:38:44 UTC

@Archer perhaps many fist sized stones

2017-07-27 00:40:16 UTC

Eh, maybe. I'm honestly more a fan of the larger just-short-of-a-boulder rocks.

2017-07-27 00:40:27 UTC

Boulders are good

2017-07-27 00:40:31 UTC

I like boulders

2017-07-27 00:40:36 UTC

You know, the ones that weigh in the neighborhood of 150LBS

2017-07-27 00:43:54 UTC

Too merciful

2017-07-27 00:44:29 UTC

Bury them waist deep and use many, many, fist sized rocks.

2017-07-27 00:45:48 UTC

Hm. Maybe your onto something there....

2017-07-27 00:47:40 UTC

Gotta admit, the sand niggers get a few things right.

2017-07-27 01:18:44 UTC


2017-07-27 01:19:06 UTC

i hope it suicides

2017-07-27 01:19:14 UTC

so depressed sounding

2017-07-27 01:19:44 UTC

almost makes me feel bad but then i remember the sam hyde tweet

2017-07-27 01:21:10 UTC

If it suicides it'll be one more reason why they shouldn't be allowed in the military

2017-07-27 01:24:30 UTC

Sam Hyde understands. These people want us, our families and our culture dead

2017-07-27 01:27:16 UTC

yeah, we have to constantly remember that. The Right's weakness is always that we just want to be left alone, so we tend to win the war then lose the peace

2017-07-27 01:27:56 UTC

Its at a point now where passivity and mercy arent options

2017-07-27 01:28:41 UTC

Franco won the civil war, now 40 years after his death, w/o a shot being fired, Leftists are sliding into control

2017-07-27 01:30:12 UTC

i think so too but without any inside info obviously

2017-07-27 01:31:54 UTC

anyone fluent in German want to help a group of us with an interesting translate ?

2017-07-27 01:32:38 UTC

I think trump was just giving him cover. Illusion of disagreement

2017-07-27 01:33:16 UTC

was some kind of bait n' switch

2017-07-27 01:33:53 UTC

but guys he's just a neocon shill because he dropped some expiring bombs in some shitty airfield that one time

2017-07-27 01:37:48 UTC

right after he warned them we were going to bomb it so no one got killed. TOTAL mossad move right there

2017-07-27 01:54:45 UTC

recording salting the earth. hangout's open

2017-07-27 02:23:01 UTC

imma need a uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh login info

2017-07-27 02:34:12 UTC

haven't gotten my doge coin yet gotta keep feeding the pupper

2017-07-27 02:34:38 UTC

i want the red oven mitt but idk how secure their database is

2017-07-27 02:35:05 UTC

are you counter signaling mikes abilities? *ban*

2017-07-27 02:35:20 UTC


2017-07-27 02:35:26 UTC

I won't do it either. Finally figured out how to use bitcoin to pay for it, I won't use my CC

2017-07-27 02:35:34 UTC

I'm in Canada though

2017-07-27 02:38:37 UTC

just go pick it up at svens house

2017-07-27 02:39:09 UTC

if a nonwhite strolls to his house he might bring out that shotgun

2017-07-27 02:39:20 UTC


2017-07-27 02:42:06 UTC

Dat Mossberg 88

2017-07-27 02:55:44 UTC

hey goys, what does the TRS oven mitt look like?

2017-07-27 02:55:51 UTC

I'm signed up, but I have no word on oven mitts

2017-07-27 03:20:31 UTC


2017-07-27 04:51:34 UTC


2017-07-27 04:59:14 UTC

@Convo come back

2017-07-27 05:05:33 UTC

convo 😦

2017-07-27 05:05:55 UTC

@Azzmador you are here now? noice!!!

2017-07-27 05:25:29 UTC

either convo will come back a greater man and possibly with a waifu or he will commit ritual suicide.

2017-07-27 05:33:05 UTC

Convo is doing well, that's all I can say.

2017-07-27 05:35:02 UTC

He needs to take the ag pill

2017-07-27 05:35:43 UTC

ag pill top pill

2017-07-27 05:37:39 UTC


2017-07-27 05:39:47 UTC


2017-07-27 05:53:25 UTC

bitch my bank account is solid

2017-07-27 05:53:55 UTC

and I'm getting an error code of "card_declined" every time I try to process that shit

2017-07-27 05:54:21 UTC

what are you trying to buy

2017-07-27 05:54:29 UTC

anyone want to tell me how to hunt down Mike and tell him to fix the paywall

2017-07-27 05:56:35 UTC

I'm trying to pay for my god damn Sven and Jazz show

2017-07-27 06:09:04 UTC

This is why I'm waiting before doing paywall

2017-07-27 07:17:31 UTC

i am zucked

2017-07-27 07:17:32 UTC

and cannot reply

2017-07-27 07:17:49 UTC

can someone tell him that

2017-07-27 07:18:36 UTC

Opsec isn't his strong suit.

2017-07-27 07:19:03 UTC

Emily w you....so jealous

2017-07-27 07:38:27 UTC

oh no!

2017-07-27 07:39:21 UTC


2017-07-27 07:39:28 UTC


2017-07-27 07:40:38 UTC

it's worse than a gulag that zucc.

2017-07-27 07:44:41 UTC


2017-07-27 07:44:53 UTC

i have hardly been FBing anymore

2017-07-27 07:49:47 UTC

FB is just good to red pill normies.

2017-07-27 08:25:50 UTC


2017-07-27 09:05:33 UTC

Any one up

2017-07-27 09:07:27 UTC


2017-07-27 09:24:16 UTC


2017-07-27 09:29:46 UTC

Hello. Day 2 of #TrannyBanny. How many shitlibs will an hero?

2017-07-27 09:30:11 UTC

Will the Trump curse finally claim George Takei?

2017-07-27 09:53:21 UTC

german media is kvetching hardcore agains tthe trannyban

2017-07-27 09:53:30 UTC


2017-07-27 10:00:15 UTC

cuck and tea

2017-07-27 10:01:09 UTC

(((skeptics))) get the noose first

2017-07-27 10:05:37 UTC

🚗 🍻

2017-07-27 10:30:07 UTC

kicking those invaders out will save many, many real american lives just through the lower crash rate alone

2017-07-27 10:35:17 UTC

@erz1871 How much did Trump lose pop vote by? 2mill right. Wew lads.

2017-07-27 10:36:29 UTC

implying he lost pop vote

2017-07-27 10:38:56 UTC

Thats my point it was obviously all illegal voters or votes.

2017-07-27 10:39:00 UTC

I thought of another reason why Trump did Tranny Banny. Shitlibs like to pretend they "support the troops" They will turn on the military for this and it willl decimate their credibility with the public.

2017-07-27 10:39:03 UTC


2017-07-27 10:39:07 UTC

massive vote fraud

2017-07-27 10:39:34 UTC

tranny ban keeps the shitlibs hysterical and screeching, this was a smart move

2017-07-27 10:39:40 UTC

thisll waste lots of energy on the commie side

2017-07-27 10:39:50 UTC

This was god tier strategy

2017-07-27 10:40:33 UTC

and itll bring this tranny travesty in the .mil and all its obvious issues to the public

2017-07-27 10:40:49 UTC

not even counting the obvious mental health

2017-07-27 10:41:10 UTC

he called trannies a BURDEN

2017-07-27 10:41:14 UTC


2017-07-27 10:43:32 UTC

Lol we have a 1488 emoji now. Yessss

2017-07-27 10:43:39 UTC

<:1488:333942788183949312> <:1488:333942788183949312> <:1488:333942788183949312> <:1488:333942788183949312> <:1488:333942788183949312> <:1488:333942788183949312>

2017-07-27 10:50:06 UTC

Hit this poll by vice

2017-07-27 10:58:52 UTC

how can you graduate from college with an IQ below 110

2017-07-27 11:03:51 UTC

Be black

2017-07-27 11:07:38 UTC

Paywall Shoah today

2017-07-27 11:09:05 UTC

college is supposed to be for the +1 SD part of the population, wtf

2017-07-27 11:10:18 UTC

is that a serious question

2017-07-27 11:10:27 UTC

college is a product

2017-07-27 11:10:48 UTC

everybody loses if they started failing students ( short run )

2017-07-27 11:17:56 UTC

administration, teachers, staff, students, parents

2017-07-27 11:18:51 UTC

not to mention the % on student loans

2017-07-27 11:19:15 UTC

would be fun to see all the mediocre college grads to default at once on their debt

2017-07-27 11:19:45 UTC

it's at ~400 billion dollarions right now, isnt it

2017-07-27 11:20:32 UTC

so what's your take on the 'don't go to college no matter what' type advice ?

2017-07-27 11:20:45 UTC


2017-07-27 11:20:57 UTC

there are few cases where you need a degree

2017-07-27 11:20:59 UTC

Valid af

2017-07-27 11:21:22 UTC

Tech school is the way

2017-07-27 11:21:37 UTC

4 year degrees are oversaturated af

2017-07-27 11:21:41 UTC

Tech schools are an excellent option

2017-07-27 11:22:18 UTC

Boomers in the trades are retiring soon. Perfect time for our guys to corner the trades and make them ours

2017-07-27 11:22:37 UTC

Trade guys tend to be very redpilled

2017-07-27 11:22:48 UTC

Yep, there's an obvious bubble

2017-07-27 11:23:25 UTC

and you get into work earlier @☇Unlimited Power☇

2017-07-27 11:23:25 UTC

STEM degrees are churning out people that are only fit for office cubicle work.

2017-07-27 11:23:33 UTC

"internship" or bitchwork type positions are a good option

2017-07-27 11:24:13 UTC

oh god fuck me, i need to do the grocery run now

2017-07-27 11:24:21 UTC

the diversified grocery run.

2017-07-27 11:24:23 UTC

Hard to get an internship as a white since the companies want to signal with their minority slave labor.

2017-07-27 11:24:35 UTC

@erz1871 stay safe

2017-07-27 11:24:45 UTC

meh. can make that argument for every position really.

2017-07-27 11:24:58 UTC

either you go get a spot or you don't.

2017-07-27 11:25:05 UTC

i try not to buy my groceries in the city anymore, i stick to the markets on the outside of the city

2017-07-27 11:25:10 UTC

less shitskins and nignogs there

2017-07-27 11:25:23 UTC


2017-07-27 11:26:22 UTC

Companies like using internships for their diversity quota, they can get rid of them easier when they inevitably become more trouble than the signalling value they provide.

2017-07-27 11:28:25 UTC

that makes perfect sense.

2017-07-27 11:29:43 UTC

Got straight up told this by several government recruiters.

2017-07-27 11:31:39 UTC

better flexibility, more skilled poeple in important roles

2017-07-27 12:00:23 UTC


2017-07-27 12:00:58 UTC

How do you use the 1488 emoji??

2017-07-27 12:02:33 UTC


2017-07-27 12:02:56 UTC

colon 1488 colon no spaces. actual colons

2017-07-27 12:25:08 UTC


2017-07-27 12:27:57 UTC

(((Gottried))) gives some good analysis on muh holocaust

2017-07-27 12:37:21 UTC

Got a great job, pays 60k a year... has to pay 10k in taxes a year. Wtf is this fucking shit?!?

2017-07-27 12:40:12 UTC

only 10k?

2017-07-27 12:40:41 UTC

it rained

2017-07-27 12:40:48 UTC


2017-07-27 12:41:49 UTC

@MsNatSocialist both happy to hear that and sorry to hear that :(

2017-07-27 12:42:10 UTC

paying a fifth of your income to fund total bullshit is infuriating

2017-07-27 12:42:13 UTC

Compulsory income tax. They take it out before you even get it.

2017-07-27 12:42:31 UTC


2017-07-27 12:42:36 UTC

oy vey goy, think of the roads!

2017-07-27 12:42:52 UTC

its not the roads im pissed about its the niggers

2017-07-27 12:42:56 UTC

It better not pay for some fucking cuntfuck refos

2017-07-27 12:43:02 UTC

it does

2017-07-27 12:43:06 UTC


2017-07-27 12:43:18 UTC

Fucking hell!!!!

2017-07-27 12:43:48 UTC

👦🏻 💰 🐵 🐵 🐵 🐵

2017-07-27 12:43:59 UTC

accurate imagery

2017-07-27 12:44:08 UTC


2017-07-27 12:44:13 UTC

too few monkeys

2017-07-27 12:44:15 UTC

It never bothered me before because I wasn't earning above the secondary tax bracket. But now, I'm earning more and it's gone up by so much of percentage. It's like a kick in the guts.

2017-07-27 12:44:36 UTC

after tax i barely make more than minimum wage

2017-07-27 12:44:44 UTC


2017-07-27 12:45:02 UTC

Lisa, you want to be blackpilled even further, illegal immigrants working with cash in hand pay no tax

2017-07-27 12:45:18 UTC


2017-07-27 12:45:29 UTC


2017-07-27 12:45:34 UTC

I know

2017-07-27 12:45:37 UTC


2017-07-27 12:45:39 UTC


2017-07-27 12:45:40 UTC

Hdkgxzykgvjdjc kvchkgh

2017-07-27 12:45:49 UTC


2017-07-27 12:45:50 UTC

I console myself by donating a significant amount to AR causes

2017-07-27 12:45:53 UTC

uh oh she set her keyboard to dvorak by accident

2017-07-27 12:46:09 UTC

@erz1871 that's the exact meme I was thinking of!

2017-07-27 12:46:30 UTC

i cant even afford to donate after the nig tax

2017-07-27 12:46:44 UTC

I fire off about £50-£100 a month

2017-07-27 12:46:51 UTC

to European and American causes

2017-07-27 12:46:52 UTC

I will donate on your behalf BTM

2017-07-27 12:47:00 UTC


2017-07-27 12:47:01 UTC

and then you realize money doesnt even matter, the nignog tax goes even further

2017-07-27 12:47:18 UTC

your children IF YOU CAN HAVE ANY will be worse off than you

2017-07-27 12:47:30 UTC

do you guys have inheritance tax?

2017-07-27 12:47:34 UTC

yes, massive

2017-07-27 12:47:44 UTC

ah so they can steal from the dead in the US too...

2017-07-27 12:47:49 UTC

i wont have any inheritance so i havent even looked it up

2017-07-27 12:48:43 UTC

We get compulsory superannuation put aside by our employers.

2017-07-27 12:50:13 UTC

They have to pay 9.5% of our wage on top of what we get paid

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