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2017-07-26 13:34:23 UTC

it has been an honor serving with you in this movement

2017-07-26 13:34:29 UTC


2017-07-26 13:34:34 UTC

we are about to head into full on war because of this

2017-07-26 13:34:42 UTC

what specifically

2017-07-26 13:34:45 UTC


2017-07-26 13:35:02 UTC

Trump is about to go full-on insane feedback loop of agree and amplify

2017-07-26 13:37:49 UTC

I wouldn't get too excited guys

2017-07-26 13:38:31 UTC

wtf i love drumpf now

2017-07-26 13:38:39 UTC

he literally calls trannies out as BURDENS

2017-07-26 13:38:46 UTC

fuck yes

2017-07-26 13:41:05 UTC

yay trump

2017-07-26 13:49:31 UTC


2017-07-26 13:49:32 UTC

It's beautiful

2017-07-26 13:53:21 UTC


2017-07-26 13:53:23 UTC

there's about 4 or 5 different hashtags on twitter right now that deal with trump lmao

2017-07-26 13:53:43 UTC

The fact that he is doing this on hump day is actually quite spectacular

2017-07-26 13:53:47 UTC


2017-07-26 13:53:53 UTC


2017-07-26 13:54:07 UTC


2017-07-26 13:54:27 UTC
2017-07-26 13:54:28 UTC

what happened with Sessions

2017-07-26 13:54:35 UTC

He's useless now

2017-07-26 13:54:38 UTC

oh really

2017-07-26 13:54:43 UTC

And is like a senior citizen scared to cross the road

2017-07-26 13:54:52 UTC

You niggers need to get back on the 88D chess train.

2017-07-26 13:54:56 UTC

Isn't he helping move the immigration agenda?

2017-07-26 13:54:58 UTC

i thought he just cracked down on sanctuary cities

2017-07-26 13:55:01 UTC


2017-07-26 13:55:11 UTC

I thought he was doing a decent job on immigration

2017-07-26 13:55:14 UTC

Yeah but the muh Russia shit and everything else

2017-07-26 13:55:22 UTC

I think he's doing good overall

2017-07-26 13:55:34 UTC

But strategic level president is exposed by inaction

2017-07-26 13:55:48 UTC

Trump is having to tow the line for him

2017-07-26 13:55:50 UTC

and others

2017-07-26 13:55:59 UTC

Trump needs his generals to close ranks on him now and fight

2017-07-26 13:56:36 UTC


2017-07-26 13:56:51 UTC


2017-07-26 13:56:58 UTC

"Focus on victory" as he banned transgenders from the military

2017-07-26 13:57:11 UTC

his reasoning is

2017-07-26 13:57:14 UTC


2017-07-26 13:57:16 UTC

Cantwell discovered Fashy Gainz

2017-07-26 13:57:21 UTC

he is spamming my shit

2017-07-26 13:57:27 UTC

all over FB

2017-07-26 13:57:33 UTC


2017-07-26 13:57:49 UTC

No they are unfit for service the idea they would be is a fucking joke

2017-07-26 13:58:06 UTC

he shits on egalitarianism like he ought to

2017-07-26 13:58:07 UTC

I wasn't disputing that

2017-07-26 13:58:08 UTC

You can't even enter army with adhd really how the fuck can these retards get in is beyond me

2017-07-26 13:58:11 UTC


2017-07-26 13:58:16 UTC

I'm just saying

2017-07-26 13:58:21 UTC

The way he said it in his tweets

2017-07-26 13:58:23 UTC

They have mental health issues, of course they're unfit for duty

2017-07-26 13:58:23 UTC

Was funny

2017-07-26 13:58:41 UTC

Why would I give someone with a 50 percent + suicide rate an automatic weapon.

2017-07-26 13:58:50 UTC

I mean most soldiers would not want them by their side no?

2017-07-26 13:58:52 UTC

>trannie suicide rates
>trannies kill themselves within a year of getting bullycided by non trannies

2017-07-26 13:59:17 UTC

No they are pretty much not welcome

2017-07-26 13:59:21 UTC

its good

2017-07-26 13:59:28 UTC

We had to do the tranny training whatever like a brief on it

2017-07-26 13:59:29 UTC

I didnt like fags when I was in the Navy

2017-07-26 13:59:35 UTC

Like I assumed most soldiers would not give a shit

2017-07-26 13:59:38 UTC

It was 3 hours of ripping on trannies

2017-07-26 13:59:41 UTC


2017-07-26 13:59:42 UTC


2017-07-26 13:59:45 UTC

fucking safety briefs

2017-07-26 13:59:56 UTC

"Chics with dicks"- commander

2017-07-26 14:00:06 UTC

Dilation on the battlefield 😂

2017-07-26 14:00:07 UTC

"Mangled men" - me during the briefing

2017-07-26 14:00:19 UTC

"Dont rape the tranny with a shovel while giving him a swirly"

2017-07-26 14:00:38 UTC

It was just everyone shit posting irl tbh

2017-07-26 14:00:42 UTC


2017-07-26 14:00:47 UTC

now you dont have to worry about it

2017-07-26 14:00:51 UTC


2017-07-26 14:00:59 UTC

Good thread for lib trolling on tranny:

2017-07-26 14:01:22 UTC

It was an awkward briefing none of the officers thought we had to give

2017-07-26 14:01:34 UTC

How can states take ownership over something that is handled by the CiC?

2017-07-26 14:01:45 UTC


2017-07-26 14:03:56 UTC


2017-07-26 14:04:49 UTC


2017-07-26 14:06:32 UTC

I love when these blue checkmarks retweet their own shit

2017-07-26 14:06:45 UTC

its like they live in a literal echo chamber

2017-07-26 14:07:11 UTC

they have to repeat everything they say to themselves to affirm their false reality

2017-07-26 14:07:35 UTC


2017-07-26 14:09:11 UTC


2017-07-26 14:09:14 UTC

"Not anymore"

2017-07-26 14:09:25 UTC


2017-07-26 14:09:26 UTC


2017-07-26 14:09:51 UTC

Today is going to be good

2017-07-26 14:11:19 UTC

Hell yea wake up to news that trannies are btfo

2017-07-26 14:11:24 UTC

Fuck the freaks

2017-07-26 14:17:08 UTC

holy fuck

2017-07-26 14:17:16 UTC

Trump is bullyciding Sessions

2017-07-26 14:29:08 UTC

@Vanguard rocket into space? What are they trying to accomplish? https://twitter.com/foxnews/status/890216496743538688

2017-07-26 14:31:20 UTC


2017-07-26 14:31:45 UTC

seems fishy

2017-07-26 14:46:56 UTC

The tranny ban has me still laughing

2017-07-26 14:47:23 UTC

Also, I think this sessions bantzing is a distraction

2017-07-26 14:51:02 UTC

I think he's staying on

2017-07-26 14:54:28 UTC

Great, another nation that will soon be able to send us into the Dark Ages with an EMP

2017-07-26 14:55:54 UTC

Holy shit. Trannys btfo

2017-07-26 14:57:33 UTC

Glad Trump and Mattis know what a military is for.

2017-07-26 15:11:25 UTC

For trolling shitlibs

2017-07-26 15:12:12 UTC

Yeah boy, you know it.

2017-07-26 15:19:50 UTC

Now that I think about it, that actually should be the primary concern of the military. Troll shitlibs till they do something which allows the gov to semi-legally exterminate them. Really the only battle that would contribute to national security atm

2017-07-26 15:21:57 UTC


2017-07-26 15:22:19 UTC

This shit is so gay

2017-07-26 15:26:00 UTC

That's fucking retarded and the larp by the punch a Nazi fag

2017-07-26 15:26:24 UTC

Probably doesn't know that due to mannings conduct he is not allowed to salute

2017-07-26 15:26:33 UTC

Salute is a privilege

2017-07-26 15:26:46 UTC

He is unable to render nor return one

2017-07-26 15:27:25 UTC

If it was muh 4th of July and I was at a thing in uniform and he saluted me id not return it and probably spit on the ground. Fucking disgusting.

2017-07-26 15:28:14 UTC

All the replies under that faggot's tweet are retarded

2017-07-26 15:28:31 UTC

Oh I'm sure they are

2017-07-26 15:29:15 UTC

fuck me

2017-07-26 15:29:28 UTC

I can't

2017-07-26 15:29:39 UTC


2017-07-26 15:29:55 UTC

The tweets

2017-07-26 15:29:57 UTC

They are so bad

2017-07-26 15:33:11 UTC

The nonexistent rationality that manning possesses should be enough for anyone to realize that trannies are ill

2017-07-26 15:34:27 UTC

"yea let's surrender all civil and national defense so that everyone gets free medicine." healthcare doesn't matter if we're all dead.

2017-07-26 15:37:11 UTC


2017-07-26 15:37:32 UTC

looks like he has dragonscale...

2017-07-26 15:37:40 UTC


2017-07-26 15:38:45 UTC


2017-07-26 15:38:49 UTC


2017-07-26 15:38:52 UTC


2017-07-26 15:46:19 UTC

@Horatio Cary apologies, yes

2017-07-26 15:49:46 UTC

Did you hear the news? Today Trump announced he's rounding up gay people and putting them in camps

2017-07-26 15:50:06 UTC

^^ every fucking leftist on Twitter today

2017-07-26 15:50:10 UTC

Literally shaking

2017-07-26 15:55:54 UTC

what a fucking freak

2017-07-26 15:56:24 UTC

and this is awesome all of my guys are texting me celebrating basically haha

2017-07-26 15:56:44 UTC

foxconn building us plant in Wisconsin

2017-07-26 15:56:47 UTC

announcment soo

2017-07-26 15:56:48 UTC


2017-07-26 15:59:23 UTC


2017-07-26 16:03:58 UTC

I think the new communications team has taken the collar off Trump also. Makes this more fun

2017-07-26 16:05:21 UTC

Damn, was getting lots of notifications at first re: trannies but its tailed off now. I think they all started blocking me. Time to find some new threads!

2017-07-26 16:07:15 UTC

Ok, lets say having transgendered people doesn't hurt readiness. Despite the fact that it's SUCH a complex issue that BCT commanders literally have a hot line to an office at the pentagon dedicated to helping them solve dilemmas caused by integrating trans Soldiers into the army without issue.

Let's turn it around.

How does having a soldier who suffers from a mental illness as classified in DSM-5, who requires special treatment, who requires a hotline to the pentagon at the BCT level, who is on profile for an indefinite amount of time to compete their transition, who may have a weeping wound in between their legs that they have to keep open until it heals, or breast implants etc,

How is all that conducive to lethality and readiness?

It has been the policy that the army does not accept transgendered soldiers.

The question is "should they be allowed?"

You tell me.

2017-07-26 16:07:27 UTC

my response to another Officer who was virture signalling

2017-07-26 16:07:28 UTC


2017-07-26 16:07:32 UTC

no comment guy?

2017-07-26 16:09:33 UTC

honestly putting trannies on the frontline is cruel

2017-07-26 16:09:49 UTC

to the enemy?

2017-07-26 16:10:00 UTC


2017-07-26 16:10:04 UTC

seriously they should be put into front line service

2017-07-26 16:10:11 UTC

cannon fodder

2017-07-26 16:10:25 UTC

just dont waste any armour or weapons on them

2017-07-26 16:10:25 UTC

Tranny Corps

2017-07-26 16:10:48 UTC

use them soviet style, give them 1 rifle for every 100 men

2017-07-26 16:13:39 UTC

holy shit this officer virtue signalling to me is one not even fucking combat arms

2017-07-26 16:13:44 UTC

two goes to fucking pride parades

2017-07-26 16:14:13 UTC

you wouldn't know what contributes to good order and discipline for a soldier if they shoved it up your prolapsed asshole.


2017-07-26 16:16:24 UTC

lol such clown world, thankfully ARE PRESIDENT has a simple solution to trannies, "no"

2017-07-26 16:18:26 UTC


2017-07-26 16:18:52 UTC

>doing a paper
>serving your country

2017-07-26 16:19:05 UTC

I need to shit post

2017-07-26 16:19:13 UTC

BUT I can't go down the spiral today

2017-07-26 16:19:27 UTC

there is this officers group tho on FB and its a fucking shit show

2017-07-26 16:19:32 UTC

im crushing so many feels

2017-07-26 16:19:43 UTC

Fuck standards right! Lets just give automatic weapons to blind people

2017-07-26 16:20:26 UTC

👨🏻 👗 🔫 <:Moon_man:283521053869735936>

2017-07-26 16:20:50 UTC

some officers are really tearing into one another its lulz

2017-07-26 16:20:52 UTC

Discriminating against someone who had a mental illness as classified in DSM-5 is not "discrimination".

It's not like people are saying "transgendered people are just as capable as every other soldier we just think they dress funny so fuck'em"

That's ridiculous.

2017-07-26 16:23:08 UTC

We need to actively recruit trannies, put them in their own units, and use as shock troops.

2017-07-26 16:23:14 UTC


2017-07-26 16:23:26 UTC

we need to actively murder trannies

2017-07-26 16:23:32 UTC

put their bodies in the gorund

2017-07-26 16:23:47 UTC


2017-07-26 16:23:48 UTC


2017-07-26 16:23:59 UTC


2017-07-26 16:24:01 UTC

My way they soak up enemy bullets

2017-07-26 16:24:02 UTC


2017-07-26 16:24:44 UTC


2017-07-26 16:24:52 UTC

tranny shock troops would be hilarious af

2017-07-26 16:24:55 UTC

the tranny unit can be like the blacks from south park

2017-07-26 16:25:00 UTC

send them in with bridal dresses

2017-07-26 16:25:15 UTC

maybe call it something other than unit tho lel

2017-07-26 16:25:46 UTC


2017-07-26 16:25:53 UTC

no-unit unit

2017-07-26 16:25:54 UTC

the travesty brigade

2017-07-26 16:26:14 UTC

the "no unit"

2017-07-26 16:26:35 UTC

I like the travesty brigade

2017-07-26 16:26:52 UTC

Have to make sure they were well-equipped with M-203 grenade launchers. Would need it for dilation process

2017-07-26 16:27:07 UTC


2017-07-26 16:27:41 UTC

conscripting all trannies would be a good way to get jewish representation up too

2017-07-26 16:27:48 UTC

great point

2017-07-26 16:27:58 UTC

and u know how much Trump loves diversity :trollface:

2017-07-26 16:27:58 UTC

@NS_Australia's account has been withheld in: Deutschland

2017-07-26 16:28:01 UTC

We need tranny draft

2017-07-26 16:28:07 UTC

straya banz not allowed in germanistan

2017-07-26 16:28:38 UTC

sorry you'll have to watch child rape vids instead

2017-07-26 16:47:09 UTC


2017-07-26 17:17:35 UTC


2017-07-26 17:31:26 UTC

last i checked theres a month dedicated to sodomy so thats obv not true

2017-07-26 17:36:16 UTC

ackshually he didn't acknowledge that

2017-07-26 17:45:31 UTC

>small town

2017-07-26 17:45:40 UTC

>terrorize and intimidate

2017-07-26 17:45:50 UTC

holy fuck I must be in an alternate universe

2017-07-26 17:45:55 UTC

Alright, which of you is trolling me? This guy's name can't be real. Can it?


2017-07-26 17:46:00 UTC

Charlottesville is a large city

2017-07-26 17:46:19 UTC


2017-07-26 17:46:40 UTC

Come on guys, stop fuckign with me. Has to be a troll account

2017-07-26 17:46:54 UTC

that dude seems pretty real tbh

2017-07-26 17:46:59 UTC

he checks out

2017-07-26 17:47:11 UTC

100% real kike

2017-07-26 17:47:18 UTC

also I can see the fucking hook nose between the slimy words of that article Stryker posted the nerve of these parasites

2017-07-26 17:47:44 UTC

There's no way that guy is real tho

2017-07-26 17:49:12 UTC

I'm using discord on my PC for the first time cause I don't game on my PC so I always just used my phone

2017-07-26 17:49:29 UTC

is there a way to hide the bar to the lest that shows the server name and the channels

2017-07-26 17:49:35 UTC


2017-07-26 17:50:42 UTC

would also like to know this ^

2017-07-26 17:53:48 UTC

just shove the window over to the left so it's hidden

2017-07-26 17:58:12 UTC

@queenarchitect I keep all my chat windows (hangouts, messenger, skype, etc) to the right while I work, this will fuck my groove 100%

2017-07-26 17:58:21 UTC

the only way to do that is by installing a custom theme but thats not worth it imo

2017-07-26 17:58:32 UTC

I know it's autistic, but I assume everyone will understand autism here

2017-07-26 17:59:27 UTC

it's not really that I want to hide it. I just want to be able to maximize my chat window and minimize this server window

2017-07-26 17:59:48 UTC

i feel ya

2017-07-26 18:00:26 UTC

fuck this is really tingling my 'tism

2017-07-26 18:00:28 UTC

i only know that you can hide the members

2017-07-26 18:00:35 UTC

I've already done that

2017-07-26 18:00:49 UTC

fuck I should just kill myself that'd probably be for the best

2017-07-26 18:01:02 UTC

lap it behind another window

2017-07-26 18:01:12 UTC

I didn't wanna be the one to say it but

2017-07-26 18:01:14 UTC

i know there's a command to keep a window in the back

2017-07-26 18:01:19 UTC

some script

2017-07-26 18:01:23 UTC

when I bring it to the front it overlays

2017-07-26 18:01:27 UTC


2017-07-26 18:01:48 UTC

but then it will affect my other applications being brought to the front on the left side of my laptop

2017-07-26 18:03:18 UTC

this would not be an issue on my desktop since I use several monitors but unfortunately I am using a single screen on a Lenovo Yoga

2017-07-26 18:03:45 UTC

I'm gonna chalk this one up to a loss even though I appreciate the link @badtanman

2017-07-26 18:03:57 UTC

I just don't like using themes either

2017-07-26 18:04:03 UTC


2017-07-26 18:04:05 UTC

muh ocd likes purity

2017-07-26 18:04:08 UTC

I am very picky, to a fault, about my applications

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