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2017-06-10 22:58:30 UTC


2017-06-10 22:58:35 UTC

cmon guys if i get one more kfc ad mid race im gonna kms

2017-06-10 22:58:44 UTC

slavs are the superior race

2017-06-10 22:58:51 UTC

@weev how fondly do you remember your first time, when this song was playing?: https://youtu.be/ytbzAcW5KHI?t=4s

2017-06-10 22:58:57 UTC


2017-06-10 22:58:58 UTC

Anglos only did well when jews were calling the shots, using them to create situation where globalism could exist

2017-06-10 22:59:11 UTC

Okay, adding @Zorost to the list of people that need a beating.

2017-06-10 22:59:15 UTC

i am in the second largest city

2017-06-10 22:59:15 UTC

Man I'm gonna be tired at the end

2017-06-10 22:59:18 UTC

in my country

2017-06-10 22:59:22 UTC

and i dont remember the last time i saw a nigger.

2017-06-10 22:59:36 UTC

So @weev are we fighting or not?

2017-06-10 22:59:48 UTC

I desire to box you. No drones. No rules. Only feelz

2017-06-10 22:59:53 UTC

I'm in a big town/small city in rural area, and i see nigs and spics almost every day...

2017-06-10 22:59:53 UTC

@D'Marcus Liebowitz i dont treat women like this sounds

2017-06-10 23:00:02 UTC

@Hand Banana Damn it Ken, get in voice!!!

2017-06-10 23:00:05 UTC


2017-06-10 23:00:07 UTC

@weev we're virginity song posting

2017-06-10 23:00:22 UTC


2017-06-10 23:00:25 UTC

my new screensaver

2017-06-10 23:00:26 UTC


2017-06-10 23:00:27 UTC

this is a better fit for my first time https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRg8Tg-oM_A

2017-06-10 23:00:32 UTC


2017-06-10 23:00:33 UTC


2017-06-10 23:00:36 UTC

@Striker of Daily Stormer is a serious guy, that's why he insisted on playing this track when he first got pussy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ud6sU3AclT4

2017-06-10 23:00:39 UTC

now its my aspect ratio

2017-06-10 23:00:46 UTC

There was a music video playing when I lost my virginity, but I couldn't see it due to the pepper spray in my eyes

2017-06-10 23:01:23 UTC

@weev so youre saying hitler was wrong about the slavs

2017-06-10 23:01:24 UTC

is that it

2017-06-10 23:01:40 UTC

hitler was specifically opposed to slavs which had wronged germany

2017-06-10 23:01:47 UTC


2017-06-10 23:01:49 UTC

such as poles and czechs, who had wrongly stolen its territory

2017-06-10 23:02:01 UTC

he allied with other slavs which did no wrong to germany and supported fascism against communism

2017-06-10 23:02:07 UTC

like the glorious brothers from croatia

2017-06-10 23:02:12 UTC

@PTown may never lose his virginity, but if he does, this song will be playing: https://youtu.be/XppaJKI1nno?t=23s

2017-06-10 23:02:19 UTC

he also said that wends, who are a slavic minority from germany, were good germans

2017-06-10 23:02:23 UTC

No @weev I got this

2017-06-10 23:02:24 UTC

hitler was not universally opposed to slavs

2017-06-10 23:02:46 UTC

thats a good track

2017-06-10 23:02:47 UTC

This is his first time music. He rides in on a Mastadon

2017-06-10 23:03:15 UTC

FUCK are we all day drinking and hanging out on discord? @D'Marcus Liebowitz what did you do to me?

2017-06-10 23:03:32 UTC

>be me
>racing in the future with my cool vehicle
>fucking home depot ad starts playing

this is what happens when you dont send me credit card info to get a free spotify trial


2017-06-10 23:03:35 UTC

@weev what is your stance on the PQ

2017-06-10 23:03:37 UTC

the polish question

2017-06-10 23:03:40 UTC

I'm Jewish

2017-06-10 23:03:48 UTC

Don't tell my gf

2017-06-10 23:03:52 UTC
2017-06-10 23:04:07 UTC

@norah fox r u in this server

2017-06-10 23:04:12 UTC

oh wait

2017-06-10 23:04:14 UTC


2017-06-10 23:04:16 UTC


2017-06-10 23:04:16 UTC

Don't tag women

2017-06-10 23:04:17 UTC

@Convo i am ukrainian now so i am obligated to insult polish people

2017-06-10 23:04:18 UTC


2017-06-10 23:04:22 UTC

I am.

2017-06-10 23:04:26 UTC

@weev fuk u den

2017-06-10 23:04:27 UTC
2017-06-10 23:04:36 UTC

@norah fox you're so mean to me

2017-06-10 23:04:37 UTC

we share some great history though

2017-06-10 23:04:39 UTC


2017-06-10 23:04:39 UTC

in the carpathians

2017-06-10 23:04:40 UTC

the lemko songs

2017-06-10 23:04:41 UTC

even tho im elis best friend in the whole wide world

2017-06-10 23:04:45 UTC

youre a terrible gf

2017-06-10 23:04:47 UTC

@weev you're doing god's work.

2017-06-10 23:04:50 UTC

you should apologize to me right now

2017-06-10 23:05:04 UTC

I don't think i've made any mistakes.

2017-06-10 23:05:26 UTC

im telling eli on you and he's gunna hit you with his shoe and put you in your bag again

2017-06-10 23:05:41 UTC

Aright fuck this noise. This cherry wood ain't gonna cut itself. I'm going to wear plaid over shirt and make the ladies wet.

2017-06-10 23:05:41 UTC

gods, plural

2017-06-10 23:05:46 UTC

hail wotan, hail tor

2017-06-10 23:05:52 UTC

@weev ok serious question

2017-06-10 23:05:59 UTC

you dont actually literally believe in frejya

2017-06-10 23:05:59 UTC

do you

2017-06-10 23:06:09 UTC

@MsNatSocialist and @Brad Small still haven't had sex yet, mostly because of Brad's erectile dysfunction, but they're saving this track for that special time when he gets his hands on his dad's cialis: https://youtu.be/gAWnb1yxr5M?t=9s

2017-06-10 23:06:12 UTC

you're saying this ironically and you actually believe in the gods as archetypes

2017-06-10 23:06:13 UTC


2017-06-10 23:06:29 UTC

@D'Marcus Liebowitz wow that was cold

2017-06-10 23:06:35 UTC

these statements arent mutual prerequisites

2017-06-10 23:06:47 UTC

do i literally believe in the gods of europa? yes

2017-06-10 23:06:58 UTC

this is yours

2017-06-10 23:06:58 UTC

do i think they might have all actually existed? no

2017-06-10 23:07:03 UTC

HEY @weev

2017-06-10 23:07:14 UTC

Are we going to fight or not I'm putting together a calander

2017-06-10 23:07:17 UTC

listen dude we dont need to fight, i can just wait for the moslems to exterminate your people

2017-06-10 23:07:22 UTC

@Convo you need to tag someone and say that song was their first time track if you're going to post music videos

2017-06-10 23:07:26 UTC

@weev oosh

2017-06-10 23:07:34 UTC

@D'Marcus Liebowitz yeah it was yours

2017-06-10 23:07:48 UTC

"I have a boyfriend"
"How long you had that problem?"

2017-06-10 23:07:51 UTC

thats a great song

2017-06-10 23:08:15 UTC

"i admit, i like how you kick it"
"now you're talkin baby, that's the ticket"

2017-06-10 23:08:27 UTC

"but i already told ya, i got a man"

2017-06-10 23:08:32 UTC

"whatcha man got to do with me?"

2017-06-10 23:08:35 UTC

This is hilarious.

2017-06-10 23:08:44 UTC

@Eli Mosley serious time

2017-06-10 23:08:47 UTC

i want you to dump norah

2017-06-10 23:08:49 UTC

she was mean to me

2017-06-10 23:08:55 UTC

and she said i was ugly and also dumb

2017-06-10 23:08:55 UTC

@weev my girl would love to do some anti polish remarks with you.

2017-06-10 23:09:13 UTC

@Convo - you asked for it, you were wearing suggestive clothing at the time

2017-06-10 23:09:13 UTC

@Eli Mosley think of all the good itmes we had

2017-06-10 23:09:16 UTC

how can you betray me like this

2017-06-10 23:09:25 UTC

Convo you wanna hear my best pick-up line?

2017-06-10 23:09:29 UTC


2017-06-10 23:09:29 UTC

Fuck you dude. Norah is best girl

2017-06-10 23:09:31 UTC

Used to use it always.

2017-06-10 23:09:40 UTC

@Eli Mosley that means we're THROUGH

2017-06-10 23:09:40 UTC
2017-06-10 23:09:47 UTC

"What's the difference between me and my couch?"
"My couch pulls out."

2017-06-10 23:09:54 UTC


2017-06-10 23:10:03 UTC

I just heard that @Convo is an anti-Norite???

2017-06-10 23:10:04 UTC

Whatever works, works.

2017-06-10 23:10:16 UTC

@weev saved. We are doing it to that tonight.

2017-06-10 23:10:18 UTC

@Athena Marie she told me i was a dumb dumb

2017-06-10 23:10:35 UTC


2017-06-10 23:10:39 UTC

you ever think about doin some steroids

2017-06-10 23:10:49 UTC

Listen to weev

2017-06-10 23:10:52 UTC

dude he's already swole

2017-06-10 23:10:55 UTC

@weev im broke 445 deadlift at 174lb like two days ago

2017-06-10 23:10:56 UTC

Someone call Asgardian

2017-06-10 23:10:56 UTC

leave me alone

2017-06-10 23:11:00 UTC


2017-06-10 23:11:07 UTC

thats impressive dude

2017-06-10 23:11:10 UTC

ur like a gentle giant

2017-06-10 23:11:12 UTC

you're god damned right

2017-06-10 23:11:36 UTC

so basically, i just think we need to load you up with pagan metal and videos of people dying

2017-06-10 23:11:37 UTC

at long last, i am recieving the respect and recognition i deserve

2017-06-10 23:11:48 UTC

one day the lesser races will know their place, at hte knees of the poles

2017-06-10 23:11:53 UTC

maybe get you enlisted in a militia somewhere

2017-06-10 23:11:58 UTC


2017-06-10 23:12:25 UTC

@FascistFather fondly remembers his first time, mostly because this song was playing in the background https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDFjB1k2Dq0

2017-06-10 23:12:42 UTC

@D'Marcus Liebowitz JUNGLE

2017-06-10 23:13:33 UTC

@D'Marcus Liebowitz y u dlet my brag picture

2017-06-10 23:13:44 UTC

i have no ego why you dont let me get compliments from world famous white supremacists

2017-06-10 23:13:49 UTC


2017-06-10 23:13:55 UTC

you ever listen to proper polish lemko stuff

2017-06-10 23:14:11 UTC


2017-06-10 23:14:18 UTC

prefer 30s polish opera

2017-06-10 23:14:23 UTC
2017-06-10 23:14:36 UTC

thats my favorite one

2017-06-10 23:14:59 UTC

@Marie Woods's first boyfriend played this track for her during that special moment https://youtu.be/iWa-6g-TbgI?t=46s

2017-06-10 23:15:09 UTC

@weev truly the Aurenheim Teutons are the natural allies of the Polish people

2017-06-10 23:15:19 UTC

perhaps, after we have conquered the lesser races, we can rule Europa as brothers

2017-06-10 23:15:50 UTC

i really like this music

2017-06-10 23:16:45 UTC

as long as your people keep their filthy mitts off of lviv

2017-06-10 23:16:53 UTC

some of yours have their eye on it

2017-06-10 23:17:02 UTC

and i swear, if a single pole stakes a claim to glorious mother ukraine

2017-06-10 23:17:05 UTC

i will kill them and their children

2017-06-10 23:17:37 UTC

Π£ΠΊΡ€Π°Ρ—Π½ΡΡŒΠΊΠ° ΠΏΠΎΠ²ΡΡ‚Π°Π½ΡΡŒΠΊΠ° армія motherfucker

2017-06-10 23:17:41 UTC

we will slaughter you like dogs

2017-06-10 23:17:49 UTC

lviv is ours

2017-06-10 23:17:52 UTC

implying there exists a proud son of Poland who would even in a vodka feverdream would ever want the filthy, Ukrainian-smelling clay of Iviv

2017-06-10 23:17:56 UTC


2017-06-10 23:17:59 UTC


2017-06-10 23:18:02 UTC

its nicer than any city in poland

2017-06-10 23:18:04 UTC

you been to lviv

2017-06-10 23:18:06 UTC

clearly not

2017-06-10 23:18:16 UTC

jewish lies

2017-06-10 23:18:24 UTC

Poland is built upon a foundation of gold

2017-06-10 23:18:29 UTC

which we hide from the Poyim

2017-06-10 23:18:55 UTC

i can smell the ukrainian body odor from through the screen

2017-06-10 23:18:56 UTC

this used to be poland

2017-06-10 23:19:00 UTC

we took it from you

2017-06-10 23:19:02 UTC

we raped your women

2017-06-10 23:19:06 UTC

we laughed about it

2017-06-10 23:19:10 UTC

you'll never get it back

2017-06-10 23:19:27 UTC

poland's nicest city be ukraine now

2017-06-10 23:19:38 UTC

no man alive save the poles can conduct coitus with a polish female
their muscles will crush a stone, let alone the inferior penis of the ukrainians

2017-06-10 23:19:42 UTC

@Horatio Cary confided in me about the first girl he ever slept with... he laid her down by the cliffs of dover, and this was the song that was playing: https://youtu.be/FHG2oizTlpY?t=3m24s

2017-06-10 23:19:49 UTC

ive fucked so many polish girls

2017-06-10 23:19:54 UTC

clearly not true

2017-06-10 23:20:04 UTC

you must secretly be polish then

2017-06-10 23:20:12 UTC


2017-06-10 23:20:16 UTC

i am sorb

2017-06-10 23:20:20 UTC


2017-06-10 23:20:23 UTC

which is a teutonized pole

2017-06-10 23:20:30 UTC


2017-06-10 23:20:46 UTC


2017-06-10 23:20:57 UTC

just put down your weapons and leave Iviv unguarded, keheheheh

2017-06-10 23:21:33 UTC

the УПА guards lviv

2017-06-10 23:21:49 UTC

you'd sooner separate blood from stones than separate them from their weaponry

2017-06-10 23:22:36 UTC

blood from stones?

2017-06-10 23:22:38 UTC

@Convo my tribe predates even the existence of the polish identity

2017-06-10 23:22:55 UTC

polans were just one of the 5 tribes of what is now poland

2017-06-10 23:22:58 UTC

indeed, i hear the semites are quite an ancient tribe

2017-06-10 23:23:39 UTC

though sorbs were slaves to the swedish crown

2017-06-10 23:23:40 UTC

at the time

2017-06-10 23:23:55 UTC

before polan dominance over the silesians and pomeranians

2017-06-10 23:25:01 UTC

Is FTN back to Sundays, was the Saturday show a one-time thing

2017-06-10 23:25:06 UTC

I hunger

2017-06-10 23:25:19 UTC

lemko is so good

2017-06-10 23:25:26 UTC

so true

2017-06-10 23:25:33 UTC

we poles are truly magnificent

2017-06-10 23:25:50 UTC

@YUGE can't get off unless this song is playing: https://youtu.be/3JWTaaS7LdU?t=3m9s

2017-06-10 23:26:19 UTC

a minority of lemko culture is identifiably polish

2017-06-10 23:26:23 UTC

most of it is solidly ukrainian

2017-06-10 23:26:30 UTC

that song is not even representable in polish language

2017-06-10 23:26:32 UTC

its firmly ukrainian

2017-06-10 23:26:41 UTC
2017-06-10 23:27:39 UTC

@weev what do you think about richard talking shit about ukraine

2017-06-10 23:28:09 UTC

Richard Spencer?

2017-06-10 23:28:09 UTC

i think hes totally incoherent

2017-06-10 23:28:14 UTC

This song gets @weev in the mood for love making: https://youtu.be/ytKVso-v0UE?t=4s

2017-06-10 23:28:21 UTC

he opposed brexit and thinks EU is great

2017-06-10 23:28:35 UTC

except, somehow, when the Ukraine wants to take only its money and weapons and not its poz social policies

2017-06-10 23:28:35 UTC

He's crazy

2017-06-10 23:28:36 UTC

@D'Marcus Liebowitz whoah that is actually a great song ive never heard

2017-06-10 23:28:38 UTC

to defend its territorial integrity

2017-06-10 23:28:42 UTC

hes a total russian zog shill

2017-06-10 23:28:59 UTC

@weev russian milkers fam

2017-06-10 23:29:18 UTC
2017-06-10 23:29:21 UTC

he has no underlying reasoning for anything

2017-06-10 23:29:34 UTC

except apparently, the EU is good only in the places where it weakens european nationalism

2017-06-10 23:29:42 UTC


2017-06-10 23:29:44 UTC

thats the only identifiable principle he operates on as far as i can tell.

2017-06-10 23:29:49 UTC

@D'Marcus Liebowitz every song you post is great, i really like your taste in music a lot

2017-06-10 23:29:51 UTC

1000 stars

2017-06-10 23:30:16 UTC

i am the total inverse

2017-06-10 23:30:22 UTC

Deep in a dream

2017-06-10 23:30:35 UTC

i think the EU is great for Ukraine, because they gib us shekels and incendiary things to defend our borders with

2017-06-10 23:30:39 UTC

@weev what are your thoughts on the Ukraine joining the EU and NATO?

2017-06-10 23:30:39 UTC

but sucks pretty much in the rest of Europe

2017-06-10 23:30:54 UTC

Ukraine joining the EU is like Serbia joining the EU

2017-06-10 23:30:58 UTC

it'll sandbag endlessly

2017-06-10 23:30:59 UTC

never really happen

2017-06-10 23:31:03 UTC

@D'Marcus Liebowitz i appreciate u

2017-06-10 23:31:05 UTC

we want money

2017-06-10 23:31:06 UTC

we want guns

2017-06-10 23:31:12 UTC

we don't want some fucking faggots telling us what to do.

2017-06-10 23:31:16 UTC

the EU was created with infinite trip-wires to prevent any kind of ethnic/racial nationalism

2017-06-10 23:31:29 UTC

do you know, the head of the Serbia Progressive Party

2017-06-10 23:31:32 UTC

he used to be a war criminal racist

2017-06-10 23:31:36 UTC

head of the Serbia Radical Party

2017-06-10 23:31:39 UTC

@weev Isn't that what will happen with the EU and Nato

2017-06-10 23:31:46 UTC

so right at the point when he saw the writing on the wall

2017-06-10 23:31:47 UTC

he flipped

2017-06-10 23:31:54 UTC

because a good liberal progressive

2017-06-10 23:31:54 UTC

@weev any luck on marriage

2017-06-10 23:31:56 UTC

or have you given up

2017-06-10 23:32:18 UTC

im gonna continue beating and raping women

2017-06-10 23:32:22 UTC


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